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tv   KRON 4 News at 5am  KRON  August 27, 2019 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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almost down to her last few days of august side now the summer start to slip away all of those feel like it has been plenty warm and now still feels like the middle of july. any hot spots before forecast no hot spots, but the bridges are already packed. >>at the toll plaza, so we'll take a look at that. a little bit cooler a little bit today, yeah, yet just a some of us might notice some of us is just going to >>around the same as yesterday but yacht technically a little cooler today which is a good direction to be working our way and looking outside at the east bay right here you do have some low clouds that have been hanging out across the bay area for the most part sitting right above the base, not really resulting in too many visibility issues for those of you getting outside on this tuesday morning. 50's and 60's for your current temperatures across the region. we do have 70 degrees right now actually an antioch so what a warm start to the morning for some of our inland areas. well like we were yesterday. now after this cool mild start temperatures will
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already be in the mid-eighties by noontime today inland. and yeah still holding on to some 90's for inland areas later on this afternoon again not quite as hot as yesterday was though so we're working our way in that right direction and we're going to continue to do so for the rest of the week. i'm talking that cooler forecast to still ahead. robert. >>all right, thank you john now, let's check in on the morning commute and take a look at the bridge is we're starting off with a t into san francisco, the traffic backing up and quickly in the cash lanes and now some of the fast track lanes at the toll plaza so is this a sign that the early birds are out there. the morning commute is picking up, but it's still very quiet. 12 minutes that's quick from the bottom of the maids to fremont street. we'll check more bridges coming up james will. >>all right, thank you very much rob and so time is 5 oh one 1 of the big stories this morning involves police in milpitas they're actually now trying to determine if the robbery at the great mall that led to the mall being locked down sunday night is related to a similar robbery in the death store earlier in the day now the sound of breaking glass at the billion jewelers
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was originally mistaken for gunfire in the mod the lockdown and these are some of the surveillance images of the robbery. now police are looking for 3 people involved in that robbery. well 2 and a half hours earlier, the same jewelry store was robbed at a mall in the des stowe and these are surveillance images from that robbery in that case are also reports of gunshots. but no gun was actually fired in either case. on the peninsula deputies in san mateo county are looking for a man accused of stealnng more than $20,000 worth of tools from a business that set happened at laser machining that's an old country road in san carlos happened sunday night. a front window the business was smashed investigators found a suspect car and stolen tools in redwood city, the car was actually stolen from burlingame last thursday. >>we now know the name of the man who was shot by an off-duty san francisco police officer and this is an update to a story we first brought you as breaking news yesterday on the kron 00:04am morning news. there's his mug shot right there. his name thomas whalen reno resident he
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according to officers at tacked an officer with a rock on sunday night, prompting the officer to shoot him when remains in stable condition at the hospital, san francisco police say the officer involved is currently on paid administrative leave during this investigation. in the south bay repairs have been made to the lgbtq youth space in san jose after someone smashed in the windows earlier this summer since then many businesses and organizations chipped in to help the center get a new door, a new glass windows. now back in june the front of the building was board up with plywood after someone came through and shattered the glass, the youth space acts as a drop-in center that offers counseling and also does outreach and education within the community. >>i had no frame of reference for something like this, but i would it was just it was unbelievable isn't real how many people showed up in and said look this. this place is important to me when i was a young person this place is helps you know. young people that i know and we really want
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to ensure that that they. >>other companies have also chipped in to help get security cameras installed, we're waiting to hear back from the san jose police department for updates on any possible suspects. >>anti-semitic flyers were discovered in parts of nevada that now the mayor speaking out those flyers are posted several locations, including a safe way and a high school. the flyer was also published in jewish news of california over the weekend and now the mayor is talking about how the community has responded to thoselyers. >>or are residents spotted it hold it down right away and then there's been a community response to say that this type of stuff this type of speech this type of of writing is not to be tolerated anywhere in nevado. >>the nevada police department is right now looking for the people who posted those flyers. the city of lafayette says it has a plan now to keep the city up and running the next time pga shuts off the power. pg e shut off power as a safety measure when it gets dangerously hot and the winds pick up in the fire danger
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goes up. lafayette police chief says that their plan is to spend about $20,000 to rent a generator and buy a portable air conditioner that generator would be hooked up to the jennifer russell building at the city's community center that facility can also act as a cooling center then and an electronics charging station. the portable air conditioner would be placed in the community hall that building in case of emergency would be the center of city operations. this could be a yearly event. well 2 times a year. >>our citizens and our communities are expect us to be better. as is because a new reality potentially for. >>pg e says that customers can expect a possible power shut off when the national weather service issues, a red flag warning including when there's high winds and low humidity. people would be notified ahead of time. but a shut off could last for days. >>this morning, a warning from a 15 year-old boy who was bitten by a rattlesnake in walnut creek his name is kate and dizzying he was added to his friend's house when he was bitten on saturday night.
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>>here's the scary part that didn't happen in a seal where he was walking along, but it happened in a neighborhood near his home. he was given anti venom and spent 2 days in the hospital cain says he feels lucky that the snake didn't bite him straight on. >>one fan actually pen she always to my skin deep and another fan and penetrated because it hit me sideways good evening to both lanes in may that that a lot of and so good i can imagine more i was already got >>bad enough look at this it was just a baby rattlnsnake can you imagine a full-grown rattlesnake that had cain they can be dangerous because they can not control the amount of venom. the yet cain says he wants everyone to be careful while outside because of the high temperatures and oftentimes the stakes are looking for a cooler place to go and sometimes even for water. >>time now 5 oh 6 it is now down to just 2 locations in fremont for that temporary housing navigation center they're thinking of building city leaders announced the options at their 3rd public
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meeting last night kron four's michelle kingston has the story. >>are people here who do not want this center built anywhere in the city of fremont other people who don't care where it is they just want it built and then other people who want to say and where would be located. this city of fremont looking at 2 possible site locations for a temporary housing navigation center they say it's a place for adults to rebuild their lives, providing an opportunity for them to transition from homelessness to permanent housing, the city has narrowed down their search to property on dakota road near reagan nursery into the parking lot located behind city hall hall has more on job opportunities. >>more medical services a more transportation options. lady fault, if you compare the 2 sites. it's a no-brainer city hall has to be it. >>there's no cost estimate for the development of the site yet but operating costs will be about 2 and a half million dollars that we don't want
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this hse. >>it's been just is so useless. it's a waste of money and we just feel all us feel very very angry about this. >>others in fremont say it's not a question of where the center will be built but when. >>with the navigation center can put a lot of people on the right track in order to help them and give them all the support that they need to be more successful in the future according to the city there 178 homeless encampments eights in fremont they're hoping to open the center in 2020 city council will discuss it at their meeting in september in fremont michelle kingston kron 4 news. >>well this morning we are chase center. the new will home of the worries are pretty excited about and starting today warriors fans will. >>get their hands on some pre season tickets and we don't have katie clay's out but we have. >>of the new center we do at kron 4 sarah stinson is live for us. inside the chase center good morning sara.
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>>yeah i do actually say i'm courtside right now at chase center at i'm near some of these v i p tickets whic f pre season game going into the lakers are going to be about. let me just tell you a $15,000 but i will say there were a reasonable prices for $158 that's coming up in the air. the nosebleeds but. this jumbotron its huge i wonder if you can really get a feel for it. on the tv because here in person, the tiny screen below it that was actually the size of the jumbotron. puts it into perspective just how big this jumbotron is makes it really nice for you to see when you are up in those nosebleeds paying a $150 for that game one. this new arena seats, 18,000 people there's 2.2 acres of public plazas it's incredible when you even drive up you can see just some of the modern architecture that they really had and then once you get inside. you kind of
5:10 am
feel like you're going underground into this new world. for years of course, but the first event that is scheduled this friday september 7 6 metallica in the san francisco symphony will be people have been buying those tickets for weeks now more people who'll be playing or the her concerts scheduled for the next few weeks of the chase center opening up a cell tinge on janet jackson, dave matthews air clouds and just to name a few i mean there's going to be tons of concerts here over 200 of thence and you can see in the video that we got yesterday we've been getting sneak peeks of che center and you can just see it sparkly it's beautiful up to me at least from court side. it does feel just very overwhelming it's very big and i think it's going to take us all some time to get used to and kind of navigate because there's so many different nooks and crannies that have really cool things they're still finishing up the last touches not completely done because we do have a couple more weeks until you know they actually need this to be done.
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but you know september 6 is that concerts so but we did talk to the president of the warriors he talked to us just about how exciting this has been but also some of the troubles that have arrived have come out. >>it's been an amazing journey and hasn't always been nothing is a project size in san francisco is a daunting to say the least you can see we're on the verge of cutting a ribbon in a couple of weeks and not that's a lesson a couple of weeks and the show begins. >>know ye that show is going to be quite a show of obviously we have the show with services to symphony, but i think the one role excited about is the one with the warriors october 5th against the lakers. it's going to be quite the game to see here and if you can actually be here it's going to be historic to be here for the first time watching first game ever for this brand new chase center for now i'll send it back to
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you. >>all right, thank you so much sarah and by the way one half of the court. it says san francisco. so their knowledge and their old the new and then they brought parts of oracle from oakland as well so we have to blend of the new and the old love it wow and i can't wait to go back out to sarah throughout the morning to get more looks it inside the new chase center. still ahead on the. morning news, a san francisco woman finds a bad every. out of her toyota prius and it's happening. a lot more often plus a celebration of women in the leadership roles in the bay area will hear from one of the top female leaders, not just in the bay area but entire country and still after the break the wildfire season in california has been pretty mild so far we just jinxed it. but cal fire has a warning not to let your gu so that early retirement we planned. it's going ok? great. now i'm spending more time with the kids. i'm introducing them to crab. crab!? they love it. so, you mentioned that that money we set aside. yeah. the kids and i want to build our own crab shack.
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>>well thankfully there are no major fires burning in california right now, which
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means cal fire hasn't had to move resources all around the state we were talking about that yesterday because over the past couple years in august, i looked up to my eyeballs and fires i well with this we don't have it that means fire stations have been fully staffed unable to quickly respond to small fires, yeah and keeping them small less important thing but the driest months are still ahead we've got dennis shanahan now with the story. >>so as of monday afternoon temperature climbed above 100 degrees this fire broke out in a real into field off cherry lane. it burned through dry grass and some fallen trees, but firefighters were able to extinguish it quickly eliminating the threat to nearby homes. >>this is a story we have seen repeated this season by fire agencies up and down the state fires break out and they're put out with minimal damage so we really i've seen a decrease in fire activity chief mike mohler of cal fire explains last year by this time 622,000 acres have already burned statewide. >>so far this year 27,000 acres have burned that's about a 96% decrease. mueller says
5:17 am
the weather has helped an unusually wet winter and spring delayed peak fire season. we consider our brushes or trees or heavy feels of state green or longer. and this year we haven't had as many dry north wind event last year by this time california had already seen 16 of those days. but this season we've only seen really too. >>and that hasn't even got up to what we would consider a red flag warning type of wind with very few major fires burning mueller says cal fire hasn't hadoto move many resources around the state. >>so stations have been fully staffed able to respond and put out fires quickly with a lot of personnel and equipment but more emphasizes now is not the time to let our guard down that wet winter has a flip side. we get those large grass crops that really are the wick to larger fires and the driest months are ahead of us even though the smoke is not in the air. it's not if it's when we're going to have a large fire and we still have several months in fact some of our largest fires have been in november any spark when you're when you're camping.
5:18 am
>>backyard activities of the barbecue and even simple things is towing a trailer dragging the chain can start major wildfires, you know this is really a call to action the public needs to be our partner in preparation. >>all right well, let's talk to john and find out what the weather holds and stuart is that such a long stretch of the hot weather in the worry is everything is drying out the fire danger is going up, but you say temperatures will start to trend down a little bit yeah, the next couple of days, we're trending downward work our way back into the 80's. so that's obviously helpful but as we've learned the past year's fire season really never stops here in california. always a risk all year long i know they hate the term fire season is just fire year in california and we don't usually see those winter rains kicking in sometimes until november december or even january. so we do have a few dangerous months ahead of us and as we do work in the fall, so definitely take those precautions. this morning temperatures are feeling pretty good. we have a little bit of fog out there and conditions not too bad as
5:19 am
you're stepping outside a little low cloud cover hanging out over the city of san francisco as well as other few other spots in the day, san jose is actually pretty clear right now while looking at that low cloud cover sitting on over a in the east bay you can see a little bit of the there in the distance now as far as temperatures go later today under clear skies much like yesterday we're going to see a pretty significant rise as we make our way mid morning on into the afternoon low pressure sitting to our south. this is the remnants. >>of some tropical moisture tropical system that is going to be working its way up our direction now as this happens today, you're going to notice just a few more clouds in the skies still plenty of sunshine. we're also going to notice that there's just a bit more humidity to the feel of our hot weather today than there was yesterday not as hot as yesterday but does have that sticky sort of feel to it as you're going to be getting out there. 60's and 70's for your highs and san francisco as well as up and down the peninsula on the pacific side while on the bay side much
5:20 am
like yesterday we're back into the 80's with redwood city in san carlos, each 87 woodside at 91 mountain view today, 88 south bay are still holding on to those 90's for another day, san jose to cupertino in saratoga each at 91, although tomorrow i'm expecting some 80's for you pleasanton livermore as well as dublin all he 90's and those will continue to for walnut creek in concord while oakland berkeley and richmond hanging out very close 80 degrees today, not a far cry from yesterday, 80's and 90's for the north bay with temperatures in antioch in vacaville down from triple digit highs yesterday santa rosa in petaluma each right at 90 degrees. so overall temperatures are just a touch cooler, at least we're cooler not warmer come tomorrow will be even cooler yet and thursday and friday, our coolest days of the forecast with highs actually pretty close to seasonal averages on these days, we'll start to see temperatures bump up just a little bit come saturday sunday and monday but hovering for the most part next week just above average which is closer to comfortable than we
5:21 am
have been so we do have some better weather to look for too. robin. well, the traffic is getting heavier by the minute starting off with 92 your trip across a. >>70 oh bridge to see all the brake lights leaving hayward westbound heading to the peninsula. it's getting a little crowded, but it's not bad. if you leave now your drive time still under 15 minutes to make it over to one on one. we're checking the bay bridge traffic and it's pretty busy cash lanes fast track lanes all stacked up spilling beyond 8.80, you know shortly it's going to be through the maze so he still have time to beat the heavier traffic which is on the way it's very quiet. but we're at 13 minutes and growing off to fremont street. no hot spots, no major problems just some increasing drive times for some spots like highway for up to 17 minutes and the oc to concord but you're still in great shape for 6.80. such a cool to danville the nimitz and one oh one looking really good 28 minutes in san jose to menlo park will check more coming up back to you. all right, thanks. >>at 5 21 2 people were sent
5:22 am
to the hospital after a big fight at raging water park in sacramento, other customers were forced to leave the park after police were called some 40 people were involved in this fight started when 2 women argued about who took someone speech child. the man who was injured is recovering at the hospital along with that man's mother. >>she wasn't assaulted. she was just emotionally excited about it. had asthma. seizure. >>i can't even take my kid to a water park without them something crazy happening like. it does make me feel safe going here. >>and no arrests have been made yet but everyone involved has been identified and criminal charges may very well be filed in the future. we'll take it. for 5.52 is that i'm still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, california and the trump administration are in a battle over the rollback of child immigration
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>>students parents and community leaders are calling
5:26 am
on a california school district now to address race relations at a high school in sacramento. students at ri americano high school were greeted monday morning with messages of encouragement from staff with that san juan unified school disict. it comes after a message laced with racial slurs appeared to have been posted on the school's website. the message threatening violence against black students on campus school administrators determined the message was never posted to the hool site. >>negativity that circunating about rio and about speak policy. i was really my to come together as a community to to let students know that they're welcome on campuo what we're looking for is a target response. this. >>this post targeted towards black students, the response needs to be targeted towards black students. we want to see that they are taking a serious we want to see more black teachers on this campus because there currently are none. >>students are also calling for the formation of a black student union. >>and on the kron 00:04am morning news police are on high alert after another
5:27 am
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and wre back 5.30 the half hour mark. thank you for joining us, i'm james fletcher and i will tran in for the vacationing darya folsom, all right whether traffic to start the half hour. how the roads lots of traffic out there, but it's not a bad commute. we'll check in on some drive times, especially the bridges because they are packed. >>and she doesn't have a hot spot that the bay area yesterday was an entire lord, i know you just moved to one of the hotter spots in the bay move yet you're feeling james coming got a sea knight has not come over and i did nature's ac came filtering on it was nice yeah. but are the day yeah i will admit it was a little toasty a this is your look outside at the golden gate bridge hala clear than yesterday was that's because of the fog and cloud cover
5:31 am
that we're seeing is. >>sitting a little higher up in the bay this morning. so it's not cousin knew so many issues under bridges across and through some of our hillier areas though you know you'll be encountering some of that 50's and 60's is where temperatures are sitting right now which is not a bad place to be actually another comfortable start to the morning and enjoy the morning as i've been saying the past couple of days because into the afternoon today. it is going to be another hot one with daytime highs inland still into the 90's albeit not quite as hot as yesterday was today, we work our way down a little bit as far as temperatures go. tomorrow even cooler yet and the day after that even cooler yet i'm talking this cooling trend still to come. robin. >>thank you john off to the golden gate we want to take a peek at one oh one the traffic looks good. it's a little foggy we can't really see it now because it's so dark that chp issued a special fog advisory for those of you traveling across the golden gate this morning. so just be cautious 19 minutes, nevada to the tolls much heavier traffic on 80 of course we have a lot of slowing here at the toll
5:32 am
plaza heading into san francisco you're already backed up to west grand that's word. start 13 minutes and growing off to fremont street but no hot spots and no alerts we have dublin to fremont that's up to 60 minutes now that is not bad to 37 7 minutes. milpitas us an e-mail 5 80 and the nimitz looking good we'll check more in a bit we'll change it. >>robin a san francisco woman is still in shock after her car the battery was are ripped from for pre us it happened in the pacific heights neighborhood where situation car experts say this type of theft is becoming more common, however, offers well below takes a closer look. >>didn't look like itself. you know how you know what cars look like. it did not look like itself, it looked kind of. >>disheveled. >>the front emblem gone and backseat ripped from its hinges marjorie kaplan says it took her a while to realize what happened her pre us last thursday night. >>yeah expect. the whole battery to be taken. you know
5:33 am
that was. >>a bit of a shock that hybrid car battery weighs about 180 pounds, leaving her and her partner dan to believe this wasn't an amateur job and just were able to remove the triangle window without. >>breaking it, i guess they just coats less which it's like an open them. as a matter of fact that's exactly what toyota mechanic like jeff garcia think happened is very organized as very we're going to their shop in san francisco is currently working on for other priya says with batteries stolen in the exact same way. >>and because of how difficult it is to remove them. garcia says whoever's doing this knows exactly how to get the job done it's not just the bad stealing their damaging on the harness. >>everything else that's around their seat belts are being cut. yeah. >>kaplan will likely have to
5:34 am
pay upwards of $5,000 for the repairs. she's wishing these thieves wanted something a little less expensive. >>why couldn't they states have chess taken a quarter i can going to window and taking a quarter that would have been so much easier for me that this >>marjorie did post this on the next door app friday morning hoping to raise some awareness to her neighbors. she also reported it to san francisco police however because the security cameras on these neighboring businesses didn't catch anything she's not expecting anyone to be arrested any time soon in pacific heights. noel bellow kron 4 news. >>the highway patrol is continuing its crackdown on sideshows fact we have helicopter video from a sideshow in fairfield on friday police say 2 vehicles were towed and 2 tickets were issued and 2 dui investigations were conducted as well. police say they will be conducting maximum enforcement operations to stop
5:35 am
the sideshows 2 people are recovering after getting stabbed in oakland that happened at martin luther king junior way and 34th street that's right near the junction of interstate 5.80 and highway . both victims are expected to be okay. police are still looking for their attackers. >>next week, i'll trans is closing the posey to during the overnight hours the closure is happening so crews can watch the tunnel. the first closure starts tuesday, september 3rd from 10 o'clock at night until 4 30 in the morning that will go until friday september 6th at 4 30 in the morning drivers are told to expect delays and allow for extra time to get around when america returns to the moon in the next few years the crew will include a woman that announcement was made yesterday during a celebration. women in leadership roles held at the nasa facility in mountain view. the event brought together dozens of influential women from across the country, including house speaker nancy pelosi, yesterday's program included panel discussions
5:36 am
such as women in innovation and leaders across the generations. >>we all have to say it's not a 0 sum game and that's why once that ball starts rolling of people recognizing that wind when women succeed america succeeds. >>the event kicks off the silicon valley, leadership groups yearlong series of celebrations for women. >>well city of san francisco is getting ready to install more water stations mayor london breed announced yesterday that you'll be setting aside more than $800,000 to install 22 more stations at san francisco schools and then 14 more stations at parks and open spaces there are currently about a 107 drinking tap stations and these new stations are part of the effort now to keep children from drinking soda and other sugary drinks. students may soon be able to take medical marijuana on school grounds. the state assembly approved a bill that lets school boards decide whether parents can give medical marijuana to their children. it would be
5:37 am
allowed. but only the non-smoking form the state senate now has to approve the bill. >>still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, a look at how people in puerto rico are preparing as tropical storm dorian gets closer to their island. plus we'll hear from governor newsom now that california is suing the trump administration over the rollback of child immigrant protections. and coming up at 6 o'clock taylor swift calls out the white house says she accepts the vma award for video of the year. and you look outside this morning shows temperatures nice and comfortable ahead of hot weather this afternoon which i'll talk more about still ahead. >>the traffic not sell comfy it's a tight squeeze into san francisco are checking out the backup at the bay bridge toll plaza and spilling back to west grand that's
5:38 am
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5:41 am
>>and welcome back authorities are looking for the people responsible for killing dozens a wild bird over the past few months since may the carcasses of 42 wild bird. those have been shot have been found shot around the mojave desert. it's been illegal to kill or capture a wild bird. horse since 1971. the bureau of land management and several nonprofit groups are offering an 18,000 dollar reward money for any information leading to an arrest. happening today actress lori loughlin and her husband will appear in court for a hearing related to charges against the college admissions scam. they're accused to pay $500,000 to a fake charity to get their 2 daughters into usc the hearing will address potential conflicts of interest to regarding their attorneys in the case. the full house star and her husband have chosen to be jointly represented 5
5:42 am
parents from the bay area are among the 13 people who have agreed to plead guilty for this investigation. >>a quick live look outside a shot of the golden gate bridge this morning. coming up we're going have rotten with a check of the commute john with your forecast for what's ahead for the remainder of the week and of course we'll have more headlines in jus l, vern... i'm e and i'm not gonna be around...
5:43 am
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5:46 am
>>they will island has been traumatized. so you have to take into consideration when a when a storm car we're war e about what is going on. >>and florida fema has already activated 2 miami based federal task force is one is headed to puerto rico and the other is headed to barbados. we've got john here to take a closer look at that also our own forecast as well as jury on a direct. >>path right now is there any chance of that missing puerto rico, so it looks like it is going to be on a direct path to puerto rico down the big question with tori and it is it's got a few islands that it's crossing before it gets there so how much does that weaken the store will as a warm water in the caribbean actually help to strengthen and so there's speculation right now weather will hit as us. >>for a strong tropical storm or as a weak hurricane you can see the path that it's going to be taking a passing of some of the caribbean islands at which point. could we can potentially but yeah let's take a look at this path and
5:47 am
it does look to be passing just right near puerto rican out this the northeastern quadrant of the hurricane that is usually the most damaging and that does look to be the part of the hurricane that will be passing over puerto rico's that's why it's causing so many people concerned regardless of the fact of it is a tropical storm that part of tropical storms often part of times paxson most punch with the storm surge with the heaviest of rainfall and you can see that is the part that will be passing nearby also people in florida as we just mentioned preparing for potential impact here as it continues to cross over some open waters near the bahamas. and some pretty warm waters to that potential of gaining strength is a real possibility, a potentially on into the weekend or late this week it could the nearing the for the state of flora now back here home obviously much different situation although we are actually dealing with the remnants of our own tropical system ourselves. this low pressure area to our south is what was once a tropical system the moisture from this work and it's where
5:48 am
direction can result in nothing more than just a little bit of a humid feel to the day today and also a few clouds out there at times as well so if you are stepping outside to get a notice temperatures a little bit cooler, but that he would feel going to make it a little sticky for those of you getting out there for more than just a few minutes, 60's and 70's for your high temperatures in san francisco as well as right along the pacific shoreline today and then some low 80's for millbrae and burlingame in the mid 80's, 84 and holding on to the 90's but just barely doing so for woodside mountain view redwood city and saying carlos solidly down into the 80's now all these areas were close if not at 90 degrees yesterday. the south bay for the most part still holding on the low 90's, although tomorrow i'm not expecting 90's for you temperatures should fall into the 80's 80's for free might union city and hayward with the tri valley on up through san ramon danville while the creek unconquered still hanging out in the 90's today as well, oakland low 80's for you well berkeley in richmond in the upper 70's, 80's and
5:49 am
90's for the north bay, no triple digits here antioch in vacaville you saw the century mark yesterday thankfully not today, santa rosa in petaluma each 90 for today's daytime highs today into tomorrow, you notice a cooling trend continuing and furthering on into thursday and even friday, those are 2 coolest days of the forecast after which point we see a slight bump in temperatures taking us back into the low 90's on average come sunday next week looks better with temperatures just a touch above average is certainly still warm but not quite as hot. rob all right. thank you john, let's head over to the richmond sandra fell bridge. it's one of the. >>better to me because we don't have delays here at the toll plaza traffic is so looking good. it's a nice steady flow through the pay gates and across the span so 7 minutes that's quick and right on time to make it from the east bay to the north bay now the bay bridge traffic looks much different right and much heavier stacked up from west grand and growing carpool lanes great fast track in cash
5:50 am
lanes at a crawl so 15 minutes, and it's going to be a little busy up the incline to but the suspension and the skyway both look good. it's just your approach to the toll plaza, so no hot spots will look at these numbers and freeways and see if your commute on the map if not now i'll get it next time don't barton bridge 16 minutes from fremont across 84 weston over to bayfront expressway, looking good on south 6.80 pacheco to danville one oh one wide open to san francisco and that trip on 5.80 west livermore to dublin, nice and smooth will check more just a bit james will. >>very much robin so california is suing the trump administration again this time over the detention of migrant children capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains what's in the lawsuit. children don't become subhuman simply because they are migrants attorney general have yet to set a adding on to the pile of immigration related lawsuits against the trump administration monday's court filing comes as the federal government tries to up
5:51 am
end what's called the flores settlement agreement which establishes how migrant children should be treated and limits the amount of time they can be detained while courts review their families immigration cases, california is one of 20 states suing with concerns kids can be kept in custody indefinitely the trump administration has said it will come up with new guidelines as it aims to slow the influx of migrants coming through the southern border, the policies of this administration. >>are exacerbating the early childhood trauma. a young children another action california took involved piling up a limb injury injunction to block the trump administration's proposed public charge rule. >>that policy would block green cards from immigrants are already receiving public benefits like food stamps or housing, vouchers that rule touches. >>all of america's communities and it hurts us all. >>when asked how much money california has spent on lawsuits against federal agencies state leaders didn't give a dollar amount but say it's worth it. it's. >>our values it's who we are as a people it's what we represent what we search. and
5:52 am
those don't have a price tag monday's lawsuit marking california's 57th against the federal government in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news night. >>all right as we head to break, here's a live look outside we've got our cameras, san francisco international airport and there you can see some of that low lying cloud cover and fog pushing through the san bruno gap at this point it doesn't look like it would flight operations but as we know it doesn't take much so we'll keep an e
5:53 am
5:54 am
5:55 am
>>welcome back getting close to 06:00am now sun starting to show a little bit of sign of coming up out there at the lick observatory skies going to be nice and clear once we do say goodbye to the low clouds that are hanging out right across the bay this morning, 50's and 60's for your current temperatures across the region. and that means a nice a day to be dropping the kids off at the bus stop. i keep the light jackon hand for them even though it is pretty mild out there, sunny conditions afternoon hours today won't need the jacket really is you're getting out there with
5:56 am
highs back in the 90's for much of the day back to you. very much john coming up next on the kron 4 morning news, new details in the robbery that forced the great mall in milpitas to go into lockdown. >>now police think it might be linked to another robbery at a different part of the state. plus a warning after a 15 year-old boy was bitten by a rattlesnake and it happened in a place where you would normally expect to find rattlesnakes an anti semitic flyers found in one very community and now city leaders say enough is enough. here's a live look outside we're checking the cameras around the bay. this is the san mateo bridge commute this morning. the right hand side your commute direction with traffic flowing out from the east bay toward the peninsula. it's moving that's the great news. but the volume is building and robin we'll keep an eye on that for us let us know where the big slowdowns are and john with the forecast in just a minute a full look at the weather will expect for the weather will expect for the week ahead. okay mini roll, i'm gonna show you how to save snack time. ( ♪ ) (martial arts cry, thunderclap) never mind. you're ready.
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>>good morning, everybody time now 06:00am here on the kron 00:04am morning news, i'm james fletcher have will tran dinh for darya folsom who is vacationing, so she's missing out on this hot weather. >>yeah, it's a something to be missing out you probably want to miss out on if you a big fan of the heat. >>how are the roads before we get to the forecast. >>1000 the thank you nice to a lot of folks let us get the morning commute just fly right over it. the bridge is already very crowded the drive times are going up so i'll do brits check and the temperatures are going up slowly but steadily, yes, slowly, but steadily will be getting warmer today. that means you don't skip your morning us part. >>run goes maybe enjoy it as much as you can before does get hot this afternoon because actually really nice out there right now it is foggy for a few areas low clouds hanging out across much of the day not really resulting in visibility issues for e a get out there enjoy this


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