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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  August 23, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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test train and then the other breaking news comes at a san jose one person was injured in an overnight crash that have happened there when a car was speeding and crashed into several parked cars. we'll have live reports from both scenes as we continue in just a couple minutes, but first want to peak at the weather track we do starting off with john good morning. john and good morning to you guys as well as more comfortable morning to start this friday than what we saw yestr day clear skies out there first of all fog not really much of an issue for the vast majority of the bay and that humid feel that yesterday had has for the most part departed so today going to feel pretty good now temperatures are noticeably cooler as well we're in the 50's and 60's right now with 67 in pittsburgh as our warmest temperature and then our cooler temperatures in petaluma and napa each at 55 oakland, dublin and hayward all at 61 now a lot of these numbers are noticeably cooler than yesterday at the same time napa down 11 degrees santa rosa down 9 degrees, san francisco, 7 degrees cooler so good chance for just step
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outside enjoy that crisp air to start the morning. before another warm afternoon ahead of us which will take us back into the 70's 80's and yet the even more 90's and i'm tracking even more of those 90's in your forecast into the weekend. still to come robert pretty busy right now john heading into san francisco a lot of slow traffic leading up to the bay bridge toll plaza. >>back to pee on the over crossing spilling out to west grand so slow from that point right up the incline this is the norm for friday, so no crashes most also put it at 14 minutes, there's a stall on the nimitz northbound 8.80 north of high street that's blocking the middle lane so its backing up towards 66. that's pretty you at 20 minutes because of that stall from san leandro to downtown oakland. we'll check in on more slow downs coming up darya james, thanks a lot robin 6 still one let's get to the breaking news that more than 2 dozen people hurt in a late train derailment in sacramento, yeah that train apparently crashed into a test train. so a lot of questions this morning as to how. >>that was allowed to have
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proper sara stinson live in sacramento for us this morning, sir. >>it was a crazy scene last night as you can imagine i mean a train hitting a test train and then 27 people the injured list take to that video you can see all those we know others about showed up 15 ambulances here and the scene is still active as we speak. you can see in the video that rain is upright still here there's a multi-agency response 13 people are recovering in the hospital from their injuries and 14 others were treated at the scene out there as i said there's over a dozen ambulances first responders were working as fast they could to help as many people as they could. so definitely chaotic knows happened west of the winter or trail rail station thursday night and the crony avenue in roseville road and we're still waiting to get an update on the investigation. obviously they're trying to figure out. how this happened but take a
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look now this is a live look at at the scene you can see. the train and then you can see the test range. i'm trying to zoom in here. >>you can see the scene there still a caution tape up they're the test train and they're still trying to figure out how this could have happened. i mean obviously something went wrong. but definitely still an active scene hopefully we can get an update on those who were treated, we know too had moderate injuries and the rest were considered the walking wounded so stay tuned as we continue to follow this story for now live in sacramento. sarah stinson kron 4 news things all right. thank you sir. >>and then the other breaking news story that we're following 7 people had to be taken to the hospital when a plane flying from oakland to honolulu had to make an emergency landing. it was a hawaiian airlines flight that started as you can see spilling with smoke as it was approaching honolulu, the
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destination look at inside the cabin is pretty thick black smoke you could see one passenger there with mask over his face and apparently the smoke came from the engine, a seal in the engine failed. >>we're on the final approach coming in and all of a sudden the cabin just filled up with smoke. we just all have to kind of like this turn. >>reviews of pair for a where does he landing in and the accusations so we'll another ads and everything down like that. >>the plane landed safely and the runway was closed as the captain deployed all 8 emergency slides you can see there for the evacuation. >>and everybody on board. >>is getting a full refund i'm sure there's still shaken up about uh yeah i just took that flight james still and it was so pleasant, yeah, you know i a few days before this happened right and i'm just thankful that it happened when they were like halfway across the city yesterday at other just on approach to 3 hours of dealing with scary right. everybody's. ok all right.
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>>we do have other breaking news to call for you this morning, one person injured in an overnight crash this one in san jose, it's the second serious hit run crash in the past 2 days kron four's christina state row. >>is live with the latest christina. >>we hear live off of moore park and saratoga avenues in san jose and actually right behind me, it's still little too dark to see all of th details. but there are remnants of a crash right there a lot water bottles and glass says well as different aluminum cans, it i have one car after supposedly one car crash into about 6 others sure on more park avenue it's a really long strip. really long little line right here with a lot of cards park on and so this the information we have so far we sure it happened after 10 o'clock last night and apparently one driver. rammed his car into approximately 5 or 6 other cars actually one of them here on more park avenue still we see the damage of the police confirmed that there was at least one driver involved it did hit those cars and that
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after the cars were hit that driver fled by foot ran off and did not stay on scene now we do know one other person was taken to the hospital you can see it here in this video. but we cannot confirm where that person is from if they were involved here in the cars that were parked or if they were also in the car. it did go ahead and hit people that also spoke to a witness who did not see anything but or something happened because they live in the apartment complex right here, let's go ahead and take a listen. >>my girlfriend we are getting ready for bed. we live more into the apartment and all of us and we just heard like a loud bang, sounded like a car hitting. >>now the one person taken to hospital we are hearing. luckily had non life
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threatening injuries and is expected to be okay for now reporting live here in san jose christina tetreault more news. >>thank you christina 6 oh 6 is the time. >>convicted of hitting an sfpd bicycle officer with a car is going to serve 12 years in prison, 51 year old willie flanagan was sentenced to 12 years in prison for hitting officer aliyah lewin tangle in october of 2017 flanagan was driving a stolen suv went through construction zones at more than 40 miles an hour then drove into a parking garage where he hit the officer, the officer suffered permanent brain damage in that accident. on the peninsula police arrested 2 people they think they were involved in a theft ring in pacifica here the 2 they arrested rudy rivera and mercy sandoval and they're still looking for others involved in this organized theft ring. they're accused of stealing about $70,000 worth of items. from
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stores that tops high and cameras handbags and more and police areoing to carry out arrests or as they say for the other 4, they're looking for. >>it is arrested for sexually abusing children at a church and police believe there may be other victims. the suspect 26 year-old jacob hilton is accused of abusing a child who attended first baptist church on cinema boulevard hilton was arrested last friday and since then we're told police say the have more had more victims coming forward. that claim they were abused by helping as well. police say some of these assaults happened inside that church. in san ramon police arrest, a 58 year-old ernesto, a could not for inappropriately touching 2 women on a bus that bus was going from walnut creek to san ramon, a witness told police that he may have actually touched a 3rd person on that bus as well. >>the missing woman found dead in the water yesterday near her discovery bay home. drown 53 year-old shane chan was
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last seen by her husband on tuesday night he says that she went out to water some plants and never came back in after an extensive search with boats helicopters and dogs her body was found. wednesday night actually in the water behind her home on beaver lane. police are investigating what happened to her, although say now is that she drowned happening now firefighters battling a wildfire near redding and shasta counties started around noon yesterday. so far it's burned 600 acres and one structure. you can see that one going up in flames right there. there were many other structures threatened by this fire. 1100 homes. our threat and it's only 20% contained and thousands of people has ben evacuated. >>well wildfire season is bringing attention to evacuation plans in small towns after what we saw in paradise the following the campfire as new study finds that at least 20 bay area communities have a problem with their escape route. the
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study was done by street light data and they looked at you know, where's there heavy traffic in how you get in and out of a town like half moon bay was in this study because half moon bay has similar. set up to paradise jusway t one and one way out and that poses a risk in the event of an emergency. >>one of the problems we found is that people are used to taking the same road every day and when something goes long what going to take going to take that same route and then the response might be go somewhere else. the main part about escaping his is knowing when the going going early and being readied it's a dangerous time is when you're watching the weather you see about the red flag warnings. >>and at night if you don't get the recovery because of the film ice or the fog coming in and a marine layer that's when we have the dangers here that's when the feels can be very dangerous when you got the win to it. >>the co side fire protection district provides maps with the evacuation plans in roots and if you want to get a look at that just go to our website at kron 4 dot com. >>we'll take a quick break it is 6 and still ahead a fight
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at a south bay restaurant caught on camera will explain what happened here and after the break officials in emeryville are calling for increased pedestrian safety after a father of 2 was hit by
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>>at 6.14 right now get a look at the weather it's not going to get much cooler. >>now for monday our second with the heat for. some time all the way through the weekend getting especially hot early next week. and then we kind of see a little debt still upper 80's. the ok yeah, when you say especially hot beginning next, talking hundreds of that point we could see nature of the jet set that best chance of the many ways adjust her a few spots though nothing like last week's heat at least we have that to console us a look outside this morning. we do have some fog but it's not nears down says what we saw looking across the bay from or in county down to san francisco. >>you can vaguely make out the city skyline there just some misty conditions more so than
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anything san jose off to a nice clear start this morning and asked for you looking down at the east bay right here, a very thir of low clouds hanging out over berkeley. so not near as foggy as yesterday plenty cooler than yesterday overall just a more comfortable start to this morning. now into the afternoon today we are going to see much change from yesterday. high press is still in place humidity is making its way out of the region ast moisair mass moves to the east. so we're actually replacing this with some hotter and drier weather today temperatures are going to be around the same. it's just going to feel better that humidity with some dry air. 60's and 70's for san francisco as well as up and down the peninsula along the pacific coast. half moon bay and daly city back to familiar territory in the low 70's really nice pleasant day ahead of the coast 70's and 80's along the bay shore with 80's solidly stretching from san carlos through redwood city in mountain view at 85 degrees each south a hold on to those upper 80's just as you have
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the past couple of days, not a lot of change in the south bay from yesterday besides it being dry or pleasanton and livermore in the low 90's along with low 90's in danville walnut creek in concord well sticking with the 70's and oakland berkeley and richmond. again our hottest areas in the bay are up around vacaville down 3 of the oc at 94 degrees each upper 80's in napa while low 90's and sonoma and mid 80's in sandra fell and nevado today today into tomorrow remaining pretty steady not a lot of changes come sunday monday and tuesday. there's that warm up we're talking about mid-nineties for your inland highs and again your best chances of seeing a future pull the just mixed in there. 80's along shore of the bay and some 70's the coast. after this early week warm up next week you will see some cooler temperatures by thursday taking inland spots back into the upper 80's. robert. >>all right. thank you john will speeds continue to death on 92 are checking out the drive here across the san
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mateo bridge. it's not bad but it's definitely slow so we have the traffic coming to a crawl at the toll plaza continuing on the flat section and then by the time you reach the high rise you'll see and 14 minutes and growing off to one on one protecting the bay bridge traffic, it's holding steady 80 west still stacked up from west grand, not get backed up through the maze it may or may not get there depending on whether or not we have problems right now it's quiet so trouble free 15 minutes off to fremont street that's good. we have a stall and crash wrapping up on the nimitz all the stalls at 29th, northbound the crash is behind the scene a closer to high street so its backing up toward 66 keep that in mind 2 separate issues both relatively minor. but that's pushing up your drive time 14 minutes from san leandro to downtown oakland, so just a little sluggish you can definitely consider 5.80 instead thus a southbound from it and downtown oakland to to 38 only 10 minutes or you're southbound drive. that's good. a little busy to pittsburg bay
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point approaching concord but not bad 22 minutes out to 2.42 and the south a trouble free you're on time for 8.81 oh one in 2.80, leaving san jose area. >>thanks a lot at 6 17 in a brentwood fathers in the hospital after he was hit by a truck in emeryville and city leaders are now calling for changes to make it safer for pedestrians kron four's taylor, his sacking has more. >>he was in yet his face was a >>he lay there he wasn't moving and we bill city council member john doubters witness a truck hit james and or a gun in a crosswalk on wednesday at the intersection of 46 and holla streets and reagan was on his way to meet his daughters for dinner is meeting to hear when you're going me and i so i had. >>and x and i said mom are you she heard from and as you know the answer a knee. that's when she's going be on hand and reagan's daughter caylee says. >>he suffered a bad head
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injury he had a small brain bleed, but it looks like it's getting a lot better molly under a gun is lucky to be alive and recovering well. >>better says it should have never happened in the first place he blames the intersection and impatient drivers. >>in the 10 minutes that we were here we both saw a pedestrian a bicyclist on the sky had been some attorney this intersection is located in one of the few north south routes through every bill that at this time of day as people are trying to race home from work. you're about see semis here. >>every bill police say the driver that hit in the reagan stayed on scene and is cooperating no drugs or alcohol were involved but distracted driving likely played a role now about his wants the city to act fast on improving pedestrian safety here. >>we shouldn't have a situation like this have to happen to make changes and so what i want to have a conversation about memory bill is how can we accelerate and move with the design infrastructure redesigning we do to make safe streets possible. >>now her says a new development is coming to this
6:20 am
neighborhood and this intersection right here is slated to get a new for way traffic signal with pedestrian activated lights in the coming years, but he says that weight is too long and he says that he will push for those a proven sooner in emeryville taylor sackey kron 4 news. >>national news now we have federal prosecutors in la charging 80 people in the us and in nigeria with a massive online fraud scam us attorney for central california says the thieves tried to steal at least million in this scam and they were successful in getting at least 6 million yes of the people that were indicted. apparently they targeted the elderly through the so-called romance scams. you don't know what those are basically the con artist. >>scams elderly people and falling in love with them and then they get them either send the money or give them their banking information so that they can put money in their account supposedly but then they drain their cow and more people are falling for the new thank 11 people were arrested in southern california for this. >>2 others are already in custody. and the rest are
6:21 am
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>>and a proposal to ban panhandling of our stations is going to be considered by the board of directors in october s right aggressive panhandling is already illegal apart stations, but mark port director deborah allen wants to make all forms of panhandling illegal in all areas. it's an inside bart stations that are passed the pay gates after the plan was submitted yesterday the bar towards said that yes, they will debate in october but it will face an uphill battle in fact we've already heard from the american civil liberties union, they wrote a letter to bart saying that panhandling is a form of protected speech under the first amendment so they will challenge this. bart
6:25 am
station is coming to the east bay, the bart board of directors approved the creation of the irvington station in fremont. >>take a look at where it will be near the intersection of oz good road in washington boulevard between the freeman and warm springs, bart stations. it will be a 2 story side platform station and also have a new bicycle trail is being built nearby but right now the station is just in the planning stages. so i wouldn't wait around to that bar dare you be really late. it's expected to be completed in 2026. >>a train in sacramento collided with a test train causing 27 people to be injured. i'm live at ♪
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well well well, what have we here? a magical place...that's lookin' to get scared! with bats...and ghouls...and cars in disguise. i've cast quite a spell now... you won't believe your eyes! the spell is cast. halloween time is back with spook-tacular experiences in disneyland and disney california adventure parks!... >>and now we're just a couple minutes away. we are and i got to tell you right now futures trading across the board is solidly negative. we just heard this morning china
6:29 am
announcing it is going to retaliate with tariffs of its own they announced this morning. they'll be about $75 billion worth of us goods, slap with 2 sets of tariffs ranging from 5 to 10% the first wave is going occur on september 1st the second on december 15th, mainly targeting the auto sector at least that's one of the what's going to be impacted most by it and so we got shares of gm and ford all sliding in the premarket hours so we'll see where the numbers go once trading officially begins but the sentiment on wall street right now watch the >>at 6.29 we want to get it. traffic and weather fauria together on a friday morning and how we roll and holding out well for friday it's been very quiet folks are behaving i have not found hot spots is just getting a little because john's got all the hot the whole week to come guys. >>used to the past few days is
6:30 am
that in one he has been back and it has been a a pretty steady and it's going to continue to be just this way through the weekend in solidly into next week so a nice extended around of hot summer weather ahead of us you look outside at the golden gate bridge a much clearer view than yesterday those low clouds have been talking about through the morning a pretty easy to spot, but not result in any visibility issues they're not going to stay around for too long today skies going clear right now setting us up for what will be a sunny and hot one yet again. your current temperatures a lot more comfortable than yesterday's were a range of 50's and 60's across the board right now with 50's and san francisco and berkeley 60's and oakland double in concord compared to yesterday these temperatures are a lot cooler and feeling a lot better because it's less humid too napa down 10 degrees in 24 hours ago santa rosa down 9 while san francisco assault 7 degrees cooler than yesterday. so chris comfortable start to the morning this afternoon staying comfortable at the coast warm along the bay and
6:31 am
then hot inland with those 90's making their return. i'm talking more about your weekend forecast. still ahead robin let's take a peek at the 70 oh bridge westbound 92 where traffic is crawling right now from. >>before this shot before the toll plaza continuing along the flat section so for more commuters heading to the peninsula. but not encounter any problems this is considered a good try. but it's 16 minutes to make it off to one on one the bay bridge traffic, it's been heavy for a few hours now, but it only stretches back to west grand. it's not through the maze and that's great 15 minutes off to fremont street and i'll give you one more richmond sandra fell west 5.80 chess now picking up from richmond parkway through the toll plaza but a great drive across the span darya james. thanks lara. let's get back to the breaking news more than 2 dozen people were hurt in a late train derailment that happen in sacramento, currently that train crashed into a test train that was. >>on the tracks for some reason kron 4 sarah stinson the only bay area reporter live in sacramento, right now at the very latest sara what d c.
6:32 am
>>well behind me you can see the derailed train and the train it ran into the test rain there was we know this caused 27 people to be injured just a chaotic scene take a look at video from last night when this all unraveled you can see a multi agency response people trying to help all the injured, 13 people are recovering from injuries and were taken to to nearby hospitals. all 14 other were treated at the scene. there are over a dozen ambulances they're treating everyone making sure everyone was ok some people just minor injuries that could be treated and then they were able to go home from there. >>those happened west of the winter trail rail station is or light trains. this happened last night at the crony avenue in roseville road. now we're the people who are injured, we know that 2 of the victims are in moderate condition and 25 are considered walking
6:33 am
wounded. but take a look at video from right now i just took this video you can see the sun is rising you can see a bull trains involved in this collision you can see other still some yellow tape up no one's quite on scene quite yet, but they still have a lot to investigate why was want why did this train. you know collide with a test train was a test train doing it in the middle of the tracks what happened but we do know that it caused derailment caused 27 to put people to be injured. fortunately, no one died that is as you know the good news in all of this that everyone you know was able to get treated get the help they need but we really hope to get an update for you this morning so stay tuned as we continue to learn more for now live in sacramento, sarah stinson kron 4 news. >>all right, thank you very much sara and then the other breaking news. >>we're following one man is injured in an overnight hit and run crash insan jose, this is the second serious hit and run crash in the past 2 days. >>course christine to take live in san jose now with the
6:34 am
very latest >>luckily we do hear that that one man is okay, but supposedly that man is the person who got into a car and crew crashed into multiple others here on more parkway here. moore park and saratoga avenues in san jose and it's a long trip here off of moore park where you can see a lot of cars parked and take a look at this car behind me this is one of the ones that a large part of the damage as that you see her class just about everywhere with just a few hours ago you can actually go ahead and see in this view we're about to show you what it looked like. overnight when investigators got a scene apparently this gentleman hate multiple cars from his car. right after 10:00pm in the us in the evening anywhere from 10:00am and 3 at 10:00pm and 03:00am in the morning slammed into these cars and then police say he ran off so he did not stay car was still here. he ran off on foot to go ahead and see the scene now we do know that one other person
6:35 am
was involved and they were the one who is taken away to the hospital with non life threatening injuries now we don't know. was injured was related whether he was in the car that crash and others or if he was in one of the park's cars from this crash into that's information we're still seeking from san jose police department. we've been speaking with witnesses nearby see this but heard this from their apartment take a listen. all right you guys so we actually also i did speak with a neighbor who just got out of his apartment this morning to come to his car and he was actually one of the people whose cars did not get hit but was right next to this car. that is behind mend he said it's just a miracle that somehow his didn't get hit with the amount of debris. that's right here on the boulevard again we're going make sure to keep you updated throughout the morning for now reporting live in san jose christina teatro
6:36 am
>>6.35. victim and another attack outside a san francisco condo is speaking out we first brought you the story as breaking news yesterday here on the kron 00:04am morning news and showed you this security video of the tuesday evening attack where and attackers running up behind victim and punches him in the head then takes off. this happened outside of the watermark condos on beale street. same place that a woman was attacked 2 weeks ago the victim in this attack says he doesn't feel safe. >>shocking and yeah it control myself not to fall, he punched me pretty you know heart i. >>honestly though savills try to you know him somehow going into the building boston don't walk around these you know these neighborhoods. >>neighbors are linking the increase in crime to the construction that started on a nearby homeless center. they say crime has been on the upswing the city has said actually that violent crime is down overall the centenary of
6:37 am
the centers for us to be ready to open in at the end of the year. in the south bay check out this fight that broke out at a denny's in san jose, several men go up to a guy to boost our punching and kicking him. you can see them falling and the light swinging and this is all shot by the video a woman who was eating there with her boyfriend and another friend, she said is the video when the fight broke out she didn't know what to do other than get under the table. i didn't know they had a knife or a gun or something i don't know when they're going to get out. >>so the only thing i thought to do was to quickly hide under the table to paris. i thought it would be. harder for them to reach me to be on the table because my friends they were standing on top of. where you sit down fred i had went on to the table that ran high. >>just a crazy fight and then the mob just took off. >>past the guns used in crimes in alameda county are not register. according to a new study in fact less than 10% of
6:38 am
the guns were registered to the person who actually committed the crime. the district attorney's office released the report it covers the past 6 years. nancy o'malley says this data helps understand the epidemic of gun violence in alameda county. but also in california and across the country as well. 2 teenage girls crashed on their first day of school in sandra fell. neither of them apparently had drivers licenses. 3 cars were involved in the crash yesterday morning this is on highway one oh one north just by the timber on exit. one of the girls. lane changed and crashed into a bmw which then spun out of control. the bmw was hit by a girl, driving a mercedes that mercedes chp says both girls were very a green behind the wheel one girl only had her learner's permit the other didn't even have a permit or license. >>if you're not licensed, you shouldn't be driving is, you know, you're not experienced. parents need to be really. i'm aware of there kids driving status every parent should know if the child is licensed or not.
6:39 am
>>so the kids are in trouble, the parents are in trouble. no one was hurt in the crash thankfully. chp gave tickets to those teens for driving without a license. in fairfield. with pants down the owner of a tesla gives credit to his cars. >>built in camera system that recorded the whole thing happening right there help police lead to one of the burglars actually. >>apparently they didn't know they would be on and taped the whole time recorded. right there and then it goes in goes out very clear video. captured. >>the suv of the license plate know as the burglars got away right the whole thing. >>stand in line and i got the notification on my phone that sentry mode had been activated and then right after that i the alarm had been activated, so i'd left the line came out looked in the window was smashed and my laptop was
6:40 am
gone. >>he left his laptop and their hand they always know. >>and they get out of a nice suv and breaking into that car look and i take police identified one of the suspects is 24 new 4 year-old alvin lovett. again this is a great example of don't leave some in your car and it's i guess we have a camera that can really help. it's 6.40 right now on this saturday. tomorrow marks 5 years since a massive earthquake in south napa the 6 point o magnitude quake that hit at 03:20am on august 24th, 2014. and here's a video of the shaking plowing you can see in real time, pieces falling off of walls. buildings collapsing one person died. 200 were injured. and the quake damaged several historic buildings in downtown totaling hundreds of millions of dollars in damage. since that earthquake. the usgs has been spending a lot of time and effort studying the north bay and looking for any
6:41 am
unknown faults the work continues to identify any potential dangers and understand how another bigger earthquake could affect the region too. time now is 6. >>coming up after the break people and the bay area we could soon see an increase in sales tax. also president trump is praising the economy despite worries about a possible recession. what the fed chair is doing today to try to keep the economy role. and cool temperatures this morning compared to yesterday a much more comfortable start really 50's and 60's for your current numbers. >>i've got more on your forecast for the upcoming weekend still to come. >>and traffic is busy busy busy on this friday morning, you're stacked up here heavily at the bay bridge toll plaza at the bay bridge toll plaza spilling back be on oh thaphenomenal!, that's unfair. that's so unfair. c'mon jay-bo. let's go. let's go. woahh! try my $4.99 bbq bacon double cheeseburger combo. only at jack in the box.
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6:45 am
county staff at the national park service have removed the carcass they're taking it away for further testing to try determine the particular species right now biologists think it's a hubs beat well not quite sure how diet that they'll try to figure that out. >>it's like a new and on. sad. smelly and any wills washing up this so many sharks stories, yeah alive we talked some of yeah, i know, especially the people of the sights on the beach perhaps escape they we don't too much totally act is it is going to be a nice weekend to be at the coast. we do have a touch of fog out there are times but also going to have some sunshine too that's so yeah, there's something good for you as you are heading out to the coast ah there is some fog as you can see this morning over san francisco nothing like we saw yesterday though so skies are definitely much on the clear sight, especially in san jose where you remember yesterday morning you have those overcast conditions to
6:46 am
start the day that muggy feel not so much this morning as for the east bay look at this nice wispy clouds pushing on over. >>the east bay, not really foggy as much as it is just a few clouds to accentuate some sunshine that you are already seeing for much of the bay area skies are going to clear out pretty nicely this afternoon, even mid morning. you're going to notice more sunshine than not those humid conditions departing and today we're shaping up to be another hot one this time on the drier side though temperatures will be very comparable with what we had for the day yesterday, 60's and 70's for your daytime highs in san francisco as well as up and down the pacific shoreline 80's mixed in there along the bay shore with burlingame 80 to mid 80's in areas like san carlos redwood city down the mountain view all 85 today south bay numbers in the upper 80's for the 3rd day in a row now still dodging the 90's for those of us further south in the bay area pleasanton and livermore in the low 90's today has also will be danville walnut creek in concord well 70's in
6:47 am
oakland berkeley and richmond, north bay, some of our warmest of temperatures vacaville at 94 snap at 87 while the not bad to 80 degrees and some upper 80's in petaluma and santa rosa, while mid-eighties today and center fell in nevado breaking down your next 7 days, we're staying warm, especially inland with daytime highs in the 90's our hottest days all across the board are really going to be on sunday monday and tuesday that's when you're most likely to see a few tple digits worked in there. wednesday, we start to cool down a touch and by thursday our daytime highs inland are back into the upper 80's. so hot forecast ahead, but there is some cooling in sight. robert. >>there's also a lot of slowing we're checking in on your commute around the bay area is so looking good across the golden gate, it's picking up so we do have more folks headin san francisco. but your drive time only 20 minutes, richmond sandra fell back to be on richmond parkway getting heavier and heavier 13 minutes and growing to the north bay from oakland to san
6:48 am
francisco. it's been quiet this morning on the bay bridge. hopefully it'll stay that way stacked up just be on west grand but no problems to report so far an easy trip into san francisco on this friday morning. we want to take it down to one on one we have a little pocket of slowing here from san martine avenue approaching cochran and morgan hill that's not bad after cochran its ride open over the coyote valley into south san jose and then from south san jose through downtown continuing to the peninsula. the rest of your trip 37 minutes from 85 to menlo park and that's pretty good just little pockets of slow traffic in between for more to dublin great dublin to fremont smooth the nimitz picking up but no problems on to 3710 minutes from 80 to one o one starting. >>thanks a lot rob and 6.48 today is day 2 of the democratic national convention summer meeting in san francisco. and so far it has been allowed we've seen clashes over environmental policy. our people have been standing on chairs as you can see and screaming. we covered
6:49 am
it live here on the kron 4 morning news yesterday morning. environmentalist are upset they're protesting the dnc voting down a resolution that would allow the democratic presidential candidates to hold a debate on climate change. >>we want this so much it's not just we're not just a few loud voice in the room we have to show the over 300,000 signatures for americans want to buy the debate 20 of the 23 democratic candidates like the s are down for a climate debate we have 25 state party chairs that are down for climate debates when they say no or like. what is the problem. there's overwhelming support for this. >>activists are hoping to bring the matter up before the full dnc on saturday tomorrow today, many of the presidential hopefuls will get 10 minutes to address the dnc including senators kamala harris, elizabeth warren, cory booker and bernie sanders. >>for your money this morning people here in the bay area
6:50 am
may get a chance to vote on a new sales tax increase in next year's election. so this will be one cent increase is actually being proposed by several groups across the bay area. the money would go towards transportation projects for agencies like bart advocates for the bill say it would raise about a $100 billion over a 40 year time span. but some say there are better ways for the transit agencies to raise their own money. the tax increase would be on the ballot for all 9 bay area counties on november, 2020. 2 national economic news now federal reserve chrman jerome powell is in the spotlight today, he was just there he has just one goal while speaking at the annual economic symposium in wyoming and that's to keep markets calm and lessen the growing fears of economic slowdown. john lawrence reports. the trump administration confident about the us economy. >>i myself died and sit in the foreseeable future, i mean just far as the eye can see
6:51 am
now that we are optimistic about the economy president trump backing that sentiment on thursday tweeting the economy is doing really well. the federal reserve can easily make it record setting the president wants the fed to cut interest rates tweeting that this move could help lead america win big rather than just win. but some have concerns about what may be looming financially speaking. >>particularly because of the tariff battle with china. >>the economy is weakening and if the president doesn't stand down on this trade war, pretty soon a recession risks are going to be awfully high by this time next year. >>and the congressional budget office says the federal deficit will balloon to nearly billion this fiscal year and an average of one 0.2 trillion a year for the following decade. what's disturbing. >>is that the deficit has been growing despite the fact that we are now in the longest expansion on record which suggest that there isn't going to be a sudden turn in the business cycle that's going to rescue us from these trends.
6:52 am
i'm john lawrence reporting. >>and here's a quick check of the big board this morning because the other thing that's weighing on the minds of investors on wall street besides jerome powell and the fed is china. >>and you can see the effect that. today's announcement by chinese officials is having with the dow trading negative by almost a 150 points china ias declared it will impose retaliatory. tariffs on us goods. anywhere from 5 to 10% and so that's having office negative pressure on trading. we'll see if that changes over the course of the day take a break since. coming up in the next hour, a new fight to stop robocalls is headed to washington dc will tell you what this late
6:53 am
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so that early retirement we planned. it's going ok? great. now i'm spending more time with the kids.
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i'm introducing them to crab. crab!? they love it. so, you mentioned that that money we set aside. yeah. the kids and i want to build our own crab shack. ♪ ♪ ahhh, you're finally building that outdoor kitchen. yup - with room for the whole gang. ♪ ♪ see how investing with a j.p. morgan advisor can help you. visit your local chase branch. >>now to a bear cub caught up caught on camera stealing food a chili dog food delivery box. the report pirates. yeah, this is a whole new take. dog
6:56 am
treats. >>diminished over years something else from amazon know the family. they've been saying. cubs sitting around a delivered in the past to join yeah, they can smell it, you know they say you can't put anything in your car lock i e% think it's not it's them to have a porch pirate as you look at your security camera say oh that was a fair plus look at of silence a bear to go with a dip at tragically clear sign on it saying and for you. and the next hour we're following breaking news. there was a train derailment in sacramento. we have a live report on that and we're also following breaking news out of the south bay, a perso i mean, if you haven't thought about switching to geico,
6:57 am
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>>local news station. and thanks for joining us. i'm
7:00 am
darya folsom that i'm james fletcher again following 2 breaking news stories this morning. first off in sacramento, we have a train% that derailed overnight. dozens of people injured after that train crashed into a test range. >>and on the e l right hand side you can see that car crash that's in san jose, one person was injured in that overnight crash a speeding driver crashed into several parked cars. we'll have those live report in just a couple of minutes, lots to get to firstly that we have to get a check of weather and traffic will start with john in the weather center morning john and good more. >>2 guys as well a pretty comfortable morning ca comparing it to yesterday a drier skies less than that muggy feel and a nice crisp feel too for those of you stepping out there looking out blown the distance really beautiful start to the morning with crystal clear skies overhead a golden glow as the sun. >>begins to rise over the horizon, your temperatures are much cooler than they were yesterday at this point in some cases, it's been a solid 15 degree drop in temperatures, 50's and 60's for most of the bay area right no


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