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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  August 23, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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>>let's see what we can expect congress to get justine thanks and let's go now to our chief meteorologist lawrence car so he's going to be looking at the weather for this upcoming weekend. >>yeah guys hey it is going to be a hot weekend. but you can see that fog outside right now that has made its way inside the golden gate bridge that's going to fill in to some of the valley's overnight tonight we're going to see some of that patchy fog in the early morning hours tomorrow, but after that we are often running with some sunshine in what looks like some nice weather ahead as we're going to watch these temperatures heating up outside back today.
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we took a bit of a hit we saw a little more of a southwesterly wind and that was enough to bring down the temperature big time in the santa rosa was 15 degrees cooler than yesterday. we have to they are they were well in the 90's, 13 degrees cooler today a nap and you get the idea of numbers coming down around a good part of the bay area highs out there the out 94 degrees still hot in livermore 91 in concord 88 degrees in santa rosa 84. in san jose 81 degrees at mt do temperatures along the coastline still cool in the 60's. that's kind of how it's going to play out over the weekend. you're going to see that hot weather as you head inland but boy along the coastline we're going to keep those numbers cooler but the high pressure going to continue to build throughout the weekend as we get into sunday and monday. here comes the heat may be some triple digit temperatures mainly in the east bay on monday still some cooler numbers along the coastline, but maybe even some 70's. last year when developing out toward the beach that's less forecast guys back to you, thanks lauren some questions tonight about police response times in san francisco this after 2
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attacks outside the watermark condominiums on beale street this month. >>earlier this week, a man was punched in the face outside of the building and he told kron four's michelle kingston that it took 45 minutes for police to arrive the police are telling her. that's just not true. she is live now in our newsroom to explain michelle. >>well the victim first told us yesterday it took 45 minutes to an hour for police to arrive after he was attacked outside the condo building. but today police said it took them about 15 minutes from the time they were caught all the time they were on scene searching for the suspect. >>i was shocked that was completely shocked this is the second victim of an attack outside the watermark condos on beale street this month. both attacks caught on camera the victim of this second attack was punched in the face on his way home. he doesn't want to show his face but told us it took police 45 minutes to an hour to arrive on scene in the want to do. >>and then look at the dorm and is he just told me just
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just come in and he called cops and they came later something like 45 minutes an hour later, but on friday, we asked police for their response time to the call they told us the initial call for service came from the front desk clerk. >>about 20utes after the victim was punched and that they were on scene searching for the suspect in about 15 minutes when kron 4 shared this statement with the victim. >>he told us he's not sure when the front desk clerk called police because after he was punched, he went up to his condo but that from the time he was attacked until he was told to come downstairs because police had arrived it was about 45 minutes certainly doesn't make us feel safe being in the area. wallace lee with state the market errol for all says it's common in their neighborhood to have to wait a long time for the police to come to the scene whether it be 15 or 45 minutes, it's right that it's not it's no it's no longer. >>urgent for the person being attacked, but i think it's still urgent for the community police said in a statement in
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recent days we've increased police presence in the affected areas in response to these incidents this is part of a larger strategy initiated in 2017. >>that includes stepped up foot patrols and working with other agencies but the cordon a good strategy to address behavioral health issues in our city. >>now the suspect in the attack from earlier this month has now been charged the suspect in this most recent attack remains on the loose live in the newsroom, michelle kingston kron 4 news. thank you michelle. >>a big story tonight, an arrest has been made in a hit and run in san jose police say this man 18 year-old alberto ask with was racing another car when he lost control of his vehicle and rear ended another vehicle it happened. late last night near moore park and saratoga avenue years. police say the truck, the suspect was driving landed on its roof after crashing into 3 more parked cars. they say he fled the scene but was found not far away and taken
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into custody. police say he was arrested for hit and run as well as dui the driver of the other car was taken to the hospital and is expected to be okay. police are now looking for the driver of the car as we've us was racing with just moments before the crash. the democratic national committee summer meeting is in full swing in san francisco more than a dozen presidential hopefuls are speaking on day 2 of the event. >>among them a home coming from the campaign trail for california senator kamala harris. kron four's dan kerman went to the hilton for the event today. >>and enthusiastic crowd greeted a homegrown politician friday afternoon, california senator kamala harris. >>and welcome to san francisco as many of you know i ran for my first political office here in san francisco's district attorney harris wasted no time in going after the current occupant of the white house. >>the former prosecutor made a
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case against 4 more years of donald trump by taking a look at what she called his rap sheet he came in talking about how he was going to working families, everyone from farmers. >>the auto workers then he passes a trade policy by tweet. based on unilateral action born out of a fragile ego. that has resulted in farmers across our country and spent a lot of time in iowa, looking at bankruptcy because they got soybeans riding in bins we know that by the end of the year as many as 300,000 auto workers may be out of the job, american families are now because of the tariffs spending one billion more a month on groceries on the washing machines on a variety of things. >>harris says the president has betrayed the american public and continues to do so. >>this guy has had a policy that is not reflective of the best of who we are of our morals, our ideals when they've been put in babies in cages and separating children
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from their parents in the name of border security when in fact what it is is a human rights abuses being committed by the united states government. >>she also slammed the president for his so-called coddling of the nra instead of backing which she calls smart gun safety laws people would ask me after el paso. >>they said well. do you think he's responsibleor what happened it course even pull the trigger. he's certainly been tweeting up ammunition. >>harris as the road to victory will be a tough one, but she's convinced the democrats can win it. at the hilton san francisco dan kerman kron 4 news. >>oakland mayor libby shaft stopped by our studio today to talk about some of the biggest issues facing her east bay city crime. ryan o'donnell sat down with her one on one to discuss many topics, including oakland's notorious pothole problem. >>and i've lived in oakland on my life and i have been bumping along those roads like everybody else. >>this has been for years in
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the making it started with us creating for the first time a department of transportation oakland and have won. and then bring into our voters, an ambitious plan and that allowed us to get a bond measure passed measure k k. so that's what's really fueling this project 100 miles of road was and it's not just that we're filling potholes were actually grinding him down completely replacing them so they don't get potholes and this is in modern history, the biggest infrastructure project on our roads oakland has ever done. we help everybody is getting more roads fixed. but we actually are fixing even more roads in our lowest income neighborhoods recognizing that the impact of a flat tire a broken ram is actually going impact our struggling families the most and so we have actually prioritized those neighborhoods and again these are neighborhoods that have not seen local roads repaved in a generation.
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>>we first brought you this interview on kron on and to hear more from air shaft and get more exclusive content plus live local 24 7 news go to kron on dot tv and start watching. >>cash is back to being king here in san francisco, a new ordinance banning businesses from turning away customers who do not credit cards is now in effect. those who embrace the card only policy said turning away dollars and cents was better for efficiency and also concerns about robberies city supervisor valley brown came up with the new ordinance because she says the no-cash policy discriminated against people who cannot afford to bake some people agree with the measure and some think that it's a right for small businesses. >>everybody needs and needs pay for things when somebody doesn't have a credit card than they should be able to use gas to do that should just let. >>operate a small business and do things how they want to it's one of our freedoms right
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beginning form of payment that we want. >>ashley's ban apply at internet only businesses like rideshares food trucks or pop up shops. coming up tonight. 600 acres. already. >>the reading area since yesterday and homes already lost we have an update on the containment efforts of the mountain fire. tonight, a symbol of the people in paradise trying to get their lives back together the reason the paradise football team, already feels like winners. >>the neighbor said it rattled their doors and their windows. >>2 trains collide in sacramento injuring dozens what caused the light rail to go off the tracks. and if you're streaming us right now on kron on the news will continue during the commercial to cry on dot tv to see what you're missing. >>today was bad tomorrow worse. just over into the
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switch to geico. to music and mike. >>a commuter train crash in sacramento and injured at least 27 people this happened late on thursday night when a light rail train hit a maintenance treatment at least 13 people had to be taken to the hospital charmaine niro reports. >>it's business as usual for commuters, traveling to work at this north sacramento, light rail station. >>and if you end up at the high side take the change to midtown. >>many just finding out there were more than a dozen people injured after a light rail traveling on the blueline collided with another train in
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the incident happened sometime between there and here. >>kind of get your. >>officials with sacramento, regional transit say just after 9 30 thursday night. they were notified about the collision. they say a passenger light rail train rear ended a stop light rail train undergoing maintenance testing between the roseville road and marconi arcade stations altogether officials say there were 24 people on board the passenger train in 3 on the maintenance train. they say a total of 12 people were sent to area hospitals with minor injuries in one person with moderate injuries. in a statement, a spokesperson with the department went on to say secor tease sad and for all that were impacted by this accident. but grateful that there were no serious injuries. the cause of the incident is still under investigation at this time teens the protocol safeties like that that should happen like i think anywhere you know. >>the national transportation safety board announced they were sending 6 investigators to help in an independent
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investigation to determine the cause of the accident. >>well shuttle buses are being provided for commuters in the meantime. 5 or 6 minutes later norm. other than that it's. >>these commuters are hoping something like this doesn't happen again. >>if they can get answers wars that would be nice to know we also in these. we would like to know as communities and that's to you. >>that was jermaine marrow reporting officials with sacramento, regional transit say 12 of the 13 people who were sent to area hospitals have since been released. they say 3 of those people were transit employees. >>paradise is now turning to friday night lights to help heal from last year's camp -pfire tonight, the paradise high school bobcats are playing their first game since the wildfire at the head coach of the football team says that he now has 35 players down from 56 last year as the school has lost nearly half half of its students who are forced to move away. but about
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5,000 people are expected to attend the game tonight. the team will enter the field through the home stands led by last year's seniors who never got to play in their final game. few things are powerful enough to bring people back to the scene of their greatest tragedy and for the community of paradise that was nearly leveled by the wildfire football is it. >>cal fire now says it is getting the upper hand on the mountain fire in shasta county the brush fire threatens over 1100 homes near where the car fire burned last year. johnny jones was camped out with their jobs along highway 2.99 most of the day after heeding the call to get out my neighbors, screaming next door. >>because we've been through this before. jones has lived through 2 big fires there in 1999 2004 where 2 of her horses died. >>i lost my house to fire on the bridge because i loved a good and this time it was just as serious as soon as you saw how close it was. all knew we
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had to get out north winds fueled the fire as it burned through dry grass and brush destroying one structure looked a little bit like a a. >>bloom a nuclear bomb manning has been biggers jeff reeves came up to check on his parents home. we're glad to see it after the deadly carr fire and campfire last year. i think the major matic. >>effect that it's had on lies. cause a much more dramatic response. so they were they were pounding at heart. >>cal fire says they approach each fire aggressively. we had a aircraft, a large number of air tankers and helicopters. graham resources from engines decrees to those ers water we had everything that you could ride it out. >>by nightfall, 600 acres have burned and the fire was 20% contained. good news for jones who will have to wait along with several 1000 others until tomorrow to return home. >>a man amen absolutely with
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the problem that i worry about because i've seen it is ever is falling. >>want to check on conditions in the shasta area because of that fire but also what's happening around here, here's our chief meteorologist lawrence, karnow what's it like there now that windy and dry not really windy. but the winds may kind of whipping around today yesterday they were blowing out of the north. >>but look direction the coming from now almost directly up from the south and even 14 miles per hour in around that fire. so that is blowing that fire and that smoke right back into the areas that have already burned so you're seeing some that move back toward shasta lake as the fire continues to burn there now, but the winds overnight tonight the watch it closely at the southerly winds out there right now of course we see winds get upwards of about 20 miles per hour that could be a problem or night that doesn't look like that's going to happen were some seats at the winds continuing throughout the night tonight and the better part of the day tomorrow. the temperatures going to be very hot though we're talking near triple digit heat by tomorrow afternoon. so i don't think winds are going to be the big issue for fires fires, the up
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there now, but temperatures certainly will try to fight those fires with temperatures that hot outside right now we do have some low clouds and fog moved into the bay right through the golden gate bridge busy out there. the bridge tonight people get ready for the weekend. you see the clouds gather along the coastline that some patchy fog will keep you cool out toward the beaches with to be kicking up nets bring some of that already inside the bay to 10 miles per hour now to san francisco 12 in oakland 15 in the benicia so pretty good on shore push now temperatures not bad 70 degrees in san jose, the 64 and cooler and it's making way to hayward just 75 in redwood city 59, in pacific and 61 degrees in berkeley 72. in saint helene and nice and warm there at this time by see the clouds moving in the san francisco right now those clouds filling in the bay already and some local valleys they will become mostly sunny and still a bit hot inland, especially in the east bay. that's where we see temperatures in the 90's as we head in towards sunday and monday getting closer to triple digits. and outbreak of disney a girl with the measles
8:21 pm
visited disney the dates that she was at the park ani could have infected others. >>also a man captured on this video after the cal state fullerton stabbing is now in custody, how he and the victim may have known each other. just when you thought you were done painting... discover paint bleed under your tape... not with frogtape! frogtape is the only painter's tape treated with patented paintblock technology. paintblock reacts with the water in latex paint to form a micro-barrier against paint bleed, giving you the sharpest lines possible. get professional results with frogtape... no messy lines, no paint bleed. for sharp lines every time, frog it!
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>>a southern california man has been charged with murder and the stabbing death of his co-worker on a college campus. 51 year-old chen who has been charged with one count of murder and lying in wait. authorities say both stabbed cal state faculty member stephen chan in the parking lot on monday at the fullerton campus. police have declined to discuss the relationship between the coworkers. the motive for the killing. bo's arraignment has been scheduled now for october 4th. >>largest of its kind that's what the fbi is calling an online dating scam that pped off more than 30 people. the amount of money swindled from the victims. >>i am bubbling with the
8:25 pm
anticipation. my gosh. i haven't signed the riddles. >>the big announcement marvel star robert downey junior made at the rose bowl last night and what it has to do with nasa and the rolling stones case of meningitis shows up at a bay area elementary school, the students with the district
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>>infectious disease recently captain east bay elementary school student out of the classroom and dublin unified school district says that student was diagnosed with meningitis well forcefully tuggle updates us on whether anybody else was exposed. >>during the first week of class at the dublin unified school district superintendent doctor dave mark in confirms a student at murray elementary school showed up on campus infected with the disease meningitis it's very rare now in the second week of the school year the school's
8:29 pm
principal sent a letter out to parents monday notifying the community about the issue then following up with additional notices as the school district learn more there's been no other cases reported so we're extremely happy with the quick response of markin says as soon as they learned about this case they reached out to the alameda county public health department kept the student away from school and had the classroom exposed deep clean gets an extra layer of cleaning from the maintenance department that day put in place when there's any sort of. potential contagion meningitis causes inflammation in the brain and spine typically caused by a viral infection that can also be contracted by bacteria or fungus depending on the type. the airborne disease can be deadly. but that's not the case here. murray elementary is wrapping up its second week of class in the student in question is back in school cleared by the county public health department kids get sick in school and that just kind of how it is and just it was handled well.
8:30 pm
>>land. it happens lisa aqua lena sun attends 5th grade at murray elementary she says she was never worried because of the clear communication from the school district. >>she's also reminding her son and classmates to keep clean to seize you know. >>the safety procedures of washing their hands then i'm being careful of their sneezing or coughing using clean next. the teachers encourage them on salinas where and how the student became infected has not been released. >>in dublin fleet at all kron 4 news. >>we're learning of a possible measles exposure at disneyland officials say a teenage girl traveling from new zealand this month was infected, and may have exposed others at disneyland and a nearby hotel. the exposures happened august 11th at the desert palms hotel in anaheim. and august 12th at disneyland and california adventure. crews say that she remained in southern california through august 15th and also visited the la area.
8:31 pm
she has now returned to new zealand. but people who may have been exposed should monitor themselves for symptoms such as a fever and a rash. the us has been dealing with a measles outbreak of this year with more than 12 100 cases reported. cast as we take a live look now at the golden gate bridge. it looks foggy out there and a little blurry as well. >>says lawrence karnow is here. i news on a tropical storm is near go for it you know you're thinking about the nice tropical vacation, the annals expensive to go there right don't worry it may be coming to you got a system that's developing off the coastline here it is this is the evil spin around over the last couple of days. it was a strong tropical storm begin to weaken though just a little bit downgraded now to 50 mile an hour sustained winds right around the core of that storm system is off the ball and slowly moving is some cooler waters will continue to do so.
8:32 pm
>>the next couple days right through the weekend. and then you begin to see it fall apart as we get into monday and that's generally what happens you know if you go swimming up toward the beaches, the water just too cold to support the storms but it's going to fall apart and some of that moisture start to spread up toward the bay area so here we go get a little tropical feel in the bay area this next week right now though high pressure overhead we've got that patchy fog along the coastline will see that in early morning hours there they go you've got all that tropical moisture sweeping up toward the bay area going to make for some public some level cl muggy conditions got to watch closely sometimes the storm systems can produce lightning and i think it very interesting toward the middle of next week with that being said outside right now the fog is really begin to thicken up and move on shore pushing inside the bay right now more that all the way as we head in toward tomorrow morning. and that is going to burn off leaving behind 70's into much of san francisco little cool up toward the coastline, 65 with some patchy fog out toward the beaches 70's though in tamil brand also the burning 76 and foster city 82 in redwood city south a little hazy still some 80's there and
8:33 pm
hot 90's in the east bay as you get over the hill there 94 in pleasanton 93 in dublin 92 in concord about 77 degrees and hercules 81 of the show back toward the coastline. those temperatures in the 60's. >>well the fbi says men in southern california oversaw a romance scam that targeted women across the world to clot reports the department of justice is calling the online dating scam one of the largest of its kind. >>early morning. the feds came knocking fbi agents arrested 11 federal defendants in los angeles another 3 around the country, 80 people charged in all the charges include fraud money laundering and identity theft we believe this is one of the largest cases of its kind. in us history roughly $10 million stolen. >>all online. >>this case involved 32 confirmed victims victims were located in the united states as well as in japan, the uk, lebanon. ukraine china mexico
8:34 pm
germany, indonesia, u a e and turned into market they were the elderly vulnerable lonely or lovelorn on dating sites and social media. >>as well as businesses that rely on wire transfers at the center of the indictment are operatives here in los angeles. >>who facilitated the fraud schemes by opening us bank accounts where victims were directed to deposit their money. >>among the many cases detailed in the sprawling 252 count indictment and complaint a woman who thought she met a us army captain stationed in syria online in reality, a scammer who asked for financial help to get a bag of diamonds out of the war torn country that woman widow recent window who did not have a lot of money lost more than $200,000 on facebook an 81 year-old hawaiian woman. so she met an oil rig worker in belgium in reality a scammer who bilked her for 750 grand
8:35 pm
and there's an illinois family who sold they were wiring a $135,000 to an escrow company in fact the money went straight into a scammers account in la. these mass arrests are the culmination of a huge more than 2 year investigation, but still. >>a word of warning. >>we're not going to arrest our way out of this problem. and so we continue to educate potential victims. >>this may be the most exciting thing i've ever done. i wouldn't miss it for the world. >>whoa >>and so excited about iraq that it got him singing this big announcement is coming up and the arts largest rain forest is on fire the protests around the nation and. >>how they are leading to change pressuring the resilient government to step up and cash allergies can soon be a thing of the past asked how scientists
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>>for your help tonight a lot of people have cat allergies but some relief may be coming soon a swiss pharmaceutical company has developed a vaccine, but it's not for you. it's for the cash. the vaccine works by suppressing it. team that cap produce which causes allergies in humans. the in humans. the company hypo pet said initial vaccine as well tom rated by the caps hype about says they're hoping that when this vaccine. finally becomes available families will no longer have to par with their pets because of allergies and good news if dogs. >>are more your speed. a new study says owning a dog keeps owners hearts, healthy because dog owners get a lot more exercise. researchers say dogs also reduce stress and increase socialization they look to several lifestyle factors and say that dog's benefit of people's hearts more than anything else. the gun product. pretty new to the
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food saying, but terms such as veggie burger could soon be a thing of the past if meat produce is get their way we'll explain why. >>and just ahead in sports. the raiders took the win in winnipeg in a seesaw battle against the packers. jason do much. just when you thought you were done painting... discover paint bleed under your tape... not with frogtape! frogtape is the only painter's tape treated with patented paintblock technology. paintblock reacts with the water in latex paint to form a micro-barrier against paint bleed, giving you the sharpest lines possible. get professional results with frogtape... no messy lines, no paint bleed. for sharp lines every time, frog it!
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meat producers have a beef with of the gun industry they want plant based meat alternative companies to stop labeling their products with words. >>normally use for me. >>but as kron four's washington correspondent jesse tour begun companies have cooked up lawsuits to fight back. >>what would you call a bird. other than a burger you know do you call a veggie pocket veggie disk that's the question at the root of a plant based companies lawsuit in mississippi upton's naturals filed suit today, a new state law took effect prohibiting the advertising of meat alternative products with words like birth, hot dogs or
8:44 pm
bacon the first amendment is about all the ways that we communicate usefully with one another and that includes commercial advertising paul sherman with the institute for justice is one of the attorneys on the case. he argues that requiring special packaging in states with plant based labeling laws is just too expensive to redesign their labels for every different market where they want to sell their product is just ridiculous in a statement the state of mississippi says the laws just a way to make things clear saying quote consumers who want to buy vegetarian or vegan products need to know without confusion that they are buying food products without meat. but with products like these beyond meat burgers available in grocery stores all across the country. the producers may have reason to be concerned. research shows begin meet sales jumped about 14% last year arting to cut a little into the billion meat industry. it's just not legitimate for the government to censor people's advertising in order to protect incumbent businesses from new competition, but with multiple states also trying to restrict the in labels. that's ultimately up to a federal
8:45 pm
court to decide in washington, i'm just eaten or. >>the world's lungs are burning fires are raging at a record rate in brazil's amazon rain forest. and scientists warn this could strike a devastating blow to the fight against climate change. the amazon rain forest provides 20% of the atmosphere oxygen for the entire earth. the satellite pictures really show the before and after pictures of when the fire started smoke can be seen covering the entire forest. and now protests are erupting around the world demanding brazilian president bolsonaro do something to stop these fires from spreading and destroy more land. brazil's president is a right all right wayne climate change deny or today after scathing remarks from critics the president a mouse was ill is going to deploy the country's armed forces to the rain forest to help combat and prevent fires and environmental crimes between august 24th and september 4th. since wednesday to say it's in the amazon have been declared
8:46 pm
states of emergency. a bolivian supertanker you see here has been flying and spraying water over that wildfires. >>there have been more than 72,000 fires in brazil this year alone has more than half in the amazon region and an 80% increase in fires compared to the same time last year. >>scientists say the oxygen produced here in the amazon. >>is key to slowing global warming. >>nasa named a golf ball size rock on mars rolling stones rock scientists gave it that name because when the insight lander touched down back in november. its thrusters blew the rock about 3 feet. that's the farthest a stone has a role the during a landing on another planet, rolling stones front man mick jagger appeared smitten with this honor and it was i the man himself robert downey junior who announced the name on thursday night before the band performed at the rose bowl in and jagger told the crowd, nasa has given
8:47 pm
us something we've always dreamed of our own rock on mars. >>the raiders arrived in canada ready to play a football game against the packers, everyone is excited the nfl is going to continue to grow its brand globally but raiders got to the stadium in something was up with the field in a nutshell. raiders near nor the packers felt like the playing surface was safe enough to play on as for the game the raiders started off slow and we're down 21 to 10 at halftime but the silver and black were able to shut out the packers in the 2nd half daniel carlson kicked a 33 yard field goal with 8 seconds left to give the raiders a when jon gruden on the last on our game last night what he thought about the dimensions on the field. great comeback by us. a lot of contributors. >>thank the people of winnipeg we had a great experience. the i i don't know what that was
8:48 pm
all about we i thought the film was perfectly fine. >>now like the raiders the niners are also undefeated in the pre season though have their 3rd tuneup of the pre season tomorrow when they take on the kansas city chiefs at arrowhead the focus will be on jimmy garoppolo because up to this point of the season, he ever looked very good in fact to put it bluntly he's been pretty bad last week against the broncos. jimmy g went one for 6 with the interception and get 2 more boss that probably should have been intercepted, but jimmy g is aware of his struggles and hopes to turn a page tomorrow in kansas city. >>i think just got their next q a as an office good like us to get us into a good get the ball moving down the field and there's got to string place to place together one after another i think that's what it's also really all all about is an offense just you know consistently going out there next year. >>and to the hardwood last week the lakers had to deal with the devastating news of damarcus cousins tearing his
8:49 pm
acl but looks like they found his replacement the lakers will sign the white howard to a non-guaranteed contract to work out in front of lakers officials earlier this week and got the call today he had to complete a buyout with the memphis grizzlies before signing with the lakers. and over in sacramento, the kings and league officials has closed the loop walking sexual-assault case investigators determine that based on the evidence there was not a sufficient basis to support the sexual-assault allegations made against kings head coaching of water, was accused of making sexually advances. 4 former employee at spectrum sports, los angeles. 1 one was a member of the los angeles lakers. and that's your look at sports back to you guys. >>all right. thank you jason coming up plans for private. >>so we're so we're just going to. let them know that they're not welcome here. >>we're just peaceful people walking down the street. >>and plans for a pride parade in modesto receiving backlash
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free home delivery. ends saturday. >>plans for a straight pride parade in modesto are set for this weekend even though the city has said no bridget for low reports that some of the community say they plan to hold a counter protest if that parade actually happens. we're not going to be stopped by any way the founder of the national straight pride coalition says a straight pride event is still on. >>and from and esto despite being denied a permit by the city we're still going to have the event and we have our first amendment rights. we get our views out and this is the first of many don grundmann says he looks forward to exercising his right to free speech and assembly in an undisclosed public location in the deaths still on saturday we're going to have a parade. >>and that's going to be our our primary mission is to have that parade in multiple outlets that the city where just peaceful people walking down the street and in our in
8:54 pm
our country. we just want to express their first amendment rights he and his supporters has sparked a backlash in recent weeks with critics calling them a hate group with a mission to divide and incite violence nor can it be taught. >>torn by a handful of outsiders who have come to spread fear and intimidate the most vulnerable among us doesn't the people gather reform and s to city hall thursday pledging to counter protest any street pride event that takes place this weekend we're just going to. >>you know peacefully demonstrate. let them know that they're not welcome here. try to drown them out. >>even forming a group of their own called him the nonviolent collective to stand up for values that they say better represent the city like inclusion peace and love and we do not. >>that to represent who we are we're trying to show the best side of who we are and mud esto is all about love and accept. that was bridgette for low reporting. >>on its website, the stated goals of the national straight
8:55 pm
right clinician are to defend sexuality caucasians western civilization and to promote nationalism. well that wraps up kron 4 news tonight at 8. and vicki liviakis are here now is what will be going on during kron 4 news at 9 that just a thanks very much next at 9 what some people in the south bay are saying tonight as they reflect on a terrifying hit and run. this truck came plowing down the street hitting cars left and right. >>plus a warning from a family that says that they saw mountain lions roaming around details on which hiking, trails you should avoid this weekend and more heat headed our way for the weekend how hot it will get as we closely tracked the potential. >>for fire danger keep it here kron 4 news at night is next.
8:56 pm
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>>now you don't know there's a truck flipped over cars on top of cars and other one was on the sidewalk. >>now 9 people reacting to that hit and run crash that left lots of cars damage after a guy driving a truck came plowing through a local neighborhood. good evening, everybody thanks for being with us tonight at 9 i'm grant lotus and vicki liviakis the crash happened late last night on more park avenue in san
9:00 pm
jose. >>police arrested the 18 year-old driver kron four's gayle, ong she's live for us now in san jose with the story, gayle. >>brandon vicki l right behind me is where this. she had been the driver of the 18 year-old racing down this road were told by police before he lost control of his truck and then hit parked vehicles just parked rit in frof an apartment complex tonight at this hour. police are still looking for another involved another driver involved in the crash. a ford pickup truck plowed into a parked vehicles on the 3900 block of moore park avenue in san jose late thursday night. >>san jose police arrested the driver 18 year-old alberto libya witnesses say it's clear the us was racing another vehicle before you lost control of his truck and we are ended a ford crown victoria police say the force of the crash caused the ford truck to collide with 3 parked cars and flipped over. >>we came out on our balcony we saw the lights out we walked out here and.


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