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tv   KRON 4 News at 630  KRON  August 28, 2019 6:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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>>current policies. patients are scared to come here. >>today in san francisco rally was held by medical professionals to show their support for for charles clifford has more details on their fight against ice. >>well here is a cupboard san francisco general hospital on wednesday about 50 or so medical professionals rallied outside the hospital to show support for the immigrant community. now they rallied here particularly upset by recent changes in policy at the department of homeland security which is change what's called the public charge policy that has resulted in immigrants training in the country could be denied entry if those immigrants might be receiving a federal assistance more
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government assistance such as food stamps or possibly health insurance and the medical professionals here at the hospital i find that troubling they say it had a chilling effect this prevented patients from coming into the hospital because they are afraid i could impact their immigration status or their abilities to stay in this country. they also say it has an impact on the staff here at the hospital. >>patients are scared to come here because they're worried can they get health insurance is that can affect their citizenship application leader. and at the same time it's affecting our workforce. hundreds of residents across the country were unable to get their visas on time to start residency. in medicine residents had to start a full monthly and her patients had to wait for her this is unacceptable. >>that today's rally outside the hospital was part of a month long a series of rallies here in san francisco called 30 days of action to close camps that is in reference to the detention camps along the
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southern border which have been in the news recently in san francisco charles clifford kron 4 news. >>police are searching for a suspect who they say stay. >>another person in the leg on the platform, a bar to south hayward station last night. >>the victim was taken to the hospital to be treated for injuries and is expected to be okay. bart police responded search, the trains for the suspect but came up empty. the description of the stabbing suspect was not immediately available. >>area housing organizations and advocates announced they're teaming up to provide free groceries to residents at some san jose affordable housing complexes, second harvest a silicon valley city team and wife steps are all collaborating to give out free food to residents, the food will be offered twice a month with fresh produce meat dairy grains and nonperishable food available to housing locations. the group says the effort is helping thousands of people put food on their tables. >>so right now we serve 269,000 people every single month. but as what we're
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seeing the change that were seen as more were working people needing our help because you can imagine if you're a little wager here in the valley it can be really hard to be able to afford housing and stock money left over for other basic necessities like >>second harvest is also providing more than a $175,000 in upgrades to infrastructure such as walking freezers and coolers and a refrigerated truck to transport the food to the different sites et according to second harvest tyes get a check of the bay area a lot cooler out there a lot of cooler our 4 zone forecast we're standing by with laura yeah, a lot cool air moving in right from the pacific and that ups the drop the temperatures that fog now begin to move in across the marin headlands you see a stretching on shore. >>and really not much clearing along the immediate coastline, today's the fog just hugged the coast all day long in that cool marine air pushing onshore drop those temperatures know why we have that some thunderstorms were are talking the remnants of
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evil will so that moisture working his way up in the sierra nevada now little lightning strikes across the chest area, northern sierra nevada boy numerous strikes up there if you know anybody in that location up their cabin boy they're getting quite the light display. this afternoon father low clouds will be on the increase overnight tonight in fact look at the push all the way into the delta may be the center of al you can see it filling in the places like concord live more that is going to be a strong push a low clouds and fog so temperatures again going to be down we'll keep these numbers out of the 90's for a little bit so enjoying the relief from the heat temperatures in the 60's and the 70's of san francisco of course, not a lot of change along the coastline. the numbers asked a very similar over the past 7 days there, but you get inside the bay feel the warm weather in the sunshine, 79 degrees in palo alto 78 beautiful day redwood city tomorrow, lots of 70's and some low 80's in the south bay and then the east bay where we have those hot 90's well, you're comfortable in the mid 80's in the pleek 85 in danville about 84. in concord to get the idea, nice cool air working its way well on shore right to the
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delta 70's through pittsburgh and nation also to blame about 79 in the napa valley, 73 degrees in sandra fell next few days the holding down just a bit maybe warming up a little bit on sunday labor day looking fantastic. bangor is coming up at 6.45 an update on the presidential race. we'll have details on some. >>struggling white house hopefuls political analyst michael yaki joins us with his take how the race is shaping up. >>and today the number of cheetos left around the world has had what the world had just 10 years ago now biologists are trying to stop what they say is leading to their extinctio
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>>biologists and a cheetah conservation fund are racing to say that species from extinction as because are being sold to the rich in the middle east and it's leading to their extinction. the cheetahs are often crammed into boxes smuggled from somalia across the gulf of
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aden to the arabian peninsula. >>in africa, the mothers art killed the cubs are snatched from them smuggled in plastic bags cramped crates in cardboard boxes. according to the cheetah conservation fund about 300 cubs are smuggled out of that region every year and for everyone that is put into captivity, another 3 of them, die on the way. coming up the annual burning man event is in full swing in nevada's black rock desert details on this celebration coming up. >>and if you are streaming us on kron on the news continues during the commercial break go to kron on dot tv to see w just when you thought you were done painting... discover paint bleed under your tape... not with frogtape! frogtape is the only painter's tape
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>>kirsten gillibrand is dropping her 2020 presidential bid, the new york senator's campaign was plagued by local a layman fund raising struggles and she had failed to qualify for the next debate, and in the same boat
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as a handful of others struggling white house hopefuls facing a deadline tonight to reach the minimum requirements to be. >>in the next debates and joining us now to talk about all of this political analyst michael yaki michael thank you for being with 10 candidates did make the still will be on that stage for the next debate. how do you think the field is shaping up at this point. >>i think that there's a couple sides really i think certainly calmly harris is glad the tulsa gathered in make it in because she went after her art at the last debate and everyone is looking forward to the joe biden more do all because they may work currently we're not together in the first 2 debates and you know i you know this is a good way to narrow the field lot of people criticize away these debates were put together. i think the way that it's playing out right now is actually a good thing you want to certain narrowing the field as you'rapproaching hampshire and iowa. you want to give the voters a little more time to focus on who's left. and you know this is a good way to start. >>what do you think the ones who made it in and the ones
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who didn't make it and you think those who didn't make this debate still have any shot at all to continue on i know that a lot of them didn't decide to drop out yet but it's not looking too good is it. >>yeah, i mean you're going to see i think it's going tim ryan stays a member of congress say he has to make a decision pretty soon. tom styer near any time to get a billionaire and the rays that millions can keep you afloat even if you're not making in the polls. the question is how much money as you want to spend how much ad time is when a bye on kron 4 and you know hopefully a lock and a you know you you know he could be he could place or he could be a potential 3rd party. candidate you know this or the ross perot of the left which would be a bad thing for the democrats to november the rest you know i think it's it's. it's going to be inching to see how it's i think everyone is going to be looking forward to joe biden and it was but born because it's very clear that it started to shake out a little bit that way and in fact i think joe biden wanted to shake out one way or the other between warren and sanders because i was thinking about this in the day and the worst
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thing that could happen to joe biden is to have a brokered convention or te to keep them from winning on the first ballot. >>yeah interesting take on that will michael you're going to have 10 people on a stage is biden have the most to lose will everybody really going after him as the front runner. >>what's interesting because the 3 people who went after him. booker conway harris julián castro are still on the stage and said that that can be very interesting for him. then you have warned warren and sanders are basically been plane. i'm friends with each other and friends on the debate stage and when you when you look at who dropped out it's mainly in the moderate whdropped out of in there is jo biden and that's going to be interesting. see how this plays out it could work to his advantage of it. it may not in terms of just how that primary politics a play. you're going to see a lot of fireworks. >>as a veteran in the democratic party uh what do you want to out of this debate, what issues do you
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think these candidates need to be talking about it's always been about beating up on donald trump and whether or not he should be impeached. the you think they are going to talk about you know medicare for all what what do you want them to talk about. >>well it's going to be interesting to see how exactly they play this out because one of the criticisms of the first couple of debates for how far left the democrats are and i think that's a concern insert an axis central way for the democratic party first because i think everyone realizes there's a good chance as any democrat nominate has a good chance of beating donald trump, some better than others but there's another there's another issue which is even if you get the presidency, what you do about the rest of the government and depending on who is nominated. i think that has an impact on the potential for the democrats to keep balance and possibly carry the senate, you have to worry about tickets plane if it if the democrats run too far left those kinds of things are out there. for consideration of voters are going start picking up on that pretty soon right now it's just it's still a beauty contest. there's a lot
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of time left before new hampshire and iowa. >>but at michael are you worried that the party is being pulled too much to look too far to the left. well yeah, i mean the candidates will the little bit that. where do i think this. >>ty michael sorry to cut you off but we're having little bit audio problems right there at the end we got a 99% of what you had to stay thank you michael miley actually our political analyst. all right on to other things now burning man. >>the annual event that is part wild party and part social experiment is back in full swing in nevada's black rock desert. we all know about burning man this year's estimated 75,000 people will be celebrating their kron four's maureen kelly. >>kha hit the road. >>the dazzles goggles a hat that could double as a disco ball and lots of fake fur were on display as those making their exodus to burning man
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lined up for one of the many buses leaving san francisco's civic center. it's a 9 day long event described by organizers as a vibrant participatory metropolis built by the burners who come to experience >>really been on as i mean that's not. amazing community people you go for a week and it feels like your car. >>many came with bikes to travel to train others came loaded down with multiple packs. so what do you need to bring to a really long party located in the harsh desert environment, fabulous outfit.
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those getting ready to board the burner express are given a list of events happening out on the playa there are many gatherings with very colorful names such as dragon army can't bikini workshop beer bong breakfast and the dirty unicorn bar return trip on the. >>colorado couple has quite a story of survival after a mother bear and her 2 cubs broke into their home. the woman says she grabbed a baseball bat to fight off the large bear that was attacking her husband. the bears are able to get into the house or a sliding door, enter the home. the man ended up with some deep scratches on his chestdand face the couple says. they're just happy to be alive. >>when she swore him in the nose for she swore to me that i turned around punched her in the nose and she took some swipes here. >>so i from a chest and all i remember honestly seeing with
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this big brown blob in front of me and i that bear as hard as i could both hands. you would have thought i was a louisville slugger. >>the couple says a bird feeder on their porch may have attracted the bears wildlife officials track down the mother bear which they say had to be put down because it attacked the people no word on what happened with the cubs. >>last season because of injury 14 on a running back jerick mckinnon has yet another setback marking kate will set you up for bay area sports night by talking a little 49 ers tonight. >>and finally get a little relief from the heat with that cool air moving on shore but will that
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>>that's right bay area sports night 7 o'clock on kron on a the 49 ers wrap up the preseason tomorrow, but the big headline today, some injury news coming out of santa clara, running back jerick mckinnon who already missed all of last year with an acl injury experienced a setback in his return kind of puts his season in jeopardy for 2019 o how does that affect kind of the offensive outlook for this team because i'm a lot of expectation surrounding the 40 niners, it's hugely disappointing jerick mckinnon getting injured last year was a big disappointment and now the possibility of him going on the injured reserve. >>which sounds quite realistic at this point is a real bummer quite frankly for this team, however they do have a couple other really solid running backs and that breed having coleman, so there's possibility that they might still look good in the backfield really really terrible to see you know, especially given the fact that he was out all of last year working so hard to get back into the mix will be talking about the 40 niners raiders and also be breaking down some college football this season really begins this weekend. >>our bay area sports night college football expert, mike darr will be joining us in
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studio. all that and more bay area sports night 7 o'clock on kron on that's going back to you will see you then thank you mark and kate well as look outside before we head out on the 6 o'clock hour wrapping up the wall would you want to come and visit at the time across the bay bridge. how often do we see it like what's going on out there i never drive across the like that. >>we've got that fog moving in right now looking toward the sfo the breezes that blow into no delays stone sfo even though we've got the cloud cover moving right now but tomorrow morning we're going wake up to some that patchy fog early on the middle of the day. >>temperatures going to be noticeably cooler all in the 70's in the valleys by noontime and then in the afternoon we're talking on the mid-eighties the warmest spot so much more couple days these numbers running just add or maybe a little bit below the average around much of the bay area still very comfortable 70's a few 80's inside the bay 60's along the coastline, the next few days keeping those temperatures down as we head into labor day weekend may be warming back up a little bit on sunday before cooling down actually on labor day and much
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husband and wife in the fight of their lives. >> they have blood all over the house. >> wait until you see what caused the claw marks across his body. >> i remember sitting like this. >> then the naked psycho. and the mayhem he left behind. cops say he killed his mom, sister and little nephew. and kellyanne conway, singing taylor swift. >> if you put a tweet, i like that. >> which version do you like better? and the robocaller who picked the wrong target. a police officer. >> okay. so a sheriff's deputy is going to come here and arrest me? >> then. first the baywatch stars targeted in


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