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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  August 16, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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>>now in a long lines frustrated, travelers at customs counters at airports across the country due to a computer system outage. thanks for joining us tonight, i'm can way and i'm pam moore that system is back online now but the lines are still longer than usual. the outage had customs officers at san francisco international. >>manually processing travelers and people had no choice but to wait it out. well for some joking son joins
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us live now from sfo so michelle how long did people have to wait. >>and it was a nightmare some people are waiting 2 to 3 at or is that they didn't have the us pass sporting gets. exhausting after being on such a long like to get here. >>making up 16 students and 3 chaperones visiting. the flight landed 1130. >>hours to pick up international travelers stuck in long lines to get through >>i think 3 hours now. 2 and a half hours. >>people without us passports waited hours to get through customs at san francisco international airport due to a nationwide us customs and border protection computer system outage an official says there's no indication that the system was intentionally
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derailed it's unclear what may have caused the problem. >>it's all the way to the back. the hallway that leads back to the gates and those people are going to be in there a long time the headache started for travelers right as they landed at sfo, so we were we were sitting on the runway waiting for a gate to be opened. >>and then they brought the plane to the gate and we refused permission to disembark the line to get through customs, most so long some people tell us they had to sit on their planes and wait until there was room for them to get in line. >>and then. >>when we disembarked we got to the terminal and they said us citizens to last. and everyone else to the right. and the line of people. we don't have us passports write about. a couple of 100 people in it. >>the outage affected travelers coming off of dozens of flights from places like new zealand, london koeppen aig in germany.
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>>then running the lines like i said are much better however they are still monitoring this system and they're still unsure. what caused why the sfo tonight, michelle kingston kron 4 news, michelle. well thank you well, let's take a live look outside tonight at least those folks coming animal. >>have a cooler forecast to deal with than what we've had the last couple of days when has it been so hard look at the faa which is shrouding the quite how it looks like there is that the sales for sales for hour here or you can barely see it that's a really cool in a couple different ways cool. >>yeah breathe it in bay area finally after that heat wave right. i mean several days of a record breaking heat even today a hot day. but you talk about walking outside just for a moment, he got a chill. my oh my god you could feel that we in and that sea breeze in the moisture in the air and that is some good news. if you want to cool down, but yeah, these temperatures hot spots today, 100 degrees in concord today, one oh one in livermore
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down somewhat from yesterday but still hot, but you felt some cooling in the san francisco member just a couple days ago, they were up in the mid 80's today, checking is 72, so sligly below above the average 78 in oakland, and then some 80's some 90's all the way into san jose but were double the records for now backroom watch as temperatures go the other way we may actually be a little bit below average. a lot of part of the weekend. out over the bay right now you see that really begin to move in right now it's going to thicken up throughout the night tonight and throughout the weekend and pushed further and further on shore and that means we've got some cooler air coming places that have been a very very hot over the last few days right now 71 degrees in san jose still comfortable 78. in redwood city look over the hill though i'm sitting at 50 degrees with some fog 59. in half moon bay, 61 downtown san francisco, 79 beginning to cool off and little more today's 81 degrees right now in concord 67 in napa 72 in petaluma and 75 degrees in san anselmo that suddenly surging far we've been watching now it's making its way up along the coastline and there it is
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just really begin to settle in here for the night they'll be pushing on shore maybe even a little drizzle out along the coastline, the winds that sea breeze has also been picking up some those winds over 20 miles per hour this afternoon and we're continue to see that on shore push that will strengthen throughout the weekend that means if you have until the big cool down not just yet don't worry. tomorrow, maybe 20 maybe 25 degrees cooler and some the highs today. thank you lawrence and you can track the weather in your neighborhood it kron 4 dot com. >>there you will find full forecast and interactive radar and also get breaking news alerts all by downloading the kron mobile app and always with kron on. >>well as still plenty hot in parts of the east bay contra costa county fire crews say they've contained 2 grass fires burning in pittsburgh, one was burning in the area of rp no street and 14th. the other on west leland road want to show you a picture from one of the fires on west leland crews say the fire burned about an acre before crews contained it. officials say the conditions there are
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extremely hot and dry and the wind is blowing pretty strong but again crews did manage to contain both fires. no word yet on how those fire started. >>a major reversal involving how officials will now monitor the accused attacker of a woman in san francisco earlier this week seen in this video a san francisco judge has ordered that homeless man seen in the video to wear an ankle monitor so authorities know his whereabouts at all times tonight that judges explaining why she released a suspect after the attack. our grant lotus is here with the details says she was missing some important information apparently boy a boy campaign video changes everything in some cases and armed with the visual of the attack here. >>today that same judge ordered the suspect in the case 25 year-old austin vinson to wear an ankle monitoring system while the case is adjudicated that's a change. the attack was last weekend at a beale street condo complex in the city. and now the union that represents san francisco
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police officers says it is reached the conclusion that the judge needs to be reassigned from criminal court to the traffic division for releasing a man charged with felony attempted robbery false imprisonment and 2 counts of battery, however, even after seeing the video judge christine van aken so she stands by her decision to release vincent who she says has only one arrests for petty theft in the past 5 years. she ordered him to enroll in programs aimed it helping him with housing substance abuse and mental illness. the spokesperson for the da's office did not say why the judge was not given video of the attack at the arraignment, but he did note that videos are not generally played at arraignments are not. >>generally played at arraignment, sometimes they are. but i think that. and you know what you draw your own conclusion going to clear. see that video tired of the rain it was on. she'll be we often
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don't play video. >>so still a lot of questions regarding why she did not have the video meanwhile, this homeless suspects public defender says that his client was having a mental health crisis the night of the attack. but since has been fully co-operative in tonight the victim in this attack says she is glad that the suspect will now be checked. but she remains frustrated with the justice system specifically the way this city's da's office handled the case kron four's dan kerman has that part of the story. >>now my frustration is shifted from the judge and the judgment to the da's office to lie. they didn't show that video to the judge. >>it's this video that assault victim pennies casar ian is talking about and friday we learned despite having the video the district attorney's
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office never showed it to san francisco superior court judge christine van aken before she ruled tuesday to really suspect austin vinson with this sort of case management pending his next court appearance. while the da's office is not showing the video is typical in an arraignment. historian says the da's office assured her. they have done everything they could but did they tell you specifically asked them did she see that video and they said yes. >>that's what they told me. >>that's like a sorry and was so outraged at the judge's initial decision. now that she knows the facts outrageous with the da's office. >>are we always making decisions like this are we always keeping core evidence from judges this one positive for sarin it's that the judge has now ruled the defendant austin vincent must wear a gps ankle monitor if anything hopefully there are more eyes on him that knows what he's up to and what he's doing. and at
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least i know that he can't get close to me personally. >>yes, it makes me feel a lot safer and better today than it was yesterday friday afternoon can sorry and says she reached out to prosecutors and asked them why they told her that the judge had seen the video when she clearly had not. she says prosecutors told her they don't remember telling her that. in san francisco dan kerman kron 4 news. >>police say they need your help trying to locate a man he suspected of contacting under-age girls police say the man may be inappropriately contacting 3 girls who are between the ages of 8.14 in 2 incidents, the girls guardians chased after the suspect there's a better picture of them. authorities say he's about 5 feet 10 inches tall 170 pounds a hispanic with dark brown eyes a moral on the right side of his nose and a tattoo on his right shoulder. he was last seen driving a white or silver dodge or chrysler minivan and has a black rock on the top. police
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say they think there are additional victims out there anyone with information on this man is as to contact the leo police. >>happening tomorrow bart will begin repairing tracks in the east bay and the work is expected to lead to major delays repair start tonight and will last through monday morning but will be shutting down trains between walnut creek lafayette and or renda and providing buses instead crews are replacing 50 year-old tracks and performing other upgrades as well, the agency is bringing in a large crane for this construction work which will force caltrans to take 2 lanes away along eastbound highway, 24 near the bart station. our delays could take up to 40 minutes and those driving eastbound on 24. delays could be as much as 30 minutes. >>during the week out the top are deaf and to a couple of it earlier. i'm definitely an inconvenience term. the way that most of us getting to work so happy they're
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>>bart riders we're upside but repairs begin tonight at 11 o'clock and will wrap up about 5 o'clock on monday morning. >>crash in new orleans kills 2 people one of them a local news anchor. we have the latest on that developing story coming up plus a bay area city working to launch a pilot program to help those who are living on boats without homes. the latest on that program coming up at 8.30. and the state of california is suing the trump administration again this time over a new controversial
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>>california is suing the trump administration again and this time over a new controversial immigration rule capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains. they don't like immigrants. you don't like a myth or documented orrin document, a son of immigrants, california attorney general have your -est digging into the trump
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administration's latest immigration policy the state sued the administration friday over the public charge rule the policy would block green cards for many immigrants who use public assistance like medicaid food stamps, and housing vouchers this it argues the rule creates unnecessary new obstacles for hardworking immigrants who want to legally live in the united states this trump rule weaponize its nutrition. >>health care and housing. it acts like a ticking time bomb more than a dozen other states have filed similar lawsuits this marking california's 3rd lawsuit filed against the federal government just this week i never thought however i would start my week defending bald eagle. and my week defending the statute of liberty federal officials haven't commented on california's lawsuit specifically but us immigration officials have said they want self-sufficient people coming into this country. >>reporting in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>our 4 zone forecast as we give you another live look
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outside the palm trees are blowing in the wind is whipping the flag is the fog is arrived fog has arrived and it's also a sign of better air quality assume laura are called a that's a very good to subject because we're going to see that sea breeze kicking in and that is not only going to cool you down but yeah it would clean out the atmosphere very very nicely. the fog now making its way inside the bay this live shot from the berkeley hills and the fog really finally marching back on shore after several days. a very hot temperatures are quality looking good from the coast. even the valleys we have spare the air days for several days in a row, not tomorrow looking fantastic that will continue not only this weekend but into early next week. outside right now look at this 81 degrees too warm in concord 61, though much cooler san francisco in a cool 59 in half moon bay tomorrow afternoon, these temperatures coming down right about average for this time of year about 86 degrees that will be the warmest temperature a little more 82 unconquered then you've got a lot of 70's 80's around the bay along the coastline. i want to grab a jacket is going
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to be cool there patchy fog in that sea breeze going to combine when those temperatures in the 50's and the 60's so next 2 days the temperatures really coming down maybe a little bit below the average as we look towards sunday and then by monday and tuesday kind of holding steady but on wednesday. the big ridge of high pressure builds back in our temperatures soaring back into the 90's. thank you lawrence, 2 people died in a small plane crash near a new orleans area airport, one of them a television journalist. >>nancy parker, a journalist from the cnn affiliate there was killed in the crash. she was shooting a story in a stunt plane when the crash happened in a field near the new orleans lakefront airport. parker and the pilot both died in that crash. authorities say the plane was headed for a landing this afternoon. parker was 53 years old, she is survived by her husband and her 3 children. agents from the f a a and the ntsb are on their way to the scene to begin their investigation. and new details tonight, the man who killed 9 people in the
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dayton ohio mass shooting was high on. and that's not all according to the montgomery county coroner. connor betts had cocaine and anti-anxiety medication and alcohol in his system when he opened fire back on august 4th. >>the medication was an x which is a controlled substance. that's was wearing a bulletproof vest but died when police opened fire on him. well 9 people were killed 17 others were wounded in massacre. >>almost 2 weeks after the el paso massacre, a man is preparing to say his final goodbye to his wife. one of the 22 victims of the mass shooting who he says was his only family. he was worried attendance at her funeral would be minimal. so he invited the entire city of el paso to join him in the response has been overwhelming. gary tuchman reports. >>tony vasco loved only one person in the world. and she helped you a lot. >>reached out you know i to say defense of to that. the
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weird wonderful years. this year's >>tony has no other family. his wife marjorie car to just a few family members but none in the el paso area. attendance at her funeral was expected to be minimal until the internet took over and burned tweets from journalists a media outlet sent out messages of support for tony. then there was this facebook post from the funeral home reading. mister antonio basket was married 22 years to his wife marjorie card. he had no other family. he welcomes anyone to attend his wife's services. people from all over the united states have contacted the funeral home as well as tony to say they plan to attend margins funeral. they're going to be hundreds of people here probably from all around the country. how does that make you feel. >>nice to really about over a lot of people.
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>>they had been married for 22 years. tony says his life has been very difficult prior to meeting her. what wou d you like people to know about rg. no word the first perfect. every day now he goes to the memorial site next to the wal-mart. >>take an exclusive care of margins memorial. making sure the flowers and the wind chimes which he always loves so much, but the best they can where d you meet her. >>longer a rescue. and bar. >>and you were single she was single go. it was love at first sight of a new crew >>tony us still waking up each morning in disbelief that she is gone. >>a food but good front door. they were very walk in of your drug color of law. you have i'm tired too.
8:22 pm
>>at the memorial site tony tells margie that someday he will meet her in heaven >>we had >>tony is now beginning a new life alone. but for at least one day at marches funeral. he won't be to the happiest man in the world like the us. >>were your career whole world. >>still ahead popular actor peter fonda has passed away here what family members say was his cause of deaths and 3 suspicious packages disrupted new york city's morning commute putting a stop to the nation's busiest subway system uh-oh, looks like someone's
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>>big story we're following 3 suspicious packages were reported at a new york city subway this morning police say the package is turned out not
8:26 pm
to be a threat and they are now looking for the man who left the package is there not arrow explains why this is a grim reminder of a pressure cooker bomb that. >>injured more than 30 people 3 years ago. >>3 rice cookers left in new york city were all deemed to be safe after causing a scare during friday morning's commute because of the time. >>the timing and the placement in the items. we're carrying this right now as a hoax device. >>but the incident calls real trouble new york city transit authority says about 6 million people ride the subway every day their travel interrupted delayed and at times halted during this ongoing investigation to shut down on the job he came and went out for him to not the right time didn't have to go monday. it was nearly 3 years ago when pressure cooker bombs injured at least 30 people in the new york city neighborhood of chelsea officials ruled it an act of terror. a shootout left of this man being arrested and
8:27 pm
later convicted. fast forward to friday morning, new york authorities say this incident not terrorism. police not calling the man in this picture, a suspect but they are trying to identify him via the video at the scene. >>it places the pressure cooker. on the upper level and then on the lower level. there's a person of interest obviously would like this make this president. >>new york city's transit authority now reminding everyone of the slogan see something say something i'm not here. romero reporting. >>i to community in crisis not on the street but out on the water. the way one north bay city is trying to help th it's time for the biggest sale of the year on the
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>>it's awfully toe working to launch a pilot program to help bring people without a home who are living on boats docked out in richardson bay into safe harbor kron four's maureen kelly gives us a closer look at the problems caused by the vessels.
8:31 pm
>>well there is an individual who resides on that boat any time you're we've a boat on the water for a long period of time without continued maintenance it is going to deteriorate captain bill frost was sausalito pd is taking me out on a ride along. >>to show me the efforts they've made in helping clear out much of the dilapidated boats off their shores. they used to be 77 votes more in their waters now they're down to 18. but there are at least 200 more boats just outside their jurisdiction in richardson bay with around a 100 people believed to be living in all sorts of conditions. part of the concern is the unsafe way they're ord and those mornings are believed to be killing off isla grass in the water, those anchor outs destroy ill grass the eelgrass feeds the herring the herring feed migratory birds. >>migrating from the west coast from the north to the south and so this is really a much bigger issue than just sausalito. >>in order to coax the population living on these
8:32 pm
boats called anchor outs. the city of sausalito is launching what's called the safe harbor program they've convinced local marinas to free up slip space for 8 votes. i'm like people who live on the streets. >>people who are homeless or near homeless who live on boats don't want land based housing because they would have to give up their boat. so we needed to come up with a solution to allow them to keep their boat and yet not be endangered out in the bay in the wind in the currents in the storms during the winter. >>those selected will be teamed up with social services to help them back on their feet and they'll get their slip fees paid for 6 months while the city helps them get a more permanent situation. >>so we are working with the federal government to see if they're eligible for head section 8 vouchers use towards a permanent little bored slip. >>i like it on the water, but can be rough. >>jerry cancel has been living on and off votes for the last
8:33 pm
25 years and says he would welcome a more protected place to call home and it's that. >>really rough out there people can get in and they're good. so it's it's much better to have access. you know what closer to. >>the city of sausalito is hoping to have the fir of their anchor outs moving into safe harbor within the next 2 months. maureen kelly kron 4 news. >>in the north bay petaluma police arrested a woman on suspicion of driving under the influence and child endangerment. this after she allegedly hit 2 bicycles at an intersection it happened wednesday afternoon on the study street and first street police say sofia alicia be film did not stop at the traffic light when she hit the 2 bicyclists, they both suffered minor injuries, 22 year-old beetham admitted that she had been drinking alcohol and her 4 month old child was in the car at the time. the infant was not hurt and has been released to a family
8:34 pm
member. a preliminary alcohol screening device indicated the woman's blood alcohol content was 0.1 7%. >>happening tomorrow power outages are planned for treasure island and you're of what island they'll be happening between 04:05am, tomorrow morning and again between midnight and 01:00am sunday morning. it's happening so the port of oakland can perform maintenance in the area that supplies power to both highland sea islands will use generators but transitioning from the power grids generators requires to one our interactions so there you go to our 4 zone forecast when step outside to be a live picture of all gate bridge which could be shrouded in fog but not so much. >>lawrence is here to tell us about the getaway for cash for those who just want to leave and find some more how you can find that still if you look hard enough and you can see some of the temperatures cooling down not only here but really around the state as high pressure finally beginning to weaken somewhat 8 years ago in forecast as we
8:35 pm
head into the weekend or go to the monterey bay you'll find those temperatures. well still in the fog along the coastline cool in carmel by the sea but with some patchy fog continuing their 64 degrees 66 in monterrey is 61 degrees some patchy fog in the santa cruz, so the california little more sunshine 73 very comfortable long beach 80 in pasadena and 70 degrees in anaheim in the high country, a whole lot of sunshine. this very nice weather board beautiful time to get by country at this time of year 83 south lake tahoe 87. in reno about 70 degrees in truckee outside right now looking toward sfo you can see just a couple of patches of fog over the hills here in trying to make its way back on shore. you see that high pressure still strong and of good kind of compress in the marine air. but it's going to flow further and further on shore you see that nice a move of the fog coming up from the south making its way along the coastline begin moving along on the north coast and yeah, it looks like it is going to continue to fill in overnight tonight. overnight lows will be cooler tonight still the 50's a few 60's outside, but that's a far cry from upper
8:36 pm
60's and some 70's showing up around the bay area, the last couple of days, temperatures by day will also be cooler along the coastline, you may need a jacket plan on those number generally in the 50's and the 60's at the coast. we'll see about 71 degrees in redwood city, the south bay up in the 80's in many spots and then the east bay where we have those hot temperatures year in the mid 80's danville 84 degrees walnut creek ca that delta breeze going blow in the afternoon 74 degrees and blame about 72 in sandra fell 83 degrees in petaluma next today's those temperatures coming down maybe a little bit below average before heating up again. the middle of next week. thank you lawrence in national news convicted child predator jeffrey epstein's death has now officially been ruled suicide by hanging results were released today from new york city medical examiner's office. it was almost a week ago that fc was found dead in his cell at the metropolitan correctional center. >>the autopsy on the 66 year old's body was sunday. it revealed that he had multiple breaks in his neck bones.
8:37 pm
epstein die while awaiting trial on federal charges of sexually abusing under-age girls and running a sex-trafficking ring. actor peter fonda passed away this morning in his los angeles home in a statement. >>on his family says he died of respiratory failure due to lung cancer. family members were by his side at the time of his death fonda gained fame with the 1969 hit film. easy rider chopper movie you not only starred in the movie also helped write and produce it on his father was legendary actor henry fonda and his big sister is actress jane fonda peter fonda leaves behind 2 children, including his daughter actress bridget fonda. peter fonda was 79 years old. lawmakers plan to honor black baseball players from the 1920's with a commemorative coin. >>and a california family relieved after their stole
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>>union in stockton has a one stolen support dog is reunited with her owner a receipt has been following the story and tells us how it all happened. the back of sloan's tail and a warm greeting from her owner cynthia nice longer the dog and her family are finally reunited almost a week after the support cup was stolen we got so many tips that i knew in my heart the moment that call came in i knew that was her. >>because it was right there where the car had been found as fox 40 reported nighswonder her 12 year old son with autism ego and a family friend home to san diego sunday k afternoon, the family says they made what was supposed to be a quick. >>stop here at this mcdonald's on charter way in stockton. they say sloan was inside that car. but the doors were locked and the ac was on. >>i was watching that current i stepped into the restaurant and it couldn't have been more than 6 or 7 minutes
8:42 pm
nighswonder says she had the key fobs but somehow a man broke in and drove off. within 24 hours later, the car was spotted on american streets. but sloan was still missing until nighswonder got a call thursday my heart knew instantly that this was going to be the right tip. she says she called the stockton police department and her new found friend kelly elvis for lauren we heard a dog burke and that kelly shared this picture of the officers who found slow. she says sloan is a survivor overall she's in excellent condition for being out for that many days in this heat, nice longer says sloan is a rescue boat with the progress she's helped nico make sloane is also a beloved member of their pack go home. i mean i an ego. >>and then we try to pick up you know the pieces from you know the things that we have lost. >>now as kerosene reporting cynthia says they plan on offering the reward money to the tipster who found the dog sloan and ipad that helps nico
8:43 pm
with his speech was also stolen the families hoping that that too will be found. >>but due to segregation, african american players had to start a league of their own and now lawmakers are taking steps to recognize them, i'm rejects and i have that story coming up. >>and ahead in sports in advance of their upcoming pre season game, the 49 ers head to denver line let's get down to business.
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>>a group of lawmakers is pitching a plan to honor new girl league baseball card, a congressional baseball fans are supporting a bill that would direct the us treasury to mint a commemorative coin marking the the meager league's one 100th anniversary bree jackson has the story. >>james cool papa bell is in the baseball hall of fame. but he never played a day in the major leagues. he and other
8:47 pm
black players were barred from the big leagues because of segregation these never cried about social injustice. bob kendrick president of the nea grow leagues, baseball museum says before jackie robinson broke baseball's racial barrier in 1947. the best black players created their own league andrew route foster founded than eager league in 1928 included team such as the kansas city monarchs in homestead griese this bronze statue of josh gibson stands outside of nationals park gibson played in washington dc in the late 30's and early 40's and helped lead the homestead grays to meager league titles. >>now lawmakers want to further honor gibson and his fellow black ball players for their significant role in american history. so the people. >>understand about. >>the adversity but just the spectacular accomplishments of these players, senator tim kaine is pitching a bipartisan plan to create a commemorative coin. >>that marks the one 100th anniversary of meager league baseball and help keep alive.
8:48 pm
the story of these great players make sure that the legacy of the nickleby. >>clay's on law or there are no neat really clear slip. if passed. >>asked the coins would raise awareness about the players and raise proceeds for than eager league baseball museum in kansas city, missouri in washington bree jackson. >>time now for us. >>and we'll start with 49 ers football. the portion of training camp for the team gets to hit some new people at practice. the niners in denver practicing with the broncos, this weekend in advance of their monday night pre season meeting, many connections between the 2 squads kyle shanahan, the son of former longtime broncos head coach mike shanahan, denver's current man in charge vic fangio used to be the 40 niners d c in regard to football news. another strong day for the defense and jimmy garoppolo much to improve much improved after that horrendous 5 interception practice. earlier this week.
8:49 pm
>>yeah that day and the years we've seen couple said they austria's pretty ticked off that the defense got the bus to me that they saw no was at bells back and forth spend it for us good for them and you know so you know he did a better football team but you know it's it's a competition, you is kind of like a good. another game this ruined. it was being able to go against another so you guys all the time this deafening nice change-up and you know everybody it's on wednesday. >>moving over to the silver black the raiders now 2 and oh in the pre season following last night's win in arizona game that's all oakland be is combined for 250 yards passing 3 touchdowns no turnovers yet the bigger story remains antonio brown, the superstar wind out of the year up with his teammates and in full pads and a helmet this was before that the helmet got on now there's still no timetable on his return from the frost bite injury on his feet but he's working his way back. after the game. he also took some time to shoot down previous reports, he would return higher if his helmet grievance didn't work out. >>make well in overtime. a
8:50 pm
beautiful help obviously i smart people and where be i'm grateful play you. on the side of lane his gaza sure goes. everybody here in the >>ken pam that is your look at sports also a mention big night for the giants in a's giants playing in arizona right now a's and astros will have those highlights later on all right. thank you mark. next today, com. >>hit silicon valley. bob orr was there and talk to attendees about all the fun. that's next. is a big deal for a
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lot of folks comic con kicked
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off today's silicon valley, popular comic fan event is happening right in the heart of downtown san jose at the convention center people. >>dressed up as their favorite superheroes and villains with the 4th annual event, some even competed in the annual costume contest. >>is also illegal in others monumental that love those light and it just caught a face light up and is that you know make it make their day. >>it's the event is for all ages and it will last through sunday afternoon. if you love checking out comics and netflix and all that chilling out and here's the bad that you might want it's the hi bed and it's second generation led th smart bed designed with tv been djing in mind the bed features in h d projector a 70 inch screen along with a built in sound system and speakers all in the bed and that's not all how about dimmable lighting blackout curtains built in wi fi all they need is like a
8:55 pm
margarita machine at the end right around they can also monitor your movement with the ability to adjust temperature and the high bed retails for at least $13,000 and is available to preorder next year. oh my well that wraps up kron 4 news at 8. but our primetime coverage just getting started on this fday night boys friday grant lotus liviakis are here with kron 4 news at 9 indeed it is pam and ken thanks very much next at 9 a big scare on the peninsula after a man is arrested for. >>allegedly trying to kidnap a young girl while she was walking to school in tonight police are crediting a good samaritan for helping her but we're learning about the suspects that's next in a live report and we've seen the video of a homeless man attacking a woman outside her building in san francisco. >>now a loc man says the same thing happened to him and his attacker is back out on the street why he believes the criminal justice system has failed him and the nationwide outage that led to delays at
8:56 pm
sfo is international terminal is finally fix but people are still having a tough time. >>getting through customs will explain that situation. >>keep it here kron 4 news at 9 starts right after the break.
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>>south san francisco man is in jail after police say he tried to kidnap a girl while she was walking to school the crime was yesterday morning just before 8 o'clock good evening, everybody thanks for joining us tonight, i'm grant lotus. >>and i'm vicki liviakis thanks for joining us tonight at 9 and neighbors say that they were a little shaken up by seeing police in their quiet community but pretty glad that the kidnapper was arrested, but one person tells us that this was all a misunderstanding. dan thorn is live for us in south services got a 90 joins us with more on. and what happened and. >>vicki neighbors tell us the nearby school kids are often walking through this stretch of road so it was a little concerning hearing that a little girl had been grabbed by an attempted kidnapper, but we spoke with one man who says the suspect is developmentally disabled and that he did not mean to harm this child. south san francisco police arrest a man who they say tried to kidnap an 11 year-old girl


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