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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  August 21, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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>>thanks for joining us for the finest hour right in the middle of the wednesday and daria false and i'm james fletcher let's find out how find the roads are this morning, let's hope robin what you know and so back in session because it gets so in beijing out there, the bridges are pass a lot of our freeways are recovering from earlier problems. so check the nimitz an 80 work up with a different kind of pain in the now. switch was also caught to sleep last night too and that's just the beginning of it it was yeah, it's not real you're exactly right. it's only just the beginning i had to be the bearer of bad news like that well. >>sees coming to at least not going to see hundreds in this thing exactly yeah that's the plus side to it all is no record breaking temperatures. no exceptionally warm conditions, but it is often this time of year that we get
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that late summer heat that really starts to kick into gear and that is exactly what we have shaping up in the weeks to come ahead of us were closing out august and a pretty warm note it really kicks off today your skies are nice and clear across the bay area timber on sitting under abundant sunshine unlike yesterday which as you remember was pretty cloudy to start temperatures are already on the rise pittsburgh at 70 degrees right now dublin hayward oakland all at 65 with concord at 69 just below 70 degrees. so temperatures already reflecting all that sunshine that we have beaming down on the day and currently while the rather later today, 70's and 80's will be seen for most parts of the day a couple areas back in the 90's today we're going to see even more those 90's tomorrow and especially into the upcoming weekend. i'll tell you about how long this heat will last for still to come. robin, thank you john let's check in on the bay bridge traffic want to take a look at 80 west into san francisco. >>and this live look shows us that it's pretty slow right cash lanes fast track lanes
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all backed up. it's spilling into the maze that's where it's been for hours now 5.80 from 24. the east shore in pockets out of hercules we're down to 14 minutes for your average to fremont street but expected to go back up. here's a look at some more freeways and drive times highway 4 recovering fr crash6 minutes antioch to concord the norm on 6 8880 and then one oh one look at that a whopping 78 minutes pretty packed from san jose to menlo park, we'll check out some more bridges coming up daria thanks a >>i know to a big story this morning. some house to somebody posted racist an anti immigrant flyers on the campus of san jose state university. students is coming back to class today in seeing this they were found at various places around campus. the university has taken them down as soon as they were spotted. administrators have denounced those flyers as acts of hate and they won't be tolerated. no word on what exactly the flyers said. >>to national headlines now
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the trump administration has announced that the government will now hold migrant families in custody for indefinite periods of time our washington correspondent alexander lemon joins us with the details. >>of the new rule and possibly a legal battle ahead alex. >>that's right look right now there's a limit on how long the government can hold migrant children in custody and that limit is 20 days. there's also a set of rules about the minimum care standards that these children have to receive while they are in government custody and all of those rules are the result of a court settlement called the flores agreement well today, the trump administration formally announced a new rule that rule says the government will now hold migrant families with children for longer periods of time perhaps indefinitely while the immigration cases are being filed acting dhs secretary kevin mcaleenan said this new rule will serve several purposes, including keeping the migrant families together and also trying to
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deter asylum. seekers from coming to the us with their children. he said we continue to see very high high numbers of migrants from central america arriving at the border. here's what the app the secretary said about the types of facilities that these families will be held it. >>the facilities and we will be using to temporarily house families under this rule are appropriately fundamentally different than the facilities where migrants are process following apprehension or encounter at the border. their campus light settings with appropriate medical educational recreational diving and private housing facilities. >>and mclean and also said the government's goal is not to hold children in custody for long periods of time and that the government wants to process immigration cases quickly. but at the same time this rule change allows the government to hold children for indefinite periods of time. the rule change goes into effect that would happen 60 days from friday, but in
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his own announcement, the acting dhs excts immediate lawsuits to be filed and already we've heard reaction from civil rights groups and democratic lawmakers who say that the flores settlement is a legally-binding accord agreement and that the trump administration can't just ignore it therefore we expect that legal challenges will be filed on that basis. >>all right it's going to be a lot sort through as we go forward and most certainly that legal battle to come. thank you very much. well also breaking news overnight. a man shot and killed in open this was late last night in the uptown neighborhood just north of downtown. this was the 500 block of 20th street. the shooter still on the loose the name of the victim hasn't been released. they're still conducting their notification of next of kin. >>a story this morning an amazi survival story from 2 people who were rescued they survived a plane crash into the ocean a scary situation just off half moon bay, the
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survivors though talk to kron 4 about what they went through a cropper sarah stinson has their story for us now sara. >>yeah, there's 2 pilots involved their friends. they were flying next to each other above half moon bay above the ocean that's when something terrible happen one of the planes went down plummeting to the ocean and it was all caught on video by the pilot who is stayed and this guy and his plane you can see it on your screen. others to people in the plane that went down it was a david lesch and of will a female passenger. he tells us his single engine beechcraft bonanza plane lost power before it came down just before 6 last night. he had about 30 seconds to prepare for a water landing. fortunately he has experience with sea planes and lots of flying experience. well, the was flying along and another passenger in there and his friend was flying in the sky as well his name is owen leave held who recorded the video
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people called in to air traffic control and the coast guard. but as he's doing this keep in mind he sing his friend in the water, the plane in the water as well he's not sure his conduct and condition. he didn't get a hold of him for 10 minutes fortunately, less was able to grab his phone. as his reading other things getting out of the plane and as it was a starting to plummet. now we talked with lush to hear about how him and his female passenger dealt with the scary moments during the crash. >>i could to power. had about 30 seconds to deal with it. >>and so got the seat belts on nice and tight game in nice and slow and just held above the water at about 5 feet until it's fully stalled it we skipped along the water for a few 100 seat the attack was like very minimal as soon as not hard at all. immediately open the door i the way and you really had probably 2030
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seconds so your plan has so i got my cell phone. they have the keys of the car. some stuff to slow without their those and just kind of sat on the way for 20 or 30 seconds the airplane was gone and started floating around out there. >>about 20 minutes later t coast guard, iraq rescued them. both and his female passenger and when they got back to the harbor people were shocked that they didn't need any medical attention they did not get transported to the hospital. fortunately they were able to walk away unharmed knots the best part of the stories that they were able to survive this and what an incredible story of that because we're able to hear his encounter of the moment, they crashed he said if he had been there. 20 to 30 more minutes he could have gotten hypothermia. so we have reached out to the f a a an ntsb so far we're hearing that ntsb is leading this investigation. it's up to the insurer if they want to pull the plane out of the ocean or
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if they want to keep it there. we do know that they're investigating the cause lesch says that while he was flying the plane. the power now so why did that happen that's why they're investigating that now they say it takes up to a year sometimes to figure out the cause of a plane crash. for now live in half moon bay, sarah stinson kron 4 news. >>ok thank you very much sara its 9 o now. and it's back to school for students and the east bay at the new haven unified school district after all the jewelry had towards the end of the year last year a lot of drama teacher strike would they have enough time to conduct final exams would keep keep kids graduate. well, it's all settled now these kids are now coming back to school and kron four's christina tape cho is live. >>at the delay me easton elementary school in union city with more. >>right now hundreds of students as well teachers back in class you can see we've got a parking lot behind me they are now officially they've returned from their summer
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vacation, a lot of hopeful students and staff out here that i spoke with today, this is after the very first teachers strike in the district's history that happened took about 3 weeks. i was 14 days of the picket line now actually we have video we covered this extensively going to take a here you can t so many teachers out hitting the picket lines, i'd mention for those 3 weeks it was about 14 days that they were out there they were demanding things like higher pay smaller class sizes more resources and according to the teachers association they actually had almost 95% of the school district's teachers who were on strike that was almost 585 this went on through some of the last week's the schools as you guys had mentioned, but the district and teachers association came to an agreement just in time for the very last week of school. so that students could still go ahead and proceed to graduation and get their final grades. the negotiations between the school district the teachers union they ended in a vote of 302 to 200 that's
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about a 60% approval rate and that was to accept a new 2 year contract. both sides spent nearly 200 hours at the bargaining table throughout the process. now the new term so a 3% increase of and that was effective january first 2019 that was a back pay situation. a onetime pay increase of 2 and a half. percent for the 2018 2019 back pay school year as well and a one percent pay increase effective july first which has happened over the summer months and some other opportunities for retirees speaking with i teachers today who are part of the union negotiations they say they're so hopeful for this new school year, but they agree that there is more work still to be done. >>know that there's there's more to do. but it's so great seeing the families and the kids today. >>the i feel the same way is just wonderful to see our kids back and you know the families back like lisa said there's a lot of stuff that still needs to be done. i now have 30 kids in my classroom. last year i had 24. i mean, that's you know it. it's the district
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keep saying that they want to do what's best for the kids and the key making poor decisions so we're going to move forward with a recall for the school board because they're making terrible decisions. you know, but i am very happy to be back with my kids. >>new haven unified school district services about 11,000 district wise. district reporting live here in union city christina teatro kron 4 news, thanks christine, a. >>time now is 9.12 coming up on the kron 00:04am morning news kids love their cell phones can't live without it. but they're going find a way there's a school on the peninsula that's creating a new policy to keep kids attention is focused on the studies and there's a new push to stop panhandling at bart stations across the bay area we'll talk more about what they're doing.
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hot spot and it's in livermore injury accident here 5.80 westbound before isabel as the 2 left lanes blocked one of the vehicles almost flipped over so crews are on scene the 2 left lanes shut down in a singular has been issued by chp that backup goes well beyond vasco spilling into all to month. so keep that in mind just to get from vasco to the dublin interchange are looking at 25 minutes and that's going to keep traffic light up ahead and because everybody is stuck behind the crash in livermore so the dublin side actually looks pretty good because these people are sitting in traffic checking the bay bridge should slow still slow it's been like this for hours now your backup spilling into the maze looking a little bit better on the suspension just not behind the toll plaza so we're down to 13 minutes. dunbar tunbridge 25 minutes from fremont to bayfront to 3723 minutes still heavy 8.80 to sonny bill john. well robin skies, pretty clear unlike some of those roadways this morning skies will remain
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clear through the day such as you're seeing in snow right now really no cloud cover to be expected into the afternoon either. >>plenty of sunshine for the moment, whether you're out the coast or inland and enjoy it because as we move into the afternoon. temperatures will be rising pretty quickly under the sunshine. so right now is the time to get out if you do enjoy some cooler weather and if you want to get outside and find some cooler weather later today, the coast is the place to be san francisco happen they'll be in the 70's oakland you'll be at 79 while 80's and hayward fremont redwood city on up to the and 90's return today for concord in india just the start of 90's in your forecast too on average daytime highs will be in the 90's inland from thursday friday through the weekend on through next week in some of the warmest of temperatures that we will be feeling won't even come in til sunday monday and tuesday of next week. bayside areas also seeing temperatures rising from the 70's to the 80's. time now for winners and losers on wall street we want to pick the brain of financial expert, rob lack of talk this morning or
9:18 am
start off with jeremy with the markets right out of the gate we were positive what what has investors in a happy mood today. >>it was 2 weeks ago we start worrying about recessions. >>and now we're starting to say not so fast mister r word. recession fears are starting to abate a little bit we've seen good numbers out of walmart home depot costco retailers say we added targets that last targets of 18% holy mackerel it's a big move. and it signals the american consumer is far from you know keeping all the money in their pocket cause a recession. the big box discount retailers are beating expectations on sales and on earnings and a shrug off concerns about tariffs and encouragement from amazon. another solution like macy's jc penney and kohl's reported awful numbers. i kind of got a little depressed 2 things watched not go into recession is unemployment claims on thursday and retail sales numbers and these are good solid numbers for the big boys like target home depot best buy wal-mart costco the products are affordable people
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keep coming back. there's you know some online appeal target and wal-mart are doing great with same day shopping now. their big have got clout they can go to the distributors of caught not content distributors of of goods. it's a word about a million of these things so you can give us discount. so what the recession. it's a little bit too soon. to the markets kind of i'm on my security the results but cheering the result. today, they're desperate for some good news and make sure found it where that. >>now got to bring it down a little bit of a bummer of a story health care insurance as we know is expensive and it seems to get more expensive every year but might be surprised by how much it's gone up over the last what 10 usually have some new numbers. yes, i little sad that meant that cbs news. >>they are didn't report out of kaiser today and he basically talked about how health care costs for employees are going through the roof and last 10 years up almost a 100%. so if you're an employee. >>your average family now cost
9:20 am
is about $7726 for health care insurance through your paycheck deductions. so the insurance that coinsurance through the deductibles about 4600 that comes. 10 years ago is 4600 now it's at 7726. you can see that's a jump of 2.67 plus percent wages are increasing that fast. inflation overall is an increase in a flash fast that's a big big big big big problem. employers they too are seeing a big cost rise. they eat they pay for most of your insurance. 10 years ago they pay about 10,000 out about 15,001 50. so health care costs keep going up. it's fair to say we're not getting more with more costs were getting less with more costs qantas plane iesurance companies, it's the drug companies it's the hospitals. it's a variety of issues. i hate my health care insurance. i have won the best ones in the nation. it's great i get cancer, it's great to have a heart attack. but the nickel and dining on things like infections in your eyes and things like that. it's awful
9:21 am
it's it's not a good experience for me. >>all right and not a good experience for me day came out out sony and marvel disney. having a falling out in negotiations to keep spiderman which is owned by sony. in the marvel cinematic universe which is owned by disney and it looks like they're going to part ways unless they can find some sort of 11th hour deal this is a big bummer for marvel fans, yeah, specially sense spiderman is so integrated into the marvel of the right now the real latest movie had spiderman brooding and upset that tony stark died. >>spoiler but long short this is the this is a tale of 2 stories. so the stakes there are an awful place in movies. they went to does a couple years ago and said if we give you spiderman they own the rights to dc universe's characters. disney owns the rights to teller different universes there for the characters don't mess across politics. but didn't give a
9:22 am
bad deal such are will do it will and disney made all the money they got the publishing rights for the character like the 20's and such. the finance the movies but they're going to do that anyway with the avengers so now sony's in a good position for the first time in a long long time is this kid is hot this tom holland, he's dorky he's cute. is everything you want in a spider-man so to speak but the deal will eventually get down i would believe because the characters are so built up and it created at this point in time. plan a little hardball. but it does show in a dc universe which one is your favorite area star wars or star trek guy area dc comics sky was batman are you more of a of injures people draw into civil war this is all right. thank you very much rob. >>and we'll check with rob again tomorrow if you have a question you'd like an answer go ahead and send it in you can e-mail it to him directly you can find him on facebook twitter and you can always connect with through our
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>>a san francisco business owner says his 13 year-old son staved his life he was being attacked by a homeless man. the owner of extra foles you can see behind the counter there was on columbia street. he says that this homeless guy walked in and started harassing customers you can see on leave leave get out and then the shop are go-around out the door to have a word with them and that's when the other guy attacked a shop on a watch is going to outside is so hard to see in the camera you can see there man standing there challenging him and then he throws the over to the ground and the owners 13 the workers 13 year-old son grabbed a baseball bat, there's the sun see what happened and he came tuesday as rescue. the attacker ended up taking off. and eventually apply police caught up with him and arrested him. and students on the edge at u c berkeley school isn't even started yet and police are already searching for someone who attacked a
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>>the weather and traffic for the late rollers how are things looking not so good for 5.80 i have a new hot an accident. he absolving a vehicle now most flipped over and so major accident here with injuries and 2 lanes blocked this is 5.80 west which is the commute direction. it's right at portola avenue. so the 2 left lanes are close as they work to get the crash out of your way they've issued a special traffic alert for this we don't know how long it's going to take a look at the sensors is backing up traffic all the way through the all tomorrow. almost into tracy from 2 oh 5 if you're getting on the freeway after the crash that means light traffic up ahead heading to dublin but behind it from the altamont to livermore it's not looking so good so 26 minutes here from vasco road to the dublin interchange because of that the bay bridge traffic has improved on the suspension
9:31 am
only not behind the toll plaza so leaving the maze it still bumper to bumper backed up on 2, 5, 80 from 24 n in the east shore freeway out of san pablo so put it at just under 15 minutes from the bottom of the maze to fremont street john. well robin skies >>police fear even if roadways arches wednesday morning we are seeing clear skies all across the bay area. well even offshore out towards the coast and under these clear skies temperatures are already climbing mountain view at 67 right now in dublin at 68 pittsburgh and fairfield in the 70's officially. it feels pretty good out there, so i'd recommend getting outside getting that jog out of the way before our warm conditions this afternoon for san jose you'll be close to the 90 degree mark with many other inland areas. well into the 90's today and i'm talking even more hot weather ahead of us still to come back to you. >>thanks a lot of time 31 a big story this morning there could soon be no more panhandlers at bart stations kron four's felipe de gaulle has a look at the plan.
9:32 am
>>we're craters are often in a rush passing through stations on their way to platforms and eventually the train so being stopped and pestered for money can disrupt the day or even worse make you late to start every day i mean they're on different, you know chains every so often, but you know once in a while, yeah, you >>and the woman who is you know brings or maybe you know you know it's like for the president and you know trying to get some change and stuff like that aggressive panhandling is already illegal at bart stations, the system's code of conduct says violators can be fined up to $50,000 and spend up to a year in jail. >>but the word aggressive can be subjective and writers say they rarely see the rule and forced i mean we see people panhandling. >>in stations and on the trains all the time and that's not supposed to be happening and nobody's doing anything about it. deborah allen wants to change that i didn't just make this a writers tell me. >>they are bother alan sits on the bart board of directors she wants to make all forms of
9:33 am
pan handling illegal in all areas that workstations that require a payment to enter. >>that's platforms and on trains. allen says she intends to discuss possibly creating a new ordinance at the board's meeting this week i >>i agree with people who would like to see the performers have us space for expression of artistic performance. as long as it's outside the firm. >>feel like and they're not doing it and thus a city i think they're kind of doing it because i it's easy money now director allen wants to give the board enough time to research the issue and then potentially vote on a proposal in october felipe should all kron 4 news. >>new this morning muni has voted to name a future subway station in chinatown after lobbyist rose pak, the station is going to be name chinatown rose pak station pack was a community leader a lot of people credited her with helping to improve the chinese hospital but not everyone
9:34 am
wants this made opponents of it say that pack doesn't represent chinatown in naming the station after her minimizes the work of others. one group says it's already collected 16,000 signatures that are opposed to to the naming plan and they want to submit a ballot initiative to get the voters to decide the chinatown subway station is supposed to be done sometime next year. >>in the east bay berkeley police are looking for the person who attacked a man near a dormitory it happened as students were moving into the beverly cleary dorm yesterday, someone found the victim unconscious and bleeding with serious injuries to his head. police think a weapon was used, but they don't know what led up to the attack. berkeley in general we have a fairly low level of violent crime. >>of course it does happen, but that's where you we just urge people to take basic safety precautions and look out for themselves and each other. >>the university is reminding students the resources that are available including night safety escorts and 9 emergency phones. all across campus use those 2 of the 3 jurors
9:35 am
removed this week from the ghost ship fire trial may face contempt of court charges. a judge ordered those 3 members of the jury to be replaced because of serious misconduct allegations. according to the judge those misconducts centered around violating the court's order to not discuss the trial with anyone outside of the courtroom. one legal expert spoke with us and says, although these jurors have been charged, he doesn't think they'll be any penalty. >>well i've never heard of that actually happening that somebody is found in contempt of court and punished for some kind of juror misconduct seems unlikely. >>that the county is going to start prosecuting. but this certainly puts serious crimp the trial is now in jeopardy. >>no in fact there's only one alternate juror left. but there are about 5 jurors who say they've got scheduling conflicts in the month of september in fact one juror requested to take the whole
9:36 am
month off. the judge instructed the jury they need to provide proof of prepaid non-refundable travel arrangements if they want those requests to be considered derick almena and max harris by the way are both facing 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter, one charge for each of the victims who died in that 2016 fire. >>in national news florida police arrest a 15 year-old for threatening a mass shooting at his high school. he made the threat on social media saying that he was going to take his father's gun to school and kill at least 7 people. but the boy says the threat was a joke. police in florida shared a video of the arrest to show how serious this type of saying is. i feel
9:37 am
because i. >>hands and feet record going to >>so to the police it was an silly. it was serious and there was a gun and the home and making a threat like that is a felony. the school shooting in parkland florida still fresh on everyone's minds and mass shooting that have killed us 31 people to an el paso texas and dayton ohio police across the country. since those recent shootings have arrested at least 25 people for making threats in and you can see this map where all those various threats were made. >>antonio brown is back on the practice field with the raiders were going to hear from head coach jon gruden about brown's off the field distractions plus firefighters
9:38 am
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>>time now is 9.40 the fire season of course far from over but cal fire says they are seeing simply some encouraging numbers. the state is already seeing the slowest start to the wildfire season. in years. the amount of acreage burned through sunday right now this year's down actually about 90% compared to the average over the last 5 years. if you compared to just last year were actually down 95% which is good it's a good start especially since the destructive and deadly blazes for the past 2 years of still left a lot of the area scarred. cal fire says the state hasn't dried out as quickly this year as we've seen in past years and the temperatures have been as consistently hot. >>we went into consistent 100 degree weather. i'm not saying up and down but consistent above a 100 degrees for weeks on end potential is still there we cannot be complacent
9:42 am
we can enjoy the beautiful weather. but we still have the potential of some major fires for the balance of this year. >>now that being said we are about to enter a long stretch of 90 plus degree temperatures. so we'll have to see how well. we are in terms of fire danger after that the most current us drought monitor map released just last week shows only a tiny portion of california's actually abnormally dry. a year ago almost the entire state was in some form of extreme dryness to drought. >>9.42. on the buzz the raiders new hard-headed star shows up to practice with a new helmet to will you play in it. >>maybe the 49 ers were just playing around the mad and took them seriously. >>and change the game to reflect a rookie's tough test and you want to be
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>>i welcome back to the kron 4 morning news and back to our hot spot in livermore it's really jamming up traffic 5.80 westbound at portola a late
9:46 am
crash year blocking your 2 left lanes one of the vehicles almost flipped over, but not quite so as they work to get this out of your way it's causing major delays from the ultimate into livermore but if you get on the freeway at after the crew ash after portola in livermore maybe up ahead on the dublin side. it's wide open for you so 21 minutes here from vasco to the dublin interchange because of this new hot spot that's really clocking of traffic almost 2, 2 o 5 and tracy the bay bridge traffic still pretty thick of oakland siphoning out on the suspension but he's still need to leave early because it's stacked up from the maze and it doesn't look like it's going improve not at least for this hour, new accident here on the east shore 80 west of appian so it's tied up my way for leaving hercules. up ahead, we still have a little bit of crowding through albany, berkeley and emeryville so 24 minutes when you put it all together from crockett to the maze and one more the oakland side of 5 in the west right around edwards accident still active here and it's crawling back from golf
9:47 am
links so that's a new problem in your way that's going to at 23 minutes to make it from 38 through the scene of the crash ash and continuing to downtown oakland john. >>going on today is a lot of sunshine in the star. what is about to be a really hot forecast ahead of us. temperatures back into the 90's today for some inland areas and you can see the sunshine is in full force whether you're inland or out towards the coast. daytime highs today will show a noticeable bump.oin san francisco up into the 70's for both financial emission districts and even some 70's out along the coast. there's our inland areas though that are really gng to start to get on the toasty side today with even warmer temperatures just around the corner. redwood city in mountain view each in the mid 80's for your highs with upper 80's for much of the south bay, san jose at 87 for the high today. the space solid 80's from hayward fremont on over into the tri valley with 70's for oakland berkeley and richmond 90's return for danville walnut
9:48 am
creek concord and then up into the north bay where some of our hottest of temperatures will be felt today and for the forecast ahead of us petaluma and santa rosa just shy of 90 today and many of the same areas will be replacing those 80's with 90's come tomorrow and then those 90's take us all the way through the weekend and through much of next week, it's looking likely bayside areas even get in the mix of some warmer temperatures from the 70's to the low 80's come the weekend. >>an update on the battle over the blank he deals comfy helmet that antonio brown is begging the nfl to hold on to he was spotted holding a new one and raiders practice yesterday. i don't have any video of him actually wearing it just a bit warming up. but between his heart head and his cryogenically frostbitten seat the raiders haven't got to see much from the all star receiver still coach gruden thinks it'll all work out. >>i've never had a guy show up with frostbite. fortunately we got that thing under control
9:49 am
and this grievance saying is is no laughing matter it's on this really important to him and all support your players. i think that they believe that we also understand the league's position. i'm confident he's going to be a heck of a player for us and the regular old. >>raiders play the packers in oakland tomorrow, the 40 niners were so jacked about their rookie kickers performance in sunday's game. they wanted his mad and tackle rating boasted and no joke ea sports did it, mitch wish house keep hunted the ball and then watch this he makes a beeline and for the return or. and flags the guy showing off his moves from rules football in australia where he's from and that was enough for matt and they boosted his ratings in the tackle and hit power categories to better match. the kickers toughness that i don't know she can tackle anybody with soccer star carli lloyd sure can kick a football watch this. she drilled.
9:50 am
>>55 yard field goal in eagles practice yesterday. the lifelong eagles fan made the ball also live through the uprights pretty impressive. i want to tell team 8 julie ertz have her husband zacks people call her people maybe get on the team way more bad, yes and that is mma fighter ronda rousey acted like >>when her finger was basically shop. while filming a scene for a tv show so gruesome, i'm not going to show you the worst part but her middle finger there is basically hanging bligh of blood the thread. i guess having her head bashed in for years in the octagon daughter to. >>just keep going because that's what she did when this atv said accident happened. a boat door slam down her hand while she was shooting a scene for a show they called 911 and only after fishing the take did she actually look down and guys i think somebody really does need to call 911. they
9:51 am
reattach the finger was screws and plates and she went back to work the very next day. it's a cave ask ers for bad as he is actor ronda rousey winds hands down. he's beat the yankees giants loss to the cubs, a far more fun was what happened in st. louis a few days ago a player slugged a ball so far it started raining big macs the ball flew over the left field bleachers and smack dab in the big mac signed that in the lights out at 10:00am. mc donald's capitalized on the letter by first fixing it and then delivering big mac. to the dugout yesterday so all the players could have all all the big macs that they wanted for free look at that how one for you and one for you it's the big mac ferry. not as good tasting that the twins had their hands full with squirrels. >>a squirrel ran wild through the field for the second
9:52 am
straight game yesterday apparently. >>some of those players are as afraid of those bti varmints as i am he schools. they delayed the game until they could wrangle that little runner. and that's the buzz.
9:53 am
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>>and so a student says san mateo high i no longer can use in order to do it that teachers are actually handing out you see right there their special locking pouches that the are required to use that to fund inside the magnetic seal locks it in place and the phones are i kept that way through the entire day from the first bell all the way just last week the new act school year. the school is already seeing a change in the streets behavior. and you can peak in
9:56 am
class of students heads are up facing the teacher. >>last year you know you could see half sometimes 3 courses students looking down or on their phones are just phones physically out at lunch, i definitely notice how there's more students outside is more students talking our hallways are a lot louder than they were last year. >>yeah, the magnetic lock stations are there and every classrooms that they can on lock their phones if ey need to an emergency and of course at the end of the day that's how they take their phones out and had lot of those. >>my kids, all right check this out our last story today astronauts right now high above are installing a docking port on the international space station. >>so do in that space walk a spacewalk that docking port by the way is what space x is going to use is going to use when their new crew capsules arrive at some point maybe late this year early next year. this way they'll be able to dock in the astronauts can go back and forth very cool neat. >>let's take a peek at the 7 day around the bay forast
9:57 am
because we are in the midst of a heat wave that starting today you can see it's going to be 90's pretty much for as long as the forecast shows. so we'll see you back here try to stay cool see them all.
9:58 am
9:59 am
10:00 am
>> today on "dr. phil," she claims her husband is having an affair. >> dr. phil: i haven't seen one shred of evidence. >> i believe that if leslie was confident that child was not joe's, that she would take the dna test. >> dr. phil: why do you need so desperately for him to be having an affair? >> i don't. i just feel like my feelings are not being validated. >> announcer: is this a love triangle? or a wife's delusion? >> there was someone in my bed with joe having sex. >> dr. phil: i know the biggest psychopaths in the world, and they don't have sex next to their wives.


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