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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  August 26, 2019 4:00am-4:29am PDT

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>>and thank you for joining us on the kron 4 morning news, i'm robin winston we always enjoy the company and we appreciate you waking up with us. now before you start planning your day we want to check in on the forecasts and say hello and good morning to meteorologist john scheibel who's hopefully pass. king from sunshine today there's going to plenty of it down stepped away for again wait for it. you know if your son >>just the thing i say foggy start to the morning. >>later on today we'll get a mix get into the mix with that sunshine. but you can see the fog that is really hanging out across those low spots across the bay. >>this is your view from berkeley right here the berkeley hills are sitting
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above those foggy conditions. you can see some of those buildings of financial district in san francisco actually rising above this thin layer fog as well and now into the distance also see a mount tam to be seen. so fog that we are seeing is pretty out just right there sinking down into the bay making for some visibility issues if you're crossing the golden gate or the bay bridge this morning, we're just driving through areas like san francisco in parts of the east bay, otherwise it was a super intrusive sore inland areas are south bay area's and even our north bay areas are al this you're seeing it where you're seeing and what you're not seeing it is definitely crystal clear out there by the time we work towards 10:30am fog. it will be hanging out right along the coast. much like we saw yesterday some foggy conditions in areas closer to the coast in san francisco. before it streams back inland again this evening. temperatures in the 60's for the most part this morning there are a few 50's to be seen such as in oakland berkeley, san mateo san
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francisco and it to the north bay look at pittsburgh's starting up the morning at 70 degrees. that's not a bad way that this start things out concord at 63 while over towards fairfield a nice temperature at 62 degrees working our way into the afternoon will meander up into the 70's the 80's and yes, even the 90's for inland areas. so pretty similar to where we were at yesterday which was your warmest day of the weekend. we're working our way back well up into those 90's inland for million territory for us but will we see more of those 90's ahead for the week, i've got more details in your forecast to come back to rob. thank you. john sounds good now let's check in on the early morning commute. >>if you have to get on out there it's going to be a great trip right now into san francisco. as you can see from bridge taza so what have any problems on 80 through the maze across the upper deck we're continuing through downtown. let's head over%to in on the san mateo bridge and we see the break fight so it's filling and quickly. early birds are
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out there, but no major issues crossing the span heading over to the peninsula from the east bay to the north bay wide open and trouble free at the richmond sandra fell. no hot spots story about so a quick commute a 7 minutes from the tolls to one on one. i want to take you over to the oakley antioch area because we do have a rollover crash from early this morning. that's still active west for at the one 60 connector may still be partially block. crews are dealing with an overturned vehicle on the shoulder at times they may be blocking lanes are blocking that connector. the sensors are not picking up any major delays with something too keep your eyes open for 4 if you're traveling through the area, one more bridge, the golden gate looking good smooth at the limit both directions with no problems between the lotto and san francisco. at we're fol you this morning an off-duty san francisco police officer was involved in a shooting in el serino this sh was taken to the hospital. so
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far no update on that person's condition as of this morning but the offir police are not sa what led up to the shooting also we know right now we'll have an update coming up for you at around 4 30 this morning. another developing story that we're following for you this morning, the great mall in milpitas was cleared overnight after police responded to reports of a gunshot. so police say that the gunshot sounds were actually a smash-and-grab robbery happened at a jewelry store. police say the thieves smashed the display cases they took some jewelry so people mistakenly thought that the smashing of the glass where gunshots of people took off to start running. this is new video from the kron 4 viewer who sent this video showing the massive response a massive are still on the lose the mall was locked down at around 8 o'clock last night and then shoppers and employees were asked to leave. police searched the mall for about 3 hours and then they gave the all clear at around 11 o'clock last night. well fremont
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firefighters put out a brush fire right along 6.80 and vargas wrote check out this photo. the fire department tweeted out this picture at around one 30 this morning so it's completely under control. they were able to contain the fire to just 2 acres. no one was injured and no buildings were threatened. and a teenager from the east bay are dead after a rollover crash in kern county. this crash happened just outside of bakersfield on southbound i 5 and the victims are from richmond. so the kern county sheriff's office says that early saturday morning. the driver drifted into the center divide when she tried to correct herself that vehicle spun out onto the shoulder flipped over several times. 6 people were inside. it was a 13 year-old are us and 10 year- country was they were both ejected, and they died from their injuries. the driver and 2 others were taken to a local hospital investigators do not
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believe that the 2 children were wearing seat belts. one person is dead and another is recovering from their injuries this morning after a head-on collision and brittle that this happened on bow for road kron four's to well below has the details. this section of balfour road between american avenue and deer valley road. >>narrows into a 2 lane highway chp says the driver of the nissan ignored these double yellow lines and it was a move that proved to be fatal. shaken but thankful to be on harm devita and craig graham say they were on their way home. >>from kaiser hospital sunday morning when the man behind them started driving aggressively. it just come. >>and to be behind us in the parking lot. one of the witnesses said that she saw that attempted to pass. >>just twice that appears the 3rd attempt. the driver accelerated clipped the back of the mini cooper and proceeded into oncoming
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traffic impacting going head-on with a white i mean even my husband and ran up and we asked are you ok are you okay. >>and he would have moving the driver of the minivan was transported. for possible injuries and the driver of the nissan altima did succumb to his injuries. >>that stretch of el for road was shut down for several hours as officials investigated and cleared the scene chp says they're still investigating whether drugs or alcohol were a factor, i'm so sorry for him. in brentwood. noel bellow kron 4 news. the coast guard is expected to begin searching for a man who went missing near discovery bay officials say a free cruise. >>he fell into the water yesterday morning with when his small inflatable crew i've just pop. a response boat and a helicopter were called out to the scene along with contra costa county sheriff's office to assist with the search. the
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search crews are expected to resume searching some time this morning. well the city of berkeley is making sure that everyone who lives there knows what to do in case of an emergency. emergency crews held the line last of 3 evacuation drills yesterday just to make sure that the public is ready when a disaster does head. fire crews paid special attention to the berkeley hills since it's one of the highest fire danger areas in the bay area. well to the north bay now 2 men are in jail accused of stealing a catalytic converter from a car and now this happened on kerner boulevard and shoreline parkway in sandra fell. police stop this car right here that you see didn't have a license plate and they found a catalytic converter inside i'd and it just so happened that that was matching the one that was stolen from the victim's car. so police arrested jose mel goes a real high and . ng, she's accused of stabbing 2 other teenagers. lic 19 year-old and a 17 year-old right along hamilton avenue. she later surrendered to police the 19 year-old was
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released from the hospital, but the 17 year-old its still hospitalized. lo and marc san francisco police cruiser hit another sfpd officer and a person that he was chasing for auto burglary. this happened in the city's japan town neighborhood kron four's dan thorn has the latest. >>the bus stop shelter on the corner of geary boulevard in webster street still damaged after an unmarked police cruiser strikes an officer and a suspect shattered glass spilled across the sidewalk as police tape waves in the wind. sfpd says around 5 20 saturday night police officers were chasing 2 auto burglary suspects on foot. they called for backup and that's when an unmarked cruiser veered into one officer and one suspect. payton ward work security for the japan towne mall. he says he saw one of the burglary suspects pinned under the
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unmarked police cruiser. >>all >>asset pd says the officer suffered only minor injuries but the suspect is in critical condition. video shared by a viewershows the heavy emergency response just moments after the accident. one person is seen being placed on a stretcher police say the second suspected burglar was arrested auto burglaries have been common in the japan town area. ward says it's an unfortunate reality all day long on gary. >>from the couple that all the way to the bottom even up over it all day long a break in the car. we sheet every game. >>dan thorn. kron 4 news. >>on the kron 4 morning news, 3 people in the bay area accused of kidnapping and assaulting an african-american teenager. and now it's being called. lion sighting closes a popular outdoor area in the south bay. also after the break a southern california police officer said that he was shot by a sniper. now investigators
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say no. he made the whole thing up. before we go a little peek outside of 92 traffic is getting a little crowded, but at least it's trouble free will have a complete traffic check after the break.
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>>welcome back to the proper newsom thank you for waking up with us it's another spare the air date so we have a lot to talk about today, let's check in with meteorologist on triple. >>yeah and we are. to returning to some heat today to and others spend their day another hot day. just going to crank up the know what are you doing i just keep the a c on 24 is that uh yeah, i mean the term because soon as you turn it off the house just in time again i'm home stay inside. i don't come back i want to come out much over the weekend. out there this weekend and we're looking at more of that ahead of for sure yeah. >>this is you look outside at the east bay right here some of those low clouds sitting just pablo berkeley right here that is just your fog that you're hanging on to for your morning hours. so far.
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>>now as we make our way into the afternoon to go see less and less of this big surprise there we always look at the sunshine returning later on in the day but as for your morning. yeah, definitely a few spots out there that could slow you down as you make your return to work beds nature's a see right there kick in on into gear so maybe did of the chance to turn it off into the evening open up those windows, that cool air filter and as we did work our way past sunset last night. now skies overall later on today are going to offer up more sunshine and as robin said you may want to be cranking that ac back up and keeping it on through the afternoon as high pressure still in place it is definitely keeping a lot of those pollutants trapped here in the day one of those reso we do have yet another spare the air alert in effect as we make our way through your monday and why that heat is built up across many of our inland valleys daytime highs for coastal areas will be a nice escape for some oyou they're not too happy about a return of 90's yet again today, 60's and 70's out at
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the coast in san francisco as well as down along the peninsula nice chance to get out there and enjoy you will have a window of sunshine but for the most part staying a little on the foggy side for coastal spots, south san francisco 77 today with millbrae and burlingame each in the low to mid 80's. 80's continue further south on the peninsula at least until you get to woodside in mountain view which point we're talking some 90's and we're not talking a few more 90's as well for the south bay. as san jose today, we'll be seen at 92 for the daytime high campbell saratoga in los gatos each at 93 east bay getting close to the 90's and free my all the tri valley solidly their mid 90's for pleasanton and livermore as well as on up there danville walnut creek in concord up to 97 degrees today, san leandro in oakland 80's, well berkeley and richmond in the 70's, north bay even hotter yet look at those triple digits, it you're going to be seeing up in vacaville at one oh 2 pittsburgh, not a far cry from 100 degrees at 98 today and
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santa rosa petaluma nevado also solid 90's for your daytime highs to kick off the new week today tomorrow on into wednesday and more 90's for inland spots you will see a temporary dip in temperatures come thursday friday and saturday before high-rise again into the low co areas getting in the mix of 80's, the next couple of days, but also seeing some of the coolest of temperatures towards the latter part of the week thursday friday and saturday back to you rob all right. thank you john, let's check in on traffic now the hot spots on the road 80 looks good. >>there is a minor weighed only if you're paying cash couple of cash lanes open on the left and right side we're off to a very quiet start to that's a good way to start the morning commute. we don't want any problems here 8 minutes to make it over to fremont street here's 92 and it looks a little bit busier we see all the brake lights coming to a crawl west of the toll plaza so go ahead and get on out there 11 minutes and growing from hayward over to the peninsula. one across the golden gate, it's been trouble free. no major issues that you need to worry about if you
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head south on one oh one leaving of otto sandra fell sausalito it's just smooth all all the way through the tolls into san francisco and 19 minutes traffic tracker showing get numbers so no problems for highway 4. westbound will take that back there is a crash where there was a crash west. at the one 60 connector right at the oakley quarter that was an overturned just double checked it out of the way so 14 minutes from antioch to concord 6.80 looks great. but a cold to danville no troubles for the nimitz and then if you're traveling from this south bay to the peninsula. it's wide open on north one oh one a very quick 26 minutes from san jose to menlo park. another big story that we're following for you this morning, a sheriff's deputy in southern california will be relieved of his duties after officers say that he made up a story about coming under sniper fire last week. reading and has the latest. >>there was no sniper. no
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shots fired and no gunshot injuries sustained to a shoulder. los angeles county sheriff's department officials say a deputy story about coming under sniper lie, ed by 21 year-old deputy angel reynoso appeared very real when he called in an attack in progress last week. reynosa city came under fire as he walked to his personal vehicle outside the sheriff's station wednesday. the false reports sparked a very real response from authorities and rio says fellow officers including home searches a school going on lockdown and a full on manhunt for a shooter that didn't exist after the deputies hoax was exposed officials gave a full account of what really happened injury. no it'd. that he was not shot at he also told investigators that he had caused the holes in his uniform shirt by cutting it with a knife, it's still not
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clear just why the deputy fabricated the story. i read in your reporting. well to the south bay now crews were able to quickly put out a fire at a liquor store this happened in san jose this was sunday morning. >>in a shopping center on north capitol avenue. so that liquor store how significant smoke and water damage now. insulin now in san bruno 3 members of her family are suspected of kidnapping and assaulting an african-american teenager. what police call a hate crime. so arrested wolf raid on maya haiti and luis arraez on a hate crime kidnapping and other charges. investigators say the teenage boy he was there visiting a girl all of the family's home. the family members came in they assaulted him they tied him up they threatened to kill him and they also yelled racial slurs at him the suspects eventually released the teenager who then called police. well a popular outdoor area in the south bay is close those after a fan only not
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just what a whole family of mountain lions were spotted in santa clara county. so there was a young mountain lion that was seen strolling along the trail lie our ranch ul san antonio open space. and then looked here comes the crews quickly joined by 2 other cubs. yeah that scary high mid peninsula. open space spokeswoman leigh ann hester she says that there's been an increase in recent mountain lion sightings within that reserve gessner says that a temporary closing of the trails is the best way to just keep the people and the animal safe. >>they want to instill some beer and that's not only families so that they can safely live and the open space and people can safely as that. >>well, there's are signs there inside of the park warning of possible encounters with big cats and what to do if that does happen, however rangers were not taking any chances friday afternoon as they turned away several visitors had his best. and on
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the kron 4 morning news, another shooting on an east bay freeway look at those bullet
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>>welcome back to the kron 4 morning news, thanks for staying with us i'm tracking your entertainment headlines. this morning. and one of hollywood's biggest stars is stepping up to help the amazon rain forest david daniel has that story and more and the hollywood minute. >>fast and furious presents hobbs and shaw takes audiences around the world so it's no surprise that box office. the action film just debuted in china with million the biggest august opening weekend in chinese history, worldwide hobbs and shaw has hauled in nearly million. an environmental group co-founded by leonardo dicaprio is pledging million to help preserve the amazon
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rain forest. earth alliance is working with local groups and communities to protect the region sensitive habitats 10's of thousands of fires which environmental groups blame on deforestation by cattle ranchers farmers and loggers are devastating the amazon. the world's largest rain forest. jamie foxx has sold disney has revealed the oscar-winning actor will lead the voice cast of the original pixar film soul which explores where we get our personalities and passions sold is due in theaters next june in hollywood, i'm david daniel. >>next on the kron 4 morning news we continue to follow breaking news out of the east bay word officer excuse me off duty it's time for the biggest sale of the year on the
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to the kron 4 morning news, the time now for 29. >>i'm chatting with john about the warmest days otty hot inland. yeah yesterday we felt the. >>temperature cranking up again today mother nature has turned the a little bit even further so can run a year brats get your exercise and you now. >>all exact i followed smile,
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i can even say it's cool because we're like off to a mile start but it's not the day that you want to be jogging and biking and not going to like 90's and that too much during the afternoon now. yeah. >>like you were saying earlier just crank up that ac get insight. i was talking about how is it 03:00pm yesterday sunday bedtime you can do that again this but they're out of the job even though you're at here's a look outside the fog that's hanging out at the golden gate bridge conditions out there definitely low on


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