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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  August 27, 2019 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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>>and thank you for joining us on the kron 4 morning news, i'm robin winston we always like to start with a check of weather and traffic before you get your day started let's plan it out. yeah you need to know how the traffic is you need to know how the weather shaping up just rebuild standing by with a look at our forecast, i know what today not as hot as yesterday which is over. >>yet. working our way down hill now a lot of the rest of the week is going to be even more comfortable yet so that the light at the end of the tunnel we're seeing finally that's great it so for people that are inland that of any you know experiencing the triple digits i perfect san francisco, the coast. it's
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been really nice our coastal areas alike and this isn't so bad around water inland areas are definitely probably not on that page is much you look outside at berkeley right here is definitely showing off a few low clouds and some fog that has filtered in overnight. this fog is denser than what we saw yesterday morning so do expect it to be hanging around just a little bit longer. you remember how quickly morning fog burns off yesterday, it's insured of a little bit further inland. this morning is also causing some visibility issues for those of you out at the coast as you can see on your few future cast of fog. it's kind of sticking around until we work into the middle of the which point you're still going to see a line of its streaming onto the golden gate a little bit of a hanging out right on top of the bay to overall though we are in for a another sunny one as we do make our way through your tuesday today now temperatures today are going to be quite as hot as yesterday is to start we're pretty much the same 50's 60's out there right now mild start to your morning, a light
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jacket will do i know i stepped outside with one many of you over into the inland areas might not think you need one pittsburgh might be one of those spots 67 degrees can step outside enjoy that one at least for a couple of minutes with that t shirt ready to go. 60's for most of your current temperatures as you saw by the time we work towards noon a few 80's now in the mix with some 70's right along the bay and on into the afternoon today we are still talking 90's but not as hot as yesterday was a few us 90's and tomorrow even less yet all have therest of your forecast still to come. roberts all right, thank you let's check in. >>on the morning commute we do have some early birds out there starting off with the 70 oh bridge. this is your drive hayward over to the peninsula and we already have some folks on the bridge. so it's 12 minutes and growing to make your way out of hayward across the span into foster city and over to highway one oh one but we're off to a good start we're checking in crash install free no hot spots around 80. so the trip into
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san francisco. we nice often on you'll see a minor weight and some of the cash lanes but and smooth and quiet all morning into san francisco, richmond sandra fell doing well west bound 5.80 wide open. we don't really expect to see a backup here this early but by 5, 5, 30 it's going to be packed so if you can get out there early do it now you can go ahead and beat the rush. here's what i want to cross the golden gate traffic looking good no problems leaving the north bay working your way south to a san francisco, if you leave now, it's a very quick 20 minutes, so we are right on time for my way 37 in novato to the toll plaza on the san francisco side we'll check more bridges some more drive times coming up in just a bit. well the city of lafayette says it has a plan to keep the city up and running the next time pga shuts off power. now when it gets dangerously hot and the wind really picks up pg shuts off power as a safety measure lafayette's police chief says that their plan is to spend up to $20,000 to read a generator and buyer portable
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air conditioner. so that generator that will be hooked up to the jennifer russell building which is at the city's community center. the facility can also act as a cooling center and electronics charging station. so the portable air conditioner would be placed in the community hall. that building in case of emergency will be the ceer of city operations. >>this could be a yearly event. well 2 times in a year. our citizens and our communities are expect this team better. as this becomes a new reality potentially for us. >>p g says that customers can expect a possible power shut off. the national weather service issues, a red flag warning warning including high winds and also low humidity. people would be notified ahead of time time but a shut off could last for days. well the hot temperatures are also causing concerns when it comes to snake see at 15 year-old in the east bay is. after he was bitten by a baby rattlesnake it spent 2 days in the hospital. this happened in
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walnut creek kron four's j r stone has the details. >>and i i mean john him. >>he was at the snake is a rattlesnake my no way and turn back around. i'm like oh my god, you know here is she. >>legal around a 15 year-old caden saying is describing the moments after he was bit by a baby rattlesnake as you walk through this entry way going towards the front door to his friends. i'll us. for you now. >>and i run inside and like ice cream in there on dot. i thought i 90 of the side effects were eyes the route 6 really dangerous and young mets fan. >>he called 911 with his friends and paramedics arrived minutes later. the fact is the ambulance raced to the hospital. he felt the effects of the >>my hotel late just turn turns totally now. and then like a bad. my seniors still nominate him just overnight. 3 minutes by homes are by turns
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nominee. sounds crazy to my teeth are now my my time was i i just couldn't feel anything. >>kayden was given anti venom and monday less than 48 hours after the bite. he was released from the hospital. he says he feels lucky that the snake didn't bite him straight on. >>one fan actually pen she always to my skin deep and another fan and penetrated because it hit me sideways good evening to both lanes in may that had a lot of and so good i can imagine i was already got >>j r stone kron 4 news. >>very we're learning more about what led up to an officer involved shooting that happened sunday night in el serino we first brought you. this is breaking news yesterday on the kron 00:04am morning news. so also reno police say that a trance and attacked an off-duty san francisco police officer with a rock causing officer to open fire. police arrested 44 year-old thomas whalen and he remains in stable condition this morning at the hospital.
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the san francisco police say that the officer involved is currently on paid administrative leave. deputies and send detailed are looking for a man accused of saling more than $20,000 worth of tools from a business. now the theft happened at last are machining that's on county road in san carlos, it was a front window of the business that was smashed and investigators found the thieves car and the stalling tools in redwood city that car was also stolen from burlingame last week. police in trying to determine if the robbery at the great mall that led to the mall being locked down sunday night is related to a similar robbery in modesto earlier in the day. so the sound of breaking glass at the billy on the jewel jeweler suttles originally mistaken for gunfire. the wall had to be locked down evacuated and these are surveillance images of the robbery take a close look you can see them right there. police are looking for these 3 people involved in that robbery 2 and a half
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hours earlier the same jewelry store was robbed at a mall in the and these are the surveillance images from that robbery so in that case there are also reports of gunshots, but no guns were actually fired in either case. repairs have to be made to the lgbtq youth space in san jose after someone smashed the windows earlier this summer. now since then many businesses an organization they all chipped in to help the center. get a new door and new glass windows now back in june the front of the building was boarded up with plywood after someone just came through and shattered the glass. space access a drop-in center that offers counseling and also e community. and education in i had no frame of reference for something like this, but i would it was just it was unbelievable isn't real how many people showed up people that i know and we really want to ensure that that they. >>will other companies have
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also chipped in to help get security cameras installed. we are waiting to hear back from the san jose police department for updates on any possible suspects. california students may soon be able to take medical marijuana on school grounds the state assembly approved a bill the lead school boards decide whether parents can give medical marijuana to their children. now it would allow the use of marijuana and non-smoking form the state senate now has to approve that bill. the city of san francisco is getting ready to install more water stations. mayor london breed announced yesterday is she setting aside more than $800,000 to install 22 more stations and san francisco unified school district schools and 14 more stations and parks and open space. now there are currently a 107 drinking attack stations and the new stations are an effort to keep children from drinking soda and other sugary drinks. on the kron 4 morning news anti semitic flyers found and one bay area community.
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>>and now city leaders say enough is enough. plus a san francisco woman find the battery taken straight out of her toyota prius senate it's happening a lot more often. also after the break a celebration of women in leadership roles right here in the bay area here the message from some of the top female leaders in the state. before we go a little peek outside checking in on the san mateo bridge traffic looks good your weather shaping up nicely. john travel is tracking your
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>>welcome back to the kron 4 morning news, the time now is for 13 thanks for waking up with us sir we're all waking up together because it's dark in early. we want to check in on your forecast which is o% looking to use early. he said it's going to be a little bit cooler but still very not it's yeah definitely a nicer day than yesterday was a little cooler which is an ok thing right that's good. >>again ferrari and areas where liked. you know even if
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we do have a couple of 90's at least it's not the mid to upper 90's and we wave goodbye to the triple digits today to commit to those yesterday. yeah, don't need look outside of san francisco isn't much of a look this morning you can barely make out the bottom of the bay bridge road right there below me and then some a financial district that fog is hanging out right above the bay right now and as it streams inland, you will run into a few areas where you may have to turn on the windshield wiper just a time or 2 and then also slow it down just a little bit as visibility was being impacted. >>especially for coastal areas now overall skies are going to clear out pretty quickly today and you are going to look at some really nice conditions that air into the afternoon is going to have a slight mug year feel though to the south we actually do have some tropical moisture that is working its upper way it's it's it's not going result and any sort of rainfall but it will result in temperatures just feel and a little bit on the moisture side which is never really a nice thing when it's as warm as it has been
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lately. today though temperatures not going to be quite as warm as they have been especially not compared to yesterday, 60's and 70's for your highs and san francisco as well as out along the pacific shoreline and then of course those 80's for millbrae burlingame southward that hasn't changed from yesterday still holding on the low 90's in woodside while mountain view falls out of the 90's and back into the 80's today, south bay still holding on to the low 90's to although sonny bill works its way down to 88 degrees, san se cupertino in saratoga down to 91 today east bay mostly some 80's and 90's not a huge change from yesterday but you'll notice temperatures around 2 degrees cooler on average oakland 80 for your high well berkeley and richmond in the upper 70's danville walnut creek in concord still 90's but not as high as it was yesterday now vacaville an antioch you are triple digit spots yesterday still close to triple digits. but no longer there now that 90 along with santa rosa in petaluma while stinson beach in point raise right around 70
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degrees today from today into tomorrow, you'll further notice that cooling trend taking us on average into the upper 80's inland and on average back into the 70's 60's out along the bay in the coast thursday and friday a little bit on the cloudier side you'll still have sunshine just mixed with passing clouds and temperatures on those days will be some of our coolest saturday also staying pretty comfortable just a touch above average for this time of year. before sunday we see a brief rise in temperatures and then next week we look to level out in the upper 80's inland which is in a far cry from seasonal averages. just a little bit about it, robin. all right, thank you john. >>now let's check in on traffic we want to take a peek at the bay bridge commute, 80 wesson to san francisco check out the line it's early but we have some cash payers, lining up here the bay bridge toll plaza 2 lanes open on the left and the right. a minor weights can be expected 8 minutes is really good to make your way off to fremont street. here's 92 it's another busy bridge to san mateo bridge westbound
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leaving hayward it's already a little busy but not bad 12 minutes and growing to make it from the name it's across the span and over to one o one, what's 5 80 to the richmond sandra fell bridge hot spot free no problems to worry about as you travel to the north bay and i spotted a new crash bash on highway for this is as you transition out of concord over toward pacheco it's west for 2 northbound 6.80 injury accident there blocking or partially blocking at that connector, but no major delays getting through just a minor weights so far as i zoom out you can see that commute through any out pittsburg bay point and it still looks good. 13 minutes from one 60 to 2.42, just know that there's a crash blocking west for at north 6.80. going for more freeways and they look good so we'll take a look at some more drive times and bridges coming up in just a bit. we are making progress but there's a long way to go there's the message from that's the message from a celebration of women in leadership roles now this event brought together dozens of influential women from all
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across the country kron four's rob fladeboe has that story. >>has shown you that it is possible get a sponsor work really hard focus in your life and your career and women's equality day here at nasa ames in mountain view was used. >>that when america returned to the movie a project arguments the crew will almost certainly include a woman, someone like astronaut megan mcarthur who spent 11 days in space aboard the space shuttle. >>we have a really diverse workforce and there's women at every level in my organization making decisions. i'm making this strategic decisions making the day to day operational decisions yeah they've made progress but long ways to go. >>i think this as a call to leadership the program included panel discussions such as women innovation leaders across the generations leaders like house speaker nancy pelosi we all have to say it's not a 0 sum game and
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that's why once that ball starts rolling of people recognizing that wind when women succeed america succeeds event kicks off the silicon valley leadership group yearlong series and women celebrations where the sky is indeed the limit we want to recognize with these amazing women leaders. >>how far we've come but truly how far we still more to go and it's going to take all of us to ensure that the rights earned by everyone in our society continue to be >>im not view rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >>well to the north bay now anti-semitic flyers were discovered in parts of the bottle. now the mayor is speaking out the fliers were posted at several locations, including a safeway high school. flyers also published in jewish news of california over the weekend. now the mayor is talking about how the community responded to these flyers.
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>>our residents spotted it hold it down right away and then there's been a community response to say that this type of stuff this type of speech this type of of writing is not to be tolerated anywhere in novato. >>well the nevada police department is still looking for the people who posted those flyers. the highway patrol is continuing its crackdown on site shows we have helicopter video from a sideshow in fairfield take a look at this has happened friday. police say that 2 of those vehicles were told to tickets were issued and 2 dui investigations were conducted. police say that they will be conducting mass enforcement operations to stop the sideshows. >>city leaders in the east bay they're deciding where to build a new navigation center. but the project is getting a lot of backlash from the community. before we go we are checking in on conditions outside there's the golden gate looking good the hollywood minute that's coming up next after the break stay with us.
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>>welcome back to the kron 00:04am morning news, thanks for staying with us it's time to check in on those entertainment headlines are talking about a new album that setting records for taylor swift david daniel has that story and more in this morning's hollywood minute. >>taylor swift fans love lover. the superstars new album was the year's top us seller after just 2 days on its first day songs from lover were 14 of the top 15 on spotify's us charts. all 18 4 in the top 23 and each was streamed more than a million times. warrants arabia returns to the big screen. the 1962 epic which won 7 academy
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awards rides back into theaters on sunday september 1st and wednesday september 4th in digital for k restored from the original film negatives go to fathom events dot com for locations and showtime. we go back a long a long long. >>eddie murphy is finally returning to the show that made him famous, the comic actor is set to host saturday night live for the first time since he left the cast 35 years ago, he'll host a holiday show december 21th snl is launching its 45th season in hollywood i'm david daniel. >>how about we take a peek outside we're checking in on the bay bridge traffic, there's a little bit of a backup as you can see in your cash lanes especially on the right hand side. but it's a very quiet. this morning into san francisco. so we are in the hot spot free as far as your whether you are waking up to temperatures in the 50's and 60's. a little bit of coastal fog out there this morning but your afternoon is shaping up nicely so take a
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look at your full forecast to let you know what to expect with john trouble after the break.
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osteo bi-flex - now in triple strength plus magnesium. >>to the kron 00:04am morning news, a time for 29, let's check in on the forecast which is looking pretty good. yeah, definitely better working our way down the hill as far as temperatures go about as hot as yesterday was that for some people it's good news. yeah, i think a lot of us inland to look for to us. >>daytime highs today that maybe it was let's make a sweat just a little bit less as opposed to being such a scorcher like yesterday golden gate bridge is under some fog this morning for the most part is saying our right above bridge level so it's not blocking out your view is you're making that crossing. visibility isn't too much of an issue right now for most areas, fog is going to stay with us for a few hours though this morning so do expect a great start and much like yesterday, some sunshine to finish out the day later on 50's and 60's for your current temperatures across the bay
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area, san jose in mountain view fremont among those areas in the low to mid 60's right now with pittsburgh at 65 fairfield at 64 while berkeley san francisco and timber on as well as much of the north bay all in the 50's to kick off this tuesday after a cool mild morning temperatures later today, not going to be so mild anymore now like i mentioned not quite as hot but still us is a definitely describe it as a hot day ahead of us with most of our inland high still in the 90's bayside areas in the 80's and right at the coast. a range of 60's and 70's, i'm talking more about even cooler weather still to come in the forecast robin. >>all right. thank you let's talk about the traffic and we do have some early birds out there the drive into san francisco. it's already getting crowded at the bay bridge toll plaza so if you need to take this drive. it's ok. no major incidents, no problems through downtown the skyway are continuing over to one oh one or 80. 2.and it's clear and quiet in oakland maze as well.


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