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tv   KRON 4 News at 7am  KRON  August 23, 2019 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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thanks for joining us. i'm darya folsom that i'm james fletcher again following 2 breaking news stories this morning. first off in sacramento, we have a train% that derailed overnight. dozens of people injured after that train crashed into a test range. >>and on the e l right hand side you can see that car crash that's in san jose, one person was injured in that overnight crash a speeding driver crashed into several parked cars. we'll have those live report in just a couple of minutes, lots to get to firstly that we have to get a check of weather and traffic will start with john in the weather center morning john and good more. >>2 guys as well a pretty comfortable morning ca comparing it to yesterday a drier skies less than that muggy feel and a nice crisp feel too for those of you stepping out there looking out blown the distance really beautiful start to the morning with crystal clear skies overhead a golden glow as the sun. >>begins to rise over the horizon, your temperatures are much cooler than they were yesterday at this point in some cases, it's been a solid 15 degree drop in temperatures, 50's and 60's for most of the bay area right now just cool enough to enjoy
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open up those windows let that cool air and and then backup before those temperatures do rise this afternoon as they will back into the 90's inland for many spots, 80's and 70's by the bay and 60's 70's by the coast. i've got the rest your weekend forecast still to come. robin, thank you john let's check in on 80 traffic westbound heading into san francisco for those of you. >>using the bay bridge, here's a live. look you're going to be sitting in traffic from before west graham leading up to the toll plaza so yes, it's a busy commute. but it's a quiet want to just under 15 minutes to fremont street. these drive times and freeways look good too and 33 minutes to make it over to concord 6.80 the nimitz nice and quiet one on one just under 40 minutes, san jose to menlo park dari chains. >>thanks a lot 7 oh one. >>and let's go first to the breaking news story out of sacramento where 2 dozen people were hurt when a light train derailed yeah it ended
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up crashing into what's called a test train that was on the tracks at the same time for sarah stinson the only barrier to the reporter on the scene luckily, she's at the location actually wear that the collision happened sir. >>yeah, i'm here at the scene which is still active. there's caution tape surrounding pulse of the train and that s trained the 2 that collided and cause a derailment and injured 27 people but take a look at at the video from last night a chaotic scene as you can imagine with so many people injured in need of help a lot of first responders coming out to help with them. you can see in the video that rain is up right. it's not like it went off the tracks and was upside down it is upright, but it didn't derail and 13 people are recovering from injuries and we're taking it to nearby hospitals will 14 others were treated at at the scene taking care of and then released they went home after that. now there is very traumatic incident. these people went through there is over a dozen ambulances on scene treating all of the
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injured people this happened west of the winter trail rail station. last night and the crony avenue and roseville road. now we're still waiting for an update on the 2 people that we have video of the scene right now as i said caution tape up around both of the trains. so waiting for him. crews to arrive this still have to investigate why and how this happened but we do know that 2 of the victims are in moderate condition, 25 people were considered to be walking wounded, so they were able to walk away with a had a few injuries. >>definitely going to be something we'll be following all morning long. i have reached out to the agencies that have been investigating this hopefully will hear back get an update for now live in sacramento, sarah stinson kron 4 news ok. >>thank you sarah. then there's the other breaking story we're following where a person was injured in overnight, ashley hit run in san jose. yeah, this is the second serious hit run crash in the past 2 days on the story for us this morning as kron four's christine that hate row live in san jose, christina.
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>>this car right behind me completely smashed in from behind here. there is there a glass shards all all throughout the street. the you can see going along here front of me and behind me with the scene here on morehouse avenues and we're excuse me more park. avenue and saratoga right in front of an apartment complex is where it happened. show you what it looks like a late into the evening last night early this morning. now what we know is that there was. others here on more part avenue in san jose. now we do know that the driver of that car. and away from the scene on foot. we know that another person involved with this crash. not confirmed if it was in the car that hit the others or in one of the cars that were hit. injuries very
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fortunately is expected to be ok, so one person hurt one person let why foot and we were speaking with. here this morning for been walking out of their cars seeing this seen so far take a listen to what people. he had to say. >>the hard working people here and to see their cars wrecked knowing they're not going we're not going to litigate. all right you work hard for their stuff now look at it. >>we're right person seen here in the 5 o'clock hour. they're still investigators out here trying to figure out what happened so far they've left the scene in san jose police department says this is still very much under investigate. san jose police department reporting live christina tetreault. >>an east brownwood father is
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in the hospital after he was hit by a truck in emeryville at the intersection of 45th and hollis streets and every bill city council member witness the accident and he's now calling for pedestrian safety changes. >>we shouldn't have a situation like this have to happen to make changes and so what i want to have a conversation about memory bill is how can we accelerate and move with. >>the design. >>the driver who hit and stayed at the scene is is cooperate with the police. the driver suffered a head injury but is expected to be okay. >>and is arrested for sexually abusing children at a church and police. believe there may be other victims. the suspect is 26 year-old jacob helton he's accused of abusing a child who attended first baptist church on sonoma boulevard hilton was arrested last friday and since then more victims have come forward saying they were also abused by him. police say some of those assaults happened at the church. in san ramon police
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arrested 58 year-old ernesto, a cool enough for inappropriately touching 2 women on a bus. that bus was heading from walnut creek. the bart station there to san ramon. a witness told police that a could the might of also touched the 3rd woman on that bus. >>say the missing woman found dead in the water near her discovery bay home drowned that's what we know so far 53 year-old chain chan was last seen by her husband on tuesday night. he says she went out to water plants and then never came back and there was an extensive search, using boats helicopters and dogs and eventually her body was found wednesday night in the water behind her home on beaver lane. police are still investigating what happened to her. and so police arrested 2 people they think they're involved in a big theft ring in pacifica here the 2 that were arrested rudy rivera and mercy sandoval and police think they're part of an
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organized theft ring where there were about $70,000 worth of items stolen laptops high and cameras and handbags and police say carry out some arrest warrants for the others involved in the thefts. because of heading an sfpd bicycle officer with a car. we'll do 12 years in prison 51 year old willie flanagan was sentenced to 12 years in prison for hitting officer. elliott lou untangle in october of 2017 flanagan was driving an suv it was a stolen suv when through a construction zone at mourned 40 miles an hour then drove into a parking garage where he struck officer lou untangle the officer suffered permanent brain damage. >>a fight at a south bay restaurant and it's all caught on camera we'll have the dramatic video coming up. plus the latest on the proposal to ban people from panhandling at all bart stations and after the break a new fight to stop robocalls is heading to dc. i
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start to your morning before a warm afternoon ahead of us the 50's and 60's right now your forecast to come. >>and it's a slow start to your friday morning commute into san francisco check out the traffic here
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>>welcome back 7.12 right now and the sun is up and it looks had already as the not so hot just yet it's actually kind of cool out there little time isn't that nice for this afternoon one of the reasons it's also warm lately just the set up that we've had to actually sea surface temperatures have been a little bit warmer too. >>so that makes that warmer feel that's why it's been so hard to sleep for a couple of us and there's not added open the window last night though, and it did feel pretty good least we had that and this morning it is nice and chilly out there i wouldn't call it chilly just a little brisk i the san francisco, one of
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those spots that is all already tapping into some sunshine that gives at that hot look that terry was talking about and it will be warm this afternoon so very appropriate actually do enjoy this morning, maybe open the window right now let some of that cool air in and then seal the house back up before temperatures do begin to rise later on today, san jose crystal clear for you as well skies, nice and blue that compared to yesterday when as you remember it was pretty great to be kicking off the morning and mount diablo out in the distance and are abundantly sunny conditions as well. >>you have some clouds hanging out over berkeley and oakland, but even those are starting to part ways with us now skies are going to be nice and sunny to kick off the start to the weekend. and the rest of the weekend in general is going to be plenty sunny as well today and tomorrow are you're better days of the weekend to get outside. high pressure is built up so do expect some warm temperatures maybe plan some activities a little closer to the coast, especially if you're not a fan of the heat. if you don't mind the heat so much still get out
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there during your morning hours and enjoy the outdoors before the 90's kick and a cure for some of our inland spots, 60's and 70's for your daytime highs in san francisco today, you'll see some sunshine all the way out to the coast. window of it at least as they're still going to be some marine layer in cloud cover hanging out just offshore 60's and 70's right all along the coastline if you head south to san francisco, happened a daly city back to some familiar territory in the low 70's today while 70's 80's on the bay side of the peninsula and mid 80's from san carlos redwood city down through mountain view today, pretty nice weather but definitely on the warmer side of things still dodging the 90's for the south bay you've been solidly upper 80's. the past few days and that's the way we're going to continue to stay san jose campbell in milpitas will enjoy those upper 80's again into tomorrow with a low 80's to mid 80's from free might union city up to hayward and some low 90's in pleasanton livermore of the tri valley. some of her hotter temperatures obviously for
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inland valleys like danville walnut creek up to concord which again for the 3rd day in the row will be back into the low 90's oakland berkeley and richmond in the meantime only the 70's. hotter yet in vacaville, an antioch at 94 each and even pretty warm up in the sonoma and napa hovering right around 90 degrees for each of these areas, upper 80's continue in petaluma and santa rosa with 60's in stinson beach in point rays today today into tomorrow still no change so we've had 4 days in a row as of tomorrow that will have offered up temperatures that really are changing all that much sunday monday and tuesday though we'll be stepping up the temperature latter just a little bit back into the mid 90's for average inland. these are also going to be the same days were most likely to see a few triple digits on your 4 zone forecast. so maybe not the best days to plan a whole lot outside bayside areas will also be the warmest at this point with mid 80's expected on monday on average by the bay and even some mid 70's, right along the coast. after this wednesday comes along
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with some cooling temperatures and by thursday, seeing the return of upper 80's inland. robert. >>all right. thank you john, let's head over to the san mateo bridge and check your drive on 92 there it is busy out of hayward this morning it's been busy for a few hours now, but no major issues will put it at 19 minutes that is decent for friday. yes, i'll take it to make it from hayward over to the peninsula. we're also checking the golden gate and it's been smooth and pretty light from the north bay nevado marine wood sausalito south one oh one just wide open continuing to the san francisco side at 22 minutes nevado to the toll plaza one of the heavier bridges, no surprise the bay bridge right 80 west stacked up the on west grand. it has not backed up through the maze at all this morning, hopefully it will not unless something happens right now we're at 15 minutes. so that's decent to make it off to fremont street, we're looking at some more freeways and drive times and once again they do not include hot spots. our major problem so we have the e sure that's
7:17 am
20 minutes from crockett rich in albany, berkeley down to the maze 24 only 13 minutes wannacry to the caldecott and into the maze. >>no troubles for 5.80 that's wide open in the minutes, it's recovering from 2 earlier minor problems minor crash little stall both out of the way so only 13 minutes for you 8.80 north from to 38 to downtown oakland james. thank you robin. >>7 17 is the time in national news nearly half the calls we get on our phones are. robo calls at least according to some of the latest studies and now state leaders are in washington trying to crack down on the problem kron four's washington correspondent jesse. turner explains. >>every single arkansans every single american is an absolutely sick illegal robocalls 3 attorneys general traveled to washington thursday to announce a 50 state crackdown on the calls their offices get the most calls about to many of us is an annoyance.
7:18 am
>>but to others it's their life savings according to these top state law enforcement officials. american consumers received more than a 160 million robo calls every day. and some of them have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars because they picked up the phone and a scammer was on the other end today we are sending an even stronger message that we are going to work together to shut down these calls every attorney general in the country and a dozen phone companies have reached an agreement to adopt a principals to fight illegal robocalls they include blocking the calls at the network level at no cost to customers and requiring companies to trace the legal calls to the source similar measures in congress would have the same effect but they stalled due to concerns that legitimate calls could also get blocked. >>as states who are responsible for our constituents. we don't want to wait on washington. >>to do phone companies are on board because robo calls are bad for their business people just aren't answering calls and in there that's not good for us that's not good for
7:19 am
consumers to get people to pick up the phone this group promises they'll soon paying upn illegal robocallers in washington, i'm just eaten or. >>for your money this morning, apple is working on a major new version of air pods and from the gridiron to the vineyards of former raider is getting into the wine business. jane king is live at the nasdaq. but those stories and more. hi jane hello. dari i think this like a wonderful post nfl career o'neill vendors and distillers e lead in california. >>of in your did launch a new one brand called intercept in partnership with what if you own former nfl star charles woodson from lee of the raiders now the judges will include company some unknown red blend you our chardonnay intercept focuses on the journey is to the results leadership is sort of influence and accessibility a set of exclusivity ok more women are staying single longer and that is good news for companies like nike and lululemon morgan stanley estimates 45% of prime working age women will be single by 2030 that is up from where we are now a nike and lululemon among the companies that will
7:20 am
benefit us single women than single men for that matter to spend more time exercising their married counterparts bloomberg reports that apple has a new set of air pods in the works they would be the first major update to the ear pod since december 2016. the expected improvements would be water resistance and noise cancellation technology. the scent afft the overall per i so the some were more than the current price of a $160 and the fact food spicy chicken sandwich war 2019 getting more intense. no mcdonald's is plotting its entry into the space and does already have a chicken sandwich with a new one would be a spicy barbecue sandwiches will spicy barbecue glaze tenders for to business insider chick-fil-a popeye's windy windy small been trolling each other on twitter this week about who's chicken sandwiches, best live from the nasdaq, i'm jane king back to area. ok, thanks a lot. >>at 7.20 will take a quick break but coming up afterwards, a plane heading from oakland a whole i had to
7:21 am
make an emergency landing after the cabin filled with smoke look at that we'll explain what went wrong. and here's a live look outside the bay bridge approach where traffic is solid here solidly stopped at the toll plaza from oakland in a san francisco robin with your commute check to john with your hot weather sometimes, bipolar i disorder makes you feel like you can do it all. but mania, such as unusual changes in your mood, activity or energy levels,
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7.24 right now and looking out at sfo we are seeing conditions out there. >>nice and clear definitely a lot clearer than they were yesterday at this point as it is a friday. we've got to check in with those airport delays and we don't have any so hey this is really good news. if you've got travel plans today temperatures in the 50's and 60's right now with hayward at 61 oakland and fremont each at 62. well antioch at 65, wrapping up either the second or first week of school for many students and a was are dropping the kids off at the bus stop which you probably done at this point already in the 60's out there still going
7:25 am
to be a hot one later on today though with daytime highs in land back into the 90's back to you. thanks. another big story that we're following 7 people had to go to the hospital. >>after this plane that was flying it went from oakland time honolulu. it had to make an emergency landing you can see inside the cabin wine airlines flight. how thick the smoke got as it was approaching honolulu and it turns out it was from the engine there was a seal that failed in the engine. >>we're on the final approach coming in and all of a sudden the cabin just filled up with smoke. we just all have to kind of like this turn. >>reviews of pair for a where does he landing in and the accusations so we'll another. >>ads and everything down like that and i think it was the slides and other some injuries, everybody's going to be fine. but when you go down the slides. >>it can be difficult. i don't think you really think that, but it's a good thing was on the tarmac and not in the middle of the ocean yeah, no
7:26 am
kidding. >>everybody just 5 thankfully. we'll take a quick break 7.25. another attack along the embarcadero caught on camera we're going to hear from the victim of this latest attack. ♪ you know when you're at ross and that cute dress gets even cuter? yes. or when you can say yes... to both? (smiling) sure. or when you find that brand at that price? are you kidding me? yeah. that's yes for less. and that's what ross alwaysas in store. whoa. (sighs) yes... oh, yeah. it feels even better when you find it for less. get your yes for less at the new stores in west livermore and in union city.
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get professional results with frogtape... no messy lines, no paint bleed. for sharp lines every time, frog it! >>i look at weather and traffic on a friday morning and housing's roland pretty good it's pretty quiet incident was like no major accidents or stalls but the bridges are still busy even when it's quiet. the bridges are still pack. yeah, yeah. >>and on the weather front. we are well we're just we're in the middle of the heat, yeah, just another day in the heat has its coming becoming pretty a standard for us these past few days not a whole lot of change this afternoon for more we have been it's back to the 80's and 90's inland. and it's back to the 60's 70's closer to the coast. now one big change that we are seeing this morning is not nears much fog you've got to nice thin blanket of cloud cover sitting right over the east bay right now you can kind of see berkeley through it, you're
7:30 am
still getting a dose of sunshine out in the east bay even with that cloud cover and it's not going to hang out for much longer today. it's been a cooler crispr start to the morning than yesterday with much less humid conditions h allow temperatures to fall a little further last night, 50's and 60's for your morning hours open up that window, let the cool air in cool you down before some hot weather returns this afternoon when you want to steal things back up. shutter the blinds and the yetis definitely stay cool with 90's back in for inland areas later on 70's and 80's closer to the bay in coast. so we'll be still comfortable at the coast. still hot inland and more of it to come for the weekend which all get to still ahead robin wright thank you john, let's check the bay bridge. one of our busiest bridge us this morning heading into san francisco. >>it is stacked up it started really early back in the 4 o'clock hour and it continues to back up be on west grand it has not stretch through the maze so that is a really good sign. >>but now it's about halfway between the bottom of the maison west grand it goes back
7:31 am
and forth between those 2 points still not bad good across the upper deck. smooth on the skyway here's a look at some more numbers and freeways and they are picking up slightly but still no major issues livermore to dublin, 5 8013 minutes, 6.80 is still at the limit and the nimitz minor crowding so 31 minutes from to 38 in san leandro to to 37 in milpitas james starting. >>so less than 2 weeks after woman was attacked outside of her san francisco. condo we have another person now this time a man being attacked outside that very same building we first told you about yesterday on break breaking ws on the kron 00:04am morning news kron four's dan kerman spoke to the victim. >>i was checking my phone before going into the building. it we just punching >>this man who prefers to remain anonymous is the latest person to be attacked. outside the watermark condos on beale street. this is security video of the tuesday evening attack where a man runs up behind the victim punches him in the head and then runs off. he was
7:32 am
shocking and yeah, it control myself not to fall. >>he punched me pretty you know heart. >>it was a week ago sunday when another watermark resident was attacked as she tried to enter the building in that case the suspect was caught. >>and now tacks in front of my building, this is i think really on safety or not. >>and he's not the only one in the area feeling unsafe. i mean even the upper 20 years. >>and i've been talking to a lot of people in a lot of people very unhappy and discontent chile unsafe about it. from business to residents neighborhood residents complained that since construction of this homeless navigation center. >>begin next to the water mark crime has been on the upswing in fact 12 hours after the second attack at the water mark. another man was punched and robbed in the 200 block of the embarcadero though in that case the suspect was caught as for the second watermark victim. he's now considering moving back to the south bay
7:33 am
died. >>felt that this is it safe neighborhood if i need want to move i don't know where to move i need to actually. yeah, i don't know what to do not. >>that almost allegations center next to the water mark is currently under construction and due to open at the end of the year. the mayor says she supports that navigation center earlier this week she says she supports the building of many navigation centers. she says it's the best way to get homeless people off the street and a transitional housing and ultimately into permanent housing. in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news. >>in the south bay check out this big fight that broke out at a denny's in san jose. you can see men jump. a guy that was in that boost their star punching him and kicking him. it happened tuesday night and take this from a woman she ducked under a table to film the whole thing because she was worried she was going to get hurt. >>right. i didn't know they had a knife or a gun or something i don't know when they're going to get out. so
7:34 am
the only thing i thought to do was to quickly hide under the table to paris. i thought it would be. harder for them to reach me to be on the table because my friends they were standing on top of. went on to the table the trend right. >>and then as you can see the group ca move towards the middle or restaurant and they took off before the police got there. >>well for those of the band panhandling of our stations will be considered by the board of directors in october aggressive panhandling is already illegal at bart stations, but that doesn't mean that doesn't happen. >>our board director deborah allen wants to make all forms of panhandling illegal in areas all areas at bart stations that require a payment to enter she submitted her plan yesterday but it's going to face an uphill battle yet the american civil liberties union wrote a letter to bart saying that panhandling. >>is a form of speech protected under the first amendment and they will likely defend that right. >>bart station is coming to the east bank hold your breath is going to take a while but the board of directors are creating a new irvington
7:35 am
station it's going to be in fremont built near the intersection of oz good road in washington boulevard. so that'll be a new station between the fremont and the warm springs, bart stations. it will be a 2 story side platform station and then they're gonna put a new bicycle trail nearby as well, but all this is going to take time it's only in the planning stages, and it's not going to be done until 2026. >>all right a quick update now on one of the wildfires that firefighters are battling right now this up in reading the fires in shasta county started around noon yesterday. it so far it's burned about 600 acres so it's fairly large. only 20% contained this morning. and it is threatening about 1100 homes right now one structure has already been destroyed and thousands of people have already been evacuated. >>7.35 and wildfire season is bringing attention to evacuation plans and small towns, especially following the deadly camp fire up near paradise. we have a new study
7:36 am
now that's found that at least 20 bay area communities have problems with their emergency escape routes. >>that study was done bice a street light data involved. the what's really the crux of this is the heaviest of the traffic has to move through very few exits in and out of a community half moon bay is a prime example that city has similar roads to the way it's laid out in paradise. there's only one way in one way out and that poses a risk in the event of an emergency. >>one of the problems we found is that people are used to taking the same road every day and when something goes wrong which already going to take going to take that same route and then the response might be go somewhere else. the main part about escaping his is knowing when the going going early and being readied it's a dangerous time is when you're watching the weather forecast. you see about the red flag warnings. >>and at night if you don't get the recovery because of the film ice or the fog coming in a marine layer. that's when we have the dangers here that's when the feels can be very dangerous when you add the wind to it. >>the coast side fire protection district does offer
7:37 am
maps with an evacuation plan just in case you can find out more information about that by going to our website at kron 4 dot com. this saturday tomorrow. >>5 years since a massive earthquake in south napa it was a 6 that hit at 03:20am on august 24th, 2014 and you could see the buildings shaking from inside and out things falling off one rson died. buildings collapsed 200 people were injured. the quake also damaged several historic buildings in downtown napa totaling millions, hundreds of millions of dollars in damages. since that quake the usgs has been spending a lot of time and effort in the north bay to identify any unknown false and that work will continue to hopefully identify the potential dangers and understand how another big quake could affect the region. caught on camera. >>one man is crediting his tesla for helping catch at least one of those burglars and a nice morning we are seeing some fog out there and
7:38 am
a few low clouds but otherwise is actually pretty clear 50's and 60's for your current temperatures to kick off the weekend more in your forecast is ahead. a little bit of slow traffic to especially if you're heading into san francisco if you need to use a t. >>know that it's stacked up right now from the bottom of the maze so pretty crowded and slow. but not bad the friday slow. but not bad the friday morning ...6, 7, 8 slow. but not bad the friday morning ♪ ♪ ♪ big dreams start with small steps... ...but dedication can get you there. so just start small... start saving. easily set, track and control your goals right from the chase mobile® app. ♪
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take a look at this a smash-and-grab car break in caught on camera in fairfield the owner of the tesla that was broken into is given credit to the car's built-in camera system because look what ever recorded whole crime even a license plate of the car. the burglars were driving. apparently they didn't know a whole that cameras completely encompass alexa or tesla and so the video clearly captured the information that police needed. stand in line and i got the notification on my
7:42 am
phone that sentry mode had been activated and then right after that i got. >>the alarm had been activated, so i'd left the line came out looked in the window was smashed and my laptop was gone. >>so police have already identified one of the suspects as 24 year-old alvin lovett they say the smash and grabs actually pretty common. they're looking for the other person now this is common the cameras, it does not just a tesla i mean that was a really good camera but you can buy those cameras, my kid to one of his car. >>does the front does the back motions detector everything even when the car is not all it's a motion detector so you park your car, you know exactly what's happening right interesting i got that sees you never know what car catcher face on camera, some 42 right now coming morning buzz when it is not a touchdown. the touchdown, we'll look at why the raiders feel didn't i measure up cam newton's foot could throw a wrench into your fantasy welcome back
7:43 am
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7:45 am
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7.45 on this friday morning really clear compared to yesterday at the same time san francisco taken an abundant sunshine overhead as you have all morning long and san jose. >>turning in yesterday's muggy and very cloudy conditions for that sunshine and things clearing out over the east bay too we've seen some thin and wispy low clouds hanging out right over the east bay as well as the bay itself, even that is starting to burn off already and it's only 7.45. skies going to clear up for the rest of the day today and a nice sunny afternoon to be expected to kick off the weekend. still on the warm side for many of our inland spots with 90's unconquered antioch in livermore in the low to mid 90's while the lay how at 80 degrees santa rosa 88, san jose also at 88 degrees for your afternoon high temperatures today into tomorrow really not changing much we've been the same wednesday thursday friday and into saturday sunday monday and tuesday though are going to be our hottest days of this forecast back into the mid 90's on average in london a
7:47 am
few spots even into the triple digits on these days bayside areas and coastal areas will also be the warmest come the start of next week before we do see a cool down into the end of next week. robin. >>officially passed at the richmond sandra fell bridge on west bound 5.80 we have a lot of heavy traffic from richmond park way through the tolls to mid span. so that's much heavier than the last hour. now up to 17 minutes to the north bay for oakland and san francisco very quiet here in the bay bridge already thinning out of it any over crossing back there, but it's still down the middle backed up to the bottom of the mesa 15 minutes off to fremont street and one more crash wrapping up the nimitz 80 south alvarado now's that's on the union city site that has traffic slow from 2 38 so the crashes out of your way but the slow traffic is still there. it's 36 minutes and growing from 2.38 to 37. >>i go from the
7:48 am
>>and they peterson with the past. and it said but any our lives. >>in what world is the 10 yard line the goal line welcome to fabulous >>canada those silly could ux play football of the law anger feel that we do and they figured they could just. their goal posts for the raiders and packers, but when our guys got there and saw those holes in the end zone, they like not that this is going to work somebody get hurt. >>so the shortened to the field. and didn't play any starters. and then the confuse raiders beat the perplexed packers, 22 to 21. or is that
7:49 am
23 are 43 era. i have no idea but now i do get the job that nobody goes to winnipeg without a reason the ravers probably don't want to go back that's for sure. i'm surprised at their punter got there in the first place considering that he didn't know where it was a j cole proudly wore his winnipeg alberta shirt to the game but it's not in alberta at least he has this is a university that tweet apologies to the citizens of winnipeg, manitoba which is correct. just a kid from atlanta. with a low geography i q i fail geography too a j so let's take a look all right we've got. right here that's a schedule on try spelling math. with winnipeg. the canadians don't call them states their province's there are 10 of
7:50 am
them and as we've just learned about 10 yards difference in the length their football fields. panthers cam newton left gillette stadium in a boat. the fashion for quarterback sprained his left foot in his very first game interesting look with the scarf. he's never shied to try new look that's for sure and never too shy to make a run he was sacked in the 1st quarter. tom brady was also play play just a few minutes and the patriots won it 10 to 3 cam is going have more tests today and if it's serious the panthers entire season could be in jeopardy and so could your fantasy football. now the only way i can transition from cannes injury to movies is to bring up my left foot 1989 looking up kids daniel day lewis won a nascar for playing a painter poet who can only use his left. which brings me to the latest movie getting oscar buzz, starring annette bening as us senator dianne feinstein it's a political
7:51 am
thriller. it's called the report about cia torture discovered after 9.11 and bedding is a dead ringer what a transformation if you see what she really looks like. and you know with the hair that's how they really it's amazing with good makeup artists in good actors, what they can do have you seen recently russell crowe as roger ailes this is from the new show on showtime about fox news or remember when johnny depp played whitey unrecognizable that was called black mass creepy but really good said james on thinking considering what they can do. she i can understand the look at. surely they could as some sort of prosthetics and make
7:52 am
that work out. half the she to blame me. yes exactly it's
7:53 am
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>>today's box office report brought to you by the new luxury lounges at century san frcisco center. butler is back as secret service agent mike banning in angel has fallen. >>once again, the president is in danger. but this time banning is the one accused of the attempted assassination. the 3rd movie in the action franchise could leave the weekend. analysts expected a view were 13 to >>more thing. are officially part of the fans.
7:56 am
>>some are weaving is a bride who discovers her new in-laws are just eccentric their homicidal ready or not aims to make some earth and mayhem as the family tries to hunt down its newest addition, it opened on wednesday and is forecast to gross anywhere from 8 to 15 million over its first 5 days in hollywood, i'm david daniels. coming up in the next hour we're following 2 breaking news stories first, dozens of people injured after a train derailment in sacramento are going to have details coming up in a live report. and we're also following breaking news out of the south bay where one person was injured after a driver crashes into several parked cars will have the full story.
7:57 am
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>>and i'm james fletcher so 2 breaking news stories. the first one is a train derailment in sacramento in in that case, dozens of people were hurt as this train crashed into it strain that was on the same track. >>and then on the right you can see that there was a crash overnight that injured one person that was in san jose. the car was speeding and hit several parked cars. we have live reports on both of these stories but first we want to get a look at weather for you this morning, john. >>and guys it's been a much nicer morning as far as weather goes as compared to yesterday remember the foggy muggy feel that yesterday brought with it will this morning. those come with a touch of cloud cover but more so the knot, some blue skies shaping up across the bay area. berkeley one of our areas that is looking pretty good right now not so clear just yet at the golden gate. you can see that fog is still pretty dense out at the coast you do have your window of sunshine reappearing at the coast later on today while the rest of us are just going to be sitting under a lot of sunshine to kick off the weekend today. today will


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