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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  August 19, 2019 9:00am-9:58am PDT

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>>morning and welcome to the finest because your kids are out how's james fletcher and boy we sure seem on the roads really tweeted earlier is that still the case that is still the case, especially for our bridges, especially for the bay bridge much heavier today compared to the last couple of months, very busy at this on the robot arm that you sit back the bomb. so what 3 o'clock. i think you can give yourself one day of doing go back and look after that it's back to you today is going to be a good day to enjoy may be sit back and just relax kind of day it is a little foggy and cloudy to start make sure want to kind of go back to bed if anything this is you look outside at berkeley right here
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skies are gray. >>actually starting to clear up it's been a slow go as far as the clearing of these low clouds, you're still holding on to a few of them out in the east bay towards conquered in walnut creek, although you're seeing more sunshine than not now. and temperatures as our skies clear will begin to rise. we're currently in the 60's for most parts of the bay actually with fremont dublin in livermore each in the low 60's conquered and pittsburgh each at 6465, while berkeley and san francisco, a little cloudier a lot like timber on in novato and still holding on to those 50's a president san francisco rises into the upper 60's later today oakland mid 70's while san jose in the low 80's, i've got the rest of your forecast and it's coming along with some hotter weather still to come. robin checking in on the slow traffic, the backup at the bay bridge toll plaza quite heavy. >>it spills all the way back through the maze so if you need to use the bay bridge right now be prepared to sit in this over to 5.80 from 24 over to the east shore freeway out of el serino right now you're
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averaging 15 minutes, here's a trouble spot. this is the nimitz in hayward there's an accident southbound right before 92 that still so that's putting more pressure on you stacking you up from 39 minutes from to 38 to 37. >>you know to just got word that the homeless man who attacked a woman in san francisco that he's just walked into court. yeah he was due to appear before a judge. >>in the last 30 very we see live pictures of him to turn on the light up. >>so this is an assault case that we covered last week where a woman was coming into her condo and i was attacked by the man who's going to be in court today. it's all caught on camera on camera and it was a pretty of violent attack involving the security reaser the front desk receptionist who trying to fend this guy off while the the the woman who was a resident there trying to make your way in and then we found out that ed him back into the public to await his court date well the
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court date is today with kron 4 sarah stinson live there as the attacker appeared in court sarah. >>yeah you just saw that live across the street into the courtroom and his hearing starts just and found out from san francisco police that he is expected to surrender because police have issued a $100,000 warrant on him. an arrest warrant because they have found out that he is related to another unrelated aggravated assault take a look at his mug shot. this is the photo that and should that made a victim realize, but this is the person to attack to them with a knife now. a police say a victim from that assault happened back in february 4th. >>in the that person recognize him in this mug shot on the news. investigators say a group was waiting for a ride share an air force and brandon. >>when he came at them with a knife and threatened to kill them. now the group was able
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to jump in there rideshare and leave the city officers responded but couldn't find any of the involved parties. fast forward to august 11th is judge says been sent has followed every order she has given him it of program living in temporary housing and wearing an ankle monitor. the officer a public defender, the office of public defender. they released a statement and a new photo of him cent a different than his mug shot, he looks all cleaned up in a suit just kind of how we just saw him he's cleanly shaven. >>the public defender representing than sense as justices often challenged by mental health and rehabilitation needs and jailing people doesn't always service its intended needs. a can she said in court on friday. she made her decision to release been sent before seeing that video that she stands by her decision. >>see that video. that is new
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information. she'll be. or not generally played at arraignment, sometimes they are i think that. and you know what you draw your own conclusion. >>now we are waiting for been sent to show up we saw him show up he's going towards the courtroom right now we have a reporter inside there so we'll let you know what happens but he is expected to surrender as i said the police they have issued arrest warrant. $100,000 and so we'll keep you updated as soon as we find out what happens and when he surrenders 50 spenders and what happens in that courtroom so stay tuned right here to the kron 00:04am morning news for now live in san francisco sarah stinson kron 4 news. >>ok thank you very much sara and the victim and. >>continuing to dr afrom the ne they're concerned about a homeless navigation center that's being built along the embarcadero not too far from
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the building where pennies chris aryan lives and you can see this rally that they held asking for the city to reconsider putting that up in fact they're suing as well to try to stop that homeless center from coming into town. it's a >>but we already have multiple shelters within a mile of care, including one belt just in january and they've only made things worse. since construction started on the homeless shelter here. we've already seen a huge uptick in encampments in crime. this is salt is only the most recent. >>however, san francisco city officials do not agree that there's a link between homeless centers an increase in crime. 9 oh 6 right now breaking news from overnight. one man is dead and another injured in a shooting that happened in san jose near the
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intersection of williamsburg drive and south winchester boulevard that's where the shots were fired around 12 30 this morning. the injured person is expected to be ok, but again one person was killed and the shooter still on the loose. >>he's pay mother is in trouble this morning after she left her baby inside a hot car luckily, union city police rescued the child in time and here's a picture of the officers holding that one year old. it happened friday afternoon in the parking lot of the library near city hall. it was a city employee that heard the baby crying and called police was in the mid 90's outside turned out that child had been in the car for almost a half hour. the mother said she left the baby in the car so she could take or other 2 children into the library to check out a book. >>people should understand that when parents are prosecuted for something like thtime. the judge juvenile cour judge usually sends them to better supervision and care of their
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children. >>child protective services was notified which is protocol. >>and the east bay home surveillance video shows a man dressed like a mailman but he's not delivering packages he stealing them along mercury way in pleasant hill and take a look this is from the home of shireen motor jammy and she saw this fig mailman and unusually early hours thursday morning that's what first seems suspicious that was so early and actually she says she asked him about it he was saying. it's a route change or whatever but then she looked and he's around her car loitering around the house looking as if he's looking down a mail is going to live or but he's not delivering mail and it said the fake mailman actually was caught on camera at other homes as well in the neighborhood and now they are they're looking out for him. >>and i think the most violating part is that here is somebody who's uniform tells us something about them that we feel automatically trusting of them. and it's violated
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that trust. >>but other than that thursday morning early morning when he did this the other neighbors say nobody's seen him since the pleasant hill police are looking for him. in nakota woman was rushed to the hospital for what she thought we're kidney stones turned out. she was having triplets. >>those are bigger than kidney stones. >>sunday miller has the story. >>one time i seen a shooting star and i wish for a baby brother. i wish for like 2 sisters first mile sister because she always wanted a little sister and love i wish for big brother and a baby sister in. i knew this day was always going to come. >>10 year-old ronnie has a little sister but always wish for a baby brother when his mom to net guilt was rushed to the hospital. she thought it was kidney stones. >>started getting pains photos kidney stones. so with them before. >>but the net was actually
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going into labor and doctors told her expect winds. it's quiet. >>we thought they were done. he's over there. i like rocky late thinking of the names. and she's like what we need another blanket. and reactions like it to be what about though so that not going to blitz. like no there's 3 babies and here there's triplets. >>from sturgis to spearfish to rapid city in all the commotion austin guilt name their triplets blaze gypsy and nikki. >>once we left the hospital she is out of hospital, i know, she's ok. exploding in my head. >>exploding like a shooting star ronnie wished on now the counts are a shining family of 7. >>you don't ever see. triplets being conceived naturally let alone going 34 weeks without knowing. so everyone's like. campbell even leaked. we're still in shock. trust me we know what you mean. doctors
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think you know have surgery for kidney stones in of going labor with c section that night. >>the healthy triplets should be home any day now, and the guilt say they couldn't have done it without the family friends and complete strangers who came together to donate supplies. >>it's amazing. in a small town how many people will come together. stuff that's not expected. >>well it was a sunday miller reporting for us this morning, the family says that they're grateful for the generosity of their community because they certainly needed at this point in the diapers you have to answer with triplets can't begin to imagine on this back to school day i thinking about having kids >>9.11 is a time right now still ahead a new diet for kids. but it's sparking some controversy. among health experts and parents where they say she a plus a shark and the short story by 2 way wading in
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shallow waters this time telling you they don't want to bite you james i approve how that this little girl have her reaction coming up and then here's a quick live look outside. >>as a robin was telling us all morning long the bay bridge has been backed up since the 04:00am hour. today's the first day the san francisco schools are back in session. so maybe that's why we're seeing such a crush of the toll plaza so much ea
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sausa4 donut holes. for just a dollar. dang!! try my 2 for $4 breakfast biscuits and add 4 donut holes for just a buck. only at jack in the box. >>on the beach off the west coast of florida. >>yeah she was waiting typically they're out right away is jane wading in shallow water when the shark apparently came up better in the lower leg. we've got claire metz with the story. >>i >>and was shy but he was indeed a sharkha right leg, causing lacerations with teeth. marks that took a dozen stitches to close, i feel it was like a. >>i but i la place. near was
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nick kelly, thanks sunlight facts. >>because they hate to that maggie her sisters and their parents were playing in the water just south of 27th avenue. a few minutes before 11 big sister jane and mom were both stung by jellyfish the day before. so jaden thought maggie was being dramatic. >>he screens and he said stop thinking. he came up to me pull my leg and this. i knew that was. >>like real volusia county particularly new smyrna beach records. the most shark bites worldwide typically at the jetty where shark tracked the abundance of bait fish and where surfers ride the best waves but let's face it. swimmers are in the sharks playground, so occasionally they bump into each other that can happen. >>that's not going to happen because its release think >>as based on the injury doctors estimate the shark 3 to 4 feet. all the sisters got
9:17 am
a teddy bear following the hospital visit. maggie named hers sharkey. >>and though she probably can't get back in the water while the families in town because of her stitches. >>maggie we'll go back. >>if that happens once and lights. year percent chance that's going to happen, i guess. >>well i'm not of >>as world according to garp logic. one said happens to you you're good. what are the odds of it happening again lightning doesn't strike twice, unless you step in the water again florida paralegal and looki the sharks. you have no hope of survival in that snow. i like the shard uses going. she is shocked luck is positive. i love watching and that was on a vacation the stress of mom and but it is, but bashar why when i go to does or to go made
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the kids right you live like that you're going nowhere just forget about. us well, you know what not a good day to go to the beach is not just because there are sharks out there and a foggy under year. stay in london today. i mean enjoy some of our temperatures in the 80's out towards the tri valley in walnut creek. those are places to be later on. this is your look at san francisco area conditions are definitely cloudy says a san jose more the same we've had reports of drizzle and parts of the bay, especially closer to the coast. and then this is your view from pleasant hill just north of walnut creek with mount diablo in the distance. that's where the sunshine is definitely breaking through right now something that's going to happen more and more out towards the coast through the day a look at stormtracker 4 right now does show that cloud cover that has been pre ty persistent throughout the morning. this is going help to keep us a little bit cooler that cloud cover t's just drifting in keeping us so cool and almost autumn like today, a low pressure area to
9:19 am
our west is going help to nudge out the high in keep us cool into tomorrow before we do eventually boost in temperatures come wednesday and the remainder of the week. that's when we're going to see some 90's in this forecast, avoiding those 90's yet again today though some 60's and 70's closer to the coast and on the peninsula and then 80's elsewhere in the bay such as further south towards mountain view in woodside and down on into the south bay were san jose today will peak at 81 degrees here still cloudy right now you won't be into the afternoon though pleasanton and livermore 82 with dublin, 81 for your to 84 degrees and already seeing temperatures starting cl out the new evlet how and napa in the 70's while some 60's up towards the coast in stinson beach. a look row, you' days, come wednesday, though that takes a big change as temperatures rise into the 90's inland in stay in the 90's for the rest of your forecast. all the way through the upcoming weekend. rob.
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well, here's one bridge that looks a whole lot better. wes 5 any to the richmond center fell check this out no delays right now leading up to the tolls. >>this commute and it early it is over and it's looking good 9 minutes to the north bay, the bay bridge traffic does not look like that it is a thinning out maybe just a little bit in some of the fast track lanes but overall it's still heavy still backed up through the mail, it is 5.80 from 24 also on to the east shore freeway so leave early. we're also checking out one on one and san francisco, and %pit's under the limit in both directions, north and south and between cesar chavez in >>all right, thank you very much rob and so a new dieting. and that kids is getting a little backlash now from health experts and parents the app. >>is made by weight watchers but critics say that it could lead to lifelong problems with food. mary elmo's has more. >>at a packed lunch at young kitchen. bakery i showed mother isabel a molo the attic
9:21 am
her beau a weight loss program for kids ages 8 to 17 only problem would be out feeling that you have been shamed into losing weight, 16 year olds aliyah ap, a cease and more up a call and see the benefit. major struggle and they look at it as a tool to help them deal with something that already exists and even though they tried to help. >>here's our kurbo works they call it the traffic light systems promote portion control kids can eat whatever they want to categorize veggies and fruits as green meeting pastas yellow and candy and pop as read kurbo says it's proven to be a safeway for effect of weight loss here at the millrose center in louis park. they treat people with eating disorders of all ages and genders when i spoke to the medical they said they were alarmed by the ap kurbo and do not recommended for kids or teens, we know that diet in for children is not healthy heather gallivan is the
9:22 am
clinical director at melrose center. i think it is challenging on how to approach that with children and adolescents you have to be really careful about how you talk about these things and the message is your sunday and showing success stories on curb owes website is one of those mixed messages gala van is talking about. >>their before and after pictures of kids and how much weight they've lost on the program that's my this mom see the benefit. but says she would not let her kids use that i could feel so serious for a challenge to be thinking about. kind of complexity all. she got at think about how you eat how you x assays but at the same time it's necessary in seat was part mariel mode. the 2 and still ahead police nays bay are looking for this person caught on on camera stealing a woman's purse will show you what he which he did
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9:26 am
caught on video there she is walking into the break room of this salon grabbing the purse and then walking out. now this person actually came into the salon while the worker was closing up the shop and asked use the bathroom real quick can so the worker said sure it's just in the back. the hairstyles later realized her handbag was missing after she got an alert that one of her credit cards was being used at a store nearby was declined thankfully at the mall, but apparently that one went and tried to buy a pair of shoes. and that is what you're seeing here. she was caught on security camera footage there as well police are still looking for this morning. >>it's 9.26 and still ahead big changes go into effect today at a san francisco bart station and more to come we'll have the details in a live report. the 25 year-old homeless man accused of attacking a woman just showed up to court. >>and is expected to surrender to police for an unrelated assault charge all details shopping for backpacks... ...and mom also gets a back-to-school bag?
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have been so packed the numbers are going down, but just slightly in >>and temperatures but it going out a lot compared to last ice is yeah they really took a dive into the weekend and for really nice one to be out and about how the windbreaker and still it could be a windbreaker morning actually as it is pretty foggy out there for a lot of the bay still not so much for the east bay as you do see mount diablo sitting under some nice sunshine now, but this is are cloudy conditions at a lot of us are looking at from the north bay looking down at san francisco still definitely some gray skies that are lingering right there at the coast you are starting to see that fog and low cloud cover breaking apart over the east bay and even over the south bay to where it's been pretty overcast to kick off this monday morning. 50's 60's for your current temperatures, although more and more of us are now in the 60's like oakland dublin, san mateo and hayward all its 62 conquered in pittsburgh. each in the mid 60's right now later on today we're talking 60's 70's and
9:31 am
some 80's mostly low 80's where you're seeing that range of numbers so really comfortable and even a touch below average for this time of year, i've got a warm-up insight near forecast still to come. robert all right since we don't have any major hot spots, let's check in on the verge is a look at some drive times starting off with 92 the drive here across the san mateo bridge. >>still very crowded yes but we're down to 17 minutes from the amendments to the bay shore bay bridge traffic 80 west it's been slow all morning since around 4.45 when it started. staff packing up, and it's still crawling from the maze but has improved on the suspension and the richmond sandra fell bridge west 5.80 looks spend 10 stick this commutes over. i'm minutes here from the tolls to one o one darya james, thanks a lot 9.31 breaking news to. >>homeless man who attacked a woman outside her apartment building in san francisco has gone to court this morning. that's right we saw it happen our cameras were out there with kron 4 sarah stinson from the courthouse and so she
9:32 am
joins us now with an update. >>as what was it like a half hour ago or so we saw him walking across the street there. >>that's right about a half hour ago we saw a 25 year-old austin been sent walk into a courtroom behind me and when he got inside he didn't go into the courtroom. you just went straight to police custody. as i said earlier. police put out a $100,000 arrest warrant for then sent not for the story we've been covering but for an unrelated aggravated assault charge. this is from something that dates back to february. take a look at the video though of him walking into the courtroom again this was just 30 minutes >>and we now have confirmed that he is now being booked into police custody on an unrelated charge. now police say a victim from an assault that happened back in february on february 4th in the city recognized him in his mug shot on the news. investigators say a group was waiting for rideshare near 4th and brandon
9:33 am
when he came at them with a knife and threatened to kill them. the group was able to jump in there rideshare and leave the city officers responded but couldn't find any of the involved part. vincent was seen on video attacking a woman in front of her beale street condo judge kristine can really spin cent who is homeless. this aggravated people across plus the bay area. the judge says been sent has followed every order she gave him including participating in the support program living in temporary housing and wearing an ankle monitor. the office of public defender has released a statement. the new photo vincent. they're saying he has been compliant t they have a completely different. charge for them is that he's ing completely differ everything sort of changes now so we do know that he will be back in court tomorrow at one
9:34 am
pans out we're actually inside with another reporter talking to san francisco police about how they're going to move forward for now we'll send it back to you. >>ok thank you sarah. >>it is 09:34am. paper tickets. no longer available at the embarcadero station the by stations at francisco if you still got one. once you've used it up you won't get another one kron four's will tran joining us now with more on whyt you have to get. >>if you want to ride going forward will. >>well right now what's going on is you can see the bart riders coming through right here if you use a ticket. you have a problem because especially if you run out of money on the ticket they'll take it from you and then that means you have to walk this morning and here's video right now they will approach you if you know i you could use it for today they once it
9:35 am
runs out it runs out and you can use ifoembarcadero anymore and this switching that to you for the clipper cards. the problem with that paper is chance, it's also not good for the environment and it's just not cost effective for bart because they have to come out make all kinds of repairs with a clipper card you can load the money on to your card you can also pay for part parking you can use it for other forms of transportation like sands muni and other forms of a rail system and even thepbus system in san francisco. >>so it's pretty much accepted all all over the place. i got a chance to talk to a man who works in tech he didn't say exactly where. >>he still skeptical and he wants. >>arms not a fan of the electronics that come along with like the supercar for your seen a lot of cas w has disappea off of the car for whatever
9:36 am
reason so i guess i'm just mark a gunman in that way. >>paper or plastic is the question that a lot of people use tacit grocery stores if you are going through the 19th street station in oakland it is plastic that was a few weeks ago. embarcadero it is also plastic in fact you can see some of the workers behind james and darya in their vests right there there and to be here all day passing out the clipper cards for you free of charge. if you don't have one and you miss these people you'll have to go get it for $3 for initial start-up that don't worry about it because a round-trip tickets will cost you an extra dollar if you use the paper methods are just 3 round-trip tickets and it pays for itself and barker daryl station today come september 3rd, it will be at them how station with the old >>very good. well thank you.
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>>9.37 is a time now jury deliberations are now in their 3rd week in the ghost ship warehouse fire trial in oakland today's day 10 of the delivered deliberations because so far the jury has failed to reach a verdict. they're trying to decide the fate of max harris and eric alamein a both being tried for 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter for the warehouse fire that happened in 2016. >>the lyft driver accused of raping a female passenger in samut hale will be in court this morning tonya a colo colo picked up the 25 year-old to give her a ride but ended up taking her to his home in tracy without her permission and she says he raped her there. she told investigators that she wanted to get a ride because she was too drunk to drive she was leaving a bar in san mateo she ended up passing out in the back seat. the 46 year-old driver now faces 2 counts of rape. one count of kidnapping live says they have since fired him.
9:38 am
>>antonio brown an ultimatum after doesn't show up for practice will tell you what the general manager had to say plus a ferry community comes together to donate school supplies to low income families.
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>>students in berkeley return to school next weekend over the weekend volunteers help put together thousands of back to school supply kits and it took a lot of people to get it done check it out supplien are for low income students it was organized by supply bank dot org with help from kaiser and the community there in berkeley. a sea of orange volunteers nearly $200,000 worth of school supplies had to be organized by these ual supply kits. ore than the majority of those supplies, we'll go to students in the berkeley public schools. >>it's 9.41 income. 49 try to keep up the ante and i get us to care about the pre season with a fight and the raiders are still trying to wean antonio brown off as being killed. plus a major leaguer tries abetting trick that he saw the little league
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>>welcome back 9.45 on this monday morning back to school for many today and if you are one of those parents the kids back in school. this is what you're enjoying for your first official day off some cloudy skies to start in san francisco for that first day back san jose second weekend looking at some cloudy conditions still overhead it's been some stubborn cloud cover for much of the bay but out to the east bay there you go some sunshine for a a and a little tease of what's to come later today skies are gradually going to actually about have a much different finish to the day than what we're seeing to start which is obviously quite those gray skies hanging out about the bay area low pressure to our west is going to help to keep high pressure out of the region, this is going to keep us a little cooler than average come tomorrow as well so today and tomorrow feeling like a touch of fall after that he way we had last week, it's not going to last forever though temperatures are actually about to be on the rise come the latter end of this week, 60's and 70's for your highs
9:46 am
and san francisco as well as for most other parts of the peninsula and our coastal areas elsewhere in the bay area you're going to see a lot the max, a mountain view at 82 for the high with san jose and los gatos as well sunnyvale all 81 degrees. the spate numbers range from the 70's to 80's as well. these nose to seasonal averages. but just below them. oakland and san leandro at 75 conquered will eventually reach 85 today has also will pittsburgh in vacaville. napa valais whoa benicia all in the 70's for your highs with 60's 70's and 80's further to the west and the north bay as i mentioned today and tomorrow are your best days of the forecast to get outside if you like the cooler weather. if you're itching for some hotter temperasures while you have to do is wait for wednesday and temperatures will be rising pretty quickly on that day and they're going to stay warm to for the rest of your forecast after that point with highs well into the 90's inland and even reaching the 80's alongside the bay come the
9:47 am
weekend ahead. thank you john checking in on the 2 bridges that are still pretty crowded that is 92. >>and 87 to bridge and the bay bridge now your drive time is going down here for the westbound commute. it's just about over but still crowded as you can see so 15 minutes as your average off to one o one still busy enough to leave early right same here 80 wesson to san francisco cash lanes and fast track lanes still slow and i think it's going to stay like this for the remainder of the hour. so you are backed up into the maze up the incline but ok on the suspension and the skyway we had a crash or in mountain view north want to want to shore line you see the traffic of the way, but it's stacked up to sonny bill and downtown san jose, let's keep you at 53 minutes from san jose heading to menlo park so traffic has not in doubt the nimitz also recovering from a crash southbound at 92. it is jammed from to 38. i cannot take any more of this preseason
9:48 am
garbage. >>but i do like how the 40 niners and broncos are acting like tonight's game actually matters. they got so competitive during joint practice in denver. fight broke out on the field way to sell again eyes. i still care about. and the raiders don't care if antonio brown hates all the new helmets. they say he better suited up. brown's been acting like a baby, so gm mike mack acted like a parent telling their kid it's time to let go of the blank e. >>so here's the bottom line, he's upset about the appreciate have at this point we pretty much exhausted all avenues of so from our perspective. it's time for him to be all in we're all out. so we're hoping he's back soon we got 89 guys busting their tails. we are really excited about where this franchise is going and we hope babies really big part of
9:49 am
it starting week one against and for her. >>so we better show up or else plaque take his phone away. every parent knows the ultimatum only works if you lay out the punishment. my console the only leverage i have left is the car. the giants are hanging in there 3 and a half back in the wild-card race yesterday did the help they lost to the diamondbacks in arizona. they also lost at home against the astros but they are only a game and a half sack in the american league wildcard race is folks have the day off today. some baseball players will do it anything to get it and check this out yasiel tweet new stance. sisi math yet got the best of them. we're player that is that tweet was imitating take a look this venezuela player became an internet sensation crouching over the plate. >>in the little league world series on saturday. my guess is that this is an exaggerated attempt to shrink the strikes.
9:50 am
actually do this but you do have to stand to hit. >>let's kick it but in williamsport pennsylvania. >>kings play second base and she's a picture. she got her team of gm yesterday and she hopes that your daughter is watching she told espn. i tell them to keep playing their game. always do their best ma t first female date is captured the country in 2014, 2014. oh my god, it's been 5 years, look at now money is starting college ledge this year at hampton university where she will be playing softball and a broadcaster and steph curry wants to get more college kids
9:51 am
into golfing. apparently is going to take a swing at restarting the gulf program at howard university a historically black college in washington d c i think though we're all happy that staff chose basketball and davidson but golf is his second love. ok is 3rd after i right before popcorn he's a popcorn not if you didn't know that we'll find out more about the gulf program at a press conference today. that's the bus. at at&t we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps than the internet. we've created access from at&t california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits. may qualify for home internet
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>>today's box office report brought to you by the new luxury lounges at century san francisco center. >>it was a busy weekend at the box office we had several new films challenging. the top seat. the movie in the top see right now we have david daniel to check if and even dethrone the champ. >>scary stories to tell in the dark fell from second to 5th scaring up million. the angry birds movie 2 opened in 4th place with 10 and a half million less than a 3rd of the
9:55 am
originals debut. the lion king stayed in 3rd place $11.9 million gave the blockbuster a domestic total of 496 million was this. fast and furious presents hobbs and shaw, a lost the top spot, but $14 million gave the actions in off second place and 134 million domestic. >>this is a really pretty cpr goal. >>find first. >>the little guys came up big good boys about 3 preteens preparing for their first kissing party debuted number one with million in hollywood, i'm david daniels. all right well, here's a quick check your seven-day around the bay forecast we've got a lot more. >>school districts opening up this weekend as kids are heading back to school and what you can expect is today being a cool day tomorrow to kind of mild but inland temperatures get back up into the 90's beginning wednesday and we'll kind of hover in that low 90 degree range for the rest the week the rest the
9:56 am
bay looks fine with 80's by the shoreline and 60's by the communal as you can expect a lot of fun. >>and tell you get out of that old what at least 2, 3, times probably will take forever to find their socks and whatever else and then they're going get a lot just south of around the corner don't worry. let's have it. >>that's it for now if you're watching us on the kron on at the news never and if you don't know what i'm talking about you can get the bay area's only commercial free 24 hour streaming news service by going to kron. >>that's it for us on this monday august 19th for robin job, daryn myself we will see you tomorrow morning. just when you thought you were done painting...
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paintblock reacts with the water in latex paint to form a micro-barrier against paint bleed, giving you the sharpest lines possible. get professional results with frogtape... no messy lines, no paint bleed. for sharp lines every time, frog it! >> today on dr. phil, imagine you witnessed your father die robbing the bank. two sisters. it's because you have not spoken to each other in five years. >> i don't care if i have a
10:00 am
relationship with you. >> struggled with their i been completely broken because of you. i am done. i miss my dad. i don't want to live anymore. i don't need this on top of this. yes our dad did something horrendous but that doesn't mean destroy everyone around you. >> today is going to be aur lif. you've never had anybody working harder to bring you to the threshold of change then right now.


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