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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  August 22, 2019 9:00am-9:59am PDT

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>>and thanks for joining us for the finest hour 9 o'clock >>and i'm james fletcher we had some issues with the roads are us find out that's getting better during the finest hour and is getting better the hot spots are gone, but we'll talk about the residual delays will check in on spots are not going in your going anywhere anytime soon either it's a hot forecast ahead guys were rounding out august with temperatures that will continuously be peaking in the 90's for inland areas and today and kind of feel like the tropics in some ways it is muggy out there across the bay area. even as we start to see some clearing as far as the fog goes, you're still going to hold on to high humidity as we make our way into the afternoon. so do anticipate that sticky feel to the air. unlike yesterday which was a pretty dry hot day. the rest of the forecast ahead does return to our typical dry weather which is good news, but today is just not going to be that way a hot muggy one san jose 89 degrees oakland at 79 while san francisco at 75 for the high today, i've got
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more on your forecast. still ahead robin all right, thank you john let's check in on the bay bridge traffic 80 west into san francisco still at a crawl even in the finest hour, but. >>looking better than the last hours so no problems or crashes we had an issue in the maze so a lot of the folks that you see here at the toll plaza are just now making it to the pay gates because they were stuck in the backup so it's heavy from the maze up the incline up toward the tunnel, but it's still under 20 minutes, we're checking in on the east shore freeway because our crash was on 80 west. right there in the maze it was like 40 minutes at one point now we're down to 25 so that's good from crockett down to oakland and then checking in on 24 not too bad 19 minutes from one at creek over to the oakland maze james. >>i know one that i'm breaking news. we have new video of another attack outside the watermark building in san francisco. so watch the top of the video here hard to see, but you can kind of make out a
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person running down the street and punching a man as he walked into the building. we're in a loop that she hopes he can catch that again. again this is that same building where a woman was attacked by a homeless man last week. this second attack happened tuesday was around 9 in the evening. in the end 29 year-old allie thompson was arrested for aggravated assault robbery and possession of stolen property, the group's safe embarcadero for all they are in opposition to this new home a center that's being built nearby. base released this video saying it's just further proof that the area is unsafe and they think the homeless center is making it worse. >>more breaking news, sheriff's deputies have told kron 4 that a discovery bay woman who was reported missing this week has been found dead 53 year-old chain chan was last seen at her home in discovery bay tuesday night her husband told police that she went outside to water some plants and never came back in. >>he didn't know where she was. deputies launched a search of the entire area and in the end they discovered her
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body in the water rig her own home. police are now trying to determine if foul play was involved. >>9 oh 02:00am and another breaking news storury accident happened right near san jose state for more on the story, let's go to kron four's christina tate row she's live with the latest christina. >>now this area behind me where you see cars driving right now just hours ago this was actually blocked off by police table investigators were inside of the scene trying to figure out exactly how this happened now looks good and show you a map of where we are and where took place we're here off of san fernando street in between 4th and 5th in downtown san jose which is very close san jose state university campus. a very highly trafficked area here downtown, especially in the early morning hours. now police tell us they all they know is that it happened around 02:45am in the morning, they got a call seeing a man's body of an adult male was found in the middle of the street once investigators are here and their preliminary investigation with over the
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mountain, the man i've been hit and killed by a car now the driver of that car. >>right now investigators are also trying to figure out. and also the and they're trying to figure out what was inside of that car our win it all happened. investigators are asking if you know any information to please go ahead and reach out to san jose police department because this is all a part of their investigation. now there also some statistics that we found out from the san jose police department they said the so farther 29th, deadly car crash this year. and they're 12 vehicle versus pedestrian. hart deadly car crash. just this year to date for now reporting live in san jose christina tetreault. >>thank you christina its 9 oh 04:00am and a menlo park man faces several central assault charges involving at least 20 children. and police think there could be even more victims. detectives first arrested since then 6
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additional people have come forward saying that they were sexually assaulted by him in his home in menlo park that brings the number of victims to 20 ranging in age from 6 to 16 yesterday detectives arrested him again on a $5 million arrest warrant. new this morning police into east bay cities are investigating a much as suspicious fires, one of which injured. a woman, several fires first broke out on tuesday in richmond all of them in public places mostly shrubs and garbage cans burning but then yesterday 4 more fires happen in el serino and one of those was a car fire there was a woman sleeping inside that car. she suffered severe burns, but she's expected to recover. >>and there you see dramatic new video of a gun battle in san francisco's mid-market neighborhood. this all went
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down tuesday at market and 6 street. police say one person was hurt. but apparently is refusing to help investigators track down the gunman who an independent review of the autopsy of former san francisco public defender jeff adachi shows the 59 year-old died of natural causes. now that's in contradiction with the medical examiner's report which says he died with drugs and alcohol in his system combined with a form of heart disease. jeff adachi is family attorney is who prop this independent autopsy and they released the new findings which revealed the cause of death is only heart related. the new report also questions the manner in which the medical examiner tested for cocaine and points to a personal conflict of interest between a dodgy and a high ranking employee within the medical examiner's office. now the san francisco medical examiner's office did release a statement this morning in response and it says in part that the forensic pathologist signed off on their report and that it speaks for itself.
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>>time now is 9 oh 6 and today more than a dozen democratic candidates for president are going to be in san francisco for the three-day convention and have a summer meeting in san francisco. they do let's find out more proper sara stinson live at union square. >>sarah. >>this a three-day summer meeting has been nothing but he didn't content is actually behind me right now women have gotten into the meeting even though they said they weren't allowed in. you can hear them screaming for lovely. they're yelling right now it's been very heated all all morning long. it looks like some nice. but basically been like this all morning long we actually have video as well people trying to get in earlier, let's take to that these people have been coming from all over the country to fight for climate change as members will vote on whether or not there should be climate change cop. presidential candidate debate on the issue. contra
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costa county democratic party is here the sunrise movement here. let's actually take to this live right now. i can see live. and now it's happening. and people have signs in there. there's actually. and again this is all about climate change people from all over the country are so passionate about this. it is so important to them. >>the public meet it's open to the public this is the democratic national convention. none of this looks democratic to me so many of started acting up. we started yelling and there are more of us than there are of them so we went without patches even
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though i had mine. >>now a dnc member inside the meeting did say he was impressed with how many people have showed up hundreds of people are here. hundreds and that's why they're trying to get in because the cut cassidy is that 2,200 and didn't seem like there is that many people inside. but as you can see people they're determined to get inside. let's also talk about all this is happening though honestly the candidates that are going to be here yet. serwer can you explain more what we're seeing right now. >>because the we saw that them try to force the door opener. close it couldn't tell. and now we see the cops are what's going on. so basically the. already thought to be inside there are many people got inside without credentials, they weren't allowed credentials because. >>they said it was full color or people who are inside said it wasn't full. so that's why people stormed in so people who don't have a bad. our
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credential they went up to a basically a pay for their parking meter and then they when they came back in they weren't allowed to come back in and that's why this sky and police were just blocking the door saying you can't come in you can't come in. and this woman, she's just passion. she wants to get in. but police are saying look we're not letting you and so a lot of he did contentious moments and has been full ever since 07:00am we've seen. hundreds of people just fighting to get in the stores again this is all surrounding the topic of climate change all over the country are here. it was so many years, she's let's hear from her she's talking right now ok, she's talking now they won't let me back in i left my bag with my christmas cards inside there. but we're passionate about the climate change resolutions and having the presidential candidates. do an entire program, a town hall on climate change have a special.
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>>lotus chief fong and i have 3 grandchildren to percent. hello to us why e f o in why are you not and side. this is mentality and the a orders that have been given to the security people who called the police. they are not well trained on how to handle the security situation. but them. the dnc has not anticipated the grassroots support and passion about the climate change and all the other issues so they don't want to lose their base. they need to mobilize and work with us not keep people out who was going to say how does this for. the dnc has undergoing a reform with into the democratic party if you go to the national or the state conventions. this is what were screened. her no and next week the democrats and the republicans have it too. so what did you get did you get. people screaming buddy murder. i was at the meeting
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last night at park 55, i've where there wasn't excellent cam. ok she just going back in yet. they're now letting them and yet when you when you were first line. the in the shrinks were just crazy like something was going on. she was that i thought she was the one screaming at. she was the one screaming she was on trying to get it right. you hear people cheering. i mean i can bring inside of your it's it's been it's been intense, i mean. of course climate change is so important but to see this pass fashion and people all over the country now they want to be in there so bad and they want to show they want to make sure the dnc knows that they
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should make sure that there is a climate change caucus, which they don't have right now and they want to make sure the dnc holds a presidential candidate debate specifically will climate change so what they're so passionate about. we'll cut you loose, so you yeah there and try to find out what's going on in. >>hi who was keep us updated on the philippines. there thank you very much sara we're going take a quick break, it's 9.13 will be back with more in a minute when we do come back very businesses are actually taking matters into their own hands to help protect their shoppers. we'll tell you what they're doing and don't ever believe a police arrested for setting this playground on fire in the east bay they tracked the little guy down. and one east bay cities taking steps to fix roads and make things a little easier
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>>welcome back 9.17 on this thursday morning and skies are
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gradually growing clear and clear as the morning goes by you're seeing less of the fog but you're going to feel that mugginess throughout the day temperatures really haven't changed a whole lot yet and hard to believe that we've been in the 70's in some cases since 04:00am this morning never having fallen out of them last night and part of the reason for that is the moisture content that the heirs held their feeling you're stepping outside that that that's that sticky feel they keep temperatures pretty level during your overnight hours. and today we're going to hold on to some higher humidity, them are usually used to here in the bay area high pressure builds up its keeping us nice and. warm for the day today, but temperatures are going to stay just as warm if not hot for inland areas in the days to come conquered in antioch at 94 for your highs today livermore at 91 san jose in morgan hill. the hot enough at 89 degrees each as you can see temperatures are getting any cooler anytime soon only warmer sunday monday and tuesday our hottest days of the forecast, especially noteworthy inland, but also by the bay and the coast.
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the commute traffic which is itste busy around the bay area we're starting off with the bay bridge 80 wesson to san francisco. delayed here backed up through the maze the make it and no problems right now we had a crash on the skyway that's out of the way so will be slow like this and stretches all the way to downtown san francisco just be prepared. we're also checking in on some drive times around the bay area, one oh one 19 minutes from brisbane to 80 so it's starting to calm down 20 minutes for 2.80 from daly city to downtown san francisco. so busy but not bad. we're also taking a peek at 5.80 because of slow in both directions westbound from to 38 out of castro valley all the way over to the nimitz you're going to be slow merging onto the northbound limits to san leandro and the southbound them it's through hayward so this whole interchange is backed up and then the opposite side east 5.80 also crawling as you leave dublin grated finally cle
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up by the top of the great. no crashes know stalls just a lot of heavy traffic the nimitz to 38 5.80 all backed up. time to talk winners and losers with our financial expert, rob black and. >>and the against the summer vacations are over so now they can lower the price of gas went. i don't need to drive anymore. just you not driving anymore. >>believe it or not all about it's because a couple things the winter seasonable and starts to kick in. that's a cheaper gas to formulate it's morphed people are staying home vacations are so it is tara's point that your people are driving. the gasoline prices already up about $0.15 in the last 5 weeks unexpected drop about $0.25. next couple more weeks that's about $0.40 off where we were. decrease in demand after labor day shift to the cheaper blend winter fuel. i really like see united states gun one blend of gasoline, versus what we currentlyav
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all states have higher prices obviously california is not in these ranges. the national average average price of gas and $2.40 seconds. for a environmentally friendly. ford basically thumb their nose at trump yesterday and said we don't really want higher miles per gallon. >>so there's a lot of things going on, but given that the game changer could be the weather. there's expected to be 10 to 17 storms between now and october and 9 of them could be hurricane so we may not get the cheaper gasoline for long. hurricanes to knock off the refineries that to knock off the drillers they can knock off transportation the distribution of gasoline so. >>it's a good time. >>to fill up in the next couple of weeks i think it all off it should be a little bit cheaper but our up number used to say that to a guy who would put the gas fill er up. when you tell the guy my best day of my life was when you compare the pop you like that i don't standing in line. so you were s
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thro like it okay, but why do you like apple you're calling it a winner and they're coming out with new stuff, how are they gonna make my phone. a pro. he phone to make it expensive. >>the good ol days and weeks to get excited about apple launches its coming again in about 2 weeks. certain a lot of new product coming i just wanted to highlight some of them. they're shifting the name. instead of the apple acts asx are i kind of stuff they're going to get a pro versions now part the pro version is it about a camera back with a 3rd sensor and ultra wide angle photos will be possible to wide videos will be possible zooming and out with a larger field will be possible better camera better cameras really the shtick are that's the sign calling it pro instead of ax to just calling it and it's expensive couple more things will help reverse wireless charging system stake in charge or air pods are tricks analysis found hey, i'm the video upgrades will make it
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more like a video camera. >>the camera great to make it more like a professional rider i wonder what sort of pixels right, i'll tank and there's a it's it's qualify for 30 minutes under water. i don't know what that means. >>yeah, it means that if you drop it like now if i drop in cereal for a second. like i take it right up and i don't it was ok. so i guess i could just let it sit in the bath time now for 30 minutes. yeah, i think that's what they mean you got to go diving with it. >>and still got a question i dropped to under the yeah, i know i just any time they say it's safe and i'm going no. i don't think it will be a new faster a 13 process or the ipad get a refresh the air paji cheaper introduction with just 2 tweezers instead of 7 tweeters has a lot of new product times out there police to stand in line call it. cold in winter because apple now has so much stuff. here's new stuff they no longer have to be game change. yeah, so okay.
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we've got a viewer question what about investing in l brands. >>a k a. >>victoria's secret. that's pictures tickets. name is l brand on the also owned by body and that works ok that's right and the starts putting off you know and talk about. >>bath body works yes smelly creams it's nice outside i like him, but much prefer roger a lottery is not terribly selling well, younger people just don't like it is still the number one lottery company in america. the problem with al brands and why i wouldn't invest in it, it's because it's small company you have to go to the mall to really try it on go to the mall to shop most people just like on amazon getting stuff delivered at their peak brand isn't really relating well with college girls, there's a lot of new alternatives from women start-up companies like dirty girl. that has kind of sexier lingerie think maybe fits more bodies included than what's typically happening at victoria's secret ok, thanks a lot rob, and if you would like to ask rob. the question like kathleen just
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did about victoria's secret you can e-mail him. >>can tweet him or you can
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>>9 27 is the time in the east bay, a boy faces an arson charge in connection with a fire at a playground structure in alameda. it happened last month that would struck park we reported on it initially his pictures of the damage. police say it was a boy who started this fire in the early morning hours that playground destroyed $200,000 oppose it was what it's going to cost to replace it. police talk to witnesses they looked at surveillance video and that is how they were able to track the shopping for backpacks... ...and mom also gets a back-to-school bag? that's yes for less. ross has the brands you want for back to school. and it feels even better when you find them for less. at ross. yes for less.
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your homeowners insurance. i didn't know geico could helps with homeowners insurance. yep, they've been doing it for years. what are you doing? big steve? thanks, man. there he is. get to know geico and see how much you could save on homeowners and renters insurance. and you score the you knperfect outfit?at ross ooooohhhh! game on! now, that's yes for less. nothing beats getting the latest trends at 20 to 60 percent off specialty store prices. at ross. yes for less. >>and hopefully we're winding down. >>the commute, it's father but the bridges are still packed that have a couple of crashes that i need to peta on the nimitz and highway 17 so check that okay. >>also got to check on the weather because that's going to be can we call it a heat wave in such a long period,
9:31 am
it's not terribly hot. but it's a long stretch of warm to color you want colleges had to be over a 100 from. is it 90 plus triple digits in there. so why not call it a heat wave, maybe not peaking quite as high. but it's a wave that's just last. it's definitely one of those forecasts ahead that makes you want to keep the a c on hand as much as possible, you're look outside this morning still shows that lingering fog sitting right across the bay you've grown quite clear over the east bay over the peninsula and even starting to over the south bay too but that fog is pretty stubborn sitting right over the golden gate and then through the bay as well and you can feel it this morning 2 inches very muggy out there with a very high dew points that will last well through the afternoon even so today's going to be one of the hotter and muggy year kind something that we don't usually see on these hot days across the bay area after this conditions will drive back out but remain just as
9:32 am
hot for the rest of the forecast 70's for san francisco and oakland for daytime highs today with san jose in the upper 80's it's going to be a very toasty one for inland areas to back into the 90's which i'll get to still to come rob, us. >>all right over to the richmond center fell we want to take a look at 5.80 we have a lot of slow traffic and a lot of fog to right the tropics here on west bound 5.80 continues to spill back be on return parkway just about to harbor. so i don't see a huge improvement we're holding at 14 minutes, the bay bridge traffic, it's also very slow. it's backed up through the maze 5.80 from 24. and it's like this often on all the way over to fremont street. here's your crash that i mentioned it's on the hayward side north down right after arado now's and whipple between union city commute crossed calling from 84 up to the scene as crews wrapped that up and then your drive time and still quite high for the opposite side. it's slow from 2.38. in stretches to
9:33 am
milpitas so 46 minutes from san leandro to milpitas once again you're dealing with heavy traffic on both sides of the nimitz james started. >>ok so cruz in cuffs costa county had to. respond to at least 2 brush fires that were sparked by homeless a campus recently aircraft forcefully to call reports they broke out near homes and a school. >>for the contra costa county fire protection district. it's the height of the fire season which started in may and so far this year spokesperson. steve hill says crews have thought about the same amount of vegetation fires compared to last 220 last year, 215 right now the difference though is that this season started later and we have more fuel to burn because of the winter rains also turns out many of these fires are happening in homeless encampments so the fire protection district is working with other agencies to help connect unsheltered people to services one in particular is county health services.
9:34 am
>>and their so-called core teams which are working with people that are living in homeless encampments we're working very closely with them to help to alleviate to the extent possible. the risk of fire associated with these encampments contra costa health services says the county's homeless population has increased 43% in the past 2 years. >>the fire protection district says almost all fires battled in the county are caused by humans that was the case tuesday want to cooking accident at an encampment in antioch burned a quarter acre of grass. the day before the fire started at an encampment behind hillview junior high in pittsburgh. >>i see a lot more people on the i see a lot of like campers and just people camping in the trucks morse on the street than in here but now it appears more people without a roof are opting for the wild lands and that's causing problems felecia all kron 4 news. >>san francisco police have arrested this man in connection with an attack that
9:35 am
happened on sunday at 5th and stevenson street. antwan monroe. his name is accused of hitting a man in the head and that victim actually died from his injuries a few days later, so police are looking for this person now are actually they've arrested him. >>a san francisco man is charged for a deadly stabbing in polk gulch police say 38 year-old tony phillips got into a fight with 42 occurred is neil last friday and stabbed him in the torso first responders found meal on the sidewalk and for an alley near van ness avenue ne died at the hospital. >>san francisco's union square is one of the busiest parts of the city shoppers from all of the bay over the world descend on it and sometimes there can be crime yeah and so they're at. >>actually going to be dispatching more off-duty officer not off duty but plain clothes and regular officers to try to stop shoplifting covers justine waltman explains. >>the hustle and bustle of union square attraction offers from all over the world and recently a lot more crime. so
9:36 am
stores are hiring san francisco police officers like macy's which has a contract under the 10 the program where the business pays the off-duty officer over time for the extra protection. >>10 be you can generally be more effective because they are connected directly with the police department here and flood with the union square business improvement district tells me stores, what the officers in the doorway to prevent retail theft and to make the workers feel safe. they have that police radio and they also provide and you know extra level of authority because obviously they have a badge and a gun. >>aren't you farm and so people might think twice. >>while a security guard could do the same. the badge and the gun to send a strong message that shoppers seem to notice police officer has more. the cost anywhere from 130 to $150 an hour depending on the officers rank and the time of
9:37 am
the job. so it could cost the store about a $1000 a day. under a dozen stores use the term the program. it's one way to bring more uniformed officers to union square. >>i'd like to see the police department to increase their numbers on have more foot beats out in the and see retail theft come down so that there wouldn't be a need for it. but in the meantime you know this is a response. >>san francisco police they like this program because it increases their visibility and gets officers out there who know the community best in san francisco's union square, i'm justine waldman kron 4 news. >>well happening today in the east bay, the city of oakland is expected to announce a new 3 year paving plan to help get rid of those pesky pothole yeah panels that have ruined a lot of >>cars they're focusing on neighborhood streets where a lot of the damage has been done like here in herald and
9:38 am
>>actual were says amy everything and i guy loses his alike part of the front of his car broke off. well he was turned and then fell on the bottles like before this and he was just out there like oh what am i doing in it it's bad. >>the city estimates it's going to take about a million to fix all checking in on your commute around the bay area still quite busy into san francisco, the bay bridge traffic crawling from the maze 15 minutes to make it then we'll check more bridges and a bit. >>and skies today have been pretty foggy up to this point but they're starting to
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>>and liftoff of the united launch alliance, delta 4 rocket carrying the gps 3 magellan mission for the united states air force space and missile systems center.
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>>welcome back 9.46 clearing skies across the bay area now no more fog sitting over most of san francisco, just blue skies out there, san jose also seeing some rapid clearing within the past hour or so and looking at sunshine working its way down into berkeley too. although you can still see that fog sitting across the bay pretty dense right now. temperatures in the 60's and 70's currently, although we're getting close to the 80's for a few spots now pittsburgh at 79 fairfield at 78 degrees. we've been warm and muggy all morning long and that's something that's going to continue for much of the day oakland in mountain view and as well as san francisco and half moon bay, all looking at humidity pretty high right now relax some on into the latter part of the day, but it's going to stay pretty muggy. throughout the course of your thursday come tomorrow skies will drive back out and conditions will be still hot but a little bit more on the comfortable side. as today is going to be a little oppressive with that muggy feel 60's and 70's for your temperatures in san francisco as well as up and down the
9:47 am
pacific shoreline. you will see some fog hanging out at the pacific today, but retreating at times to have your window sunshine elsewhere in the bay that sunshine is already being seen and you're going to see a lot more of it into the afternoon, upper 80's for highs in the south bay and temperatures returning to the low 90's for portions of the east bay robert. >>thank you john let's check in on traffic now getting better in some spots and then other spots not so much, here's or foggy golden gate and there is your zipper truck, you know what that means right. it means the commute is over at least for one on one the traffic has thinned out the zipper truck is switching around the cafe configuration to give you 3 lanes on both sides so 24 minutes for the commute direction novato to the toll plaza which is great but be careful with the fog out there, it's a little dance checking a drive into san francisco, it's been rough this morning with traffic spilling back into the maze we caught fire that's gone, but as you can see we're not
9:48 am
really seeing a huge improvement not yet. 18 minutes off to fremont street, new accident here for conquer this just popped up west for at 2.42, it's right at the split so that's blocking west force heavy from 2.42 to 6.80. it's stay slow the entire stretch up to 42 continuing on to 6.80 south. and as i zoom out you can see the drive time for 6.80 south 19 minutes for my way for out to danville just know if you're connecting from highway 4 that crash is in your way the rest of the bay area doing fine in these numbers are winding down to 3716 minutes milpitas to sunny though. ever been to manitoba. >>judging by the online jokes, nobody goes to winnipeg without a reason and tonight our excuse is the raiders they play the packers in a home on the range game on the windy canadian frontier, the raiders boarded their plane live on instagram until they had to put their seat backs and tray tables up.
9:49 am
>>hey look who's else is along for the ride. that's antonio brown mind, those fancy shades. >>and these were the big bumble bee sure that's what's blurred out on the left. >>which can't see is a and you may know that's the gucci label i think the gucci logo enough with the fashion statements though it does look pretty cool. fans just want put the helmet on and play that. >>as the only thing missing from aaron rodgers get up the packers gunslinger was dressed appropriately. enough they say the canadian tuxedo got its name because bingnot appropriat legend has it the movie star was denied entry to could a canadian hotel because he was head to toe in denham and when levi san francisco heard about that they made him a custom denim tuxedo some wild games for the west bay area,
9:50 am
baseball teams. spoiler alert the giants lost theirs but the a's won so let's go to that first chris davis and marcus semien each it. a 2 run homer to back mike fires and hold off the new york yankees, 6 to 4 to clinch another series win against a nail division leader oakland is now a percentage point in front of tampa bay for the second wild card. the a's won for the 6th time in 7 games and reached 201 home runs. the giants had their share of home runs yesterday, but the cubs still managed to come out on top. our guys scored 9 it runs in the 5th through the 7t battling back. chicago blew 2 leads but then they got to go ahead 2 run homer in the 8th which was enough to top the giants 12 to 11. a barbell did what a lot of players would like to do to hunter strickland break his nose. strickland who made a name for himself with the giants fighting other players
9:51 am
like during this brawl with that now nationals in 2017 national joy now plays for. there's also one time that he fought a door and a lost member that he ended up with a broken hand will this time. he says a barbell got the best of him at the gym, i guess is it was the bench press james everybody knows he has a spot me around our is getting it right the face is that how works that's how i have no go to the gym because although we still a huge guy like hey can you spot going. i never stopping that from getting here the kids from new jersey are out. but not down at the little league world series that's because their coach gave them the best speech ever after they lost the game. every single one is going to be successful. call me coach.
9:52 am
and is it ok. it sees 3 times every time a was it the sweetest thing, yes, oh man it's a nice the little league series goes on and they go home that
9:53 am
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>>and a rescue dog from an animal shelter is the next big star. yes. >>in disney's remake the live action remake of lady and the tramp they were looking for some of the plate to trap bryant. they found him in phoenix did this is monte they found him shelter yeah there in phoenix so he's a rescue dog, he's perfectly cast because next a lady o a little
9:56 am
with actually fantastic. the trainers say they've been. >>how did they get him to look at adoringly you see how it because he's an actor do it. >>do >>should so cute i now can't wait for them to eat the same piece of spaghetti and meat together going to be huge. afterwards they already have a home for these guys and everything to get back productions already down so they're already with their forever homes and the show the movie should come out in november. let's take a look at the. >>7 day around the bay forecast with the next 7 or longer is hot. cookie cutter forecast 90's, 90's several day for the foreseeable future never take a few degrees there. she is going to be hot. it is right now, but we'll see you back here tomorrow morning if anything changes will be the first to let you know or that the crime. it's 24 7. commercial free, streaming all have to do is go to kron that tv to sign it have a good day everybody. you know when you're at ross
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house in the same bedroom he lived in in high school. >> announcer: 's family claims he's lazy. >> dr. phil: you came out of retirement instead of him working. >> he actually wrecked my car. >> announcer: he claims he has a family. plan. >> dr. phil: you have to wait for missouri to change their laws. >> dr. phil: today is going to be a changing day in your life. you have never had anybody working harder to bring you to the threshold of change that right now. ♪ [applause]


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