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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  August 25, 2019 10:00pm-10:59pm PDT

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>>to search teams going for and as they contact people they're having people come out. so it's going to take time it's a large mall. we'll take we may be several hours for the 3rd. safely to make sure there's nobody else heard inside. >>breaking news tonight at 10 a disturbance of the great mall in milpitas caused them all to go on lockdown some employees are still inside as police investigate initial reports from witnesses believed that there was an active shooting. but police confirmed, there was no evidence of a shooter. thanks for joining us at 10, i'm j r stone. >>and i'm justine waldman police also said that there
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are no victims and reports of this police activity started just before the mall closed at 8 o'clock tonight, an employee at the mall confirmed. the mall is shut down and they're still waiting to be allowed to leave the store police just gave an update on the situation and kron four's dan thorn. >>live now at the great mall with the very latest and. >>well justine and as you mentioned there is no evidence of an active shooter that's coming from a bill peters police spokesperson, however, the mall is locked down right now that means there are still shoppers and workers that are in the mall is police are doing this week that could take several hours from what we have just learned within last few right now they're looking for 3 suspects who may be involved in jewelry store robbery. it is i believe that there was some. >>last time that came from some sort of devices and it's still unclear. what those devices were so the officers here. >>still remaining on scene and learning in gathering more
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information a lot of chatter on social media was saying that there was a report of active shooter. i'm here we have learned that that isn't the case and police are still looking to see if there was and he sort of evidence of shots being fired here, however, every road that's in this area leading into the mall has been closed off there is still a heavy police presence here a lot of people looking to learn more information people trying to get to their cars. the area being cordoned off here right now some people haven't been able to to get to that and we just learned some of the new information that has been coming out from the police department again we've also learned that there is on no evidence of an active shooter or shots that were fired here. however, there so a lot of activity that's been happening in this area. the mall is out of an abundance of caution right now shut down they don't believe there is any sort of threat to the community. more on anything that people should be worried about however if you are looking to come to the mall. you will be turned away so it's important for people to just be patient. this could take several hours so police are still coming through looking for more information they can get. so right we're
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just trying to get as much information as we can and will. >>to keep you updated on that. >>a question for you. police that they address in their media update. what it said is that people hear some sort of blast in a large public area and they immediately sought and went to social media saying that it was a shooter. what police say about that. >>well police are right now just going to go it's simply what they can learn gather information they're still handling a lot and they're still number one trying to figure out whether or not any shots were fired at all so that's mostly what their sweep is doing right now is taking a look what the eye can confirmed people are speculating about or what they may have heard they're still trying to gather information from people who worked in the mall or people who might have been in the meat in the immediate area of where this happened. >>dan thorn, thank you so much. well police in modesto
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released this photo today searching for the suspects in a smash-and-grab robbery earlier today. it happened in the vintage fair mall earlier this evening. witnesses initially believed it was a shooting when the suspects broke display cases. the mall was shut down initially is chaos erupted, but then open back up for business as police investigated. witnesses also reported the shooting at the topanga mall today in canoga park california. but that later turned out to be a robbery police arrested 2 suspects in that case. now we have the owner of a bakery inside the mall standing ird t >>his name is bj and we understand that employees from al where are are you and what did you hear what this lard. loud disturbance the shooting scare this evening.
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>>the jury or there can you hear us. okay we'll move on from that and of course we'll have updates on this breaking news story about the shooting scare at the milpitas mall we're covering it extensively for you here on kron 4 news during our 8 o'clock show and also on crime on that are streaming news app you can download it today you can be updated on breaking news situations as you saw kron four's dan thorn is live at the scene we will be checking back with them at 00:30pm tonight. >>you're moving along right now. >>a child and a teenager from the east bay are dead after a rollover crash ash incur. county. this crash happened outside of bakersfield on southbound interstate 5 just north of stockdale highway. in button willow. >>the un victims are from richmond, the kern county sheriff's office says early saturday morning. the driver drifted into the center divider when she tried to correct herself. the vehicle went on to the shoulder and rolled over multiple times there were 6 people inside.
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>>13 year-old to tally country heiress and 10 year-old jessie contrast were both ejected and died from their injuries. the driver and 2 others were taken to a local hospital there with various injuries, the chp is still investigating at this time. they do not believe that the 2 children who are from richmond were wearing seat belts. >>then we asked are you ok are you okay. >>and you look at movie. >>one person is dead and another is recovering from injuries after a head-on collision in brentwood happened this morning on balfour road in the area that you see here and the pictures and force the california highway patrol, the shutdown that road for several hours. kron four's nobel has more on the collision. >>this section of between american avenuarrows in a 2 lane highway chp says the
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driver of the nissan ignored these double yellow lines and it was a move that proved to be fatal. shaken but thankful to be on harm devita and craig graham say they were on their way home. >>from kaiser hospital sunday morning when the man behind them started driving aggressively, you just come. >>and to be behind us in the parking lot. one of the witnesses said that she saw >>just twice, it appears the 3rd attempt. the driver accelerated clipped the back of the mini cooper and proceeded into oncoming traffic impacting going head-on with a white i mean en my husband and i up and we asked ayou okay. >>and he would have moving the driver of the minivan which transported for possible injuries and the driver of the nissan altima did succumb to his injuries. >>that stretch of al for road was shut down for several hours as officials investigated and cleared chp sa
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investigating whether drugs or alcohol were a factor, i'm so sorry for him. in brentwood. noel bellow kron 4 news. >>now we do want to get back to that breaking news that we are following out of milk, pete is the situation at the mall there at the great mall that dan thorn was just reporting on we do now have the owner of that bakery. >>back on the phone with us pga are you still on lockdown inside of the mall. okay we'll come back to this now to the coast guard which spent much of sunday looking for a man and he was last seen in the water near discovery bay officials say the air and crui f indian slew earlier this small inflatable crash. there were a response boat and a helicopter were called to the scene along with the contra costa county sheriff's office to assist in the search. cruz is described as a man and in his mid 30's, approximately 5 feet 6 inches
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tall, 185. >>well happening tomorrow, the bay area will be under a spare the air alert. this is the 12th alert. so far this year. officials say the alert is being triggered by high temperatures. and vehicle exhaust. so expect to see more small than usual. people are being advised to exercise in the early morning hours when ozone concentration levels are lower. >>and now for a check at your 4 zone forecast let's take a look at that spare the air alert because it is going to remain in effect through monday and only monday as of now and we are noticing that we will see poor air quality particles mater amounts for the bay area all the way from the north bay to the south bay. so limit outdoor activity as much as you can especially those of you young and young at heart with any pulmonary or respiratory issues and make sure the carpal as much as you can tomorrow as well throughout the bay area live look outside from the east bay
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over berkeley and we could see that shallow marine layer starting to make its way into the interior valleys and temperatures out there right now what a unique temperatures spread 5060 70's and yes, even 80's. >>at this 10 o'clock hour nearly a 25 degree difference from those of you at half moon bay. an antioch still in the low 80's there and overnight lows tonight, we'll dip into the mid to upper 50's for the bay area coastline and whites for the low mid and even upper 60's for most of our interior valleys. wake-up planner forecast is going to show partly cloudy start but then mostly sunny and to the day and with that above average temperatures not just along the coast but even along the bay as well about. 5 to 10 degrees above average for most of our interior valleys with some truck being mugged muggy conditions making its way into the bay area starting tuesday, continuing on wednesday which is going to make it feel a lot warmer than what it actually up
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find out where my full forecast in just a few minutes. sharon just him back to you thank you so much the a's and giants fans show their team spirit today for the annual bay bridge series and crop for was there and talks. choosing my car insurance was the easiest decision ever.
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>>welcome back to kron 4 news at 10. we are following breaking news at the great mall in milpitas right now. there is a large police presence on scene initially there were reports that there was a shooting there, but then police later said that was not the case either saying that 3 jewelry store robbery suspects shattered glass with a device and that may have been. >>the loud sounds that people heard in the mall. >>you know right now we do have the owner of a bakery inside the mall standing by bj thank you for joining us. tell me where u now i came home.
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>>what happens. >>mihai is sending to the beef at some people started running and. in me when i tell even day to close we have need to be could be. the top people lining the nominee tried to find a meeting to if i think it coming in may to know was happening coming at them. and i'm in because the more people need to know what to do to get lending to them, sight, but by the time everybody turned to that let down the stones and beating the live in 10 minutes, he thought maybe police coming in the intensive them big job. him meeting no ah the ah in detective michael made the united states. yet not be 11 out it would probably try leading up to and much of that stuff most of its toes are not known i mean
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side. >>bj was there any announcement over the loud speakers at the mall all about. a possible active shooter or instructions on sheltering in place or instructions on and if people should evacuate. >>no they would spend anything. so you want to get game in did he know what was happening. >>so you just knew when you saw people running the should take them inside of your store just out of an abundance of caution. >>he added that old people that are not able to walk so they just let in my life where there. he kind of looked back it down and and um unwanted for has been a leading tide line of the top 2. the people that you know what was happening like a lot on the net probably social media. and got i don't want attack. but you know pp it would probably continue now that i'm not well i got out there to be any kind of trade.
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>>when you got outside what did the us what did you see what it looked like outside where there are still people who had been inside the mall who are outside we're looking at video now and we see a lot of the patrol cars, i'm guessing that's what you came out to get him a lot of the. >>it scene and even linen right there. >>heard any sound or anything like that it was more just the crowds coming through is that right. >>that that citibank. >>what do you make of of the information that it wasn't a shooter, but people certainly saw that it was that it was just some loud bangs from apparently glass >>the end that could really deal with bank that been rented out their units in its tone and that leading up cash. and the team now. >>is it concerning for you as somebody who is in that law often times. what it what is your concern level i mean when
10:18 pm
you see all these officers and you hear about possible robbery case, what are your concerns tonight. >>and that any contending that that you know, i'm no gun control and people are getting was being let in on city in the company and there was no i'm going to out of committee that kind of the confirmed that and the new because of from the side i'm on in end does not mean it i think they just came in as i've been coming to try let you know. >>well thank you so much p j for joining us, we're glad you're now back home safely after what was i'm sure very scary. and the great mall, no peace today. >>turn our attention right now rodriguez of >>yeah let's take a look at today's daytime highs because we did notice. temperatures right along the coast and for interior valleys and also warm
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temperatures for most of our interior valleys about 5 to 10 degrees above. live look outside from downtown san francisco tracking that marine layer starting to make a return to the bay area. it will be a shallow marine layer at that very dey conditions and as you can see to our south in southern california remnants. what was once tropical storm ivo is already impacting southern california. breanna plume of moisture over there giving them a very muggy tropical feel and also possible scattered showers as well even though right now most of those showers remaining right off the coast. both for us here in the bay area we could actually see all those remnants of tropical storm ivo making its way into the bay area starting tuesday afternoon rough wednesday with a slight chance of pop-up thunderstorms and scattered showers mainly north of sonoma county by around wednesday. so temperatures out there right now a mixed bag of 5060 70's
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and 80's cooling down into the 50's and 60's. >>for your overnight lows and you're back to school forecast showing daytime highs a little bit warmer for the interior valleys but little change right along the coast and most of our interior valleys, so very warm air mass is in place and slightly cooler forecast by tuesday into wednesday, even though you won't really feel the change just because of that muggy factor with remnants of tropical storm ivo making its way to the bay area stick around more news weather bac smart bed.
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>>on the breaking news. we're following after shooting scare at the this is video of the large police presence that was there again milpitas police have said that there is no evidence right now that active shooter instead the loud noise that people hurt. was some sort of device blasting glass. during an apparent jewelry
10:24 pm
store robbery we don't have any information now on any suspect descriptions but no victims have been hurt nobody has been hurt in this we do ever reporter dan thorn on the scene we're gomng to back to him live coming up at 10 30. >>they this weekend. and the san francisco giants take the bay bridge series beating the oakland a's 5 to 00:04am tonight. so series few that always splits the bay area. yeah. >>and the kron 4 cylinder sacking has more now from fans about this rivalry. >>when asked what expands in san francisco, giants fans. of the bay bridge to lead the a's one more time, the battle of >>between just valley for the bridge and balances for the band is a who's there in the bay area is >>as the 2 teams duked it out and say it's always been
10:25 pm
>>it's pretty bad. i'd say any more neighbors, a lot of us are neighbors were all mixed like the niners raiders were but you know it's good right. it's a good friend one i think. >>it's a good neighborhood rivalry, families and others against each other, but in the best way possible well, the bible respects the bay area it also includes some households. it's rough. we're a saudi year. >>for christine jason selma, it's a struggle leaving the house on game day. >>we have 2 toddlers so it's a debate on how they come out of the house where they're wearing giants gear or a's gear i lost the this morning. usual so as you can see they are in a's gear but hopefully will take battle of a trophy today. i think we despite the >>baseball fans say the love the game brings everyone together a bomb. >>here's everything you name it bears all always family and
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are and a little bit of live nation. live nation's yes that's what this >>for news. >>and coming up, i'll have a full check out your tenet and forecasts including the sneak peek of your labor day forecast and also your microclimate monday forecast as you get head back to work
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yup - with room for the whole gang. ♪ ♪ see how investing with a j.p. morgan advisor can help you. visit your local chase branch. >>we continue to follow that breaking news that the great mall milpitas which caused them all to shut down. initial reports came from witnesses who believe that there was an active shooting. the police confirmed. there was no evidence of a shooting what police did confirm that the south. >>and the people thought was gunshots was actually the sound of glass breaking at a mall jewelry store kron four's
10:30 pm
dan thorn live on. how at the very latest. >>justine it's believed that this was a smash and grab robbery and not an active shooter that was in the mall. however, there were reports of a loud noise and police say that that was probably the sound of shattered glass right now they are looking for some suspects who smashed in this class, it's still unclear what sort of devices they may have used to smash the glass. a spokesperson for milpitas police says that the mall is right now on lockdown and there is still a heavy police presence. >>right now there are 2 teams that are sweeping the mall and looking for any sort of evidence. >>as to what may have happened here so far there hasn't been any evidence of any sort of active shooter or any sort of shooting that happened here in the mall on the officers right now are remaining on scene but they do believe there is no immediate threat to the public. however if you are
10:31 pm
trying to come to the mall right now maybe get your car here in the parking lot or whatnot they are being turned away. they are not people are still being toyed not being told to avoid coming to this area. again there is no evidence of an active shooter. on there is also no suspect who is in custody, right now. over this attempted investigators will be interviewing some employees here and also be taking a look at some surveillance here in the mall if they cannot collect that and then see if they can get some more information about what may have happened here. however, there are people that are still inside the mall as police are actively searching and investigating this scene here that includes of workers and and also shoppers that are here so they are don being escorted to their cars and they're still i'm an active scene here in this could be going on for quite ybe for the hours as so again. police telling people to avoid coming to the area here of the great mall on they're still working
10:32 pm
together gather a lot more information we will of >>bring you that and >>reporting live here in milpitas can't or not kron 4 news. thank you so much dan. >>the g 7 summit in france is under way this weekend and world leaders are clashing on their stance on issues like trade and climate change and especially on their response to the wildfires burning in the amazon rain forest francis out calling to an end to a trade deal between the un and brazil over its handling of the fires. >>global challenges in the spotlight. world leaders at the g 7 summit in france discussing everything from trade and the economy to iran and the global climate crisis one hot-button subject also on the agenda. the wildfires raging in the amazon question is called summit was to it was a true convergence to sit and we all agreed to help as quickly as possible. the countries that were affected by these with france's president pledging help but
10:33 pm
also demanding international pressure even threatening to ditch a european union trade deal with brazil over the country's response to the fires but not everyone is on board including germany, the uk and the eu president who stands by the trade deal. >>the eu is ready to offer final show hope to fight the science in a surprise twist to the already tense meetings oman's foreign minister flew into the resort hosting the g 7. >>to meet with his french counterpart about the escalating tensions with washington will do our own we should you know. >>we can't people from talking and they want to talk to doll. >>as for the us trade war with china president trump sent mixed signals, acknowledging he has quote second thoughts about everything without expanding on was reconsidering. aides later clarified that he wanted higher tariffs. now the city of berkeley held a wildfire evacuation troll this morning. it was the last of 3
10:34 pm
evacuation drills berkeley fire has had throughout this month to make sure the public and fire crews are ready when a disaster hits. >>fire crews paid special attention to the berkeley hills since it's one of the highest fire dangers in the county to sign up for emergency alerts on your phone we'll have all that information on our website kron 4 dot com. >>live look outside this evening along san francisco's embarcadero use of the bay bridge >>and a little bit of fog as well and a little bit of meteorologist think it talk with the much today because we're dealing with a lot of breaking news right but everyone is very interested in the weather for the upcoming workweek hotter her back to school monday y dry conditio >>but to our south remnants of tropical storm ivo starting to make its way into southern california. we won't notice all of this moisture until around tuesday afternoon
10:35 pm
through wednesday, where we could see a slight chance of pop-up thunderstorms and even light scattered showers just north of sonoma county. so certainly going to keep an eye on that and also tropical storm dorian is forming in the atlantic right now with sustained winds at 50 miles per hour. already tropical storm warnings have been issued for the eastern caribbean. and it is going to strengthen in the coming days on tuesday into a category one her hurricane possibly making landfall into puerto rico in parts of the dominican republic as well by around wednesday we're will have sustained winds at 75 miles per hour. so certainly keeping an eye on that specifically in the caribbean because this does look to be a pretty powerful tropical storm right now that looks to become a hurricane in the coming days, let's take a live look outside from golden that fooueven some patchy coastal drizzle as well temperatures right now a mixed bag of 50's and 60's with the exception of our interior valleys in the east and south bay. still in
10:36 pm
the 70's there an antioch 81 degrees lows tonight, we'll dip into the 50's and 60's and you're microclimate forecast for your monday tracking above average temperatures throughout san francisco downtown san francisco 74 degrees, 72 degrees for those of you in half moon bay. light a breezy wind speeds with gusts upwards of 20 miles per hour or less burlingame 85 degrees c m a tale also in the mid 80's as paul o all tow. those of you in the south bay, widespread 80's and 90's there so slightly warmer temperatures, san jose 90 degrees. morgan hill in the mid-nineties and even those in the east, a warming up into the mid 90's for livermore milder temperatures right along the east bay shoreline 70's and 80's there 89 degrees for napa and even santa rosa 94 degrees and as we take a look ahead at the 10 at 10 forecast. we are going to cool down by the end of the week but then labor day weekend looking great. no complaints there i mean it's still the 4th of july in mind.
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ow when you're at ross and realize you can get everything you need... oh, yeah. yep. yes! feel like a boss? that's yes for less. 20 to 60 percent off specialty store prices for every room and every budget. at ross. yes for less. >>welcome back we continue to follow that breaking news that the great mall in milpitas which caused them all to shut down. now initial porf reports came from witnesses who believed that there was an active shooting. but police have confirmed there was no evidence of a shooting. police said the sound that people thought was guns glass at a jew inside one of those jewelry cases, we'll continue to fall updates online you can also
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hear the latest updates after the show on kron 4 news at 11. the kits are sounding the alarm after a car seat that didn't pass regulations showed up during a safety check in california. they're often marketed as lightweight portable car seats. they're available online through multiple retailers. they're cheap, but safety advocates say these products that you're looking at there are dangerous when you're shopping for a car see expected to be crash tested to meet all safety requirements, the car seat you saw there don't have registration cards or safety labels which they should have. >>it's probably not going to protect your child in the event of a crash it's not going to do what what a car seat is supposed to do we have no idea. hasn't been tested it's not regulated. if parents aren't educated they can easily be fooled. >>legally sold in the us are required to have registration tags that can send you back
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that they can send back to you can send back to the manufacturer. check with your local police or fire department to see if they do car seat safety checks. so you can make sure your car seat is up to safety standards and installed properly justine. >>well the better business bureau is warning about an e-mail sextortion scam the scammer will send you an email claiming to have images or videos of you watching pornographer your engaging other compromising activities and so the e-mail may say that it has europe personal information about your contacts and also using your information in major security breaches the scammer will then demand payment in exchange for not sending embarrassing images. a view to your friends family or your employers. so if you receive an e-mail like this you should report it to the fbi. in addition go to a bar straight the west are. >>and coming up in sports. the
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giants faced off against the a's. we're talking bay bridge series and it was a dandy 47,000 were in attendance there k rooney will break down highlights after the break.
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>>welcome back to kron 4 news at 10 road houses are a dying breed. but there's a taste of the old west and the east bay that's been serving of locals for more than 85 years and it is still going strong. >>in addition, vicki liviakis heads out to casa orinda. >>orange hangover them are casa rendon's straight out of the old wesley clark didn't like what. >>old-school bar with great food local rodeo riders in the lineup of cowgirls the mood is authentic ranch when you come to cars are in day you feel inspired to put on1932 by a montana cowboy who came out re to build the call the ca tunnel. but wanted a place for
10:47 pm
his friends to dream. and it's been serving friends ever since you guys cowboys. we can drink when these days by john goi acu started out as a busboy not much has changed here. i see we'll see chin. you can dine amongst an antique gun collection body is the g someone told me no they weren't we for card games. they would slip them up their sleeves it. or you might just admired back story by kendall h coming here for 65 years this is actually are. this is the house specialty though is fried chicken and gravy house made this gets smothered in bee keepers honey another favorite is a slab of prime rib with all the fixings whether you dine beside a bucking bronco or cozy up under the giant moose head carries on the spirit. the old
10:48 pm
west in orinda vicki liviakis kron 4 news. >>and you can submit your favorite restaurant bar cafe eatery or even a food truck to dine and dish just send an e-mail to dine and dish at kron 4 dot com. >>one of our favorite bay area traditions, the battle live up to all san expectations with a great game. the giants and a's playing the final game of their home in home for game. bay bridge series today in oakland, the giants coming in up 2 games to one. now today in oakland, the 1989 world series champion aides, henderson dave stewart and dennis eckersley stash an all honored today before the game and dave stewart. >>representing the teen swept the giants in the fall classic all those years ago. bottom of the second 2 nothing giants mike hanna take a look to center and and out. after
10:49 pm
corban joseph double time. singles to center field. justice or to put the a's ahead. 3, 2, on to the top of the 3rd same score. long are you. anderson deep to center. i see how long that bottom of the force you and azle 3 can't, season. we go to the top of the 7th. the core base is loadedn lano who by the way 4 hits and self. and the giants 3 takes the lead. the 9th 2 outs josh. i believe a base hit to center. get marcus
10:50 pm
semien to ground out. and the giants take 3 of 4 games from may's. siri just after the game. first though she received the trophy >>after bocce who managed his 40th game holding that trophy aloft as the team's showers him with champagne fitting of world series celebration. should match of the little league world series also today, the team from river. >>louisiana, hoping their lives to shoes would help him defeat. 3rd one nothing louisiana. marshall luke drives one deep off the wall and left field a row. 2
10:51 pm
nothing louisiana. on to the top of the 5th same score. reese for sell as to his little league world series record with his 14th pick of the tournament while an rbi double that one. it's 3 nothing louisiana and that's him with score. as well blank and her south. >>to win 8 nothing youngsters from river inside the little league. >>world series champs. >>the final round of the fedex cup tournaments rory mcilroy leading after around 3, let's go to the highlights on the course the weather today in medinah illinois. it was definitely the improvement from the last few rounds on is a poll mcilroy drives it starting to curve to the left. it looks like it's going out of bad sounds a drain. stop that momentum saving the ball. how do you like that a break for mcilroy and then on his last toll. he sinks in the birdie finishing 18 under par that would do it were enough roy. the celebration, begin.
10:52 pm
and that's it for sports
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>>we continue to follow that breaking news of the great mall in milpitas after they were mischel reports there could be an turned out to be falls police have pointed at an attempted robbery of a jewelry store and the glass breaking there as the cause of the loud sound that cause commotion and sent people running all over the place video and that loudspeaker
10:56 pm
announcement you just heard that's new video into our newsroom that's what people inside the mall heard just before it closed around 8 o'clock. >>tonight police telling people to either shelter in place or evacuate as we see from this video as well a lot of people leaving the area right near the coals at the great mall. again there was the shooting scare and police saying no reports of any active shooter, but they have 2 crews inside the mall. >>searching looking for anybody who may still be hiding in there and also for any evidence that is related to this alleged jewelry store robbery and also we were still waiting for some information on any suspect description that we should pass along updates on the kron 4 they use and dan thorn is still out there is still seen out there. >>he's being held a good distance back but he's working to get information for our morning show tonight you can see that active scene out there right now a quick check of tomorrow's forecast. (male announcer) the following is a paid program for crepe erase.
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