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tv   KRON 4 News at 5am  KRON  August 26, 2019 5:00am-5:59am PDT

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trade in for darya folsom, so we have lots get to today, the weather i guess continues to be hot will find out the deaihe fork and snow a lot time i was late when will mother nature take our foot off the gas, she's just crank it up today are there and yeah yesterday we cranked up the heat a little bit more after what was kind of a cooler start to the weekend. >>and then today, hotter yes, this is clear throat she is she's a making her way downtown she isn't. i had it of a yeah it is definitely going to get hotter out there later on today, plenty a low fog hanging out right across the bay, it is just a definitely something that you are going actually slow down a little bit as you head downtown at the kids are just to later on today because fog is definitely dense where we are seeing it especially out along the coastline. right across the peninsula and then
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down to a few spots of the east bay, not a lot of fog though for east bay are south bay and our north bay area's, especially what you head east of the oakland hills, so that's kind of nice to start off the morning with adjust the dose of fog to ol you down after before a temperatures really rise later today, 50's and 60's for your current temperatures, mountain view, san jose and fremont at 61 degrees oakland and berkeley, 5856 degrees this morning. now later on today well we can avoid the fact that it is going to be another hot one looking at the time highs well into the mid 90's, inland, 60's and 70's by the coast. and if you 80's out along the bay, more details in your forecast. still ahead robin. thank you john let's check in on the early birds heading to work on this monday morning getting a little crowded at the bay bridge toll plaza. >>mostly for the cash payers, th often on for the last a 1520 minutes or so, but it's not and it's a great trip into san francisco and 12 minutes off to fremont street
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92 busy as well. no major issues, but you see traffic coming to a crawl well on the flat section just west of the toll plaza and then the richmond sandra fell bridge stacking up in the cash lanes to but this is just a month. 7 minutes from the pay gates to one on one will james. >>all right. thank you very much robin breaking news an off-duty san francisco police officers been involved now the shooting. >>in el serino kron four's sarah stinson is live at the scene with the overnight details sarah. >>we have just confirmed with police that the off-duty san francisco police officer shot a man in his 40's. they say that man was armed with a weapon not a gun, they wouldn't specify what type of weapon. but they're still investigating the circumstances as you can see behind me. there's still a very big police presence is there still trying to figure out what happened though keep in mind right now we are in el serino off of san pablo avenue and we're the most of the investigations taking place is right here from this red car
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in front of the a home here moser lane. now around 10 last night that's when reports of shots fired occurred. upon arrival also police found the shooter to be that off-duty san francisco police officer if they're not saying anything about who this officers just that he's a man we don't know his age the person shot again is in his 40's, he's a man he was rushed in alameda county trauma center. he is expected to be okay. police do not have an update for say though on his condition, but they do believe him to be okay. now for the last several hours again they've been investigatin an officer involved shooting occurs around this area invokes investigation with the contra costa county districand vest getting and then we're told that san francisco police officers or the department is going to have their own investigation as well because 3
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investigating this officer involved shooting you can see them walking around that home around that car. but continuing to try and see what happened they're doing a crime scene diagram right now and collecting evidence so stay tuned, we hope to learn more in the coming hours. for now live in el serino sarah stinson kron 4 news. >>all right, thank you very much sara a developing story that we're following this morning. the great mall in milpitas was cleared overnight after police respond to reports of gunshots. >>now police say the gunshot sounds are actually a smash-and-grab robbery at a jewelry store. police say the thieves smashef display cases and took off with the jewelry people however thought that smashing glass sound were actually gunshots. this is response you can see them ou rolling in to the great those thieves are still on the loose locked down at around 8 o'clock last night choppers
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are told to get out of the area employees were told to lock up and searched the mall for nearly 3 hours and finally at around 11 o'clock last night gave the all clear in the east bay freemont firefighters quickly put out a brush fire overnight along 6.80 and vargas road. the fire department tweeted out this photo of the scene at around one 30 this morning. crews were able to contain the fire to just 2 acres, no one was injured and no buildings for threatened. a child and a teenager from the east bay are dead after a rollover crash in kern county that crash happened outside of bakersfield on southbound 5. >>the victims are from richmond now the kern county sheriff's office says it was early saturday morning that the driver drifted into the center divider and when she tried to correct yourself that's when the vehicle went on to the shoulder and ended up rolling over multiple times there were 6 people inside a 13 year-old identified is cut holly contrary us and then 10 year-old jessie contrary. us were both ejected. they died
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from their injuries. the driver in the 2 others were taken to the hospital. the chp doesn't think those 2 children were wearing their seat belts. one person is dead after and another is recovering from their injuries after a head-on collision in brent, what it happened about 4 road kron four's well bell tells us what happened. >>this section of balfour road between american avenue and deer valley road narrows into a 2 lane highway chp says the driver of the nissan ignored these double yellow lines and it was a move that proved to be fatal. shaken but thankful to be on harm devita and craig graham say they were on their way home. >>from kaiser hospital sunday morning when the man behind them started driving aggressively. it just come. >>and to be behind us in the parking lot. one of the witnesses said that she saw that he attempted to pass. >>just twice it appears the 3rd attempt. the driver accelerated clipped the back
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of the mini cooper and proceeded into oncoming traffic impacting going head-on with a white i mean even my husband and ran up and we asked are you ok are you okay. >>and he would have moving the driver of the minivan injuries and the driver of the nissan altima did succumb to his injuries. >>that stretch of al for road was shut down for several hours as officials investigated and cleared the scene chp says they're still investigating whether drugs or alcohol were a factor, i'm so sorry for him. in brentwood. noel bellow kron 4 news. >>from brentwood to the south bay where police are trying to find the driver who hit and killed a man in a crash and then took off from the scene it happened early saturday morning at the intersection of santa teresa bothe victim was turning westbound on santa teresa boulevard when he was hit by a driver of a pickup
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truck. neighbors say speeding is a major problem at t especia at nighttime going through because a lot of people do run the red light going down senate race because the straight away from a lot of people actually a spend their tires to take off from the intersections because of that as well. >>ok so check this out this is home surveillance video police canvassing the neighborhood looking for the driver and so far they don't have a description of who they're looking for or make or model. crews were able to quickly put out a fire at a liquor store in san jose it happened on sunday morning in a shopping center on north capitol avenue, the liquor store has significant smoke and water damage. the girl is in custody in accused of stabbing 2 other teenagers. >>police say she stabbed a 19 year-old and then a 17 year-old on hamilton avenue. she later surrendered to police. we know that the 19 year-old victim was released from the hospital the 17 year-old those still shooting
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the east bay. this one happened saturday afternoon in antioch it was along highway 4 in the westbound lanes right near hillcrest the victim says the shooter cut off while he was heading towards the highway and then that person pulled out a gun and fired at him. the victim managed to walk away unharmed before lanes had to be shut down for a time. police couple of hours while they collected evidence a motive right now is unknown, but the chp believes it was not random. the victim who is concerned about showing his face as he still can't believe this happened. >>this could happen anywhere. but even unprovoked that's the thing is just amazing as lake. we're going about your business and this person, whatever is going on his life. feels like he's and somebody else's life. >>chp says at this point they do have shot spotr helping their investigation, but they're still looking for any witnesses to saturday's shooting. >>thousands of employees with r cannot be reached if the
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voters do go on strike. it will impact workers at santa clara county hospitals. jail's main engine maintenance yards as well as offices. the workers are asking for higher wages and more money for health care and child care. there is no word on when a strike could begin, but they did vote to go ahead with the strike possibly down the road to negotiating sessions, however are scheduled for this week, happening today, governor gavin newsome will announce more legal action against the trump administration. last week the governor said that california would challenge the administration's new policy to detain immigrant children indefinitely. so far california has filed at least 57 different lawsuits against the trump administration. number of issues 3 members of a family are suspected of kidnapping and assaulting an african-american teenager in what police are investigating as a hate crime. >>police arrested will am haiti argue lero are aglow and luis so arrives on hate
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crimes, kidnapping and other charges now best gators say the teenage boys, a teenage boy was visiting a girl at the family's home when members of her family assaulted him tied and threatened to kill him. they also used racial slurs at him the suspects eventually released that teenager who then called police. the coast guard is expected to begin searching again for a man who went missing near discovery bay. officials say from cruise fell into the water yesterday morning when his small inflatable craft popped. a response a boat and helicopter were called to the scene along with contra costa county sheriff's office to assist with that search. that search is expected to resume sometime this morning. do in case of an emergency emergency crews held the last of the 3 shuns rules yesterday to make sure the public is ready when a disaster hits. fire crews paid special attention to the berkeley hills since it's one of the highest fire danger areas. throughout the bay
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area. still ahead on the kron 00:04am morning. we suspect is in the hospital after he was hit by a police car we'll hear from witnesses who saw the crash. plus a southern california police officers said he was shot by a sniper. now investigators said he made the whole thing up. and a record breaking trip across the pacific meet the man who paddle boarded all the way from san francisco to hawaii. and a cool morning ahead of hot weather this afternoon get out there and enjoy these 50's and 60's before 90's and some triple digits later on. >>i've got your forecast ahead. and you want to hit the roads to before it gets too busy out there the bay bridge busy out there the bay bridge traffic filling in and qu (sigh) (crunch) babybel: that snack just sounded boring. babybel: coming through. no photos, please. babybel: bye bye, bland. babybel: helloooo, delicious. vo: rich, creamy, 100% real cheese. vo: with mini babybel, snack time is saved. babybel: saved it!
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>>ok we're backo check in with john because we're still in the midst of but nice cool mitt we're deep
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in sdp moyes is a stop becoming a wave of this just he your a or last week it just lasted forever, and we kind of had a little many cool down friday and saturday and then the more than just a little breather really cool that too much is there a light at the end of the tunnel this week it all kind of another one of those breather so we're going to stop a little bit get back down into the upper 80's inland. and then we kind of climb back up again that light is a train coming at you right out. this so yeah, it's a little rough ride right now for a lot of our inland areas if you're weary of the heat well, it's one of those things were just going to have to keep pushing through these next couple of days obviously as we round the. >>and of the summer season will eventually get to some cooler weather so hold on to that as of right now we're still in the midst of it looking outside at the sales force tower and the rest of financial district things looking pretty good. you do have some fog out there, but it certainly is not blocking out this view crystal
5:17 am
clear looking out over financial district right now san jose on the clear side obviously still on the darker side of things and there's some of that fog that is hanging out for parts of the day. we are beginning to see it lift a little bit so it's causing a less of a visibility issue as we work our way through the 5 o'clock hour now skies are going to gradually clear into the afternoon now as that happens a lot of sunshine to be expected with the sunshine hot temperatures in land cooler out at the coast. if you do need that escape also another spare the air alert in effect the high pressure creates a cap over the bay and it keeps a lot of those pollutants trapped right here in the bay area. so if you do a breathing conditions may want to take a little bit easier today that heat, 60's and 70's for san francisco as well as other coastal areas again a nice escape firms over hotter 90's inountain ures even on view at 9290 degrees today redwood city and san carlos can certainly easily get there to
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temperatures in the low 90's for much of the south bay, san jose among those spots at 92 today, 80 solidly from hey we're down through fremont while solid 90's in the tri valley up to san ramon and eventually up to concord which will peak just 3 degrees shy of the century mark, oakland 82 70's in berkeley and richmond while 80's 90's and even a triple digit up in the north bay vacaville at one o 2 today is that that the high of your heat right there across the bay nevado 96 while sandra fell at 88 today. let's break down your next 7 days like i mentioned to a james and will we do have that breathe are not really a break for safe from this heat wave come thursday friday and saturday, it's still toasty on these days but we are back into the upper 80's on average at least inland with 70's returning by the bay after the next couple of days 80's, then even some cool 60's out along the coast. sunday of next week temperatures start to rise
5:19 am
again eventually back into the 90's to start next week all over again. rob. n mateo bridge a look at 92 and oh yeah we halot of folks leaving hwyward right now working their way over to the peninsula if you want to join these folks just prepare yourself for some crowding here just west of the toll plaza along the flat section up the high rise are good into foster city, you're good and no problems for want to what so this is a pretty got off to a decent start right, no accidents or stalls and 12 minutes to make it over to the bay shore oakland to san francisco, the bay bridge traffic filling in and quickly cash buyers fast trackers look at this you're stacking up beyond 8.80 over crossing carpoolers you'll be fine you're at 11 minutes and growing not this crowd and on the bridge, it's just your approach to the toll plaza that's getting a little busy g and we're off to a great start so i'm not tracking any hot spots are major issues but highway for becoming a slow spot. it's not bad. it's just a little crowded now westbound 19 minutes antioch to concord
5:20 am
but smooth sailing on 6 80 south the nimitz and one on one. it is wide open from san jose heading north to menlo park. well. >>robin developing story this morning. president trump says that china wants to resume talks to end the trade war. the president made the announcement at the g 7 summit in france in the overnight hours. >>said let's get back to the table so we'll be getting back to the table and i think they want to do something. her very badly, but they understand this is the right thing to do i care great respect for. very positive development for the world. >>just last friday china announced a new round of tariffs on us goods as retaliation for tariffs that the trump administration. implement next month. this morning, the president also talked about his relationship with north korea and iran china has not confirmed that they are willing to resume
5:21 am
trade negotiations. 100 years ago this month, the first laser brought to point when they arrived to honor them. people were able to feel what shackles would have been like and took pictures at the historic marker with the ship white lion brought the first 20 slaves to america. some are even gathering to honor their relatives who did not survive the journey. >>angeles police now investigating an incident recorded on video that shows security forcefully removing transgender customers from a bar. the women say they were celebrating at the bar when a couple directed transphobic slurs at their table and in the video one woman is seen forcibly being grabbed by bar security right there slammed against a wall and thrown out another security staff member seen grabbing another person in a chokehold and dragging them across the bar and also throwing him out e the bar owne says the manager asked the 2
5:22 am
groups of guests to leave after an argument broke out, but they refused. but witnesses say the other table wasn't forcibly removed in this way lapd says they will look into this case as a possible hate crime. 4 morning news. we're going to take you to a community that celebrating a milestone after
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>>story for you this morning out of los angeles as sheriff's deputy has admitted that he lied when he said he was attacked and shot by a sniper. deputy angel reynoso claim last wednesday that he was hit in the chest by snipers he walked to his car and the sheriff's station parking lot. he called the attack in on his radio which prompted a huge manhunt for the gunman you any time you shoot they respond in full force you can see them right there with guns drawn. but officials say much of what he told investigators didn't even make sense and no bullets or even recovered from the scene. angel ramos
5:26 am
admitted. that he was not shot at he also told investigators that he had caused the holes in his uniform shirt. >>by cutting it with a knife. there was no sniper. no shots fired and no gunshot injuries sustained to a shoulder. completely fabricated. >>investigators say the deputy has not given them a reason why he made up the story he now faces charges for filing a false police report. >>next a rally in the east bay will tell you the reason dozens of demonstrators are supporting a holocaust survivor who is facing eviction. how do you keep feeling your best all summer long? start with supporting your gut health. only activia has billions of our live and active probiotics.
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good news, vs. coppertop, new duracell optimum delivers extra life in some devices. or extra power in others. ♪ cut you out the door to sure right now. is there any hot spots and hear that for you i was listening to >>pottsville beats we're off to a great start just a little busy. so we'll check the
5:30 am
bridge is okay but we do a hot temperatures to talk about this we have no shortage of those late keeping i'm going to i was just thinking why don't we just call it a cold way because it's just hot all the times that when next time he gets talk about the cold wave, maybe a couple months from now. >>at this rate it may be that i looked outside at the golden gate bridge kind of cool this morning you could say out there through the golden gate and especially for a coastal areas with a nice misty start as fog streams on into our coastal areas. now early causing you to many issues as far as visibility goes at this point though along the coast that's where you do have some fog that could be blocking this ability elsewhere it's starting to lift here not really seeing much of an impact 50's and 60 fcurrent tem the bay, pretty nice start to this morning. good chance to get out there within the next few hours enjoy some cooler weather. well we're holding on yesterday s to our bayside area
5:31 am
solidly in hotter one ahead of us i am talking some relief as kind of relief in your forecast towards the end of the week still to come robin. thank you john let's check in on 80 west our busiest bridge right now with the traffic coming to a crawl here. >>from oakland to san francisco. it's going to start back at the west grand exit. from there through the tolls up the incline you're going to be dealing with a lot of stop and go traffic. but it's quite on the upper deck and no problems in downtown san francisco. we're looking at traffic tracker and your numbers, some of your approaches to the maze say look really good. 18 minutes for the e sure crockett down to oakland and wide open on 24 the macarthur and then minutes approaching so that's a good start we'll take a look at some more numbers and freeways coming up james will. >>so back to our breaking news this morning. we had an off-duty san francisco police officer involved in a shooting in el serino kron four's sarah stinson is live at the scene
5:32 am
with the overnight details sarah. >>well so what wfar is that the officer involved like you said works for san francisco police he was off duty. we do know that he's a man and we know that the person he shot is in his 40's apparently had a weapon not a fire. police were definitely certain about that, but they didn't say what type of weapon so we do know that they are still on scene here it's been several hours are still trying to investigate the circumstances of this we do know that the 2 the got into a confrontation of some sort again what kind in one of the circumstances surrounding that that's what they're looking into right now. they did just tow a white suv what that how that's involved we're still trying to confirm that as well but we do know that there's still a heavy police presence here. police responded to reports of shots fired around 10 last night. officers looked around the area near shopping center soon after they located the shooter in the man shot
5:33 am
officers identified the shooting to be an off-duty san francisco police officer, the man shot survived and was rushed to an alameda county trauma center. police do n they said they believe his injuries to be a non life threatening now. we did catch up with an el serino pd captain who us an update of what they're doing right now in their investigation. >>have any information as to the outcome or what happened in the confrontation the 2 of them there's a very active investigation. people are still being interviewed. so we really don't have much information is too. since helping to set. but as of now. it also police is investigating this. possible criminal investigation. >>now they hope to open up moser lane soon they might shrink the crime scene down 2 kearny street and those early no way they can open it up a little bit. but we do know that this will take a little
5:34 am
bit more time because there are 3 different agencies innot only else reno police but also the contra costa county district attorney as well as sfpd we haven't seen them on scene quite yet they have made made aware of this officer involved shooting in the fact that this has to do with one of their officers they have not commented yet on their investigation. see tune. we continue to learn more for now live in el serino sarah stinson kron 4 news okay. thank you sarah. >>and san francisco police cruiser hit and hit another san francisco police officer and a person, he was chasing for an auto burglaries yeah, weird story this happened in the city's japan town neighborhood with kron four's dance or not explain what happened. >>the bus stop shelter on the corner of geary boulevard in webster street still damaged after an unmarked police cruiser strikes an officer and a suspect shattered glass spilled across the sidewalk as police tape waves in the wind.
5:35 am
sfpd says around 5 20 saturday olniice officers were chasing 2 auto burglary suspects on foot. they called for backup and that's when an unmarked cruiser veered into one officer and one suspect. payton ward work security for the japan towne mall, he says he saw one of the burglary suspects pinned under the unmarked police cruiser. >>all asset pd says the officer suffered only minor injuries but the suspect is in critical condition. >>video shared by a viewershows the heavy emergency response just moments after the accident. one person is seen being placed on a stretcher police say the second suspected burglar teauto jan town area wa it's an unfortunate reality all day long on gary. >>from the couple that all the way to the bottom even up over it all day long a break in the car we see it every game.
5:36 am
>>the news this morning, a neighborhood affected by the tubbs fire celebrated a construction milestone over the weekend. the hopper walls project in the coffey park neighborhood is now complete about that dozens of people came out saturday to see the 2900 foot wall system. nonprofits like coffee strong and rebuild north bay foundation work together with the city of santa rosa to help pay for that wall private companies donated more than half million dollars in materials labor and time all in collaboration with sonoma county to rebuild and even stronger wall. >>i feel a lot more secure now it's actually a sound wall which are one other one was a i feel comfortable that is not a retaining wall but that if a car was to come through with come all the way through to my house. >>i feel like there's more security in our homes because it's not scalable. >>well most homes are still under construction inside that development, the neighbors say that as of last month, at least a 100 of their neighbors have moved back in. east bay, d
5:37 am
demonstrators gathered in alameda county to protest the eviction of a holocaust survivor and other section 8 tenants 87 year-old ceara sheen has been living in the dunes apartments in alameda for several years. he says he's now facing eviction because the landlord wants more rent money. the elevator enters coalition says that machine is one of 3 section 8 tenants now facing eviction throughout alameda the group along with others are fighting for protections for seniors and those with disabilities as housing prices skyrocket all across the bay. >>people should only be a victim her cause and not just because someone says they want more rain tomorrow. >>next month alameda city council will consider an amendment to the city's rent stabilization ordinance the plan would be to extend just cause eviction protections to people on section 8. if it passes these tenants will not be evicted without cause. way f
5:38 am
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>>5.41 that i'm very a baseball. it was the final match up in the battle of the bay, let's take you to the top of the 3rd inning with evan longoria at the mound. he hits this solo home run to tie the game at 3 apiece it was longer is one 10th career rbi by the way. but in the very next inning mark hanna it's his second homer of the game and that with the a's back ahead, and then in the 7th inning on gloria coming through once again a 2 run single that would give the giants the lead and they would go on to win the game 5 to 4 they also win the series itself 3 games to one. giants fans by the way did get some bad news over the if you heard, but the team announced the policy and a ball panda can undergo tommy john surgery to reconstruct his right elbothso
5:42 am
basically ends his season. the giants 3rd baseman hit 14 home runs and 41 rbi has this year. let's wish him a speedy recovery. to work this monday morning which means a lot of you are about to step outside and you'll be doing so to some cool conditions in the 50's and 60's currently. >>livermore you're at 64 right now with oakland (sigh) (crunch) babybel: that snack just sounded boring. babybel: coming through. no photos, please. babybel: bye bye, bland. babybel: helloooo, delicious. vo: rich, creamy, 100% real cheese. vo: with mini babybel, snack time is saved. babybel: saved it!
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schools are having acrto cut sports.y, i'm tony the tiger and i'm on a mission to fix that.
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♪ i'll show you something, i'll show you something... ♪ ♪ neeeeeewwww. ♪ >>we are back at 5.45 an athlete from spain made a record breaking 2 month journey to hawaii by paddle board don't blame in the food there is wonderful at 42 year-old antonio de la rosa began his journey on june 9th right here in san francisco. he arrived on saturday jim mendoza has his story. >>this was antonio dela rosa's
5:46 am
first contact with another human being says he paddled away from san francisco on june 9th. the 42 year-old altar insurance athlete from spain is the first person to cross the pacific ocean as a stand-up paddleboard or share a car. >>for me i'm a video of he covered about 2500 miles of open ocean using wind currents and elbow grease snow on a mountain on all in the month on east this is able his vessel, the ocean defender is a combo paddleboard and small boat with a sleeping cabin storage bins and solar panels for power. u p s one inside and one outside. compute their dolorous a packed enough supplies for a 90 day trip he estimated it would take about 70 days to make the pacific crossing. >>he did it in 76. gopro cameras documented his days
5:47 am
and nights at sea. >>there was no escort vessel so he was all along. he estimates he lost about 10 pounds but never got sick despite very little sleep. >>taking the ubs. on taking their the deck still on moving this. he stands. >>hurricane flossie didn't hit him, but it did push him off course during one week i watched to the north with an audit. i see wolf. floated down the ocean defender weighed more than a 1000 pounds seized if equal or moving the sky, no bald. we spent his fallen pieces of you out there was breathtaking but he did encounter floating plastics next and discarded live with this. also has done other extreme adventures every year. >>i seeing all day what time. but i do next, yeah. i love the. >>this kind of life he once wrote across the atlantic
5:48 am
ocean. now he's conquered the pacific. jim mendoza hawaii news now. pick up the story. to get over. >>yes, especially ok some fried rice is just car back up again for whatever his next adventure is that's fantastic. the waters really the only part that bothered we've done so many shark bites very cool was pretty cool. very cool and you know if you're heading out to the coast tonight you're going to see some fog hopefully you're not going to do it. but i think most of us are probably just head into the east sea and going to be taking it easy because we've got another hot afternoon ahead of us your view of san francisco is beginning to be shrouded by some more that low lying cloud cover and fog there's the very top the sales first our interview across the bay is showing that fog that streaming through san francisco. most elsewhere in
5:49 am
the bay with the exception of berkeley and oakland were actually pretty clear right now san jose on the clear side of things there's your fog in the east bay right over berkeley as i just mentioned so few spots are seeing some of that fog but it's pretty limited really just hanging hour right around here elsewhere in the bay we are seeing those clearing skies right now and skies will remain clear throughout the course of the day ahead of us high pressure in its still in place it is a stubborn round of high pressure is going to be hanging out with us for a while now. temperatures will ease off some towards the latt the week, but it's still going to be warm now today is one of her hotter days of this forecast. so 60's and 70's out of san francisco in the coast if you get the chance might be a good chance to head out there and enjoy some of those cooler temperatures 80's on the bay side of the peninsula with areas like san carlos in redwood city getting close to 90 today woodside in mountain view in the low 90's for your highs and then the south bay solidly in the low 90's to san jose back up to 92 today, even warmer than yesterday was 80's
5:50 am
from hayward down through union city in fremont while 90's in the tri valley on up through san ramon danville walnut creek in concord which will be closer to triple digits than it will the 90 degree mark itself, one oh 2 in vacaville today easily our hottest spot with pittsburgh getting close to triple digits of the not too bad at 86, definitely warm though nevado petaluma and santa rosa. each all in the 90's too. today tomorrow and wednesday, some of our hottest days of this forecast after that as i mentioned we do see highs easing off some come thursday friday and saturday. we'll still be warm inland but much more bearable come sunday, temperatures climb briefly a little bit before for much of next week. we do level out in the mid to upper 80's. inland. robin all right. thank you john now, let's check in on the monday morning commute slow in some spots other spots are nice. here's a good drive. >>this is west 5 80 to the richmond sandra fell earlier we had a little bit of a backup and some of the cash lanes that's already gone and
5:51 am
it's coming back by the way, but right now, it's looking good so no delays no problems 8 minutes to the north bay, the bay bridge traffic, 80 west one of the heaviest with traffic stacked up back from west grand and growing slow be inclined to at 13 minutes off traffic lanes wes for right around railroad it scattered across the lanes there you see what it's doing to your commute so it's like a small problem but creating a big backup there spilling to coming up ahead. a little pocket of slowing up and over the hill leaving bay point 26 minutes from antioch over to conquer leave early because it's already jammed up. 6.80 decent dublin to fremont in 18 minutes and the nimitz only 26 minutes in san leandro to milpitas james. >>all right, thank you very much robin. so as we head to break, here's a quick live look outside we've got our cameras, san francisco international airport doesn't look too bad in the way of clouds or fog but again it doesn't take a whole lot it's time for the biggest sale of the year on the sleep number 360 smart bed. you can adjust your comfort on both sides
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>>today's box office report brought to you by the new luxury lounges at century san francisco center. >>well summer may be winding down but some movies are still david and with a look at which films came out on top this past weekend. aston furious presents hobbs and shaw fell to 5th place really an million. >>the lion king made a 0.1 million for 4th place and a domestic total of 511 million. i mean like are running. the faith-based film over calmer overcame expectations and debuted in 3rd place with 8.2 million. >>essential or asking. >>we'll talk and massaging this. >>good boys dropped to second place picking up million. a strong start for angel has
5:56 am
fallen which soared past forecast opening on top with million in hollywood. i'm david daniel. >>coming up on the kron 00:04am morning news at the 6 o'clock hour we continue to follow breaking news out of the east bay involving an off-duty san francisco police officer in a shooting. kron four's says sarah stinson is live at the scene with the very latest and a car crash in central california kills 2 kids from the bay area. and another shooting on the east bay freeway we have the details coming up and just a details coming up and just a few minutes from now. dishes won't get clean? don't be a soaker! switch to finish quantum, it scrubs, degreases, and shines to get your dishes truly finished. and with finish quantum you get up to 25% more loads for your money.
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>>good morning, everybody thanks for joining us. i'm james fletcher and i will tread inferred area fulsome so let's get started traffic, it's.
6:00 am
>>first you on spot free just a little crowded out there it's all checked the bay bridge and highway 4 a little bit of debris causing a delay or owned a just yet not so enjoy this week because next week it's going to be triple digits. >>no actually as we can so this is an old so this week is going to be just a touch 100 the next next week we are still war as society where but it didn't his coffee that's a off. and the crazy i always give us triple coffee is made by cautioned by the cam right so this is this is look outside right now it is definitely foggy and cool to start maybe a good one for


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