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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  August 29, 2019 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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>>good morning, everyone and thank you for joining us on the kron 4 morning news at 4 o'clock this will tran let's start off this morning with weather nd traffic if you're just getting up this morning obviously traffic, not a problem. i came in from the east bay and actually my biggest problem was not going too fast or i'll get a ticket and then the weather it's headed on the right trend right now which means going down john can i dare say it's my old definitely a nice comfortable morning and a mild afternoon ahead of us so. >>really nice conditions to be looking forward to as we work our way through your thursday
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had this is your look outside of san francisco. it is mild, but it is foggy out there to start the day in the city. you can see that fog are eith to stay with us throughout the morning. but our inland areas and areas right along side the bay do have a dose of sunshine to expect much like yesterday that our coastal areas are going to stay a bit on the greater side. look at these temperatures and think about yesterday they are a lot warmer than where we were at yesterday to start the morning oakland, 67 right now conquered at 66 millais how an app at 64 san francisco also at 64, comfortable conditions hardly even need the jacket stepping out there for san francisco half moon bay in nevada where each 7 degrees warmer than yesterday, san jose hayward oakland and napa each 5 degrees warmer than yesterday as far as temperatures go we will rise from the 60's on into the 70's 80's later today and today is about to be the coolest day of
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the week the forecast ahead we'll eventually get a little bit warmer than this. so if you like some cool fall-like weather this one's for you, i've got more on your forecast still to come back a strong is back in for robin again this and out there so one nothing really to get your way so far except for the fog like john was mentioning of course, here's a peek at the bay bridge toll plaza approach trying to get into san francisco not going to be an issue. it's very lightly traveled 8 minutes on westbound 80 across the upper deck to the freeman street exit. the san mateo bridge very light. it's a almost all yours just a few cars that we're seeing 12 minutes from the east bay over to the peninsula. so far and then your commute across the richmond sandra fell bridge. it's probably the lightest bridge. so far this morning very normal 8 minutes on west bound 5.80 and making your way to the north in connecting with 1, one and then there's going to be a little bit of fog in your way of course we saw this yesterday morning at the golden gate bridge. we're definitely seeing it in the
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north bay like john was mentioning 20 minutes though out of nevado problem free on south 1, one through moran and then across the golden gate and into the city i'll be back with more bridge checks and drive times coming up in just a couple of minutes, well. >>rebecca it's now been more than a month since 3 people were shot and killed at the gilroy garlic festival last night the family of killer salazar kayla salazar should say who was killed in that shooting held a special service in san jose kayla was just 13 years old when she was killed. her family says their life will never be the same. >>you know, i feels like if us yesterday for us it's being so dramatic in and a be really hard to take back you know. i don't think you ever lie. in a move on from like you just how to deal with the pain. >>if they're they have no pads and pens and what they're doing is they're asking the community to write letters to kayla letting them know
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exactly how they feel about her and what happened and they promise that they will take those letters when they visit her grave site in read every letter t'kaila and you can see obviously how emotional as situation is and it's still very emotional for the police chief he's recalling the tragedy christmas hill park remains closed. they still need to do a lengthy cleanup. the police chief says the investigation into the shooting is all but complete. he says that a lot still needs to be done in the gilroy garlic festival well they hope to have it back next year, bigger better stronger than ever. he expects the volunteer spirit. the festival to be a lot better than it's ever been. you know we can't you know on terrorist act by one individual change our lives and the way we do things. and i look forward to working with all these volunteers today. >>to make sure that our festival continues into the future.
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>>as of today go fund me account for the 2 youngest victim said the shooting have raised more than $163,000. new this morning. the sign a form a union police chief darryl mcallister has been charged with murder in oakland. an 18 year-old tyrone mcallister there's his picture there is accused of shooting and killing a 32 year-old man. it happened after a robbery last tuesday night in the uptown neighborhood of oakland, a 28 year-old man is also charged with murder. police say surveillance video connects the 2 men to the fatal shooting. here's video from the previous court appearance tyrone mcallister made headlines last august when he was arrested in connection to the attack at this 71 year-old sikh man in meant he can. all 3 people wanted in connection to the shooting in san francisco are now in custody, the 3rd person arrested was a 13 year-old boy he was taken into custody yesterday in
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oakland. the shooting happened last tuesday on market street video the shooting showed 3 people running one fired shots toward a crowd of people. police arrested 18 year-old iran simpson and 21 year-old elijah earnest on monday. we now know the name of the east bay teacher accused of having 6 with the student the contra costa district attorney's office charged 26 year-old israel lopez was several 6 crimes and there's mug shot right there. lopez worked as a p e teacher at richmond high school since 2017. he was arrested after a after school on monday when a 15 year-old student involved told officers about their relationship. the student said the relationship happened late last year. it continued to go on until recently. along the creek man is charged with possession of child pornographer a grand jury indictment was unsealed against 44 year-old william to shell investigators say they found child pornographer shells email account and smartphone back in may shall
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remain at large until july 20th when police arrested him in kansas and brought him back to contra costa county. too scary situations. women in mountain view after man goes into the women's locker room at 2 separate gyms kron four's j r has the story. >>41 year-old trans and damon quincy jones is facing numerous charges after a mountain view police say he intended to commit a sex-crime in the women's locker. this 24 hour fitness location at 03:15am wednesday. >>that is pretty scary to hear about especially when you're coming or cow really early in the morning which a lot of us have to do being you know workers but wow yeah that's just like super. scary. police say jones was first involved in the incident at this 24 hour fitness supersport location. >>on california street. there officers say he went into the women's locker. and committed a lewd act in front of a woman. he then left traveled
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to another 24 hour fitness location, a block away on showers drive and went to the women's locker room, a female victim, they're told police jones tried to open the door to the shower that she was in she told him to stop and officers say he change the pitch of his voice to sound more feminine. police say jones eventually open the door and tried to touch the victim. the woman screamed and he then walked out of the locker room and left as he was confronted by employees, yeah, i mean we never see that kind of thing around on the air power out to i think we just want this to be a safe place and i'm peace or by honestly officers found jones and his neighbor in walmart parking lot. >>police say that jones was living out of his vehicle in this area. a location with a number of our v's and vans appear to have been there for some time. >>that is a little bit more sketchy over there were people are living in their vans and are these over there by wal-mart but i mean it's it's not something i encounter on a
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day to day so it it's just shocking police are unsure of jones had a membership at 24 hour fitness. >>club patrons acknowledge that there is not always someone at the front the club patrons that i talk with they're not aware of any security measures in place at these 2 clubs i did reach out to 24 hour fitness with a number of questions they reach back out to me with a statement saying we are aware of the incidents that took place in our 2.24 hour fitness mountain view clubs and which 2 females reported a troubling encounter in the women's locker room, the safety and security of our members are of the utmost importance for 24 hour fitness. in mountain view j r stone kron 4 news. >>east contra costa county is now contained the fire broke out just after 5 o'clock yesterday afternoon on the 1200 block of byron highway in byron. firefighters say the wind field flames destroyed 2 barns and a mobile home and
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burned about 5 acres before crews jumped all over and get it under control. the cause of the fire still under investigation. still ahead on the crime. news at person stabbed the east bay bart station and the attacker remains on the loose morning. let you know all about that and in just a few minutes from now bart so tower in san francisco will welcome 3 new officers, what it means for the writers. before we get all those stories, here's a live look outside of the san mateo bridge. it's tough to get up early we all know that but this is the payoff you will not be stuck in traffic at least now crossing that span.
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>>and welcome back to the kron 00:04am morning news time now is for 13 in the morning, mild conditions here but dorian flo but its spirit puerto rico, thank you know what i mean there will be a damage assessment in puerto rico sort
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of saying necessarily that major they were preparing for the worst exheachad these past d on over. what we're seeing now is of rapid intensification of door and you know, and that does mean the potential of something that could definitely a him to have a really major impact on florida. so there you see as a pass puerto rico last night you can see much of the island. >>like will said actually did get passed up, especially that western side now it's the eastern side that is still looking at a few showers and we did actually see some pretty significant storm surge on the eastern side last night. but yeah hour right past the islands now now a category one hurricane expected to strengthen even further to a category 2 storm. eventually category 3 status. as what it's looking like right now is eyeing the eastern coast of florida so we'll be taking a very close eye dorian as we do make our way through the next few days
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obviously as the storm does make its approach to our neighbors down south now as far as we go back here at home couldn't be more the opposite we are in for a very mild forecast ahead of us a look outside at what's going on we do have that low pressure that i had been eyeing the past couple of days. now resulting in rainfall up in the pacific northwest. what is helping to do for us as a result in that nice ocean cool they're really filtering in across the bay, one of the reasons we've had such a mild evening last night and why we're going to continue to have some pretty mild weather today, daytime highs, 60's 70's for san francisco, 60's up and down the coastline do expect a pretty cloudy one a lot like we did see yesterday along the coast while areas a little further away from the water are definitely going to see conditions little bit on the warmer side a the sunnier side but warmer than our coastal areas, not as warm as yesterday is in fact today, the coolest day of your forecast like i mentioned coastal areas going to stay cool under the fog and cloud
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cover our inland areas are going to enjoy some very comfortable temperatures under what will be some clearing skies later on today. pleasanton livermore each 83 for your highs free might union city and hayward in the 70's also in the 70's, oakland berkeley and richmond with berkeley barely even in the 70's only holding on to it at 70 degrees. concord walnut creek danville 86 or 85 while some 70's and 80's continue in the north bay, no 90's out whatsoever today can wave goodbye to those at least for the day today. now tomorrow we're going to be pretty comparable with today so today and tomorrow really are your best states to get outside if you've been for a cooler fall-like feel saturday temperatures warmer and sunday, they'll actually be at their warmest but really not by much we're seeing just a slight bump up and temperatures next week we're leveling out in a range that is very close to average in by wednesday of next week. it's back to this cool fall-like weather so we actually have a
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nice break from the heat that we've experience for so long ahead of us. rebecca. >>all right are heading outside right now and checking things out at the bay bridge toll plaza and this is a your approach here just backed up a little bit and some of the cash lanes you can see that but fast track your movement there just fine but still traffic is light out there so we can try to head out the door soon definitely do so because this is what way too. and of course is only going to continue to grow as the morning progresses 8 minutes across the upper decks, not bad at all for this early hour. checking things out at the san mateo bridge very lightly traveled the right hand side of your screen there that is the commute side and then no delays and it looks like the flat section is problem free as well as a high rise. and as you make your way over to one o one it's going to be nice and easy for you 11 minutes so far on the westbound side commute the golden gate bridge show we're seeing it problem for here out of the north bay, a very similar start to yesterday only 19 minutes coming out of nevada through moran and then eventually across the span into the city checking out
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some drive times around the bay area we're still looking good. but of course it is early right. so 14 minutes from antioch out of concord on westbound for pacheco problem free out 2 danville that's just a quick 15 minute trip and the nimitz freeway looking good from san leandro to milpitas that's 20 minutes on the south on 8.80 side and then only 26 minutes if you are going to be traveling from san jose into palo alto well. >>the back of our police welcome 3 new officers the officers were sworn in at a ceremony the ceremony actually marks a huge milestone for bart police kron four's know al bello explains why. the 3 officers sworn in today make a total of 40 new hires this year alone for bart pd. >>that was the total number they hired between 2017 2018 and she felt her as says having those new boots on the ground is exactly what passengers need. >>my main goal is to make sure visible help out as much as
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possible make al youm us joseph alvarez and stephen say ciao the 3 new bark pd officers who say they're ready to serve the community. >>i've heard the concerns of people not feeling safe. and i guess it all about the community with the good service. and they feel they deserve a service which they do enter and cheese and alvarez says they've heard the concerns from riders about theft. >>violence and fare evasion he says hiring 40 new officers this year alone shows they're dedicated to making everyone who uses bart feel at ease we need to have officers out there and be a deterrent because we know by having cops in the field in our stations in our parking lot is going to turn the crowd all 3 officers transferred from other smaller agencies in the bay area and say the benefits of our pd offers was a big draw. >>for bigger opportunity to o 4 in individual growth in experience and training the pay and benefits were definitely a plus retirement system and we know bart is the
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financially definitely keeps a growing and it's going to continue to grow bart's been on an aggressive hiring spree with the board recently approving the addition of 19 officer positions. >>for the new fiscal year because they know increased visibility alone makes a difference is something we take very serious and you know we have to be aggressive with the hiring process is to try to get people it's or system in it or department to help make or i should feel safe. now the department is still not. >>at capacity and they're urging anyone who might be interested to take another look at what bart pd has to offer in oakland noel bellow kron 4 news. >>happening now this morning police are still searching for a person who stabbed someone in the leg on the platform of arts south hayward stations, the victim was taken to the hospital treated for their injuries and should be okay this morning by police searched the trains for the attacker, but did not come up with that person. police so
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far do not have a detailed description of the attacker. police are also looking for the person who carjacked an airport shuttle from sfo officers say the driver of the shuttle was dropping off a customer. when the carjacker got on the shuttle forced the driver off the shuttle and then drove away. police later found the shuttle all the way in berkeley. if you like taking home those many shampoo and conditioner bottles from hotels, i know i like to you soon will be able to if you're staying at the marriott the hotel chain says it's getting rid of all single use toiletries including shampoo conditioner and bath gel instead, the hotel will provide larger pump top bottles. the switch to larger bottles is expected to prevent about 500 million smaller ones i'm going into landfills. each and every year. the company has already rolled out larger eottles at about 1000 properties. another san francisco favorite is closing its stores this week, the mission districts mission pie
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is closing up shop because the onus simply cannot afford to stay open anymore. mission tie open back in 2007 and according to the owner the cost of operating the bakery has increased substantially over the past 5 years. she says as a result revenue has gone down the cost of operation has gone up and they're losing money mission pies customers are sad to see it go it will be closing its stores finally for good on sunday so get out there and enjoy mission. still ahead. on 4 morning news, a community comes together to remember 2 young kids killed. in a weekend car crash.
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>>welcome back to the kron 00:04am morning news and entertainment news this ni has that and much more in this morning's hollywood minute.
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>>talk about girl power maren morris leads the nominees for this year's country music association awards, the texas native received 6 nominations, including album singer and song of the year for girl plus female vocalist of the year. the cma awards are live from nashville on november 13th. appropriately this year's theme is celebrating legendary women in country music, bribery corruption and money laundering. good lawyers antonio banderas and gary oldman go up against meryl streep in the first trailer for the laundromat. >>steven soderbergh star-studded take on the global money laundering scheme uncovered in the panama papers, the comedy debuts on netflix november 29th. >>i don't know what happens i have done yet.
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>>matthew mcconaughey is going to the head of s literally the communications school at the university of texas has made the oscar winner, a professor of practice to the department of radio televisio 2015 teaching a film production class he developed. >>all right all right all right in hollywood, i'm david daniel. >>here's a live look outside of the bay bridge toll
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