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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  August 22, 2019 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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>>wian thank you for joining us on the kron 00:04am morning news, i'm robin winston we are one day away from friday. so it's like a pre friday party. we want to check in on the forecast so we can start planning the weekend and also john. >>there's a lot of fog out there there sure friday party driving across the bay bridge i could not see the skyline or the towers. i saw the golden gate it was covered in fog. it's pretty debts. yeah, and what a difference from yesterday when we started the morning. so clear. >>thursday is bringing us some changes today that is for sure in the first one that you can't miss is just how fog is
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as robin mentioned you can see or not see the golden gate bridge out there in the distance because it is shrouded in that dense layer fog this morning, something that as you're traveling around in certain parts of the day. you may want to be slowing it down just a little bit with the new know how that is maybe just leave for work just a couple of minutes early because that can slow down traffic definitely visibility below a mile right now san francisco oakland and hayward all looking at a pretty good impact of fog and will be for much of the morning ahead of us now right around 10 o'clock am we're going to have some big changes as far sky coverage goes well areas further inland will have been clear throughout the course of your morning that will be our areas right on the bay and even out towards dose of sunshine out at the coastline. you can expect your nice little window sunshine this afternoon while the rest of us across the day actually do see quite a lot of it this afternoon. daytime highs today. well, those are going to be warm but right now we're actually very comfortable, 60's and 70's, some of these
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temperatures kept so mild by that dose of fog overnight concord and pittsburgh in the low 70's to mid 70's with dublin in livermore at 67 degrees each oakland and berkeley each at 66 will san francisco in timber on right now at 63 degrees each. now let's make our way into the afternoon and as i mentioned your daytime highs today are going to be hot inland again. so even though we do have this dose of fog on this comfortable morning. we are going to have plenty of sunshine enough to keep temperatures well into the 90's for your afternoon ahead of us inland with 60's and 70's a little bit closer to the coast of the bay so wide range of temperatures for your thursday. the question is how will the next few days shape up as we move into the weekend. i've got those details still to come. rob, it sounds good. thank you john. >>now let's check in on your early morning to mute starting off at the bay bridge 80 west into san francisco. as you can see here it is delay freeze so no problems to worry about the only issue is the fog it's going to be foggy as you get
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closer to treasure island and on the suspension to but no big problems as far as crashes or stalls to downtown san francisco. here's 92 the san mateo bridge on the left you have traffic rolling into hayward on the right is westbound the commute directions, folks leaving hayward heading over to the peninsula. so far it's a very quick 11 minutes to send the tale foggy here the richmond sandra fell but all is well the usual construction there in the parking lots but no major issues 8 minutes from the tolls to one on one and a foggy golden gate bridge reduce your speed make sure your have your headlights and wipers on that scale experience reduced visibility here across the span because of that dense fog to just take it easy. 19 minutes novato to san francisco. look at some more bridges and freeways and drive times coming up in just a bit. we're following for you this morning. we are learning more about the plane crash just off the coast of half moon bay. so this morning, some people are wonderi%g if that crash was a hoax kron four's taylor sackey has the latest on tuesday. david
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lynch's plane went down with him in a female passenger inside. >>the 2 are flying alongside friends when less says something went wrong with his plane's engine. >>just lost all power all of a i felt articles your so my first thought was that was something related has left his small plane began crashing. >>his friend in the second plane films at all less as they made a safe landing with no injuries, floating in the water being stung by jellyfish for about 45 minutes before the coast guard rescued him and his passenger. he also managed to film himself while waiting treading in the water. >>i mean shouldn't videos for every you know everything i'm doing you know in some grades documenting that was was as normal dog, many other the other more boring thing that wasn't you know. >>but some on social media aren't buying it less is known for his daredevil personality in the scheme community. he's also known for pranks on social media like this one on april fool's day saying his
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plane crashed. he was held hostage by a mexican drug cartel is going to tell that was unbelievable coincidence less as a social media may look extreme or reckless. but he'd never go as far as a plane crash putting his own life at risk be crazy to wreck a few $100,000 plan that i just bought. >>spent 6 months, you know finding in 2 months, you know that that out would be the dumbest thing ever i've got another planet and the process of selling its owner to a publicity stunt. but the have and i would just never put my life at risk. you know to to gain a few 1000 instagram followers in just a dozen dozen years, the f a a and ntsb are now investigating the crash less says his plane was under insured and he'll lose money because of the crash. >>tiller bus aqi kron 4 news. well to the east bay now cetera. >>investigators are looking to a small plane crash in livermore now this crash happened wednesday afternoon. police say the single engine plane crashed right after the pilot had taken off from the livermore municipal airport. the fda says the pilot was the only person on board. no word
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yet on the pilot's condition. and check out this is video of another small plane crash. this one was in oroville so investigators say the plane was carrying about 10 people when it went down at the oroville when a supple airport about 400 gallons of fuel spilled out from the jet and that started a fire on the plane. that quickly spread to nearby grass. no one was injured in that crash and the federal aviation administration and national transportation safety board are investigate. morning police and to the east bay cities are investigating a series of suspicious fires that injured one woman, several fires were posted on reported on tuesday in the city of richmond. now all of those fires were in public areas and most for confined to like shrubs and garbage cans and then yesterday 4 more fires were reported in el serino now one of those fires was a car it burn while a woman was sleeping inside. she
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suffered severe burns, but is she is expected to recover. well happening today more than a dozen democratic candidates for president will be in san francisco for the three-day democratic national convention summer meeting so candidates scheduled to speak include senators kamala harris, bernie sanders elizabeth warren expected to be there. cory booker as well, as well as a bay area billionaire tom stier so former president joe biden is not scheduled to attend. the convention runs through saturday. that's at the hilton, san francisco union square hotel. democratic presidential candidate, marianne williamson, she stopped by our studio recently she sat down with a one on one interview with kron four's catherine heenan and she talked about some of those hot button issues and also she set the record straight about her stance on backs vaccines. but the anti vaccine scene. >>do you believe parents should have their school age children vaccinated against
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common childhood diseases. yes. go off the rail i made a sloppy comment that i do regret making. >>around the issue of the of exemptions. you said at one point mandatory vaccinations a orwellian yeah that was a i regret saying that it was not a judge in of said it was a sloppy comment. but i have found in this process that i can say that the million tones and there's still going to be people who for that quick click radar for one of their purposes are going to turn that into an anti vax comment cetera there's nothing more to well you could hear more from williamson on this week's inside bay area politics at hosted by our very own catherine heat in. >>you can watch that on kron on that's a saturday and sunday at 11 oh 05:00am. well investigators in san mateo county say a menlo park man faces several sexual-assault charges involving at least 20 children and police also say
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that there could be even more victims. so the texas first arrested 59 year-old randolph cattlemen. last month and he was released on bill now said sen detectives say that 6 additional victims came forward say they were sexually assaulted by him at his menlo park home bringing the number of victims to 20. so the victims they range in age from 6 to 16 and yesterday detectives arrested how the men again on a $5 million arrest warrant. >>there you see it we have new video of the shooting that happened in the mid market neighborhood of downtown san francisco. and now police looking for the gunman who opened fire now this happened tuesday. this is near market in 6 street police say the victim was not severely injured and is not cooperating with officers. well a san
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francisco man is charged in connection to a deadly stabbing and polk goltz now police say the 38 year-old tony phillips. he got into a fight with 42 year-old curtis neil this happened last friday, he stabbed him in the torso first responders found deal on the sidewalk or for an alley near venice avenue. he died at the hospital. san francisco police also arrested this man right here in connection to an attack that happened on sunday, this is at 5th and stephen street. stevenson streets. antwan monroe now he's accused of hitting a man in the head. but that victim died from his injuries just a few days later. happening today in the east bay, the city of oakland is expected to announce a new 3 year paving plan to help get rid of some of those potholes out there. the new plan will focus on neighborhood streets and crews have already started some of that work right along harold and champion streets that's one of the top spot. so people report often people spoke we spoke with say that some of the roads and that area are just in pretty bad shape.
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>>actual says amy everything and i guy loses his alike part of the front of his car broke off. well he was turned and then fell on the bottles like before this and he was just out there like oh what am i doing in it it's bad. >>and the city estimates that it will take about a 100 million dollars to repsir all of the city streets. coming up next. bay area businesses taking matters into their own hands to help protect shoppers. plus another threat of a mass shooting this time in california. now more than 2 dozen people across the country have been arrested for making threats of mass violence. east they are now looking for a woman who left her house to go water some plants and never came back hasn't been seen before we go a little peek outside of the san mateo bridge traffic looks great the
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weather shaping up a little foggy out there. but we'll have a full forecast after the break stay with us.
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>>welcome back to the kron 4 morning news, the time is 4.15 thanks for waking up with us we want to check in on the forecast now john trouble and i guess we have to get rid of the fog before we'll see the sun will it go away. her it's pretty out there under >>we're going to get rid of it a ghost of a south also some areas right along the coast or to hold on to it for a lot of the that are inland areas are going to see a nice dose of sunshine. >>maybe little bit too much in 7 cases because those temperatures will be quite warm for some of our inland spots yet again. this is a look at the coast in san francisco where skies are as robin mentioned really foggy this morning, definitely one of those days that you want to look out for that fog because it is having a some visibility issues resulting in those
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visibility issues in areas like berkeley as you can see you can see a much and berkeley not even clear down below because that fog is so dense it really a filtered in overnight across the bay itself and settle the right into the day out to the east bay too for parts of that area now high pressure is in the process of really making its presence known yet again further building into the state today now this is actually going to help result in some pretty dry air shaping out we do have that marine layer right along the coast are just going to spare areas like san francisco, many of our coastal areas from obviously the brunt of the heat that are areas further away from the pacific are going to see so foggy and cooler at the coast you will get that window of sunshine. but the further away from the pacific to get you gonna notice those temperatures a little bit on the warmer side. for the south bay today, you're still holding on to the upper 80's you do have numbers in san jose getting a little closer to 90 now 89 livermore now at 91 degrees that's a little bit warmer than
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yesterday, oakland still hanging on to 79 not a big change their will while the creek danville unconquered also peaking very similar to yesterday's temperatures back into the 90's for parts of the north bay while other areas like napa how indonesia a round out the around our numbers in the 80's nevado petaluma and santa rosa today in the upper 80's for your daytime highs today into tomorrow, not a whole lot of change we're going to stay pretty steady in fact into saturday too after that though the bulk of omonday and tuesday these 3 days will be the warmest days inland right by the bay and even out along the coast all these areas seeing their warmest temperatures to start next week. wednesday. we do see the signs of a cooling trend but will still be warm and we'll still be above average robin sounds good thanks to john now let's check in on that fog commute around the bay area summer bridges are covered in fog world came here. >>along 92, this is a trip across the 70 oh bridge on the
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right is the commute direction cameras turned around a little bit so it's a different view compared to what we normally see. but with that is when the westbound side on the right, the folks are leaving hayward heading over to the peninsula. it's nice flow though in both directions al you eastbound on the left looks good so it's 12 minutes here to connect between the nimitz and one on what bay bridge traffic, it's growing for the cash fares. already stacking up on the left and the right but right down the middle the fast track lanes are fine as well as the carpool lane, so we call this a good trip across upper deck to downtown san francisco and foggy across the golden gate, our friend karl, the fog taking over this morning. we can even see the towers so you just want to be extra careful and cautious 19 minutes here novato to the toll plaza, let's talk traffic tracker who want to look at some more free weights and some more drive times maybe you take highway 4 if so westbound traffic looks great so far. 14 minutes. that's quick from one 60 that's an antioch out to 2.42 which is over on the concord
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side. 6.80 looks fine pacheco to danville i don't see any trouble spots for the nimitz or maybe you have to leave the south bay commute to the peninsula. right now it's an easy 26 minutes for north one oh one san jose to menlo park will check more coming up in a bit. well to the east right now sheriff's deputies are looking for discovery bay woman who went missing this week, 53 year-old and she was last seen at her home in discovery bay tuesday night. so her husband says that she went out of the house to water some plants and she just never returned. deputies were in and out of the home yesterday investigating looking for clues about her whereabouts chan is about 4 feet 11 inches tall, she weighs about 88 pounds and she was last seen wearing a light green tank top she had some green shorts and pink sandals. san francisco's union square is one of the busiest parts of the city right and noin t that area. they police officers to provide more security kron four's
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justine woman explains. >>the hustle and bustle of union square attraction offers from all over the world and recently a lot more crime. so stores are hiring san francisco police officers like macy's which has a contract under the 10 the program where the business pays the off-duty officer over time for the extra protection. >>10 be you can generally be more effective because they are connected directly with the police department here and flood with the union square business improvement district tells me stores, what the officers in the doorway to prevent retail theft and to make the workers feel safe. they have that police radio and they also provide and you kw and so people might think twice. >>while a security guard could do the same. the badge and the gun to send a strong message that shoppers seem to notice police officer has more. the
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cost anywhere from $13250 an hour depending on the officers rank and the time of the job. so it could cost the store about a $1000 a day. under a dozen stores use the term the program. it's one way to bring more uniformed officers to union square. >>i'd like to see the police department to increase their numbers on have more put these out in the and see retail theft come down so that there wouldn't be a need for but in the meantime you know this is a response. >>san francisco police tell me that they like this program because it increases their visibility and gets officers out there who know the community best in san francisco's union square, i'm justine waldman. morning news will have to wait until nextto learn the fate of the man charged in the ghost ship warehouse fire trial will have the latest from the courthouse coming up.
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how about a little peek outside let's check in on the golden gate the foggy golden gate this morning be careful across the span. john is tracking your forecast to let you know that fog. and the fog will clear coming up. introducing my new spicy chicken strips combo. bigger, tastier strips of juicy chicken with crunchy batter. spice them up with hot sauce or cool them down with buttermilk ranch. try my 100% all-white meat spicy chicken strips combo today. only at jack in the box.
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♪ try my $4.99 barbeque bacon do >>welcome back another big story that we're following for you this morning in less than 3 weeks more than 2 dozen people were taken into custody after making threats of violent attacks now the most recent that was in long beach where police stopped a man that they say was planning a shooting spree at a marriott hotel where he worked as a cook. police say the man had the means to carry out an act of violence that could have resulted and several people being killed. >>a search of the suspect's residence in the city of huntington beach led to the seizure of multiple high-powered firearms 102 rounds of ammunition as well as tactical gear.
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>>well in recent days, police in florida, they also arrested a 15 year-old boy after they say that he made and on line threat to bring a gun to school police in arizona took a man into custody after they say that he threatened to blow up an army 3 individuals are among more than 2 dozen people arrested over threats to commit mass attacks. now since the shootings since the shootings that killed 31 people in dayton paso earlier this month. and on conditions around the bay area, here's the bay bridge traffic backing up in the cash lanes we have a lot of fog out there. >>but i'm sure you've noticed if you're driving around so we'll check weather and traffic coming up after the break stay with us.
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>>welcome back to the kron 00:04am morning is the time is for 29 john trouble tracking overcast conditions on this pre friday this friday eve.
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>>i like that yeah i always like to refer to of a sickly friday. it is thursday sunny, we just overlook thursday, and you know what for that of a morning that's the way look at it is 30 s right yeah, it is definitely a lot of that fog that is pushed in right along the coastline and it will be a slow you down as you're driving out along the coast or even into the east bay hills so be mindful of that as you do take the roadways. this morning, san francisco and half moon bay, both among areas where visibility has fallen below a mile as of this time oakland and hayward also looking at his ability dropping below a mile at times this morning. so definitely give yourself that extra time getting out the door you'll be glad you did what you do get out there and drive to work or school even maybe a little bit early plenty of sunshine later today and that will 8 in temperatures getting even warmer now this morning we're actually already off to a pretty warm start to the morning. workplace,
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