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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  August 19, 2019 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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>>it's more kids have to go back to school today. james anyone want to raise your hand and tell us the date today. >>today is august 19th he morning i'm darya james art before we let things from minding all right let's talk about weather and traffic the roads roads are busy so many folks in cancer heading back to school and college but the bridges are already passed and salting the bay bridge in san mateo bridge and the weather has eased off so should be pretty comfortable weather is
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cooperating so unlike the kids which may not as you're trying to get him and even as the weather is a making it easier to get out there looking outside this morning. we do have some low clouds that's about all we've got that could cause some issues as you're crossing up into the north bay or some of our hilly spots in the bay area may be finding low visibility at times but overall. >>skies are going to clear out pretty quick and once we do clear out temperatures are going to be very comfortable. it is cool enough this morning to get a jacket ready to go for those of you stepping outside the door to get the kids back to school 50's and 60's our numbers at current with upper 50's and low 60's for most areas, the afternoon today bringing temperatures just a touch below average for this time of year, 60's 70's and 80's and this is ahead of some warmer temperatures just around the corner, i've got the return of 90's in your forecast still to count right. >>thank you john over to the bay bridge a lot of heavy traffic squeezing through the bay bridge toll plaza right now your backup spilling into
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the e the 4 o'clock hour so we got some early folks definitely on the road heading back to school. you're back up spills into the maze to the 5.80 and east shore freeway connector ramps. here's a crash that still working its northbound want to one it's right before candlestick it's being cleared from the right lane, but they're running a traffic break. they're holding everyone back right now. so all lanes are closed temporarily to move this off to the side. it's going to be slow out of south san francisco leading up to the scene but after that continuing to san francisco want to pass the crash. you'll be fine the skyway looks good too. we'll check more slow downs coming up darya james saying so lot robin 6 o 2 and today, the homeless man who attacked a woman outside of a building in san francisco faces a judge today yet despite the public outcry over his release his lawyer. >>has made a statement overnight saying that he is his client is following the judge's orders kron 4 sarah stinson joins us live with the
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very latest. this is a contentious issue for those in that area, sarah. >>not even just that area, but i think the whole city just because of the fact that we did see video of the attack and you know it's time went viral in san francisco in the bay area but the judge waived the appearance. a 25 year-old austin been sent on court on friday. but he's expected to be in court today actually appear in court with his public defender. now take a you the public defender actually released a new photo of in cent definitely different than the mug shot we first saw you know the attorneys say that he is in compliance with the conditions of his release. you can see it and now he has seen in the suit he's cleanly shaven a big difference of course people were outraged though when they found out he was released from jail after seeing that footage of the attack outside the victims. beale street condo now judge christine van aken says vincent has followed every order she's giving him
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including participating in a supportive program living in temporary housing since he is homeless and wearing an ankle monitor the public defender representing been sent says justices often challenged by mental health and rehabilitation needs jailing doesn't always help service these people when they need it. >>judge aiken did say in court on friday she made her decision to release consent before seeing the video what she stands by her decision. >>close to evening news for you. access and use all cases. >>as important to know that when we for sure covering this last week they said that drugs we're not involved in the police report. so mental al see if
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that was the cause of the root of why vincent did this attack is does he have some type mental illness. also he is going to be in court this morning around 9 o'clock so we'll follow that for you the latest see what happens inside that courtroom for now live in san francisco sarah stinson kron 4 news kate, thank you sarah. >>and the victim tech is demanding that homeless center along the embarcadero not be built. pennies because sorry and says that the new homeless facility which is near her condo building, we'll bring more crime to the neighborhood and then more people could become victims like her. >>but we already have multiple shelters within a mile of care, including one belt just in january and they've only made things worse. since construction started on the homeless shelter here. we've already seen a huge uptick in
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encampments in crime. most recent. >>however, san francisco city officials disagree they say there is not a link between the homeless center and an increase in crime and that group safe embargo for all has filed a lawsuit against the city trying to stop the center. a 2.6 magnitude quake struck the east bay last night it was reported around 09:30pm a mile north. a san leandro but at a 2.6. if you sell that maybe that was about it didn't do any damage. >>he's been mother is in trouble this morning after she left her baby inside of a hot car. that carry that baby was inside the car with temperatures outside in the mid-nineties kron four's gayle ong has the story. >>everybodythankful that baby is gngsharing this experience to warn other parents to be consciously aware of what you're doing. >>a one year-old baby was left in a car on a scorching hot day in this photo was taken after union city police
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officers removed the child from the vehicle when officers they observed that there was a child in the backseat of the car mind you that day it's about 95 degrees. it's very hot. there was no she'd. the incident happened friday around one 15 in the afternoon when a city employee happened to hear the baby crying from a nearby vehicle park by the library near city hall and observed a baby secure in its car seat, the good samaritan called 911 the officers was able to remove the child in the car seat from the vehicle they found that the child sweating severely to the point where i'm this or was saturated is if the child had just taken a shower. sergeant james cordero said the windows were slightly cracked open and it turns out the baby was left unattended for about 25 minutes. the mother told police she left the baby as she took her other 2 young children to the library to check out a book on one hand you can kind of see how that can happen but on the other hand, it's it's your child in. for that to happen it's just kind of unthinkable. and for good and forgivable.
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>>almost i do think they need to be prosecuted because they need education. >>maria nasca levy is a retired child welfare social worker who served more than 30 years in santa clara county people should understand that when parents are prosecuted for something like this unless the child dies. >>they're not going to jail time. the judge juvenile court judge usually sends them to um. so they can learn better supervision and care of their children. >>child protective services has been notified which is standard protocol. the case has been turned over to the alameda county district attorney's office for review. reporting in union city. >>the south a family is grieving after a father was shot and killed at a gas station less than a mile from his home, 21 year-old bryan castro was shot thursday morning outside the arco gas station on center road right near south san jose. he was with a friend who was also shot in fact they drove themselves to the hospital for treatment that that is where
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castro later died. >>right now what she's thinking is this is a nightmare. she wishes this wasn't true. and the heart is broken into pieces right now. she wants justice for her son her son was a very good son. he was a father he was a brother to all and he was very loving. >>castro leaves behind a 3 year-old son. it's 6 o 9 police in san francisco arrested a man for chasing another man was a nice in the tenderloin and police say that when they arrested randi go see. >>he actually was holding the 2 knives, one in each hand. the victim flagged down the police to say that goes he was chasing him with a knife and now he faces charges of aggravated assault. robbery suspect was arrested during a traffic stop in san brano police got a report of an assault on an employee at that hand for and mall on saturday, the employee was robbed of personal items and some merchandise from the store and
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the thief left before the police got there, but officers did eventually arrest, 21 year-old man from san francisco and charged with robbery. >>in the south bay 3 people are now facing charges following a robbery at a hotel in milpitas that happened in june at the executive inn on dempsey road. the victim told police the 2 men and a woman assaulted him and then took his wallet and other belongings. the victim was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. he was able to identify the woman is 28 year-old allie re holcomb over the weekend police track down the other suspects at that hotel room as well. police in south san francisco are investigating a woman who they say shot her boyfriend in the chest. it happened. in the morning when the pair started arguing in the parking lot of picky boulevard. there was a brief struggle over the gun before 22 year-old joslin pen it shot him inside their car. the 34 year-old man who was shot was taken to the hospital, he is expected to be okay. 6.10 and still ahead.
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>>the couple morning news one week after being released from jail a registered sex-offender is accused of stalking and harassing bay area woman. the guy looks like a mailman in the east bay was actually stealing packages instead of delivering that. plus police say they were able to prevent 3 possible mass shootings in 3 different states. and a cool start to the day today 50's and 60's for those current temperatures as you are stepping outside. >>i've got more on your forecast a cop. i'm tracking your morning commute and early back up here. >>at the bay bridge toll plaza already send my car insurance w the easiest decision ever.
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>>it's a whole new forecast from last week that's for sure >>and i don't think a lot of us are going mind that too much we were in need for a chance yet after those triple digit days and we definitely got this weekend for some of
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us it may have been all teachers. >>we want from you know these into the chamber right, you we do have some nice weather ahead of us. >>and this morning, it's chilly enough for a jacket that is for sure it's 50's 60's out there which considering we're in the 70's for some of our morning lows last week will that what is. >>a change in its own right right there san francisco, it's back to school today in doing so with a bit of cloud cover san jose second week of school for kids there and also looking at a greater start to the day out towards the east bay, some of those low clouds that you're seeing in our other shots are actually pushing on into the hills making for some low visibility at times for those of you crossing through some more about this areas in the bay skies are going to remain dry. well throughout the course of your monday heading back to school so no need to worry about that one of the reasons we have been a little bit coolers we've enjoyed this dip in the jet stream that's offered some cooler and even ocean cool there to push right into the bay replacing that
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hot desert and dry air that had been taking hold last week and that means those big changes that we experience this weekend are continuing today into tomorrow, 60's and 70's along the peninsula, making for a really comfortable one today, a 68 in san bruno millbrae 74 for your daytime high and a range of 70's and 80's further south on the peninsula today, south bay today looks at numbers in the upper 70's to low 80's with san jose 81. the space a noise 79 while pleasanton and livermore each 82 today, 75 in both oakland and san leandro get 80 degrees conquered one the creek and danville in the mid-eighties well for richmond back to school today in doing so comfortably at 70 degrees for daytime high later today, 70's and 80's for much the north bay and tell you head out to the coast where you can expect some 60's very typical for this time of year today into tomorrow temperatures don't change much. but that does not stay true into
6:17 am
wednesday. temperatures wednesday really start to climb setting us up for a finish of your forecast solidly in the 90's inland. so we do have warmer weather just around the corner if you're a fan of that fall feel today and tomorrow your days while that hot weather is still making its return later on. >>robin all right, thank you let's check in on your monday morning commute as to some folks are heading to school summer heading to work and the backups they are growing especially on the bridges were checking the richmond center fell here at the toll plbyaza th not even back to castro yet, but it is much busier now compared to the last time i checked in on it so 11 minutes and growing off to one on one, the bay bridge back up here at the toll plaza this started in the 4 o'clock hour our so folks really got out there early this morning. you're back up this into the maze 5 80 and the east shore 60 minutes for a td son for now carpool lanes are wide open leave early if you want to roll into san francisco.
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coming to san francisco from one oh one we do have a trouble spot northbound before a candlestick an accident that still active the right lane is blocked. your backup spilling through brisbane now south san francisco, almost back from 3.80 they've been running traffic breaks as well so prepare for some heavy traffic north one oh one from the peninsula to san francisco. there's always 2.80 if you want to take that step. no other big problems to report increasing drive times for 6.80 the nimitz and 17 24 nks tes now from santa cruz a phase. 6.18 right now an anti-gun violence rallies were held across the country over the weekend including in san francisco. >>take a look at this rally pushing for a city state national lawmakers to act in the wake of recent mass shootings that have happened in gilroy in el paso and in dayton, several local leaders attended this event voiced their support for stronger gun control measures on a national level. time. >>it's time to pass a red flag
6:19 am
bills and it's time to remind everyone that every day a 100 americans die because of gun violence and several more injured. >>president trump expressed support for background checks, and red flag laws in the days after the shootings in dayton and el paso but senate majority percent a senate leader mitch mcconnell says he has no plans to bring the senate back from early recess to try to pass any gun control legislation. >>more national headlines police across the country arrest 3 men who they think may have been planning mass shootings so these arrests were made in ohio florida and connecticut we've got paula sandoval now with the story. >>and arsenal of assault rifles and large knives a stockpile of ammunition and even a gas mask police near youngstown ohio fighting all this inside the home of james reardon a 20 year-old self-described white nationalist who they say made a threatening post about a mass shooting at a nearby jewish community center. riordan was on the radar of authorities after making this
6:20 am
post on instagram showing a man firing off a gun. a local jewish leaders saying it had a disturbing caption. police identified the youngstown jewish family community shooter as a local white nationalist. >>that kicked off a very intense investigation. he was charged initially right now with telephone communication harassment and aggravated menacing. >>police say reardon that ended the deadly 2017 rally in charlottesville seen in this interview with national geographic i want a homeland for white people i think every region of the home his arrest the latest in a string of mass shooting threats. in florida, this police body camera footage shows the arrest of tristen scott weeks outside of the total beach grocery store. the 25 year-old detained after police say his ex-girlfriend alerted them to a series of text messames detailing plans to commit mass shootings. >>writing chilling words like
6:21 am
i want to open fire on a large crowd of people and in connecticut police arresting 22 year-old brandon wagshol last week after receiving a tip that he tried to buy a large capacity rifle magazine out of state. he's been charged with illegal possession of large capacity magazines. investigators also discovering numerous weapons including a handgun and a rifle ammunition body armor and tactical gear inside his home, there was some historical facebook post that indicated that his interest in mass murder. >>it certainly raise an eyebrow as the investigators work very quickly and diligently. >>polo sandoval cnn. >>and still ahead on the kabul morning news police are investigating a sexual-assault happened in the bathroom of a north bay park, we'll tell you exactly what happened. and police in the east bay are searching for the person who on camera steals a woman's. and also up next the raiders get antonio brown, an ultimatum.
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>>area football after missing all but one training camp session because of frostbite then the dispute over his helmet the raiders are saying it's time for antonio brown make a decision. brown suited up for thursday's preseason contest with the cardinals and practice with the team on saturday, but he didn't show up for practice yesterday raiders general manager mike mayock said enough is enough giving brown what sounded like an ultimatum. here's the bottom line, he's upset about the whole issue. we have supported that we appreciate that. >>ok but we've at this point we pretty much exhausted all avenues of so from our perspective. it's time for him to be all in we're all out. we're hoping he's back soon we've got 89 guys busting their tails. we are really excited about where this
6:26 am
franchise is going and we hope babies will be a big part of it starting week one against >>a lot of drama course don't forget hbo's film crews are following the team hard knocks you know, trump that in mind john thursday against the packers, that's the next time we'll see the raiders will see if antonio brown on the field with bells on his toes on his on his grows peering yankee feat >>if you ride bart and you go to the embarcadero make sure you don't leave your house you know when you're at ross and you score the perfect outfit? ooooohhhh! game on!r less. nothing beats getting the latest trends at 20 to 60 percent off specialty store prices. at ross. yes for less.
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and realize you can get youeverything you need...oss oh, yeah. yep. yes! feel like a boss? that's yes for less. 20 to 60 percent off specialty store prices for every room and every budget. at ross. yes for less. >>we're looking at weather and traffic for you during a backs too school week. yeah, just kind of the tapered in like my you are saying some kids are definitely in school today each district heads back see more and more freeways and bridg g the bay bridge this morning started backing up heavily, i mean into the maze and the 4 o'clock hour.
6:30 am
>>speaking of norm temperatures last week well above that this week are we kind of effect it almost feels a little bit like fall out there as we made our way into the weekend. it was a look who i realize >>i would do with cement. that was actually asking me she's like with his faults are to feel like it a little bit. but yeah we actually do have a solid another month the summer ahead of us. >>despite the fact that after the heat wave last week it it kind of does feel like a little taste of fall the past couple of days, you do have a dose of fog right up and down the coast not enough of it to be blocking out the bridge. but certainly a cool start to the day so throw those jackets on this morning with this foggy in grace start some low clouds hanging out further inland across the bay area and your temperatures are in the 50's and 60's with a nice breeze out there. it does have that nic1 brisk crist field to start the morning and pretty appropriate to be heading back to school with the feel like that. now as we head into the afternoon today, your temperatures will be on the
6:31 am
rise taking us back into the low 80's inland, 60's and 70's by the bay in coast. i am talking the return of 90's and that's a more summer like weather still to come ahead of us robin, thank you john back to the bay bridge now your backup goes. >>through the maze meaning the slowdown that you see here at the toll plaza. it's on to 5.80 now 5 80's backed up to 24 and you're jammed coming in from the east shore freeway as well through every bill and also spilling into berkeley and albany so much heavier 17 minutes and growing off to fremont street. here's one on one i talked about a crash earlier northbound before candlestick i told you that chp was running traffic break so at one point we had all lanes blocked. they have cleared the crash. everything's out of the lanes now, but you are slow from grand leaving south san francisco up to candlestick and then after that you'll get a break continuing to san francisco will be fine. but you need to leave early because you have to we'll go your way through this heavy traffic there is a tool to lay. james started.
6:32 am
>>robin so happening today weyo tickets are not going to be allowed in more and more bart stations, specifically the market was to study a grocery sing paper or plastic right now, it's just plastic no charges yet the slipper kaiser offers will tran is live with more. >>the reason being is they want to stop paper jams want to save the environment will talk about i will talk with michelle in just a few moments, but first let me tell you the reasoning behind this if you're waking up this morning and you have paper and you don't have plastic don't worry about it you can still go through the turnstiles as long as there's money on your paper tickets live once it runs out then you're done then you're me you'll be forced to buy the clipper car, but don't worry about it. it's supposed to save you money in the long run. you have to pay $3 up front. but if you do a round trip. that's a dollar every time so it just takes 3 round trips and the clipper card pays for itself and it's
6:33 am
extremely convenient because you can take muni with the clipper card. you can also pay for bart parking with it so that's according to bart the wave of the future and then next. >>much. he out that paper ticket. many people are already using but michelle you were telling me you are tired of having the paper tickets always sitting around in your purse cell at home right so this is this works >>yeah i think it stands. >>a lot better for and fire and it's just easier to keep track of. i've got one more responsible and i have the plastic then if i just know i can grab paper. what about. >>older people that you see your parents would be hard for them to make the transition, you're young you're him. this is your lifestyle. >>i think that it wouldn't be that i think it's something that if we can shift into just ahead. what it it would be at
6:34 am
a larger scale for everyone i think that people get on that train that you know. early later tonight, she says i might not be the clipper card model you have a day when i do a show off your kids are there it is a clipper card. it's available to you just go there you fight and you can always reloaded at home so there's convenience behind this and you can see the environment will talk to more bart riders, lovely writers like michelle throughout the morning back to you. >>very good. thank you will. 6 34 is the time and today, jurors deliberate to again and the ghost ship warehouse fire trial. it's the 3rd week. >>that they're contemplating the fate of the 2 defendants and today is day 10 of the deliberations they have failed to reach a verdict trying to decide the fate of max harris and eric alame a36 counts of 2016. the deliberations will resume at 9 30 this morning.
6:35 am
the lyft driver accused of raping a female passenger in san mateo will be in court this morning, >>colo colo is accused of taking the 25 year-old woman to his home in tracy without her permission and raping her. she told investigators that she called for a ride share because she was at a bar in san motum it tail and head too much to drink ended up passing out in the back seat. the 46 year-old driver faces 2 counts of rape and one count of kidnapping live says that they fired him and have since reached out to the victim colo colo is the 4th rideshare driver to be prosecuted for sexual-assault in the last 18 months. nd bars now after he was accused of stalking and chasing several women in sandra fell over the weekend. so the man has been identified as 39 year-old willie jones there's his picture. he was released from jail on august 9th and then on saturday morning. police say he chased
6:36 am
at least 4 women who are he ran from officer several times and made his way to the roof of a local business before finally surrendering to police people are shocked to learn that richard sex-offender was harassing people in their neighborhood take a listen. >>definitely somebody who on our radar and we want to make sure that stays in jail or at least is evaluated to figure out what's going on. >>jones has been charged now with stocking than being out of compliance with sex-offender registration terms. he's expected in court today. we're looking for the person who sexually assaulted a woman inside of a bathroom at a park. restroom at hauer's park to go on a hike when a man pusheheback inside. officers maria ravello say that this ispeaps
6:37 am
travel in pairs. >>woman especially if you're running in the morning all like late in the day when it's not as busy but a i on a bit still have to be. >>a reward of up to $2500 is being offered now by the sonoma county alliance. for any information that will lead to an arrest of a suspect. >>it's 6.37 and a south san francisco man is in jail police say he tried to kidnap a girl who was walking to school but his neighbors say it was something else 37 year-old christopher call grabbed the girl on palm avenue thursday morning and put his hands over her mouth. officers arrested him after a a person step forward and helped the girl out and coal was a resident, he lives in an assisted living home and the people who work there say he's developmentally disabled and they say he was not trying to kidnap the little girl by doing that. neighbors say all they can do i the the
6:38 am
children you know they're >>we did try to contact that assisted living care center. but we have not heard back from that in the east bay home surveillance video shows a man dressed up like a mailman so you think oh he's delivering packages nobody was stealing of the packages along mercury way and pleasant hill. our dan thorn has the video. >>home surveillance video shows what appears to be a mailman approaching a pleasant hill home to make a delivery. but he does the opposite and instead steals a package right off the porch. this postal imposter was apparently jumping from home to home along mercury way it's added it's sobering. it's violating sure remote our jimmy says she saw the fake mailman and an unusually early hour thursday morning. she asked him about it he apparently had an excuse about a new route change taking this as being a reasonable response. some of motor jammies suspicions were
6:39 am
a tease in the very confused. >>and was that confusion that already started to get me a suspicious but can a postal uniform and i thought you know this is one of our people. >>but her little dog rocket wasn't buying it. video shows the 8 year-old terrier much chasing the imposter off of the driveway. >>you're such a hero rocketdyne. >>he was smarter than i was and saw that this person was up to no good wanted to make everybody safe. >>motor jenny soon realized the strange mailman delivered her someone else's mail after talking with some of our neighbors they all began looking at their home surveillance what they found was alarming the fake mailman was actually caught on camera trying to get in a motor jimmy's car before approaching our home. he's seen here quickly turning away when another car drives by and our neighbor then shared this video of the postal service imposter taking off with a package. >>and i think the most
6:40 am
violating part is that here is somebody who's uniform tells us something about them that we feel automatically trusting of them, and it's violated that trust. >>reporting in pleasant hill dan thorn kron 4 news. >>in the east bay, a woman was caught on camera stealing a purse from a hair salon in walnut creek and we have the video showing it check it out. she took the purse from a break room inside that so long as she's walking away. now the victim was closing up shop at the time that this woman came in asking to use the bathroom so she let her go do that. but she saw the purse instead the hair stylist later realized her handbag was gone from the break room and she later alerted that was a learned that one of credit cards was declined at a nearby mall and cameras there showed the woman carrying nielsen's bag walking into a store trying to buy some shoes and was caught on camera at the checkout counter in the mall. i was just really shocked. >>that anyone would even go into the walk upstairs to it. now. i honestly haven't
6:41 am
even numbers i couldn't believe it. >>the hairstyle says she's not the only one to be burglarize she says has been happening a lot at other hair salons in the area as well. 6.41, still ahead. odile scam it is putting millions of smart device owners at risk, we'll tell you what they're doing now and a very community coming together to donate school supplies to low income families. plus the doctor tells us about the dangers of sending your kid to school with a backpack that is too heavy. and you look outside this morning shows temperatures in the 50's and 60's that is familiar territory where we should be for your morning hours. >>i've got your forecast and what to expect this afternoon still to come. >>and i'm tracking your monday morning commute back to work and back to school it's pretty crowded at the bay bridge toll plaza, heavy traffic here on 80 spilling back into the maze so make sure you leave early.
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>>welcome back it's 6.45 and it's back to work and now back to school in the ad. >>and all up and it's a lot of traffic back nice little break though remember the real pray we didn't have a backup this early in the morning and now things are changing so so this means leave early yeah, yeah earlier folks have to adjust their schedule to the track i think if you want to be on time if you want to beat the rush this back up here the toll plaza started at around 4. this morning. so now we have a full house cash lanes fast track lanes spilling all the way back into the maze through the maze, 5 8024 the east shore freeway there all types so leve extra early rough to 18 minutes and growing off to fremont street. we're also checking in on one oh one look at the traffic you're leaving san martine from san martine avenue to right around cochran. we have that crowd there 15 minutes and growing for morgan hill to 85 in san jose. so that's a
6:46 am
busy little stretch. if you come in from the east shore freeway i don't have any major problems right now we've had some minor issues. 21 minutes from crockett to the maze 24 looks fantastic woman creep through the caldecott no problems for the macarthur, no problems for the nimitz the numbers are rising, but they're not bad. so 12 minutes right now 80 north from san leandro heading to downtown oakland. just remember to add on some extra time to that morning commute. so that's a look at traffic. let's see how your monday morning forecast is shaping >>well robin it's a bit of a drug race starts the day with some low clouds hanging out across the bay area this morning overall san francisco is dry for the first day of school for the city itself back to school for san jose for another week, i'm looking at cloudy conditions out there in the south bay and those clouds stretching all the way out towards mount diablo as well after a cloudy start skies will clear out and we do have plenty of sunshine to expect into the afternoon and under those sunshine. the skies temperatures will be
6:47 am
quite comfortable 60's at the coast while 70's will be felt from the through oakland down through hayward fremont not over to redwood city, san jose today 81 conquered and livermore in the meantime also holding on to those 80's today now today and tomorrow some of the coolest days of our forecast. you notice, those 80 sticking around inland, but after that it's 90's for the rest of the forecast wednesday thursday friday on into the upcoming weekend so today and tomorrow feeling a bit more like fall. well, we return to summer like conditions after that point now may still feel like summer for a lot of areas but as we've been talking about it's the first day of school for a few more school districts that includes san francisco, which is you saw will be in the 60's this afternoon. some nice conditions to make that return to school mountain view also making the return to school today in the low 80's later on after your cool morning in the 60's and also the west contra costa county school district returning today as well that includes richmond and a few other school districts while
6:48 am
cool conditions in the 60's to start it will warm into 70's this afternoon. now students in berkeley are returning to school and for that all send it to james, all right. thank you very much john time now 6.48 students in berkeley return to school next week and over the weekend volunteers help put together thousands of back to school supply kits. >>here's video of it the supplies. our for low income students, it was all organized by supply bank dot org with help from kaiser and the community. they're in berkeley had nearly $200,000 worth of school supplies organized in the more than 3,000 individual supply kits. >>it's a lot of unfortunate kids i can't afford to buy. your basic things as the so so this is a good opportunity for me to help out everybody recognizes how hard it is to make it in the bay area right now. >>this is certainly just one of many steps that are needed to help kids ensure that they have the best experience they r anything just a reflect >>a majority of the supply kits will go to students in the berkeley public school
6:49 am
system. it's 6. >>as kids are going back to class they carry a heavy load of textbooks and notebooks and stuff in their backpack, sometimes it's too heavy for a little kid mandy gaither has more on what could happen. if the backpack is too big. >>it's not a problem, one expects a new. >>this is mount of children who i see my practice for back pay and loaded backpacks don't help. >>in fact at the beginning of every school year there's an uptake in young patients who come to see orthopedic surgeon doctildren's healthcare of atlanta. the first thing he says can help make sure your child uses >>if you can start walking, this is going to fall off and there are prevented from flying off is going to have to lean want to his left to sort of hold that in place and so that's why it's so important. the have both straps on us here on monday. >>and then he's even waited again how the bag is packed can also cause pain fletcher
6:50 am
says children should carry no more than 10 or 20% of their body weight, heaviest things like books. he be closest to the back lighter items like notebooks or a pencil box go up front. so if you look here. >>the bottom of the bag is right at the waist level you know on it saying down again you don't want to hire because it's going to pitch in for a little bit more. but when you look at him carrying from inside his heads for nice mostly above his pelvis as ways to fletcher says parents should also go through backpacks make sure they're not being overloaded. >>i mean the gator reporting you can't use them. because i used just pull. nobody uses the rollers in high that from air is in for it is a new scam you got to know about this one now millions of smart device owners what is that alexa you've got i've got go ok well will get anything so here's what happens. you ask your device alexa siri when it was
6:51 am
series or whatever. well a company car number ok. the scammers are creating fake customer service numbers and they bumbum to the top of the search results. >>see james. >>they often do this by paying for ads. so this way you say call whatever pga or whatever and you know number come see and it comes up and they alexa doesn't now scammers. up push gift card deals to to try to get your credit card numbers at another when they're doing. they also sometimes try to get permission to remote access to your computer. >>see that you when you're talking to the to reach once you're down the rabbit hole you're in their little world, yeah, all right so be careful eye. i don't know how to to get scanned every day you know and use the roller right pay his before morning is those numbers for you. >>that actually not bad 2 under 60 points up this morning after a really horrific week last week where
6:52 am
we saw up and down swings of like 5, 6, 7, 100 points so. >>at least we're off to a positive start will see the stays that way. coming up at 7 o'clock, thousands of students returning to school this week, the back and yes unfortunately they have to deal with school bullies to that's another thing. an expert explains how your kids could help deal with being bullied.
6:53 am
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>>welcome back 6.55 getting close to the time that many of you are probably about to step out the door and you're doing so this morning with some temperatures out there in the 50's and 60's and under some partly cloudy skies comfortable with highs in the 6070's and 80's later today, another nice one tomorrow and the weekend ahead. eventually into next week is actually looking a lot warmer than where we're at right now so the heat, it's going to make its return in the forecast 50's and 60's as i mentioned for your current temperatures before that warmer afternoon back to you. thank you john at fire at 6.55 will take a quick
6:56 am
break but coming up in the next hour, a homeless man seen on camera attacking a woman is due back in court as the backlash grows. >>against a proposed homeless center near that attack site big changes go into effect today in some parts statione will have details coming up in a live report and a baby saved from a hot car in the east bay, how a city employee came to the rescue.
6:57 am
6:58 am
this is not just a headache. this is not just a fever. this is not just the flu. it's meningitis b... and you're not there to help. while meningitis b is uncommon... once symptoms appear, they can progress quickly and can be fatal...
6:59 am
sometimes within 24 hours. before you send your teen to college... make sure you help protect them. talk to your teen's doctor... about meningitis b vaccination. >>eagles and i'm james fletcher and back to bigger commute times to we've got robin the following that since when did the bay bridge start getting backed up this morning at around 4 45. i started to notice traffic spilling back into the maze and i was looking for an incident, maybe i missed the crash. >>that's maybe something happened. i call them they
7:00 am
said no folks running back to school in san francisco. so it's just an early back up to show you have to adjust your schedule. 2 for this now yeah it kind of feels back to school ish sounds like a fall weather. what the summer left technically, you're looking outside a clear skies at the lick observatory but elsewhere it is actually a pretty grace start to this day visibility in nevado in santa rosa have been impacted by some fog throughout the morning. well for most of the bay area it's some low lying cloud cover that's been pushing through the afternoon hours are going bring plenty of sunshine and does your temperatures are going to be helping. >>aided in that boost eventually taking us into the 70's 80's


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