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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  August 22, 2019 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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>>and all of a sudden the filled with smoke. we just all have to kind of like this term. >>read. >>some tense moments for passengers aboard a hawaiian airlines flight from oakland to honolulu after the cabin
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and cargo area filled with smoke, the plane had to make an emergency landing in hawaii. everyone did get out safely tonight we're hearing from passengers who were on that flight. thanks for joining us at 10, i'm can way and i pale more the crews deployed emergency slides to get nearly >>100 passengers off plane quickly. alice reports from the airport. >>point airline says all 8 slides were deployed shortly after landing in got all passengers to safety in 30 to 45 seconds this after both the cabin and the cargo hold filled with smoke about 20 minutes before landing. so the warning off and the cockpit and that's well that prompted the emergency response at the emergency landing and the fact that the smoke was still prevalent on arrival. >>that was what was prompting the evacuation. >>snook says that the crew automatically put on masks if they sense. there's smoke in the possibility of a fire. but masks for passengers were not
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release because that could do more harm than good. >>we don't want to pump oxygen into the act craft and cases this fire and the actress somewhere that has been no visible evidence of fire. so no no visible on arrival. >>5 adults and 2 children were sent to the hospital for minor respiratory concerns snook says it's still too early to say what caused the smoke and where it came from. emergency officials say passengers crew and first responders get a good job in preventing more injuries. much of the concerns is stepping off of the aircraft so he stopped at the bottom so. bruises shows evacuation was done orderly and i shut out to point staff in making sure that as they were coming off the aircraft was done in a or doing man.
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>>that was among mirallas reporting passengers are told not to grab any of their carry on bags while they were. >>that waiting officials say because the passengers cooperative they were able to get everybody off the plane safely hawaiian airlines did issue a statement saying in part. emergency was declared due to reports of smoke in the cargo hold and cabin. the airbus a 3.21 flight landed without incident, the company then went on to say we sincerely apologize to our passengers for this incident, we have been keeping up to date with this developing story through kron 4 push alerts. >>download the kron 4 news app today to keep up as we learn more about this emergency landing. other news tonight, firefighters are still on the scene tried to contain this wildfire burning near redding. >>the fire is in shasta county has started about noon time today. the crews say the fire has already burned at least one structure it is not clear if that structure was a home or some other building. the fire so far is only about 20%
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contained. are still threatened by the blaze tonight. >>thousands of people have been evacuated, including just the collars. >>chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is looking at the conditions in shasta county tonight. lawrence, it's hot hot dry. windy. and temperatures near triple digits today and you know what now we're starting to watch the winds begin to pick up a one so bad in the afternoon. but now look at this. >>now to 14 miles per hour chest and that's certainly right in and around that fire. so certainly tonight. a dangerous conditions develop even stronger gusts throughout the night tonight, here's the latest forecast model on some of those winds around the fire. as we take you through time here this was beginning to pick up you can see near 20 miles per hour. as we get to about one 45 in the morning that could certainly cause some problems all that smoke you see the direction that's coming from the north and pushing to the south that's going to drive all that smoke down in reading possibly a whiskey town as well so tomorrow morning, a lot of that smoke kind of settling around that areas overnight tonight. once those winds peaking about 19 miles per hour begin to calm down but by
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the afternoon tomorrow. they're asking the head the other direction entirely so that may be some good news because that will push the fire back up in the places that it's already burned so and also take some of the smoke out the reading area. but certainly some dangerous fire conditions and we're just really getting into that time of year where we're going to see the peak of those fire conditions developing around the state not just in that area, but also the bay area get those normally wins that dry windy get that out hot air's it begins to sink, and approached the surface, the temperatures warm up it dries out in hurry could be very dangerous for seen that around the state now as high pressure builds in still little patchy fog along the coastline, but with temperatures like this fires doesn't go to spread fast to get numbers like this around the bay area everything so dry all the tools out there in the force's sold right 97 degrees today for a high in santa rosa 97, a blade on 97 also in concord and 95 degrees in livermore 80's and 90's around the bay today and even 70's in the san francisco. so big ridge high pressure holding on now it will build
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in and straight that i think over the weekend to kind of get the sense of that northerly component to that ridge building in now and that's what we've seen. winds still breezy out there not as a blustery as it was early on this afternoon. still to 50 miles per hour. so a team there and sfo. all around the bay area are seeing a little bit of a breeze right now but we're going to see some of that return again as we head toward tomorrow afternoon. temperatures very comfortable in spots. we've got 60's 70's around the bay, still warm 80 degrees in concord at this hour, 70 in dublin, 72 degrees in livermore 60 degrees into san francisco. but there are signs of that ridge building in effect tonight, mostly clear little hazy out there's going to be little muggy in spots. we've got some leftover moisture from a dying cold front that to make things very humid around the bay area today. tomorrow looks like that ridge will love hold on for another day of them won't be as muggy tomorrow still going to be hot in the but this weekend we're talking about some more heat, i think maybe near triple digit, heat and of course fires always a concern they just told right this time of year that will we want to be >>all right lawrence, thank
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you. fire season is bringing particular attention to evacuation plans a small town in fact a new study suggests at least 20 different bay area communities have emergency escape issues. kron four's gayle ong live for us tonight in half moon bay with details scale. >>ken and pam were in half moon bay because it was one of the city's listed in that study mainly because of the population and similar roles like what we saw in the camp fire. >>it's been almost a year since these people experience the worst bother him, he's a pass. >>the wildfires in many people escaping the inferno. the tragedy has shed light on evacuation plans new research shows there are more than 20 bay area towns and cities with potential escape route problems one of the problems we found is that people are used to taking the same road every day. >>and when something goes wrong we should even take going to take that same route and then the response might be go somewhere else. this study done by street light data.
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>>involved where the heaviest traffic is and how many exits are available. >>if something bad does happen. we have limited options. >>half moon bay was listed in the study the city has similar road to paradise with one way in and one way out wildfires are not a concern for half moon bay resident. manolo fernandez. >>tsunamis this close to ocean and so poses a great risk with with the bay area being in a close to a fall in with these little smaller weeks it could end up being a bigger quake in a in the near future so we just don't know. >>the main part about escaping his is knowing when the going going early and being ready battalion chief david cosgrave with the koh sai fire protection district provides these maps with an evacuation plan just in case a matter self preparedness. >>you know if you think you need to evacuate evacuate that i'm just so you can beat the crowds while wildfires don't usually come to mind near the coast. >>firefighters say it's still a concerned it's a dangerous time is when you're watching the weather you see about the
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red flag warnings and at night if you don't get the recovery because of the film ice or the fog coming in. >>a marine layer. that's when we have the dangers here that's when the feels can be very dangerous when you have to win to it. >>no other cities that were listed in this study were san anselmo foster city sausalito and the report just hope to maybe you can shed some light to city leaders to reassess some escape routes in case of an emergency. we're live in half moon bay gayle, ong kron 4 news sales. thank you brent would father of 2 is in the hospital tonight. >>after being hit by a truck in emeryville yesterday and am reveal council member actually witness that accident and he's now calling pedestrian safety changes in this city. >>well for sale of a sacking joins us live from where the crash happened. taylor to listen. >>it happened right here at the intersection of 45th and holla streets things obviously looking much. calmer now also feel the same thing when i first got here earlier today given the four-way stop signs
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but after waiting about 10 minutes we saw almost 2 people get hit as for the victim, the got hit yesterday. he was right inside that cross walk with the right away. >>i hear his face was a >>way there he wasn't moving and we bill city council member john doubters witness a truck hit james and or a gun in a crosswalk on wednesday at the intersection of 45th and holla streets and reagan was on his way to meet his daughters for dinner is meeting to hear when you're going me and i so i had. >>and next in my step mom asking if she heard from an as you know the answer a knee. that's when she's community on hand and reagan's daughter caylee says. >>he suffered a bad head injury he had a small brain bleed, but it looks like it's getting a lot better molly under a gun lucky to be alive and recovering well. >>matter says it should have never happened in the first place he blames the intersection and invasion drivers. >>and the 10 minutes that we
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were here we both saw a pedestrian a bicyclist on the sky had been some attorneys this intersection is located in one of the few north south routes through every bill that at this time of day as people are trying to race home from work. >>emeryville police say the driver that hit in the reagan stayed on scene and is cooperating no drugs or alcohol were involved but distracted driving likely played a role now about his wants the city to act fast on improving pedestrian safety here. >>we shouldn't have a situation like this have to happen to make changes and so what i want to have a conversation about memory bill is how can we accelerate and move forward. >>now about her says this neighborhood is so as to see a new development in the coming years and because of that this intersection is slated to get a 4 way traffic signal with pedestrian activated lights but he says that weight is too long. he says he'll push to get those improvements sooner
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repting live in emeryville taylor bus aqi kron 4 news taylor thank you san ramon police say this man inappropriately touched 2 women on a bus from the walnut tree part station. >>to san ramon officers identified the suspect as 58 year-old ernesto, a kenya. a witness told police to come in yet might have victimized a 3rd woman during the same timeframe if you've been a victim or if you know of any similar incidents involving a coup nia you're asked to contact, san ramon police. >>san jose police are investigating a fatal hit and run and that left a man dead near san jose state university. it happened early this morning right now police say they have very little information they need they say they need the public's help kron four's michelle kingston has more from the scene in san jose. >>together the pieces of the puzzle with little bits of evidence. >>san jose police are investigating their 29th fatal collision and their 12 vehicle burst pedestrian fatal crash bash of the year a man's body was found in the middle of the
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road around 2 45 thursday morning near the san fernando and so forth streets near san jose state university downtown if if the suspect would have called in 911. >>with the person be alive today. you know part of the for the question we have right now is when that happened it was reported at 2.45, but we really at this time haven't been able to determine when the the collision occurred. >>investigators are trying to figure out exactly what had. and the driver involved. >>we don't know who this person is weon't know if they've done it before we don't know if they're going to do it again. >>say they have very little for me should at this time and are canvassing the area for video surveillance. >>hoping to identify the car driver involved. witnesses who might have saw what had. >>hopefully again with witnesses and video surveillance and people calling in. guiding us in the right direction. you know it's going help us out.
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>>as you can see this is a very busy intersection downtown police say if you have any information about this accident to contact them immediately. and downtown san jose michelle kingston kron 4 news. >>just as of the kron 4 news room tonight, this is civil rights and labor leader dolores huerta being arrested at a demonstration in fresno this happened today, 89 year-old where to was among 8 people who were detained at the fresno county board of supervisors meeting today, a to stick the reporter with our sister station in fresno k s iii was there and heard from doors where to. >>after she was released. >>and see i union members filled the lobby of the fresno county board of supervisors preventing county workers from leaving some president county deputies me. after 2 were arrested for obstructing the doorway for more made a human chain a total of 8 were arrested this exclusive video
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captured by cbs 47 civil rights leader dolores huerta was one of those arrested cited and released rally continued outside hours >>that the home care workers are treated. >>but they can get those out racist. this at home because you can't 1000 a map and they don't want to give us 12 $1 an hour. >>another big story tonight less than 2 weeks after a woman was attacked outside her san francisco condominium, another man. >>has also been attacked outside that same building in fact this is one of 2 attacks of taking place this week near the embarcadero first dan
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kerman spoke to the latest victim. >>i was checking my phone before going into the building. good we just punching >>this man who prefers to remain anonymous is the latest person to be attacked. outside the watermark condos on beale street. this is security video of the tuesday evening attack where a man runs up behind the victim punches him in the head and then runs off. he was shocking and yeah, it control myself not to fall. >>he punched me crazy you no harm. >>it was a week ago sunday when another watermark resident was attacked as she tried to enter the building in that case the suspect was caught. >>and now 2 attacks in front of my building, this is i think really on safety or not. >>and he's not the only one in the area feeling unsafe. i mean even the upper 20 years. >>and i've been talking to a lot of people in a lot of the war are very unhappy and discontent chile unsafe about from business to residents.
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>>neighborhood residents complained that since construction of this homeless navigation center begin next to the water mark crime has been on the upswing in fact 12 hours after the second attack at the water mark. another man was punched and robbed in the 200 block of the embarcadero though in that case the suspect was caught as for the second watermark victim. he's now considering moving back to the south bay. i. >>felt that this is it safe neighborhood if i need want to move i don't know at some level i need to actually. yeah, i don't know what to do not. >>that almost avocation center next to the water mark is currently under construction and due to open at the end of the year. the mayor says she supports that navigation center earlier this week she says she supports the building many navigation centers. she says it's the best way to get homeless people off the street and a transitional housing and ultimately into permanent housing. in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news. >>ash with weight environmentalist and the old
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guard of the democratic party at the annual summer meeting in san francisco, a contentious topic discussed today during the kickoff of the 3 day event was whether the democratic presidential hopefuls should hold a debate focusing on the single issue of climate change. well ford maureen kelly was there as one committee meeting was shut down in protest. >>sitting on chairs and shouting out in protest a mostly young crowd of environmental us ended the dnc's resolution committee. briefly after a majority voted down a resolution that would allow the democratic presidential primary candidates to hold a single issue debate on climate change. they sing a song asking which sir are you want and then stormed out. >>is so much is not just we're not just a few loud voice in the room we have to show the over 300,000 signatures for americans to buy the debate 20 of the 23 democratic candidates will be asked to
10:19 pm
ring around for a climate debate. we have 25 state party chairs that are down for climate debates when they say no really. what is the problem. there's overwhelming support for this. >>well the delegates who voted no says he's not sure the dnc should be in the business of picking which topics deserve a focused debate. >>i live in south florida climate change is important to me my house 6 feet above sea. over my house is parkland martyrs don't doubt. douglas high school. i met with those parents. i had a friend whose boy from was kill the polls. i go back what you were doing climate change is not gun control. >>young activists say the fight is not over they hope to try to bring the matter up again before the fuldnc body on saturday. there's a lot on the agenda during this three-day that here at the hilton on friday, many of the presidential hopefuls. >>we'll get 10 minutes each to address the delegates, including senators bernie sanders elizabeth warren cory
10:20 pm
booker and kamel harris maureen kelly kron 4 news. >>meantime the race is on for democratic candidates to qualify for the next debate, one of the candidates trying to secure a spot is marianne williamson and she said down one on one with kron four's kathleen kane in to talk about some of the controversial statements that she's made on the campaign trail. >>you said not too long ago that you believe powerful forces are trying to keep you off debate stage what diyou as sort of process that with a therapist of my best friends that's not something i should have talked about publicly i don't want i don't see myself as a victim. uh i don't want to sound a that way i regret saying it's but you must felt that on its so obvious the you know when you when you say things and there are clearly people who for the sake of of faster click through rate on a web site mischaracterize what you just said even lie about what you just said something else going on no relief in the heavily that happens. and also
10:21 pm
when you see the same words used over and over we know what goes on in politics. >>and you can hear more from williams and on this week's inside bay area politics hosted by catherine he didn't watch it on kron on this saturday and sunday at 11 oh 05:00am. >>governor gavin news,me vows yet more legal action against the trump administration. his message tonight on national tv. >>plus police make an arrest in monday's deadly stabbing at cal state fullerton the suspects connection to the victim. and a look back since the earthquake in napa 5 years just when you thought you were done painting...
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paintblock reacts with the water in latex paint to form a micro-barrier against paint bleed, giving you the sharpest lines possible. get professional results with frogtape... no messy lines, no paint bleed. for sharp lines every time, frog it! >>this saturday will mark 5 years since said big earthquake in napa and the 6 point o magnitude quake hit at 3 20 in the morning on a sunday, this is video from that morning back in 2014, one person died. 200 others were injured. the quake also damaged several historic buildings in downtown napa
10:25 pm
damage totaling hundreds of millions of dollars much of that is fortunately no longer visible but since an earthquake, the usgs has been spending a lot of time and effort studying the north bay looking for any. >>unknown faults the work continues to hopefully identify any potential dangers and understand how another big earthquake could affect the region. >>and take a look at this a rare beaked whale recently washed up on drake's beach in the point reyes national seashore in county staff of the national park service remove the carcass for further testing to determine the particular species. i'm sure they'll also want to find out what they think led to the whale's death. biologists i think that it is a hubs beaked whale. >>fight breaks out inside a denny's in the south bay coming up we're going hear from a woman who was there. caption, the attack wonderful. >>3 cars crashed right into one another on a highway in
10:26 pm
the north bay why the chp says the drivers involved were not supposed to be on the road. >>around the bay area today summer t
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>>this is probably not the way parents want their teenagers to start their school year the highway patrol says a car wreck involve students heading to school and some of those drivers didn't have a driver's license out for as justine waltman has more on the crash and the lessons for parents with young drivers. >>that is how some students from sandra fell high school started the school year. >>according to the california highway patrol one oh one north just by the timber on exit. 3 cars crashed right into each other. >>vehicles driven by one of the the girls. elaine changed into another car, which is a bmw. causing the bmw to spin out of control. and this
10:30 pm
spinning bmw then gets hit by a 3rd vehicle which was also a friend of theirs a mercedes. >>sir patrick roth was chp marin tells kron 4 news, the driver as of the luxury vehicles, very green behind the wheel, one driver. not even have a license officer os says this crash is a good one. >>kids know the rules of the road. >>if you're not licensed to shouldn't be driving the is you know you're not experienced. parents need to be really. kids driving status. every parent should know if the child is licensed or not. >>chp wanted to point out that the girls were driving back from the scene your sunrise on the marine had winds a tradition for seniors on their first day even though was foggy at the golden gate bridge tell the morning it's the traffic's very light. >>so for cars to crash into each other's very unusual. so were some you know shenanigans going on.
10:31 pm
>>that was justine waltman reporting no one was injured in the crash. the chp gave out tickets to the teenagers for driving without a license. >>costa county sheriff's deputies are saying a discovery bay woman who went missing this week is dead 53 year-old chain chan was last seen at her home on tuesday night. her husband says she went out to water plants and never came back. police didn't find her during an initial search but today deputies said they found her body in the water behind her home on beaver lane. her body is now at the coroner's office to determine a cause of death. >>a former hillsborough resident will serve more than 4 years in prison on wire fraud mail fraud and money laundering charges. prosecutors say between 2010 2015. michael fiu lied to his victim saying that he was investing their money in real estate in total few said that he caused losses to his victims of up to million.
10:32 pm
>>in the south bay, wild fight shakes up dying in san jose and a fight broke out late tuesday night inside a denny's kron four's grant lotus rice is now in the studio with what witnesses have to say about this fight grant. >>they say they're scared and one says she thought she might die and got under the table when you see the actual fight you'll understand why folks were skittish at best here it is a group of men approached another man who was sitting at a booth and they start violently punching him kicking him going off a woman who was eating at the denny's with her boyfriend and another friend at the time sent us this video to get our cell phone of course. she says she heard an exchange between the victim and the attackers as she says the victim had just yelled a racial slur at these guys before they started attacking him. she says when the fight started she didn't know what else to do other than to get under her table.
10:33 pm
>>records didn't know they had a knife or gun or something i don't know when they're going to get out. so the only thing i thought to do was to quickly hide under the table to paris. i thought it would be. harder for them reach me to be on the table because my friends they were standing on top of. went on to the table that ran >>see them kind of taken off there at the end didn't appear that they had any weapons to this woman said and she says by the time police arrived 911 was called the attackers were totally gone it does not appear that any arrests were made can now back to you. thank you lawrence sir thank you grant to it's an unfortunate event that happens all too often in the bay area, someone smashes your car window. >>and grabs, whatever valuables are inside the vehicle and police in fairfield say 2 men targeted a tesla on tuesday and already they have a clear picture and identity of at least one of the suspects take a look this is video from test was built in. >>camera system. the camera followed one man as he broke into the car and stole a
10:34 pm
laptop. it also captured the license plate of the suspect's suv police have identify one of the man a 24 year-old alvin lovett from the bay area. >>is one we have probable cause to arrest this time and then he also has warrants for his arrest from other jurisdictions in the area and one of those has been mentioned to be a weapons charge. so that's public not to contact to do see him. >>police now working to track down that suspect and identified the other. >>now to the weather with grant know it's lawrence this time we'll do morris to the weather we there yeah. that's changing over the next couple days today, you know very humid very muggy outside in spots. >>a little hazy out there right now you can see inside the bay little fog trying to form out there but not much so far but we're going to see some interesting weather as high pressure taking over but we're going to see the influence. maybe a tropical
10:35 pm
storm. the kind of falls apart right now that ridge just the dominant feature in through saturday you've got a hot temperatures, especially away from the coastline. maybe just a couple of patches of fog, keep it cool that will be how to play the weekend there comes that system that's coming about the south this one. evil that's going to fall apart and as it falls apart of that moisture can end up in the bay area so maybe back to some why like maybe muggy conditions as we get the next tuesday and into wednesday and everyone so i see one of the storms fall apart, and sometimes get some my electrical activity may be some lightning some thunderstorms have to watch that very closely as we start out that next week but then as we get in the middle of the week will notice some changes got another big swirl off the coastline. finally high pressure is going to start to weaken somewhat and the temperatures are going to start to come down. so here's your tenant tenants if you believe this is all the way out the labor day weekend the unofficial end of summer it's going to be hot as we look at your weekend ahead, especially away from the coastline. temperatures warming up on sunday and probably monday. some of those numbers get the upper 90's maybe triple digits as we head in toward monday
10:36 pm
too. by tuesday where that ridge still strong to begin to weaken and then the clouds roll in from that a tropical system on wednesday and then temperatures start to cool off as we head into thursday and friday but looks like we'll heat right back up for the holiday weekend. thank you lawrence in national news tonight. there are some discouraging economic reports on jobs manufacturing and the deficit essays ago you might remember. >>president trump pushed back on recession. warnings and said the economy is doing really well. >>but as caitlin collins reports tonight, he's now sending mixed signals on his economic policy. >>economic warning signs are flashing tonight president trump is sending mixed messages on his game plan. >>not looking at a tax cut now we don't need it. we have a strong economy. >>part of the confusion whether or not the president is considering a payroll tax cut toward a economic down turn. >>president obama did that in order to artificially. jack up
10:37 pm
the economy. >>that's a reversal of what he said only days ago. >>payroll taxes, i've been thinking about payroll taxes for a long time the president's flip-flop coming is congressional budget forecasters say more reading is to come. >>the congressional budget office now says the federal deficit will balloon to billion this fiscal year and average one 0.2 trillion for the next decade can wait for formal the president's most consistent economic message has been a contradictory one. he insisted the he is doing really well. but he spent a week calling for a big federal rate cut. typically made with an economic did is on the horizon. >>does it you'll see a rocket ship we'll see a little bit because if we have a very strong economy. >>the whiplash in the west wing is widespread. >>i have an appetite for background checks were going to be doing background checks.
10:38 pm
trump now says he'll push for background checks. >>and claims he never told enough he wouldn't even though he spent the week repeating. the gun group's talking points after a long phone call with the nra chief. to trump talking by sources tell cnn white house aides are working on gun control proposals for when congress returns to capitol hill. but what the president will support and whether or not that support will waver remains to be seen as trump bobs and weaves between controversies. 2 of his top advisors are noticeably missing in action. >>following a weekend vacation in wyoming. tournament the trump have remained under the radar this week. as the president digs in on his accusation that jewish voters. >>who supported democrats are being disloyal to israel you vote for democrats giving very disloyal. >>due to its people from skiing and. >>has been as the administration's attempt to repeal obamacare collapsed to
10:39 pm
vacationing in florida during the christmas government shutdown. in times of trouble has become a path 3rd of the trump presidency teacher. >>meantime california will file its 58 lawsuit against the trump administration as early as next week as from governor gavin newsome on the administration's proposal to detain undocumented children indefinitely right now there was a 20 day limit on detaining children and families the deadline grew out of a settlement of class action lawsuit back in 1997. and the administration said it led to a boom an adult bringing children when entering the us illegally governor, newsome told. cnn's anderson cooper today while the most that while most of california's lawsuits against administration. our aim to protect values in california. the detainment issue has national significance, 7 young children have died since trump was inaugurated as president night states not one. >>died over 8 years under dog president obama's.
10:40 pm
stewardship, a family separations happen under this administration. we saw the public charge assault last week which is family separation by other means and now here we are detaining some children indefinitely. it's an assault on the fours decision. clearly i think will be rejected by the courts and the answer question is california once again assert itself in the court of law. a federal judge in california must first approve the rule for it to go into effect. >>and she is federal judge dolly gee who was the one who first approved the settlement back in 1997. 2020 presidential candidate, bernie sanders back in california this week today, he toured the area damaged by the camp fire last fall in paradise, he met with people who lost their homes last november. >>if there is any silver lining in this terrible tragedy in this beautiful town is that i hope people of the united states and the people of the world understand. that we need bold and aggressive action. climate change which
10:41 pm
is common enemy, not just for the united states. both the countries all over the world. >>sanders also stopped in chico to lay out his comprehensive green new deal to avert a climate crisis while creating 20 million jobs. he says right here in california. >>the search is over tonight for the suspect in a deadly stabbing on a college campus in orange county, a retired university administrator was found stabbed to death in his car on monday cal state fullerton tonight police arrested a cow state employee. reid binion has the story. >>it is our hope that the arrest of mister bo will bring a sense of safety and security back to the county for the campus. >>after days on edge with a killer on the loose the campus of cal state fullerton is breathing a sigh of relief a murder suspect is now behind bars accused of brutally stabbing 57 year-old steven shek can chant to death in a
10:42 pm
campus parking lot detectives believe based on their investigation that full acted alone during the planning and commission of this murder. >>police say their suspect 51 year-old shuiyun was the victim's coworker and then a backpack containing items that could be used for an abduction helped lead them to vote there are certain items in that backpack. that word. disturbing to say the least and that back park obviously backpack obviously did play a role in our investigation, a significant role police say they're still working to unravel why vote may have wanted to kill his co-worker part of the motive. the the wise. the house. those will all be answered. hopefully here in the next few days and in the coming weeks. the university's president says with the arrest they can now begin to grieve and heal i can't think of a better thing than to do than to begin that healing process here and now by remembering our colleague stephen reid binion kron 4 news. >>a new bart station is coming to the bay area today, the bart board of directors agreed
10:43 pm
to open our ving ton station near the intersection of oz good road and washington boulevard between the freeman and warm springs station. it will be a 2 story site that far station that will prioritize pedestrian bicycle and shared mobility access. the station project will also include construction of the east bay greenway bicycle trail as well as the stabilization and protection of the guy aigles winery >>still ahead a new crop is growing in an area known for its grapes ahead an ambitious business competing with wineries. >>look to sweep the yankees and take possession of a while. just when you thought you were done painting... discover paint bleed under your tape...
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>>a new crop is brewing in san joaquin county alone. i based company is working on the resurgence of growing and processing hops. >>for craft beer and the creators hope it will also get
10:47 pm
the entire community involved care serves up the story for us tonight. >>and now an i p a whatever the birds while the streams can imagine missile among low dies wine grapes or what some may refer to as an unlikely pairing as very nice it or so roma to it. why hobbs well they've always been a dream and a plan deal first dreamed of growing the crop when he lived in the pacific northwest. he says he decided to take on the challenge in the middle of zinfandel country unlike man that's a pretty cool quantity to be growing like it's an arresting in challenging every day is a new challenge. >>well to dell is a farmer he says he's not a builder to build the trellis is for the hops his dad peers him up with thomas bell who runs his own fence company are does the farming and of an idea the construction end of it we got it together. >>it's a perfect fit for us to really work very well together. >>but on the cops was formed and their first beer babies were planted last year craft brew industry starting out. >>and then expanding the way it is now in true really created the market that we're
10:48 pm
in. >>a cop also plans to open the state's first public processing plant for hops like here in lodi. growing number of hops farmers in san joaquin county. their hope is to lead a resurgence and a co-op one part hops another community we're here we want to grow. >>we want to do something special and help the people that want to be a part of us grow and do something special as well. >>receipt. and he's hops are produced tom a cop says it plans to harvest the crop starting tomorrow morning the company is working to open the processing plant in just a few days. tonight sport. yeah back at it against the hottest team in baseball. >>yeah, big series for the a's tonight before the a's and the giants can get ready for another edition of the battle of the bay this weekend. and some other business to finish up each team looking for a win
10:49 pm
today against a really tough opponent. we start maybe a hottest team in baseball, the oakland a's going for us a 3 game sweep. the new york yankees at the coliseum and stephen piscotty who lost his mom for male last held an autograph session. >>to support the teens, a less awareness night as the a's raise funds to find a cure we go to the bottom of the first mark hanna. >>reaches out and strokes the base hit to left center field. the map. 3 nothing a's now oakland pitchers kept the yankees bats, mostly this series. and tonight was 10 or or gave up only a couple of runs over 6 and a 3rd innings striking out. including gio urshela here in the 6th. this takes yokum's story in d. up
10:50 pm
for the second wild-card giants trying to avoid a sweep to the cubs and chris botti was presented with one of the iconic center field tile field because number 15 on it managing his final game there today. thousands of the season gave up only 2 hits over 7 innings. throughout the series. fraternity for the giants to tie. gets him looking to end. the raiders
10:51 pm
traveling all way to winnipeg, canada to play the green bay hackers in their 3rd preseason game but. >>concerns over the condition of the field cause problems before the game even began. where the goalpost is usually placed for. and zone to the 10 yard line play on an 80 yard field with no kickoffs yeah that's weird. antonio brown. the rest of the starters for both teams. the dow nathan peterman to qian hatch of the 25 yards into field goal range. 23 for 37 for 210 yards and 2 touchdowns daniel car wilson. he was 3 for 3 on the night. drilling the 33 our game winner. and jon gruden happy about that one his raiders their 3 you know when the pre season, final score tonight 20 to 21. and the
10:52 pm
silver and black finish their pre season next. regular season football start pretty soon here if they can keep their win streak going in the regular season brought to the job we'll take it thank you cape to have good weather. they were going a whole >>bay area we are get ready for some hot weather as we settle in for the weekend. what shopping for backpacks...
10:53 pm
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10:56 pm
on to find out more go to kron on dot tv to sign up. >>all right one last weather check and look a little haze out over the bay right now, but not much in the way of fog just kind of haze out there at this time, but as we head toward tomorrow morning some patchy dense fog, especially along the coastline. maybe a little thick out there early on as we head toward the middle the day here comes that sunshine again temperatures of the 80's if you want to take your lunch in the valleys 70's inside the bay and 60's out toward the coastline. hot inland again by tomorrow afternoon were up in the 90's in spots inland. so. yeah here we go get ready for friday and the weekend to tomorrow about 92 in concord about 85 degrees in santa rosa 87 degrees in san jose and about 79 degrees in oakland all right you're 10 attend those temperatures heating up over the weekend some places getting near triple digits. inland by the end of the weekend and e beginning of next week and then we've got some clouds coming our way a tropical storm going to fall apart evil. there's going to be falling apart not divo not the punk rock group. it's you
10:57 pm
know, but it's going to fall apart we're going to see some of that moisture in the bay area by the middle so it's not going with that good. >>i don't think so not here.
10:58 pm
10:59 pm
11:00 pm
(birds chirping) can we do this later, eli? i'm sorry i'm late; traffic was crazy. peter wanted me to check out this house on my way in to work, so, please? eli: no, wait. i just wanted to warn you: the press might call. wendy scott-carr's husband is doing his spousal interview with kids. we discussed this, eli; i'm not gonna do an interview. i know. i-i didn't say anything. i'm just saying, you might get a call. i'm going now. no, wait. you and the kids are coming to the hyra tomorrow night for the returns, right? i am. not the kids? good-bye, eli. (phone beeps) it's a four-bedroom, five-and-a-half-bath


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