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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  August 22, 2019 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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investigating a deadly hit and run near san jose state university and body was found in the middle of the street kron four's christina tetreault is live in san jose with what we know christina. >>yes so far we've got investigators and detectives here on scene as you can see behind me we've got heavy police presence. i wish guys exactly where we are going take a look at this map. it happened off of san fernando street in between 4th and 5th street in downtown san jose very close to the sand. jose state university campus and right next to the martin luther martin luther king junior library and you can actually see that we're going to take you guys back back out here live to show you the scene we have so this exactly what i'm seeing here a view that you guys can now see as well as you can tell we're here close to the library and actually the body is still out here corners on scene we're making sure that we don't show you anything possibly graphic, but right here we've got
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investigators who are working to go ahead and figure out the details of this so as you can see here is i'd mention that heavy police presence is very very evident. and we've got investigator right there on scene who is working to figure out the details of who what when where why and exactly how this happened, but basically we know what happened around to 45 in the morning police got were that there was a debt hit and run no other information available at this time other than the fact that we do know the man are the person who passed away was a an adult male so again right here off of san fernando in between 4th and 5th next a san jose state campus. the information we know right now happened to 45 deadly hit and run if you're planning on going this way make sure to veer away from 4th and 5th if you're headed to the university campus you're going to have some detours for now that's all the information we have we're going make sure to keep you guys updated here live on scene throughout the morning, reporting live in san
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jose christina teatro kron 4 news all right. thank you percent will come back for another update it. >>at 6 oh one we'll update on the weather for you of ray head out the door you certainly don't need a jacket again now i don't think you're going to need one today because we're off to a warm start this morning and it's just going to be a downright hot afternoon ahead of us. >>looking outside this morning, you'd think you'd need a jacket was such a foggy start to the day but temperatures out there are significant amount warmer than they were at the same time yesterday fog is low it isn't actually a very gothic marine layer not extending very high up into the atmosphere. so if you are in the east bay driving up into the hills will be driving over the fog but down into hayward half moon bay, oakland and san francisco are where you're seeing most of your visibility issue so give yourself just a few extra minutes to get to work this morning. you may see traffic being just a little bit slower as that visibility is being impacted 60's for your morning temperatures as we mentioned really not that bad of a morning pretty nice and comfortable 6070's and already
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80's by noontime today in the afternoon. it's going to be bringing all the sunshine with 70's 80's and 90's again in your forecast, i've got a lot more 90's still to come in your seven-day robin check in on the bay bridge 80 west traffic is at a crawl your backup already stretches into. >>the oakland maze, it's right at the bottom so from there through the tolls up the incline you're going to be sitting in traffic. this is becoming our new normal school is back in session more folks on the road are already up to 15 minutes off to fremont street accident in san jose still active know that your drive time is on the rise north one oh one oakland road. >>in the clearing stages, we have several vehicles there so the backup is beyond the 6.81 oh one split now it's starting to spill back to capitol expressway. you're up to 52 minutes because of that san jose to menlo park, we'll talk about some more slow downs coming up for you. >>thanks a lot rob, and it's 6 ators in san g story mateo county are investigating a
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menlo park man for several sexual-assault involving at least 20 children pun and police are thinking there could be more victims out there. detectives first arrested 59 year-old randolph haldeman last month. but then he was released on bail since then detectives have discovered 6 additional victims who came forward saying that they were sexually assaulted by him at his home in menlo park. so that brings the number of victims alleging abuse so far to 20 their ages range from 6 to 16. yesterday detectives arrested hauled him in again on a $5 million arrest warrant. new this morning police in to the east bay cities are investigating a series of suspicious fires. one of which injured a woman. there were several bought fires that broke out on tuesday in richmond. all of them in public areas, mostly confined though to shrugs and garbage cans but then there were 4 more fires yesterday in el serino and one of those was
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a car fire. and there was a woman sleeping inside the car. she suffered severe burns, but she is going to survive. >>now police are looking for 2 burglars who broke into a home in fremont a 3rd burglar who was with them was actually arrested. it happened tuesday morning at a home on more sun canyon road right near farkas road. the person in the house actually was able to chase the burglars out into the driveway. one man 33 year-old marquese mcclinton ran away, but again that's the one that police later caught the 2 other burglars got away in a silver truck police are working right now to identify them. matic new video of the shooting in san francisco's midtown for mid-market neighborhood. >>it happened tuesday at market and 6 police say one person was hurt, but is refusing to cooperate with investigators. the gunman got away. >>an independent review of the
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autopsy for san francisco public defender jeff adachi shows the 59 yea is different from what the medical examiner found the medical examiner's report says he died of accidental acute drug toxicity with cocaine and alcohol in his system combined with a form of heart disease. but jeff adoptees family attorney released these new findings and they say it was just a heart-related death. the new report also questions the manner in which the medical examiner tested for cocaine and points to a personal conflict of interest between a dodgy and a high ranking employee in the medical examiner's office. we asked the medical examiner for comment, but we haven't heard back. >>san francisco's union square is one of the busiest parts of the city as we know and that brings shoppers in from around the world. more and more stores are high. >>off-duty officers now to stop shop lifting their kron four's justine waltman takes a look. >>the hustle and bustle of union square attraction offers from all over the world and
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recently a lot more crime. so stores are hiring san francisco police officers like macy's which has a car contract under the 10 the program where the business pays the off-duty officer over time for the extra protection. >>10 be you can generally be more effective because they are connected directly with the police department here and flood with the union square business improvement district tells me stores, what the officers in the doorway to prevent retail theft and to make the workers feel safe. they have that police radio and they also provide and you know extra level of authority because obviously they have a badge and a gun. >>our uniform and so people might think twice we're breaking the law. >>well a security guard could do the same. the badge and the gun to send a strong message that shoppers seem to notice police officer has more. the cost anywhere from $13250 an
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hour depending on the officers rank and that kind of the job so it could cost the store about a $1000 a day. under a dozen stores use the term be program. it's one way to bring more uniformed officers to union square. >>i'd like to see the police department to increase their numbers on have more put these out in the and see retail theft come down so that there wouldn't be a need for it. but in the meantime you know this is a response. >>san francisco police tell me that they like this program because it increases their visibility and gets officers out there who know the community best in san francisco's union square, i'm justine waldman kron 4 news. >>and we're learning more about the plane crash off the coast of half moon bay, some people are now wondering if that crash was a hoax this because the pilot david lashes known as somewhat of a daredevil in the ski community as well as his social media pranks including one on april fools when he said it crashed
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his plane was being held hostage in mexico. there's the article but less says that he would never have faked a plane crash and put his own life in danger for a prank. >>i may be crazy to wreck a few $100,000 plan that i just bought. spent 6 months, you know finding in 2 months, that o the dumbest thing ever i've got another planit and the process of selling its owner to a publicity stunt. but the have and i would just never put my life at risk. you know to to gain a few 1000 instagram followers in just dozen dozen years. >>you know the ntsb in the f a a r in the middle of investigating the cause of that crash. in the east bay federal investigators are looking into a small plane crash in livermore it happened wednesday afternoon police say the single engine aircraft crashed right after the pilot had taken off from the live more municipal airport. if the a f a a says the pilot was the only person on board. no word yet on his condition were still trying to track that down. and we also have video crash in oroville check this out investigators say the
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municipal airport about 400 gallons of fuel that spilled out of the jet and that's what started the fir all survived. the federal aviation administration and the ntsb are now investigating. >>and on the kron 00:04am morning news bay area businesses take matters into their own hands to help protect shoppers. then police in the east bay are looking for a woman who left her house. her husband says to water the plants and then he never saw again. after the break in the east bay city is taking steps to fix the roads makes things easier on commuters. you're not getting here believe the stories when you hear him about what these panels and on the cars. >>and a warm humid and foggy start to this morning with tempe atgot more on your foreca ahead.
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>>and i'm just staring up into the oakland maze these folks are coming from emeryville here's 5.80 out of oakland, everybody heading up to the bay bridge toll p
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>>roads in the east bay where people have the that have made their old car fall apart, this is all part of that million plan that's they say last about 3 years to get it all fixed it's all to focus on a neighborhood street, some of that kron four's gayle on showing us exactly where. >>he was the one of the worst rates in probably the bay area it's the road that's been plagued by puddles for years the corner of harold and champion streets in oakland. >>realmuto so this year by and sees the pain people experience first hand i see >>somebody co there. you know th fires is to let >>d o t has now lockdown
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funding provided by measure k k for the repaving project over the next 3 years hopefully they do more the streets goes really bad d o t says about a 100 miles of city streets will cease mood new pavement. >>i'm no pain expert, but it looks nice. the first portion is done over there. >>crews have already started work on harold and champion streets really for eric rowe who feels lucky his vehicle never suffered any damage. but his friends not so lucky. >>actual were says amy everything and i guy loses his alike part of the front of his car broke off. well he was turned and then fell on the bottles like before this and he was just out there like oh what am i doing in it it's bad. >>gayle ong kron 4 news. 6.15 right now and we're taking a look at at the traffic aside from the potholes are there >>though we've seen them cause major problems on freeway river that big one on the nimitz yeah, big one of the caltrans workers got down
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holes are not our friends. ok i don't have any hot spots it's just slow it. yeah. the bridges are filling in lots of that hill light here on the 70 oh bridge. it is jailed from the toll plaza all all the way over to the high rise. so if you want to get on out there and joined these folks just be prepared to do a lot of break tapping 16 minutes and growing from 8.80 over to one o won't check in on the bay bridge busy to it started backing up in the 4 o'clock hour continues to fill in stretching into the maze already. >>so from the 5.80 connector, the east shore freeway connector. they are packed all leading up to the bay bridge. but this is normal 60 minutes m street, a give you another one the richmond sandra fell bridge spilling into earlier was not so bad when we checked it. now we have slowing in the cash lanes and the fast track lanes 13 minutes to make it to the north bay accident here north what i wanted oakland road in san jose still wrapping up has traffic jam from capitol expressway. so yeah that's putting more pressure on the northbound
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drive, 49 minutes because of that to make it to menlo park checking in on 6.80 it's getting slow leaving dublin to signal 30 minutes for the drive out to mission south and fremont and busy on highway 4 westbound pittsburg bay point but still under 30 minutes to make it over to 2.42. i know there's a lot of fog out there so let's see how your day is shaping up and john street. >>robin a foggy humid and pretty warm morning really year look outside of san francisco shows those gray skies. give yourself extra few minutes to get to work and san jose also. under a cloudy later this morning in the low 70's for san jose as we speak cloud cover is beginning to lift just a little bit so you're seeing it now just above the bay rather than settle down into the bay that just means that visibility will be affected in other areas like the east bay hills and some hilly terrain on the peninsula too well if you're right on top of that they areo going to actually start to see skies. offering up just a little bit of clarity not so
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much of that fog blocking out your view in front of you. now this low pressure area to our north replace what was a pretty dry air mass yesterday with the air that is pretty moisture. laden this morning and that is what's resulting in such foggy and humid conditions across the day. even as we move into the afternoon and some of that fog clears out you're still going to feel those afternoon temperatures with a bit of a higher humidity and that's going to make them feel even warmer than yesterday's. despite the fact that you're not really seeing a change in temperatures on the 4 zone forecast today. so 60's and 70's 80's across much of the bay are going to be feeling pretty warm once you factor in how much moisture there is out there. redwood city 85 degrees for your high today, mount view 86 south bay numbers in the upper 80's, san jose campbell in morgan hill, it's just shy of 90 degrees. low 80's in union city and hayward with livermore returning to the 90's as you will in danville walnut creek in concord oakland berkeley and richmond 70's for you some of
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our warmest of temperatures are in the north bay with the 80's and 90's pretty solidly. what you get away from the coast that is temperatures today tomorrow and saturday not changing all that much come sunday monday and tuesday are hottest of temperatures to be expected. and this is what we're likely to see some triple digits for inland spots, 80's right alongside the bay on those days and 70's by the coast. so not a lot of relief in sight from the heat at least for the rest of the week nor the start of next week. daria. >>thanks a lot of 6.19 another big story this morning in less than 3 weeks more than 2 dozen people were taken into custody for making threats of violent attacks. the most recent in long beach where police stopped a man who was planning a shooting spree at a marriott hotel where he worked as a cook. and he had the means to carry it out. you can see all of the bullets and everything else on the arms that he had and they say that several people could have been killed. >>a search of the suspect's
6:20 am
residence in the city of huntington beach led to the seizure of multiple high-powered firearms 102 rounds of ammunition as well as tactical gear. >>in recent days police in florida arrested a 15 year-old boy and here they are talking to his mom we showed you that for not threat about bringing a gun to school and in arizona, they took a man into custody, saying he threatened to blow up an army recruiting center. so you take a look at the map after been about 2 dozen people arrested for threats of mass, violence. since the shootings happened that killed 31 people in daytona and el paso earlier in the month. >>now though pitas police are investigating a scam involving a travel agency. the house of aloha why is a business based in honolulu and earlier this month a customer told police that they paid the business for travel services but didn't get what they paid for since then officers identified 12 additional victims and they believe there are more out there. lb security robot that
6:21 am
was knocked over last month in the east bay may help bring the vandal to justice turns out hayward police say this robot took a picture of the person who damaged it. the photos show this young man in a black t-shirt and jeans running up just moments before the robot was not over in a parking garage. 9 are calling kapnick reveals. he started his protest against injustice because of an officer-involved shooting in san francisco we're going to hear from the family who lost their son in that shooting. and then you'll never believe who lice arrested for setting this playground on fire in the east bay we'll have details on that coming up. shopping for backpacks... ...and mom also gets a back-to-school bag? that's yes for less. ross has the brands you want for back to school. and it feels even better when you find them for lele. at ross. yes for less.
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6:25 am
elementary. the governor already approved more than $24 million to help you county rebuild and recover from the fire. and wednesday governor newsome hinted possible funding options for paradise and the county in general. i want to see the progress promises and i don't really proud of the work that they've done we need to be aggressive in terms of the insurance issues looking at some interim solutions and some long-term solutions. >>but insurance companies. >>are denying wildfire coverage to thousands of homeowners across the state that live in fire-prone areas that's one of the complications, senator bernie sanders is expected to tour paradise later today during his visit to the democratic summer meeting in san francisco. >>and live here at the dnc summer meeting where over a dozen 2020 presidential candidat
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>>we're checking whether traffic for you is smack dab in the middle 6 30's, the middle regularly than a yes that's right even right now you got to be stuck in traffic. i'm tracking delays on 6.81 on one a couple of active crashes. so it's just getting and if you look out the window you see the roll in tonight school morning. yeah. >>nature's air >>yeah, this is a very war marine layer that out look at the other sales first hour sticking up through with this morning. it feels more like san diego on a foggy day than it does san francisco on a foggy day for much of the bay area. due in part to the fact that we do have such high humidity associated with this fog this morning you are seeing on the other side of the spectrum, not so foggy conditions out at bethel island right now, but even in these areas humidity is pretty high which kept temperatures really warm. throughout the course of your evening visibility is still being
6:30 am
affected in a few spots in the bay such as half moon bay, san francisco, oakland and hayward if you are in these areas just take a little bit slower and you're driving to work this morning could be encountering some dense fog as you do make that drive, plenty of sunshine later on today and with that sunshine temperatures will quickly rise back to where they did yesterday 70's 80's and 90's for inland spots. and if you like another toasty one in this time around even a little bit more humid than what it was yesterday, i'm talking even hotter weather though still ahead near forecast come the weekend still to come. rob, thank you john over to the bay bridge stretching 80 it's heavier it's backed up all the way through the maze. >>if you come from 5.80 that it's now solid from 24. and if you come in from the east shore freeway that's going to be slow to emeryville berkeley, albany. in stretches way back out of hercules so it continues to get heavier, so just make sure you get out there early enough, here's a new accident. this is on southbound 6.80 is as you approach and roddy we have crews responding it's walking
6:31 am
the car pool lane and look at that backup that goes into dublin. so some of that is commute traffic. some of that is related to the crash 33 minutes, dublin to fremont we've had 2 accidents on one oh one in san jose. there's one wrapping up in oakland road, there's a fresh crash at mckee and look at the line behind its 44 minutes because of those accidents from san jose to menlo park darya chait's takes a lot of >>back to breaking news out of san jose where police are investigating a deadly hit and run near san jose state university a man's body discovered in the middle of the street kron four's christina tate show live at the scene now in san jose. >>with the latest christina. >>yet now as you can see here the area is heart taped off right behind me a large police presence here ant to go in and show you exactly where this is on a map to go in and take a look here it's off to san fernando street in between 4th and 5th street downtown
6:32 am
san jose. so you can see it right here on the map right next to the university, a very highly trafficked area so going keep that in mind actually if you're here with the morning commute. but if you go back out here live i want to show you guys what we see here. >>so this is obviously where i was just showing you, but here in these cars right here we have caught coroner's office. and police officers who have been arriving all morning they're here on scene know so far what the authorities tell me is they can only confirm it happened around 2 45 this morning, we know that the man who passed away was air. the person who passed away was an adult male. that's so far the only information that they have confirmed that you're in the left-hand corner of the screen. i don'wa you can are th detectives right there working on site and on scene to go out and 45fi in the morning. one ma
6:33 am
killed the street in a adand fa that meter you see is actually the beginning of san jose state university so very close to the campus here. good inspected expect delays if you're going anywhere in between downtown san jose reporting live christina teatro kron 4 news. ok, thank you christina 6.33 is that. >>and this morning we're learning more about the man caught on camera attacking a woman outside of her apartment complex in san francisco, the san francisco district attorney's office originally said that. >>it advocated for keeping the man behind bars for the attack, but now new court documents show that's not the case kron four's dan kerman explains. >>it was during a court hearing on friday. when the district attorney's office admitted, though they possess this video of the beale street attack. they chose not to show it or even mention it to a judge during the initial arraognment last tuesday, even though the judge endedaustin vincent. i mean my argument.
6:34 am
>>he's on we need strong argument in court friday, the prosecutors said he made a strong argument on tuesday. >>not to release vincent and various tweets from the da's office said the same thing. prosecutors expressed concerns about his release we argued against his being released. we advocated for his remaining in custody. and even the da himself tweeting we advocated to preventively detain this individual. but a transcript of that initial arraignment obtained by kron 4 news indicates well against been sinpe release the da's office didn't put up a fight in fact there was no advocacy, the only thing the prosecutor says is there is enough evidence to show he's a public safety risk. so we agree with the public safety assessment which said vinson should not be released. but the prosecutor
6:35 am
never once used those words and in fact when the judge asked the prosecutor just wondering if there's anything i missing. the prosecutor makes no mention of the video and seems unfamiliar with the police report. >>it's a justice system that's high on excuses and low on results suzy loftus is former president of the san francisco police commission, a former prosecutor and is now running for district attorney in this case there was not serious advocacy there wasn't powerful advocacy at no point did the prosecutors say look i want to bring a supervisor down we're concerned about this release and if i need to bring in someone your honor to to argue i will. now following the filing of additional charges in a second case a judge has decided not to release vincent. >>and he remains in the county jail pending his next hearing which is september 3rd. at the hall of justice in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news. >>06:35am and happening today more than a dozen democratic
6:36 am
candidates for president will be in san francisco a three-day democratic national convention summer meeting that's right we've got from 4 sarah stinson live at union square where security. >>as you might imagine is tight for the candidates as they're set to arrive this morning, sir. >>yes security is getting tighter and people are setting up for this and dnc summer meeting. you can see behind me. this is where dnc members and those candidates will come by and register for the event and it's going to be packed with people as those 2020 presidential candidates are set to speak at this event all looking to those dnc just to name a few. some of the candidates who are going to be speaking our senators cory booker kamala harris, bernie sanders and elizabeth warren know there will also be several other democratic representatives and other candidates speaking all trying to do the same. duringhe
6:37 am
to discuss discuss party business. the democratic party of contra costa county though plans on coming to the convention to fight for change with the hope the candidates and members will discuss the matter hedge fund manager and presidential candidate tom steyer says he stands with the climate change activists and this major issue should be at the forefront of discussion for the dnc and should be debated even which is not done at the summer meetings. but the dnc chair says it would be unfair to concentrate debate on one topic. now the committee is expected to vote this morning on if they have a debate on climate change or keep things the same as previous summer meetings which allows candidates to speak one by one. more like a speech type thing is for him. there are many candidates that are unable to make the convention, however, but may appear via conference on video including joe biden even kamel harris almost did make an appearance but she decided to do so now as i said volunteers have been driving they're setting
6:38 am
everything up we do know that it's supposed to really pick up this morning around 10 heavy security for now live in san francisco sarah stinson kron 4 news okay. thank esential candidate marianne williamson stop by our kron 4 studios and sat down and talk one on one with kron four's catherine heene n. >>about some of the hot button issues and she set the record straight about her stance on vaccines. let's put the anti vaccine scene. >>do you believe parents should have their school age children vaccinated against common childhood diseases. yes. go off the rail i made a sloppy comment that i do regret making. >>around the issue of the of exemptions. you said at one point mandatory vaccinations a orwellian yeah that was a i regret saying that it was not a judge in of said it was a und
6:39 am
can say that the million times and there's still going to be people who for that quick click radar for one of their purposes are going to turn that into an anti vax cetera there's nothing like >>you can hear more from the interview on inside the area politics hosted by catherine heaney, and you can watch that on saturday and sunday at 11 oh 05:00am. >>to the south bay now where officials at san jose state university are denouncing racist and anti-immigrant posters that were plastered across campus. a group called american identity movement claimed responsibility for the flyers. they posted pictures of it on their twitter feed the university has removed all these flyers saying hate has no place on its campus. >>we first of all denounce the messages that are on these fires that are anti immigrant and were very clear about announcing that and we really want to uphold arm and remind people that are core values of inclusion equity, a man
6:40 am
diversity. >>the school also says it plans to hold forums and dialogue is over the next year to talk about these issues. we'll take a break it's 6. california is preparing for the 2020 census by investing more money in it than any other state will explain how and former 49 er colin kaepernick reveals he started his protest against injustice because of an officer-involved shooting right here in san francisco we're going to hear from the family who lost their son in that shooting. a warm muggy and foggy morning so far with temperatures in the 60's and 70's. >>i've got a hot afternoon forecast ahead. and i'm tracking your commute around the bay area taking a look at the bridges including. >>the bay bridge where traffic is crawling from the maze will is crawling from the maze will check more bridges and driv oh thaphenomenal!, that's unfair. that's so unfair. c'mon jay-bo. let's go. let's go. woahh! try my $4.99 bbq bacon double cheeseburger combo.
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6:44 am
going to be saying that a lot we're going to be talking about it a lot more the big changes today though compared to yesterday, especially as we treat dry air mass and hot weather with a very humid air mass and how weather. so this is one again today. >>to >>i would rather have that dry air mass for sure, but today you're going to notice that mugginess as you step outside almost oppressively muggy for parts of the south bay this morning in fact down in san jose where we are looking at your dew point at your current temperature would she know it's going to be a having that sticky feel as you step outside when you see something like that this is your look outside at the east bay berkeley right here one of our fog year spots looking out at foggy air mass that's hanging out across the bay, your current temperatures are in the 60's and 70's so much warmer start to the morning then yesterday with so much moisture content in the air across the bay area we didn't lose much heat last night. so you're temperatures stay
6:45 am
pretty warm. take a look at how our humidity this morning around 90 to 95% for a lot of the bay area early on. we'll see humidity falling gradually into the afternoon still going to have that muggy feel though even as we do move pastor foggy start to the morning. skies are going to be clear after we did lose the fog early on and this area of low pressure that's bringing us that mugginess is eventually going to get out of the region allowing high pressure to build back in and eventually what we'll see is some drier conditions come the remainder of the week, 60's and 70's for your daytime highs on the peninsula today really not a far cry from where temperatures are at this very moment, so temperatures not moving much of the coast our inland areas though we'll see temperatures starting to rise into the 80's for the most part come the afternoon. although a few spots will be well back into the 90's. san jose getting close to 90 degrees with the livermore just above it and it will be back to the 90's for another day in danville walnut creek
6:46 am
in concord oakland berkeley and richmond all in the 70's 80's and 90's for the north bay. these are some of our warmer spots of the bay area while petaluma and santa rosa in the upper 80's today tomorrow into saturday temperatures really not changing all that much you'll see increased sunshine come friday and saturday though after even some sunshine this afternoon. sunday monday and tuesday our hottest days of the forecast. these days will come along with mid-nineties to even a few triple digits, inland with bayside areas in the 80's and the coast in the mid 70's. robert. >>all right so watching speeds dip on the san mateo bridge. the traffic here leaving hayward on westbound 92, it's just getting heavier and heavier your drive time on the rise we're now at 22 minutes to make it through this and all the way over out to want to want to make sure you get out there early same story for the bay bridge want to leave early and be on time because you have to sit in the back up that spills into the maze 5.80 from 24 the e sure in stretches the only lanes that
6:47 am
are open are your carpool lanes some 15 minutes is a decent average for now to make it off to fremont street accident still wrapping up south 6.80 and roddy that's putting more pressure on 6.80 back to you of personal backing you up to the dublin interchange so just solid all the way up to the crash scene which is clearing 41 minutes now because of that from dublin out to fremont off to a slow start, we're looking at more numbers and they look ok, doug martin bridge 14 minutes to make it across the bay and over to the peninsula and one on one, it's ok 8 minutes heading north from brisbane to the 80 split and san francisco, we'll look at some more freeways and drive times coming up for you. >>a lot at 6 47 in the east bay, a boy faces an arson charge for a fire at a playground in alameda. you remember we showed you what happened last month when this fire broke out at woodstock park just melted the entire play structure. police say it was a boy who started the fire in the early morning hours and
6:48 am
the cost of repairing that's going to be $200,000 to replace ed police talk with witnesses and they identified the boy by using surveillance video but they're not giving us his name. >>colin kaepernick is opening up about what compelled him to take action against police brutality and racism in america in a new interview with paper magazine, the former 49 ers quarterback revealed that it was a deadly police shooting that happened in san francisco. 26 year-old mario woods died back in december of 2015 when 5 police officers shot him kaepernick says that incident got him kneeling during the anthem and researching social injustice every chance he got. maria with his mother says she's overwhelmed that her son story hasn't been forgotten. she wants to thank kaepernick for his actions. >>hope we can see we're collin good o ant he maarja and it was can enough to each and sage and lose money an indoor sentence. kid to
6:49 am
work day. >>mario with his mother settled with the city of san francisco for $400,000 earlier this year. >>in national headlines president trump says that he is looking at ending the right to citizenship for babies born 2, 9, us citizens on american soil. trump's statement came as the administration announced a proposal to detain undocumented families together indefinitely replacing the agreement that set a 20 day limit for holding children. critics say ending birthright citizenship would face immediately a legal challenge and would violate the 14th amendment. >>we're looking at that very seriously birthright a baby. congratulations the baby's now us is that we're looking at it very very seriously. >>last year trump said that he would end birthright citizenship through an executive order though he didn't provide a timeline for
6:50 am
doing that. >>california is gearing up for the 2020 census, but lawmakers are worried about how an undercount could affect the state over the next 10 years. >>kron four's capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains what the state is doing to try to avoid a problem. >>focusing on those who will be hardest account. california, lawmakers held a hearing wednesday on the 2020 census and the consequences that census we will have to live with for the next decade secretary of state alex by told lawmakers he has a number of concerns that could lead to an undercount including under staffing at the us census bureau low confidence in the federal government and cyber security concerns with the first ever digital census, the level of federal funding that at stake. if there is an undercount california is spending million on outreach efforts a chunk of that is going toward a media campaign set to launch at the end of september experts explained the message that should be included in the campaign not just. >>educating people on what is the census but on bridging
6:51 am
those fears of participation trust in government. that are essential to success. >>by is juggling both the census and upcoming primary election in march he says he expects a record number of voter registrations and election turnout people can chattel that awareness and energy and engagement and make sure that we apply to the census officials say the first invitations to complete the census online will start going out march 12th, reporting in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>and we are keeping an eye on the markets this morning as we take a look at the big board looks like the dow's up by a 130 points as investors look ahead to the start of the central bank's summit in jackson hole wyoming will there be talk of rate hikes or rate reductions will have to wait and see but wall street it looks positive father news, we'll see what comes out of that summit. coming up at 7 o'clock on the kron 00:04am morning news, the latest on that deadly hit and run near san jose state university's campus we're going to have more in a live report in just
6:52 am
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
>>welcome back 6.55 on this thursday morning, definitely a foggy one across the bay looking out the sfo you can't miss that fog and that delay to well over an hour this us ar we've got very high dew points in a very moist atmosphere and that is resulting in temperatures feeling not just warm as you can see on the map but also having that sticky feel to him too into the afternoon today it's going to feel a little bit on the warm side as well as daytime highs inland boost into the 80's and 90's sticking with the 60's and 70's closer to the coast robin our thank you john. >>we want to check in on the traffic heading into san francisco pretty packed here at the bay bridge toll plaza, your backup spilling into the maze it's been holding their fur. well over an hour now so if you need to get into san francisco. you need to leave early the carpool lanes look great cash lanes and fast ack l minutes to make it end over to
6:56 am
traffic tracker highway for almost up to 40 minutes antioch to con chait's. >>all right robin thank you 6 56 is the time coming up in the next hour we're following breaking news about a deadly hit and run near san jose state university, we'll have a live report with the very latest from the scene and some of the top candidates for the democratic presidential nomination will be in san francisco will have that and a live preview in just a minute. ♪ well well well, what have we here? a magical place...that's lookin' to get scared! with bats...and ghouls...and cars in disguise. i've cast quite a spell now... you won't believe your eyes! the spell is cast. halloween time is back with spook-tacular experiences in disneyland and disney california adventure parks!...
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>>local news station. good morning and thanks for joining us at 7 o'clock. >>i'm james fletcher we want to go to san jose right now where police are investigating a deadly hit and run accident. near san jose state the victim, a man his body found in the middle of a busy street kron four's christina tape cho is live with what we know. >>now where are you now see cars behind me as you can see driving right past. just
7:00 am
moments ago use to be blocked off street where there was a man's body found right here in downtown san show you exactly w happens to go ahead and take a look at this map of where we are happened on san fernando street in between 4th and 5th downtown right across from the m okay junior library which is associated with san jose state university and very highly trafficked area here right in downtown the only information that police have been able to confirm is that this happened around 2 45 in the morning. and as you can see here in this huge police presence this morning all of the area completely between 4th and 5th. blocked off from to 45 on they got word that there was a hit and run they came to find a man's body in the street.


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