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tv   KRON 4 News at 6  KRON  August 26, 2019 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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>>and i'm vicki liviakis pam moore has the night off that crop, i'm triggered panic at the mall with employees and shoppers who confusing the robbery with an active shooter. kron four's dan kerman is at the great mall for us with more. >>chaos here at the great mall on sunday night a smash-and-grab robbery at a jewelry store, however, people here the smash and some believe it's gunfire. others see people running and they believe there's an active shooter. there was not sheer panic sunday night at the great mall in milpitas doesn't really cross your mind. >>i just started getting scared. >>reports of an active shooter turned out not to be true with people responding to was likely the crash of glass as thieves robbed valley on a jeweler's about 07:30pm i just heard. >>like screaming heard people cended on the mall
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locked it down and then systematically did a search and evacuated those inside. but they found no evidence of a shooting. >>everybody's very hypersensitive you know i don't think anybody did anything wrong. allowed us to respond and take the appropriate action. >>ironically 2 and a half hours before the milpitas smash-and-grab these men are suspected of robbing the valley on a jeweler's in modesto in this case there were reports that shots were also fired though they were not police are now trying to determine if these cases are connected. >>the possibility could be there. but i don't want to say they are at this point we still need to investigate monday. all was business as usual at the mall. but the panic from sunday night is something those who were careful not soon forget. >>a couple years ago we wouldn't even have. at something like that would happen, you know. 3 suspects
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in the milpitas smash-and-grab still at large police reviewing surveillance video in hopes of identifying them. >>at the great mall. dan kerman kron 4 news. >>near triple digit temperatures for parts of the bay area and what is likely the hottest day of the week and you can see it's still pretty hot. there yes our temps are. >>but but the cooler weather could be heading our way it's going check in with chief meteorologist lawrence karnow he left the studio went up to the kron ford arts, looking good up there. >>yeah, you know really comfortable right here in san francisco, we'vp got enough of the sea breeze kicking in and you can feel the effects of that marine air now they have been able to say that in some of the valleys for almost 7 days now as high pressure has been sitting over head they've been day after day in the 90's but there is some relief in sight is we're beginning to see more low clouds and fog begin to move on shore but you'll notice. it's only a few 100 feet thick, so it's going to take a little while for
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that to expand and work its way all the way to the jury valley still places inside the bay. we'll start to notice the cooler temperatures but right now, it looks like that big ridge of high pressure. it's going to stick overhead temperatures around the bay area now still hot in the valleys in the 90's inland, those temperatures soaring in many spots, you're still at 90 degrees in the bottle 97 in cloverdale and 91 degrees in dublin 94 in conquer but inside the bay, 65 degrees right here in san francisco. on the satellite image we are seeing that ridge of high pressure but showing signs of weakening of act just to the south now we're seeing a former tropical storm that's evil is beginning to fall apart and now some of the remnants begin the bush up toward the bay area that will bring kind of a more muggy more humid feel to our skies also bring in a few mid to high level clouds moving across as well temperature wise, it's still going to be hot inland for tomorrow afternoon that ridge is slowly weakening somewhat so plan on some hot 90's again you're back to mid 90's in the
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concord maybe triple digits in antioch about 96 degrees in livermore inside the bay. you're looking a lot of 80's and maybe some 90's down towards san jose morgan neill so still hot in the south bay and about 85 degrees in the napa valley but look at san francisco very comfortable 71 degrees for this time of year so tomorrow morning. we do start out with some of that patchy fog it's going to be very dance early on in the morning. as we get toward the middle of the day. a lot of sunshine and some of tropical clouds moving overhead. it's going to start to feel a little muggy into the afternoon. but yeah but going to start to see some temperature changes over the next few days that ridge of high pressure slowly breaking down we're going to see that marine air move further and further on shore each night. and that means we're going to see some cooler temperatures of fact as we head out over the next few days the numbers will be coming down across the board probably back to write about the average for this time of year as that cool wind that sea breeze kicking in bringing with it more low clouds drop
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these temperatures right to about average as we head into the weekend maybe slightly before we had the weekend too by the way next weekend. the on official and of summer. it's labor day weekend already guys back to you all right, thank you very much lawrence yoy cainformed on bay area weather with the kron 4 mobile app you'll find full forecast interactive radar. >>and get push alerts when breaking news happens in your neighborhood, it's all on the kron 4 mobile app happening now the bay area's under a spare the air alert. this is the 12th alert. so far this year officials say the alert has been triggered by the high temperatures once was telling his found light winds vehicle exhaust so expect to see a little more smog out their core this is fog. but there is smog out there around the bay area we now know the names that driver who died in a head-on collision in brentwood. police identified the driver 70 year-old victor torres the crash happened yesterday morning on balfour road forcing chp to shut down the road for several hours. people who are in one of the cars involved in the crash as it tore is tried to pass them
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and then instead. >>clipped to their car in when into oncoming traffic and that's when tours. it crashed into a minivan he died at the scene the driver of the minivan was taken to the hospital and suffered minor injuries. also in the east bay police are investigating after a teenager crashed his car into a tree and died, 16 year old andrew gonzalez was driving in antioch friday night when he crashed into that tree on the 1100 block of james donlon boulevard gonzalez's car sustained major damage causing him to be trapped inside. firefighters were able to get him out, but he was pronounced dead at the scene. the cause of the crash remains under investigation also an antioch a motorcyclist died in a crash this morning on highway for the driver was going westbound near summerhill road. >>4 of the right lanes were blocked for a few hours because of the crash. those lanes are now back open police are still investigating what happened. a san francisco woman tells kron 4 she came
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out her car to find a big part of that out of her toyota prius it happened on webster streene pacifi says she came out her car to find the whole back seat and the battery gone. she says the battery weighs almost 200 pounds. we have a reporter following the story will have more for you on this tonight at it'll oakland police are investigating a stabbing that left 2 people injured it happened sunday night on the 3400 block of martin luther king junior way. >>near a highway 5.80 and highway 24 the 2 victims injuries are considered minor. no further details have been released to the north bay now 2 men were stabbed in a fight outside a bar. happened saturday night in downtown santa rosa police responded to a a big fight in a parking lot just behind the stout brothers pub at 5.27 for street. 2 men in their 20's were taken to the hospital one of them suffered life threatening injuries. police did not find
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call police. ast bay demonstrators in alameda county are protesting the eviction of a holocaust survivor and other section 8 tenants 87 year-old lucy rishon has been living at the dunes apartments in alameda for almost 20 years. he says his landlord one or 2 races read by $700 a month and served him eviction papers when he refused to pay it. the the alameda renner's coalition says russian is one of 3 section 8 tenants who are now facing eviction the group is fighting to protect seniors and those with disabilities as housing prices skyrocket. >>people should only be evicted her cause and not just because someone says they want more rent tomorrow. >>next month a many at alameda diction protections to section 8 tenants oklahoma judge has ordered the johnson and johnson pay million for the
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company's role in the state's opioid crisis. >>kron four's grant lotus he joins us now in the studio to explain what this means for the company and the future of other drugmakers boy avoid vicki can this could be precedent setting almost reminds you of monsanto. the roundup weed killer again we had a first trial with that this is the first trial as it relates to the opioid crisis and this landmark verdict comes after a 7 week trial. it marks the end of the first state trial trying to hold a pharmaceutical company accountable for one of the worst health epidemics in modern history. johnson and johnson says it will appeal. dozens of states are suing opioid drugmakers currently however this case. the state of oklahoma was the first to reach a trial. district judge thad balkman issued a decision. crisis has ravaged the state of oklahoma. >>it must be admitted they did immediately. and sure enough they plan says cost or when
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572 million 102 thousand 20 dollars. 2 media leading really a as a detail in my judgment. this is not costs that i am constrained to order. jansen and johnson johnson to pay based on the particulars a nuisance claim. and the evidence that was presented at trial. >>now a federal trial in ohio combining nearly 2000 cases into one is set to take place this fall so we can expect to hear about many other lawsuits against pharmaceutical companies certainly in the near future. we'll keep you posted their kentucky. now back to hugh grant. thank you coming up. >>parts of the amazon rain forest continue to burn explain how this affects you and what political leaders are doing about it. plus california and the trump administration in a battle over the rollback of child immigrant protections, the new rule that could hold migrant families in detention centers
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>>the amazon rain forest are on fire and those fires are considered a global catastrophe world leaders at the g 7 summit announced that they're pledging about $20 million to help but as a washington correspondent alexander le mon reports tonight. maybe the bigger problem is preventing future fires in the amazon. the amazon of soaps 14% of all the c o 2 in the atmosphere uneaten is tense it into oxygen 8 years, the atmosphere lead early. >>that's why the amazon is dubbed the lungs of the air it's the emma stone ease quite possibly the most critical part of the whole planet have your sierra a spokesperson with the sierra club says many of the fires burning in brazil appear to be intentionally set
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to clear land for agriculture and the fires have a double environmental impact first because seal 2 is released into the air. >>as the trees burn and second because fewer trees will be left behind to absorb c o 2 and convert it into clean oxygen. some blame the policies of brazilian president jair bolsonaro for the fires and on the campaign trail people to judge called on the united states to do more. >>it would be helpful us americans. >>especially since the president might the sierra club says european countries are applying pressure to prevent future wildfires in the amazon india to you want to trade with us via to be one i would money i would credit so of science and you have to do something significant about it. >>in a tweet president trump said the us stands ready to assist. but this weekend he did not attend the g 7 is meeting discussing the wildfires and climate change
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sending a representative in his place in washington alexander lee mountain a neighborhood affected by the tubbs fire celebrated construction milestone over the weekend. >>the hopper walls project in the coffey park neighborhood is now complete. dozens of people came out saturday to see the foot a wall system. the nonprofits like coffee strong and rebuild north bay foundation worked with the city of santa rosa to help pay for that wall private companies donated more than a half million dollars in materials labor and time in collaboration with sonoma county to rebuild an even stronger wall. >>i feel a lot more secure now it's actually a sound wall which are one other one was a i feel comfortable that is not a retaining wall but that if a car was to come through with come all the way through to my house. i feel like there's more security in our homes because it's not scalable. >>i am most homes are still under construction, but neighbors say that as of last
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month at least 100 neighbors of move back in. let's take a look outside with chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us now with the 4 zone forecast that is a dramatic picture isn't. >>i love the fog this time of year kind of write down on the deck kind of creepy is a kind of just moves in between something hills makes you say san francisco, the alfred that's a look at it she but yet is that this will get this time of year you get high pressure overhead compressed that marine air right to the service and get some dense fog out there. it's nice to put temperatures inland. yeah, it was hot again today look at these numbers for highs around the bay area topped out and 99 degrees in concord 12 degrees above the average for this time of year 98. in livermore 91 day in san jose ees in santa from the water's edge, you're seeing some very hot temperatures still but get a san francisco man just slightly above the average of 72 very comfortable day. and a nice warm day in oakland at 81 degrees and all around the bay area numbers you get away from the water, it gets hot in the
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valleys 97 degrees and lay on 96 degrees. in antioch 89 in free money to 7 degrees and warm in mount view 86 in redwood city that along the coastline look at that 64 degrees very comfortable and cool along the coastline in half moon bay. well there's the fog you see is settling in now on earth right above you see the top of the sales force just about a 1000 feet so gives you an idea this marine layer below a 1002 so that deck is going to kind of get trapped inside the bay. but it's going to start to fill in the bay overnight tonight and then as it starts this or a ridge high pressure starts weekend. we're going start to see that the marine layer begin to expand upwards and that's allowed to flow further and further offshore each night and help to cool down the temperatures get any interesting out there you see the fog begin to rotate in toward the bay area but look to the south we're seeing a little moisture. remnants, a former tropical storm that is the remnants of evil beginning move its way up in the california will see some mid to high level clouds as we head in toward tomorrow and also into a wednesday. it's going to little muggy outside
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the sea breeze has blown right now the on shore flow continues and that is carrying with it some of the fog. the 14 miles per hour now and oakland, 12 and a word and 14 in the concord so the sea breeze blowing outside the temperatures still outside well away from the coast away from that marine air mid-nineties right now in concord an antioch 90 degrees even in fremont 75 degrees you're feeling the breeze now in hayward and san francisco checking in at 63. i think overnight tonight, we'll see some low clouds and some dense fog making its way inside the bay tomorrow, mostly sunny skies to hot inland. but keep you cool right toward the coastline. and out this starting out hot this week ahead and but then the temperatures going to be much cooler think as we head into the holiday weekend. the labor day holiday. this ridge going to be a part of the past is going to move on out. and we'll see some much cooler air headed toward the bay area that forecast guys back to you lawrence, thank you. rez but there's a long way to go that is the word from women across the country. amid a celebration of women in leadership roles kron four's rob fladeboe reports from mountain view where. >>some say the sky is the limit.
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>>has shown you that it is possible get a sponsor work really hard focus in your life and your career and women's equality day here at nasa ames in mountain view was news. >>america returned to the a project arguments the crew will almost certainly include a woman. someone like astronaut megan mcarthur who spent 11 days in space aboard the space shuttle. >>we have a really diverse workforce and women at every level in my organization making decisions. i'm making this strotegic decisions making the day to day operational decisions yeah they've made progress but long ways to go. >>that thing this as a call to leadership the program included panel discussions such as innovation leader states across the generations leaders like house speaker nancy pelosi we all have to say it's not a 0 sum game and a starts rolling of people recognizing that wind when
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women succeed, america succeeds new event kicks off the silicon valley leadership group yearlong series and women celebrations where the sky is indeed the limit he had we want to recognize with these amazing women leaders, how far we've come what truly how far we still to go and it's going to take all of us to ensure or that their rights are earned by everyone in our society continue to be or >>and not view rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >>coming up tonight at 6.45 only a select few were able to get a look inside the chase center before its grand opening in the city and kron 4 was one of them. well you can expect to see inside the does new arena. >>and another shooting on an east bay freeway we have details coming up after the break.
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>>concha costa chp officers are investigating another highway shooting in the east bay, this one happened saturday afternoon in antioch on highway 4 in the westbound lanes near hillcrest the victim says the shooter cut him off. well he was headed toward the highway and then pulled a gun out and fired it. the victim managed get away unharmed 4 lanes were shut down for a couple of hours as officers collected evidence a motive is not known, but the chp says doesn't think this was a random shooting the victim says he's concerned about showing his face. he says he still can't believe this happened to him. >>this could happen anywhere. but even unprovoked that's the thing is just amazing as lake. we're going about your business and this person, whatever is going on his life. feels like he's and somebody else's life. >>the chp says it does have shotspotter technology installed on highway 4 to help in their investigation. but ri he is suing the
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trump administration this time over the rollback of child immigrant protections, the latest on the new rule that good hold migrant families in detention centers indefinitely. >>plus a so-called straight pride event draws some pretty large protests. one california city. >>and things are heating up now in the atlantic we've got dorian headed our way could
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...6, 7, 8 ♪ ♪
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♪ big dreams start with small steps... ...but dedication can get you there. so just start small... start saving. easily set, track and control your goals right from the chase mobile® app. ♪ ♪ chase. make more of what's yours®. >>40 is taking on the trump administration again in court this time over the detention of migrant children our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains the action state leaders announced today. >>children don't become subhuman simply because they are migrants attorney general have yet to set a adding on to the pile of immigration related lawsuits against the trump administration monday's court filing comes as the federal government tries to up end what's called the flores
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settlement agreement which establishes how migrant children should be treated and limits the amount of time they can be detained while courts review their families immigration cases, california is one of 20 states suing with concerns kids can be kept in custody indefinitely the trump administration has said it will come up with new guidelines as it aims to slow the influx of migrants coming through the southern border, the policies of this administration are exacerbating the early childhood trauma, a young children for another action california took involved piling up a limb injury injunction to block the trump administration's proposed public charge rule. >>that policy would block green cards from immigrants are already receiving public benefits like food stamps or housing, vouchers that rule touches. >>all of america's communities and it hurts us all. >>when asked how much money california has spent on lawsuits against federal agencies state leaders didn't give a dollar amount but say it's worth it. it's. >>our values it's who we are as a people it's what we represent what


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