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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  August 28, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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morning, thank you for joining us, i'm james fletcher and i will train in for gerri a fulsome before we get to john. let's talk about the really quickly about in the hot spots so far so good right. >>i want to see slow spots. i didn have a lot of folks trying to get into san francisco bay bridge a slow but then also a problem the east bay slug attack. >>okay. >>and let's find out about the weather because you're saying this week, yes, warm but gradual cooling as the week goes on yeah we're continually cooling down in today will actually notice that difference a little bit compared to yesterday which wasn't much of a cl down from the day before it but today, we're back into the 80's for a lot of us fox which is about time i think a lot of us are saying at this point you look outside at the lick observatory this is just east of san jose right here got her first light of day and things are looking really nice up at the lake and for much of the east and south bay. right along the coastline, though you're going to see some fog all through the afternoon even as faa does retreat from the base itself and uh areas inland our coastal areas are going to be pretty gray and that fog is going to stream
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back through pretty early in the evening. so we'll be on the fog year side of things compared to where we have been today but that doesn't mean that we are going to get dose of sunshine on the peninsula that will help temperatures to rise into the 70's and 80's after a morning in the 50's 60's right now temperatures later on today really looking good compared to where we have been which has been solid 90's and in some cases, triple digits, we're working our way back into 80's now for a lot of our inland spots, it's going to feel nice are stepping outside into the afternoon bayside areas sales as still in the 70's but a few more areas joining you in the 70's to i've got more in your forecasnot just for today, but the rest of the week to still ahead. rebecca. >>all right john. thank you, i'm rebecca storm filling in for robin winston this morning and a lot of folks trying to head into san francisco of course this is normal but you're going to see it backed up or 2 about the foot of the maze, especially those cash paying lanes and we're definitely seeing its low across the upper deck into san francisco under 15 minutes so
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for your drive time not too bad to the freeman street exit. a problem in antioch commute there's a motorcycle accident blocking the 2 left lanes right at hillcrest keep that in mind this morning if you just wait it out at home just a bit you can see traffic very slow go approaching and passing the area and they're hoping to have this wrapped up shortly but in the meantime, here's a look at your drive times you try to make your way from antioch getting closer to a. concord area 32 minutes right now because of that accident. so i keep that in mind this morning, i'll be checking the san mateo bridge coming up and also the richmond sandra fell bridge james swell. >>thank you very much. rebecca breaking news overnight a big crime scene still being investigated now outside a gas ation in campbell that's where a person was stabbed while they were pumping gas there are showing up didn't realize what was happening. the attackers still on the loose this morning. so we have the investigation at the scene and show that look at surveillance video as well kron four's christina >>is live at the campbell gas station that's what she knows
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the sport, christina. >>yeah good morning we're here at the shell station off hamilton and highway 17 and i'm actually going to step out of the way here. you can see investigators. information we know. campbell police department. did not know the current. but what we do know is that investigators right now. on scene to go ahead and confirm some details with us again. if you guys updated.
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throughout the morning as you're for now reporting live christina tetreault. you can see the tow truck. >>and writing to the scene to remove that pickup truck from the pumps. all right, thank you christina at 6 oh 4 students in fremont are heading back to school today but this is going with a little bit different. >>for 6th graders will now be part of the middle school said of elementary school in the why is because they're trying to ease some of the overcrowding kron four's sarah stinson is live at the school this morning with how they plan tackle this issue. sarah. >>well it turned walters in junior high into walters middle school that mean 6 graders for the first time will be walking through the doors today for the first day of school very exciting for those 6 graders as they are going to experience something a little bit more little
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different. fremont unified school district has added more classrooms like the ones in the video we just shot here. they've been able to that so they accommodate the additional 1400 students now before today the school is just 7th and 8th graders. there are 2 news to story classroom buildings here with 22 new classrooms that can fit an extra 600 kios it's really going to help. accommodate those students and make sure you know that those classrooms are overcrowded. there's also a new innovation laboratory, other classrooms here were basically given a facelift with new heating cooling technologies that will give us some of the heat we've been having lately the total project at walters costs a little over million. all this was funded by the districts. a measure east school bond those passed back in 2014. the district is still working on converting for other junior highs in the middle school's expansion. it's all an effort to ease the crowded elementary schools, that means those elementary school sunday, the
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students are coming from them. they are going to be a little less crowded and those students will be and here walters middle school now. mourners middle school be the next school to be completed by fall 2020 and 3 more schools will be to follow. but this is definitely going to ban exciting day. i mean it's the first day of school who doesn't love that day that your best clothes on get backpack and for the 6th graders will be a different feel than going into a new school and for the 7th and 8th graders. >>some of those younger kids, there's an interesting dynamic we're about to talk to the principal of walters, no schools talk about just how different this will be in how excited they are for now live from on sarah stinson kron 4 news. >>ok, thank you sarah. in the spare richmond high school teacher is accused of having sec's with a 15 year-old student kron 4 stay with us aqi spoke with police and the school district about their investigation. >>the richmond high school teacher is now in custody. after police say he had an inappropriate sexually
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relationship with the young student the student made the school resource officer where this yesterday. >>the school resource officer. followed up on those allegations and determine that arrest needed to be made of the suspects. >>richmond police say the teacher was involved with a 15 year-old student for more than a year the that we learned about occurred approximately late last year. >>and april and continued on until just recently the west contra costa unified school district says police are investigating whether anything took place on school grounds as a school district where we are disappointed that this is not something that. >>we would expect from an adult who is charged with safety and education of our students marcus walton director of communications for the school district says resources will be available at richmond high for students and staff safety of our students is our top prize we want to encourage anyone who has concerns are feeling in the
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anxiety. fear take advantage of the charles and services that are available here at richmond high school. we also want our committee you know there were come, but we are cooperating with the richmond police department and once they complete their investigation will be able to possibly share more information. >>police in t school districts say they will release the name of that teacher on wednesday once the formal charges are filed. right now the teacher is in custody and placed on leave from the school enrichment sackey kron 4 news. >>new this morning, a pipe bomb was removed from a home in martinez, a man found it outside his property on wayne street yesterday morning get this. >>he actually moved into the street and then call police officers. >>the bomb squad and detonating it in a controlled area. the residents they also found a people in the area found black powder at the home authorities determined that power however was safe. the area was evacuated for the bomb squad to do their job. no
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one was injured and no properties were damaged amazing the first place >>the man arrested for attacking a woman along the embarcadero in san francisco is expected back in court this morning. the public defender's office plants asked the judge to release austin vincent after a second case against him has been dismissed. vincent was originally released after being arraigned for this incident that the watermark condominium. he was arrested again for a separate allegation that he we'll get a nice at people back in february. but now it turns out he was misidentified in that particular instance, the public defender's office will ask the judge to release vincent, but keep him to a track with an ankle monitor until his trial. it is planning to close down a major runway for most of september runway to it left is expected to be closed from september 7th. all the way through to september 27th during that closure of the airport will resurface the runway and improve the drainage airport officials say this closure will produce flights by 13% which could result in delays of anywhere from a half hour to 2 hours. the project's
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cost. $60 million as a foe says they'll pay for it through federal funding. happening today, the public hearing in sausalito to address cattle and dairy ranching that meeting will also deal with the 2 lee elk management program at the point reyes national seashore and the golden gate national recreation area. the park service is now, but now has 6 proposals to consider may include issuing 20 year agricultural least permits to 2 dozen beef and dairy ranches reducing ranching and they prohibition of dairy ranching the meeting is scheduled for 5 until 7 that the us army corps of engineers bay model visitor center again that's in sausalito. >>in the south a free groceries will be offered to people living at some san jose affordable housing complexes. the food will be offered twice monthly to people living at the blossom river way, the willows and the poco way and river town apartments, the free food will include fresh produce meat dairy grains and
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non perishable food. it's all made possible thanks to efforts from local housing organizations and advocates including second harvest food bank. still ahead on the kron 00:04am morning news. for suddenly lose power in their home and then finds a group of strangers trying to break in what they were looking for their power to be restored. but police say this whole saying was actually staged plus a dog dies after swimming in lake tahoe. now there are concerns for toxic blue-green algae in the shore land waters. we'll have the details and the national guard soldiers are hard at work. clearing out dry trees and brush will have the very latest on the state's efforts to fight fire season before it starts to pick up. and looking outside right now a pretty comfortable start to the morning 60's and 50's out along the coastline. >>this afternoon more comfortable than we have been your forecast account. >>and the commute is getting busier this morning around the
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bay area specially here trying to get into san francisco using the
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>>in the north bay, a 73 year-old man admitted to starting a fire above the spirit rock mediation center in what acre the fire broke out about 4 o'clock yesterday afternoon and then quickly jumped to 16 acres. it is now 60% contained. authorities say henry walker get this he admitted to starting the fire to burn some per personal items and then the fire got us out of control he faces charges of reckless burning. crews expect to fully contain the fire doesn't mean it's out before we contain the fire sometime today. >>well the national guard hard at work helping prevent wildfires. cal fire train. the soldiers to cut down hundreds of acres of small trees and underbrush the mission is to
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prevent wildfires before they happen by getting rid of some of the excess fuel that's in our forests, it's all part of the governor's emergency proclamation earlier this year. according to the national guard, this is the first time in history that the guard soldiers are being used in wildfire prevention we are utilizing our resources in new and unique ways to try and prevent the kind of devastation that we've seen in years past with some of these really really terrible wildfires. govern newson 6 some of those national guard soldiers from the border he brought it up because he's trying to think ahead fire seasons. >>the past 2 years all my goodness, yeah, pretty catastrophic and even though than pretty quiet this season. you don't get too comfortable to see proactive measures are so very much so being taken because we've had warm dry weather for weather at least we're going almost 2 weeks now with how much longer with is no sign of any kind of moisture heading our way and not really know we he to have some pretty dry weather ahead of us. >>fortunately as temperatures are cooling down a little bit which is going to help at least somewhat. yeah we're dry for a little bit now ahead of
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us and we'll see what the winter season offers up you never really know until you get there looking outside at the fog that saying out over san francisco. it is going to be a pretty foggy day for the coastline today don't expect that fog to loosen up much the closer to the coast. you are san jose in the meantime is going to be under abundant sunshine for the afternoon hours will areas like berkeley just not so much just yet very much so still foggy as you get out there that was a look at the southeast right there which will focus on more as we do look at potential a hurricane dorian making its way up to florida but back here at home we do have clear skies shaping up over the region, nice clear conditions for the rest of the day today after the fog at the coastline begins to loosen its grip for areas right on top of the day. now if we focus to the north there is a chance of some isolated thunderstorm activity late in the day today on into tonight, mostly north of the bay area could be seeing a couple of these thunderstorms in areas like sonoma and napa counties, although that potential is just very slight.
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back here in the bay today we are seeing conditions pretty calm and temperatures a lot more comfortable and they have been 60's and 70's is we're highs will be towards the coastline. well elsewhere were still mostly in the 80's but replacing a lot of 90's where we were yesterday with those 80's that's the case in the south bay today where temperatures will fall from the 90's yesterday to just the mid 80's for highs today, union city and hayward in the upper 70's while livermore on up to danville each at 90 degrees. concord 89 oakland berkeley nourishment in the 70's, north bay less 90's more 80's today still warm just not as high and some 80's continued for nevado petaluma as well as santa rosa today into tomorrow temperatures cool even further we to step temperature we step further down the temperature latter well friday and saturday we level out from that point sunday, the warmest day of the forecast ahead, but really not by much just low 90's on average inland and then next
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week we love allow and a more comfortable range of temperatures still warm and still just a touch above average but definitely cooler than we have been rebecca. >>all right john, no major hot spots, no major accidents right now that i'm tracking around the bay area but a lot of slow traffic a lot of folks on the roadways to try to get out the door if you can as early as you can see the you i don't find to any more traffic than the need his right here. the bay bridge toll plaza were backed up to the foot of the macarthur maze it continues to grow lights were turned on and about 5.30 normal time this morning. but it's going to slow you down a bit especially if you are paying with cash a 15 minute drive time. so far into san francisco. now look at this packed here at the san mateo bridge even a stall there in the center divide as you get past the pay gates, a causing a little bit of attention. but speeds are definitely below the limit right now and now the drive time climbing upwards of about 17 minutes trying to get over to the peninsula. i'll check the richmond sandra fell bridge and the golden gate coming up in just a bit james right.
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>>all right. thank you very much. rebecca lake tahoe is beautiful this time of year, but there could be dangers in the water that you need to know about especially for your fur babies officials are testing the lake to determine if toxic blue-green algae is president it looks beautiful, but it could be deadly last week one person reported that their dog died after swimming on the south shore we got dennis shanahan now taking a closer look. >>if a beach near the shore of lake tahoe is a treasure for visitors both human and canine. >>my ear and usually there's probably 3040 dogs running around and no problems they'll have fun. just the place for you dogs took diane and his 2 playful tennis ball factors were among the very few enjoying the dog friendly beach on this tuesday evening. >>news has been spreading around the tahoe about a dog that died shortly after swimming at this speech august 18th the death was reported to hunt in regional water quality control board which has jurisdiction here. the question being did the dog died from exposure to toxic
6:21 am
algae. the board representative tells fox 40 staff members investigated the beach and did not see any visible signs of algae, but they collected samples for testing and are expecting results this week despite online reports that warning signs have been posted fox 40 did not see any signs about algae in the parking lot or on the beach. >>we hear every night for last >>jack says he wouldn't bring his dogs here if he knew there was algae, he highly doubts there is coming. the same sentiment from michelle furia with her energetic lab named jet then he's very excited to be here has you can tell loves to swim pipe in the lake a lot myself swimming lately it seems really clear and clean to me. but the lack of visitors at a dog beach that's usually crowded when people get off work is a sign perhaps that many are staying away until the test results are in some locals are saying as much on the island lake tahoe facebook page. a woman who identifies as a friend of the
6:22 am
dog owner told fox 40 on facebook the owner is too distraught to talk about what happened. but the friend did say the dog had been swimming in lake tahoe, not the small pond adjacent to keep a beach might be concerned with longtime standing water. michelle looks at lake tahoe is long history of clarity for comfort and i'm just hoping. >>that was dennis shanahan reporting toxic algae blooms are more likely to infest bodies of fresh water when the weather is warm like it is now and when waters are stagnant as well don't forget dogs and humans can be exposed be really careful and that's why i don't go into the water that's right scary effect. >>coming up on the kron 4 morning news thousands of californians could be eligible for free college. plus a google engineers in custody, accused of stealing trade secrets from google and passing it along to another giant will tell you the details when we come right back.
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>>a former engineer at google is accused of stealing self-driving car trade secrets from google and taking those secrets to uber an indictment alleges this man here anthony levandowski downloaded thousands of pages of google files from project chauffeur later known as waymo the complaint says he would later use the files in working on self-driving car development for his own company and for uber levin desk is attorney says the allegations are false. >>the evidence in this case it's going to show inclusively the anthony did not steal anything. >>the 39 year-old man was also at the center of a recent lawsuit waymo brought against uber waymo one a minor victory while 11 douse he was fired from over levandowski faces more than 30 counts of allegedly stealing trade secrets. if he's convicted. he faces a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison and fines of
6:27 am
$250,000. still ahead speaker nancy. >>she was in san francisco for a town hall on ending gun violence, we're going hear from her and other lawmakers on what they'd like to see done. plus the heat is drawing out rattlesnakes in very neighborhoods going to really careful don't miss the story coming up. ♪ well well well, what have we here? a magical place...that's lookin' to get scared!
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>>all right we're back at 6.30 we've got a check of weasher and traffic here at the half hour mark in the roles that were slowing down in spots how they now yeah we're really seeing a lot of folks and sent to work in that eventually get to school too right, so just a lot of cars on the roadway slowing things down ok and i think we're inching closer and closer to postcard weather. yeah, we're getting there that's for sure more so than we were last. they have back to the 80's for a lot of spots i've been can use to the 90's lately so we're going to like the days to come i think you
6:31 am
look outside of mount diablo showing conditions very clear over the mountain. >>and over the east bay in general that's not so much the case for coastal areas it's going to be sunny inland and foggy out up the coast all through the course of the day fog is going to want to stay through the golden gate even into the afternoon today so do be mindful of that if you're heading to the coast don't expect quite a lot of sunshine 50's and 60's for your current temperatures across the bay, pittsburgh at 65 hayward dublin at 62 well oakland at 63, north bay still mostly in the 50's out the sign now later on today as i mentioned we are going to see temperatures even cooler then yesterday was in this time around a noticeable cool down down into the 80's on average in london by the bay a lot more 70's i've got the details of your forecast. still ahead rebecca. >>and we've got a lot of folks trying to get into san francisco using the bay bridge here we go. here's a shot of it, you're backed up to about the foot of the macarthur maze so pretty normal for this hour, the morning. an expected
6:32 am
just under 20 minutes for your ride in the san francisco across the upper deck and we're looking at a slow traffic out of richmond it's a back to pine the pay gates just around the richmond parkway exit 13 minutes into the north and to want to one south 1, 1, the looks good problem free out in nevado across the golden gate into the city that whole drive time of 20 minutes james, well. >>house speaker nancy pelosi back in san francisco last night and she was talking about gun violence and had a prevention event it that was the big topic of discussion background checks also something they talked specifically where voters can do to keep pressure on lawmakers with kron four's j r stone. >>that ground checks saves. hundreds of thousands of lives. it really is the most effective way to save lives. >>speaker of the house nancy pelosi addressing gun control of this town hall meeting in san francisco on esday
6:33 am
night. she wants the bill that addresses universal background checks voted on and passed in the senate. pelosi making several statements the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. >>the all we have it is for you're there and these but they are alive and well in the column. in for an answer. >>monday's meeting consisted of at least a couple 100 in the crowd. and a panel of some of the most powerful women in the state and nation representative jackie spear says there should be no debate about passing the background check bill known as h r a. >>it should be a no brainer. >>we already have that long. >>this just closes loopholes because when the law was originally passed >>keep the focus on niche
6:34 am
mcconnell give us a vote. help to pay if you don't and that i don't want us to be having debates about. what no let's do with that can't open that door. and then walks through them. >>that is important to mention that there was a small group of people who began shouting impeachment towards the end of this meeting they would like pelosi to take more action in trying to get the president in peach. the pelosi staying on track on tuesday night staying on the topic of gun control in san francisco j r stone kron 4 >>a dispute between a landlord her renters it takes a bizarre turn topmountain view landlord is in jail after police say she staged a home invasion to try remove a family from her property. the family of mountain view living on rock street were in a dispute with the landlord over a late red came in with the power was
6:35 am
shut off on monday night. the family says a friend of the landlord and then tried to use a knife to break in the back door, the family managed to hold the door closed. before they escaped and then when they got outside they call the police officers when police department, the officers arrived, they found 5 people in the front lawn of the apartment complex all taken into custody. police say could have been much worse had the family not to skate. they all went to the home that evening to try and forcibly and physically remove. >>the family from the home for r many ways that you can go that. >>doing this simply safely and and not you know not in a way that would result in the arrest of yourself and others, i'm using scare tactics to try and for somebody from the home late rent payment. >>the landlord 50 year-old the new signee and 5 others were arrested no charges have been filed yet police say they don't know if the family is still living in the apartment. we checked on tuesday, we went
6:36 am
to the location but nobody was home dancer knox no one was injured, however, during this attempted home invasion. investigating ahead an excuse me a head on crash in sonoma county where one person died. the crash happened yesterday afternoon at stony point road in the west railroad avenue south of could tie >>police say a 17 year-old and 2 others robbed a pizza hut in penn old it happened monday night at that air hills drive location employee told police the 2 men wearing masks jumped over the counter pointed a gun at her and demanded money. the victim also told police the suspects punched and kicked her before grabbing the cash in running often these are pictures of the 2 men they arrested officers eventually found them after they were spotted running a stop sign nearby. police inside the vehicle found stolen cash and other evidence linking them to the robbery. it's a 52 year-old dawn grind of fremont died after getting hit by vehicle in hayward last thursday police say the collision happened near the intersection of and walnut
6:37 am
streets. ron died at the scene the driver of the car remained at the scene and did cooperate with investigators a go fund me account has been set up to help bryan's wife and teenage daughter. take a look at this concord police posted pictures of a crash at concord high school tuesday. police say 4 teens were driving the suv recklessly in the parking lot when the car flipped over injuring the 3 teens inside their injuries were mild to moderate. >>the first time ever students in our state can go to a 2 year community college for free. after state lawmakers approved an expansion of the california college program governor newsome promoted that program in sacramento yesterday. the perk is for first-time full-time students. the state budget estimates about 33,000 students will be eligible. the governor says the program is an effort to make higher education, more available to everyone. a lot of people to college and i think that's not for me. i can afford it.
6:38 am
>>that we want to make that mindset, someone of the mindset you get an education not just through high school. now you can get that to you here degree and i haven't to your future. >>you might not realize is that our city has the largest community college system in the entire country news and says he aims to now work toward addressing college costs they go beyond tuition. the college board is canceling the idea the s a t adversity score the plan would have given colleges to score ranging from one to 100 based on a student's social and economic background but now that same board. well, they're replacing it with a landscape program. the new tool will allow schools, students and families to see the same information but high schools and neighborhoods that the colleges get to see the college board says this program provides admissions officers with more consistent background information. so they can fairly consider every student no matter where they live and how they learn. well
6:39 am
a hot summer weather is drawn rattlesnakes out and into our neighborhoods we've got the marin humane society now saying that there's been a sharp increase in snake sightings in the past few months. >>forcefully to golf reports from sandra fell where one neighbor says the problems escalated here the past 2 weeks. >>right out in the open and went on a late summer says the snake was discovered and removed last week it was sunning itself. she and her husband george got creative, we put these up with chairs all right in front of her head house going down the street. so the children would be careful of the summer's live in san rafael's marine with community just blocks away from elementary and middle schools, donnelly made signs suggesting that kids walk in the street rather than sidewalks a rattlesnake could pop out of the bush is are you afraid you're going to want don't see one on your porch, absolutely her fears
6:40 am
intensified after her neighbor found a second rattlesnake in his garage in less than 2 weeks and another neighbor's dog was also found dead. we've had 10 citing rattlesnakes end up in about 3 and a half. >>to 4 feet long when the heat of the summer comes out so to all the snakes director of animal services former inhumane captain cindy meszaros says overall. >>the nonprofit has received 60 reported snake sightings in the past month and a half. most in the marine wood and lucas valley communities where homes are located near open spaces. the only venomous snake in the county is a rattler and machado says they rarely attack unprovoked tease term and them give them space. >>off and they can also strike without using their venom which makes that much more when you're in countering rattlesnake i go out clapping my hands. i go out with sling and quite a talker. so i to
6:41 am
try to talk mister rattlesnake please call keep dogs on leashes and cats indoors when you can. >>and watch where you walk in marine county felipe should all kron 4 news. >>are coming up at 7 o'clock a major development in the fight against the recent measles outbreaks across the us and it could have worldwide implications will explain and how pg e's taking steps to let customers know when they plan on shutting power off because of wildfire risks and the a's on a roll against the royals will have highlights straight ahead security of a center look outside this morning shows temperatures still in the 50's and 60's more on your forecast account. >>and it's busy on the roadways. this morning, i'm tracking your drive into san
6:42 am
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>>big story this morning pgd is planning power shut off says safety measures during high fire danger weather and now the utilities taking steps
6:45 am
to better prepare those who might lose power in that scenario kron four's dan kerman explains with the genie equipment being held responsible for starting wildfires. the company has decided to shut off power if weather conditions rise to a level where the threat of fire is so great it's in the public's interest. now the utility has launched this ather awareness web page to better prepare customers if they plan to shut off the lights. the page has a daily forecast and a seven-day grid showing the potential for a power shut off and anyone of pg e's zones. bay area counties are located in zones, 3, 4, this week, the chart shows shut offs are not expected in any of the 9 zones, but depending on conditions, certain zones could have 3 other designations elevated meaning a period of gusty winds dry conditions in the heightened risks is being monitored for a potential power shut off the next level is a public safety power shutoff watch. this is
6:46 am
when there's a reasonable chance of executing a shut off due to a combination f adverse weather and dry fuel conditions. pg e says it's typically issued 72 hours in advance of the shut off. finally the power shut off warning in this case the shut off as probable given the latest conditions. customers have been are being notified and pg points out the shut off will typically be in a smaller and more targeted area. then pg e's geographic zones. they don't have to stay glued to this web page to find out if your power is going to be shut off pg e says it plans to contact you directly if you're on that list. >>they say you should go to pg e's website and update your contact information. so you can let them know how you want to be contacted either email landline mobile phone or text. dan kerman kron 4 news. >>well let's talk about the fire weather that we're in right now because it's been hot it's been very dry. yeah, not windy, thank goodness all
6:47 am
not too windy think in this and even though it has been really hot. we are looking at cooler temperatures us around the corner. even when we have a quiet season like we have and we're about to get cooler, it's still going to be proactive in very much so keep your eye out because everything's dry out there haven't seen rain in months now. so we are definitely keeping an eye on that just as we are your temperatures today which are starting to cool down this is your look outside at san francisco which is under some foggy conditions fog in san francisco is going to be something that you're going to see a lot of today, especially out on the west side of the city, it's or coastal areas that are really going to hold on to it. definitely an ample amount of cloud cover sitting over san jose this morning, we'll see partly cloudy skies at times but mostly sunny really into the afternoon already nice and clear over mount diablo with plenty of sunshine for inland areas and under the sunny skies actually some pretty comfortable temperatures compared to where we have been a look at satellite radar does show dry conditions for the bay, this low pressure that i was tracking yesterday is
6:48 am
making its way further and further to the north now has this happens enough instability created to see a couple isolated thunderstorms north of the bay area in california tonight we could see just a couple of those pop-up storms but really mostly out of the bay we should remain pretty quiet here in our own backyard, 60's and 70's out the coastline today cooler and partly because of that fog that's going to be pretty persistent right along the pacific shore elsewhere in the bay. we're talking plenty of sunshine and some comfortable temperatures compared to where we have been at least mountain view at 85 today and the south bay out of the 90's where you were yesterday and the day before that back down into the mid 80's today really nice weather comparatively. 70's in union city and hayward only a few 90's linger in the east bay in livermore and danville while conquered in walnut creek fall to 89 in 88 degrees. a mix of 80's 90's for the north bay but far fewer 90's and we saw yesterday, 60's 70's and 80's out towards the coast up in the north day tond
6:49 am
tomorrow some of our cooler days of the forecast tomorrow being even cooler than today's about to be friday and saturday not bad either now sunday will be are warmer day with daytime highs back into the low 90's inland 70's will continue by the bay and coast in the next week we level out with temperatures just above seasonal averages. now as we look at the tropics, especially the caribbean we are seeing dorian the storm continuing to make its way up to puerto rico now as you can see on satellite radar right now those outer bands of dorian are beginning to lash the eastern coast of the island nation or island and we are looking the virgin islands also now really beginning to experience. some heavier rainfall as well so we're starting to see the impact in these areas. hurricane warnings are in effect as tropical storm dorian makes its way over the island through the day today now after today dorian is going to push further and further northward eventually looking likely to become a category
6:50 am
one hurricane as it makes its way just northeast of the bahamas and look where it's headed next as a potential tropical to stood category 2 a hurricane we could see an impact on the eastern coast of florida of course is a path could strength can change as well but keeping a close eye on this as we make our way through the next few days and even into the weekend. that's a look at your forecast rebecca, how is traffic doing so as this low out there slowing go john and continues to grow the backup does here. >>the bay bridge toll plaza you're backed up into the maze the cash lanes you could see you're going to be stuck in that if you don't have fast track. but look at those lanes those are moving through just fine a 60 minutes as you make your way past the tolls and then across the upper deck towards the fremont street exit. we're seeing impact here at the san mateo bridge a stall in the senate by causing a little bit of attention speeds are definitely under the limit and just a lot of folks on the flat section, no problems on the high rise. but a total of 22 minutes. coming out of the east bay, making
6:51 am
your way over to the peninsula and that connect with one oh one. the richmond center fell bridge, you're backed up behind the pay gates to the richmond parkway exit that's going to be so once you get on the bridge 14 minutes to the north bank connecting with one oh one and then south one oh one looking good other than the fog visibility, not the greatest right now, but 22 minutes a problem free accident free. so far into san francisco. well. >>leo's go to kansas city for some bay area baseball, let's start with the a's who got another win against the royals in the top of the second marcus cbn has been on fire right gets a base hit to right field. josh figures runs routes like a baseball all the way home plate in the bottom second my fears pitches well at all got some great defense from outfielder, seth i look at this reds, >>i got yes. >>squeak out a win to a warning as the royals they hope to sweep them tonight game 3 at 00:15am tonight.
6:52 am
>>alright checking the markets to as we're watching the stocks slide a bit the dow is actually off by more than a 100 points earlier in the trading day now just 35 points down. but still a lot of tension on them. tension on wall street because we had the 30 year treasury yield once again drop below the 2 year treasury yield and any time that happens in years past we've seen a followed by recession. so this is again stoking fears that we could be on the precipice of a global recession. a slowdown and that is not good news for investors we'll be right back coming up at 7 o'clock the nfl's regular season just around the corner and that means a lot of unhealthy gameday snack packs will have tips. >>on how you can try your best to stay healthy during football season. so that early retirement we planned. it's going ok? great. now i'm spending more time with the kids. i'm introducing them to crab. crab!? they love it. so, you mentioned that that money we set aside. yeah. the kids and i want to build our own crab shack. ♪ ♪ ahhh, you're finally building that outdoor kitchen.
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>>come back it is 6 55 this morning in your look outside at sfo does show plenty of fog out in the distance and as you would expect on a morning like this with some fog out there we do have some delays in about 15 minutes right now at sfo. now later on today foggo
6:56 am
burn off for them in the areas, but it's going to stay pretty president along the coast, 60's and 70's for your daytime highs for the coastline. well elsewhere will be 70's 80's and just a few 90's hanging on for can livermore back to you. >>much john coming up in the next hour, the kron 4 morning news a man is stabbed at a gas station in the south and we'll have the very latest in a live report there some been some new information in the last half hour that we need to share with you. and students in fremont are headed back to school this morning, although schools going to be a little different as they try and ease overcrowding we'll tell you how they're shuffling the grades just a bit. and east bay teacher accused of having 6 with a student for more than a year will explain what happened. i have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. now, there's skyrizi. 3 out of 4 people achieved... ...90% clearer skin at 4 months... ...after just 2 doses. skyrizi may increase your risk of infections... ...and lower your ability to fight them.
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mouth or tongue swelling, problems urinating, vision changes, or eye pain occur. think your copd medicine is doing enough? maybe you should think again. ask your doctor about once-daily trelegy and the power of 1 2 3. ♪ trelegy 1-2-3 save at >>one man fighting for his life after being stabbed here to shell station in campbell we have live updates for you in just a few minutes.
7:00 am
>>and pay teacher under arrest accused of having 6 with a 15 year-old student and police think it may have been happening for more than a year. >>students in the fremont unified school district go back to school today for the first time ever, a middle school has opened up replacing the junior high all the details coming up in a live. >>good morning. everybody i'm will tread in for darya folsom for the 7 o'clock hour the kron 4 morning that's right on this wednesday i'm james fletcher we're halfway through the week and hopefully getting a little bit of relief on the weather front will find out about in fremont kids are heading back which means trafford are lots of traffic and we're seeing on the roadways guys i mean it is slow everywhere. >>no major hot spots a so that's the good news just i'm very busy out there. it in the past rest those kids in fremont you know what freeman y


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