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tv   KRON 4 News at 630  KRON  August 27, 2019 6:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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that we want to make that why set some of the mindset you get an education not just through high school. now you can get that to you here. >>degree for the first time ever california is providing 2 free years of community college to students all across the state are capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains how the governor is reaching out to students with classes back in session this week. >>you get a welcome to intro to political science where this was probably not on the syllabus percent. governor gavin newsome kicking off the first day of this class at the consumers river college promoting 2 free years of community college for full-time students which california is now providing hope this change people's mindsets of what's possible a lot of people. >>we want to make that might set some of the mindset you
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get an education not just through high school. now you can get that to you here. >>degree the state budget allocates $42 million to help an estimated 33,000 students who are eligible for the program so i'm taking about $200 a year. >>nights funds i don't pay for that. my translation, i so looking at. >>the college's president says the campus is seeing a significant increase in full-timenrollment. numbers double. >>this year that are taking the even in the previous year, so we are seeing you know terms of the number bodies news come into this situation with them out in unison was there taking last year. >>california has the largest community college system in the country governor newsom says he aims to now work toward addressing college costs that go beyond tuition why sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>let's get a check of the weather around the bay area on this tuesday. and lawrence is standing by with the 4 zone
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forecast and a lot of fog or haze behind you trying to move in and it's going to be a story the next few days that fog is going to stretch further on shore the cool sea breeze finally given some relief to many the places that have in the 90's for a while i think we'll see those temperatures drop and so hot out there in spots around the bay area today, especially inland, some mid even some upper 90's in the afternoon, but the temperatures going to come down around the bay area and 91 degrees c and conquer right now it is 80 90 in livermore 81 in san jose 74 degrees in hayward 71. in oakland cooling down with that sea breeze at 61 in san francisco, a 59 degrees. in half moon bay, thunderstorms popping up over the sierra nevada we got a little tropical system least the remnants of the evil kind of spin around now bring some clouds may confer nice sunset tonight and thunderstorms up over the sierra nevada. most that is going to stay to our east. but we just got a slight chance we could see the north they get clipped by some of that moisture overnight tonight into early tomorrow as that low approaches the
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coastline. air quality is improving that is some good news all around the bay area looks fantastic for tomorrow that sea breeze on the increase and that will be the case over the next few days low clouds and fog certainly to fill in overnight tonight, least inside the bay along the coastline advance south toward the beaches. once again tonight early tomorrow morning and then we watch the atmosphere kind of expansive what we're going to see those clouds extend further on shore and some of the interior valleys go to cool with that nice marine air numbers in the san francisco tomorrow, mainly in the 60's low 70's about 64 in daly city 65 in half moon bay, 70 degrees in millbrae tomorrow afternoon 76 in foster city 81 in palo alto lots of 80's in the south bay will be warm there but not hot and still been on the hot side in live. but you talk about some low 90's is to those upper 90's by tomorrow afternoon but 91 walnut creek, but 84 degrees in orinda 71 in san leandro a breeze low right to the delta tomorrow about 79 comfortable into play about 81 in the napa valley about 60 degrees in mill valley. next 2
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days as temperatures will be coming down as we get ready for the unofficial end of summer labor day weekend temperatures look very nice. thank you lawrence, it is a growing and disturbing trend we're talking about teen suicide. >>california has a new effort to try to prevent youth suicides starting this school year. >>all high school student i d's must contain critical phone numbers to help students who are in need and that's really just the start. on summer recess to feel talked with educators about this new move to counter the suicide problem. >>i am here in the north bay at the marine county office of education and i'm speaking with the assistant superintendent of schools here john lands and he's talking about this new state requirements now this was an actual bill about teen suicide. you a part of this new bill so this is on the back of student 90's now sure the me just give you some background so on 7/1/2019 there is new requirement at code that said that.
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>>if teachers are working with actually all schools that have students there from 7th to 12th grade are now required on the back of their stunt ids. >>to put hotline numbers for suicide prevention and suicide prevention hotline numbers have an example here with the back of a student id would look like you can see there's text hot lines up here. you have the normal 1 800 number hotline and then we have some on numbers for local resources and i think it's important to point out that some of these you're calling directly and i'm getting support related to mental health needs but also there's ability to tax a number and so that's very important working with you because sometimes they feel more comfortable texting rather than talking so anything we can do to connect him to the resource we're going to go ahead and do that. >>so in a recent report from the cdc that latest report, 17% of teens say that they seriously considered attempting suicide. 14% made a suicide plan and 7% tried to kill themselves now in that same data it revealed that
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only 70% of students told someone or gave some sort of rning sign ahead of time now in addition to that already on the books is working with teachers and making sure that they have training to try and see if they can identify signs absolutely certain other requirements code is it any teacher provider that works with students in 7th to 12th grade needs to have annual training on suicide prevention so that gets into. >>a warning signs and local resources and how to connect that student or those families to those resources. >>so this is just another layer in those thank you very much assistant superintendent. >>we are here in moraine county country says stasio kron 4 news. a morgan wright in washington. coming up private gun sellers are exploiting a loophole and facebooks marketplace. >>of the details ahead. >>the community comes together in the south bay to help of vandalized lgbtq center.
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>>now say repairs have been made now to the lgbt youth space in san jose that's after somebody smashed in the windows earlier this summer since then a number of businesses and organizations chipped in to help the center get a new door and new class windows back in june, the front of the building was boarded up with plywood after somebody came through and shattered the glass. the eu space acts as a drop-in center which offers counseling and also does outreach and education in the community. other companies have also chipped in to help get security cameras installed now still no word on the possible suspects. >>the woman says her survival is a miracle after she was shot 17 times over parking space her s
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>>this just in to the kron 4 news room, the so-called spirit fire in marin county has now grown to 16 acres and is 60% contained the evacuation warning for rancho santa margarita in east in moran that just outside of one acre that has also been lifted the brown county sheriff's department is providing assistance so they are making progress in the fire near one acre in marion county. facebook said. >>you cannot use the social media platform to sell but that is not stopping gun sellers and buyers from connecting on the site anyway, here's how it works a gun sellers post a picture of a gun box oregon case at a price. it is far higher than his should cost the seller invites a private message from interested buyers to find out of the case for the box includes a weapon or ammunition or other items that are prohibited for sale by facebook washington correspondent martha wright reports on efforts by facebook to close that loophole.
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>>you can find almost anything on facebook marketplace where private sellers list all sorts of items from cars to cripps but facebook says you cannot sell a gun in the marketplace and users have found a loophole a gun case of over a $1000. and when it clicked on the description. it indicated private message me for details. well that was a sign that there was somathing more on that gun case steve del bianco resident of net choice as facebook allows licensed gun dealers to advertise on facebook but since 2016 has ruled private gun sales are off limits allowed to do a private sale of that gun. but it's just not allowed to do it on facebook peotle. >>will be killed as a result west a crackdown on what's going on. >>jonathan lowy with the brady campaign says facebook is endangering the public with the ease of access to guns is just far too easy for dangerous people get low. he says facebook to market place
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is a way for people to avoid background checks. i meet i etzioni is a social scientists at george washington university. he says this loophole in facebook marketplace is just a droi in the ocean even if nobody would center on the not tomorrow. >>and nobody would buy nothing on to mow for free to still all over the place facebook asked users to report any violations of the rule and a facebook spokesman says quote. >>if we catch someone selling guns, we take immediate action in washington morgan right. he may not have political experience, but entrepreneur andrew yang is making some big waves in the democratic field of candidates, yang has qualified for the next debate in houston. >>and while he is a lesser known candidate among white house hopefuls. ays hs confident in his own chances against president trump. >>the president i don't think has mentioned you and i hear you have a theory as to why not. >>the president hasn't mentioned me because he knows it's the wrong better the internet that he is and if the
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word too to tweet about near one not it would be a massive win for me in the campaign. he knows when someone's not someone you want to mess with. >>you want all of our interviews with the candidates on inside bay area politics kron four's catherine heated as the host watching on kron on this saturday and sunday. >>he was shot 17 times during an argument over a parking space and she survived this is her picture. cohen e jones was released from the hospital just days ago she and her family say that they finally we see the miracle they've been hoping for her recovery. now they want the person who shot her behind bars, suzanne loving young has the story from chicago. >>i cry a lot at night when the kids are sleeping. and i just god human look you won t jones has had 14 surgeries since she was shot 17 times on july 13th. >>bullets tore through her
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major organs limbs your right arm have to be rebuilt. the ball was shattered. so yes every day she wears this device now that folks up like the gun powder. >>the new fiction. >>any bacteria, the mother of 4 parked her car near 100 20th and the south wallace, a man who lives on the block demanded she moved her car before i could even put my key in ignition. >>he was coming down and stay us with the in his hand i saw the fire sparks coming from it. it was like oh my that issue to me like he's actually shooting jones was able to identify the man from the block in a photo lineup. she hopes police find him soon as always consequences for your actions and i want take responsibility of what you've >>the mother of 4 is a church evangelist here at mount calvary baptist church. she says divine intervention is the reason she woke up after being in a coma for 5 days. >>and just tell me don't look back. so as i went to that
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light. just like you brought me back to life. he wants me to let everybody in going through their mind what god has done for me so they can believe in him he's through. >>that was suzanne emanuel reporting chicago police say they are still looking for the man who shot jones an air force air crash. >>just finished the longest mission yet for a secret military test program. the air force says its air force x 37 b space plane has been in orbit for 718 days. the military is using the plane's to develop reusable space flight technology. this is the 5th unmanned plane to be launched into orbit over the past decade. no word on why the aircraft is in orbit how long the air force plans to keep it there or it's a specific mission. the air force would only say the plane will return to earth after it's completed all of its
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objectives will take a look at this mattel has released 2 new barbie dolls rosa parks and sally ride they come with a pen to clothing and unique accessories and. >>most importantly the story of these women's incredible lives, the toy company says these women quote made the world better for future generations of girls, rosa parks was an american activists known as the mother of the modern civil rights movement and sally ride was the youngest american to fly in space. the noodles are all part of the inspiring women series. >>49 ers and the raiders are all trapped for their final preseason games. and yes, the area is antonio brown practice today. jason a cable set you up for bay area sports night with some football talk coming up. ...6, 7, 8 ♪ ♪ ♪
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>>lots to talk about and a lot of it surrounds antonio brown again to get enough a b. >>jason do awesome can join us from the set of bay area sports night. >>no guys there's certainly never a dull moment with a b but i was at practice today kate and he was out there with a helmet but the catch was he wasn't wearing the helmet everyone else had their helmets on at this point i think rolling the cause apparently he's been cleared to wear that helmet but everybody else is warming up with their helmets on in. >>he has held on the ground, warming up with a baseball cap. what do you make of this ongoing saga that we can to talk about. well we heard from his agent drew rosenhaus that he's fielding various offers from helmet companies to design a custom home it for brown. >>and that they could be sponsoring him to wear this helmet assuming those of couple million dollars with a sponsorship deal so maybe he still entertaining those offers and that's why he hasn't committed to a single home that practice. >>probably knows what he's doing from day one. this is all the swindle some money
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from a somehow make company but uh of course coming up on bay area sports. my guys we will have more with a b we have a guest on talking the a's and talking some saint mary's gaels and then 9 ers and giants that's coming up on bay area sports night. >>a businessman is jay z says he's a business. >>and i love it can got a lot of let's check in with lawrence who loves the rain or yeah, he's a pirate right that would want to swindle right exactly right. a guy who gets of the patchy fog begins to make its way inside the maze that cool looking as some of that a very low level fog moving in now we are going to see more of that tonight. >>and out toward sfo right now you see couple of patches of fog in that direction that we're going to see that cool air are moving further and further on shore no delays being reported around bay area airports in fact we're looking good tomorrow temperatures going to come down thomas of 80's low 90's in the warmest in locations otherwise 60's along the coastline. next few
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days. we cool those temperatures down get ready for the holiday weekend. right about average over labor day holiday weekend can't believe it and yeah and if some.
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band of sisters. for the first time, jeffrey epstein's accusers face the world. >> today is a day of power. and strength. >> then, president trump lashes out at reports that his miami golf course has bed bugs. the photo that started the firestorm. and taylor swift's big night. but did john travolta mistake this drag queen for taylor? >> you look exactly like taylor. >> plus, the botox bandit. she's so desperate to get botox. she's trying to break in with an electric saw. then


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