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tv   KRON 4 News at 6  KRON  August 23, 2019 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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joining us tonight. and i'm justine waldman in for ken wayne tonight more than a dozen presidential hopefuls are speaking on day 2 of this event among them is a woman. >>i was very familiar with people here in the bay area kron four's dan kerman is live outside of the hilton where this event is still under way tonight dam. >>that woman you're speaking of a senator kamala harris also joined by a couple of the other front runners, bernie sanders as well as elizabeth warren all speaking today. >>we are facing the most important election of our lifetime. it is an election that the feats the most dangerous president in american history. >>at the second day of the democratic national committee summer meeting in san francisco, presidential hopeful bernie sanders was not the only one to take the president to task. >>when you see an america. a government that works great for those with money great for those with connections and doesn't work for much of anyone else. that is
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corruption, pure and simple we need to call it out and we need to fight. >>you know he busters a lot reminds me of a puffy fish. he just always bluster and night then gets it eu calls from wayne up here and all of a sudden nathen what we need to have in terms of smart gun safety laws in this country there was talk of 2 americas i see an america today. >>it's working great working fabulously for a thinner and thinner slice at the top just not working much for anyone else. and america's it's working great for giant drug companies just not for people trying to get a prescription filled. >>and a discussion of what democrats have to do to win we will only be successful. >>if we are capable of rallying and on president did grassroots uprising that sweeps trump and all that he represents out of office those speaking read the road to the presidency will not be an easy
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one for democrats. >>but one that can be achieved. >>this is a fight. that is also born out of knowing and believing in having faith in what can be. unburdened by what has been this is a fight not only for the soul of our country it is a fight born out of love of country and we democrats will win. >>back live here at the hilton we should tell you this summer meeting continues throughout the day on saturday that is the 3rd and final day. reporting live at the hilton san francisco dan kerman kron 4 news. >>another big story we're tracking a volatile day on wall street and in the white house says the u s china trade war. >>escalating as china slap tariffs on another $75 billion worth of american goods and then a tweet storm by the president helped fuel a sharp drop in the markets kron four's grant lotus joins us now in the studio with the
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latest move in this ongoing tariff battle between the us and china grant than just seeing maybe wanted to call it a trade squabble now it's a full blown war and nobody can argue otherwise both the us and china are taking this trade war tonight to the next level after china announced this morning new retaliatory tariffs on america and then president trump fired back in a series of tweets the president announced that starting october 1st he's upping the tariff penalty on billion of chinese products from 25% to 30%. and he said additionally the remaining billion of chinese goods that was being tax starting september 1st at 10% will now be taxed at 15%. this comes after china this morning announce new tariffs on $75 billion worth of us goods. the first round effective september 1st includes 10% tariffs on goods like seafood beef chicken wheat, soybeans,
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and steel. a 5% tariff will be imposed on cream, turkey and chemicals. then on december 15th, 10% tariffs will be imposed on goods like coffee corn and motorcycles and a 5% tariff. we'll include whiskey cigars, clothing tv's lights automobiles, parts and pets. >>reaction to this is when china reacts like this with they simply do strengthen the resolve this president frankly nobody is winning in the wife. also frankly think the us is losing even more that is in china. >>china also plans to resume a 25% tariff on american cars following the president's tweets and china's announcement, stocks today plummeted you see down more than 600 points, the dow making this the worst day for stocks. since earlier this month. president trump suggested american businesses immediately, start looking for alternatives to chinese goods.
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in fact he demanded they do so chinese goods. we'll see where it all goes justine pam back to you. >>and a is a on that weekend our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here with the answers of what saturday and sunday hold for us weather wise and learned yet we're going to get those temperatures cranked up this weekend is going to be hot away from the coast interesting to start your weekend. >>probably not so hot along the coastline, you may need a jacket the temperatures will be cool to see some fog right out toward the beaches, but this ridge of high pressure sitting over head right now and we're going to see some hot temperatures again in the valleys today we spikes to the mid 90's tomorrow. i think we get very close that again and then maybe some upper 90's as we get into sunday, so here's a look at the forecast and temperatures as we take you through the night tonight and tomorrow here we go high pressure overhead you got 94 degrees in hot and live more tomorrow, 92 and cocker 91 in antioch inside the bay, not bad some 70's and some 80's and only 60's along the coastline. well we had a couple more degrees as we head
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in towards sunday afternoon. and there you go well into the 90's inland. a both conquered in livermore 96 manioc or so and 70's 80's around the began and 60's along the coastline. so certainly some hot weather around the bay area elevated fire danger to the air quality going to suffer just a little bit. tomorrow we're going to see that too hyper sitting over head. so you're not going to see as much mixing in the atmosphere. so now we've got the north bay and the east bay in the south bay with moderate are called are still looking good right along the immediate coastline tomorrow morning we are waking up to some patchy fog early on temperatures going to start in the 60's and then we're off to the races inland you've got some 80's by noon in the valley 70's inside the bay and 60's along the coastline. and then the afternoon we see those temperatures soaring to the mid 90's in parts of the east bay along the coastline, mainly in the 60's the 70's 80's inside the bay, so our weather head, maybe some triple digits by monday. thank you so much you catrack the weather in your neighborhood and get alerts when breaking news happens with the kron 4 mobile app. >>download it today.
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firefighters are battling a wildfire near redding the fire in shasta county started around noon yesterday and so far it has burned about 600 acres. it is now 40% contained and is threatening 1100 homes, 7 structures are now destroyed and one is damaged. thousands of people have already evacuated and 2 people have been injured. >>and now to a developing story health officials say a teenage girl traveling from new zealand exposed hundreds of people to measles at disneyland and at a nearby hotel. officials say exposure could have occurred august 11th at the desert palms hotel in anaheim and on august 12 at disneyland and california adventure park. girl remained in southern california through august. the 15th, right now health officials are working with the facilities to reach out to people who may have had close contact. they say those who may have been exposed should monitor themselves for symptoms such as fever and rash. an infectious disease
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recently captained east bay elementary school student out of the classroom. the dublin unified school district says the student was diagnosed with meningitis but as cloud forced to leave to go reports. he has an update on whether anybody else was exposed. >>it's unclear when or how the student became infected. but we do know the murray elementary school student diagnosed with meningitis last week in dublin was kept away from class while the dublin unified school district worked with the alameda county public health department to determine if the disease was caused by a virus or bacteria or fungus i really wasn't too worried about it because they know how well the district in the school. candles health concerns lisa aqua lina says her lack of concern was justified when the public health department left the school district know the form of the airborne disease in this case was not contagious. and that no other students were exposed actually none ever kept or 5th grade son home from attending class the school the next day and i was
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comfortable with him being here last week was the first week of the new school year and that's when the infection was reported the school's principal then notified parents in a letter monday. superintendent doctor dave markin says the principal followed up tuesday. when the public health department determined students were safe. we have a school district over 12,500 students things come up and so we have protocols and procedures in place. i think quite frankly to deal with most if not all of them and so we follow our procedures we wait for official confirmation. >>from the public health department then we move accordingly markin says the student who became ill is back in class and does not pose a threat to the rest of their classmates. >>in dublin fleet at all kron 4 news. >>a big story tonight an arrest has now been made in a hit and run in san jose police say that 18 year-old alberto ask about seen here was racing another car when he lost control of his truck and rear ended another car this happened late last night near moore park and saratoga
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avenues. police say the truck that has was driving landed on its roof after crashing into 3 more parked cars. they say he then left the scene but was found nearby and taken into custody. police say he was arrested for hit and run as well as d y the driver of the other car was taken to the hospital but is expected to be ok and police are still looking for the driver of the car that s cause was racing just moments before the crash. former warriors coach luke walton has been cleared from sexual-assault allegations this after the sacramento kings. >>and the nba and now said there is not enough evidence to condemn him. back in april walton who is now head coach of the sacramento, kings was accused of sexually assaulting former los angeles sports reporter kelli tennant tenet filed a lawsuit and held a news conference describing her claims of sexual-assault verbal and physical harassment and unwanted physical contact. she said the incidents with walton happened over a 3 year
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period. the king said that their investigation included interviews with more than 20 people including walton, however, 10 it did not speak with the team's investigators. it would be chef made a visit us here at kron 4 today to talk about the key issues facing oakland and also the state of california and she says the number one issue is homelessness and the mayor has as oakland has new solutions which are working. >>that is our biggest issue and it's not just unique to oakland and san francisco. the big cities in california, the 13 largest cities all over 300,000 people every single mayor signed onto a letter to the governor stating that homelessness is our number one issue. i'm honored that the governor actually tapped me a few weeks ago to be one of only 7 elected officials to serve on his advisory council on this issue we're going to be having our first hearing in the death toll, the first week
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of september. now i i think part of what he wanted me to bring is a sense of trying new things and oakland has tried come to new things in recent months, one is our cabin community program. it is now served more than 300 unsheltered residents and 50% have them have accident too permanent housing. another 16% into transitional housing programs that you mean by kevin community what we describe that for being so it's it's a it's a much kind of gentler and more dignified transition from the streets and a tense. to a path to self-sufficiency york. >>we first brought this to you on kron on on to hear more from the mayor get more exclusive content plus live local 24 7 news go to kron on dot tv to start watching right now. train derails in sacramento, injuring more than a dozen people crews are still
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working to remove a train from the area right now we have the latest on the investigation into what had. >>plus business owners in san francisco must now accept cash. ash was businessman and the fine businesses could begin with if they do not of the law and the fbi is calling it one of the largest of its kind this after 2 california men are accused of scamming dozens of women out of thousands of dollars and the
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>>the national transportation safety board is now investigating a train crash in sacramento and that crash happened last night injuring more than 20 people sacramento bureau reporter ashley zavala explains what happened. caution tape blocked off tracks and to regional transit trains in sacramento all day friday 6 investigators with the national transportation safety board arrived hours after a collision that injured more than 20 people and sent 13 of them to the hospital,
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the majority of them with minor injuries. >>sacramento's regional transit officials say thursday night a train carrying passengers rear ended another train undergoing maintenance testing with 3 workers inside in a statement, a spokesperson wrote sack art he is saddened for all that were impacted by the accident. but grateful that there were no serious injuries, the cause of the collision now at the center of 3 separate investigations see ntsb the california public utilities commission and regional transit system are all conducting their own sec rt officials say this is the system second crash in its 32 year history and that its safety record remains one of the top in the transportation industry in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>all right, let's take a look outside right now and look at the fall long rolling in cooling things down it's our natural air conditioner. >>but it's still going really hot out there this weekend meteorologist lawrence karnow is here with a look at the forecast. it really it seems to coming on shore say drop
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the temperatures down a good part of the bay area but not before. >>and we're back in the 90's and some hospitals spots inland but that fog. yeah, it is surging back on shore right now to look at the temperatures in the santa rosa really coming down for the past 24 hours 15 degrees cooler, they're up to 97 degrees yesterday, 13 use cooler napa and some that cooler air filtering all the way inland so today certainly was hot not as hot as yesterday, 91 in concord 94 degrees a little more 93 in antioch a lot of 70's 80's around the bay in 2 degrees and free money one as you make your way into mount view 67 degrees in half moon bay and 71 san francisco, but we're getting ready for the weekend and that fog is rolling back on shore right now. it's going toush into the bay and some local valleys overnight tonight. and that's going to burn off in a hurry. we're going to see a lot of sunshine but right now you see the fog developing off the coastline see that right there that little swirl in the atmosphere that gave us a little suddenly become part of the winds and that brought with it that cooler air right into the bay and drop the temperatures
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outside we're seeing some of the winds right now to 18 miles per hour in sonoma 11 in san francisco, 14 in the mill valley, 12 in oakland and 17 in the palo alto looks like a beautiful friday evening, though in the south bay are talking 75 gorgeous in san jose right now 70 little breeze into hayward 80 still warm in redwood city cool 59 though a pacific a 67 in san mateo 77 in petaluma and 73 degrees in santa rosa. high pressure will continue to build throughout the weekend and by sunday we're getting closer to triple digit heat. >>thank you are told to nigerian then and southern california oversaw a romance scam according to the fbi. >>as scam targeted 32 people around the world and they had at least 80 others working for them in what the fbi is calling quote one of the largest romance scams of its kind as nick watt reports many of the victims. we're elderly women. >>early morning, the feds came knocking fbi agents arrested
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11 federal defendants in los angeles another 3 around the country, 80 people charged in all the charges include fraud money laundering and identity theft we believe this is one of the largest cases of its kind. in us history roughly $10 million stolen. >>all online. >>this case involved 32 confirmed victims victims were located in the united states as well as in japan, the uk, lebanon. ukraine china mexico germany, indonesia, u a e intrude into market they were the elderly vulnerable lonely or lovelorn on dating sites and social media. >>as we as businesses that rely on wire transfers at the center of the indictment are operatives here in los angeles. >>who facilitated the fraud schemes by opening us bank accounts where victims were directed to deposit their money. >>among the many cases detailed in the sprawling 252 count indictment and complaint
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a woman who thought she met a us army captain stationed in syria online in reality, a scammer who asked for financial help to get a bag of diamonds out of the war torn country that woman. a widow recent window who did not have a lot of money lost more than $200,000 on facebook an 81 year-old hawaiian woman. so she met an oil rig worker in belgium in reality a scammer who bilked her for 750 grand and there's an illinois family who sold they were wiring a $135,000 to an escrow company in fact the money went straight into a scammers account in la. these mass arrests are the culmination of a huge more than 2 year investigation, but still. >>a word of warning. >>we are not going tarrest our way out of this problem. and so we continue to educate potential victims. >>that was nick watt reporting investigators say those 2 men had help from associates back home and in other countries. coming up tonight. the 5 a
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california teenager caught in the middle of a police raid is now suing that police departments plus the organizer behind a straight pride event in california says is happening this weekend with or happening this weekend with or with oh thaphenomenal!, that's unfair. that's so unfair. c'mon jay-bo. let's go. let's go. woahh! try my $4.99 bbq bacon double cheeseburger combo. only at jack in the box.
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♪ try my $4.99 barbeque bacon double cheeseburger combo. >>straight pride event in the death toll is set for this weekend even though the city denied a permit to some people in that community say they plan to protect their city from what they call a bigoted event by holding a counter protest if the straight pride parade does happen. bridget boileau has the story. >>we're not going to be stopped by any way the founder of the national straight pride coalition says a straight pride event is still on and from and esto despite being denied a permit by the city we're still going to have the event and we have our first amendment rights. we get our views out and this is the first of many don grundmann
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says he looks forward to exercising his right to free speech and assembly in an undisclosed public location in the deaths still on saturday we're going to have a parade. >>and that's going to be our our primary mission is to have that parade in multiple outlets that the city where just peaceful people walking down the street and in our in our country. we just want to express their first amendment rights he and his supporters has sparked a backlash in recent weeks with critics calling them a hate group with a mission to divide and incite violence nor can it be taught. >>torn by a handful of outsiders who have come to spread fear and intimidate the most vulnerable among us doesn't the people gather reform and s to city hall thursday pledging to counter protest any street pride event that takes place this weekend we're just going to. >>you know peacefully demonstrate. let them know that they're not welcome here. try to drown them out. >>even forming a group of their own called him the nonviolent collective to stand up for values that they say better represent the city like inclusion peace and love and
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we do not that to represent who we are. >>we're trying to show the best side of who we are and mud esto is all about love and accept. >>that was bridgette for low reporting on its website, the stated goals of the national straight pride coalition are to defend heterosexuality caucasians western civilization and to promote nationalism. still ahead tonight, this is in san francisco are now forced to say goodbye to care cashless purchases we have the latest on this new ban and the find
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with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits. may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit, to learn more. >>ashes back to being king here in san francisco, a new ordinance banning businesses from turning away customers who do not have credit cards is now in effect kron four's maureen kelly explains the reason behind the change and she got reaction from customers. it was a business model that was quickly being embraced here in tech friendly
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san francisco. ca


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