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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  August 26, 2019 6:00am-6:58am PDT

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let's get started traffic, it's. >>first you on spot free just a little crowded out there it's all checked the bay bridge and highway 4 a little bit of debris causing a delay or owned a just yet not so enjoy this week because next week it's going to be triple digits. >>no actually as we can so this is an old so this week is going to be just a touch 100 the next next week we are still war as society where but it didn't his coffee that's a off. and the crazy i always give us triple coffee is made by cautioned by the cam right so this is this is look outside right now it is definitely foggy and cool to
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start maybe a good one for some hot coffee this morning, but maybe he's off of it this afternoon and go ahead and get that ice coffee as we do eventually work our way into the 90's later on looking at the foggy start you do see a fog hanging out over berkeley oakland, the even over san francisco. >>most of us in the bay are actually starting off fog free though so 50's and 60's is where we're sitting as far as temperatures go. later on today these temperatures will rise eventually into the 90's for inland areas if not one or 2 triple digits out there on the map later on so yeah i we are in for a toasty one. later on afternoon ahead of us mid-nineties on average for inland highs, bayside areas, mostly in the low 80's for your average while coastal areas anywhere from the 60's to 70's if you have a chance to head out there i am talking how are had to how it's going to be later on this weekend where temperatures are headed next still to come. >>all right, thank you john said over to the bay bridge where we already have a lot of heavy traffic squeezing into sa
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this 80 west stacked up from fro through the tolls up the incline and then after the inclined you'll get a break so not a bad trip, but definitely slow trip. we have a spill out on highway 4 in pittsburgh westbound at railroad. that debris is scattered across all lanes of traffic so it's backing you up through antioch just beyond the summer's ville exit and then up ahead a little bit of commute traffic. so we'll call it slow and pockets just under 30 minutes from antioch to concord because of that debris. james will. >>at 6 o to the breaking news this morning, an off-duty san francisco police officer involved in the shooting and also read across for sarah stinson is live at the scene with the very latest details, sarah. >>well we're live here and where that officer involved shooting occurred and there's much live off san pablo
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avenue and popular streets. i think they wanted to get that on scene his 40's who had a weapon police would not say what kind but they did specify. it was not a gun. you can before earlier there was a heavy police presence here they work and investigating the circumstances we do know that that off-duty police officer from san francisco. he is continuing to be interviewed about this they're trying to figure out what went down. elsewhere to police responded to reports of shots fired around 10 last night. officers looked around the area near a shopping center soon after they located the shooter and the man who shot again they are identified that the shooter was in fact an off-duty san francisco police officer to an alameda county trauma cwe do kn department the contra costa county district attorney and the sheriff's office and we have reached out to san
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francisco police about this since this has to do with one of their officers but they have not responded yet. we hope to hear from them in the next hour or so, but again that there are still some officers on scene much less of a police presence and then there was about 30 minutes ago for now live in el serino sarah stinson kron 4 news okay. thank you sarah. >>a developing story that we're following this morning. the great mall in milpitas was cleared overnight after police respond to reports of gunshots. >>police say the gunshot sounds are actually has smash-and-grab robbery at a jewelry store. police say the thieves smashed display cases and took off with the jewelry s is video from the kron 4 of you are showing the massive police response. you can see them rolling into great mall. those thieves are still on the loose this morning the mall was locked down at ou last night. shoppers were told to get out of the area store employees were told to lock up and
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searched the mall for nearly 3 hours. and then finally at around 11 o'clock last night gave the all clear in the east bay freemont firefighters quickly put out a brush fire overnight along 6.80 and vargas road. the fire department tweeted out this photo of the scene about 5 hours ago. crews were able to contain the fire to just 2 acres. no one was injured and fortunately, no buildings were threatened. 6 oh 5 is the time to children from the east bay died in a rollover crash in kern county that crash happened just outside of bakersfield on southbound. >>i 5 the victims as we found out our from richmond. the kern county sheriff's office says that early saturday morning, the driver drifted into the center divider and then when she tried to correct herself that's when the vehicle vre multiple times. there were 6 people inside that vehicle, 13 year-old cut holly contrary us and 10 year-old jessie contrary us were both ejected from the vehicle they died at the scene. the driver and 2
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others were taken to the local hospitalhe this point does not believe the 2 children were wearing seat belts. one person is dead and another was injured in a head-on collision in brentwood now this what happened yesterday morning on balfour road, forcing the chp to shut down that road for several hours. people who were in one of those cars involved in the crash say the driver in a nissan tried to pass them by crossing over the double yellow line and they're clipping their car and then veering into oncoming traffic and that's when the nice on crashed head on into a minivan the driver of that nissan died at the scene the driver of the minivan was taken to the hospital. >>in the south bay police are trying to find the driver who hit and killed a man in a crash and then took off from the scene. it happened early early saturday morning at the intersection of santa teresa boulevard and san ignacio avenue. the victim was turning westbound on santa teresa boulevard when he was hit by a driver of a pickup truck. neighbors say speeding is a major problem at that
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intersection. >>they worry about ece because straight away from a lot of people a>>police still looking driver this morning. so far there's no make or model of that vehicle. crews were able to quickly put out a fire at a liquor store in san jose it happened sunday morning in a shopping center on north capitol avenue, the liquor store has however significant smoke and water damage. a 17 year-old girl custody now in campbell after she was accused of stabbing 2 other teenagers. >>so police say she stabbed a 19 year-old and a 17 year-old on hamilton avenue. she later surrendered to police and as for the victims, we understand the 19 year-old has been released from the hospital, but the 17 year-old is still being treated. the chp in contra costa county is investigating another the highway shooting this one happening on highway for nowell bellow explains what happened. >>first thing i see is dried one handed. >>with a gun i can see the gun aimed p and leave.
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>>and heard the shot concerned about showing his face the victim of saturday's highway for shooting says the shooter had cut him off while he was headed toward the highway. he was looking at me and he. >>goes far let me know smoke here. this is like we know it's problem is man. >>chp says the shooting happened around 3 30 in the afternoon the westbound lanes of highway 4 near hillcrest. >>look in a single victim. >>she was not struck but his vehicle was hit by at least one round. >>what has that been how to punish been like you know what is this 3 inches. some like that. the glass would hit me in my head or my upper body those westbound lanes were shut down for a couple of hours as officials collected evidence a motive is unknown, but chp believes it was not random. >>the victim says he still can't belie t but even unprovoked that's the thing is just amazing as lake.
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going about your business and this person, whatever is going on his life. feels like he's in somebody else's life. >>chp says they do have shotspotter technology installed on highway 4 to help in their investigations. but they're still looking for any witnesses to saturday's shooting and encouraging drivers to stay alert. >>says at least it would obviously be vigilant out there if you see something say something. >>in antioch know al bello kron 4 news. >>thousands of employees with santa clara county they've given the green light to go ahead for a strike. if a new deal cannot be reached if the workers do go on strike. it will impact workers at santa clara county hospitals jails and maintenance yards as well as offices, the workers are asking for higher wages and more money for health and child care. there's no word yet on when they could possibly go on strike to negotiating sessions that's a good news. they're scheduled for this week happening today, governor gavin newsome will announce more legal action against the trump administration. last week the
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governor said that california would challenge the administration's new policy to detain immigrant children indefinitely, so far as california has filed at least 57 different lawsuits against the trump administration. on a number live issues. >>in san bruno 3 members of a family are now suspected of kidnapping assaulting an african-american teenager in what police now consider to be a hate crime. they arrested will i am haiti are and luis suarez on hate crime charges kidnapping and also other charges too. investigators say the teenage boy was actually visiting a girl inside that family's home win. members of the family turned on him assaulted him tied him up and tried to kill him. they also yelled racial slurs at him the suspect eventually release that teenager who then called police. the coast guard is expected to begin searching again for a man who went missing near discovery bay. officials say from cruise fell into the water yesterday morning. when he's a small inflatable craft popped a
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response boat and helicopter were called to the scene along with contra costa county sheriff's office to assist in that search. search crews are expected to resume their search sometime this morning. >>the kron 4 morning news at burglary suspect is in the hospital after he was hit by a police car we'll hear from witnesses who saw the crash. plus we'll take you to a community that 6 celebrating a milestone after they were affected by the tubbs fire. plus a southern california police officers said he was shot by ade the whole thing up you look outside this morning shows temperatures in the 50's and 60's not a bad way to start what is going to be a hot day ahead of us your forecast account. and it's to them and a dry time traffic already stacked up here at the bay bridge toll plaza spilling back be on west grand so
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>>we are back time now is 6.15 talking to john here about our continued hot weather. yeah kind of sounding like a broken
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record now there for a bit we were in and out of the hot weather for a little break and we're back to it. this time around. >>and it hasn't been too terribly hot. but it's been steady rather than law it's been a slow burn. that couple weeks ago was a 3 days of intense heat triple digit heat. yeah i take i thought that i like the slow burn. no the creek spurred him right back to cool down that you can see the end in sight that's always kind of we do have some relief later this week ok, it's not going to be cool days by any means we're still hanging out in the upper 80's as we moved to thursday friday and saturday. what a nice start to the morning though we are seeing patches of fog in a few spots such as around marina district, north into the golden gate, the financial district as you see here. >>is off to a very clear skies so start nice and light on the buildings there a san jose also off to some clear skies and looking out towards mount diablo there's plentyll so we a already in the mix as far as those clear skies go for a lot of the bay area this morning.
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this is going to set us up for some rapid warming as we make our way towards noon time today you're going to start to feel temperatures inland already well into the 80's and then a hot afternoon inland after which point cool temperatures will remain out at the coast. if you don't have that ac and want to find some nature's ac will be found along the pacific shore where will be in the 60's and 70's. now those of us further inland are going to be looking at those temperatures one to be there because will be well into the 80's and 90's elsewhere across the bay areas like redwood city and saying carlos into the upper 80's very close to 90 degrees. and that's just on the peninsula right there woodside in mountain view in the low 90's and the south bay solid 90's again today temperatures yesterday were a warm up from before that and today we're stepping up that temperature latter a little bit further yet with pleasanton livermore to dublin in the mid to low 90's and concord just shy of triple digits, oakland berkeley and richmond will be warm but not
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bad compared to surrounding areas in the upper 70's to low 80's. vacaville, our spot in the tre o 2 welfare feel just d the road looking at mid 90's petaluma 95 on the bottle in sandra fell mid-nineties to upper 80's. temperatures today tomorrow and wednesday will be solid 90's inland with some 80's mixed in right along the bay come thursday friday and saturday these are cooler stays in the forecast, falling near normal will still be just a touch above average though in the upper 80's inland with mid to upper 70's by the bay sunday of next week temperatures rise just a little bit before done much of next week we actually do level out just above normal with daytime highs for inland spots, pretty regularly in the upper 80's that's a look at your forecast robin how are the roads doing right now not so bad and being that it's a spare the air day just remember you can help reduce air pollution by taking mass transit. >>car pooling may be driving a smart car that will help out right now we have a lot of
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slow traffic on the san mateo bridge. it is officially at a crawl here, leaving hayward heading over to the peninsula. no big problems. everybody says heading to work and getting stuck 15 minutes and growing to make it over to the peninsula. we're checking the bay bridge traffic do not expect this to improve its going get heavier by the minute. that's why we encourage you to get on out there and early right it's already stacked up be on west grand carpoolers get right on through but paying cash and fast tracking. you don't have to wait 15 minutes off to fremont street. no major accidents but debris in the way someone had a little spill here west for right around leverage, leaving pittsburgh, so it's crawling out of antioch get a little break and then traffic passing the bart station continuing over to concord so yeah highway for already stacked up 31 minutes for one 60 out to 2.42. just a peek at some more numbers freeways look pretty good for 6.80 the nimitz and 17 no major issues. well back to you. >>robin developing story that we're following this morning. president trump says that
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china wants to resume talks to president made the announcement at the g 7 summit in france in the overnight hours. said let's get back to the table so we'll be getting back to the table and i think they want to do something. her very badly, but they understand this is the right thing to do i care great respect for. very positive development for the world. >>ok so just last friday china announced a new round of tariffs on us goods as retaliation for tariffs that the trump administration plans to implement a september. this morning the president also talked about his relationship with north korea and iran. china so far has yet to confirm that they are willing to resume trade neions with president trump. >>sheriff's deputy in california will face criminal charges now after he made up a story about coming under sniper fire last week reid binion has the story.
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>>there was no sniper. no shots fired and no gunshot injuries sustained to a shoulder. los angeles county sheriff's department officials say a deputy story about coming under sniper fire was a lie, completely fabricated the hoax which authorities say was perpetrated by 21 year-old deputy angel reynoso appeared very real when he called in an attack in progress last week. reynosa said he came under fire as he walked to his personal vehicle outside the sheriff's station wednesday. the false reports sparked a very real response from authorities and rio says fellow officers including home searches school going on lockdown and a full on manhunt for a shooter that didn't exist after the deputies hoax was exposed officials gave a full account of what really happened injury. no it'd. that he was not shot at he also
6:21 am
told investigators that he had caused the holes in his uniform shirt by cutting it with a knife, it's still not clear just why the deputy fabricated the story. i read in your reporting. >>ali in the east bay. the reason dozens of demonstrators are supporting a holocaust survivor was facing eviction and after the break a transgender woman forcibly removed from a california bar and it was all caught on camera. uh-oh, looks like someone's
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still nervous about buying a new house. is it that obvious? yes it is. you know, maybe you'd worry less if you got geico to help with your homeowners insurance. i didn't know geico could helps with homeowners insurance. yep, they've been doing it for years. what are you doing? big steve? thanks, man. there he is. w much yn
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>>back 6.24 on this monday morning back to work today and if you are stepping out this morning such as in areas like bethel island you're experiencing much different temperature than you will later today as we are nice anno highs for inland areas across the state. we'll be well into the triple digits for many areas, especially towards the central valley, but even areas like antioch in vacaville are
6:25 am
expecting triple digit highs right here in our own backyard. so as you prepare those kids to get outside the door to school. it may be a cool start to the morning in the 60's but definitely pack some extra water for them as this afternoon as they're heading back home. we're going to be looking at some hot temperatures yet again. robert. >>checking the richmond center fell bridge your backup is growing now it's from return parkway right through the toll plaza takes up for you across the span checking in on the bay bridge 80 wesson to san francisco kron falling officially backed up to the bottom of the maze 15 minutes after fremont street james, all right, thank you very much. now 6.25. >>los angeles police are investigating an incident rsh security forcefully removing transgender customers from the bar. so the women say they were celebrating at the bar when a couple that was sitting at a different table started directing transphobic slurs at them and that turned into a heated argument between the 2 tables now this video shows one woman who's transgender be forcibly grabbed by bar security slammed against the wall that's thrown out another
6:26 am
security staff member seen grabbing another person in a chokehold and dragging them across the bar throwing them out as well. the bar owner says the manager asked both groups of guests to leave after the argument broke out between them, but they refused all the witnesses say that it was just the transgender party that was forcibly removed in this way the other table was it really touched lapd is looking into it. >>an off-duty san francisco police officer was involved in a shooting here in el serino on live with
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>>we are back at 6.30 for just waking up good morning, let's get you caught up on weather and traffic. anything big lots of traffic in this package. >>out there the early birds are on the road the bay bridges jam and the debris spill on highway 4 is causing a delay, it's still out there. >>and cars will be blasting there's a a c.
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>>yeah i think we all well when leicester out at the coast in which case nature's they say it's just going to be kicking into gear elsewhere though down hot temperatures making their return today, even hotter than yesterday was we gradually saw climb in temperatures throughout the weekend making yesterday the hottest day of the weekend today, one step up from that even or definitely getting on the warmer side of things for inland spots today. this morning though there's a look at the low fog that's hanging out across much of the day. you look really closely you can see the golden gate bridge. the very top of it sticking out of that fog as well as financial district, so it's very patchy this morning really hovering just right over the bay, elsewhere skies are crystal clear and under these clear skies. temperatures today are going to waste no time in warming up so enjoy this cool morning. well we've got it 50's and 60's overall for your average current temperatures and temperatures will rise pretty swiftly on up into the low 90's for a few inland spots already by noontime and we do have a couple of triple digits on the map come the afternoon
6:31 am
for the same inland valleys. i'm talking temperatures today and for the rest of the week. still you plan ondriving into san francisco be prepare for a long line leading up to the bay bridge toll plaza. >>its filled back into the maze now so it's on to 5.80 it's on to the shore freeway of course the 8.80 connectors all stacked up so the usual monday morning drill, 18 minutes and growing off to fremont street. but at least we're hot spot free taking a peek at highway for a tony about the debris spill westbound near a railroad that in the 2 left lanes that has not been cleaned up yet so that's why it's so heavy out of antioch and it stays that way all all the way over to the bay point sign up and over the hill you're a 34 minutes to make it to concord but you're looking decent on one oh 1, 6, 80 and then minutes 30 minutes from san leandro to milpitas back to you. >>breaking news an off-duty san francisco police officer now involved in a shooting in el serino kron four's sarah stinson is live at the scene with the overnight details sarah.
6:32 am
>>well the scene is really starting to clear up there are still a few officers on scene here of few crews also cleaning up the area now we have confirmed with l story to police the off-duty san francisco police officer shot a man in his 40's who had a weapon. police would not say what kind but did specify it was not a gun. now you can see a heavy police presence in the video from earlier has 3 different agencies are investigating this police officer and this officer involved shooting again that scene is certainly clear up and moser elaine is actually open now they want to make sure people could use that now to police responded to reports of shots fired around 10 last night. officers looked around the area near shopping center here soon after they located again officers identifth police man shot survived was rushed to an alameda county trauma
6:33 am
center. he is expected to be ok and is in stable condition at this time. we caught up with an el serino pd captain to an update on their investigation. they're still a lot more to learn. >>have any information as to the outcome or what happened in the confrontation during the 2 of them there's a very active investigation. people are still being interviewed. so we really don't have much information is too. since helping to set. but as of now. it also police is investigating this. possible criminal investigation. >>and we have reached out to san francisco police to get a statement about their officer who was involved in this. so far we have not heard back from them, we hope to hear from them sometime this morning. they want to know a little bit more about who this officer is how much time. this officers been on the police force and you know what are the circumstances surrounding this. we are waiting for those answers now, but we do know
6:34 am
that the contra costa county district attorney and sheriff's office. they're also investigating this separately as well as el serino hopefully we get an update soon here for now live in el serino sarah stinson kron 4 news okay. thank you sarah. >>francisco in unmarked san francisco police cruiser hit another san francisco police officer and the person wanted for auto burglary, the san francisco police department says the officer who was hit was chasing a burglary suspect on foot near a major intersection in japan town when the crash happened on saturday night. the officer chasing the burglar call for backup when the unmarked cruiser hit the officer and the person who was chasing the suspect witnesses say the burglary suspect was pinned. underneath the officers car that person was taken to the hospital there's no word yet on the condition of that person this morning. neither of the officers involved in this neither one of them was seriously injured.
6:35 am
>>in the east bay, dozens of demonstrators gathered in alameda county to protest the eviction of a holocaust survivor and 8 other or another section 8 tenants so 87 year-old mmusi rasheem has been living in the dunes apartments in alameda there for several years he says he's now being evicted because the landlord simply wants more rent money. the alameda renters coalition says that are sheen is one of 3 section 8 tenants are now facing this sort of a fiction throughout alameda. the group along with others are fighting for protections for seniors and those with disabilities as housing prices continue to skyrocket. >>people should only be evicted her cause and not just because someone says they want more rain tomorrow. >>next month alameda city council will consider an amendment to the city's rent stabilization ordinance that plan would the to extend just cause eviction protections to people on section 8 if it passes. those tenets won't be able to be evicted without cause. re
6:36 am
in jail accused of stealing a catalytic converter from the car. it happened on kerner boulevard and shoreline parkway in sandra fell. police stopped a car with no license plate and found a catalytic converter inside matching the one stolen from the victim's car. police arrested jose rojas and douglas may ha for the theft. happening today, the san francisco police department is hosting its first listening session with the lgbtq community people at the event will share stories and talk about ways to improve their relationship between police officers and the community. this is just the first in a series of listening sessions. it starts at 00:30pm tonight at the glide sanctuary on ellis street. >>it's been 2 years since the coffey park neighborhood was devastated by the tubbs fire but saturday they celebrated a construction milestone in santa rosa forcefully chagall has their story.
6:37 am
>>the strength of the community and body by the sturdy wall once again standing tall ironically symbolizing unity. >>and not a divider i lost my home and the tubbs fire one of 1300 homes in santa rosa's coffey park neighborhood level during that fire 2 years ago this october, any barbour has since rebuilt her house along hopper avenue. one of 42 homes connected to a barrier wall that burned down in the fire. initially she and the rest of her neighbors thought they'd have to foot the bill for a replacement since it stood on private property costs and to each of the homeowners minimum would have been about 18 to $25,000. >>which can make or break a family during the course of the past 18 months nonprofits like coffee strong and rebuild north bay foundation worked with the city of santa rosa takes a team and that's what this whole thing is the team private companies donating more than a half million dollars in materials, labor and time. >>in collaboration with sonoma
6:38 am
county to rebuild an even stronger just absolute pleasure to be here to new gateway to coffey park is now complete a 2900 foot wall system and neighbors didn't have to pay lot more secure now actually a sound wall which are one other one was a. >>i feel comfortable that is not a retaining wall but that if a car was to come through with come all the way through to my house. i feel like there's more security in our homes because it's not scalable most homes are still under construction. but barbour says as of last month, at least 100 neighbors have moved back in and then we have 87% in the process between permitting and now walking by worries and to never give up. in santa rosa felipe to of all kron 4 news. >>now let's turn our attention to bay area nal match up with t battle of the bay we'll take you to the top of the 3rd inning evan longoria with this one. >>solo homerun that would tie the game at 3 apiece it was
6:39 am
longer is one thousands career rbi and here we are very next inning mark hanna hitting his second home run of the game that put the a's. back up on top and then in the 7th and gloria back at the plate and here he is with a 2 run single to give the giants the lead in fact the judge will go on to win the game 5 to 4. and they also take the series 3 games to one. giants fans by the way got some bad news over the weekend. team announcing that panda cubs and of all. undergoing tommy john surgery to reconstruct his right elbow. that will be in early september and that brings his season to an end. the giants 3rd baseman's head. a great one so far 14 home runs and 41 rbi has this year. >>was out of the nfl over the weekend andrew luck says he's retiring the former stanford star has played his entire career with the indianapolis colts after being drafted first overall on he led the colts to the playoffs in each of his first 3 seasons but since 2015 injuries
6:40 am
keeping on the bench for several games, including the entire 2017 season. locke made the emotional announcement on saturday night. >>i mean, i'm still in pain of the cycle which feels like i mean it's been 4 years of us and repaying rehab cycle >>he's just 30 years a lot of fans who found out about the news. they booed him as he was lking off if after pre season ge >>and a warning for people with contact lenses. tell you about a story coming up here details of what you need to know to prevent eye infections. and a mountain lion sighting closes a popular outdoor area in the south we
6:41 am
will tell you where and a cool start to what will otherwise be a hot day ahead of us i'm talking those 90's yet again in london your forecast. >>and are picking a traffic leaving the oakland maze heading into san francisco on the left that's or 5.80 connector. it's already stacking up out of oakland leading
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>>and we are back popular outdoor area in the south bay is closed now after a mountain lion and her cubs were spotted in santa clara county kron four's dan thorn has the story. >>as if without a care in the world, the young mountain lion is seen strolling along a trail at rancho san antonio open space. it's quickly joined by another adolescent cub and not to be left out this one makes it a trio, maybe they're come because mom is hidden but keeping a watchful eye. but it's this feline family's comfort around people that has become a problem. >>it's it's unsafe for the mount lions and for people for them to be and get a have that
6:45 am
you ate it. >>a open-space spokeswoman lea anne gessner says there's been an increase in recent mountain lion sightings within the preserve with rancho san antonio being their most popular park. gessner says a temporary closing of the trails is the best way to keep people and the animals safe. we want to instill some beer and that's not only families so that they can safely land. >>and the open space and people can safely the event. >>signs inside the park warn of possible encounters with big cats and what to do if it does happen. rangers were not taking any chances friday afternoon as they turned away several disappointed visitors at the main gate. >>surprising to me that they're close enough from our minds because the signs are posted all the time. >>pablo us go to was one of those people who was turned away. he says he was looking to squeeze in iran before the start of the weekend. he says he's also encountered a lot of wildlife along the peaceful trails but doesn't want to
6:46 am
risk running into these big cats. >>now mind i haven't really encountered. but i woi mean. >>reporting in santa clara county dan thorn kron 4 news. >>well let's talk about the weather people will be looking to maybe do their outdoor activities and anger earlier in the morning and then in the afternoon right, yeah, good to just maybe go to work early enjoy the morning as we see and i was just thinking of making a soft promise to myself not to complain when it's cold. >>told me do like 2 weeks before we start of old whether it's it's been going on a while it sure has yeah for a lot of rain land areas we may have earned the right at this point to be like okay, let's make it stop a little you look outside of san francisco uh through the stream of fog that just pushing through the golden gate at this point we've looked at the fog of making its presence less less known to the morning, san
6:47 am
francisco actually looking at some clear skies overhead the fog that you're seeing is just streaming right through the golden gate eventually out to the east bay where you do see it settling right around berkeley and oakland this morning, san jose has been clear all morning and then there's pleasant hill with mount diablo out in the distance and are crystal clear skies as of this time today going to be another clear and another dry one overall with the exception of some coastal fog for those areas that will be cooler and cloudy here at the coast high pressure is built up yet again this is having to affects on the bay area keeping things hot for inland valleys, but also keeping a lot of pollutants suppressed and trapped right in the bay. so yet another spare the air alert in effect today, cool conditions out at the coast as you oftentimes do see on these hotter days. so if you need an escape areas like marina district sunset district in san francisco or really anywhere along the coast are going to be nice to areas where nature's ac is kicking into gear if you don't happen to have a senior house 70's and 80's for your
6:48 am
temperatures on most of the peninsula with some 90's in areas further south like woodside in mountain view. redwood city and san carlos, each 89 degrees for highs today, numbers, mostly in the 90's with san jose at 92 cupertino right there with you. at 92 degrees today. then there's the east bay with a range of 90's as well, especially into the tri valley pleasanton today of 95 while the creek and danville each at 96 conquered at 97, oakland 82 for your high today get non they're a good night out this far as temperatures go just a little bit warmer than yesterday. vacaville one o 2 for your high today, pittsburgh at 98 santa rosa in the low 90's while petaluma in novato in the mid 90's today, let's get a look at the next 7 days temperatures in the mid 90's today and tomorrow we start to see temperatures backing off somewhat come wednesday and by thursday friday and saturday, our inland areas are in the upper 80's which is actually fairly close to normal just a little bit above areas right along the bay will be pretty solidly in the mid 70's later this
6:49 am
week after a tease the next couple of days. robin. >>all right, thank you john over to the san mateo bridge where the drive time for westbound 92 is slowly on the the rise as more if you hit the road had to work and back up traffic on 92 are now up to 21 minutes to make it to the peninsula and that's without any problems are major issues a foggy drive across the golden gate make sure the are on 21 minutes that's normal nevado to the toll plaza still off to a great start there. the bay bridge traffic, not so fun, but it's the usual monday morning grind you a backed up to the bottom of the maze right. those major connectors like 5.80 and the e sure and that is normal so 15 minutes for the drive after fremont street always have happy when i don't have to report major issues now we've got some thunder vendors, a minor problems but nothing awful livermore to dublin, 5.80 west. at the limit at 11 minutes and then to 37 that's getting a little crowded, but still not bad. 12 minutes heading west on to 37 from 80 to one o one, we'll back to
6:50 am
you. >>robin for your health this morning contact lenses have long offer dozens of benefits for near and far sighted people me the getting complacent when it comes to contact. carol can lead to eye infections or even worse. mary maloney has the do's and don'ts and this morning's health minute. >>contact lens care is all about protecting your own highs, common mistake, don't sleep where your contacts. >>according to the front of the eye requires oxygen. we close our eyes at night to sleep. less air gets through because the eye which are closed now in place a piece of plastic on top of the cornea even less oxygen gets truth to wash your hands with soap and water before handling, but don't flood water touched the lens can turn to the kerry titus is a very serious infection. that can occur when handling lenses with tap water when swimming in a lake or even polls do. >>ripley's contacts as often as your doctor recommends
6:51 am
don't nick's fresh contact lens solution with old or use solution if you've had a case sitting around for 3 or 4 months, especially for just hopping on solution. >>the potential for bacterial contamination grows every day. >>and despite what you might have heard don't. use alive and place of solution there is such a tremendous bacterial load in the mouth. it's fine in the mouth. but in the eye it can be horrifically dangerous for today's health minute i'm mary moloney. >>all right time now 6.51 quick check of the markets here as we head to break it looks like we are seeing some positive trading with the numbers strongly out of the gate to the upside 181 points positive down for the dow or seen positron across the board and one of the big shot in the arm for traders was comments by the president over the weekend saying that his administration and representatives from china are willing to sit down at the negotiating table and maybe work out a deal to end this trade war between them and that seems to be keeping
6:52 am
traders in good spirits watch number s
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
>>6.55 getting close to 07:00am that means a lot of you about to be stepping out the door to get those kids to school or maybe just to get yourselves to work skies looking pretty clear we do have a few high cirrus clouds over the bay and then just a couple of patches of fog. this is the lick observatory one of our areas that is going to be pretty toasty into the afternoon along with our inland valleys where highs will be in the 90's and even a couple of triple digits. that means enjoy the moment at that as the sun is coming up right now we're still hanging on to that cool weather. 50's out along the coast and right along the bay, 60's and conquer dublin in fairfield of pittsburgh really having stayed pretty warm last night currently at 65 degrees. robin. >>thank you john let's check in on the bay bridge. we had a minor crash ash near the pay gates, we have a stall near treasure island everything's out of your way, the salt traffic's not it's still there
6:56 am
and it's backed up and heavily into the oakland maze so just be prepared for that all of your connectors are pretty solid 60 minutes and growing to make it n we'll check more bridges strive times and freeways coming up we'll robin coming >>sour the kron 4 morning news we continue to follow breaking news out of the east bay involving a san francisco police officer involved in the shooting. kron four's sarah stinson is live at the scene with the details and a car crash in central central california kills 2 kids from the bay area will tell you exactly what happened. it's time for the biggest sale of the year on the
6:57 am
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>>all right good morning. everybody, thank you for joining us at 07:00am the morning of the cup we've done. that's good rate and those be w minor problems they are clearing quickly which is grateful check in on the bridge is because the drive
7:00 am
times are still increasing now packed. >>but we're not out of the woods when it comes to temperatures that come with it is this whole week you think it's just keeping on this week even as we make our way into the latter part of the week some upper 80's still high. it beats mid-nineties the you got to focus on the positive in this little bit of a positive there and you know out along the coast though we actually had some pretty solid weather 60's 70's for coastal spots. >>so always an easy drive out there at least if you can get out there maybe got monday off of work or something this is your view of snow this morning, one of her spot subtle easily be in the 90's you look out into the dian


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