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tv   KRON 4 News at 530  KRON  August 20, 2019 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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>>welcome back our top story tonight at 5.30 and undocumented mother is separated from her 4 month-old daughter. the mom had been breastfeeding she's being detained by ice after getting arrested in the agency's largest raid ever 2 weeks ago. >>dianne gallagher reports. >>father tried quite rise of his 4 month-old daughter with the bottle. she's not used to it mother isn't there to breastfeed maria domingo-garcia was one of the
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680 people detained on august 7th during immigration raids at food processing plants throughout mississippi. >>almost 2 weeks later she still being held at a louisiana facilities, some 200 miles from homes. >>this video from the clarion ledger in jackson, mississippi shows domingo garcia's husband who requested anonymity because he too is undocumented with her 3 us citizen children all trying to cope with her absent. her attorney tells cnn that she is from guatemala but has been living in the united states for the past 11 years, you know no criminal history whatsoever, she's eligible for relief from removal. >>called cancellation deportation. why not just we've offered will pay a bond. tell us the amount you want will pay today so we can get her home. more than 300 of the people arrested in the raids were released with court dates in the first 48 hours. >>many of them for what officials called humanitarian purposes like single parents pregnant or nursing mothers. ice spokesman bryan cox ss all detainees receive health
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screenings that would include asking a woman if she is currently breast-feeding cox said he couldn't talk about medical information without a signed waiver, but noted communication between domingo-garcia as lawyers and an ice representative who says she responded no when asked if she was breastfeeding her attorney says she was never asked me. >>ice knowsoabout and now to instead of taking issue and addressing it doing something about it releasing her they just continue say well. she didn't say we first talked to or not to let her go. >>meanwhile, the first federal charges related to those raids have been filed their against 41 of the workers who the government says we're in the country illegally. they're still no charges against any of the company owners or managers the search warrant affidavit unsealed the day after the raid show the government believe the company's new they were hiring undocumented workers. citing videotaped conversations and tips from confidential informants in addition to other physical evidence. the us attorney's office maintains
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a criminal investigation is still ongoing. >>those dianne gallagher reporting for us tonight, an attorney who spoke with domingo-garcia in jail says the mother is currently in a lot of physical pain from not being able to pump or breastfeed and border patrol says a it will not be vaccinating migrant families as the flu season approaches this comes after 2 members of congress wrote a letter to the department of homeland security and the cdc expressing their concerns about contagious diseases that detention facilities. children younger than 5 are at high risk of serious flu-related complications and a vaccine offers the best defense against the flu and spreading it to others border. patrol officials say is too complex to operat vaccination programs. >>and tonight at 5.30 kron four's always tracking local stories, here's a look now at what's going on in your neighborhood in the east bay now the california highway patrol continuing its crackdown on sideshows this is video coming up of one of 3
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sideshows in contra costa county back on august 11th. right now 8 criminal cases are in the hands of the d a a silver mustang was involved in at least 2 of the side shows the chp credit its aircraft for finding the vehicles involved1the aircraft can spot a license plate from thousands of miles. us and the thousands of feet up in the us. >>in the south bay officials from the mid peninsula open space area are warning people about a family of mountain lions there they say there have been several recent sightings in the rancho san antonio preserve area in cupertino this is video of one of those sightings you see that. big cat looks like a young young cat that's going to get bigger scampering along officials say the mother lion will be protective of her baby so they have closed several hiking trails in that area as a precaution. >>happening now police in san francisco are looking for the people involved in an armed jet are carjacking happened early this morning on
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jamestown avenue near candlestick point police say a man or woman approached a 20 year-old man and an 18 year-old woman in threatened with a gun. officers say the suspects stole phone keys and a jacket before taking off in the victim's car. police have not released a detailed description of the suspects or the car they took off in. >>i time for weather yeah, we've got some big changes coming year whether the next few days these numbers are really going to start to heat up still a little hazy outside right now a little patchy fog out there and a few high clouds up above as a weak cold front kind of dies approaching the coastline overnight time we see more low clouds and the fog and we've got a cold front actually approaching the state can see it right here right up to the pacific northwe may be clipping far northern california not to be much. and you see the fog low clouds kind of surge onshore kind of ramped up by that front kind of passing on by the fall apart before it gets the bay area so after that you can start to see the clearing behind on the backside of that that is going to be more of an offshore wind that develops and that is going to crank up the temperatures even tomorrow
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or in the 70's and much of san francisco, so cool 60's along the coastline, a little breezy there to 72. and sunny in berlin games, 80 degrees in redwood city, beautiful in the south bay tomorrow, lots of 80 showing up there but then we start to get a little hot 94. pleasanton 93 in dublin 93 in walnut creek 94 in danville you get the idea, those temperatures are starting to heat up away from the water's edge and even hotter as we head toward the weekend. thank you lawe e raiders said one last practice today before they travel to canada. >>for their 3rd preseason game of the pre season and they were joined by star receiver antonio brown kron four's jason do loss was at practice today and has more on what may be the wackiest story line in the nfl. >>the question on tuesday was antonio brown going to show up to practice was he going to practice in what he wearing new certified helmets and we got some answers on tuesday afternoon after practice we saw antonio brown walking off the field with a brand new helmet jon gruden confirmed to
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us after practice day. he had been all him. today at least and he was in that new helmet but could britain also told us that this whole saga whether it's his feet for the new helmet has not been a distraction to him and his team. >>and i wouldn't into all of them hard knocks being a distraction or the antonio brown. distraction is there's been no distractions monday night guys working hard. our films out there for you to watch her first 2 games of the sea of distracted football team that i disagree with. so i'm not gonna make any more of it than that there's a lot of teams that are missing star players are brothers miss cowboys you miss texans are missing that's part of this league. every year. there's a exceptions. deal with i like our team and like we will be like that we will work. >>when a few days ago raiders general manager mike mayock told us that it was i for antonio brown to be all in with this whole helmet
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situation and as of tuesday, it seem like he has been all in but if history tells us anything we know it is a day by day process. and of course we'll keep you up to date on that process kron 4. reporting outside the raiders training facility in alameda, i'm jason dumas scrum courts. >>still to come the terrifying encounter while some buried teenagers were on vacation near tahoe. what they did when a bear got into their house. >>and a sight to be seen when dozens of air mattresses launch they go flying through the air will explain what happened.
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>>i take a look at this pretty ridiculous video shows dozens of air mattresses and it looks like more that blowing through the air. a 150 they estimate, we're being set up for an outdoor movie night in denver. but you can hear it strong when he gusts said these
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things flying through the field. one witness called it the great mattress migration of 2019. you can see some people there too. i can to grab hold of them are angled love the guy shot this video says this scene went on for about a half hour. >>still ahead. a new poll shows former vice president joe biden mandating the race for the white house an update on the candidates as they work
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a new cnn poll shows joe biden dominating the race ahead by double digits, that's most during his campaign line of the week. >>saying that he's the strongest candidate to beat president trump and his usually stays out of the phrase now out with a new blunt message to voters as cnn's arlette signs reports joe biden is telling democrats to ignore the candidates, they may like and go with her husband to can actually win it.
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>>joe biden is back on the campaign trail in iowa, holding on to his status as the democratic front runner. biden's electability factor at the center of his pitch and the first tv ad of his campaign hitting iowa airwaves today we have to leave. >>and on the polls re joe biden is the strongest democrat to do the job. no one is more qualified. >>his wife jill biden stressing a similar message in new hampshire as she spoke to a group of teachers not necessarily committed tour husband's candidacy their candidate might be better. the electability push comes as a new cnn national poll shows the majority of democratic
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voters want a candidate with the best chance of beating president trump while 39% say it's more important for a candidate to share their views on issues. in the overall race, the new cnn survey has biden maintaining his perch at the top of the democratic field. the former vice president with a double digit lead over his rivals as bernie sanders and elizabeth warren battle it out for second place, pete buddha judge in harris both coming in at 5% marking a 12 point dip for the california senator june. warren today honing in on the issue of criminal justice. releasing a plan that would repeal the 1994 crime bill, a measure biden helped write it's a drink. >>criticism of the bill and has been very. to millions of people we need to correct the state. >>and looking ahead the 3rd round of the democratic primary debates could be one could be 2 depending on how many people qualify are set
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for the second week of september candidates have until late august to reach polling and grassroots fundraising threshold set by the democratic national committee. so far 10 candidates have qualified. and you can get all the latest news in the race for the white house as well as what's going on locally on inside bay area politics, it's hosted by our own catherine heenan airs on kron on saturday and sunday mornings at 11 oh 5. >>for your help tonight you may want to skip that midday nap doctors are linking daytime naps 2 possible all simers disease. researchers examine the parts of the brain involved in keeping us awake during the day they found that those cells in the brain. our deteriorating in all simers patients because of that. researchers concluded there could be a link between the disease and daytime sleepiness but doctors do say much more research needs to be done. >>that's one of those coffee or kill you coffee is good are you a nap sir, good maps are
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bad. the study says when you take a live look outside this we know as the embarcadero in san francisco weather is good. i know that we know it to the weather day as the next. let's look every day i enjoy it different in the bay area fantastic for napping weather except on the air today, he threw to see that patchy fog make your way back on shore today, the other with their quality is looking good too in fact you get that nice strong sea breeze that clears out all those particulates out of the atmosphere and we're looking part and toward lot of this week outside right now we've got mostly clear skies into san francisco you can see a couple high clouds up above. >>and there some patchy fog developing along the coastline but we're going to see more of those clouds on the way, san francisco today. coming in a row right about the average record for this date to 84 degrees not close to that today. yeah, slightly below the average shed 65 degrees but so comfortable and those temperatures looking good even at nighttime so not bad now, but as we get into lot of part of this week these numbers
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going to start to warm up in fact it was warmer today than yesterday but not by much we're back in the 80's in their santa rose a 65 in san francisco 72 in oakland 76. it sounds 80 degrees and live mourn, 83 in congress still running below the average but not bad and then look at this say even be of the pacific northwest in you be worried about some rain coming your way as that storm system going to move on and bring some light amounts of showers up there. but certainly if you head up to seattle in portland, not likely going to see couple rain drops the bay area not going to see that some more patchy fog a little drizzle developing outside temperatures right now mainly in the 60's and the 70's inside the bay cooler 60's, a breezy along the coastline right now some of those winds now blowing over 20 miles per hour. but still some 80's holy out in the interior valleys, high pressure getting ready and he to build in we've got one last system is going to move through what that does it all the desert heat pump its way right back in the bay area temperatures heating up in a hurry. this bill is overnight tonight and the farce of little thick in spots down next to nothing early on in
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the morning inside the bay along the coastline. but here's the good news by the afternoon tomorrow we start to warm things up nicely lots of 70's needs inside the bay plan on some hot 90's for the valleys. >>next a farm 4 news at 5 a bear gets into of a vacation home in tr
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>>o 2 teenage boys from the bay area came face to face with a bear while vacationing in trucking out the bear got into the house the whole thing caught on camera i'm marlie martinez has the story. >>caught on camera a beer reading a refrigerator in turkey. has 2 teenage boys watched tv down the hall just feet away started sharing. the total trespasser helping itself to some talk to me. and challenge down in the living room the 15 year-old vacationing from san francisco. tell me the real
5:55 pm
nearly froze in fear. >>they still face with >>with their phones in another room, hey sherman called 911 through his smart watch. well body hard and barricaded the door between the kitchen and tv room. you can see the bear make its way towards them and then you can hear it. >>was shaking and our. >>it's frightening moment of their lives to the most relieving. the placer county sheriff's deputy 1000 kick the door in. the bear leaves the house but lingers on the driveway. so. aggressively
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opening the tupperware sometimes a tupperware get starting out rest of >>well it all ended. well that that wraps up kron 4 news at 5 thanks to the and we'll see you back here tonight for the news at 9 in prime time right now pam moore and ken wayne are here with kron 4 news at 6 i vicki. thank you very much coming up next at 6 o'clock drama in the courtroom again what could now happen to the jurors were dismissed. >>for alleged misconduct in the ghost ship warehouse fire trial plus no tax no calls no social media local schools, bold step to go cell phone free during class and students say. >>they're noticing
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at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit, to learn more. >>serious a trial is now in
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jeopardy. >>now it's 6, 2, of the 3 jurors removed yesterday from the go ship trial may end up facing contempt of court charges. thanks for joining us tonight, i'm can way and i'm pam moore. this all comes as those members of the jury will replace because of serious misconduct allegations. >>kron four's haaziq madyun was in the court today, he has this report. >>judge treated thompson tells the court that it was a demonstrable form of misconduct that led to monday's dismissal of 3 jurors in the goal ship trial here in oakland. the judge went on to say that the misconduct centered violating the court's order to not discuss the trial with anyone including fellow jurors outside of the courtroom of the 3 jurors dismissed the judge says to allegedly violated the court's order and would did not derek out his defense team argued that all 3 violated the court order because the one who did not participate in the misconduct did not report the misconduct of e


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