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tv   KRON 4 News at 630  KRON  August 26, 2019 6:30pm-6:59pm PDT

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trump administration monday's court filing comes as the federal government tries to up end what's called the flores settlement agreement which establishes how migrant children should be treated and limits the amount of time they can be detained while courts review their families immigration cases, california is one of 20 states suing with concerns kids can be kept in custody indefinitely the trump administration has said it will come up with new guidelines as it aims to slow the influx of migrants coming through the southern border, the policies of this administration are exacerbating the early childhood trauma, a young children for another action california took involved piling up a limb injury injunction to block the trump administration's proposed public charge rule. >>that policy would block green cards from immigrants are already receiving public benefits like food stamps or housing, vouchers that rule touches. >>all of america's communities and it hurts us all. >>when asked how much money california has spent on lawsuits against federal agencies state leaders didn't give a dollar amount but say it's worth it. it's. >>our values it's who we are as a people it's what we
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represent what we search. and those don't have a price tag monday's lawsuit marking california's 57th against the federal government in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow talking about a tropical storm not headed our way though you know well may be somewhere here in the united states here we're talking about some of the remnants from a former tropical storm coming our way but now we got doran this more significant storm system watches rolls through begins to put itself together not that far away from hurricane strength right now on the app and then near grenada a little base to see how you can see it approaching india with sustained winds now of 60 miles per hour expected to strengthen now moving west northwest at 14 miles per hour that's moving at a pretty good clip, a watch the track here. it is going to move right through you can see a near the caicos islands maybe the bahamas and then as we get into the latter part of the weekend guess what that pushes out into some open waters with sustained winds. almost hurricane strength, the 70 miles per hour could become a
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hurricane before it makes landfall the united states that's a real possibility we're going to be tracking that one all week long low clouds and fog being to make their way back on shore look at his role in right over the marine hanlon says that need to see that come creeping back on shore for tonight more than all the way throughout the night we'll see that kind of fill in in and then tomorrow, we'll notice some changes the fog in the morning with them are going to get to see some mid to high level clouds they go begin to move up in the cross bay area skies that tropical moisture that's moving across our skies could have little muggy feel i think around the bay area tomorrow afternoon and maybe into wednesday too about 68 degrees downtown san francisco. you fight about 62 some fog in pacifica tomorrow, 67. in halfn moon bay about 75 degrees. some sunshine is my clouds and a millbrae 88 degrees in redwood city 86 in mount view about 89 degrees in campbell 90 in hot in san jose and lot of 90's again now as you can see those hot temperatures c-ntinuing into the east bay, it looks like there's some relief in sight though as we head toward lot of hard with the plan 90's waller creek about 93 in danville about 92 i
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and about 90 degrees in pittsburgh. it all the way up to vacaville, maybe as high as a 100 degrees again by tomorrow afternoon. looks like 88 degrees and santa rosa 87, some patchy fog to begin the day in petaluma become a mostly sunny in the afternoon about 60 degrees since the beach next few days as temperatures start to drop off as we get ready for the unofficial end of summer weekend not that far away it looks like those temperatures coming down right about or maybe slightly below average as we head towards saturday. thank you lawrence police in el serino have arrested a man who they say was involved in a shooting incident with an off-duty san francisco police officer. >>happened last night around 10 o'clock police say they arrested this man 44 year-old thomas vincent whalen whalen is said to be a transcendent and is accused of using iraq as a deadly weapon against a police officer. the officer ended up shooting wayland whalen was taken to a hospital where he remains in stable condition. right now the shooting is still under investigation and whalen is being held on $75,000 bail.
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thousands of employees with santa clara county have voted to strike of a new contract deal cannot be reached if the workers do go out on strike it will impact workers it. >>santa clara county hospitals jails maintenance yards and offices. the workers are asking for higher wages and for more money for health care and child care. there's no word on when the strike could begin to negotiating sessions are scheduled for this week. any >>were recently discovered in the north bay community now the mayor is speaking up along with a community group denouncing the hate speech theresa spoke with the mayor and a community activist about. >>what they're doing to combat this case. >>our residents spotted it hold it down right away and then there's been a community response to say that this type of stuff this type of speech this type of of writing is not to be tolerated anywhere in nevada. >>that is novato mayor eric glue can talking about this flyer posted at several
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whose image was published in a jewish news of california over the weekend. the mayor met with me along with nancy weber who is the chair person of the steering committee for an organization called not in our town. though say that now more than ever it's important to take a stand. impressed by what we've done in novato is to take some
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proactive measures but to resp to respond quickly. i think that's important for our residents to see a message coming from our city from our police from our school district to me that really empowers our residents that when they see this happening and they're also taking a stand the media early and quickly. >>the mayor and activists webber talked with me about how they are working with community members to promote tolerance and how they have a message for everyone. >>just need to realize that for more like them not like. >>absolutely if you see something do something say something here in takes an on our town of auto there's also a national pledge if not in our town is not in your city or community you can still take the national pledge and this time that we're in it's important that. now we are all taking action to read this type of stuff out of our
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communities. >>nevado police department is investigating the case besides the safeway posters were reportedly found at a local high school in nevado tree says stasio kron 4 news. >>hundreds of people lined the streets for a straight pride parade and protesters were there to greet them we have that story next and if you're thinking of picking up some cbd oil from your local grocery store you may want to do a little research first why experts are saying no cbd o
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>>hundreds of protesters lined the streets of modesto over the weekend to demonstrate against a straight pride event. what was originally advertised as a straight pride parade turn into a small rally. er of the national straight pride coalition says he's proud of his supporters for standing up for their right to free critics say the group's mission is to divide
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and incite violence. there were dozens of modesto police officers on hand just to ensure that the rally remained nonviolent. >>seats are in the hoops are up the chase center is near completion and kron 4 was there for a sneak peek, we're going to be a tour of the warriors new home right after the break. >>and if you're streaming us on kron on the news continues during the commercial break go to kron on dot tv to see ♪
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>>the new chase center in san francisco's nearing completion and the news media was given a sneak peek earlier today inside there's still some work going on but for the most part. they're pretty much done building a new arena concession stands and restaurants are also done. but the most striking things about the new chase center is the video display that hangs over the floor. it's 82 feet by 52 feet by comparison. an imax screen is only 53 by 72 feet where is president rick welts
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as it's been a long journey to get to this point. >>an amazing journey and it hasn't always been nothing is a project size in san francisco is a daunting. >>to say the least you can see we're on the verge of cutting a ribbon in a couple weeks and not that's a lesson a couple of and the show begins. >>one such a center opens there will be a series of concerts, including eric clapton janet jackson, elton john and metallica the warriors will begin their 2019 2020 nba season, exciting along the inside of the new arena is getting close to completion outside steps are being taken to try to keep the traffic of fans headed to the event center flowing smoothly kron four's maureen kelly shows us what's ready in what's still in the works. >>the new chase center is going to have room for more than 18 1000 people inside but they're dedicated parking lot underground only has tsn
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the area. >>that will be able to accommodate. some of the people coming to the events here but still war years team officials and the city are urging people to consider using public transportation first in order to prepare for the crush of the crowd coming to the chase center. >>recently expanded these platforms for the tea line right across the street. now these new expanded stops will be able to handle. 2 car trains loading simultaneously here one thing not ready yet is the central subway that will allow that he lied to run mostly underground. >>to chinatown with bart riders able to connect underground the powell street station. that's expected to be a game changer when it's the current target date is january 2020. an to one
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day build a new ferry terminal right across from the chase center. at the end 3 which is currently tied up in the courts. so for now that project is on hold meanwhile pier 48 just down the road from chase center will be used as an interim ferry terminal. >>the san francisco bay ferry will be running service from alameda is main street terminal and oakland's jack london square for warriors home games during the 2019 2020 season. reporting from san francisco. i'm morning kelly kron 4 news for your health this may or may not surprise you. but a new study says 14% of adults use cbd oil products even thoubecoming wide many still don't know exactly what cbd oil does. >>many gays or has some answers. >>law also rounding marijuana can be complicated so you might be wondering what this
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cbd craze is all about and whether it's legal canada dial or cbd is a chemical in marijuana, but on its own it doesn't give users a high cbd is now legal across the us as long as it comes from the hemp plant cbd isn't regulated said distributors can't advertise it as medicine or a cure all but people use it for a variety of reasons a lot of that older people. >>for aches and pains everyday aches and pains joint. to anxiety. >>and it comes in many different forms we have sad i salute team sure. but if you're thinking about stopping at your local grocery store and picking some up you may want to do some research first experts suggest finding a trustworthy store that pecializes in cbd and just like any supplement make sure you ask your doctor before trying it for today's health minute. i'm mandy gaither. >>looks like the government finally ready to get into the pot business. the drug
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enforcement administration says it is expanding scientific and medical research into marijuana. that means the da will allow more researchers to grow a wider variety of the drug the da first announced it would licensed pot growers. 2 years ago, but under then attorney general jeff sessions, the justice department stopped the process. attorney general bill barr says that he's pleased the da is seeking to expand growing marijuana legally to support research. >>kfc is jumping on the bandwagon of plant-based meat products today, the company tweeted it's testing out beyond fried chicken, kentucky, fried chicken is the first fast food chain to offer beyond meat's chicken it's selling nuggets and boneless wings made from the alternative. take me to craze continues to grow mcdonald's, burger king and dunkin donuts all have plant-based protein options. as an open days finish the bay bridge series
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of giants take the trophy but it's the a's who find themselves in a prime playoff position. >>ken and grant will set you up for bay area sports night. we'll talk about bay area baseball coming up. august winding down as we had last week getting close the
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>>sports to talk about it tonight. yeah just came off of the giants a's over the weekend bay bridge series, pretty sight and who you are root for at joyce from the set of bay area sports night. >>and the out pretty exciting series giants ended up taking this 1, 3, to one what's your feeling about these these 2 teams days, the giants after that they bridge series. >>we learned that the giants season is not over i think if they had lost both of those games it would have there for g got to get the job done they offensive explosion in game one and game 2 you know both of these games could have gone either way so gritty winds for
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the giants we learned they're still at it and we when is that a lot of work to do still. >>all right we're going break all that down a little bit more coming up on an all new bay area sports night lots of giants a's and football stuff to get in to make sure you're watching only on the kron on app. >>maybe you can explain the black thing arms work or puzzled by that we'll figure that one out too thanks guys. lawrence. we are looking at changes coming our way boy it has been very hot many of the valleys but now again that sea breeze kicking in little fog begin to form now and looks like we'll see more of that in the coming days with that fog will help to cool down the temperatures around the bay area it's going take some time for that cool air to work its way inland but you see ssome th out there in the waters some patchy fog is already moved you see is kind of compressed to see the mound right behind it just can't get over the mountain so you see that fog villain of the bay tonight and tn tomorrow morning's commute little dance along the coastline of the coastal range is so be prepared for that along skyline you may see some very dense fog early tomorrow morning. patchy fog to begin
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the day temperatures going to be in the 50's and the 60's as we head toward the middle of the day. you see some warm temperatures inland. the skies will be in the part a little bit and then we'll see some some tropical moisture moving into our skies a little remnant of evil is going to start to make its way into california and the bay area so maybe a little muggy flair to the afternoon tomorrow and that will likely continue at least in the wednesday morning that will start to see that moisture move out of town but tomorrow afternoon still hot in the valleys inland. here in the mid 90's, the hottest interior valleys lot 80's made couple low 90's inside the bay. i think to find those drafted the santa clara valley temperatures mainly in the 60's maybe c 99 and hot more in the south bay again those temperatures running on the hot side 88 degrees in redwood city, 83 degrees in fremont 84 in hayward about 81 degrees in oakland in the north bay we're looking at mid 80's in the napa valley, a hot 91 in nevado 71 degrees in mill valley and 60 degrees in
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san francisco. you feel the effects that sea breeze right out toward the water's edge, but matt boyd not much he really for them at least for tomorrow. then we'll start to cool down those numbers a little bit more so as we head in toward wednesday. they most of us are back into the 80's as we head toward thursday and possibly into friday and even the first a part of the weekend of course labor day wee unofficial end of summer coming to a close now lot of kids already back in school. temperatures up probably over the weekend maybe slightly warmer by sunday but running a right thanks for it. >>and thanks for joining us tonight will be back at 8 o'clock. the latest news updates for you. i mean, if you haven't thought about switching to geico,
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hurricane trump. >> does the president really want to stop hurricanes with
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nuclear bombs? >> then. >> i screwed up. >> tv personality laura spencer's apology. >> the comment i made about dance was insensitive, it was stupid, and i am deeply sorry. >> and what the widow of the great gene kelly is saying today. >> and the sheriff's deputy. >> accused of making up a story about being shot by a sniper. >> why this guy is so upset. >> what did officers to your apartment? >> plus the great diamond heist. >> the hunt for the loop. >> every diamond in this bracelet has some kind of identifying marker on it. >> then


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