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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  August 20, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>>good morning and thanks for joining us on a tuesday morning get ready for a woman i'm darya folsom and not james fletcher and we'll get that full forecast with john and half a second first got to check in with will make sure they're on a hot spot you need to know about. >>but henschel hot spot southbound 80 through hayward that's the commute direction there's 2 car accident fortunately is on the right hand lanes and chp heading to the scene there. so that's a heavily traveled area, not a hot spot yet. but i'll tell you more about that in just a few minutes, ok and worry we don't.
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>>hot spot yet was that come tomorrow that gets tomorrow say although a couple of areas this afternoon will be they get close to be in the hot spot. i'm mostly just mid 80's for your afternoon highs though which has compared to triple digits just days ago. i don't think we can even qualify that it will just be nice and warm this afternoon pretty seasonable too for the 4th day in the row we saw saturday sunday monday and now tuesday, offering up some weather that i think a lot of us have been enjoying now as we move into tomorrow as daria talked about we do have those hot spots on the way as for the east bay this morning skies are over all 3 of fog there not clear though you do about ample amount of low lying cloud cover that is streaming through the bay today, a sure sign of that cool coastal air which is making its presence known in one of the reasons we're going to be so nice and comfortable yet again today and i hope you do enjoy it because it's our last one with such marine influence after this it's going to be that high inland there that takes hold and
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definitely makes for some warmer weather for inland areas, especially daytime highs today, coastal areas in the 60's 70's by the bay and 80's for inland spots, i've got more about that warm up still to come. james or rather well sorry about that no problem aside you do have problems if you're heading across the bay bridge and just exploded during your weather had china went from 30 minutes to 18 minutes. >>look at all those cars on the floor, the bay bridge. the toll plaza as the cars are slowly but surely heading across the span into san francisco. carpool lanes are your best option right now you can see how cars are moving along. not all no accident on the bay bridge just a heavy volume of cars. the san mateo bridge that number has also gone up as well from 13 minutes to 15 minutes. keep in mind i just saw of 2 accidents on southbound 8.80 that's the commute direction. first accident wasn't has sperry and right around that area where car hit a center divider that
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could be a problem as it's not on the far right hand shoulder, but a center divider and that happened over the past 2 minutes or so so chp in route and also there's a 2 car collision and wynton as cars are heading towards the san mateo bridge to keep that in mind it might be slowing go as you're heading to silicon valley, richmond sandra fell bridge. you're looking at 9 minutes so this area here has not been a problem all morning. but 80 could be changed area. all right. thank you. well, 6 oh 3. >>and the big story this morning. it's back to square one and then in the ghost ship warehouse fire trial in oakland the jury has to begin deliberations. because 3 members were dismissed for misconduct. yeah, the judge removing those 3 without an exact explanation as to why. >>3 of the 4 alternates 2 men and one woman now are taking their seats and as the judge instructed they're going to have to start deliberations all over again to decide the fates of max harris and eric elmen a those are the 2 men charged with involuntary manslaughter in the deaths of
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36 people who died in the warehouse fire back in 2016. victims family members and their friends are feeling frustrated by all this in the end it just won a decision. >>we think that because there we're thinking very. >>long and making a decision. >>you know the judge telling the jury now to disregard all past deliberations they have to start from square one. and here's another problem in all there about 6 or 7 jurors that have scheduling conflicts coming up and the trial is down to just one alternate juror left so if more than one of the current jury is unable to continue. we could be looking at a possible mistrial. >>they are criminal defense attorney paula canny says it's unusual for 3 jurors to be removed from the case. she says the dismissal of the jurors will likely come up on appeal. if there's a conviction. the judge. >>dave in order to this 3 excuse jury.
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>>not to discuss why they were dismissed now that's an unusual order but because usually when a juror is dismissed. they're dismissed the court doesn't have authority over them and so the interesting thing about this is 10 years ago when jurors were sent in your way and said no i'm convinced of to my heart because remember that's what we want out of a juror, their individual opinion when a juror said i'm convinced of the truce of my verdict, especially after 10 days of deliberation. and judge wouldn't have removed a juror. but there have been a series of situations where they've allowed jurors to be removed and then be replaced and so it's an interesting phenomenon if there is a conviction in this case. it is completely predictable one of the big basis of the appeal is going to be the improper removal of
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3 jurors. >>from very night that the fire broke out to the first day of the trial and right up till what just happened yesterday you can catch up on everything on kron 4 dot com. we also have what both defendants said on the stand and you can watch defense attorneys reacting to the court developments throughout this case so far that's all on kron 4 dot com. >>well santa rosa near a surgeon charged with murder is expected in court today, doctor thomas keller's accused of killing 5 patients by giving them obscene amount of pain killers. the 72 year-old doctors accused of signing off on anywhere from a 180 to 300 powerful painkillers per prescription to his patients. prosecutors allege the killer did this while ignoring warnings from pharmacies and insurance companies. prosecutors will not seek the death penalty against the man charged with killing india. wilson on a bart platform last year. john lee cal is charged with stabbing wilson and her
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sister in an unprovoked attack at the macarthur bart station in oakland. the prosecutors will instead focus on having him sentenced to life in prison without theossibility of parole if convicted. >>in the east bay u c berkeley police are looking for a man who groped a woman on campus this happened as students are moving back to class getting on campus getting ready for classes which are set to begin next week with kron four's taylor's sacking with mornings actually what happened. >>a busy weekend at the university of california berkeley students moving back to school and getting ready for a new semester as they receive emails about their new classes. they also received this alert from campus police monday morning i read it and i felt. >>pretty disgusted that i was like not shocked to get emails like that. barely off and you see police say. >>someone sexually battered a woman on campus around 6 30 sunday night even. >>though all nobody is ever completely safe. they say. >>it happened on the second
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floor of the martin luther king junior building a place usually packed with students and sometimes others coming in to use the restrooms gallup you like the city and and people go to amazon santos came in like so my water bottle you nice about them and stuff just building a subtle things that has constant story has somewhat side of it the some know we show up at all. >>well, yes to put it will use building you see police say the victim was drinking from the water fountains next the bathrooms. >>when she felt the suspect grope her specifically grabbing her but. >>as really you know we're already scared like outside of buildings and then weigh in campus in states pieces, it's just. it's a though we're sinking like no. you see police say. >>they're still working on the suspect description before releasing those details it's terrible at that time to happen doesn't tell >>now i asked you see police for more specifics about that suspect, but right now they say details are limited and they're still reviewing surveillance video before
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releasing any more information in berkeley tailored to sackey kron 4 news. >>a new morning allows police to use deadly force only when absolutely necessary instead of when reasonable governor newsome sign the use of force a bill into law yesterday the governor standing next to several families who lost loved ones to the police. they include stefan clark in tally shot their oscar grant in oakland and willie mccoy in valais hole police groups have remained mostly neutral on this bills that took more than a year and a half of negotiations. >>address these issues in a more systemic way in and that's going to take a lot. piece of legislation. >>and the governor signed. >>lawmakers are also considering a bill that would provide police with more mental health training. >>time now is 6 oh 9 and today. >>if you forget to bring your own plastic water bottle which
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i always do when i go to take a flight to the island at the airport. well, yeah if you go to as a foe you can't get a water bottle the airport you drink and then take it on way sir new policy it's their goal to get to 0 waste and this is one of the things they're doing kron 4 sarah stinson joining us live with the reminder of how we need to change the way we operate around sfo, sarah. >>was simply going to be huge change for a lot of us, we know we're used to grab in one of these plastic water bowls before we head on the flight. but now you're going want to bring your reusable water bottles and actually seen dozens of people with reusable water bottles. i personall never thought to do that for my flight but now you're going to want to do so and it's because of the millions of water bottles that people just. we're already seeing tons of people just dumping them. and the vendors have already seen are getting rid of those water bottles as we speak because they're no longer selling them. this is all a part suppose effort to advance its cool becoming the world. first 0 waste airport
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by 2021. but get this. they will be selling a plastic bottles that are at full of anything that's a flavor drinks like soda iced tea coffee or juice. sefo has a list of approved water bowls that will be sold in most of them are out of those glass bottles we're live can so if you do want to buy water you can, but we have those glass bottles aluminum cans, it's just to me a little bit different. now when you do bring a reusable water, you water bottle you can use one of their refilling station there's 100 of them across the airport and before you get on through security want to bring your reusable water bottle come to one of these stations you can dump out the water and then you can bring a bottle through free fill it all going be much much better for the environment going to be a big adjustment of already here heard a lot of people talking this airports specially people who work here saying this it's going to be an adjustment but we haven't heard from anyone who's flying out yet today a
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lot of people in a rush this morning. so far for now live in a supposed sarah stinson kron. she is 6.11. she says she's going to be out there again the next 10 minutes. she's catch a flight look for my daughter, they're like so he always has a lot. mama got to get >>we always san francisco's always on the cutting edge there they always say they have t first like you know electronic water bottle stiller thing and you'll go room pet relief room, we're >>take quick breakoming up on the kron 00:04am morning news. the man caught on camera attacking a woman in san francisco will be back in court today as we learn more about the charges against him and san francisco has a new plan to help teachers for the cost of living will tell you what extra monies coming their way and a massive fire at a buried junkyard for some people to have to shelter in people to have to shelter in place for a time looking
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>>not on the way that cool down just last august to a long weekend young it was extended weekend of cooler weather and that we counted monday tuesday as part of that we have as but yet now it's back to the hotter weather. >>on the court are not as hot as last week was. but sir getting toastie back to the 90's for a lot of us the week observing tory is crystal clear about those clouds that are hanging out for much of the rest of the bay area. >>and there's your sunshine to some of our other cameras are picking up on the sun just yet a nice clear skies this afternoon but this morning we are definitely holding on to some cloud cover a while like we did yesterday. so today really a repeat of what monday was was saturday and sunday were too so we've held this trend through the weekend on through today, and if you'd like the past few days do get out there and enjoy today as much as possible. 60's 70's and 80's will again be felt across the bay after this adds
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back to the heat and we're not saying goodbye to those 90's any time soon either come tomorrow, daytime highs will rise about 10 degrees for some inland areas. the hottest of temperatures can be expected on thursday and we level out in the low 90's inland through the weekend and into the start of next week by the bay temperatures will also be rising from the low 70's to low 80's by thursday where temperatures will stay through the weekend and even tapping into 70's by the coast. after a day spent in the 60's today. well. >>17 minutes that's the time it will take for you to go from the macarthur maze across the bay bridge and then to san francisco so slow in go, but no major accidents just a lot of cars also a lot of cars on the san mateo bridge. this is the commute direction you can see plenty of tail lights. 18 minutes, if you going from the east bay on to one o one by way of the san mateo bridge. a couple of fender benders on 80 through hayward but not having a major impact on the roadway. 28 minutes if you're going
6:18 am
from san leandro to milpitas and then really quickly right now 15 minutes to go for morgan hill to san jose. yes, you'll slow down as you get closer to morgan hill, but usually bottlenecks around that area but you're still looking really good james. >>all right. thank you we'll san francisco mayor london breed announced a new program to keep teachers in the city, the city's budget will now include million for a pilot program for teachers serving in disadvantaged areas. nearly all of the schools targeted by this pilot program are located in the city's bayview mission and southeastern neighborhoods, the teachers there will receive an additional $3,000 per year on top of their base salary to stay in the school district. the mayor is hoping this will help lower the high turnover rate of teachers in those areas. comes at a time when teachers say they just simply can't afford to live in the bay area communities in which they teach. officials say the average day care provider would need to earn 4 times their salary to afford market rate rants and kindergarten
6:19 am
teachers can afford less than half. the rent of a one-bedroom apartment here in the bay area. >>what happens when they are able to live close in they stressed out trying to get to work. and it could it creates a tremendous burden on their ability to do quality work which our children then suffer an education, but also what we're seeing is attrition. school districts are losing some other teachers because they're not paid enough a new way to do that level of kind of stressful committing they're just going to take off and go work somewhere else and so we have both the nutrition problem, but also we have the benefits of folks like that in our communities. >>well there are 2 pilot programs under way in the bay area where schools are using existing land to build housing for teachers hopefully that will eventually help. >>6.19 and new this morning, a $20,000 a reward is being offered now for the family of this man who was murdered will belted se they want to try to catch his killer. he was shot and killed last month in san pablo and the police say it appears he was targeted. a
6:20 am
fire at a junkyard in the north a sense 6 smoke into the air and for some people to shelter in place j r stone has the latest. >>black smoke, pouring into the sky as more than a dozen vehicles caught fire at a nta rosa junkyard in fact at one point the smoke was drifting above highway one oh one. during the afternoon commute hole, the junkyard inside of the smart train tracks as well. >>well this fire had some some ignite liquid that kind of got it going pretty quickly in total, we have about 14 vehicles that burned out here about 7 of those are large commercial vehicles as you see behind me. >>while weather conditions have been very hot of late. monday's cooler temps actually help fire crews as they battled to put out the flames. >>you know fortunately didn't have any high heat today and the wind kind of laid low for us so our crews were able to make an aggressive attack and keep this thing on the property which is kind of shocking when you look around t
6:21 am
here. >>crews were able to get control of the flames hours later. they say that 4 of the vehicles that burned were part of an active charter fleet. an employee was doing mechanical work that involved welding when diesel fuel spilled out. the sparks mix with that fuel and ignited the fire. in addition to all of the vehicles that burn a boat, a tractor trler and dumpster full of tires went up in flames and we got lucky with the weather we did some really aggressive fire attack. this was a win-win. >>for us. >>in you know had this been last week this could have been a very different story for us j r stone. >>kron 4 news. it's 6.20. >>on the kron 00:04am morning news, the tools or the chp is using to crack down on sideshows in the east bay. and details about a california gun law that researchers say is helping to prevent mass shootings. plus more weather and traffic for you on a tuesday morning. we have noticed that the traffic is
6:22 am
well it's a lot busier a lot earlier because school is back in session almost everywhere all most there's a few stragglers that are going to start of the school year later this week like tomorrow at the marin county, but this is the marin county, but this is the san mate a company. ♪
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>>back at 6.25 a gun law already in place here in california allows authorities to temporarily remove guns from people that are considered to be high risk. the called red flag laws and advocates say they work in fact, researchers took a look at a 159 gun violence restraining orders here in california between 2016 2018 and they found that in 21 of them, involve someone who intended to commit a mass shooting released exhibited violent behavior. researchers say that because of california's red flag law authorities could were able to immediately reduce that particular person's access to firearms and potentially avert
6:26 am
a disaster. right now 17 states including california have passed this type of law it's being debated right now on the national stage. still ahead video reveal students at a california high school giving and not see every action for people in the community. >>and the man caught on camera attacking a woman in shopping for backpacks... ...and mom also gets a back-to-school bag? that's yes for less. ross has the brands you want for back to school. and it feels even better when you find them for less. at ross. yes for less.
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6:30 am
of those 90's so few like this weekend yesterday's weather out there get a jog in today and just savor it. you are seeing some clouds pushing in across the bay area today, something you're seeing at the coast. well inland towards mount diablo as you could just see very little fog to be talking about it really is just low clouds that have pushed in a repeat of yesterday essentially as far as that goes. later on today foggo hang out right along the coastline also a lot like yesterday while our inland areas enjoy a solid dose of sunshine from the 50's and 60's where we're sitting right now to some 70's in the bay by noon and some 80's mixed in inland by the afternoon ahead of us seasonable weather comfortable weather a good day ahead. this is before the hot weather comes around tomorrow, which i'll talk more about still to come. well. john if i were a teacher i would give this morning's commute so far and a minus a looks great things are slipping a little bit but grades are improving. >>so to speak if you're heading across the bay bridge still holding steady at 60
6:31 am
about 15 minutes co is about 19 minutes so things are looking great. plenty of space if you need to go carpool lanes and there's a little bit of an accident there looks like a big rig on the right hand shoulder, but not where the bulk of the cars are so that looks great if you're going into san francisco, the san mateo bridge. yes, plenty of tail lights but you're looking at 18 minutes from hayward to sam, a tail golden gate bridge. 20 minutes as well, there's a little bit of a fire on northbound 85 in san jose a lot of people travel in that area. it looks like a homeless encampment that might catch the attention of a lot of commuters through there and slow down traffic. but so far so good just a fletcher. >>to our big story this morning that homeless man who was caught on video attacking a san francisco woman is due back in court today to face new charges. boston, vincent turn himself in to police yesterday. he's now being accused of other violent assault and police say a
6:32 am
second woman has come forward saying she saw vincennes mug shot and recognized him as the person who attacked her at 4th and brandon back in february. police are also investigating 2 other incidents from the last couple of months that have come to light since its attorney spoke to reporters outside the courtroom. >>austin has been doing everything that the judge ordered him to do. he takes the situation very series is also taking is treated ry serious and he's been doing everything has to do. >>to get better. >>vincent faces several new charges, including assault with a deadly weapon and making criminal threats. he's due back in court this afternoon. >>6 32 and the victim may and last week's assault has released a new statement about as instance second arrest kron four's dan kerman has more on that. >>the fact that assault suspect austin vincent is back in the county jail now accused of a second assault comes as no surprise to pennies casar ian, she's the woman in this video who vinson is charged with assaulting a week ago. in a statement because sorry and
6:33 am
tells kron 4 news. she's not surprised the judges the da's office in the city need to take these matters more seriously and look at these cases with more scrutiny because as it's been proven just in the past week when criminals are struggling with mental illness and substance abuse. they can't be safe to be on our streets. but it's not a matter of if they would hurt residents of san francisco. but a matter of when. last week a sorry and is going after the judge in the district attorney for their roles in the suspects released pending a return to court and she's also taken on the mayor for not doing enough to keep the residents of her city safe. we asked the mayor about vinson's latest arrest. i think there were. >>and a number of mistakes across the board and a and this is really why we need some changes to our criminal justice system why we need mental health reform. why we need to make sure that the systems are in place to make sure that someone like this
6:34 am
who was arrested in the first instance is addressed and it doesn't lead to an additional situation. >>this week in casar ian and the group's safe embarcadero for all used her incident to call for a halt to the construction of the homeless navigation center adjacent to kiss aryans condo but the mayor is still committed to the plan is sadly in san francisco. homelessness is a major issue and so the question is do we allow people to continue to sleep on our streets or do we at least provide opportunities for them to go indoors. >>get supportive wraparound services so that we can help them transition into the help and the support they need or into permanent supportive housing in addition to the judge the da's office also came under fire last week for having the video of the assault but not showing it to the judge or even mentioning it to the judge. now we're learning that when police started looking into vinson for that second crime. they informed the da's office about it. but for some reason the da's office never mentioned
6:35 am
that to the judge during the second hearing on friday. in san francisco dan kerman kron 4 news. >>the san francisco police officers association is also reacting to the latest developmein this case. they believe that even without seeing the video of last week's attack the police report should have been enough for the judge to realize that vinson was capable of other violent behavior. the president of the group tony montoya says that if the judge did not feel jail was appropriate vinson should has at least been taken in for a mental health evaluation instead of being set free. >>and oftentimes the person is released from the hospital or released from the jail, we're not even taken to jail because of prop 47 and the deal with the person sometimes 2 or 3 times in the ship. >>a spokesperson for the group opposing a proposed homeless central long emarketer least a statement after learning about the new allegations to and they are calling this a matter of public safety, not
6:36 am
politics. >>another big story this morning deliberations in the ghost ship warehouse fire trial in oakland will start all over again after the judge dismissed 3 members of the jury for misconduct. so the judge removed the 3 women from the jury without an exact explanation. 3 of the 4 alternates 2 men had one woman are now taking those vacant seats in the have to deliberations on the fate of max harris and eric elmen a both those men charged with involuntary manslaughter in the deaths of 36 people in that warehouse fire back in 2016. the judge told the jury to disregard all pass the liberation is they have to start from scratch. but at least 6 or 7 jurors still have scheduling conflicts going forward in the trial is down to just one alternate juror that's left. so if more than one jury member has to go we could be looking at a possible mistrial. the california highway patrol by the way is continuing its crackdown on sideshows in fact we have video of one of 3 sideshows in
6:37 am
contra costa county back on august 11th you can see it from above right now a criminal cases are in the hands of the district attorney, a silver mustang was spotted in at least 2 of the side shows and it was the chp aircraft above that found the vehicles involved that aircraft apparently can spot a license plate from thousands of feet up in the air and that's the tool they use to track these people down. police are searching for him. >>cal state fullerton faculty member to death. the first day of school right there on the campus parking lot it happened yesterday morning. the beginning of the fall semester. the teacher was found in his car he'd been stabbed, multiple times and died. witnesses said they saw a man dressed in all black, running down the street, but officers were not able to find the attacker. >>the fact that whoever did this would do it at his place of work just i mean shows a lot something had something had to be going on. >>authorities did find a
6:38 am
backpack near the scene with a weapon in size so they're hoping that will help them to track down the attacker. in southern california is reacting to video that shows high school students giving the nazis salute and singing and not see march song. this is at a high school in orange county jennifer mcgraw has the story. >>it's this video that's raising concerns over a neo-nazi salute and chant by high school water polo team. >>first discovered by the daily beast. the video shows students at pacifica high school using the salute of hitler and singing and not seen marching song before ol banquet where did they discover that are they on the otr not see websites rabbi peter levy with the anti-defamation league says this is unacceptable anti semitic incidents that does not meet the bodies of the school and is it not to be tolerated. according to the district the video was posted to a small group of people on snapchat last november and
6:39 am
brought to the school's attention in march. the district says it condemns this behavior. >>are those really crazy. i don't know what think you know just kids being stephen. >>students we spoke with were shot their peers could post such a symbol of hate. >>they are school really really teaches us the holocaust and. that the nazis were. >>is the second incident in the region this year back in march, social media images that appear to show newport harbor high school students saluting a swastika assembled from red solo cups at a weekend party. is concerned what would possess the students to do such a thing and says educating them against such hate is key. >>it's unfortunately becoming part of our environment which is why we have to stop it before it escalates. >>as jennifer mccall reporting school officials took immediate action when they learned about the video but they did not give us details
6:40 am
on how the students were disciplined citing federal law that protects student records. >>as students head back to school here in the bay area, the stress of returning to class can impact your child's health. doctors say stress may manifest itself us stomach or headaches in the children and teens but trouble with sleep is usually the first sign that something might be wrong. and teaching your child how to handle life's ups and downs. now can set them up for success later in life. >>kobe feel the need to be learned, but they're not stressed that is when you're stressed that you need to use that not what you need to learn them so taking some time with your kids and a nice quietnvironment and say hey you know what i'm nervous i id some extra deep breathing and i talked to little bit about this our kids tend to be so themselves and it's really important for them to figure out how do you. >>except themselves appreciate the fact that they were really brave in a situation and they tried and that they did their best. >>doctors say that making sure your child gets plenty of physical activity also helps them deal with that stress. we'll take a break time now.
6:41 am
6.40 warriors star steph curry is all about golf in the nba offseason and now he's spreading his love for the game. >>at a historically black college will have the more placed on the new program he just launched antonio brown isn't done fighting with the nfl over his old helmet details about his latest grievance with the league. and 49 ers quarterback jimmy garoppolo had a rough start to his first playing time since injury. he says he shaking off the rust appears to be a lot to shake off john and you look outside this morning is showing temperatures in the 50's and 60's mostly 60's though oakland and hayward at a nice 63 right now your forecast for the rest of the day is ahead. >>and then i 60 minutes if you're heading into san francisco at the using the bay bridge that's just one of the bridges and keeping a close buttermoh manscuits now we're talking fried egg want it melty cheese want it sausage want it or bacon i want it!
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6:45 am
different forecast we've got hotter temperatures talk about coming yeah, some changes afoot and today a repeat of yesterday so no changesjust yet. >>we're going to get there tomorrow. >>and it's going to involve some hotter weather and long. stretch of it i i'm not over yet. me what's it when this all really started september 20 oh my gosh we've got a long way to ahead of last stretch of summer and a whole month of it less so plenty of time to get out there enjoy some heat for sure you look outside at san francisco across the bay is showing some cloudy conditions cloudy skies across many coastal areas all the way down to the south bay too almost a repeat of yesterday when we started the day kind of gray and then we ended up plenty sunny like you're already seeing out at bethel island all step out of the way the sun because it's just so pretty looking at a nice start to the morning for inland areas where you are seeing the cloud cover so much like you are out towards the coast. now temperatures later today are going to be on the rise, but just as much as they were yesterday making for a
6:46 am
seasonable one come tomorrow as high pressure builds back in replacing this area of low pressure which has kept us nice and cool we are going to see those temperatures really starting to boost especially inland words back to the 90's we go today though 6070's out along the coast and up and down the peninsula. you can expect some foggy conditions at times for coastal areas with plenty of sunshine to be expected from brisbane down to burlingame on the bay side of things. redwood city 79 for your high today with mountain view 81 south bay numbers in the upper 70's to low 80's as well with san jose and los gatos each 81 today, 70's and 80's across the east bay, this is all all very typical if not just a little bit below average as far as temperatures go oakland 73 for your high sonoma yacht villa 83 h with benicia 80. the lay how at 77 while a range of 60's from the coast to low 80's holding on in nevado petaluma and santa rosa to round out your 4 zone forecast from today into
6:47 am
tomorrow temperatures inland rise a full 10 degrees for some spots making a very noticeable change of pace and daytime highs will remain in the 90's inland, not just tomorrow thursday and friday but well through the weekend. so this hot weather is going to stick around bayside areas also going to see temperatures on the rise taking us from the 70's to the low 80's come thursday. even some coastal areas checking in with 70's. after today, 60's. well, john traffic is improving at the bay bridge that yes, there's there are cars on the overpass from oakland down to the floor of the bay bridge. but you might notice there last time he saw me was 16 minutes. >>now it's down to 15 minutes. yes, they're still dealing with semi truck on the right and shoulder. they hope to get it out and yes it's not impacting traffic. but sometimes people look over and that causes a slowdown just a bit the righnow you're looking really good if you're heading from the east bay to san francisco, you're looking at just 15 minutes. this has climbed, however if you're going from hayward to sam, a
6:48 am
tail 21 that's the commute directions you got to be careful about that this is an area gigi's live out manioc you know how bad the stretch can possibly be 43 minutes from antioch to concord there's orange and red right here. no accidents just a lot of cars not a lot of roadway and that's when it starts to bottleneck just a bit 43 minutes there. some of the other spot, san jose to milpitas 8 minutes, something just popped up on the chp grid northbound to 80 through san jose by bird avenue there's a car that's on fire on the right hand shoulder, so that might cause traffic to slow down just a bit san jose to menlo park. you see yellow right there we hope for green the yellows not too bad is 39 minutes from san jose to menlo park change all right, thank you. >>warriors star steph curry will be teaming up with howard university out in washington dc to bring back the school's golf program, and it's all
6:49 am
because one university student was brave enough to ask. the nba star for help we've got sam ford now explain. >>the nba steph curry played at dc's langston golf course right after howard university announced he was funding the return of the gulf program that howard mix nearly 50 years ago to stand up for my quick that everybody sees it. >>the cameras about a guy so in your face. curry said when he visited howard earlier this year promoting his documentary he spoke with students after word about their passions and net business student. >>otis ferguson, the 4th the senior from michigan and you know 7 have 8 months later we're here announcing the first. >>division one golf program for howard university all because of this guy right here give it apart. >>and my 2 well, this is you know that back home cost side and the dc howard site collide and i'm obviously this and support from come from how it and aend of a nba it says it
6:50 am
says on the leo is awesome and i just want to thank god and so they were often the golf course playing the game they love division, one teams for men and women to start in the 2021 school year since the news of this week doubt over the weekend. i can tell you i've got 25. >>emails from perspective high school student athletes who want to come to how to participate in this program are at got 5 or 6 people. >>who contacted me about the coaching position. >>well that was sam ford reporting howard university wants to start an endowment now so that once this 6 year commitment from steph curry ends. the gulf program can continue. >>now let's talk football jimmy g back from the acl air injury and and there rusty and seemed a little tentative. his first action in a year and he did not. >>go well you kind of know that in the tunnel but then on the field oh yeah i yes the
6:51 am
niners won, but it was a bad and game terrible first drive of the game grobglas picked off. a terrible return for him he went. for 6. no yards. the interception and i was another pick too it was the 2nd half there was some life for the niners offense running back raheem most areas scored a 30 yard touchdown run, san francisco rallied to win it 24 to 15 which doesn't matter all were more concerned about what's what about the real season. and our jimmy he's got a lot. >>it's something i obviously so you know got knock the rust off everything. you know thankfully. we have a short week this week, so the prospect quickly but it's a first step of getting back into it you know obviously little frustrated, but it's the nfl he notes i unfortunately all get a whole game right now so you know you know i get so many plays. you wish you could be out there for more so your boss back in everything but so you know it
6:52 am
is ways to pre season right now so just got taken shot. >>thank god. they don't get to play how cape. >>first of all want to injured again secondly i could dig much more of that. >>on saturday in kansas city against the chiefs. >>coming up at 7 o'clock we got to bury teens vacationing near tahoe, they get a scary surprise when a bear breaks into their home. also bit scary this morning. the doubt off by more than a well now the
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
raiders antonio brown has filed another grievance against the nfl of all still in his effort to keep his old helmet. >>this comes just a week after his original complaint was denied because it sounded doesn't meet the current safety standards this time he's arguing he should be allowed to have one full calendar year grace period to keep using his original helmet while he continues to find a different one that works that meets today's standards the raiders training camp is in napa is over the team's going start practicing in alameda started today. brown is
6:56 am
expected to be there. the raiders are hosting the packers in a pre season game. this thursday, we'll see if he suits up. coming up the next hour, the kron 00:04am morning news major developments in the ghost ship warehouse fire trial has 3 jurors are dismissed. >>and now deliberations have to start all over again. meanwhile the man caught on camera attacking a woman in san francisco is back in court today as we learn more about the charges he'll be facing and no more plastic water bottles will be sold at sfo are going to tell you what it means for travelers coming up in a live report. here's a live look outside as weak. get a look at the san mateo bridge. it's moving on 92, although slower and slower of each passing minute. we'll have more on your commute in a minute and john with the forecast we'll be ri
6:57 am
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>>and thanks for joining us on this tuesday morning, i'm darya folsom and i'm james fletcher we've got weather and traffic checks to start the hour before we get to the headlines are there as well if i were a teacher i give it a b plus and a plus plus grade durable to sold 80 which is a b -2 has also the total is just >>greater we are going to be seeing 90's loner forecast so back to grades. >>i come the next few days so we'll see a your grades improving but unfortunately that doesn't always correlate well when it comes to temperatures at least no triple digits in the forecast ahead of us lookig outside there at the golden gate bridge skies, definitely cloudy as they were yesterday morning at this time too today kind of a repeat of yesterday we're starting the day off cloudy and we're going to be finishing it, nice and sunny as you see that fog and low cloud cover treating


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