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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  August 29, 2019 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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... killing a person person riding a bike... the driver of the s-u-v ran from the scene. good evening -- i'm grant lodes... (vicki) and i'm vicki liviakis...this happened at the intersection of story road and south jackson avenue around 3:45 this afternoon. traffic just started flowing through the busy area within the last hour.kron4'n thorn is live in st san jose tonight..he joins us with more on what happened..dan?
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(vicki) in the east bay --
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a 12-year-old girl is recovering after injuring her head in a hit-and-run. it happened just after seven this morning on sunset road at trailside drive in brentwood. police say the girl was walking to school when she got hit by an s-u-v. she was airflited to a hospital in sacaramento. police say -- they arrested the driver who left the scene. the driver faces charges for felony hit and run...and suspected d-u-i. (grant) vallejo police are looking for the suspects responsible for áthis burglary check it out - thieves were caught on camera breaking into cars last happened in the parking lot of a shopping center off admiral callaghan lane in vallejo.kron 4's taylor bisacky is live there now.taylor, criminals are using newer techniques with these break ins? (pkg)thieves caught on camera...breaking into cars and stealing
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(grant) now to some developing news... oakland police are investigating a shooting that injured two men
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this afternoon. these are pictures from the scene. this was just before 2:30 on 61st street -- just off market street. it's not clear what prompted the shooting. and police have not released descriptions of the suspects. (vicki) a san francisco dog recue is asking for the public's help in finding these three puppies. áfamily dog rescueá says -- two purebred huskies and a pitbull were stolen last night during a break-in. the puppies range from just a fee weeks old to four-months-old. the huskies -- levi and lara -- are siblings. the rescue is offering a reward for their safe return. if you have any information about where the puppies may be -- call the family dog rescue in san francisco. (grant) the homeless man accused of violently attacking a woman outside her embarcadero condo in san francisco .... will stay in jail. that's despite the fact ... that new charges against him ... related to a second, separate accusation... have been dropped. kron4's maureen kelly reports.
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austin vincent was visibly
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(grant)right now it's a parking lot for muni employees... but it will soon be a temporary space for homeless people who live in their vehicles.(vicki)kron 4's gayle ong has details on the city's plan for a "vehicle triage (tree-aazh) center" gayle. yes, a temporary site, people who use it will be allowed to stay for up to pkg: there will be
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(vicki) now to an update on hurricane dorian... we now know it is a category 2 hurricane and is expected to continue strengthening over the weekend as it advances toward florida. dorian is
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expected to become a major hurricane tomorrow and make landfall on florida's east coast on monday night.(grant) now we want to turn it over to chief meteorlogist lawrence the latest. lawrence.
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"this is like local takeout joint i feel part of the community part neighborhood but right now i feel like i am being punished for a crime i did not even commit"(grant) thousands of dollars taken from a family owned restaurant.... the money stolen during an early morning break-in..(vicki) kron 4's justine waldman spoke to the restaurant owner about e crime that happened to his business it is a story you will only see on kron 4. ánote second version does not mention mexican restaurant
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(vicki) 18 - new security cameras are now working ong al stockton street in san francisco's chinatown. city leaders announced today -- the high- definition cameras cover stockton street, from the tunnel at sacramento street to washgton street. footage from the cameras will be used to help the community and police when criminal activity takes place. the new cameras come ... after a public meeting last month about security in chinatown. police say, there have been at least 8 -high profile violent attacks there. they say -- they have also beefed up foot patrols ... the northeast community
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federal credit union and s-f safe... paid for the cameras. (grant) in the east bay. police are releasing video of a violent robbery in pinole. it happened monday night at a pizza hut on tara hills drive. two robbers wearing masks stormed in - jumped the counter...then pointed a gun in an employee's face. at one point the suspects punched and kicked the victim... before getting away with cash. but as the call was being sent out to police... the suspects' car was spotted and pulled over. officers arrested three men. two of whom were identified as the suspects in this video. all three are in jail -- on various charges including robbery. (vicki) a 64-year-old man was viciously attacked and killed while walking in a park near his home in tracy this hundreds of people in his community are coming together to remember him. (grant)as joe khalil reports... they held a vigil thursday night in the park where he was killed. --nats--through the
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a big scare at a south bay school..after two mountain lions were spotted lions were two mountain school..after a south bay a big scare at a big scare at a south bay
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school..after two mountain lions were spotted nearby.the first sighting happened around 8-30 this morning near the chaboya middle school a shelter in place was ordered for both chaboya and nearby tom matsumota elementary school. san jose police and fish and wildlife searched the area, but the big cat was gone. police say a neighbor saw a mountain lion in the same area yesterday morning.the shelter in place was lifted...but a "limited shelter in place"
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remains in effect..which will keep students indoors during p-e. (vicki) now to some troubling news surrounding former warriors nter demarcus cousins. an arrest warrant has been issued for cousins on a misdemeanor domestic violence charge. it's been processed in his hometown of mobile, alabama...and according to reports, it's a 3rd-degree harassing communications charge. this comes days after his former girlfriend released audio...of a man said to be threatening to shoot her in the head. as of now, no arrests have been made... the n-b-a and the lakers are also investigating the incident. (vicki) the u-s coast guard seized more than 38 million dollars worth of cocaine from suspected drug smugglers. authorities believe cartels have been smuggling the narcotics. now more than 28-hundred pounds of pure cocaine won't reach the streets. the california based coast guard crew behind the bust returned to los angeles -- after 50 days patrolling the eastern pacific ocean.
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(grant) for your health tonight -- a statewide health alert has been issued for lung injuries related to vaping cannabis, cannabis oils or nicotine products in sonoma county.(vicki) health officials say the state has seen three dozen reported illnesses related to vaping since june and now officials are warning doctors to look out for common symptoms seen with e-cigarette use. in king county, seven of the patients with vaping-related illnesses had trouble breathing and were diagnosed with bronchitis or pneumonia. each of those patients used cannabis vaping products prior to their hospitalization. in the last three months, there have been 193 cases of vaping-related illnesses across 22 states, including california. just last week, health officials in illinois linked a patient's death to vaping. the person in illinois suffered from lung disease and was hospitalized after vaping, according to the illinois department of public health. (vic) the on-demand
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delivery company door-dash has joined uber and lyft in threatening to put a measure on the california ballot regarding how it treats it workers, upping the total pledged spending amoung all three campanies to $90 million. the campaign announced today is aimed at forcing a deal with lawmakers and unions on legislation around the rights of workers in so-called gig jobs. it comes as a bill that would make it harder for those companies to classify their workers as independent contractors makes its way through the legislature. the companies argue that labeling their workers as independent contractors allows their workers to have flexibility. (vicki) coming up -- an alarming discovery made on a college campus after two-thousand rounds of ammunition was found in a students car... details ahead. (grant) plus -- a mother seen at a bus stop with an assault rifle , after her son told her he was beiing bullied on the bus. why she says, it was all just a misunderstanding. (vicki) and a major retailer may be getting ready
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apple sent invitations to the media today for an event next month -- at which apple is widely expected to unveil its latest models of the iphone. (vicki) it's set for september 10th at the steve jobs theater at apple's headquarters in cupertino. apple has hosted a press event in early september to announce new iphones in each of the last seven years. among other announcements, apple is reportedly planning to launch three new iphones this time, including two "pro" models to replace the iphone x-s and iphone x-s max. the pro models are said to feature new and improved video recording and camera features. apple may also give final details and pricing for its streaming tv service, apple tv-plus. (grant) clothing retailer
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forever 21 may be getting ready to file for bankruptcy. reports say the company is preparing for a chapter eleven filing. forever 21 has been working with consultants in an effort to restructure its debt. the company has also been trying to get additional financing ... but so far, nothing has come through. bankruptcy could cause problems for mall owners, since the company has a significant mall presence. forever 21 was founded in 19-84 and currently operates more than 800 stores around the world. (vicki) up next -- 14 years ago today nearly 15-hundred people died after hurricane katrina swept through new orleans... how the mayor is commemorating the lives lost and how far the city has come.
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(vicki) president trump talked today about the potential of hurricane dorian slamming into the florida coast in the coming days. he says says his administration is ready. cnn's jim acosta reports.
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orleans is commemorating the 14-th anniversary of hurricane katrina. mayor la-toya cantrell joined residents and officials to lay a wreath at the katrina memorial on canal street. the mayor said it was important to remember how far they've come... nearly 100 unidentified victims of the massive category five storm are laid to rest at the memorial. the final katrina death toll is
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uncertain, but the national hurricane center says... more than 15-hundred people in louisiana died. (vicki) gilroy police reported today that one additional man was struck by gunfire in the garlic festival shooting on july 28th, bringing the total number of victims to 17 injured and three dead. police said the additional victim suffered a graze wound to his head that required stitches. (vicki) two-thousand rounds of ammunition... that's what authorities in las vegas say a student had in his car -- parked on a college campus. shayn striegel was arrested yesterday at the college of southern nevada. police say he had a rifle and two-thousand rounds of ammo in his car. firearms are prohibited on nevada system of higher education campuses, including those kept in parked vehicles. striegel told police he forgot it was in his car.authorities don't believe there is an ongoing threat at the college. (grant) in north carolina -- a mother was caught on camera with an assault rifle
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at her kid's bus stop. but she says the video could be misleading... she says on the first day of school her 11-year old son left his middle school on the bus - during the ride - he texted his mom - saying another student on the bus was bullying him! she wanted to talk to the school bus driver about it but before the bus arrived she says she saw dangerous animals coming out of the woods near her home. (grant) she says she still had the rifle in her hand when the bus driver called her over and talked with the bus driver about the bullying incident. deputies investigated and they say the woman didn't assault anyone, point the gun, or make any threats. (lawrence bay area weather)
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(vicki) and i'll takes us to a spot wher you can get authentic japanese street food right here in the bay area. that's next on dine and dish. (grant) in sports... the a's continue to battle in the american league wild card race... mark has the highlights... coming up
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baseball-- seeing the entire spectrum on this trip... they'll spend the weekend in new york facing a yankees team with the top record in the american league. but first, time to finish off a royals team that's among the worst in baseball. --we get right to it-- top 4th... 2-1 royals... jurickson profar tees off on glenn sparkman... deep to rght- centerfield and gone for a 2-run home run... his 17th of the season... oakland takes a 3-2 lead. --next inning... seth brown... he's had a great start since being called up... lines one to centerfield... mark canha scores...5-2 a's... brown with 4 hits and a couple of rbi --bottom 5th...kc making a run. cheslor
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cuthbert... pulls one deep and off the wall in left field... two runners score... royals cut it to 7-5 a's... chris bassitt gave up 5 runs in 4 2/3 innings --top 9th... what a play 8-7 a's... runners on 2nd and 3rd... corban joseph pops one into foul territoy... cuthbert comes over to make a nice catch falling intthe dugout... but... by rule... because he was out of play the runners both advance... the a's score an insurance run --and they would need it as liam hendricks gave up a run in the bottom of the frame... but clinging to a 1-run lead, he struck out bubba starling swinging to end the game --a's win 9-8... tampa bay also won so oakland maintains a 1-game lead for the 2nd wild card spot --back at oracle park, giants-padres. beautiful eary evening in mccovey cove... unfortunately that was as good is it got for giants fans --top 3rd.. scoreless... manuel margot... takes dereck rodriguez deep to left-centerfield... it is out for a 2-run home run... 2-0 padres --top 4th... 3-zip san diego... austin hedges... goes right at rodriguez... another 2-run longball, leads
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to a 5-run padres lead. the giants rallied for a couple of runs in the 9th but it wasn't enogh... 5-3 padres is your final... san francisco is now 7 games back for the final playoff spot coming up on kron4 sports at 10, preseason finales for the raiders and 49ers. we'll have the highlights. more news after the break.
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when you think japanese food - sushi comes to mind. but there is oh so much more to the cuisine.(vicki) tonight on dine and dish - i take us for a top-rated taste of japanese upscale street food at rintaro.
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(vicki) you can submit your favorite restaurant, bar, cafe or food truck to dine and dish. send an email to dine and dish at kron 4 dot com... or you can go to our dine and dish facebook page. (grant) now to our four zone forecast... as we take this live look outside at the embarcadero... joining us now is chief meteorologist lawrence karnow... lawrence karnow:
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mother's marijuana. so why does this matter? well because science tells us the higher
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the thc delivery, the higher the risk.">(vicki) america's top doctor has a new warning: put down the pot if you are expecting... or if you're under eighteen. the surgeon general says no amount of marijuana during pregnancy or adolescence is safe. (vicki) doctor jerome adams says pregnant women are using marijuana more than any other illicit drug.(grant) he says the drug is linked to dangerous changes in the brain -- both in fetuses and young people who are still growing. the department of health and human services warns the marijuana available today is often several times stronger than it was a few decades ago. 33 states have legislated some form of legal marijuana -- either recreationally or medically. (vicki) a new study suggests a possible link between unhealthy food and depression in teenagers. researchers analyzed 84-middle
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schoolers from low-income communities in birmingham. tests found high levels of sodium and low levels of potassium in the group. they also saw symptoms of depression with the children and their parents. a year and half later-- researchers tested the group again and noticed more signs of depression. (grant) now take a look at this -- crew members and passengers stepped in to help an autistic boy on a united airlines flight from san diego to houston. four-year-old braysen usually loves to fly, but he was having a lot of trouble on this particular flight. his mother says he took off his seat belt before takeoff, saying he wanted to sit on the floor. when his parents tried to get him back in his seat, braysen began kicking and screaming, preventing the flight from taking off. during take- off, flight attendants let braysen sit in his mother's lap with his father holding him. then they let braysen sit on the floor during the flight. (vicki) up next -- a scammer got
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more than he barganed for after calling a police officer by mistake. the message she has for other would-be scammers looking to take advantage of people. it's time for the biggest sale of the year on a
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reportedly taking a break from performing.(vicki) according to 'the sun' -- sheeran made the announcement on the final night of his world tour in ipswich, england. he said it would be his last gig for probably 18 months. sheeran has been touring since 20-17... playing to an estimated nine million people. but financially he should be fine.sheeran raked in hundreds of millions on this tour. this isn't the first time the british singer has taken a break from the spotlight. in 20-15, he took time off after a tour to spend more time with his then- girlfriend, who he has since
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married. (grant) a woman in north carolina got a phone call from a man trying to scam her out of her personal inforrmation-- he claimed she was going to be arrested if she didn't provide him with her social security number and bank account information. but this just wasn't any woman-- ann stephens is the apex police department!so stephens used her experience to show how to deal with phone scammers. when the man told stephens she man told when the scammers. when the man told stephens she was facing charges and a sheriff's deputy was on the way... she gave him the address for the police department. stephens had someone record the conversation.. and then posted this video to the police department's facebook page. needless to say, the scammer didn't get anything from her! stephens wants to remind others, "don't ever give out your information. and don't verify information even if they have it." (grant) that wraps up kron
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4 news at nine...(vicki) but our primetime coverage continues at the top of the hour. pam moore and ken wayne are here with kron 4 news at ten....guys? (pam) thank you grant and vicki.... next at thousand car breakins this year alonethat's what one bay area community is dealing with.and now thieves are using technology to find out which cars to hit.what you need to know to make sure you are not a target. plus.... a bay area restaurant robbed...not once, but twice with the criminals getting away with thousands of dollars. now owner believes he is being targeted.we'll hear from him in a story you will only see on kron 4.(pam) and we are tracking hurricane dorian as it picks up steam in the atlantic.our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow tells us when that powerful storm is expected to make landfall.(ken) don't go away...hour three of kron 4 news in primetime starts right after the break.
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