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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  August 27, 2019 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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area, san jose in mountain view fremont among those areas in the low to mid 60's right now with pittsburgh at 65 fairfield at 64 while berkeley san francisco and timber on as well as much of the north bay all in the 50's to kick off this tuesday after a cool mild morning temperatures later today, not going to be so mild anymore now like i mentioned not quite as hot but still us is a definitely describe it as a hot day ahead of us with most of our inland high still in the 90's bayside areas in the 80's and right at the coast. a range of 60's and 70's, i'm talking more about even cooler weather still to come in the forecast robin. >>all right. thank you let's talk about the traffic and we do have some early birds out there the drive into san francisco. it's already getting crowded at the bay bridge toll plaza so if you need to take this drive. it's ok. no major incidents, no problems through downtown the skyway are continuing over to one oh one or 80. 2.and it's clear and quiet in oakland maze as well. this is the san
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mateo bridge another busy commute. a year getting an early start here with the traffic already flowing out of hayward and you see a lot of brake lights. but it's not bad, it's only 12 minutes, so you're still at the limit from the nimitz across the span and over to one on one. here's what i want to cross the golden gate looking good. no problems into or out of san francisco. 19 minutes is your drive time the chp issued a fog advisory at around midnight for the golden gate bridge to just you know be careful and cautious have lights and wipers you may need it coming from the north bay to the city this morning traffic tracker showing great numbers great averages a coming from the e sure your 15 minutes from crockett oakland. so that's good, 24 looks great wannacry through the caldecott into the maze so does the macarthur and the nimitz and the z 10 minutes from to 38 to 9.80. say it's now down to just 2 locations in fremont for temporary housing navigation center. so city leaders announced the options at their 3rd public meeting that was last night kron four's michelle kingston has the story.
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>>are people here who do not want this center built anywhere in the city of fremont other people who don't care where it is they just want it built and then other people who want to say and where would be located. this city of fremont looking at 2 possible site locations for a temporary housing navigation center they say it's a place for adults to rebuild their lives, providing an opportunity for them to transition from homelessness to permanent housing, the city has narrowed down their search to property on dakota road near reagan nursery into the parking lot located behind city hall the hall has more on job opportunities. >>more medical services a more transportation options. lady fault, if you compare the 2 sites. it's a no-brainer see how has to be it. >>there's no cost estimate for the development of the site yet but operating costs will be about 2 and a half million dollars that we don't want. they say jessie. >>it's been just is so useless. it's a waste of money
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and uh we just feel all us feel very very angry about this. >>others in fremont say it's not a question of where the center will be built but when. >>with the navigation center can put a lot of people on the right track in order to help them and give them all the support that they need to be more successful in the future according to the city there 178 homeless encampments eights in fremont they're hoping to open the center in 2020 city council will discuss it at their meeting in september in fremont michelle kingston kron 4 news. >>well 2 people are recovering this morning after getting stabbed in oakland this happened and martin luther king junior way and 34th street that's near the junction of interstate 5.80 and highway 24. both victims are expected to be okay and police are still looking for the attackers. will san francisco woman is still in shock after her car battery was just ripped from her previous this happened in the pacific heights neighborhood. car experts say that this type
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of theft is becoming more and more comment in the bay area kron four's to well below has that story. >>didn't look like itself. you know how you know what cars led by. it did not look like itself, it looked kind of. >>disheveled. >>the front emblem gone and backseat ripped from its hinges marjorie kaplan says it took her a while to realize what happened her pre us last thursday night. >>yeah expect. the whole battery to be taken. you know that was. >>a bit of a shock that hybrid car battery weighs about 180 pounds, leaving her and her partner dan to believe this wasn't an amateur job and just were able to remove the triangle window without. >>breaking it, i guess they just coats less eyesight which it's like an open. as a matter of fact that's exactly what
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toyota mechanic like jeff garcia think happened is very organized as very organized their shop in san francisco is currently working on for other priya says with batteries stolen in the exact same way. >>and because of how difficult it is to remove them. garcia says whoever's doing this knows exactly how to get the job done this not just the battery this stealing their damaging on the harness. >>everything else that's around their seat belts are being cut. yeah. >>kaplan will likely have to pay upwards of $5,000 for the repairs. so she's wishing these thieves wanted something a little less expensive. >>but states have chest taken a quarter i can going to window and taking a quarter that would have been so much easier for me that this >>marjorie did post this on the next door app friday morning hoping to raise some awareness to her neighbors. she also reported it to san francisco police however
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because the security cameras on these neighboring businesses didn't catch anything she's not expecting anyone to be arrested any time soon in pacific heights. noel bellow kron 4 news. >>well the new chase center in san francisco is almost finished and kron 4 was given a sneak peek look at that. there's still some work going on inside. but for the most part they are pretty much done with the building just you know the new arena others putting on some final touches. concession stands and restaurants are done as well and one of the most striking things about the new chase center is this video display that hangs right over the floor or it's 82 feet wide and 5th, the 2 feet tall, whom do you think it's big enough maybe a little bit bigger or is president rick welts as it's been a long journey to reach this point. >>it's been an amazing journey and hasn't always been nothing is a project that size in san francisco is a daunting to say the least you can see we're on the verge of cutting a ribbon in a couple of weeks
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and not that's a lesson a couple of weeks and the show begins. >>so once the chase center opens there will be a series of car concerts we have some legends coming to the bay area. there's eric clapton. janet jackson, elton john but and then the warriors begin their season as well. well the new arena will see more than 18,000 people but the underground parking lot only 950 spots to what are you gonna do kron four's from and kelly explains what's being done to accommodate traffic in order to prepare for the crush of the crowd. >>coming to the chase center. recently expanded these platforms for the tea line right across the street. now these new expanded stops will be able to handle. 2 car trains loading simultaneously here. one thing not ready yet is the central subway that will allow that he lied to run mostly underground.
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>>to chinatown with bart riders able to connect underground at the powell street station. that's expected to be a game changer when it's the current target date is january 2020. >>now there are plans to one day build a new ferry terminal right across from the chase center. at the end of 16th street, but the money to pay for that project is coming from regional measure 3 which is currently tied up in the courts. so for now that project is on hold meanwhile pier 48 just down the road from chase center will be used as an interim ferry terminal. >>the san francisco bay ferry will be running service from alameda is main street terminal and oakland's jack london square for warriors home games during the 2019 2020 season. reporting from san francisco. i'm morning kelly. kron 4 news to mass transit is key. all right so next week is closing the posey
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tubes going to happen overnight. >>and the closure is happening so that crews can watch the tunnel down so the first closure it starts tuesday. september 3rd that's from 10:00pm until 04:30am that will go until friday september 6 at 04:30am so keep that in mind. drivers are told to expect delays and also allow little bit of extra time for your commute. on the kron 4 morning news, california and the trump administration there in a battle all over the rollback of child immigrant protections. >>governor newsome is responding. here's a little peek outside checking in and on the bay bridge and market their own san francisco are dealing with a little bit of fog this morning. but it's going to roll back we have a nice day on tap. temperatures range from maybe 60's co side to 70's 80's and 90's inland so we'll have specifics for your city after the break.
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>>welcome back to the kron 4 morning news a time for 42 good morning, let's check in on your forecast which is looking good. i guess as soon as the fog clears john that will start heating up. >>yeah he non up again not as hot as yesterday was so good news there. i think a lot of us are kind of done with the heat at this point right we're not complaining. it's just you know. 90's we can handle that rippled to just a look outside this morning. it is pretty perfect out there right now what i'm definitely a recommending you get outside enjoy morning hours before afternoon hours ahead of us. do you get to be a little on the toasty side again you are seeing fog hanging out across the bay area and this fog is a little denser than yesterday's. so you can expected to be hanging out just a touch longer it actually lifted right above the bay, so most of you that are encountering are driving through some hillary train rather than across our bridges which are actually clear than
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they were yesterday that includes the golden gate bridge where visibility has improved compared to what we were out on monday. now conditions out there plenty drive we do have some tropical moisture working its way our direction from the south now now this. this moisture isn't going to result in any chance of rain for us but it will give that air just a little bit more of a humid feel to it remember that muggy day that we had last week not quite as noticeable as that, but still going to be feeling just a little bit more humid for those of you that are stepping outside today, 60's and 70's for your highs for the most part on the peninsula as far as pacific side of it goes and then those 80 stick around on the bay side of the peninsula. these numbers really not a far cry from where we were at yesterday. so daytime highs pretty comparable for as compared to your monday behind us overall though about 2 degrees cooler on average that keeps the south bay in the 90's as well as the tri valley free might union city all the way on up to oakland. all in the low 80's while conquered
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walnut creek danville and san ramon do expect 90's out there while antioch in vacaville, triple digits yesterday back into the upper 90's today. 90's continue in napa sonoma yacht bill and santa rosa, although not quite as hot as yesterday, us or working our way in the right direction here temperatures cooling down just a little bit each day further cooling through wednesday on into thursday and then staying not too bad on friday and saturday with highs just above average for this time of year. sunday will see temperatures bump up just a little bit before leveling out in the 80's for next week. you also notice bayside in coastal areas getting a little cooler in the days to come from the 80's and 70's to the 70's 60's on average is so if the temperatures lately have been just a little too hot for you. there is a lot of light at the end of the tunnel to be looking at here definitely some relief still war. but a lot more comfortable. rob great john russell spoiled it's like a perfect forecast all right, let's check in on traffic. >>which is usually not so great and not so fine right at
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least on not tracking any hot spots are that news are major issues you will notice that a backup is growing at the bay bridge toll plaza looks like we have 3 lanes open on both sides now, but there's still a backup so just be prepared if you are paying cash ash if you are fast tracking or car pooling you are zipping in zooming right on through it's wide open across upper deck for everyone with no problems for downtown san francisco. here's 92 it's a busy commute as well, but it's not bad. so the trip out of hayward over to the peninsula looks pretty good. no major trouble spots to report it's going to be. on the flat section but up and over the high rise, it's going to be a great trip working your way into foster city and san mateo here's the richmond center fell bridge 7 minutes right on time with no problems from the pay gates out to highway one oh one we want to head over to traffic tracker there's an accident working in walnut creek southbound 6 80 at south. maine and looks like crews will be closing that offer him temporarily to deal with that accident. a little
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bit of a backup as you approach the scene but no major delays because it's so early 6.80 from dublin to fremont looks really good livermore to dublin wide open on 5.80 west from vasco to the dublin interchange the nimitz rolling south that's going to get commute and then to 37 heading west. it's also smooth so a very quick 6 minutes from know pitas off to sonny bill. well california is suing the trump administration again now this time it's over the detention of migrant children. capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains what's in the lawsuit. >>children don't become subhuman simply because they are migrants attorney general ve yet to set a adding on to the pile of immigration related lawsuits against the trump administration monday's court filing comes as the federal government tries to up and what's called the flores settlement agreement which establishes how migrant children should be treated and limits the amount of time they can be detained while courts review their families immigration cases, california is one of 20 states suing with
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concerns kids can be kept in custody indefinitely the trump administration has said it will come up with new guidelines as it aims to slow the influx of migrants coming through the southern border, the policies of this administration are exacerbating the early childhood trauma. a young children. >>another action california took involved piling up a little hairy injunction to block the trump administration's proposed public charge rule that policy would block green cards from immigrants are already receiving public benefits like food stamps or housing, vouchers that rule touches. >>all of america's communities and it hurts us all. >>when asked how much money california has spent on lawsuits against federal agencies state leaders didn't give a dollar amount but say it's worth it. it's. >>our values it's who we are as a people it's what we represent what we search. and those don't have a price tag monday's lawsuit marking california's 57th against the federal government in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>a community in sacramento is
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rallying together in support of students after a racist post targeting us high school to curse and has that story. >>messages of love encouragement unity and support for black students as people arrive to the real america on a high school campus monday. a stark contrast to the other message associated with this day. a post laced with racial slurs made to look like it came from the real america on his website that message threaten violence from august 26 forward against black students on campus but i see this post may be so angry student dillon taylor says someone sent the post of us phone last week. his mother loved by us that she took the issue to administrators who quickly began investigating. they have determined the message was never posted to the school site but levi says that's not the point that we're hearing things like it's not a big deal. it didn't get to the site. it's fake. no what's take the words are real. the words are real the effects that these children feel are real. the district is trying to show their solidarity the greeters included staff
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administrators and faculty negativity that circulating about rio and about speak policy. >>i was really my to come together as community to to let students know that they're welcome on campus when i first came here, i go. >>i really enjoy a relief and joy like that is it was so good to know that like i say i'm not the only person here that is understanding this while heartened by the warm welcome jaylin says the should only be the beginning. >>he was like the other concern students his parents community leaders and activists all calling for the san juan unified school district in real mayor hahn a high school to take a comprehensive approach to racial relations on campus. >>what we're looking for is a target response. this this post targeted towards black students, the response needs to be targeted towards black students. we want to see that they are taking a serious we want to see more black teachers on this campus because there currently are none. >>i was carmen dickerson reporting students at the school are also calling for the formation of a black student union. >>before we go we're taking a
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live look outside we're checking in on sfo there it is can see the clouds lingering there and the background so you are waking up to some coastal fog around the bay area this morning but your afternoon is shaping up nicely john travel is tracking your forecast he says it's going to be a little bit cooler. some of you will like that especially inland will have specific for your city after the break stay with us.
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>>welcome back for 54. this is your look outside this morning in san francisco you can see that even though we do have some low clouds hanging out across the bay. but really blocking your view financial district nor even the sales force tower a lot of that cloud cover is he out just above the bay. soon his ability is actually holding up pretty well this morning now temperatures right now are in the 50's 60's or as in the case of antioch actual who the low 70's so pretty mild start to the day after this mild start we are in for another
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toasty afternoon now temperatures today are going to be qurte as hot as they were yesterday after a morning spent mostly in the 60's you can expect in one ties in the 80's to 90's. no triple digits like we saw yesterday. robin thank you john we are checking in hot spot free the early birds are out there heading work. >>crowding up at the bay bridge toll plaza 3 lanes open on the left and right and that line is growing. it's already spilling just beyond 8.80 over sing,ut a smooth trip across the upper deck. how about 92, this is your trip from hayward to the peninsula. it's in good shape. so far a little busy but not bad 12 minutes over to one oh one and send the tale, here's what i want to cross the golden gate at around midnight chp decided to issue a special fog advisory so little foggy across the span make sure the headlights and wipers are on i know some of you forget because i see you driving around with no headlights could some time a 90 minute here tomato to the toll plaza, no problems on city streets in san francisco and drive times look great for 6.80 the dumb barton and one oh one. all
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right coming up next. new details in the robbery that forced the great mall in milpitas to go on lockdown. >>now police think it could be linked to another robbery and a different part of the state. and a warning after a 15 year-old boy was bitten by a rattlesnake it happened in a place where you would normally expect to find rattlesnakes. anti semitic flyers found in one bay area community and now city leaders say enough is enough.
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from the makers of babybel cheese. tasty new babybel mini rolls. saved it! >>and good morning. everybody thanks for joining us on this tuesday august 27th, i'm james fletcher and i will trade in
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for gerri a full so we're almost down to her last few days of august side now the summer start to slip away all of those feel like it has been plenty warm and now still feels like the middle of july. any hot spots before forecast no hot spots, but the bridges are already packed. >>at the toll plaza, so we'll take a look at that. a little bit cooler a little bit today, yeah, yet just a some of us might notice some of us is just going to >>around the same as yesterday but yacht technically a little cooler today which is a good direction to be working our way and looking outside at the east bay right here you do have some low clouds that have been hanging out across the bay area for the most part sitting right above the base, not really resulting in too many visibility issues for those of you getting outside on this tuesday morning. 50's and 60's for your current temperatures across the region. we do have 70 degrees right now actually an antioch so what a warm start to the morning for some of our inland areas. well like we were yesterday. now after this cool mild t


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