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tv   KRON 4 News at 5am  KRON  August 29, 2019 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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>>a san francisco homeless man seen on video attacking woman ouide her condo could be released from jail today as new charges on the verge of being dropped details coming up in a live report. >>a big overnight development the son of a former bay area police chief is accused in a brutal beating. that now has charge of murder attached to a lot of details straight ahead. >>half a dozen buildings here during an earthquake. we have live reports from u c berkeley. >>od morning, everybody thanks for joining us on this thursday, i'm james fletcher and i will try to infer darya folsom we're almost there guys all of a sudden in was all right, let's get check the weather and traffic rebecca the looking really good it's actually pretty light out
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there so trying to get out of the house now so to avoid all the delays right and we are in a postcard i with a weather situation now. yeah i'd and step outside with ice did step outside with jacket this morning. it was kind of weird >>very mild morning and a very mild afternoon ahead of us so we're sale and through this one today, not a whole lot of change going on here not a whole lot that you should be too worried about there is some low cloud cover that's pushing in on over the bay area this morning. this is actually help to shelter some of that heat a little bit closer to the ground and one of the reasons that we are off to such a mild start this morning hayward in mountain view each at 66 degrees, san mateo san francisco berkeley at 64 each oakland just below 70 right now at 68. so we are very mild to kick things off and look at where we're going to be this afternoon although will make our way out of the 60's were doing so making their way to even more comfortable temperatures 70's 80's by the afternoon ahead, no 90's in this one and
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especially no triple digits. i'm talking the rest of this nice day and a little bit of a warm-up in temperatures come the weekend. still ahead rebecca. >>all right john we're heading outside and checking on things of the bay bridge toll plaza this morning up with there's going to be little bit of a wait in the cash lanes but other than that it looks great, especially kicking off this 5 o'clock hour. a nice quick trip into san francisco minutes for your drive time. so far across the upper deck. the san mateo bridge till smooth this morning, 12 minutes as you make your way from the east bay over to the peninsula on the westbound 92 side when i come back on the richmond center fell bridge and the golden gate coming up james well. >>thank you very much rebecca happening today, the man accused in a violent attack on a woman outside her condo in san francisco will be in court the big question is whether or not he will be released from jail kron 4 sarah stinson is live in san francisco with the very latest on the case or you've been all over this what we know so far this morning.
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>>that's austin minn cent very well could be released from jail this morning. he will be in court and this is for new charges that were filed against him unrelated to the one you were just talking about dating back to february an attack where he apparently his public defender with able to prove that he wasn't even in town in february. he was in los angeles. so that's why they'll be debating this in court today. and you know if the judge agrees with the public defender that he could the released. now take a look at this video is video of bin cent walking into court. back when he surrendered to police for these new an unrelated charges. that was a when he surrendered the district attorney plans to argue against his release in c is still on the hook for the attack of a woman outside her condo you may recall the brutal video, the 25 year-old has pleaded not guilty to the charge charges involved with that attack. judge van aken cause some major controversy in angered a lot of people in the bay area for releasing him
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after that attack that video one viral around the bay area. the judge said in previous court hearings, vincent as a followed all her orders including participating in a supporting program living in temporary housing since he is homeless and wearing an ankle monitor the organization safe embarcadero for all has consistently been speaking out against the judge's decision to release him and they stand by that as she could release him yet again today. >>this is going away doesn't really affect our. first place and i think most san francisco, the service. the fact that this other gone away. really nothing to do it. the attack that happened.
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>>it was after vincennes mug shot aired on the news that victims came forward saying he attacked them too. back in february, but again his public defender has been able to prove that was in him saying you know he has been misidentified as that suspect so again will be in court this morning around just before 9 o'clock wl be iide that courtroom. stay tuned to the kron 4 morning news as we find out more about what happens in san francisco. sarah stinson kron 4 news thank you sarah. >>new this morning. the son of former union city police chief darryl mcallister has been charged with murder in oakland 19 year-old tyrone mcallister and there's his picture right there, he's accused of shooting and killing a 32 year-old man. it happened after a robbery last tuesday night in the uptown neighborhood of oakland. mcallister was with a 28 year-old man who was also charged with murder. police connects the 2 men to the fatal shooting. here's video from a previous court
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appearance tyrone mcallister made headlines last august for this pay this video here when he was connected to the attack of a 71 year-old sikh man in the nt cap. all 3 people wanted in connection to the shooting in san francisco are now in custody, the 3rd person arrested was actually a 13 year-old boy. he was taken into custody yesterday in oakland the shooting happened last tuesday, a market street. video of the shooting showed 3 people running while one fired shots toward a group of people. police arrested 18 year-old little ron simpson and 21 year-old earnest on monday. >>the peninsula and under arrest after going into a woman's locker room at 2 different 24 hour fitness gyms in mountain view and we have a picture of the suspect 41 year-old damon jones he fst went into a gym on california street yesterday morning where he committed a lewd sec's acts in front of a woman. and then went to another 24 hour
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fitness location about a block away on showers drive and that is where apparently tried to touch a woman in the shower. that woman screamed and hit him. he was in confronted by employees. >>yeah, i mean we never see that kind of thing around on the air power out to i think we just want this to be a safe place and i'm peace or by honestly and that is pretty scary to hear about especially when you're coming or cow really early in the morning. >>jones is homeless sees living out of his car. he was arrested in a nearby walmart parking lot. police believe there may be more victims. we now know the name of the east bay teacher accused of having 6 with a student the contra costa county district attorney's office charged 26 year-old israel lopez with several sex-crimes lopez worked as a physical education teacher richmond high school since 2017. he was arrested after school on monday when a 15 year-old student involved told officers about the relationship that student said the relationship happened late last year and continued until very recently. along the creek
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man is charged with possession of child pornographer grand jury indictment was unsealed against 44 year-old windham cash will investigators say they found child-porn in his e-mail account and smartphone this was all back in may casual remained at large though until july 20th. that's when police arrested him in kansas. an extra dime back to contra costa county. >>in the south bay. it's now been more a month since 3 people were shot and killed at the gilroy garlic festival last night the family of a young girl killed in that shooting held a special service in san jose kron four's tale of the sacking. she was there. >>she left legacy of compassion and i think that she's really a hero family and friends honoring 13 year-old keyla salazar during a special ceremony wednesday night and our lady of guadalupe church in san jose today is a. the special day. mary kay that.
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you had to be strong, i got to be strong. the family has to be strong for her she's in heaven she's taking care of all of this wednesday marks one month since a gunman killed 3 young victims, including salazar at the gilroy garlic festival in july i wish. she was here. the love during in telling me i love you so much salazar's got mother elizabeth salah center and can be used come in tell say life hasn't been the same i really strong feeling of grief. you know, i feels like if us yesterday for us it's being so dramatic in. >>and a be really hard to take back you know. i don't think you ever lie. in a move on from like you just how to deal with the pain.
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>>family say killer will always be remembered for her kind and compassionate heart than angel. she likes to help people and that's the way she's always been should give your sweater she knew anything like that. >>family also had the community friends and loved ones write letters to her on wednesday. they say they're going to take every single one of those letters and read them to her at a grave in san jose tell it was key club for news. >>also in the east bay, a brush fire burning in east contra costa county is now contained that fire broke out just after 5 o'clock yesterday afternoon on the 12,000 block of byron highway again that's in byron. firefighters say the wind is what feel those flames and trying to barnes in a mobile home also burned about 5 acres before crews got it under control the cause is still under investigation. police mark a new milestone after welcoming 3 new officers to the force will tell you what it means for passengers. plus there could soon be a
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solution to fix the sinking and leaning millennium tower in san francisco. and neighbors will no longer be able to park their cars on a narrow street in ultimo tell you the reason the city's restricting that park it and temperatures this morning have been very mild so far in the 60's right now and we've got some more mild weather this afternoon, your forecast ahead. >>and it's time to get busy around the bay area here at the san mateo bridge you can already see of the traffic on the right hand side of the screen little bit heavier than the normal that we've seen this morning so far and i do
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...and thursday back to cincinnati . modernized comfort inns and suites have been refreshed because when your business keeps going, our business is you. get the lowest price guaranteed on all choice hotels when you book direct at ready or not, here i come! eww! gotcha! hide-n-stink protection. lysol spray kills 99.9% of odor causing bacteria at the source unlike air fresheners. lysol. what it takes to protect.® >>and welcome back people on the east coast are bracing for hurricane dorian after lashing the caribbean with heavy rain and damaging winds. the storm has shifted course and is headed actually right now towards florida and georgia. forecasters are warning it could strengthen over the next few days too. a category 3 hurricane with landfall expected on labor day.
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florida's governor already thinking preemptively declaring a state of emergency urging people to prepare ahead for a potential major hurricane and have 7 days worth of supplies, ready, including food water and medicine. >>category stream and that's no joke katrina was a category 5. >>yeah, i think to a lot of damage absolutely can and the storm is already wasted no time strengthening to a category one over tonight. it was a tropical storm yesterday as remember us talking about it made its way around right through the islands of puerto rico and the us virgin islands. and in the process of doing so i didn't really lashed puerto rico. as as initially a lot of forecasters were worried could happen so that's a good news for the island of puerto rico, but now as the storm does intensify the a risk of it has shifted to florida a category 2 storm likely by the time we work
5:16 am
into tonight and tomorrow and then category 3 status to be reached the time we reached the weekend now as the storm does approach the eastern coast of florida could be doing so as james mentioned as a very powerful storm hurricane katrina was a category 3 as well and this storm looking likely to maintain that strength all the way as it makes its way towards florida so a very got a storm that everyone is watching very closely right now, especially floridians, currently now here in california it could be much more the opposite. we are nice and calm and if anything for the most comfortable we've been all week skies are definitely on the cloudier side this morning you can think as low pressure to our north and just a general pattern that should set up across the area i can bring in that nice ocean cool there in the air in over the bay area. this morning. it's been some cloud cover that's kept us so mild in this afternoon even as sunshine returns. it will be that nice ocean cooled air that keeps us on the comfortable side all through
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the day, 60's and 70's by the afternoon for san francisco. do expect some cloudier conditions for coastal areas. well, some sunshine for inland areas today and a lot of temperatures will still be in the 80's but quite the comfortable range of 80's low 80's across the south bay just think 2 days ago we were in the low 90's so this is a 10 degree cool down in just a matter of a couple of days 70's for free might union city and hayward while 80's over in the tri valley stretching all the way up to concord which will be a 86 today 70's from castro valley through oakland and eventually up to richmond 70's and 80's for the north bay, no 90's up here and i don't think any of us are going to be missing them today. it is such a comfortable range of numbers all across the bay area, not just for today, but also tomorrow with that cloud cover this morning lingering into the afternoon for coastal areas may even feel like a touch of fall for you today and tomorrow after this saturday sunday and monday, especially we are going to be seeing the return of some more summer-like temperatures near
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90 if not into the 90's for inland spots before next week again we cool down to that fall like feel i think we're all going to enjoy today. rebecca. >>yeah, we're definitely enjoy on the cooler weather john looking forward to it. well i have a brand-new fender bender in the east bay if your commute is on westbound 80 it's an elsa bront a right at the hilltop dry blocking a couple lanes being can see the back of their the rather orange color on your screen traffic very slow trying to make a your way out of hercules and then getting into our richman's going to be a little bit slower than normal until crews can actually the vehicle out of the roadway. here's a look at your drive time on the west than 80 from the crockett area out to the maze that standing at 28 minutes right now until crews are clearing a better news though here at the bay bridge toll plaza, it's still pretty light this morning, a look at the back of behind the cash lanes really thinning out right so it's going to be a straight shot in the san francisco. 11 minutes in fact across the upper deck to the freeman street exit so things are looking good there. the richmond center fell bridge
5:19 am
very lightly traveled here only 7 mines to make your way to the north and connect with one oh one and the golden gate looks great. so speaking of 1, 1, it's going to be problem free from nevado highway 37 through moran and then across the span and into san francisco told right time of just under 20 minutes. check your livermore valley commute coming up in just a bit chains. >>to the east bay now are people living on a narrow street in the oakland hills are losing their public spots for public safety reasons we've got heatheh ridgeway it's less than 20 feet wide. it doesn't allow enough room for fire trucks to safely get through if there are cars parked on that street and because of that the city of oakland now says it is restricting parking on both sides of that street despite complaints from neighbors. >>hey we all want to be fabulous if the street were clear all the time and fire trucks can go racing up and down the street that would be awesome but the problem is a little more complex than that they hate argue to make this.
5:20 am
area less accessible for fire trucks because sunday monday too. but and the other hand we live here. >>the city says the no parking signs for both sides of the street will likely be posted sooner rather than later, but no official date has been set yet. san francisco's troubled millennium tower a tentative settlement is in place now that will compensate owners and pay for repairs. the towers been sinking and leaning as we know for some time which has led to a series of lawsuits against the project developer and the government agency that oversaw the construction of the adjacent transit center. the first part of the new agreement will pay for repairs to the building. the other provides compensation for condo owners whose property values to it. >>people who bought there were denied the investment they should have gotten other words that property is not worth as much as the surrounding neighborhood and it should be. >>repairs to the tower expected to take about 18 months and they're hoping to get that underway. by february of next year. and national
5:21 am
headlines the trump administration is making it more difficult for kids of some members of the us military who live abroad. >>to automatically become citizens and that is according to a policy alert released by us citizenship and immigration services, the rule appears to primarily affect the children of naturalized citizens serving in the military who have not lived in the us for the recall required period of time, the rule also affects certain other us government employees living overseas. the rule does not affect anyone born in the us, however, president trump did recently say he is also considering ending birthright citizenship. i made one million donation to help fight homelessness and the bay the money will be split between the salvation army's silicon valley community center in san jose and it's harbor light center right here in san francisco. the community center will spend $1 million on renovating
5:22 am
the facility to triple the amount of space and incorporate a housing complex. the harbor light center will use the remaining money to focus on veterans programs and services. still ahead on the >>use a community comes together to remember 2 young kids killed in a weekend car crash. and a woman spots bobcat in her east bay neighborhood while walking her dog will tell you why experts say sightings like that that likely to happen more often. i mean, if you haven't thought about switching to geico, frankly, you're missing out. uh... the mobile app makes it easy to manage your policy, even way out here. your marshmallow's... get digital id cards, emergency roadside service, even file a... whoa. whoa. whoa. whoa. whoa. whoa! oops, that cheeky little thing got away from me.
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advil is... relief that's fast. strength that lasts. you'll ask... what pain? with advil. >>in the east bay abbas that has been spotted in walnut creek. these are pictures from red deer road near cardigan court. the woman who took the pictures she says the animal was about 20 feet away from her and her dog. experts say as housing continues to expand into the hills where the bobcats that's their home. we're going up to their home. we should expect to see more bob cats and other big lions roaming around. >>but human expansion, especially here in the bay
5:26 am
area we're moving into their natural spaces and when we take their homes. they will lose some space until they also might venture into our yards. >>urban sprawl experts say bobcats will rarely show aggression towards humans, but they say it's still important for all of us to maintain our distance. >>the buildings here on campus possibly it's time for the biggest sale of the year on a
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>>all right. we are back at 5.30 we've got john and rebecca here for checks of weather and traffic before we get back to the news of the world so far been behaving right really that it's really light out there and thinking maybe because the holiday weekend maybe folks are taking the day off because metering lights aren't even on the bay bridge is not normal set of listen and people home because it's so comfortable on to work for the ac it's true seeing now they don't need that anymore. >>also i saw couple my friends posting they're taking an early labor day weekend. really i don't know what those
5:30 am
are but. maybe the next for 5 days you and say what on the roads here knows but uh. if you're heading north this morning you are hopefully going to be enjoying some really good weather because what we're looking at these next few days is some really comfortable almost fall like weather. this late summer day this is your first light of day there's the lick observatory one of my favorite shots across the bay you can see those skies are pretty clear. once you head up above the bay in the bay though we've held on to some cloud cover which is actually helps keep our temperatures pretty mild during your overnight hours. that's why we're hanging out in the 60's right now easily 5 to 10 degrees warmer than we were at the same point yesterday conquered 67 right now oakland just 2 degrees shy of 70 degrees at the moment. and later on today our daytime highs for most areas are going to be in the 70's 80's this is just a little bit below average for this time of year really
5:31 am
comfortable weather to be enjoying. definitely cloudy or start with cloud cover remaining at the coast, but sunshine returning for al all other areas in the day, i've got more on your forecast still to come rebecca, let's get a look at those empty roads right. it is been pretty empty the normal right for a thursday. >>so yeah it looks like maybe a lot of folks taking the labor day holiday off a little bit earlier because look at this the bay bridge toll plaza normally we see it packed here meeting lights normally are on. but not the case this morning in fact it's going to be a nice drive across the upper deck in the san francisco only 12 minutes so far it's going to be a little bit sluggish to the island. but once you get on towards the fremont street exit. it will be an isis street shot into there. we do have an accident still brewing it's and also brought a it's blocking the right lane it is causing some backup coming out of hercules it's going to be slow. but it's westbound 80 right at hill top drive. so just keep that in mind your total drive time. coming out of the parking is bridge area. the croc an area all the way to the maze it continues to
5:32 am
climb about 39 minutes now as you make your way up towards the maze and then trying to get on to what the upper deck in the san francisco. all have a more on the richmond sandra fell bridge and the golden gate in just a minute james all right rebecca, thank you 5.31 the big story we're following this morning. >>a half dozen buildings at u c berkeley apparently have been deemed unsafe. >>if there's a powerful earthquake and they have to go through that and make sure that it is safe for everybody kron forced christina teacher is live at u c berkeley to break down some of those buildings they're under a microscope this morning, christina. >>yeah so they are actually doing testing over all of their campuses here at u c berkeley that about 600 buildings in multiple different cities across the bay area and within those there are about a 100 of them right w that are in question. but 6 here on the main campus that are definitely deemed, i'm a bit unstable and unsafe. however luckily they do say the actual
5:33 am
structure of them is okay, but in case of an earthquake. their size make rating in evaluations are not doing okay, there. now one thing to note is that per u c berkeley, this is not really a surprise they say obviously living her in the bay area. they know how close they are to the hayward fault and it runs right through campus. i want to go ahead and show you here on this screen. where those buildings are let's couldn't take a look at those we've got don or lab edition. duran hall evans hall moffat undergraduate library stephen's hall and wellman hall again those are the 6 that they've really deemed to possibly unsafe here because of seismic testing in evaluations they are doing now right now they're still in the middle of those evaluations. throughout there's over 600 buildings across all of their campuses so right now they're still in the middle of evaluating exactly how much it's going to be to offer any types of repairs or structural not necessarily repairs but structure uh you know adding to the structural integrity of
5:34 am
those buildings and it's looking right now possibly that that could go up to billion across all the campuses reporting live here you see berkeley christina kron 4 news at thank you christina. >>3 new bart police officer have been sworn in in bart police say it marks a huge milestone for the department. the higher now makes 40 new bart police officers just this year alone interim chief at alvarez says it's part of the effort to curb staffs, violence fare evasion throughout the bart system. i mean let's face it a lot of our writers they don't feel safer on the trains and that's the goal is to make them safe. bart police well they want the public to know they are dedicated to making everyone feel a lot better when they're on the trains. >>we need to have officers out there and be a deterrent because we know by having cops in the field and in our stations in our parking lot is going to turn the i've heard the concerns of people not feeling safe and i guess it all about the community with the good service. and they
5:35 am
feel they deserve a service which they do. >>part has been on an aggressive hiring spree with the board recently approving the addition of 19 officer positions for the next fiscal year bart says an increased police presence that definitely does make a huge difference and it makes a lot of people feel a lot better. happening now police are searching for a person who staff someone on in the leg on the platform of parts of south hayward station. the victim was taken to a hospital to be treated for the injuries and is expected to be okay this morning by police officers they raced to the station they searched the trains but by then the attacker was long gone. police so far they don't have a detail description. the person they're looking for. >>the for the person who carjacked an airport shuttle from sfo officers say the driver that shuttle was dropping off a customer when the carjacker jumped in forced the driver off the bus and then drove away. police later found that shuttle in berkeley. also in the news in
5:36 am
the east bay, a community remembers 2 young siblings killed in a rollover crash. classmates and family came by to pay their respects at a vigil for the 2 children that were killed over the weekend that vigil was held at richmond college prep or 10 year-old jessie contreras and his sister 13 year-old see that see clia contreras went to school. >>choose a pillar in our community. and i really think that shown by outpouring of love both i did you know community. >>so jesse was probably i'm one of my sweetest students. he always had a smile on his face. loved playing soccer. being active. >>the siblings were killed in a rollover crash outside of bakersfield. they were inside the car when the driver drifted into the center divider on southbound 5. the driver overcorrected the car ended up veering to the
5:37 am
shoulder and then flipping multiple times the 2 children were both ejected. and again died from their injuries. >>berkeley's mayor wants to serve another term in office there is right there. he has unched his reelection campaign yesterday citing his opposition to the president as a key reason why he thinks he will win. in a statement, he said in part it's critical for cities like berkeley the take on challenges facing the 21th in the 21th century. now jesse are going he became the city's first latino mayor when he was elected back in 2016. speaking of president trump he plans to visit the bay area next month, the president's website says a fundraiser luncheon will take place on september 17th. the location so far has not been announced tickets start a $1000 per person up to a $100,000 for a couple, the luncheon will mark his first visit to the bay area as president.
5:38 am
>>morning news rideshare drivers are calling on state lawmakers to improve their work conditions will tell you when those lawmakers are expected to take action. plus the niners get ready to host the chargers today at levi stadium. we'll have the last preseason game before the regular season and what we can expect. and san francisco favorite is closing its doors this week and neighbors are sad to see it go. and a nice start to the morning with temperatures solidly in the 60's across the bay oakland at 68 antioch at 67. >>where we head next to your forecast is that. >>busier here the san mateo bridge you can see on the right hand side of your screen a lot of brake lights but no delays so far 13 minutes over to does your battery deliver
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[far♪ers bell] (burke) a "rock and wreck." seen it. covered it. at farmers insurance, we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ >>another san francisco favorite is closing its stores this week, the mission districts mission pies closing up shop because the owners simply cannot afford to stay open anymore. mission pie opened 12 years according to
5:42 am
the owner. the cost of operating the bakery has gone up substantially over the past 5 years. she says because of that revenue has gone down rent has gone up and they're losing money mission pies customers are sad to see it go. if you want to go out there and try to get your hands on some of the last items the doors will be closed on sunday. so you have a few more days left. >>here's a quick live look outside we've got our camera here at the embarcadero showing us well it's a nice maybe a little chilly for some but all in all it can be mild day we'll be right back.
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>>back at 5.45 we've got john here look at the forecast for us on this thursday, we're what is the last week of august next week we're all in september so we're rounding it out on a a warm note, yeah i would say we're rounding it out on a better now and the way we started it we all pretty toasty august has been on fire that was has august
5:46 am
and you know what the summer was fairly mild intel, this point and then we really kicked it up a notch out. >>now we're taking it back down so finally get back into play with some more comfortable temperatures back to the 70's 80's something we've waited for for what it feels like a while now you look outside at the sales first tower a lot clearer than it was yesterday when the top of the tower was obscured by some fog this morning. it's a low lying cloud cover. that's pushing in for the most part across the day making your view from berkeley not much of a view at all at this point. now skies are gradually going to clear out inland but they're going to stay pretty cloudy for coastal areas a lot like yesterday and we can think are cool day ahead of us to a nice ocean cold air mass that is pushing ride in over the bay today helping to cool us off and just keeping things pretty comfortable into the afternoon, not just at the coast will be in the 60's and 70's but even for inland areas where daytime highs at the max today, we'll be peaking in the 80's were waving goodbye to the 90's and we wave goodbye
5:47 am
to the triple digits. a few days ago. now we're looking at are a much more comfortable range of numbers still certainly warm in areas like los gatos at 84, but hey 84 sure beats the 90's san jose 83 today, free might union city and hayward in the 70's while the tri valley on up through while the creek in concord in the mid-eighties oakland berkeley and richmond 70's for you a little on the cool side compared to yesterday while benicia right 80 degrees napa 81 in fairfield at 84 today towards the coast. some cloudier skies and some 60's in stinson beach in point rays while 80's will be felt from sandra fell on up one oh one to santa rosa today into tomorrow, not a whole lot of change here in fact both days are almost identical to one another saturday just a little bit warmer sunday being the warmest day of the forecast on average for highs will still be only in the upper 80's and went to though with a few 90 sprinkled in there for a some spots into next week temperatures will return to that fall like feel
5:48 am
come wednesday. so a mix of some late summer weather and even the earliest since the fall ahead in the forecast. rebecca. >>all right john we're checking out the bay bridge toll plaza approach to the meter lights are on i spoke too soon, but hey look at this traffic pretty light the right, especially for this hour. so the back of not too bad, even in the cash being lanes so it's going to be a nice trip across the upper deck. it's a little slow and stretches to the island, looking good as you make your way towards of the fremont street exit under 15 minutes out of the east bay into the city, it's packed here at the san mateo bridge. but you wouldn't know it though by the drive time look at that only 13 minutes out of the east bay over 2, one to one. on the peninsula so not too bad at all here accident free problem free. so that's going to be a nice commute for you so far and it's really light here the richmond sandra fell bridge. not a lot of folks but only a 7 minute trip a quick one and to the north and making that connection with 1 one. still dealing with his fender bender accident its an elsa bronte west on 80 right at hilltop drive. it is still causing a
5:49 am
delays. this is going to be out of the hercules area they're going to start to see us some of the slowing and again it's right at hill top still blocking that right lane chp hoping to have that clear though, but your drive time in the meantime standing at about 43 minutes coming off the car keen as bridge and the crockett and eventually to the macarthur maze, let's check the golden gate coming up in just a bit james. >>it's time now 5 4900's of uber and lyft drivers across california now urging state lawmakers to make a change in the gig economy with kron four's capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explaining now what this is all about. >>making a lot of noise outside the state capitol wednesday. uber and lyft drivers demanding to be hurt. a long line of cars comprised of hundreds of drivers from across the state and support and maybe 5 >>and given at content is though more employees workers and allow human beings. we deserve to be treated with respect and dignity, not just
5:50 am
the treated that way that the odds even us right be 5 would reclassify gig economy workers as employees instead of independent contractors supporters say companies misclassified workers to get around labor laws. opponents worry ab 5 would clash with other state laws that would make it difficult for uber and lyft to continue allowing flexible schedules. >>taking advantage of the noisy debate new rideshare startups like or botta. >>the midwest based app that allows drivers to set their own re owners say they support a b 5, but whatever happens with the bill won't affect their business model as we think. >>workers should organize we think workers need benefits and if you're a good economy worker that you don't have access to before one that's primary job with the tire and how do you prevent economic security. >>the senate appropriations committee will decide whether to move forward with a b 5 friday, reporting in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>to some bay area football.
5:51 am
the 49 ers host la chargers today and their last pre season game running back jerick mckinnon. another setback for me is open to get back on the field last year he tore his acl he sat out all last year never got back and now the team says he's had some problems and he could be placed on injured reserve we just don't know yet there he was trying to the practice. tonight's game against the chargers it kicks off at 7 o'clock at levi stadium. so expect traffic in the area. meantime the only raiders they travel to seattle to take on the seahawks and their last preseason game that game also kicks off at 7 o'clock tonight. all other teams in the nfl and the pre season today to get a week to recover before the start of the regular nfl season that kicks off next thursday with a game between the packers and the bears. >>the family has filed a lawsuit against the police after a fatal shooting while searching a home. we have the
5:52 am
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>>welcome back 5.54 kitten close to 06:00am now in golden gate bridge, not looking bad one bit. you can see all the way across it that's because even though we do have cloud cover it is sitting above the bay this morning so really not causing you to terribly many visibility issues musher right along the coastline on the peninsula or heading up into the hills this morning while coastal areas will remain cloudy in one sunshine is to be expected. 60's for your current temperatures all ocin san jose each concord 67 oakland at 68 and look how much warmer we are to start than yesterday was up 9 degrees compared to the same time yesterday in nevado rebecca. >>all right john checking things out for your west on 80 ride, this is a coming out of macarthur maze heading towards of the bay bridge toll plaza approach here. just a minor way to some of the ca being
5:56 am
lanes yes, a meeting lights are on this morning. but it's going to be a pretty nice drive into san francisco very light for this hour even getting in towards of the 6 o'clock hour 13 minutes. so far over to fremont street. james. >>back at 5.56 is that i'm still ahead on the kron 00:04am morning news, the homeless man caught on camera attacking a woman outside her san francisco apartment is due back in court today as efforts to stop a homeless shelter for being built along the embarcadero are heating up and a man is arrested after walking into the woman's locker room at 2 separate gyms one case. police say assaulted a woman. and one month after the gilroy garlic festival shooting a south bay community comes together to celebrate the life. the one of the youngest victims. lowe's knows you do it right by finding the best deals on paint and stain. we do it right too, with big savings on top brands like valspar, cabot anhgtv home by sherwin williams. the time is right at lowe's. how do you keep feeling your best all summer long?
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>>good morning everybody 06:00am here on thursday
6:00 am
august 29th, we're rounding out. through august. thank you for joining us on james what does that is that the weekend i will try to infer darya folsom all right, let's find out about weather and traffic before we get to those headlines. yeah i mean it looks good, you guys it almost seems like the weekends here because it's been so light on the roads this morning. >>some people are being note earlier thinking maybe for the holiday weekend and it's very comfortable and they're out this morning they are enjoying some comfortable weather to start will be doing the same into the afternoon. >>now it's going to get warmer then we are this morning, it's not going to be warmer than esterday in fact much cooler today, the coolest day of the week and it's going to feel a little bit like fall after what we've experienced the past couple of weeks. >>which has been some hotter weather. you're look at the live look observatory this morning showing the evidence of those low clouds and a push in across the bay, but also the sunlight that we're going to see into the afternoon for the vast majority of the day our coastal areas will remain pretty cloudke


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