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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  August 21, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>>and thanks for waking up with us on a wednesday night rya folsom that i'm james fletcher we've got lots to talk about this morning weather and traffic. most importantly if you're heading out the door right now let's find out after knee problems out there no no problems we don't want any problems it's been very quiet. so far busy but quite as far as incidents in crash. >>i could feel the heat is beginning to come >>it is sneaky little has begun it staying with us for. tied to its extended past next 7 days even so it's time to settle these 90's. the good news is though we're not seeing widespread triple digits in this heat wave. not even into next week as these 90's continues, so they're sticking around their stubborn. but it shouldn't be mir's hot as those record breaking temperatures. we did have last week so those are good news for sure and if you like the hot weather, but it's all good news. clear skies
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this morning across the bay area golden gate bridge, no fog whatsoever all you have is a little bit a low lying cloud cover out in the distance and that's your so what you're seeing over the east bay as well as from from our coastal areas this morning. so really no visibility issues and a beautiful start to the morning to allow or evening lows to be a little bit cooler in christopher and our daytime highs to be on noticeable out warm up from where we have been 50's and 60's for your current temperatures as i mentioned 6070's and 80's already by noontime and we do have the return of some 90's for inland areas this afternoon get to the details of that still to come. robert. >>all right a busy commute on the san mateo bridge we're checking out westbound 92 in the commute out of hayward over to the peninsula. there it is you can see how packed it is right so if you want to join these folks just get out there early from the tolls to the high rise, it's going to be slow and then at after the
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high rise or up and over the high rise, it gets better so 14 minutes and growing to the peninsula oakland to san francisco. we have a long line in the cash lanes of fast track lanes it goes all the way back to the bottom of the maze that's pretty normal for this time of morning, 14 minutes to make it n and i'll give you one more to getting a little crowded at the richmond sandra fell bridge toll plaza, not bad the picking up an 8 minutes to make it across into the north bay jane started ok thank you very much robin. >>so one of our big stories this morning is this amazing story of survival we have 2 people rescued after their plane went down into the ocean and the survivors talk to kron 4 right after the crash. kron 4 sarah stinson is live now with their story. >>live here at pillar point harbor us about 5 miles west of where they crashed in the ocean and about one mile from the half moon bay airport and yeah we did hear from the pilot who was in the plane when it crashed as well as
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from his friend who was in another plane, they were flying side by side in during the day above half moon bay and that's when one plane went down take a look at this video this was shot by one of the pilots. the pilot of the crashed planes name is david last. he tells us his single engine beechcraft bonanza plane lost power before it came down just before 6 last night. he had about 30 seconds to prepare for a water landing. he handled it well lush was plyingialong with another plane is a said that and his friend's name is owen leap held who recorded the video from above people called it in to air traffic control and the coast guard responded immediately. but as he's doing all this. he's also watching his friend down below he sees the plane starting to sink just stream lee scary situation you described it as surreal and frightening not knowing what was happening to his friend luckily, a less was able to grab his phone before the plane sunk and he was able
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to call lipo and tell him hey i'm ok and they were able to talk to each other and say where are you exactly so he helped the coast guard figure out where they were. after that plan plane saying he was waiting floating trying to figure out when the coast guard will show up when they did they came in just in the nick of time him and his female passenger. word their surviving enables walked away unharmed listen to both pilots explain. this is scary situation. >>but i was i was just getting cold out there. well my friend goes with his life guards used all the better. breast started to i think frees up i would guess i had another 30 or 40 minutes, maybe an me out there, i'm not i would have been at the bottom of the ocean, it's it's it's absolutely some real money during your friend call from a knee and asked for help. >>you know it's it's something you never want to hear and watch him go down. it and so trying to process and for about the first 10 or 15 minutes are ready this condition was in what he called me or it's quite early. but i'm some of process right
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now. after seeing. >>and both of them are still processing that now and we talk to people here the harbor who said they were shocked to find out they were ready to have to to pass the passenger in the pilot go to stand for medical, but they didn't need it when they found out these 2 were unharmed. everyone was shocked with so relieved. now the f a a and the ntsb are investigating the cause obviously no less tells us that the power went out in the plane, but they're still investigating why that happen and for now live in half moon bay, sarah stinson kron 4 news. >>ok, thank you sarah. 6 oh 5. and of course is have now died this year at golden gate fields, a 3 year-old horse known as mister frank died on sunday and here's a video of him trailing the others sorrell breads towards th end of a race and minutes after. this shot, mister frank fell
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to the ground and died right in front of the crowd. golden gate fields believes that the horse had a heart attack, 30 horses have died at that race track and santa anita. both tracks have the same owners. the changes have recently been made no race day medications limited use of whips a world trainer was banned, and there's a new safety rail. some horse racing fans say though that's still not enough. >>started going with my girl. you know dollars m o it ever know that you that you might get a little bit but. you know we we are not going back and in fact we exit all. make them aware of what happened just in case it matter to them. >>investigators say that the horse had several examinations before the race and that there were no red flags. 6 oh 6
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right now and a judge is calling this man a public safety risk he's the man who you can see here attacking a woman outside of her apartment building in san francisco austin vinson is named areas on the left-hand side going into court and there's the judge who released him after he was arrested to after that happened at the are building. and he was ordered to wear an ankle monitor vinson was back in urt yesterday and he pleaded not guilty to 2 new charges assault with a deadly weapon and making criminal threats because since that video came out. what happened outside the apartment building a couple other people to come forward saying he attacked them. the new charges stem from the february case near 4th and brandon, where a woman says that he threatened to kill her friends as they were waiting for a ride to share austin's. >>you know obviously upset about the situation. my focus is remain on austin is helping austin and i'm just going to keep helping them navigate
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through this complex system. he was having the root causes of some of these issues being addressed and now he's in jail. when he's not going to help with those issues. >>vinson is due back in court next month but prosecutors say they're going to try to consolidate the cases. >>the san francisco business owner says it was his 13 year-old son who saved him from an attack by a homeless man. the owner of exit which troubles on columbus streets as the man walked into the store started harassing customers and there you see the owner telling him to leave the owner comes around towards the front towards the bottom of the screen there in a second is going around the counter and then go outside to continue to force that person to leave and that is when the attacker started choking the store owner once we got who have actually grabbed a bat and threatened to hit the man and that's what made him go away. the attacker took off. later returned to the shop though, and that's when he was arrested by police. the man faces charges of assault making threats and false imprisonment. muni has voted
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to name the future subway station in chinatown after lobbyist rose pock the station will be named the chinatown rose pox station. pop was a community leader who many credit with helping improve the chinese hospital but not everybody's happy with the new stations name opponents say the name say that part doesn't represent chinatown in the naming the station after her minimizes the work of others in the community. one group says it's already collected 16,000 signatures from people opposing the name and their plans to submit a ballot initiative to let the voters decide the chinatown subway station isn't expected to be completed until sometime next year. >>pam plan could soon ban panhandling at all bart stations kron four's believe to call has the details. >>more craters are often in a rush passing through stations on their way to platforms and eventually the train so being stopped and pestered for money can disrupt the day or even worse make you late to save
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every day. i mean they're on different, you know chains every so often, but you know once in a while, yeah, you >>and the woman who is you know brings for maybe you know you know it's like for the president and you know trying to get some change and stuff like that aggressive panhandling is already illegal at bart stations, the system's code of conduct says violators can be fined up to $50,000 and spend up to a year in jail. >>but the word aggressive can be subjective and writers say they rarely see the rule and forced i mean we see people panhandling. >>in stations and on the trains all the time and that's not supposed to be happening and nobody's doing anything about it. deborah allen wants to change that i didn't just make this a writers tell me. >>alan sits on the bart board of directors she wants to make all forms of panhandling illegal in all areas that workstations that require a payment to enter. >>that's platforms and on trains. allen says she intends to discuss possibly creating a
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new ordinance at the board's meeting this week i >>i agree with people who would like to see the performers have us space for expression of artistic performance. as long as it's outside the firm. >>feel like and they're not doing it and thus a city i think they're kind of just doing it because i it's easy money now director allen wants to give the board enough time to research the issue and then potentially vote on a proposal in october felipe should all kron 4 news. 00:04am morning news kids live by their cell phones right by the school on the penins la is creating a new. to help kids stay focused in class will tell you what these new cultures are for. plus a look at the charges that 3 jurors could face now after they were dismissed from theo ship trial. right in the middle of deliberations and students on edge at u c berkeley as police search for the person who attacked a man on campus. and a nice morning. so far head of
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our hot just around the corner 50's and 60's for your temperatures, i've got more on your forecast to come. a lots of slow traffic heading into san francisco and look at that a beautiful sunrise it hard to focus on the traffic you are stacked up here from the bottom of
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>>and i felt the last 9 i guess it's going to be with us for a while is it going to be one of the things you got to get used to says that macy may be cranked back up a little bit. >>we're talking about a pro long like as far out as your 70 forecast can see and be on your talking about 90 degree. yeah, i was looking at extended forecast today and there's not a lot of signs of cooling down all the way through the beginning of september. >>sos heat you can see that. you know it everything is lining up that we've got forecast ahead of us for a bit now. so you like the hot
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weather. it is good news for you and if you've got they see good news for you as well, but that is kind of just a heads up that we're going to be here for a while looking at some. >>a warmer temperatures just around the corner, a san francisco really pretty start to the morning look at this nice pink skies overhead kind of a i'm a nice lead up to what will be a warm afternoon ahead of us said it was a really pretty start to the day for you as well and especially pretty out towards bethel island a nice little glow out there in the distance, so beautiful start to the day you see just how clear and dry the skies are one of the reasons that the air is a little bit more brisk this morning. we had an opportunity for some of our evening lows to get a little cooler ahead of what will eventually be a hotter day just around the corner of this is usually what happens need to have a dry air mass taking shape. such as we do with this high-pressure ridge begins to expand across the region. daytime highs in san francisco will be noticeably warmer mid 70's return for
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financial and mission districts of the city was 60's remaining towards the coast. daly cannot in half moon bay, all back into the 70's you're in the 60's yesterday and millbrae down to burlingame back into the 80's with a tease extending further south the redwtod city woodside and mountain views well, south bay hold on to the 80's today but you'll be seeing 90's again in the forecast coming tomorrow as you will also for areas like the tri valley today it's solid 80's from hayward through fremont on over to livermore 90's return for danville walnut creek in concord while oakland berkeley and richmond in the 70's. our warmest of temperatures are in the north bay with vacaville pittsburgh in the on to well above 90 degrees and 70's out towards the coast in stinson beach in point rays today today into tomorrow temperatures will rise even just a little bit more and you see that extended a round of 90's that we do have in your forecast. some of our hottest of temperatures will actually arrive next week into sunday monday and tuesday when daytime highs on average inland will be in the mid
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90's. >>thank you john traffic is coming to a crawl here at the richmond sandra fell bridge pretty busy in the cash lanes of fast track lanes i'm backing up toward the western drive on ramp not quite to castro not yet it's going to get there. but you still have time to be the heavier traffic which is on the way 11 minutes to one on one much heavier from oakland to san francisco, unless you are car pooling the fast track lanes in cash lanes already stacked up and heavily spilling all the way back to them a sofa inclined to 60 minutes to make it over to the fremont street exit want to take you over to the nimitz because we have a new crash in fremont 80 south between stephenson and auto mall 2 lanes of traffic close emergency crews on the way it was already a little busy there and slow in stretches out of union city and hayward sold shortly, it's all going merge together. 29 minutes from to 38 to 37. here's a look at some more numbers and they're ok for this time of morning 6.80 dublin to fremont 19 minutes and 1724 minutes
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from santa cruz into los gatos started. thanks a lot rob and its 06:18am and happening now berkeley police are looking for the person who attacked a man. >>early tuesday morning just a few feet away from some u c berkeley freshman dorms kron four's know al bello has the latest. >>be aware of your surroundings 24 hours a day. don't go anywhere by yourself. and you definitely don't want to be out after dark advice from dad paul girl. >>it's as he moves his freshman helene into a u c berkeley dormitory appropriate reminders just hours after a man was found unconscious and bleeding across the street one 56 in the morning. >>were officers were flagged down. we're channing and telegraph for they found a man who is down on the ground. >>get serious injuries. police say they still don't know what led to tuesday morning's assault but believe a weapon may have been used berkeley in general we have a fairly low level of violent crime of
6:20 am
course it does happen, but that's where you we just urge people to take basic safety precautions and look out for themselves and each other. >>it's not a big surprise just kind of press in a lean says she'd already heard of crimes happening in and around campus from current students just 2 days ago of sexually battery was reported at the martin luther king junior building. >>it was a factored against weakening of earthly just like the safety thing. university police say as they move in students are reminded of the public safety resources already available including night safety escorts and 911 emergency phones across campus. alene says she's planning to be proactive to they join a couple sitting groups i can help future generations field. like that's not a. are in their decision-making outweigh that. police here in berkeley are still looking for more information and witnesses. >>you are in the area of channing way and telegraph avenue you are asked to contact berkeley pd in berkeley noel bellow kron 4 news.
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>>to national headlines now the white house will push for longer detentions of migrant children arrested on the border, the new regulation is expected to be announced today that it would replace an agreement which bans holding migrant children in custody for more than 20 days. the trump administration has been complaining that the limit forces them to either release migrant families together or separate them. one official says the change will close what that official called a loophole in the system. official says the current rules give migrant families an incentive to come to the us knowing that they may not be held in custody for very long. trump by the way may be backing off the idea of tightening background check requirements when it comes to gun control. after the recent mass shootings, the president publicly supported new background check legislation. however, a source familiar with the call between the president and the nra's chief wayne lapierre says that trump told la pierre, universal background checks are quote off the table. wealthier confirmed the conversation on twitter the focus is
6:22 am
reportedly now passing so-called red flag laws allowing temporary removal of guns from people in crisis. >>6.21 and still ahead police have released new surveillance video in the hopes of catching the person who fatally stabbed. professor on the first day of school faculty member and firefighters say the california seeing fewer wildfires this season than ever before what is happening, we'll tell you about the new trend.
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from over a course, but cal r fire says the state is already seeing the slowest wildfire season in 2 years. although looks like we've got a long stretch of hot weather ahead of us, so that may change but in any event. here's what the situation is right now. they say that fires through sunday. and when add it all up is down about 90% compared to the average over the past 5 years is down 95% from last year.
6:26 am
the states are the stats are good news, especially since the destructive and deadly blazes from the past 2 years have been so the local area. cal fire says the state hasn't dried out as quickly this year and temperatures have been has consistently hot. >>we went into consistent 100 degree weather. i'm not saying up and down but consistent above a 100 degrees for weeks on end potential is still there we cannot be complacent we can enjoy the beautiful weather. but we still have the potential of some major fires for the balance of this year. >>the most current us drought monitor map released last week shows only a tiny portion of california is listed as abnormally dry a year ago almost the entire state was listed in that range from abnormal dry too extreme drought. but again we are on the precipice of a long stretch of 90 degree heat so let's keep our fingers crossed that nothing happens during that time. still ahead students and teachers returning to class in the new haven unified school district after a week's long fight for better pay before the start of
6:27 am
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leave the structure, call 911, keep people away, and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe.
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>>wednesday morning this is my back to school day and i think we're the stragglers in >>so first day back to school somebody to tell me they've got kids that don't go back to late next week even fremont we're just here is back next week all right so there's still more to come it's already noticeable on the road absolutelyt ek we saw san francisco kids head back the traffic started picking up in the bay bridge. >>slow on the nimitz have a couple of accidents working sought to a complete check, ok. >>and then we also have to get people prepared for this what's going to be a pretty long stretch of hot weather yeah, it's back to school but that doesn't mean it's packed weather just yet it still feels like summer break across the bay area and just as james mentioned it is all along stretch of it ahead of us last
6:31 am
week we had a really hot few days, but it didn't last very long this time around it's just going to be hot with that the really in front of it, but it is definitely going to be sticking around for a while this time around mount diablo off to a beautiful start this morning much like the rest of the bay area skies are crystal clear up above you are just seeing a few low lying clouds filtering over marine county the peninsula. then a few parts of the east bay overall skies are going to be a lot clearer a lot sooner than they were yesterday. this is going help temperatures to really start to rise pretty quickly after that sun does pick up over the horizon the little bit more 50's and 60's is where temperatures are currently at right now. they were crist in the morning yesterday we're seeing our morning lows a little bit cooler in the days to come. but our daytime highs certainly a lot warmer so your change of temperatures throughout the day is going to be larger than it has been 70's for the coast today 80's for our bayside areas and 90's for a lot of our inland spots and a lot more 90's in the days to come which i'll get to ahead. robin alright checking
6:32 am
in on 80 still packed into san francisco. it's going to stay like this for several more hours. >>here officially backed up to the bottom of from the only way to save time is by car pooling those are the only lanes that are open here the cash lanes and fast start lanes are completely solid and we're up to 19 minutes to make it off to fremont street, here's an accident in the city of fremont 80 south between stephenson and auto mall, at least 2 lanes blocked so it's pretty tight there. and you have stretches of slowing from sam lee and her through hayward and union city so when you put it all together 42 minutes from to 38 to 37. we'll check more slowdowns for you coming up. daria chase. thanks a lot. 32 2 of the 3 jurors removed this week from the ghost ship warehouse trial may face contempt of court charges. yeah is to turn of events the judge ordered those 3 members of the jury be replaced because of serious. >>misconduct allegations we've got proper says it made you to explain. >>judge treated thompson tells the court that it was a demonstrable form of
6:33 am
misconduct that led to monday's dismissal of 3 jurors in the goal ship trial here in oakland. the judge went on to say that the misconduct centered violating the court's order to not discuss the trial with anyone including fellow jurors outside of the courtroom of the 3 jurors dismissed the judge says to allegedly violated the court's order and would did not derek out his defense team argued that all 3 violated the court order because the one who did not participate in the misconduct did not report the misconduct of the other 2 all of them going at the same time is never heard. >>that before criminal defense attorney william cole has been keeping an eye on the trial. he says, although this missing 3 jurors at was is highly unusual says he doubts that there will be any criminal charges filed well, i've never heard of that actually happening. >>that somebody is found in contempt of court and punished for some kind of juror misconduct seems unlikely that the county is going to start prosecuting. but this
6:34 am
certainly puts serious crimp the trial is now in jeopardy. >>the next big hurdle for jury deliberations. there are 5 viewers who have scheduling conflicts in of the september including one juror requesting to take the whole month of the judge told the jury that any proof love prepaid not refundable travel arrangements will be taken into consideration at the alameda county superior courthouse in oakland has it used crowd for 2 years. >>on the peninsula. students in san mateo high. >>i can't have their phones anymore. no using cell phones. during the school day this is an effort to get the kids to pay better attention in class. how are they going to police that well with special magnetically sealed the back bags. they got to use this gizmo to open at the end of the day. so they are now the largest public school in the
6:35 am
country to ban cell phones id he's pretty secure does that. yeah you can get in there without that special on locker kind of like they have for security at stores. so just a week into the new school year and already the school says they see a change in the student's behavior. students heads are up facing a teacher. >>last year, you know you could see half sometimes 3 courses students looking down or on their phones are just phones physically out at lunch, i definitely notice how there's more students outside is more students talking our hallways are a lot louder than they were last year. >>how about that kids as you can see where you even launched a kate so now they have to socialize light show real way not a texting or instagram whatever and those locking stations are in every classroom at the entry points. so just in case there's an emergency they could be used real quickly to open up those cell phone cases. >>all right now, let's head to the east bay this morning where it is back to school for
6:36 am
students in the new haven unified school district you remember that's the one where they had that teacher strike that kept getting closer and closer to finals week it was really starting to impact the students they were worried about especially the seniors and now they have the summer break in crawford christine take shows live. >>and delaying east an elementary school in union city with more. yeah that strike went on for about 3 weeks i was about 14 school days straight. the teachers were out here hitting the picket lines. >>this is first strike in the new haven unified school dtrict history we actually have video of it here is something we covered extensively for weeks on end showing these teachers who were hitting the picket lines as i had mentioned they were demanding things like smaller class sizes higher pay and more resources to go around the entire school district. now over 500 teachers and staff out of the classroom for about those 3 weeks and this went on for some the last weeks of school and you guys had mentioned it but the and teachers association came to
6:37 am
an agreement just in time for the last week of school. it was in time for those students to get their final grades and go ahead and hit graduation as well. the union negotiations between the teachers union and the school district ended in a vote of 300 to 2. that was about a 60% approval rate took sect a to a new 2 year contract. noble size they were spending nearly 200 hours at the bargaining table throughout this three-week process now the new terms. it's a 3% increase that was effective january first 2019 one time pay increase of 2 and a half percent for the 2018 2019 school year. a one percent pay increase effective july first over the summer of this year and more opportunities for retirees. now new even unified school district has about 11,000 students between a union city and hayward to is impacting. yeah a lot of families out here and they had mentioned when i was out here covering it weeks and weeks ago with the us. and with the teachers that are out here a lot of the teachers mentioned this is
6:38 am
actually something they didn't want to do and it made it really difficult for them to finish up their years. blood a bit into their summer vacations as well because they're having to finish different paperwork. you know because they were out of the school for so long so says the say that it was something they didn't want to have to do something they did do. and they're now hoping for a more peaceful and hopeful school year i'm going to be out here all morning chatting with teachers about how they feel here on the first day of school so going stay with us we'll have more updates you throughout the morning reporting live christina teatro kron 4 news okay. thank you christina. >>time now is 6.38 a san jose police dispatcher charged with felony fraud is expected in court today 41 year-old wendy vaccaro is accused of cashing in disability insurance after returning to work of a took leave for about 4 months. but did not notify the insurance company to cease sending her $5600 monthly checks. she faces jail time if she is convicted. group is suing san
6:39 am
francisco's mayor and police department for failing to get access to records about a police raid on a freelance journalists. this is surveillance video of the raid that happened in may where officers broke into bryan carmody's home. using a sledgehammer and a pickax in a lawsuit filed yesterday, the first amendment coalition says it wants to know if the police department also rise officers to search the home office and phones of the journalists. the lawsuit also seeks to learn what role elected leaders played in that decision to raid. >>and oakland businessman has been indicted now on an immigration scam federal prosecutors say 7 year-old thomas henderson and 2 other men carried out a scam involving and employment based immigration program called the e b 5 visa program from 2011 the 2017 those 3 men apparently raised more than a million for more than 200 foreign investors who believed they were paying for one of 7 evie 5 related businesses
6:40 am
sponsored by henderson's business scam jeopardize the creation of more than 2000 jobs in oakland, and the surrounding area. take a look at this police in the east bay confiscated a 9 millimeter semiautomatic pistol about 2 pounds of meth about 3 pounds of marijuana heroin and a whole lot of money as well this was all found at a home in rochdale the homeowner 32 year-old james runkle was arrested last friday. investigators first started looking into wrongful when they suspected him of illegally, owning a handgun and they discovered a whole lot more. these are hoping this surveillance video will help them track down the man they believe stabbed the cal state fullerton faculty member police believe 57 year-old steven chand was targeted. the video shows the man running from the parking lot on campus. he appeared to grab in front of a happen a burger restaurant to wrap around or to wrap up the hand that heat injured during the murder. police found a backpack that they believe the killer left behind inside it were items like zip ties wiig's a fe.
6:41 am
although not the knife used in the murder. time now 6.48. >>gathered in south lake tahoe in an effort to. you've seen the bumper stickers but we're going to show you the argument for how people think you can achieve that goal. will he be wearing it we're going hear from coach gruden about the off-field distractions and some very a baseball to highlights from the a's game against the new york yankees. and you look outside this morning showing temperatures just a little bit cooler than they have been a few more 50's mixed in with those 60's like in san francisco oakland in vallejo. >>more your forecast is to >>and i'm tracking your morning commute around the bay area pretty quiet as far as major incidents. well there's a lot of slow traffic, especially on 80 u stacked up especially on 80 u stacked up from the oakland maze here
6:42 am
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>>lawmakers are renewing their commitment to keep lake tahoe blue you we've got kron four's capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala with more now on the push to protect the lake and the surrounding area. >>state and federal political leaders gathered here in south lake tahoe for the annual summit here with the common goal of protecting the lake but not everyone is on the same page on the biggest threat, the lake faces. >>there's no greater cause. he is like for it because it's really a proxy for all. >>larger efforts. governor gavin newson giving the keynote speech at this year's lake tahoe summit, the democrat sharing the stage and the plate with members of congress and nevada governor steve it's a common goal that we have here. >>it is bipartisan well that's what this one because it would like just. >>we can't take it for granted lone republican at the event representative tom mcclintock avoided talking about climate change but says neglected forests is a major issue in orange and the force is no different onto floor it will grow and grow until it showed
6:46 am
to >>and then the fall victim to has to lose for all why all that leaders all the grief fire is a threat for the lake area. >>but democrats worry about climate change and how the trump administration's policy could affect the lakes clear skies blue water. california has sued the administration several times over environmental policies ranging from endangered species to clean air standards. >>full-fledged assault. since standards even our ability that. set the tone and tenor other states that is democratic governor wouldn't immediately say whether he agreed with the environmental lawsuits. california has filed against the trump administration. >>he says he'll have to take a look. reporting in south lake tahoe, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>each that ashley nobody before milly nice this time of any warm to it is going to be solved we need these of not
6:47 am
90's and a couple spotty showers well up next week and they were just doing the three-day pre hotel sale for christmas for winter so i was like it was so hard to think about skiing right now this is what's going to be up there say i was just up there this weekend for the first and i was like oh percent of its first time in the summer's ice i was like i need to go it would be a good escape from the heat if it were hot up there as so it's not is going to be really comfortable all sure that i say just dip your feet and that all is well of it is going to be hot all across the state though really from the sierra even to the coast temperatures are warming on up 70's return today for areas like san francisco, which is you can see is sitting under abundant sunshine already skies, nice and clear as well over the south bay with san jose looking nice and sunny as well as over the east bay berkeley sitting under some clear skies
6:48 am
currently so unlike yesterday when we had low clouds and unfiltered in across the bay today we're starting the day off and a much clearer now and temperatures under these clear skies are going to rise pretty swiftly concord antioch each into the low 90's while napa santa rosa livermore and morgan hill, all 89 today fremont and hayward right on the bay in the 80's as well then temperatures come tomorrow will be even warmer yet there's your mid 90's for the middle of the week or next week. i should say and of the weekend into middle of the week next week. that's what our temperatures will be at the warmest so this heat not going anywhere anytime soon even bayside areas picking solidly in the low 80's come the weekend. robin all right. thank you john the traffic heading into san francisco is getting heavier. >>and heavier you're back up officially to the bottom of the maze. but now it's spilling over to that 5.80 west connect or even more so just be prepared for that slow coming in from the east shore freeway as well so pass here at the tolls great if you're
6:49 am
carpooling 24 minutes. to make it from the bottom of the maze to fremont street getting hired by the minute. west in bay point it's and marco, new motorcycle accident here blocking at least one lane was already pretty slow through pittsburgh. approaching bay point and conquered so that's pushing up your drive time with a new crash in your way almost 40 minutes now from to conquer to leave a little early now that you have a new trouble spot on highway 4 all trouble spot in fremont 80 south between auto mall in stevenson accident still wrapping up here this is blocking the 2 middle lanes and yes, it's putting more pressure on the nimitz now you're solid back from to 38 all the way up to the crash scene 42 minutes because of that from san leandro to milpitas james. >>all right, thank you very much robin. so barry baseball, let's talk about it starting with the a's are actually now tied for the second wild-card spot after a win over the yankees and let's get to the highlight show you how went down here we are bottom of the first matt olson, hammered one
6:50 am
deep to right field that went over the wall that was a 2 run home run next batter march and he gees a solo blast and that made it back to back homers for the a's. in fact they go on to score again in the bottom of the 6, so they have a commanding win over the yankees, final score 62 and again tied for second in the wild card spot. the giants on the other hand they just couldn't get a win against the cubs in chicago, they managed to score 3 runs including one from. it just wasn't enough to stop the cubs offense, final score 5 to 3. so the giants with the loss to play the cubs again today. the 5 o'clock. >>and now let's talk raiders the team practicing in alameda antonio brown is working out with them here is video. him warming up kind of get loose. he recently found a new grievance. for the same old helmet that he holds near and
6:51 am
dear and really wants to lose a use. they say he needs to lose it. so we'll see if that second appeal will change their minds. according to coach gruden he thinks that this whole situation is going to work itself out he can't wait to see brown get to work on the field. >>i've never had a guy show up with frostbite. and unfortunately we got that thing under control. >>and this grievance saying is is it's on this really important to him. >>winners other all support your players. i think that they believe that we also understand the league's position. i'm confident he's going to be a heck of a player for us and the right to roam. >>in a helmet but i mean it's all that helps of course would love to wear the bezel that possible. the raiders are to host the packers in a pre season game tomorrow. >>all right, let's check the big board this morning. we had a down day yesterday but looks like we're off to a positive start with the dow jumping more than 250 points out of the gate we lost about a 173
6:52 am
yesterday but investors feeling a little more optimistic this morning we saw some strong quarterly results from retailers like target. and lows and that is helping to lift sentiment on wall street we'll see if that continues. coming up at 7 o'clock another arrest made after police find a threat of a mass shooting this time a teenage boy taken into custody as you can hear his mother as you can hear his mother pleads his innocence. buttermoh manscuits now we're talking fried egg want it melty cheese want it sausage want it or bacon i want it! try my 2 for $4 breakfast biscuits and add 4 donut holes for just a buck. only at jack in the box.
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>>welcome back 6.55, let's take a look outside at all the sunshine that we're seeing from the lick observatory at the top of the diablo range down eventually right along the bay, we're all getting a good dose of sunshine this morning now warming on up this afternoon we're going to see the return of daytime highs in some inland areas. well into the 90's and that's where we're going to stay tomorrow and through the weekend ahead too so maybe you're dropping
6:56 am
the kids off at the bus stop here in the next few minutes as you're doing so it is a cool enough start to the morning that a jacket will be handy definitely brisk out there. but this afternoon looking hot as they head out to recess back to you. well coming up in the next hour, the kron 00:04am morning news. we're going to hear from the pilot that ended up having to ditch his plane in half moon bay. >>officials now looking into what caused it to go down. plus policin the east bay are trying to figure out who attacked a man outside some berkeley dorms during freshman move in. we'll tell you what went down and there's a new push to stop panhandling at bart stations across the bay area will have more on that coming
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
>>putting aside darya folsom in its path to school for moran today that's right now we've got for a vote next week so we still have a ways to go in terms of seeing the full
7:00 am
impact of all these people back on the road again gets worse and worse and heavier and heavier each week to have a couple of problems to talk about too. >>highway 4 motorcycle accident and a crash in fremont on the nimitz all still active. all right and now now we are actively and the heat spell right this going on for quite a while to >>you know summer is just been leading up to this point i feel like an hour and like real summer ahead of us because we do have a solid it's not just for the rest of the week, but all the way through next week we're going to be looking at temperatures warmer than a lot of us have got used to them the good news about this heat wave ahead of us is that we're not going to be seeing triple digits as far as widespread numbers go anyways a couple areas could be flirting with that 100 degree mark bulike last week, it's just a kind of a normal a round of heat ahead of us you look out there at berkeley is showing clear skies already this morning we're off to a crisp start under these clear skies berkeley is only a 57 redwood city is only a 55 degrees


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