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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  August 20, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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>>i love don't you wonder how this all unfolded at just a a really harrowing scene tonight. 2 people are on this single engine plane both survived. the plane went down just before 6 o'clock tonight about 5 miles off the coast.
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this is just south of half moon bay, proper. the plane saying we have a picture of the actual aircraft we got the image on the flight aware website you see here 6 seater beechcraft bonanza been around since 1979 registered owner is in denver. flightaware shows it's been flying in the vegas area in recent days before coming to the bay area. yesterday that plane again now at the bottom of the pacific. the coast guard was able to rescue the 2 people on board the san mateo sheriff's office sharing these pictures of the boats involved in the rescue operation. again not close to land 5 miles offshore. the people rescued are being evaluated at a hospital. it's not clear what happened that caused the plane to go down. the ntsb will be investigating that and we by the way first told you about this story through a breaking news push alert. it just happened right now we have a reporter on the way to the scene and we'll continue to bring you updates on kron 4. we'll have the latest on kron 4 news at 9.
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until then you can follow along with everything that happens on the kron 4 mobile app and kron 4 dot com for now ken pam back to you all right grant thank you very much tonight. police are looking for whoever assaulted a man early this morning, the victim suffered serious injuries to his head. >>and it all happened in the east bay just a few feet away from some freshman dormitories along tanning way and telegraph avenue just south of the u c berkeley campus well for snow. well bellow is live tonight with the details noel. >>that's right ken and pam at last check the victim of today's assault is still in critical condition. berkeley police. tell me he is between 4050 years old and was found on the steps of that red building that you see right behind me now this stretch of channing way is mostly dormitories for u c berkeley students and since today was movin day, plenty of parents took the news as a way to double up on those safety talks.
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>>be aware of your surroundings 24 hours a day. don't go anywhere by yourself. and you definitely don't want to be out after dark advice from dad paul girl. >>it's as he moves his freshman helene into a u c berkeley dormitory. >>appropriate reminders just hours after a man was found unconscious and bleeding across the street one 56 in the morning were officers were flagged down. >>we're channing and telegraph a found a man who is down on the ground. >>get serious injuries. police say they still don't know what led to tuesday morning's assault but believe a weapon may have been used correctly in general we have a fairly low level of violent crime of course it does happen, but that's where you would just urge people to take basic safety precautions and look out for themselves and each other. >>it's not a surprise just kind of pressing. colleen says she'd already heard of crimes happening in and around campus from current students just 2 days ago of sexually battery was reported at the martin luther king junior building.
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>>as a factored against weakening of earthly just like the safety thing. university police say as they move in students are reminded of the public safety resources already available including night safety escorts and 911 emergency phones across campus. alene says she's planning to be proactive to may join a couple sitting groups i can help future generations field. like that%s not a. are in their decision-making outdoor even >>i tried to being proactive about her safety for sure police here in berkeley are still looking for witnesses and any more information they can gather on this morning's assault. so if you were in the area of chanting way and telegraph avenue around 2 o'clock this morning. you are asked to contact berkeley pd live in berkeley while fellow kron 4 news. >>you at someone cutting metal pipes for offense sparked a fire this afternoon in healdsburg according to officials at fire broke out in the area of north fitch
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mountain road. we're told the property owner recently mode dry grass and creative fire breaks which allow crews to quickly douse the flames at one point though the fire was spreading from the hill too holmes on a hilltop forcing a mandatory evacuation order but that was soon canceled there are no reports of injuries. all right, let's take a live look outside tonight and hobreezy it may or may not e be long. sampras up there looking out over the san francisco bay and we see a little haze and clouds out there you see the fog roll in by the camera there up to healdsburg novels places any police fire got to be concerned. yes, so dry right now we're getting in that really heart of the fire season, the bay area everything very dry out there. the winds. >>are blown around again in the evening hours you can see the latest winds toward healdsburg up to almost 20 miles per hour in and around santa rosa, 11 even 12 mile an hour winds. so certainly a some winds that can move those fires uh through that dry brush and her hurry that will continue over the next couple of hours and then begin to subside but winds everywhere
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factor so certainly fires to break out just about anywhere you get in these winds and that could blow around hurry over 20 now an sfo almost a 20 there in the oakland 16 him to live more 18 in the byron so winds kind of whipping around that onshore breeze continuing and that kept temperatures from getting all that hot today in fact still running below the average, although we're a little bit warmer than yesterday 65 in san francisco, 72 in oakland, 76 in san jose, very comfortable and warm 80 degrees in livermore 83 in concord and 82 in santa rosa tomorrow morning. we're waking up some patchy fog early on numbers in the 50's and the 60's but by the middle the day will already begin to notice the warm up some numbers getting near 80 degrees. inland. as we head in toward the middle of the day and then by the afternoon, maybe some mid 90's in the hot spots inland of talking 70's 80's around the bay along the coastline. we keep it cool and blustery out toward the beaches, a mainly in the 50's and the 60's in our sussex let's go man says his 13 year-old son saved him while he's being attacked by a homeless man here some store
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video. >>the owner of exo extra falls on columbus street north beach says a man walked into a store started harassing customers when he forced a man out of his shop, he says the suspect attacked him and began choking him that's when he says his 13 year-old son grabbed a bat and threatened to hit the man. the man took off. but later returned to the shop. and that's when he was arrested by police has said pd says the suspect faces charges of assault making threats and false imprisonment. >>man arrested in connection to this attack in san francisco is back in jail tonight in court today judge christine van aken ruled that austin vincent is a public safety risk and refused to set bail vincent was back in court to plead not guilty to 2 new charges, assault with a deadly weapon and making criminal threats. the new charges stem from a february 4th incident near 4th and brandon in san francisco where vincent reportedly threatened to kill a woman and her friends as
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they waited for a ride share car. vinson is now due back in court next month. prosecutors say they will try and consolidate the 2 cases into one. the center. >>earl surgeon pleaded not guilty today to opioid overdose deaths of 5 patients doctor thomas keller is charged with second degree murder of 5 patients by allegedly prescribing dangerously high levels of addictive opioids and narcotics to them. the 72 year-old entered not guilty pleas after a lengthy bail hearing disclosing some of colors entries about his patients in a private journal during the bail hearing his lawyer said the 5 alleged murders were actually 4 suicides in one accidental death. he says some of calories patients were very ill or dying. and keller did the best he could for them to our faces 70 years to life in prison. >>coming up, we'll tell you the steps one bay area high school is taking to make sure students are not distracted by their cellphones while in the classroom, some students not
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>>most writers we talked with support the idea others feel a ban would go too far in the meantime officials say you should reach out to a station agent if you come across a panhandler who crosses the line. >>all right take a look at this video to springfield, virginia. captures the moment lightning hits an oak tree causing it to explode. there goes the power of the lightning caused pieces of wood, the size of 2 by fours to pierce the side of the nearby home you can see in these pictures were the lightning. travel down the tree and took out a big chunk a bark all the way down there was extensive damage to the outside of the house look at that debris shattered the windows in the living room pieces of wood are sticking out the side of the home. there is a woman and a cat inside the house, but luckily they were not hit by a pieces of wood or >>chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here that's a little scary >>yeah, boy no i'm glad nobody got hurt. i was so happy that a camera there that need to see the heat from the 55,000 degrees right fahrenheit suddenly expands at sap and all of a sudden we get that
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explosion of that would so yes some scary stuff, but some great video, thanks for senate and wherever you're from a we've got the clouds out there right now that are beginning to form trying to form and make their way back on shore not looks like that will push into some of the bay overnight tonight air quality looking good in fact that sea breeze go on. >>and these last couple of days a very nice are quiet probably going to begin to suffer those we hadn't told lot of part of week high pressure going to be sitting over head and yeah we may be looking at some more spend their days as we get into friday and the weekend still got a cold front out there pretty impressive one for this time of year begin to fall apart, but you know what you head of the city's northwest, you're likely the couple raindrops in the seattle and portland maybe just clipping far northern california. temperatures this evening cooling off coast side. we've got some 50's 60's along the immediate coast inside that a lot of 60's out there that breeze blowing pretty strongly over 20 miles per hour in spots so 71 and mild in the concord overnight tonight we will see increasing low clouds and some fog maybe some patchy drizzle along the coastline
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tomorrow, sunny and a bit warmer, especially inland. a building ridge of high pressure going to dominate our weather watch this front moves through you can see off the coastline, one set of moves by high pressure just kind of working there on the horizon, the desert southwest. that's going start to back right back into california. that's good. he temperatures up specially with the coastline even up toward the beaches. we may begin to see a little bit of an offshore wind. but overnight tonight we've got the see baez that on shore breeze will continue. so the fog inside the bay early on and then we'll as that front kind of the works its way through california for tomorrow. the clouds begin to move them back along the coastline, still temperatures are going to be warming up 90's in the valley, small 70's names inside the bay 60's, a windy out of the coast. it >>to try to find the attacker who stabbed to death a retired administrator at california state university fullerton in orange county. police say 57 year-old steven shake chan was stabbed. several times before he was found dead inside his car in the university parking lot yesterday. the skaters say
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they found a backpack underneath the car. the contain a crude incendiary device in items that could be used in a kidnapping and authorities believe that backpack belong to the attacker. there's no word on a lice say they do believe it was a targeted attack. those students were on campus is classes don't start until saturday. chan was retired, but he had he had returned to campus this year as a special consultant. >>san mateo high school is taking a bold step this year requiring their students to go cellphone pray during the school day. the school has provided students with special pouch is to lock up their devices. teachers help the students unlock their new cellphone pouch is using a magnet since the start of the new school year the students have had to secure their phones before their first class and leave them in those pouches all day long even at lunchtime. the assistant principal says they're doing this to try and break the teens, a screen addictions to their devices and so far there are mixed reactions.
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>>and when you walk by a new kind of peeking class students heads are up facing the teacher. last year you know you could see half sometimes 3 courses students looking down or on their phones are just phones physically out i know a lot of people like you and there's a lot of people like joking about like the only one doing it. so that lead to a transfer schools. >>the magnetic a locking stations will be kept in every classroom and at the entry point so the cell phones can be freed up in case of emergencies which require students to call their parents. >>today lawmakers, including gavin newsom and senator dianne feinstein as well as their counterparts from nevada manatee annual lake tahoe summit to the scene this year is climate change. reporter jokily owes air as both states elected leaders work together to try to find common solutions. >>state and federal political leaders gathered here in south lake tahoe for the annual summit here with the common goal of protecting the lake but not everyone is on the
8:18 pm
same page on the biggest threat, the lake faces we there's no greater cause. he is like for because it's really a proxy. >>for larger governor gavin newson giving the keynote speech at this year's lake tahoe summit, the democrat sharing the stage and the plate with members of congress nevada governor steve it's a common goal that we have here. >>it is bipartisan well that's what this one because it would like just we can't take it for granted lone republican at the event representative tom mcclintock avoided talking about climate change but says neglected forests is a major issue in orange and the force is no different than him and are it will grow and grow until it showed to >>you fall victim to. >>ducey's is wrong when all of the leaders all the grief fire is a threat for the lake area. >>but democrats worry about climate change and how the trump administration's policy could affect the lakes clear skies blue water. california
8:19 pm
has sued the administration several times over environmental policies ranging from endangered species to clean air standards. >>full-fledged assault. rules and regulation standards even our ability that. set the tone and tenor of other states that is democratic governor wouldn't immediately say whether he agreed with the environmental lawsuits. california has filed against the trump administration. he says will have to take a look. >>reporting in south lake tahoe, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>broome >>after 3 jurors are removed from the go ship trial 2 of choosing my car insurance was the easiest decision ever.
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>>not derek out his defense team argued that all 3 violated the court order because the one who did not participate in the misconduct did not report the misconduct. >>of the other 2 all of them going at the same time is never heard that before criminal defense attorney william cole has been keeping an eye on the trial. he says, although this missing 3 jurors at was is highly unusual. he says he doubts that there will be any criminal charges filed well lived. >>never heard of that actually happening that somebody is found in contempt of court and punished for some kind of juror misconduct seems unlikely that the county is
8:24 pm
going to start prosecuting. but this certainly puts serious a trial is now in jeopardy. >>the next big hurdle for jury deliberations there are 5 viewers who have scheduling conflicts in of the september including one juror requesting to take the whole month of the judge told the jury that any proof love prepaid not refundable travel arrangements will be taken into consideration. at the alameda county superior courthouse in oakland, menu kron 4 >>patrol coming together today to say farewell to the officer who was killed in last week's riverside county shooting. red flag. >>and the new study from u c davis on how we can use these gun warnings to prevent future of mass shootings we're following 2 wildfires here in the bay area tonight but this the bay area tonight but this year
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>>they are heading out to go out on that rescue understand the coast guard actually also responded and was able to pick up to people who are in a beechcraft but man's the aircraft that went down about 5 miles offshore that's the actual plane that was involved in the crashes picture from flightaware dot com seeing see to succeed single engine plane. they went down about 5 miles off the coast of half moon bay. it's not clear exactly what led to the plane. having some trouble to where it had to a crash into the water but the good news is the 2 people who were aboard that plane did manage to get out of the plane after it hit the
8:29 pm
water and get away from it the plane saying can is gone. the water temperature there according to lawrence is in the mid 50's to low 50's and the wind is blowing about 20 miles an hour to bury a gusty day out there half moon bay. if they are landing on a runway 3, 0, which as to the west. that would probably be what they're doing, but we don't know they could have been taking off so it's not clear exactly what the plane was doing prior to it going i% down in the water, but again the good news is 2 people were rescued and they're said to be ok and they were taken to the hospital for observation probably to check for hypothermia because of the cold water in the ocean we don't have any word of other injuries. >>other news now things are beginning to return to normal for people who live in coffee part that's after the deadly tubbs fire destroyed their neighborhood that was back in october of 2017, according to the city a majority of the homes in coffey park or somewhere in the construction process. kron four's michelle kingston takes a look at the progress there. it comes in it
8:30 pm
comes in. >>we're learning that you can lose on so. >>newport ri bush on his son all for standing outside of their brand new house they moved back in november and say it feels normal then finally feels like home again it's it looks certain with a good neighborhood again so we have. >>construction under way we have homes finished we have traffic coming through kratt kyi's home is still under construction. he hopes to be in by christmas. >>he says about 100 homes in the neighborhood are already rebuilt. according to 87% of the homes lost the coffey park which is a total of about 1350 or so. >>are somewhere in the construction process you are submitted for permit or construction of pleated anywhere between the neighborhood is working now on getting this playground up and running for families by this winter. >>in are spending time preparing for the 2 year anniversary of the fire, where they hope to celebrate how far they've come. it's.
8:31 pm
>>so it's really exciting i can we do back in my house and raise my kids in this neighborhood. >>in santa rosa michelle kingston kron 4 news. >>so at least right now california is not burning up with wildfires at least not as much as it has in recent years and of course as very good news for lonnie wong tells us so we've seen some terrifyingly destructive and deadly wildfires in the last couple of years. but the worst of those fires typically happen a little bit later on toward the fall. >>this almost seems normal during the summer months in light of what's happened in recent years, deadly wild land fires that seemed to progressively said wreckers for the number of buildings destroyed and lives lost. but so far this year less than 25,000 acres have burned to date as of yesterday. scene i'm period last year. there was a record snow pack during the winter and there were breaks between heat waves this summer compared to 2017 when fires ravage napa sonoma and
8:32 pm
lake counties. we went into consistent 100 degree weather and that same up and down but consistent above a 100 degrees for weeks on and one possible reason for fuel wild land fires. so far this year, california's vegetation has had more time to absorb moisture from heavy winter storms. despite a wet winter in 2017 california was coming out of a 5 year drought that prevented vegetation from rehydrating more quickly. state fire officials would feel better if there were several more years of wet winters to bring feel was to content back up. cal fire still contends with around 300 fires every week but most of them have burned grass itead of timber size of the fires are very low. this is no time to relax the devastating tubs and atlas fires in napa and santa rosa didn't start until early october. the catastrophic thomas fire that burned through santa monica and then counties didn't start until the beginning of the summer warmer temperatures are forecast in the near future
8:33 pm
and santa ana winds are expected this fall in southern california. the potential is still there we cannot be complacent we can enjoy the beautiful weather. but we still have the potential is a major fires with about 2 this year. we definitely can not be complacent we want to find out what's happening with the winds right now. >>you know it's this time of year is usually the most beautiful time of the year. we start to see the clearing of the fog we get those offshore winds. but it's also the time that the fire danger is also the highest and we're going to see that only increase here through september and early october really intel. we get that nice rain of the fall season now we're going to see more wins this more of a sea breeze though, but it's going to be little gusty in spots naked the sea breeze of course winds coming off the water and that means it's a lot more moist so fire danger generally lower even though there are some gusty winds. not as bad usually those offshore winds but tomorrow afternoon certainly some 20 some 30 mile an hour gusts along the
8:34 pm
coastline to see some stronger winds in the san francisco blustery in spots of times by tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening, but by day a lot of sunshine coming our way up in the 70's around much of the bay area, some 80's in the san francisco are in the san jose and then as we get to the pacific. well we've got a storm brewing out there how about that we've got this system that will likely bring some rain up in the pacific northwest you see moving all right there by wednesday afternoon that rain drifting all the way down maybe clipping just northern california watch happens. it runs right near ridge of high pressure fades away as it moves on by so that ridge going to take over that'll send our temperatures soaring here in the bay area getting hot again and i think these numbers are going to stick around for a while in fact a high pressure going to build in here these next 2 days and as we get the weekend. we've got some hotter weather coming our way tomorrow. i think some mid-nineties lot of spots inland. those blustery a westerly winds will keep temperatures cooler in the 60's along the coastline, and them or flirt with triple digits getting very hot. saturday and sunday at least in the valleys. >>a new study shows california red flag law is on gun the
8:35 pm
seem to be working that's what researchers say they're now hoping their research can be used to shape policy moving forward while gun-rights advocates are questioning the validity just a comment reports. >>as mass shootings like our researchers at u c davis look into ways to stop the violence if you see something say something. >>and this restraining order policy allows that to be turned into and we can do something doctor garen wintemute is the lead researcher on a new study that says gun violence restraining orders often called red flag orders. >>play a role in preventing mass shootings, california's red flag law went into effect in 2016, allowing family members or police to petition a court to temporarily take away guns and ammunition for people at risk of hurting themselves or others. the study looks at 21 cases where people threatened a mass shooting and other firearms confiscated for purchases blocked and none of those mass shootings occurred. we can to say that the orders are
8:36 pm
responsible for the shootings not. >>but there's a certain logic to the idea that if someone is threatening violence and firearms are part of the threat. if you remove the firearms from the situation. the threat is lessened. >>gun rights advocates have long fought against red flag orders saying they violate second amendment rights and the other laws in the books are enough prevention that is guaranteed sam press, but gun owners of california doubts the value of the study saying the sample size wasn't large enough. he also says there's no way to account for other factors that may have prevented this pilot they don't want to put any and purses on studying. >>the subjects the people that are willing to commit these mass. murders and until they do they're going to continue to happen state lawmakers are now considering several bills that would expand california's red flag law. >>when a says his research backs up these efforts particularly a bill that would expand who can report at risk individuals allowing teachers employers and co-workers to
8:37 pm
request a court order broader access to this. >>mechanism to prevent violence is a good thing. >>that was jessica mensch reporting other bills up for review include expanding how long these court orders would last as well as more training for officers on how to deal with red flag orders we'll be sure to keep you updated on what lawmakers aside as they move forward. >>we take you to a section of the ocean where scientists believe there is more plastic than the infamous great pacific it's time for the biggest sale of the year on the
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>>parents and siblings. 2 teenagers from san francisco are enjoying a vacation in truckee when a bear decided to join in locking them in a room without a phone to call police a creative way they were able to get help and it's all caught on camera. >>and of course, the giants begin a big series of the windy city against a team they have to be that they want a legitimate shot at
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>>and a bear and would normally be smiling at a terrifying encounter, but they
8:45 pm
were on a hike there watching tv on their sofa as marley martinez shows us a deputy came to the rescue. >>caught on camera a beer reading refrigerator in turkey. has 2 teenage boys watched tv down the hall just feet away started sharing. the total trust pastor helping itself to some talk to me. and challenge down in the living room the 15 year-old vacationing from san francisco. tell me the real nearly froze in fear it look. >>they still face with >>with their phones in another room, hey sherman called 911 through his smart watch. well body hard and barricaded the door between the kitchen and tv room. you can see the bear make its way towards them and then you can hear it. >>was shaking and our.
8:46 pm
>>it's frightening moment of their lives to most relieving. the placer county sheriff's deputy 1000 kick the door in. the bear leaves the house but lingers on the driveway. so. >>according >>to the barely bears enter up to 15 homes every day in tahoe during the summer usually because of unlocked doors and windows very common occurrences. but they say physical contact is very rare. the barely says these encounters are more common now than ever before because they've adjusted to human error action. something these
8:47 pm
2 learned the hard way in other words bear aware in truckee early martinez. >>that was amazing all right starting today, san francisco airport is cutting down on waste and officially banning vendors from selling plastic water bottles. airport vendors will now sell water and aluminum glass or compostable containers. the ban does not apply to any flavored its range you will still be able to buy sodas and similar beverages in plastic bottles which you can then use to refill with water if you choose to there are more than 100 water hydration stations which are set up spread throughout the airport was travelers can use to fill any container they wish. this is all part of the airport some gold to become 0 waste by the year 2021.
8:48 pm
>>many people are familiar with the great pacific garbage patch where plastic seems to be collecting in one part of the ocean now a new green pea study finds micro plastics may be in greater concentration in another section of the ocean our grant lotus is here he takes a look at the rest of the ecosystem grant flow all the way across the country halfway to london really this is a another. >>garbage patch of sorts and we'll show you where it is people know bermuda. well here is the sargasso sea, it is northeast of bermuda in the north atlantic ocean and it's a name that reflects what the sea is known for sargasso giant floating seaweed you see here, it's known as the atlantic, the golden rain forest. the sargasso sea is an area that has currents unique currents which transport people's plastic filth the trash making it one of the 5 ocean garbage patches in the world. this area provides a habitat for baby turtles fish
8:49 pm
shrimp and hundreds of other marine animals. divers there showing you what they find in the oceans the little small broken down plastic becomes even more poisonous as it binds with other mad made chemical pollutants in all that toxicity ends up in the digestive systems of marine life and then travels up the food chain all the way to our dinner plates if we eat seafood a greenpeace study finds microplastics may be in greater concentration there than in the notorious great pacific garbage patch, not what you want to hear. >>all right here we go the giants in the windy city taking on the chicago cubs, a team in san francisco needs to be if they want a shot at a
8:50 pm
wild card playoff berth wrigley field on chicago's north side fans on both sides are ready to go back a lot bottom 3rd game knotted at to anthony rizzo dials up his second it home run of the game off tyler bt. this one a majestic drive to write 3, 2, cups. the top of the 4th kevin paul are giants top hitter. the falls it deep to left on for a solo home run here we go 3. to the bottom of the 5th. good jonathan lucroy for chicago. live on the opposite way just past the outstretched arm of bread itself for a base >>hobby baez scores what would be the eventual winning run just like that final is 5, 3, cup. the giants dropped to 4 and a half back. >>the a's are hosting the yankees tonight, we'll have the highlights later on now to the nfl who knows what may happen in the coming days, but for now. it seems antonio brown's helmet issues are resolved raiders practice moved alameda and the star wideout was there this morning working out with the team.
8:51 pm
brown was using a new helmet and according to jon gruden the helmet is certified not known if this changes the status on his latest grievance. also worth noting the frostbite recovery is progressing and despite all the headlines gruden maintains a b is not in a distraction and can't wait to see him go to work. >>i've never had a guy show up with frostbite. unfortunately we got that thing under control and this grievance saying is is no laughing matter it's on this really important to him and all support your players. well things that they believe that we also understand the league's position. i'm confident and he's going to be a heck of a player for us and the regular old. and now for the left his pursuit of perfection ultimate highlight. >>and finally our lexus ultimate highlight coming from a world champion team usa is carli lloyd of the reigning world cup champs, a special appearance at eagles training camp today, making a serious case to be the team's kicker,
8:52 pm
the 2 time a fee for player of the year to date most multiple 30 yard field goals as well as a 55 yarder look at this. ultimate highlight can him. how about that pretty good. and they were right. the reason some pops were treated to a night at the theater. look at this picture has gone vi wireless is full of "awards".
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hearing than this about seats filled with dogs this happened in canada for a performance of. billy elliot, the musical owned the dogs are learning become service dogs and sitting calmly in a theater with human handlers. >>helps prepare them for what their new owners might need them to do might go to the play. it takes 2 years for the dogs to complete their training which also includes trips to the zoo subways in crowded fares. the dogs don't have to actually pay attention to the performance to pass, but as you can see by this picture looks like so dead. this says the dogs are welcome to come back. any time that s adorable so cute, so cute all right that wraps kron 4 news tonight at 8 lotus and vicki liviakis are here with kron 4 news at 9 so cute and ken thanks very much coming up next and 9 we are following that brefking news off the coast of half moon bay. >>where 2 people amazingly
8:57 pm
survived after their small plane crashed into the ocean we have the latest coming up in a live report. >>plus another race horse has died at golden gate fields, it's a story you'll only see on kron 00:04am tonight, we'll hear how the racing community is reacting when we come back and hunt is on for the person who left a man critically injured near u c berkeley, the same day. >>students return to campus keep it here kron 4 news at 9 is next.
8:58 pm
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>>local news station. now tonight breaking news tonight it is well off the coast of half moon bay, a small plane crashed into the ocean. >>there is a happy ending though fortunately, thanks for being with us tonight at 9 everybody i'm grant lotus vicki liviakis 2 people were rescued after their plane went down. but first taylor sackey just got to the scene she joins us now live with what we n


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