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tv   KRON 4 News at 530  KRON  August 26, 2019 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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>>98 degrees in any a 97 in concord 91 in nevada temperatures. still hot at this hour and here we are 00:30am tonight i came here to interpret those numbers are a very lawrence karnow learn to.
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>>summer camps are sticking with us you're winding down with the summer season. yeah i know you know and really this started last week we saw that ridge begin to build in and they've been in the hot 90's for almost 70 straight now, but i'm seeing some changes going to take some time though a few days before we start to see those numbers cooling down. we are seeing some that fog moving inside the bay and along the coastline. you just haven't seen that he did all in fact people at the long the coaster same what he way there hasn't been one but certainly get away from the water's edge and those temperatures are running on the hot side. air quality the it has been suffering for quite a while, but i think tomorrow may be improving just a little bit still hazy into parts of the east bay but looking good in the north the coast and also the south bay for going to begin to see that ridge of high pressure weekend. and that means some cooler air and so fresher air beginning to return to the bay area. i want you to watch here we've uth tha to fall apart. some of the moiste patchy fog. eventually some clouds going to begin to drift across ousk distinguish between some skies n
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level clouds and can make for some nice sites out there that kind of sweeps on by little muggy tomorrow too. and then as we get into a wednesday. we've got some more fog low clouds and the temperatures coming down in fact out toward the coast from 30 miles 60's and some 70's in the san francisco about 64 degrees in daly city 66 over not of 75 in millbrae plenty of sunshine inside the bay of find some 80's there some 80's and 90's in the south they may be a little on the hot side and definitely seen that heat again tomorrow afternoon into the east bay 92 in concord 93 walnut creek 93 in fairfield 100 or one of the aca bill but out toward the beaches. those temperatures in the 60's. thank you lawrence tonight at 5.30 kron four's always tracking local stories, here's a look at what's going on in your neighborhood right now people all over the bay area right are preparing for this possibility that p g's get a. >>shut f lafayette city council has approved spending up to $20,000. in anticipation of those shut off
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speech in a has said it will cut people's power of fire danger is too high customers will get 48 hours notice leaders in lafayette. they say they plan to use the money allocated to read a generator and get a portable air conditioner. a stabbing has left 2 people hurt it happened last night in oakland ed martin luther king junior way and 34th street that's near the junction of 5.80 and highway 24 about 7.30 the 2 victims injuries are considered minor. caltrans is warning of a full closure of the posey too but next week that closure is so crews can wash the tunnel overnight. >>the first closure starts tuesday, september 3rd from 10:00pm until 4 30 in the morning that will go until friday september 6 at 04:30am drivers are told to expect delays and allow extra time for their commute. >>president trump headed into this weekend's major summit between world powers in the midst of an escalating tariff battle with china. the
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president skipped to climate change session that he viewed as a poor use of his time instead he wanted to focus on the economy and he is now indicating he'd be open to meeting with iran kron four's whitney wild reports from washington. >>i think we're going make a deal with china and i think will probably eventually we're going make a deal with iran to the g 7 summit wrapping monday with president trump signaling possible deals that would end the trade war with china i believe it more strongly now that i would have believed that a while ago and perhaps reestablish a nuclear agreement with iran were looking for no nuclear weapons. no ballistic missiles and a longer period of time during a 30 minute press conference trump said he is more hopeful for a deal after china's vice premier called for calm attitude in negotiations. it's a shift in tone after a weekend that saw china and the us threatening increased tariffs on one, another's imported goods are you now ready to make a deal believe it's a fair deal and a good deal for united states
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said was i will not make a deal trump also apply to cautious confidence to international secury with iran. >>if the circumstances were correct or the right i would certainly agree to >>but in the meantime. they have to be good players. >>despite the president's positive tone. what if any deals will materialize remains unclear. in washington, i'm with the wild. >>stopping hurricanes by bombing them. according to the news website. axios that is something that president trump has mentioned several times. the president denies the report and our partners at cnn haven't been able to independently verified but if true the president is not the first president to suggest that bombing hurricanes, good, throw them off course it was floated during the eisenhower administration. according to axios if you're wondering government, scientists say that strategy would not work. and that could save lives the push to get a hot line similar to 911 to help people in
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crisis. >>mill may still be summer but it starbucks tomorrow is fall and that means pumpkin spice latte this special surprise the coffee giant has in store for devout followers. >>and next the government getting into the pot business. the unprecedented move. the da just made.
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no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit, to learn more. >>the government is finally getting into the pot business. the drug enforcement administration says it is expanding scientific and medical research of marijuana that means the d a. >>well allow more researchers to grow wider variety of the plant. >>the da first announced it would license pot growers a couple years ago. but under then attorney general jeff sessions, the justice department halted that process. current attorney general bill barr says he's pleased the da is seeking to expand growing marijuana legally to support research.
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>>it seems like cbd oil is everywhere these days and a new poll by gallup says that actually 14% of adults use cannabidiol or cbd oil products with this growing presence, you're probably wondering what exactly cbd oil does well mandy gaither has some answers. >>law also rounding marijuana can be complicated so you might be wondering what this cbd craze is all about and whether it's legal can of the dial or cbd is a chemical in marijuana, but on its own it doesn't give users a high cbd is now legal across the us as long as it comes from the hemp plant cbd isn't regulated said distributors can't advertise it as medicine or a cure all but people use it for a variety of reasons a lot of that older people. >>for aches and pains everyday aches and pains joint. to anxiety. >>and it comes in many different forms we have i cane sugar. but if you're thinking
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about stopping at your local grocery store and picking some up you may want to do some research first experts suggest finding a trustworthy store that specializes in cbd and just like any supplement make sure you ask your doctor before trying it for today's health minute. i'm mandy gaither. >>still ahead tonight at 5 handcuffed in his own home. this guy is now
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>>a north carolina man says he was humiliated by police when they showed up to his own home. after a house alarm accidently went off and the incident was caught on security video bill hutchinson has the story. >>the surveillance tape from inside his team's home in north raleigh years cousin in his boxer shorts in the foyer of his home searing down the
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barrel of raleigh police officers as low as one of the most humiliating experience my life, let's start at the top of that a the officer arrived because eames unlocked front door. >>residential for 4. >>i've or he's responding to a 4 for a burglar alarm in progress because says a frenzy over that night and tripped the alarm unknowingly when he left because he says he disengage should we went back to sleep early may now >>all i heard. will somebody screaming downstairs. from know is going on. i went on the steps. >>kazeem immediately dropped his gun he does have a concealed carry permit the 31 year-old makes his living as a well known party in hip-hop concert promoter known in the industry is tim boss but on saturday kazeem says the officer refused to believe he lived there.
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>>i'm confused why still talking exactly what i d i told you the airless identify me was get me out of here i'm going to the awesome. i don't lose the will was there because the same right. >>teen handcuffs wearing just his underwear because he was escorted outside to a waiting police car while officers searched his home is a lot of stories like this to go on rally community advocate kerwin pigment is no reason this man should have been poor out of his own home. i'm not asked for proper identification. and it is with a progressed this far them black death would be one of the issues this problem. >>was not but if that's what it is just has to be resolved.
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>>the police department says it is looking into that incident and reviewing the officers actions. the homeowner says he wants an apology. >>i'm at our 4 zone forecast take a live look outside the san francisco's embarcadero. >>to clear here but i bet you near the golden gate bridge going to find cheap just lawrence karnow it is summer after right is wrong. it. yeah, it is it is coming in right now, but it kind of squashed by the big strong ridge, so you get the real hot temperatures inland near triple digits. but boy they knew that fog that make its waykover the marin headlands kind of cool looking as a rule is kind of right over the hills and into the bay we're going to see that tonight. it's going to be thick in spots take look at some dense fog, especially along the coastline and boy the coastal hills tomorrow morning we wake up some patchy dense fog early on temperatures going in the 50's and the 60's by noon a mostly sunny skies. but you know to some mid to high level clouds begin to move in overhead that some of that tropical moisture coming from that a former tropical storm
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that is going to be in the movie it's a little muggy feel to it hot in the afternoon again, especially inland. you're in the mid-nineties there you see a lot of 80's maybe couple low 90's into the santa clara valley. and then some 60's along the coastline temperatures breaking down like this tomorrow, we'll see those numbers it's going to be hot again inland 95 in concord 97 degrees nanny ogg 96 degrees. >>in the more inside that they've got some 80's for the most part but back along the coastline much different you've got cool fog continuing there and that will be the case over the next couple of days that fall will be on the increase the temperatures going to start to cool down. as we head into the holiday weekend. thank you lawrence, a new study has found that the us is throwing away. >>get this at least 3500 donated kidneys every year. researchers found that between 2004 2014. more than 17% of donated kidneys were simply discarded and since the study ended will that number has only grown in 2016 about 20% of donated throw
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away. the study's authors believe that this problem stems partly from transplant centers that are reluctant to take a chance on an organ that isn't in the best shape also the us does not have a universal method to determine which kidneys get transplanted and which ones get discarded. >>a new lifeline for people considering suicide could soon be a reality congress and the fcc are both pushing for a new need don't even know about. >>9, 8, 8, officials hope those 3 numbers will soon save lives and give suicidal people an easy to use lifeline. >>i want to see a situation where every single american who is struggling can find someone in that moment who can help fcc chairman a jeep, i fulli supports the idea and based on early feedback. he
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says he's not the only one i've been gratified by the folks who have e-mailed in who have tweeted at me who have suggested that this is a real game changer for those who for too long have been struggling with an issue. the cdc says back in 2017 47,000 americans died from suicide with another 1.7 million making a suicide attempt. right now there is already a dedicated suicide hotline, 1 802 7, 3, 8, 2, 5, 5, but it's not well known or easy to remember 9, 8, 8, would replace that number and work just like 911 we've had 911 for a long time were familiar with that as americans but these other ideas these other services like 9, 8, 8, >>program is a central time shakily of americans united for life says if it happens the ease of 9, 8, 8, would undoubtedly saved lives, it's doesn't require having a business card that doesn't require having a pamphlet you don't need to have anything with you you just remember those numbers congressional
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legislation to make the change already has bipartisan support and so i think that groundswell of support as well as the 4 we've gone from members of congress on both sides of the aisle. >>suggest that we're on the right track here reporting in washington, i'm trevor shirley. >>65 sketch summer playlists is so just when you thought you were done painting...
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>>former president barack obama is sharing the song see and former first lady michelle obama have been listening to this summer obama posted the list 44 songs on social media over the weekend 44 of course and not to his status as the country's 44th, president the list features a mix of genres both old and new among the artists who made the list drake korea on a lizzo stevie wonder frank sinatra the rolling stones and the black keys and yes, the hit of the summer made the cut. we'll knives axes old town road featuring billy ray cyrus so
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they've been having fun. most kids can lead to open presents on their birthday right. but not liam hansen he's not most kids the little guy just turned 6. but he didn't want to party. he didn't one presence he wanted to raise money for his favorite animal. the bald eagle. that's because his best friend is a bald eagle dates so little stuffed animal right there little guy raise $434 for the national eagle center. it was then matched thanks to a grant. and pumpkin lovers rejoice, yes, it is that time of year again starting tomorrow starbucks is bringing back their iconic p s l pumpkin spice latte and to celebrate not only will the classic pumpkin drink be back. there's going to be a new drink on the menu, the pumpkin cream cold brew of course starbucks is hoping the pumpkin craze pays off it already makes nearly half a billion dollars a year
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selling. pumpkin spice latte ce other fall favorites will be back on the menu. tomorrow as well and that wraps up kron 4 news at 5 we'll see you back here tonight with vicky for the news at 9 right now vicki is with ken wayne for kron 4 news at 6 alright grant tonight at 6 chaos at a local mall after shooting scare. >>says people running what police say actually happened and how employees are reacting the day after the panic plus a almost triple digits. still at this hour a summer heat wave baking parts of the bay area see when things will start to cool down. >>as a 6 is next geico makes it easy to get help when i need it. with licensed agents available 24-7, it's not just easy. it's having-jerome-bettis- on-your-flag-football-team easy. go get 'em, bus!
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>>the fetus police are searching tonight for 3 men believed to be responsible for robbing a jewelry store at the great mall. thanks for joining us tonight, i'm ken way.
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>>and i'm vicki liviakis pam moore has the night off that crop, i'm triggered panic at the mall with employees and shoppers who confusing the robbery with an active shooter. kron four's dan kerman is at the great mall for us with more. >>chaos here at the great mall on sunday night a smash-and-grab robbery at a jewelry store, however, people here the smash and some believe it's gunfire. others see people running and they believe there's an active shooter. there was not sheer panic sunday night at the great mall in milpitas doesn't really cross your mind. >>i just started getting scared. >>reports of an active shooter turned out not to be true with people responding to was likely the crash of glass as thieves robbed valley on a jeweler's about 07:30pm i just heard. >>like screaming heard people


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