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tv   KRON 4 News at 5  KRON  August 27, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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step. i wouldn't have had the courage that we had at that age. that's dope, to be 15, he's already like a thousand steps ahead of the game. >>he's pay traffic backed up for hours this afternoon after a police chase ends in a crash on 5 80 in oakland. good evening, everybody thanks for being with us tonight, i'm grant lotus vicki liviakis the westbound lanes were just reopened after being completely shut down. >>for almost 4 hours. here you can see where the crash happened on west bound 5.80. just to pass the 24 interchanges is a live look at traffic in the area see lots of. >>red and orange indicating so low speeds even now kron four's maureen kelly has more
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on what caused this mess. >>here's thspect car you can see smashed against the concrete wall of west bound 5.80 the chp says this car was pursued after one officer in the dublin area. her to be on the lookout announcement from there stockton communication center for a silver impala shortly after that they say the officer saw a car matching that description go by driving recklessly the chp says their officer attempted to stop the female driver, but she sped off 2 officers in the castro valley area joined the pursuit which ended here on the westbound lanes of 5 80 in oakland. telegraph avenue, just past the connector. the highway 24. the chp says the pursuit ended at around 10:30am as the suspect tried over taken east bay kara transit bus. but it got wedged between the bus and the concrete wall the suspect then allegedly began ramming and occupied chp patrol car that was attempting to block in the impala one officer fired a
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shot, but no one was injured in the incident, the chp says the suspect continued to physically resist as they placed her under arrest, saying she appeared to be under the influence of drugs. the investigation into the incident tied up the freeway for hours backing up traffic which was diverted on to highway 24. all lanes were reopened after the suspect vehicle was towed away. more than 4 hours after the pursuit ended maureen kelly kron 4 news. >>and we first told you about this crash through a push alert download the kron 4 mobile app good traffic alert and breaking news alerts in your neighborhood. and this just in to kron 4 a small fire is burning right now in marine county it's happening above spirit rock near would acre right now there is an evacuation warning in place for east rancho santa margarita several crews are responding right now. it is a burned 5 acres so far we'll keep you posted is new information comes into the newsroom. and also just in a crime for 3 teens have been
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injured after a crash at concord high school police say that there were 4 teens in the car. it was driving recklessly in the school parking lot they say that car flipped over injuring 3 of the teens, their injuries are mild to moderate. >>richmond police are accusing a teacher there of misconduct that teacher was arrested last night and is now facing allegations of having an inappropriate relationship with an underage student. at this point we don't know the nature of that relationship for the name of the teacher, but police to say the teacher works at richmond high school. i mean lot. a man arrested for attacking a woman on the embarcadero is having a second case against him dismissed austin vincent was the original leave released after being arraigned for this incident at the watermark condominium here is video of it. vincent was later he was taken into custody. i should say on august 19th for a separate allegation. that allegation was that he pulled a knife on people back in february however, vincent's
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public defender says it turns out he was misidentified in that february case involving a knife and those charges have been dropped the public defender's office will ask the judge for then since release from jail but they will ask that he be tracked with an ankle monitor. >>rattlesnakes are rattling moraine county or inhumane says there's been a sharp increase in snake sightings in the past few months. i first phillippi gaal reports now from sandra fell to one neighbor says the problem has escalated in the past couple of weeks. >>right out in the open and went on a late summer says the snake was discovered and removed last week it was sunning itself. she and her husband george got creative, we put these up with chairs all right in front of her head, how's going down the street. so the children would be careful of the summer's live in san rafael's marine with community just blocks away from elementary and
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middle schools donnelly made signs adjusting the kids walk in the street, rather than sidewalks ere rattlesnake could pop out of the bushes are you free to you know want don't see one on your porch, absolutely her fears intensified after her neighbor found a second rattlesnake in his garage in less than 2 weeks and another neighbor's dog was also found dead. we've had ken sightings. throttle snakes and it's been about 3 and a half. >>to 4 feet long when thet of the summer comes out so all the snakes director of animal services for marine, humane captain cindy machado says overall the nonprofit has received 60 reported snake sightings in the past month and a half. >>most in the marine wood and lucas valley communities where homes are located near open spaces. the only venomous snake in the county is a rattler and machado says they rarely attack unprovoked and t's torment them give them space off and they can also
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strike without using their venom which makes that much more dangerous when you're encountering rattlesnake i go out clapping my hands. >>i go out with sling and quite a talker. so i to try to talk. >>mister rattlesnake please call keep dogs on leashes and cats indoors when you can and watch where you walk. in marine county felipe should all kron 4 news at walnut creek a 15 year-old the boy was bitten by rattlesnake in walnut creek cadence zing was his name is headed to a friend's house when he was bitten saturday night. >>didn't happen or a field or a hiking path, but in a neighborhood near a home. it was a baby snake he was given anti venom and spent 2 days in the hospital cain says he feels lucky that the snake bite wasn't more severe. >>my acting as a whole life. and of course, i'm freaking out first hour was and jack says look at me like i'm crazy fen behind me john him. he
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looks at the snake is a rattlesnake my no way and turn back around. i'm like oh my god i hear legal route for you now and i run inside and like ice cream in there on dot. >>you think baby rattlesnake what's the big deal. that baby kate and will they can be dangerous because they can't control the amount of venom. they decide to get out. >>the fbi has announced a former executive google who later joined and then was fired by uber has been indicted as kron four's rob fladeboe reports now anthony levandowski has been accused of stealing self-dri car trade secrets. >>levandowski was a high ranking google executive. with responsibility for major engineering team. within google self-driving car project united states attorney david anderson announcing in san jose tuesday that this man former google engineer anthony
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levandowski has been indicted over claims he stole or attempted to steal. >>confidential self-driving car technology files from google subsidiary waymo. >>the indictment alleges that leavened asking made the decision to leave google no later than september 2015. and they use the time between september 2015. and january 27th, 2016 to move thousands of files from google. just weeks after his resignation from google and february 2016. lemon now ski signed a term sheet with uber a company that complaint alleges he would later use in working on self-driving car develmefor his the ride hailing company
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owner. you turning miles ehrlich says the allegations are false. >>and the evidence in this case. it's going to show. what anthony did not steal anything. >>the 39 year-old levandowski omarine county was also at the center of a recent lawsuit waymo brought against uber alleging pretty much the same thing waymo one a minor victory. well levandowski was fired from over. the us attorney said all of us have a right to change jobs with no one has the right to fill their pockets on the way out the door the indictment alleges that each of these trade secrets was. >>reasonably protected by google. economic value and was not generally known. in san jose rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >>well with temperatures heating up and fire season about to be in full swing here in california anxiety. it's certainly there for a lot of people over the risk of fires
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but also you talk about the fact that power might be preemptively shut off that has a lot of people wondering what they would do in that situation as well well now pg e is taking steps to better prepare those whose ts may be shut off. >>kron four's dan kerman live for us in the newsroom with more dan. well they've developed a weather awareness page we should make sure that you know this is not in case there is a fire that's not what these public safety shot officer about this is to prevent anything like a power pole or some wire from coming down and starting a fire it's in advance of a fire. >>this is pg e's weather awareness web page. the utility says it launched the page to better prepare customers in the wake their power will be shut off due to wildfire threats. the page has a daily forecast in a seven-day grid showing the potential for a power shut off and anyone of pg e's 9 zones. bay area counties are located in zones, 3, 4, this week, the
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chart shows shut offs are not expected in any of the 9 zones, but depending on conditions, certain zones cou have 3 other designations elevated meaning a period of gusty winds dry conditions in the heightened risks is being monitored for a potential power shut off the next level is a public safety por shutoff watch. this is when there's a reasonable chance of executing a shut off due tcombition of adverse weather and dry fuel conditions. pg e says it's typically issued 72 hours in advance of the shut off finally the power shut off warning in this case the shut off as probable given the latest conditions. customers have been are being notified and pg points out the showed awful typically be in a smaller and more targeted area. then pg e's geographic zones. and this is not the only way to know shut off his coming p g says it plans to notify people in the shaab zones 48 hours in advance. >>they want people to get in
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touch with them by their web page to update their contact information. so you can choose the best way to be notified either email mobile phone landline or text live in the newsroom. dan kerman kron 4 news all right dan. >>at soda tax in san francisco, why kids and tourists will benefit from the money collected. >>plus why the leader of brazil whose that climate change deny or is rejecting 10's of millions of dollars in aid to help battle the devastating wildfires. that are scorching the amazon rain forest. >>and you may want to rethink a last minute flight out of sfo uh-oh, looks like someone's
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>>travelers at sfo will want to be prepared for delays if they plan on traveling next month to airport about to launch a major runway repair project conference charles clifford has details. >>nasa though the airport is planning to close down one of
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its key runways use for landing aircraft for a good chunk of september. now starting september 7th runway 28 left will be closed. we're 20 days until friday, september 27th and the plan is to go out and create a new base layer we're 20 left crosses with one right and one left there's a lot about wear and tear on that intersection and they need to get in there and repair that damage improve drainage in the area and also do some resurfacing on the runway as for what this will mean for travelers. the airport says they expect. 13% reduction in the number of flights. coming into airport they have work with airlines to try to minimize the impact for this ongoing work in september. but there will be some delays airport telling people that to expect delays of between 30 minutes and 2 hours and again this work last for about 20 days, hopefully they will finish on time the entire cost of the project is million that money is from the man provided to federal funding. at sfo charles clifford kron 4 news.
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>>meanwhile, the city of san francisco is planning to install new tap water stations at parks and schools is being funded by the city soda tax mayor lodon breed set aside more than $800,000 for this project, 22 water stations are set to be put in that san francisco schools and other 14 at parks and then open spaces, schools and parks throughout the city currently have just over a 100 drink tap station's already installed. >>time for 4 zone forecast to get a lot i look outside from our mighty sutro camera looking downtown san francisco through some wispy clouds >>school grade school to see that and the fog is a factor but so too is the wind to our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here been hot that very hot going on now to finally of a cool down we have some mid 90's again at some of the valleys so yeah they've been the city there temperatures in the the better part of week or so, but they
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are going to finally see some of this marine air work its way further inland overnight tonight that really are going to expand that you see that fog a sitting out over the bay right now in san francisco over alcatraz he that fog kind of just streaming on by it's lifted somewhat remember this time yesterday we could even see out the trash so you get an idea of the atmosphere, certain weaken somewhat with that ridge of high pressure overhead and that could allow for the marine air to expand so that being said we've got that fog at the golden gate bridge will be dense in spots again near the coastline. overnight tonight so still you may have noticed too up above here out of the fog some mid to high level clouds moving overhead that's all part of that tropical system the remnants of evil beginning to make its way through the bay area skies slight chance that could clip parts of the bay area overnight tonight and tomorrow mainly in the north bay but already start to see some of thunderstorms begin to pick up across the sierra nevada. those winds that on shore breeze continuing now will likely do so for the next few hours before things begin to calm down with some of the winds 15 even 20 plus miles
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per hour. outside all the way through the delta that onshore breeze blowing now temperatures just a hot spot to get 91 degrees in fremont 93 degrees in livermore 95 in concord inside the bay are looking to 74 degrees in berkeley and 64 degrees in san francisco. but tonight we're going to see some a partly cloudy skies and patchy dense fog and some of those tropical clouds too and then tomorrow should be mostly sunny, but temperatures look to be a little bit cooler in the coming days. thank you lawrence, a big story tonight and a warning for tourists. >>a second car has gone over a cliff in big sur in less than a week along with tank report. >>significant damage is so it's what a truly a miracle in big sur fire calling this crash a chain-reaction accident. it started when the driver of this silver gray pickup had a medical emergency. the driver then collided head on with this black band, but the family of 5 inside on highway one near big creek bridge. >>the driver that suffered a medical emergency. kept his
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foot on the accelerator and that's based on witness witnesses that saw the accident and basically pushed the black vehicle through the gate and over the cliff. >>the car's landed at a you see santa cruz research facility. officials say there were 2 researchers nearby when the car's busted through the locked gates, one dove into the bush. other ran down a path. neither were injured. the 3rd silver suv was damage in the crash but did not go over the cliff. >>this particular location on the other hand we've had numerous vehicles not the edge in this a couple miles of highway. so this was not a surprise. >>what was a nice surprise >>what we found out that everybody was conscious and breathing in more or less. ok we were. >>we're all very thankful. >>lonnie on the 10 reporting for us tonight, the latest crash. the serving as a reminder for drivers to be cautious when driving in that tourist area. >>coming up on kron 4 news at
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5 parents be ware why nearly 6 million kids water bottles are being recalled. plus california is providing 2 years of community just when you thought you were done painting...
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get professional results with frogtape... no messy lines, no paint bleed. for sharp lines every time, frog it! >>for the first time ever california is providing 2 free years of community college to students across the state kron four's capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala now explains how the governor is reaching out to students. you get a welcome to intro to political science where this was probably not on the syllabus new >>governor gavin newsome kicking off the first day of this class at the consume this river college promoting 2 free years of community college for full-time students which california is now providing hope this change people's mindsets of what's possible for themselves. a lot of people. what we want to make
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that i said some of the mindset. >>youet an education not just through high school. now you can get that to you here. >>tucker, a the state budget allocates $42 million to help an estimated 33,000 students who are eligible for the program so i'm taking here. >>night school. funds i don't pay for that scientists. so looking at. >>the college's president says the campus is seeing a significant increase in full-time enrollment. numbers double. >>this year that are taking the even the previous year, so we are seeing you know in terms of the number bodies news does come into this situation with the state >>california has the largest community college system in the country governor newsom says he aims to now work toward addressing college costs that go beyond tuition why sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news next to 5.30 a
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judge orders. johnson johnson to pay more than half a billion dollars for its role in the opioid crisis in oklahoma we'll tell you what that means for the rest of the country led to tense moment in la and officer hears attacked, but. >>some good samaritans step in to help the whole thing was caught on camera. plus after the break. we'll have the latest on the global crisis as wildfires burn in the
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>>an update on that breaking news we've been tracking this hour there's a brush fire burning in marine county. it has prompted an evacuation warning this is happening above spirit rock. not too far from what acre and san jeronimo the evacuation warning in places for east rancho santa margarita fire officials note though the evacuation warning is out of an abundance of caution. so the fire doesn't seem to be a huge threat but they don't want to take any chances, several crews are responding
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as we speak 5 acres have burned and so far in the h ther you posted as we learn new information about that story meanwhile. our other top story at 5.30 a global crisis right now is unfolding in the amazon can the brazilian government is turning down $20 million offered up to help fight the fires burning. >>up before it's known as the earth's lungs kron four's camila per now is in brazil with the latest. >>and back in for today and mixed messages from the brazilian government president bolsonaro saying he praised g 7 leaders with the exception of one its members. he wants french president the man. well paula jayson to withdraw his criticism before you can accept at $20 million donation. >>the crisis so large that the scars in the amazon can be seen from space. but brazil's president bolsonaro saying he won't accept a million g 7 offered to help fight the fires to president emmanuel


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