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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  August 19, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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>>fire burning in a junkyard sands, dense black smoke into the sky over santa rosa prompting shelter-in-place orders and bringing smart trains to a halt. thanks for joining us at 10, i'm ken way and i'm pam moore that fire is out now. >>and the shelter in place has been lifted but that fire lasted for hours of broke out about 3 30 this afternoon at a junkyard on scenic avenue near railroad tracks south of the santa rosa city limits. firefighters say that several
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cars were on fire on 4 shares don't live in the san jose area tonight has been there all evening and j r what's the latest. >>what can i can tell you no one was hurt during this fire. but there was thousands of dollars in damage. during this fire. black smoke pouring into the sky as more than a dozen vehicles caught fire at a santa rosa junkyard in fact at one point the smoke was drifting above highway one oh one. during the afternoon commute home the junk yard inside of the smart train tracks as well. >>well this fire had some some ignite liquid that kind of got it going pretty quickly in total, we have about 1 vehicles that burned out here about 7 of those are large commercial vehicles as you see behind me. >>well weather conditions have been very hot of late. monday's cooler temps actually help fire crews as they battled to put out the flames. >>you know fortunately didn't have any high heat today and the wind kind of laid low for
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us so our crews were able to make an aggressive attack and keep this thing on the property which is kind of shocking when you look around there's a lot of exposures out here. >>crews were able to get control of the flames hours later. they say that 4 of the vehicles that burned were part of an active charter fleet. an employee was doing mechanical work that involved well that when diesel fuel spilled out. the sparks mix with that fuel and ignited the fire. in addition to all of the vehicles that burn and a boat, a tractor trailer and dumpster full of tires went up in fla es, we got lucky with the weather we did some really aggressive fire attack. this was a win-win. >>for us in you know had this been last week this could have been a very different story for us. >>and back out here live in santa rosa it is important to note that cruise have cleared the scene i'm actually at a fire station within 2 miles of that junkyard location very dark at that junkyard location
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this evening. crews that i talk with also say that this was accidental in nature and that the company that lost all of those charter buses does have insurance. live in santa rosa j r stone kron 4 news. >>stay. stay are a developeng story tonight, the homeless man called in this video attacking a san francisco woman is facing new charges and he's looking very different today from his police photograph austin vincent turned himself in to police today, he's now being accused and other violent assaults as far as maureen kelly reports police are also investigating the man for at least 2 other similar attacks. >>alston james vincent ignored reporters questions as he walked into the courtroom wearing a suit and tie looking much different from his booking photo it was the judge's decision to release him pending trial after his arraignment last week that caused the victim to tweet out surveillance video showing the attack outside her beale street condo building that
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disturbing video then drew media attention and sparked outcry from the community the judge seen the video on the news modified her decision and ordered vincent to be fitted with a gps monitor which he wore returning to her courtroom today for a status hearing that ended up being postponed as police officers were waiting for him to surrender on a $100,000 arrest warrant. police say a second woman to solve the nhs's mug shot on the news and recognized him as the person who attacked her at 4th and brandon back in february the victim in that case was with a couple of friends at a local rystaurant. outside ready to go home they were attacked. my mister vincent with a knife. those individuals had cold for an uber ride and you arrive. >>right arrived and they were able to get into the hoover and leave the scene. >>the deputy chief says they're also in the early stages of investigating 2 other incidents in the last couple of months that have come to light since this is a rest in the beale street
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attack, although one of the new accusations being investigated is described as similar to that disturbingly violent encounter. >>and the other one. not quite a similar. has some some things in common. >>this is attorney spoke to reporters outside the courtroom. >>austin has been doin everything that the judge ordered him to do. he takes a situation very serious but is also taking is treated very serious and he's been doing everything he has to do to get better vinson is now back inside the san francisco county jail booked on several new charges, including. >>assault with a deadly weapon and making criminal threats. he's due back in court for that postponed status hearing and likely. his arraignment on these new charges tuesday afternoon. maureen kelly kron 4 news. >>vincent second arrest comes as no surprise to the victim in the last week's assault pennies qatari and sent us a statement that reads not surprised the judges the district attorney's office in
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theity ne to take these matters more seriously and look at these cases with more scrutiny because as it's been proven just in the past week when criminals are struggling with mental illness and substance abuse. they can't be safe to be in our streets. that's that it's not a matter of if they would hurt residents of as have been a matter of when in the past week this area has gone after the judge in the district attorney for their roles in the suspect's release pending a return to court. she's also taken on the mayor for not doing enough to keep the residents of the city safe. we asked the mayor about vincent's second arrest. >>i think there were number of mistakes across the board and ah this is really why we need some changes to our criminal justice system why we need mental health reform. why we need to make sure that the systems are in place to make sure that someone like this who was arrested in the first instance is addressed and it doesn't lead to an additional situation. >>this weekend could sorry and the group's safe embarcadero
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for all of us use the incident to protect protest. the construction, a va homeless navigation center long. the embarcadero adjacent to the syrians condo the mayor says she is still committed to that navigation center plan. the san francisco police officers association association is reacting to the latest development in this case when the assault suspect was released last week the association previously caught on the presiding judge in the case judge van aken to be reassigned to traffic court. >>well for dan thorn is live in san francisco with what the officers have to say tonight. dan joins us with that part of the story, >>well pam a president tony montoya says that this new allegation is exactly why austin should have been or rather vinson should have been jailed after last week's attack that happened right here at this building montoya says the judge's been getting it wrong from the beginning and he's hoping that all of this gets ironed out.
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>>francisco's police union is weighing in on the new revelation that austin vincent is accused of attacking another person, the p o a believes even without seeing the video of last week's attack the police report should have been enough for the judge to realize vincent was capable of other violent behavior, we're not looking for jail for everybody. but in a situation where a person is shown e. the potential for violence like mister vincent. >>i the jail does have mental health services in the jail of peel away president tony montoya says if the judge did not feel as though jail was appropriate. >>vinson should have at least been taken in for a mental health evaluation. montoya says this case is highlighting what he calls a revolving door and it's frustrating for is officers and oftentimes the person is. >>released from the hospital for release from the jail, we're not even taken to jail because of prop 47 and the deal with the person sometimes 2 or 3 times in the ship.
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>>a spokesperson for a group who is opposing a proposed navigation center along the embarcadero released a statement after learning about the new allegations against vincent it reads in part quote the shocking assault case of alleged assailant austin james vincent is emblematic of what is wrong in san francisco. it now turns out mister vincent is alleged to have committed a previous crime with a knife against a woman. this is a matter of public safety not politics. end quote montoya is hoping vincent will remain in custody until at least a preliminary hearing. i just hope the just cause other judges. >>to maybe pazzini is not be just you know, so mary did i say to back up the public without knowing all the facts. >>san francisco police say they are right now looking into other possible incidences involving vincent reporting live in san francisco. dan thorn. kron 4 news. >>thank you another big story. we're following tonight deliberations are starting all
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over ag4in and the ghost ship warehouse fire try and an unexpected turn today, the judge ordered 3 members of the jury dismissed, leaving a host of questions about the future of this case kron four's michelle kingston brings us up to date. >>3 jurors excuse and 3 alternates taking their place deliberations having to start all over again. it was a long day for everyone involved. >>judge issued a gag order against as we can talk to side. >>defense attorneys unable to speak to reporters monday afternoon like they typically do because the judge issued a gag orr this after removing 3 women from the jury without an explanation as to why 3 of the 4 alternates 2 men and one woman are now taking their seats and deliberations are beginning all over again. the judge telling the jury to disregard all pass deliberations we're now 4 months into the trial and we were 10 days into deliberations before monday morning's closed session began
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in the afternoon announcement was made the trial is from max harris and eric all mean 2 men charged with involuntary manslaughter in the deaths of 36 people who died in a fire inside an oakland warehouse in december 20 16 during an electronic music party victims family members were called around 12 30 in told to come to the courthouse if they could for a major development in the trial. they didn't speak on camera, but did say they are feeling overwhelmed and frustrated. a friend of the victim tells us she's ready for a decision to be made. >>we think that because there thinking long and him making a decision. >>the judge has received 6 or 7 notes already from jurors was scheduling conflicts, we're down to just one alternate now get more than one juror is unable to continue on it's possible we could see in this trial. we're hoping to get more information
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on tuesday. in oakland, michelle kingston kron 4 news. >>criminal defense lawyer paula canny was in our studio earlier this evening. she told us it's very unusual for 3 jurors or is to be removed. she also talked about the potential influence. the judge's order could have on the defense. >>the judge dave in order to this 3 excused juror. not to discuss why they were dismissed now that's an unusual order but because usually when a juror is dismissed. they're dismissed the court doesn't have authority over them and so the interesting thing about this is and 10 years ago when jurors were sent in your way and said no i'm convinced of to my heart because remember that's what we want out of a juror, their individual opinion when a juror said i'm convinced of the truce of my verdict, especially after 10 days of deliberation and judge
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wouldn't have removed a juror. but there have been a series of situations where they've allowed jurors to be removed and then be replaced and so it's an interesting phenomenon ago ship coverage on kron 4 dot com. find what both defendants said on the stand he can watch the defense attorneys reactions too core developments and here emotional reaction from the victims families as soon as a verdict is handed down in the go should trial kron 4 will have live team coverage at the courthouse in oakland. >>well let's take a live look outside on this monday night along san francisco's embarcadero things look a little overcast there but still sparkly with all the light that breeze been blown around the bay area say to
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feel those winds kicking up over 20 miles per hour in some spots that sea breeze. temperatures way down were seen that all kind of fill in right now bumping up against the hills as it makes its way on shore a little higher cloud deck so it's going to stretch all the way the interior valleys overnight tonight right probably through the delta month. also that sea breeze giving us some relief from all that heat temperatures come way down. and again today they drop once again 5 as much as 7 degrees cooler around the bay area today so looks like rick, it's a little break from all that he put that heat is going to start to creep back in over the next 2 days so, let's enjoy the cooler weather while we have it today about 65 degrees and san francisco, some partly cloudy sky 72. in oak of 78 degrees in san jose, those places that him in the triple digits in livermore concord even santa rosa, very comfortably in the upper 70's today, but those numbers are going start to creep up as early as tomorrow afternoon. look at all the coastline is very impressive look at the swirl on that pretty deep area low pressure off the coast that's approaching the western half united states, but you know what not to bring any
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rain for us we'll see some clouds but there's a chance of more rain in fact you can expect that up in the pacific northwest, russell keep things dry here except a little drizzle along the coastline we're see more that fog now phil and along the coast moving inside the bay but likely going room room turn all the way into the delta time maybe in the central valley, so that is a strong push that on shore sea breeze and see the winds out there right now byron checking in at 24 mile an hour winds. so certainly the breeze continues and that will be the case overnight tonight filling in with some low clouds and fog little patchy drizzle along the coastline tomorrow. we start out with some mng clouds early on then sunny and breezy in the afternoon. and these temperatures running still below the average for a little bit warmer than we have for today. now as we head throughout the week we'll see a building ridge of high pressure that bridg coming in of the desert southwest once again. and that is going to crank up the temperatures but for now we've got the influence of this system off the coastline that will be pushing in the pacific northwest bringing in some rain maybe a couple raindrops was far as northern california toward crescent city rica could see some showers in that direction. but for us we'll keep things dry for the most
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part that fog to be more problem tomorrow morning. but then that marine there's going to start to get squash is a big ridge of high pressure builds way in our direction that means see less fog and more sunshine as we head toward the middle the week. overnight tonight you see low clouds and fog surging well on shore that moving inside the bay and then by the afternoon it begins to break up a little bit. so temperatures going to stay down tomorrow. i think we're going to top out mainly in the 80's by tomorrow afternoon, some of the warmer spots, let's a few degrees below the average. but then as we head toward the rest the week. the big dome of high pressure that's been sitting over the desert southwest. so start toward move its way back in the bay area that's can send these temperatures up near triple digits, we'll talk about that you and your 10 to 10 coming up in a few i thank you. >>in the east bay u c berkeley police are looking for a suspect who groped a woman on campus last night many students are moving back this week to get ready for classes. start next week kron four's attack he talked with some students she joins us now live with more taylor.
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>>well the woman was groped here inside the martin luther king junior building that's right behind me it's on campus and students say it's a main hall where people eat and study they also say it's a place where many non-students including homeless people come inside and use the facilities. >>a busy weekend at the university of california berkeley students moving back to school and getting ready for a new semester as they receive emails about their new classes. they also received thisyalert from campus police monday morning i read it and i so. >>pretty disgusted that i was like not shocked to get emails like that. barely off and you see police say. >>someone sexually battered a woman on campus around 6 30 sunday night even. >>so all nobody is ever completely safe. they say. >>it happened on the second floor of the martin luther king junior building a place usually packed with students and sometimes others coming in to use the restrooms gallup you like the city, end people go to amazon as it rose came
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in like so my water bottle you nice about them and stuff just building a subtle things that has constant story has side of it. the civil war. >>we saw no the show up at all. well, yes. >>he will use building you see police say the victim was drinking from the water fountains next the bathrooms when she felt a suspect grope her specifically grabbing her but. >>as new orleans, you know where are these scared like from outside of buildings and then week in tampa since states pieces, it's just. to say they were sinking make note. you see police say. >>they're still working on the suspect description before releasing those details it's terrible at that >>i talk to you see police today asking for more specifics about that suspect right now they say that details are limited and they're still reviewing surveillance video before releasing any more information reporting live in berkeley taylor sackey kron 4 news taylor. thank you. prosecutors
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say they will not seek the death penalty for the homeless man charged with killing nia wilson on a bart platform in july of 2018 this is her picture. >>john leak how the suspect is charged with stabbing 18 year-old nia wilson and her sister letting for wilson in and unprovoked attack at the macarthur bart station in oakland last year. cao is also charged with a special circumstance allegation that he killed wilson while lying in wait, that is a charge that could have resulted in the death penalty if he's convicted in a criminal trial. but the prosecutor has decided not to seek the death penalty against him, and instead will focus on having him sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. next court appearance will be october 11th. >>the highway patrol is once again cracking down on sideshows this is video of one of 3 sideshows in contra costa county on august 11th. officials say 8 criminal cases are now in the hands of the
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district attorney. we're told a silver mustang was involved in at least 2 of the side shows the chp credits its fixed wing aircraft for finding the vehicles involved. authorities say the planes can spot a license plate from thousands of feet in the air. >>the deadly stabbing on a college campus on the first day of the new school year the key evidence police are examining tonight as they search for the killer. police use of force bill is now a new law in california what that means for police departments across the state for some mar chan goes into effect at sfo tomorrow. >>the extra items you're going to have to pack in your. you won't be able to bring year area. just when you thought you were done painting...
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through security and then fill it up once you're inside the terminals. sfo is also going to limit when plastic utensils and takeout containers will be provided at restaurants inside the airport you will need a clipper card to ride bart at the embarcadero station today, the san francisco station became the second a bart station to get rid of paper tickets. >>will also phase out paper tickets sales of the paul street and downtown berkeley stations next month. >>and how to prevent mass shootings like the ones in el paso and dayton and in gilroy we'll tell you about a new study that is turning into a law california and a dramatic new developments in the choking death of eric garner the police officer involved has been fired. the white car's family says their fight isn't over. >>and we've got some fog low clouds moving on shore right now above much warmer days ahead, your tent and is coming
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>>rich aim. london, you can appeal all you but ab still out here out here for the long run. >>strong words tonight from the mother of eric garner he's the new york city man who died 5 years ago after a police officer daniel pantaleo put him in a chokehold garner's death sparked the i can't breathe protests which happened all across the country. today, the final decision was made in this controversial case new york city's police commissioner announced pantaleo it has been fired from the police force but. >>despite the garner families desired outcome now they say more needs to be done camila bernal explains. >>and why pd commissioner james o'neill announcing a long-awaited final decision. >>this clear that daniel pantaleo can no longer effectively serve as a new york city police officer. >>handily was found guilty in a disciplinary trial earlier
10:29 pm
this month of using a chokehold on eric garner the administrative judge recommending panel will be fired. and the police commissioner agreeing this was. >>not an easy decision it's not something i can make over a few hours. i've been take have been thinking about this since the day. i was sworn in as police commissioner. >>the family is defense attorney and the police union continue to say that chokehold did not cause garner's death and add that firing him have a negative impact on the enti police force the leadership. >>has abandoned ship. and left a police offices on the street. a a. >>the termination comes more than 5 years after police tried to arrest the 43 year-old father of 6 who was allegedly selling loose cigarettes illegally, and 5 years too late according to the family we will be off for the congressional hearings. >>we will be trying to reopen the case we will be going after the rest of the officers involved because it's not over. >>their goal is to make it
10:30 pm
illegal for officers used a chokehold in new york and in the us. the fight is not over. we will continue to fight camila bernal kron 4 news. >>new york city's mayor is describing the police commissioner's decision as justice he also praised c n y p d for doing what he says the department of justice failed to do. united states department of justice absent. and unwilling to act even to come to any decision. for 5 long years. but today. we have finally seen justice done. we saw the n y p d these phone. disciplinary process. at fairly and impartially. de blasio was talking about attorney general bill barr's decision earlier this year bar had said the justice department would not. >>bring federal civil rights charges against pantaleo reportedly due to concerns
10:31 pm
that prosecutors cannot successfully prove pantaleo acted willfully police in california can use deadly force only when absolutely necessary instead of when reasonable governor gavin newsom signed the use of force bill into law today, the governor stood next to several families who lost loved ones to police violence. >>they include stephon clark in sacramento, oscar grant in oakland, willie mccoy of valais whoa law enforcement was not represented at today's a signing ceremony. police groups have remained mostly neutral on this bill, it took more than a year and a half of negotiation to reach this point. some question how effective the new law will be. >>just these issues in a more systemic way in and that's take a lot. piece of legislation. >>governor signed. >>and lawmakers are also considering a bill that would
10:32 pm
build on to this new law providing police with more mental health and de escalation tactic train. >>a gun law that's already in place in california could help prevent mass shootings. the journal annals of internal medicine published its preliminary research today on the red flag law it allows authorities to temporarily remove guns from people considered to be high risk. researchers looked at a 159 gun violence restraining order cases in california between 2016 2018. it found 21 of them involves someone who declared an intent to commit a mass shooting or exhibited behavior suggesting such intent. researchers say that because of california's red flag law authorities could immediately reduce that person's access to firearms. right now 17 states including california have passed this type of law. >>happening now police in southern california are searching for a stabbing suspect at cal state fullerton the attack happened this morning, the first day of
10:33 pm
class this year kron 4 grant lodes joins us with the latest on this really frightening situation. yes, scary for everybody, there and police are saying that this individual who was killed is a retired. >>administrator at cal state fullerton who had just been hired on again to work in international student admissions investigators found that 57 year-old in his car here in the parking lot on campus he had been stabbed several times police believe the man was targeted right now investigators are focusing on a backpack they found under the victim's car. police say the killer left that backpack at the scene. the bomb squad was called in to inspect it. investigators say that backpack carried several disturbing items. inside the backpack there was an incendiary device that was located. >>obviously it was not triggered. nor set off. also inside the backpack were items that one would use to potentially use to kidnap somebody as well as a weapon
10:34 pm
that was similar to the weapon that we believe was used in the actual homicide. >>the stabbing happened on the first day of the academic year, however classes don't start until. later this week so fortunately there weren't many students on campus today, we'll keep you posted as far as that investigation ken pam back to hugh grant. thank you. a frightening scene for salah king county family after a pickup truck slammed into their home police say the driver actually crashed into 2 places before plowing right into an apartment complex injuring 3 people including children. >>a receipt talk to the children's mother. >>as is now mangled dodge ram is pulled from this stockton home off hammer lane, the family who lives here gets a closer look at the damage and is reminded of the danger that was just inches away. the woman asked fox 40 to protect her privacy i just heard they all and i'm like i smell all small and fire and i'm freaking out she says this was her view of the destruction.
10:35 pm
she was especially worried for her 11 year-old son. >>i'm more worried about my son and my aunt. >>animals too. the they're my baby's mother says inside this truck or a man a woman a toddler and a baby doc to police investigators say the children and the driver were taken to a hospital. >>across the street witnesses say the driver hit this light pole signage and the mother struck messed up my home, i t mean my my everything that i can replace, but i led me says hammer lean at landmark has proven to be dangerous and deadly. he says drivers often speed. >>you may recall high 5 to the woman says the accident has added more unnecessary stress into her life. >>the family was supposed to move out of the home this weekend i over. >>now is kay receive reporting the red cross is helping the family with emergency housing stockton. police say the cause of the crash. still under
10:36 pm
investigation. >>well we cooleweather today let's find out what the rest of the week holds in store for checking things out for us or you guys i think we're going to go to an extended period of some very warm aims of hot weather around the bay area's let's enjoy all the fog while we have it is surging well on shore right now looking from the berkeley hills, phil into the bay right now likely going to see some drizzle along the coastline as well temperatures all that bad for us. numbers right now 50's and some 60's outside so fairly mild for this time of the evening even 67 degrees in antioch but nothing's going to change we've had that big low off the coastline here it is right now watch the focus here as it begins to track a little further north and there goes rain up in the pacific northwest as we get to wednesday afternoon, seattle portland you see some rain there maybe even clipping our northern california you kind of start to see bow a little bit to the north as high pressure is ahead of the south that's a big ridge that's going to start to build in and then here we go sitting over head you can see it on friday, another cold front approaches the pacific northwest never going to get here that ridge
10:37 pm
just too strong and that will send all that energy to the north in fact that ridge is going to strengthen quite a bit through the weekend to crank up the temperatures maybe we start to talk about some triple digit heat as we head throughout the weekend and into early next week, a look at how big that don't get as we get in the middle of next week as well so that being said, here's your 10 at 10:00am. should be a nice day it's going to stay cooler than normal temperatures, running a little bit below the averages. we'll see a slow clear off of low clouds and the fog will be breezy in the afternoon with a warming trend dixon on wednesday. that's when some temperatures in the valleys at least in the east bay will move back up in the low 90's and then we'll start to crank up the temperatures mid 90's on thursday and friday and then over the weekend. yes certainly get close to some triple digit heat head into early next week. thank you after wall street's roller coaster ride last week, the dow soared today as investigators grew. >>investors rather grew increasingly optimistic about potential resolution to the u s china trade war, but there are still growing fears of a
10:38 pm
brewing recession in the united states and as jim acosta explains that could threaten president trump's reelection bid. >>growing concerns about a looming economic downturn, president trump and his top aides are busy swatting away the r word. recession. >>i don't see a in the world is in a recession right now. although that's too big say that a new survey, the nation's fiscal health finds most economists do expect a recession by the end of 2021 everybody wants to talk about pessimism recess at why is that why the wrong was a little off. >>optim sm one of the president's top advisers, larry kudlow insist there's no recession to fear. but kudlow is defending his own record of economic predictions and less than one year before the 2008 financial crisis kudlow wrote in the national review. you can't call it a recession. this sort of fiscal and monetary coordination will continue the bush boom for years to come. >>i don't know that anybody saw that kind of crash. but
10:39 pm
look this is not then this is not than the president and administration officials are blaming the federal reserve very the. >>chairman powell goes forward and does lower the this next time around the president is also suddenly downplaying talk of new gun control, i'm also very very concerned with the second amendment more so than most presidents would be people don't realize we have very strong background checks right now. >>the momentum for gun control may be slowing as the gop talking points are emerging coaching republican lawmakers and how to answer questions about the gun show loophole high capacity magazines and whether white nationalism is driving mass shootings. iowa, gop senator joni ernst faced a testy town hall when she tried to blame the shootings on mental illness see the president still fighting with his former communications director anthony scaramucci
10:40 pm
tweeting he's a highly unstable not job i barely know the tolls 11 days of gross incompetence and despite bragging that he only hires the best people are going to get the best people in the world scaramucci is talking up the idea of a gop challenger for mister trump in 2020. this is not a never trump situation this is not i'm just a screeching rhetoric. this is ok. the guys and stable everyone inside everyone outside knows it. let's see if we can find and viable alternative the president is out with a new unproven conspiracy theory accusing google of manipulating more than 2 million votes in 2016, adding his victory was even bigger than thought, but that's not true. there is no evidence of a google conspiracy to change votes. and the search engine is denying any manipulation of its data. the president also thinks fox news may be out to get him to after one of the network's polls found mister trump's approval ratings sagging. fox changed. >>and my worst polls have always been from fox is something going on at fox i'll
10:41 pm
tell you right now, and i'm not happy with that. >>that was jim acosta reporting trump faces a republican primary challenger for 2020 and was back in april that former massachusetts governor bill weld announced that he was taking on the president's reelection bit. well was the vice presidential nominee on the libertarian party ticket back in 2016. 2 memorials are now in place for victims of the boston marathon bombing the crews place 3 memorial stones along boylston street, the sites of the marathon bombing on 4/15/2013. more than 260 other people were injured that day and the setting of the stones this morning is the last step toward completing the 2 memorials marking the attack 6 years ago, construction workers say they hope that this project will help bring peace to the victims families. >>when when the when the bombing happened in its announced on to say people in him and this is what we worked
10:42 pm
on over they can find some. >>to know that their loved ones are remembered that the artist behind the memorials worked with the families to get the design just right. >>back at disneyland with a free ticket that she won 34 years ago tammy richardson was 14 years old when she won that ticket. last week she went back to the park with her daughters in the park honored that pass the ticket was worth $16.50 back in 1985. that ticket today cost about a $199. >>coming up a fire nearly brings down a charge which is tied to american abolitionist harriet tubman what investigators believe sparked the blaze. >>in sports and jimmy g has a pretty rough return to the field but 49 ers did better in the long run mark has the highlights plus reaction from jimmy garoppolo coming up. shopping for backpacks... ...and mom also gets a back-to-school bag?
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>>authorities say lightning caused a fire at a church in new york linked to harriet tubman have the lightning strike hit the steeple yesterday afternoon at thompson emmys i in church in auburn. and mess in reports. it's an air replaceable part of the american story this church harriet tubman help started it was also the side of her funeral in 1913 and yesterday mother nature came extremely close to burning it down. >>and i heard a very very loud boom to race was right across the street heard a powerful bolt of lightning strike close by as shook me in my shoes, he went out caught this video of smoke pouring out of the steeple fire crews are on the scene quickly can see said there's significant damage to the spire decoder with the national park service is the church opened in the late 1800's tubman a national historic fure was a member for 3 decades. my first thought was huge amount of concern for the structure itself and hoping that the damage could be mitigated that
10:47 pm
it would be significant now a national park team of historical architects are inspecting the church and assessing the damage. >>your initial thoughts or or stephen spaulding the historical architect has been on the scene all day. he says the fire and water damage is significant. now they're trying to drive inside the building. the worry can they preserve the original finishing can't replace that historic fabric what was there. i won't open were shipped here was there during the memorial service is what the park service is most concerned with and all of this comes while they're in the middle of planning a restoration. >>so that was damaged in reporting part of the restoration plan reportedly includes the installation of a lightning protection system and that's because that same spire of the church was previously damage back in 1922 also by a suspected lightning strike. >>to brian finnerty making it easy to access all your favorite entertainment at home.
10:48 pm
>>plus as starting with baseball football the top of and i kind of good and bad reviews on the niners right yeah i can imagine that a player outside of rookies has looked forward to a pre season outing more we finally get to see jimmy garoppolo once again. how does he look after all this time off now after seeing the season with so much potential come a devastating end jimmy garoppolo back from an acl injury and seeing his first live game action in nearly a year the niners in denver, a steamy 95 degrees in the mile high city the hottest ever for any game in denver exhibition or regular season, how about that jimmy g ready to go, but it didn't go how he'd like first drive of the game drop a low pressure by bradley chubb picked off by isaac yatim a disastrous return for rob lowe going one for 6 for no yards and that pick broncos first possession emmanuel sanders play for the first time since tearing his achilles tendon 19
10:49 pm
yards on the around set up a field goal to give denver a 3 nothing lead to the 2nd quarter. backup time cj factor ti but job. it could have a great year doing damage again knocks the ball loose the niners recover. however, in suing possession that led to another broncos field goal. kyle shanahan on the sidelines. the little pensive 9, 3, denver at the break out of the have some life from the niners offense where he most are cuts back in the line of scrimmage gone for a 30 yard touchdown. san francisco rallies to win 2415. let's hear from the franchise qb. it's something i haven't done the year obviously so you know got knock the rust off everything in. >>thankfully. we have a short week this week, so the prospect quickly but it's a first step of getting back into it you know obviously little frustrated, but it's the nfl he notes i unfortunately all get a whole game right now so you know you
10:50 pm
know i get so many plays. wish you could be out there for more so you bounce back and everything but so what is ways to pre season right now so just got to take it in china. >>up next for the 49 ers on the pre season docket the chiefs in kansas city on saturday to the raiders their camp in napa is officially over but the antonio brown saga continues, new developments service to this evening in regard to helmetgate according to reports the veteran white out has filed a mother grievance against the nfl to keep the helmet he's been using throughout his career. this comes just a week after he saw his original complaint tonight, but this time he is arguing he should be allowed to have a one year grace period to keep using his original equipment when the raiders grow camp with a meeting this morning brown was back with the team after leaving the facility this weekend but finding out his potential replacement helmet didn't mean certifications the raiders are practicing in alameda tomorrow and brown it's expected to be there. now to some baseball an off night for the giants and a's tomorrow night oakland. >>not only welcomes the yankees to the coliseum one of
10:51 pm
their top prospects, the a's reportedly calling up their number to pitching prospect a j pocket. the 6 foot 7.24 year-old lefty first draft of the team in 2016. he's expected to eventually be a starter but for now we'll be coming out of the bullpens he spent all of last season, recovering from tommy john surgery. and when he came back promoted to triple agent who last month pitching finally further proof that steph curry as a superstar far beyond basketball. he announced today that he'll be financing the men's and women's golf teams for howard university, a historically black school in washington d c the university's golf programs were disbanded in the 70's but thanks to curry's contributions. they'll be playing at the d one level for the next 60 years what a story can again good friend and good for howard really amazing all right, thank you to the shake it on our weather for >>all right guys hey you know look at that ball moving in now got delays at sfo of over an hour on arriving flights much hotter weather on the way much hotter weather on the way your 1010 is next. choosing my car insurance was the easiest decision ever.
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>>as the news continues on our 24 7 streaming service called kron on. >>is commercial free sauce to hernia standing by in the newsroom was what we're working on sanaa us. >>pam ken coming up on kron on we cinfollow the assault cases against the homeless man seen in this video, attacking a san francisco woman that suspect is now accused of even more violent crimes find out how the san francisco police of association is reacting plus chp is cracking down on side shows once again and we'll have the video they just released from a site on the east bay. that's all ahead on kron on at 11:00am and ken back to you thank you sanaa's make sure download the kron on app to get 24 7 commercial free local news coverage, >>hey guys we're seeing that fog and pretty thick around the bay area's now we've already had some delays at sfo. i want to check out your lives before you go tomorrow morning that fall will be in place and can see some delays
10:56 pm
early on tomorrow morning. so we're waking up with some of the patchy fog early on temperatures going to be the 50's and the 60's by noon. the winds will start to pick up the sun will start to show up as well and the temperatures i'll be comfortable 70's in the valleys you'll see 60's inside the bay and 50's and 60's along the coastline by the afternoon. i think we top out in the mid-eighties the warmer spots well inland that will be a mainly in the east bay and a lot of 70's around the bay and cooler 60's and breezy along the coastline with some patchy fog. so numbers break down like this will find about the the 82 degrees in santa rosa should be a nice day there 71 in fremont 73 in redwood city about 67 degrees in san francisco, 64 in half moon bay next few days though here we go. so temperatures start to warm up as early as wednesday, we're back in the 90's and some of the east bay valleys, warming things up further over the weekend. i think we're looking at maybe triple digit heat is going to close on sunday into monday of next week in fact i think in the next 10 days. we're seeing extended period of some very very warm temperatures will be
10:57 pm
cool by the coastline. but even there you'll heat up a few days next week so right now run around and enjoy the full joy and yeah put it in the glove box or something yes, a different result. >>have a good night everybody see tomorrow.
10:58 pm
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in new york city's war on crime, the worst criminal offenders are pursued by the detectives of the major case squad. these are their stories. what am i supposed to do with this? that's all i can are rht now you want my kids living on happy m meals? (sighs) sandi, i shouldn't even be here. why are you being this way, danny? you know where you want to be. woman: uh, sammy's raving about this, uh, smoked salmon you found ova scotia-- lockport.


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