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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  August 24, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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>>killed in a hit and run crash in south san jose earlier this morning and tonight police are still trying to hunt down the driver, responsible good evening and thank you for joining us, i'm justine waltman. >>and i'm j r stone the crash happened just after 3 30 this morning. the intersection of santa teresa boulevard in san ignacio avenue kron four's gayle ong is live in san jose with the latest on that investigation, gayle. >>the crash happen right over there the victim and died on the scene and the driver was nowhere to be found. >>well of debris is all that remains in the early morning
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chaos that intersection i've se of accidents heard a lot from inside my house. >>glass and broken car pieces all over a man is dead after what police believe is a hit and run crash in south san jose police were called to the intersection of santa teresa boulevard and san ignacio avenue just after 3 30 saturday morning. the victim an adult male was driving a volkswagen facade was turning westbound santa teresa boulevard from northbound san ignacio avenue police say he was struck by a driver of a dodge ram laramie pickup truck at the intersection i heard a crash and it woke me up. jesse us prince's home surveillance video captured police canvassing the neighborhood armed with flashlights looking for the driver who ran away from the scene there's been a couple accents and a couple years with >>president complained this intersection is like a speedway i worry about especially in my time going through because a lot of people do run the red light going down senate race because the straight away from a lot of people actually a spend their tires to take off from the intersections because of that as well. >>and neighbors count yet
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another crash what they call a dangerous streets i've almost got hit from people trying to turn left. >>on this entry said i'm going straight so. probably like 3 or 4 times. >>the name of the victim has not yet been released police are urging anyone with information to come forward, reporting in san jose gayle, ong kron 4 news. >>thank you gayle, san jose police are also investigating a shooting that happened earlier this afternoon. it happened on williamsburg drive-by winchester boulevard. these are pictures sent to us from a viewer here. police are still searching for the suspect right now no word on the victim's condition anyone with information should contact police. >>well, dozens of people rally in the east bay against the eviction of a holocaust survivor organizers say it's unfair that landlords are evicting elderly and disabled people simply. >>as they say for more profits
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kron four's dan thorn is live in alameda tonight, he joins us now more from a rally that was held 4 people were about to be evicted dance. >>well that's right justine it's no secret that housing is an issue here in the bay area and this is just another example of it, dozens of people gathered here today and alameda to protest the eviction of a holocaust survivor and other elderly people and they're calling on the city of alameda to extend protections for these people who depend on section 8 housing. >>dozens of tenant activists rally outside of an apartment complex in alameda. they're protesting the possible eviction of holocaust survivor mmusi rishon and others supported by section 8 housing britian's family says he's facing eviction from the do's apartments because the landlord wants more rent money it really is price gouging in this market catherine pauling is with the alameda renters coalition. she says rishon is one of 3 section 8 tenants now facing evictions throughout
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alameda pauling along with is f protections for seniors and those with disabilities as housing prices skyrocket across the bay area. people should only be evicted her cause. >>and not just because someone says they want more rain tomorrow. >>next month alameda city council will consider an adjustment to the city's rent stabilization ordinance the plan would be to extend just cause eviction protections to people on section 8. if it passes these tenants could not be evicted without cause to me. have russian who speaks very little english shared some words at the rally, his daughter provided some of the translation. >>in the sun without under this condition. it's like and this this should know and be happy. >>the alameda renters coalition plans to take this matter to the housing
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authority on monday the rend c thorn kron 4 news. >>thank you dan. a live look outside right now as we talk about our 4 zone forecast in that is the city of san francisco you can kind of make out the sales force tower sticking out from all that fog a lot. >>got their joined right now by meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez white was a beautiful day today. but as you went and landed just got high. >>other and hotter out there. yeah, very seasonable temperatures along the coast. but our interior valleys started the warm-up today but tomorrow we're all going to warm up starting tomorrow. so let's take a look right now in the east bay over berkeley starting to notice that shallow marine they're making its way on shore up to ong the east bay shoreline. but at or near 0 right along the immediate coastline specifically for half moon bay and downtown san francisco. also parts of the north bay as well right along the coast,
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seen very poor visibility so make sure to turn on your low beams tonight, current wind speeds out there right now pretty gusty for downtown san francisco getting that stronger sea breeze pushing in that low fog bank right along the immediate coastline now extending inland into the east bay 24 hour temperature change is showing cooler temperatures right along the immediate coast on a count of the return of that marine layer and also stronger on shore flow but warmer temperatures for most of our interior valleys. specifically those of you in the east bay right now this evening. tracking widespread 60's throughout the bay area shoreline and 70's as you make your way inland. but tomorrow, the heat is on we're all going to be about 5 degrees above average peaking on monday. remnants of tropical storm ivo will actually bring us cooler and cloudier weather and very tropical weather as well in com up in my full forecast in just a few minutes. sharon just seen back to you thank a breeze, a highway for an antioch is back open right now after yet another shooting on
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the highway. >>the investigation shut down the busy road for hours today, the california highway patrol tells us. the bullets hit one car. the victim is ok and sharing what happened kron four's noel bello has more. >>first thing i see dried one hand it with a gun i can see the gun aimed sped up and leave. >>and heard the shot concerned about showing his face the victim of saturday's highway for shooting says the shooter had cut him off while he was headed toward the highway. he was looking at me and he. >>goes far let me know smoke here. this is like we know it's problem and chp says the shooting happened around 3 30 in the afternoon the westbound lanes of highway 4 near hillcrest. >>in a single victim. >>she was not struck but his vehicle was hit by at least one round. >>what has that been how to kpuw what is this 3 inches. some like that. the glass would hit me
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in my head or my upper body those westbound lanes were shut down for a couple of hours as officials collected evidence motive is unknown but chp believes it was not random. >>the victim says he still can't believe this happened to him. >>this could happen anywhere. but even unprovoked that's the thing is just amazing as lake. going about your business and this person, whatever is going on his life. feels like he's and somebody else's life. >>chp says they do have shotspotter technology installed on highway 4 to help in their investigations. but they're still looking for any witnesses to saturday's shooting and encouraging drivers to stay alert. >>that says that we just want to remind you would obviously be vigilant out there if you see something say something. >>police are investigating after 2 people were hit by a car one person was critically injured. it happened this everound 5 o'clock on geary boulevard in webster street. emergency officials are asking people to avoid the
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area. as police are still investigating what happens. >>a $5,000 reward is now being offered to find the person who forced a clip through this dog skin and then chain the husky to come crete sheriff's deputies in salinas found the injured dog earlier this month and officials say that the clip had likely been attached to that one year-old dog for more than 10 days. the reward was first posted at $1000. but it has now been upped to $5,000 to help find the person responsible husky is now named neil and he is recovering at the monterey county animal services which is also investigating this animal abuse case. >>well tonight a 17 year-old girl is in custody in campbell, accused of stabbing 2 other teens. police said the girl stabbed a 19 year-old woman and a 17 year-old teen boy just before midnight last night on hamilton avenue in campbell. she later surrendered to police the female victim was released from the hpi this
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morning. but the male victim remains hospitalized. the suspect was booked and taken to juvenile hall on suspicion of 2 counts of assault with a deadly weapon. >>there's some concern about san francisco police response times after a man was attacked outside of the watermark condominiums. this is the second attack this month at the building on beale street right along the embarcadero kron four's michelle kingston has the story. >>i was shocked that was completely shocked this is the second victim of an attack outside the watermark condos on beale street this month. both attacks caught on camera the victim of this second attack was punched in the face on his way home. he doesn't want to show his face but told us it took police 45 minutes to an hour to arrive on scene in the want to do. >>and look at the dorm and is he just told me just just come in and he called the cops and they came later something like 45 minutes an hour later, but
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on friday, we asked police for their response time to the call they told us the initial call for service came from the front desk clerk. >>about 20 minutes after the victim was punched and that they were on scene searching for the suspect in about 15 minutes when kron 4 shared this statement with the victim. >>he told us he's not sure when the front desk clerk called police because after he was punched, he went up to his condo but that from the time he was attacked until he was told to come downstairs because police had arrived it was about 45 minutes certainly doesn't make us feel safe being in the area. wallace lee with state the market errol for all says it's common in their neighborhood to have to wait a long time for the police to come to this scene whether it be 15 or 45 minutes. >>it's right that it's not it's no it's no longer. urgent for the person being attacked, but i think it's still urgent for the community police said in a statement in recent days we've increased police presence in the affected areas in response to these incidents this is part of a larger strategy initiated in 2017.
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>>that includes stepped up foot patrols and working with other agencies but the cordon a good strategy to address behavioral health issues in our city the suspect in the attack from earlier this month has now been charged. >>the suspect in this most recent attack remains on the loose. in san francisco, michelle kingston kron 4 news. >>well coming up, it's been 5 years since the napa earthquake. we take a look back at the damage and how the city is doing now. >>plus a major milestone in the north bay, how those devastated by the tubbs fire are now celebrating after major project is complete. >>and at least 14 states are battling 51 large wildfires which hav wireless is full of "awards". number one in overall network performance. highest in wireless network quality performance. highest in wireless network quality performance in the north central region. it's hard to know what to think.
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>>at least 51 large wildfires are raging in at least 14 states across the country, including right here in
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california. >>fires are forcing people from their homes and leaving behind a trail of destruction. melissa rainy has the latest. >>look a little bit like a a bloom a nuclear bomb manning is getting bigger ears in northern california crews are battling a wildfire dubbed the mountain fire. >>the discourse through several homes and buildings my neighbors screaming next door because we've been through this before for people like johnny jones she's lost everything including her home. >>for a second time. >>as soon as you saw how close it was. >>all knew we had to get out, i think they'd written a dramatic effect that it's had on lies caused a much more dramatic response. so they were they were sounding a harsh. >>california is just one of at least 14 states dealing with large wildfires. in alaska in extreme drought has mixed with massive fires burning to the state charring through neighborhoods, turning once scenic alaskan landscapes into
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something that looks post apocalyptic leaving many people homeless. i mean this was bad and will we lost. virtually everything including dan larson a man battling stage 4 cancer your house. >>oh you have yeah. >>who is now living in a travel trailer with his wife cherie get show with each other. yeah, i'm melissa rainy reporting. >>we heard melissa mention it in that story, but right now the mountain fire burning near redding is now 70% contained. the fire started around noon thursday in shasta county and spread 600 acres. cal fire says the fire destroyed 7 homes and 4 outbuildings 2 people suffered minor injuries. >>it was a big win for the paradise high school bobcats e last night, 42 to nothing paradise. head coach says the team has 35 players down from 56 last year as the school has
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lost nearly half half of its students who were forced to move away. thousands of people attended the game. >>relations goes out to them as we take a live look outside at san francisco international airport you can see karl the fog making his way over towards the terminals. hopefully no >>all just rega's is here with a look at our a forecast as for the rest of the weekend faa going to cool things down tomorrow. turn the heat up overall warming up tomorrow so it is going to be a shallow marine layer to start your sunday morning giving way to plenty of sunshine by the afternoon and today's daytime highs. >>near average with warming up into the low 90's today and tomorrow expect widespread the mid 90's for most of our try valleys tomorrow and here's a live look outside from downtown san francisco and you could see that shallow marine layer out in the distance and it is cooling down temperatures right now mainly along all of our coastal areas but very dry
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weather at that but to our south just west of baja, tropical storm ivo is right now churning out in the eastern pacific. and what with sustained winds at 40 miles per hour but by tomorrow, it is going to dissipate into a tropical depression. remnants of this tropical storm will make its way into the bay area increasing cloud cover cooling us down by tuesday and wednesday of next week and also bringing us a slight chance of pop-up thunderstorms as well but overall mainly going to bring us a very muggy to conditions where it's going to feel very tropical outside and a lot warmer than what it actually is temperatures out there right now as you head outside widespread 60's along our coastal areas and 70's as you make your way inland but conquered still in the low 80's and right now half moon bay, 59 degrees unique microclimate forecast just because of that big marine layer right off along immediate coastline right now overnight lows. we are going to notice 50's right along the
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san francisco bay coastline and low to mid 60's as you make your way inland. antioch though only cooling down into the upper 60's so already going to be a fairly warm night for you during the overnight hours and wake-up planner forecast is going to show partly cloudy skies to start out your sunday but then mostly sunny skies by the afternoon and we're all going to be about 5 degrees above average low 70's along the coast low 80's along the bay and widespread mid 90's for most of our interior valleys of downtown san francisco warming up to 73 degrees low 80's for oakland in hot temperatures for san jose in the low 90's mid-nineties for livermore concord and upper 90's for those of you in antioch santa rosa 92 degrees and even napa warming up into the upper 80's and as we take a look ahead at the next 7 day forecast. there's that cool down i'm tracking after monday's peak of this many heat wave things to tropical storm ivo we are going to notice cooler weather some relief by wednesday, but near average highs through the end of next week to cnn jack back to you. we'll take a look at
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this video of >>flood driving down the highway near santa clarita it looks like the driver is sleeping. he was going about 70 to 75 miles an hour at at the time the car stayed in its lane. the family that recorded this video did not call police because they say the driver eventually woke up. san francisco park and rex department skews me the rec and parks department is trying to help snakes and seniors in the city. the city has received a $4,000 grant in funding from the state. a little more than half of that money is going towards restoring a habitat for garter snakes at shark park in pacifica even though it's in pacifica san francisco rec and park still manages it. the other $2000 will fund a new bike and pedestrian trail that will lead from the visitation neighborhood into mclaren park. the parks department says this will give seniors and middle schoolers in the area a more direct path to the
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already existing trails in the park. >>well a popular outdoor area in the south bay is closed. after a family of mountain lions were spotted in santa clara county. here a young mountain lion, a scene strolling along the trail. rancho san antonio open spaces quickly joined by 2 other cubs, mid peninsula, open-space spokeswoman. lee and gessner says there's been an increase in recent mountais lion sightings within the preserve gessner says a temporary closing of the trails is the best way to keep people and the animals safe. >>they want to instill some beer and that's not only families so that they can >>there are signs inside the park warning of possible encounters with big cats and does happen. rangers were not taking any chances friday afternoon as they turned away several visitors.
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>>coming up people lined the streets to rally against a straight pride parade. we will hear from protesters on why they feel that the parade is fueled by hate. >>plus at least 6 people are hurt. after lightning strikes a tree, causing debris to injure those at a pga tournament. >>and today marks 5 years since the napa earthquake. he will take a look back at the
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>>5 years since a 6 point o magnitude earthquake rocks. >>it certainly remember it. well one person died 200 were injured. and many buildings were damaged. kron four's christina tate row shows us what the recovery effort looks like. >>it's a peaceful start to an eventful day here in downtown napa to is also the blues brews and bbq festival that's expected to bring hundreds to this downtown area. but just 5 years ago things looked much different. look here in this
8:27 pm
video the 6 point magnitude earthquake destroying buildings made a break. this security video showing how strong the tremors were since the earthquake. the usgs has been spending a lot of time and effort studying the north bay and looking for any unknown faults the work continues to hopefully identify any potential dangers and to understand how another big earthquake could affect the region in downtown napa though it's driving once again. many businesses haven't reopened or finish repairs from years ago. i spoke with one napa resident mean karen. she remembers the earthquake quite vividly she's also been restoring an old town home destroyed by the quake over the past 4 and a half years. >>it's hard to believe it's really been 5 years. you there's still a lot of places around town did have not been brought back to where they were before. but we really come a long way and. it's looking great. >>local business owners remembering the day and also always prepared for what could happen. now each resident i spoke with todaya
8:28 pm
similar sentiment. they say there's no way they could forget such a horrific day, but they say it's really the tight knit community that helped them get through. reporting in napa christina tetreault kron 4 news. >>well coming up a major milestone in the north bay, how those devastated by the tubbs fire. we are
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>>welcome back to kron 4 news at a construction milestone celebrated in santa rosa today. the coffey park neighborhood devastated by the tubbs fire nearly 2 years ago. mark the completion of the hopper walls projects. >>kron forced him to call reports a community effort is helping to rebuild an important part of coffee park. >>the strength of the community and body by the sturdy wall once again standing tall ironically symbolizing unity. >>and not a divider i lost my
8:32 pm
home and the tubbs fire one of 1300 homes in santa rosa's coffey park neighborhood level during that fire 2 years ago this october, any barbour has since rebuilt her house along hopper avenue. one of 42 homes connected to a barrier wall that burned down in the fire. initially she and the rest of her neighbors thought they'd have to foot the bill for a replacement since it stood on private property costs and to each of the homeowners minimum would have been about 18 to $25,000. >>which can make or break a family during the course of the past 18 months nonprofits like coffee strong and rebuild north bay foundation worked with the city of santa rosa takes a team and that's what this whole thing is the team private companies donating more than a half million dollars in materials, labor and time. county to rebuild an even stronger just absolute pleasure to be here to new gateway to coffey park is now complete a 2900 foot wall system ighbors didn't
8:33 pm
have to pay for it, i feel a lot more secure now it's actually a sound wall which are one other one was a. >>i feel comfortable that is not a retaining wall but that if a car was to come through with come all the way through to my house. i feel like there's more security in our homes because it's not scalable most homes are still under construction. but barbour says as of last month, at least 100 neighbors have moved back in and then we have 87% in the process between permitting and now walking by worries and to never give up. in santa rosa felipe to of all kron 4 news. >>in novato police arrested a delivery driver who they say broke into a home friday afternoon. this is a pictures of the officers with 27 . yeapolice say kimball stole more than $10,000 worth of items from the home, he's being held right now in the marine county jail.
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>>in san bruno 3 members of the latino family are suspected of kidnapping and assaulting an african american teenager. in what police call a hate crime. police arrested will freight on maya haiti are guaido and we send or suarez yesterday on hate crime kidnapping and other charges. investigators say the teenage boy was visiting a girl at the home, the family's home when members of her family assaulted him tied him up and threatened to kill him. they also yelled racial slurs at him. the suspect eventually released the teenager. he was treated at the hospital his condition is currently unknown. protesters lined the streets of modesto to rally against a straight pro i'd event. even though the city said no organizers went ahead with the parade. christy grosz has details. >>chanting birds of inclusion and holding signs of unity.
8:35 pm
nearly 200 counter protesters shouted down about a dozen street pride supporters in front of planned parenthood in modesto. the name a founder of the national straight pride coalition, don grundmann says he's proud of his supporters for standing up for the right to free speech and his group's fundamental principles that. natural family of men, women children babies warning on born western in all people. all those are basic foundations that are under attack. >>grundmann and his supporters have sparked backlash in recent weeks leading up to today's rally. critics are calling the street pride coalition, a racist hate group with the mission to divide and incite violence. so we are rejecting the presence of hate that we are rejecting these values that the straight pride coalition. >>represents of like white >>max treated the modesto nonviolent organized to counter protests. that began a insulin park before they left
8:36 pm
to confront streep right supporters now i'm so it's about where about like inclusion and and over city and unity. well tensions were high between the 2 groups there was a heavy police presence at both locations ensuring the demonstrations remains nonviolent. >>what was originally advertised of the street pride parade turned into a pop of rally along a busy road after the city denied the group a permanent when they come to get the required liability insurance. >>but that didn't stop them. our goal is we're going to have these events across the country in all states and all that. >>counter protesters say they hope their strong turnout sends a message to grundmann and history pride supporters up a number police officers go in portland. >>they saw that hate is not welcome their city and today we got to show that he's not welcome in with us later. >>at least 6 people are hurt after a lightning storm hit during a pga tour tournament. in atlanta today. >>you know in the afternoon storm rolled in the tournament had to be suspended after the
8:37 pm
3rd round kron 4 sanaz to hernia joins us now in studio with more on how the 6 people were hurt. >>well, gee are just seen what was supposed to be a fun day for fans at the east lake golf club ended in a trip to the hospital. the tournament was suspended because of bad weather and fans were told to seek shelter about 30 minutes later lightning hit the top of a 60 foot pine tree just off the 16th tee and shattered the bark all the way to the bottom through the trunk. 5 min a little girl were taking shelter under that tree when lightning hit showering the 6 of them with debris. according to emergency officials there injuries didn't appear to be life threatening at least one of them has already been treated and released. pga officials say that when it comes down to suspension of play they don't leave any room for error. >>we suspended playing we put on the school and you know weather is approaching. >>and we wanted we want the people to take children leave but a lot of times they they don't.
8:38 pm
>>pga officials went on to say that the safety of their fans and players and partners is of the upmost importance. the tournament is expected to resume tomorrow morning at 8 judges seen back to you. >>in the case of meningitis at a bay area elementary school. what steps the school district has taken now to stop the spread of the viral infection. and mild temperatures out there right now the bay area, thanks to the return of that marine layer, but we're all going to warm up uh-oh, looks like someone's
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yep, they've been doing it for years. what are you doing? big steve? thanks, man. there he is. get to know geico and see how much you could save on homeowners and renters insurance. >>the area student who had meningitis will return to school after being cleared by the county health department double for dublin unified school district the ntendent there confirms a student at rray elementary. >>showed up on campus, sick. the school's principal sent a letter to parents on monday and at first the kid was kept away from school. but now all the classrooms that were exposed have been deep cleaned
8:42 pm
meningitis causes inflammation in the brain and and the spine typically caused by a viral infection. we did talk to a mother who says she is now reminding her son and his classmates to keep clean. >>this easy, you know the safety procedures are washing their hands then i'm being careful of their sneezing or coughing using clean next. the teachers encourage >>on salinas. >>how the student became infected has not been released. >>and 49 ers coach on the cheetah kansas city and it was redemption time for jimmy dean will have the highlights also some breaking news and of the nfl. >>as the amazon rain forest continues to burn protesters hit the streets in cities around the world, how
8:43 pm
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8:45 pm
>>president trump is offering
8:46 pm
aid to brazil as wildfires continue to ravage the amazon rain forest. >>the president tweeted friday just spoke with president jair bolsonaro all of brazil. our future trade prospects are very exciting. and our relationship is strong perhaps stronger than ever before. i told him that the united states can help with the amazon rain forest fires. we stand ready to assess. >>california is already part of the firefighting effort, this is a super tanker in bolivia dumping water on the flames. it took off from sacramento thursday night and landed in bolivia friday, the air tanker can carry over 19,000 gallons of water or fire retardant but this is actually satellite pictures that show the before. stir of the fire smoke can be seen covering the forest, the amazon rain forest covers 20% of the world's oxygen and. >>around the world demanding brazil's president do something to stop these fires from spreading in destroying more land. response britain,
8:47 pm
brazil sending the military to help fight the fires. >>now as we take a live look outside at the embarcadero in san francisco. we saw a lot of fun. sfo shot it has not quite made its way to the embarcadero that we can see in this picture anyway. >>beautiful saturday night here in the city and the comfortable saturday night here and cities are joined the immigration. >>yeah we are noticing cooler temperatures out there already but let's take a live look at golden gate bridge socked in with that d marine layer wouldn't be surprised if you see some drizzle right there along golden gate bridge so make sure to drive safely for your saturday night and temperatures out there right now widespread 50's throughout most of the san francisco peninsula and facing a blanket of cloud cover actually warming up temperatures for those of you in the north bay right now nevado 64 degrees in santa rosa, 67 degrees for you but unique microclimate forecast nearly a 25 degree difference from half moon bay to concord upper 50's for half moon bay and still in the low 80's for those of you in
8:48 pm
conquer this evening, so very warm air mass but for the tribe valleys cooling down into the mid to upper 60's, widespread low 60's for everyone else with the exception of the immediate bay area coastline cooling down into the upper 50's for overnight lows in daytime highs will warm up for everyone along the coast and our interior valleys nearly 5 degrees above average for downtown san francisco warming up to 73 degrees. low 70's for those of you at half moon bay, san bruno 78 degrees in millbrae and burlingame in the low to mid 80's, sam, a tale 86 degrees and paulo all tow 79 degrees for your afternoon highs, san jose 90 degrees and for those of you in hayward 81 degrees there livermore 95 degrees berkeley, 75 rschmond in the upper 70's napa 88 degrees and santa rosa, 92 degrees for your sunday afternoon. so let's take a looe at our bay bridge series forecast in oakland, it is going to be a hot one out there low 80's. it will start
8:49 pm
at noon mostly sunny skies. so stay cool and hydrated winds out of the west at 5 to 15 miles per hour just seen in jet back to you. thanks so much now the store. kansas city is the one. some people's nightmares might be made out of and i didn't like the story still don't like the story. >>that's where doctors found a brown recluse spider inside a woman's here. probably something like that. kevin holmes reports. thanks woke up. >>tuesday morning here in a bunch of sheen in. >>water in my left ear so susie tories went to this clinic in north london where medical system first checked around ran out and said i'm going to get couple more people in. >>so i think you have an insect in their night in panic because i didn't know what exactly it wasn't when she came back in and they told me a tighter day. >>once it was out torres
8:50 pm
unsurprisingly had a few questions about her 8 legged guess that's why. >>where what you how never thought that they would crawling your year any part of your body doctors then tilt or is it was a brown recluse a venomous spider she said she looked and i looked ok and that i was lucky that i didn't get bitten by this. >>recluse now tour is taking extra precaution when she goes to bed at night i went and put some. >>cotton ball than my year last night because i didn't have any ear plugs so. pretty terrified of spiders. >>that was kevin holmes, reporting and bites from brown recluse spiders can result in fever chills increase wedding. nausea and headaches. >>we had some huge news out of the nfl today, but first we've got to get to the niners who were on the road tonight taking on the kansas city chiefs. obviously all eyes on
8:51 pm
jimmy g and rob lowe looking poised. the changes fortunes after a lackluster start last week 1st quarter cheese up 7 nothing drop below 5 a diving matt breida in the end zone, 20 yard touchdown, jimmy g's first td of the preseason 4th quarter now she's up for nick mullens to jeff wilson junior, wilson junior gets in the end zone and the niners regained the lead 4th quarter winding down niners up by 3 bullets to wilson junior again he finds a gap that's a touchdown. it 45 yards and 2 tds wilson junior that is and the niners win 2717 your final they host the chargers in the final preseason game. next thursday. now let's go to some college football. the first college football game of the season florida, how about this rivalry 4th quarter hurricanes up 20 to 17. philippe franks gets the handoff that's a touchdown. just like that the gators regained the lead
8:52 pm
franks who had 254 yards and 2 touchdowns in a game that's all 5 lead changes in the gators win a close one, 24 to 20 your final. the bay bridge series is going on right now and as soon as that game goes final. we will bring you the highlights but in the meantime giants fans got some terrible news. the team announced today that pablo sandoval will undergo tommy john surgery to reconstruct his right elbow and early september ultimately ending his season. the giants 3rd baseman posted it 2.69 batting average with 14 home runs and 41 rbi is this year. bruce bocce spoke before today's game about one of his most popular place. for the game is to be there. >>every day. >>his face. we have in place saying that because he's mellowed out because of the injury in the us. anyway a. you know for pablo long term. >>you know this is the best thing.
8:53 pm
>>and in the most stunning news in the sports world today colts quarterback andrew luck's announced his retirement from the nfl luck played 6 seasons in the nfl. he took indianapolis to the playoffs in each of his first 3 years. but his career took a turn for the worse when he suffered a shoulder injury in 2015. since then he's missed 26 games, including the entire 2017 season with a number of serious injuries. he came back in a big way last year leading the colts to the playoffs and winning the nfl comeback player of the year, but luck said both the physical and mental toll has been just too much to bear. and that is your look at sports. we'll be right back with more news. >>well coming up and you see in the long lines over a pop up guys is been a zoo over there this week and that did not and today here in the
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