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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  August 29, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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(ken) now at ten -- a
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search is on for the driver of áthisá s-u-v that police say -- hit and killed a person riding a bike today in east san jose. thanks for joining us. i'm ken wayne. (pam) i'm pam moore. the hit-and-run happened at the intersection of story road and south jackson avenue around 3:45 this afternoon. traffic started flowing through the busy area late this evening. kron4's dan thorn is live in east san jose tonight.. he joins us with more on what happened. dan?
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(ken) in the east bay -- a 12-year-old girl is recovering after suffering a head injury in a hit-and-run. it happened just after seven this morning on sunset road at trailside drive in brentwood. police say the girl was walking to school when she got hit by an s-u-v. she was airflited to a hospital in sacaramento. police say -- they arrested the driver who left the scene. the driver faces charges of felony hit and run... and suspicion of d-u-i. (pam) happening now -- oakland police are investigating a shooting that injured two men earlier today... these are pictures from the scene. police say, it happened just before 2:30 on 61st-street -- just off market street. officers say - -they found two men suffering from gunshot wounds. it is not clear what prompted the shooting. police have not released any updates on suspects. (pam) a san francisco dog rescue is asking for the public's help in finding these three puppies. áfamily dog
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rescueá says -- two purebred huskies and a pitbull ... were stolen last night during a break-in. the puppies range from just a few weeks old ... to four- months- old. the huskies -- levi and lara -- are siblings. the rescue is offering a reward for the animals safe return. if you have any information about where the puppies may be -- you are asked to call the family dog rescue in san francisco. (ken) vacaville police are looking for a man who robbed a credit union this afternoon. police say the robbery happened around 12:20 at the golden one credit union in a strip mall in the 100 block of nut tree parkway. officers say -- a man in his 20s or 30s gave a teller a note demanding money but did not show a weapon. right now -- the only description of the suspect is that he was wearing a black t-shirt. (ken) vallejo police are looking for the suspects responsible for áthis burglary check it out - thieves were caught on camera breaking into cars last friday.. it happened in the parking lot of a shopping center off admiral callaghan lane in vallejo.(pam) as kron 4's taylor bisacky learned tonight --
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criminals are using newer techniques with these break ins. thieves are
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tonight -- florida is under a state of emergency with hurricane dorian getting stronger... and closer by the hour. (ken) dorian is expected to hit the sunshine state as a category four storm. tonight -- president trump says -- his administration is ready. jim acosta reports.
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(pam) that was jim acosta reporting. the hurricane threat grows .... as much of the country gets ready for the labor day holiday.(ken) kron 4's grant lodes ins us in the studio with how families in florida are bracing for a major storm instead. (grant) pam and ken... we are still ken... we are still four days out we are still ken... we are still four days out and the path of the
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storm is still in flux. this is what dorian looks like from space.. it's massive... the storm will continue to grow for the next few days... and that includes the eye of the storm. people in florida are not taking any chances. the state's governor signed an emergency declaration for every county in the state the the governor urged
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everyone to have at least seven days worth of supplies. floridians áareá heeding the warning... stocking up on essentials. dozens of people lined up at this costco today to get food, water and other tools. the essentials also include gas. long lines all over the state. several gas stations were several gas stations were out of gas by this afternoon. . the kennedy space center is also preparing for the worst. today -- crews starting moving the mobile launch site off its pad and into a building. the crawler moves at about one mile an hour, so the task took about eight hours. nasa is also expected to keep the kennedy space center visitor complex closed sunday and monday... and tours are
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canceled for saturday. (grant) southeast georgia also at risk. officials are urging more than 20-million people in both georgia and florida to stock up and stay alert for potential evacuation orders. pam and ken -- back to you. (pam) thanks grant. our team coverage on hurricane dorian continues tonight...(ken) chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is tracking the storm from our weather center.
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right now it's a parking lot for muni employees... but it will soon be a temporary space for homeless people who live in their vehicles. today --the san francisco planning commission voted to turn the space into what's called a "vehicle triage (tree-aazh) center" ... kron 4's gayle ong joins us live in san francisco with details. gayle?
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(pam) a former treasurer for a
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teacher's union.... is charged with bank fraud and theft of union asssets. a federal grand jury indicted 50-year-old ákenneth morrisá of alameda today .... with eight- counts of theft and bank fraud totaling more than 18-thousand dollars. according to the indictment -- morris was the treasurer for the american federation of teachers - local 22-40 .... when the alleged crimes happened last year. the union represents teachers employed by the archdiocese of san francisco and the diocese of san jose. morris pleaded 'not guilty' today.. he was released on bond. (ken) the homeless man accused of violently attacking a woman outside her embarcadero condo in san francisco .... will stay in jail. that's despite the fact ... that new charges against him ... related to a second, separate accusation... have been dropped. kron4's maureen kelly reports. (pam) (pam) 18 new security
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cameras are now working along stockton street in san francisco's chinatown. city leaders announced today -- the high- definition cameras cover stockton street ... from the tunnel at sacramento street to washington streets. footage from the cameras will be used to help the community and police .... when criminal activity takes place. the new cameras come after a public meeting last month about security in chinatown. police say, there have been at least 8 high profile violent attacks there. police say -- they have also beefed up foot patrols ... the northeast community federal credit union and 's-f safe'... paid for those cameras. (ken) now to some troubling news surrounding former warriors center demarcus cousins. an arrest warrant has been issued for cousins on a misdemeanor domestic violence charge. it's been processed in his hometown of mobile, alabama... and according to reports, it's a 3rd-degree harassing communications charge.
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this comes days after his former girlfriend released audio of a man said to be threatening to shoot her in the head. as of now, no arrests have been made... the n-b-a and the lakers are also investigating the incident. (ken) take a look at this. the u-s coast guard seized more than 38 million dollars worth of cocaine from suspected drug smugglers. authorities believe cartels have been smuggling the narcotics. now more than 28-hundred pounds of pure cocaine won't reach the streets. the california based coast guard crew behind the bust returned to los angeles -- after 50 days patrolling the eastern pacific ocean. (pam) these new sculptures are turning heads in southern california. the sculptures outside the laguna beach city hall ... depict a group of men wearing hoodies with their faces blocked from the sun -- while taking part in outdoor activities. the city says -- the installation features five people playing lawn games and activities ... in the age of global warming. but the
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installation is getting mixed reviews. (pam) the (pam)for laguna> (pam) the sculptures are set to be on display through october. (ken) state lawmakers will decide tomorrow -- if they want to move forward with a measure demanded by rideshare drivers. a major company that' joined a fight áagainstá the measure. (pam) plus -- a surveillance video just released today ... of a violent robbery in the east bay.. (ken) and an effort launched in sacramento today aimed to cut prescription drug prices. just when you thought you were done painting...
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dollars... that's how much the federal trade commission says -- americans spend each ar on prescription drug prices.(pam) the commission blames the high prices on so-called ápay for delayá deals... and
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tonight -- california lawmakers are pushing to end the practice. lawmakers say -- ápay for dealá is a tactic companies use to slow generic drug manufacturers from releasing the lower cost medication. áassembly bill 824á aims to stop it. assemblyman ájim woodá of santa rosa and attorney general áxavier becerraá worked together on the measure. the two recently announced a 70- million dollar settlement.. with four pharmaceutical companies caught making' pay for delay' deals. ((assm. jim wood -d santa rosa)) "what's the point of life saving medications if people can't afford to use them? with this bill, california can take the lead problematic, price gouging tactic."(ken) pharmaceutical companies argue the law changes the framework for evaluating patent settlements and could risk generic medication remaining off the market entirely.(pam) tomorrow -- the appropriations committees in both chambers w... ill decide whether to pass or kill hundreds of bills.(ken)
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it's one of the final hurdles for california laws with the end of the legislative session in two weeks. (lawrence)ten at ten ♪
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joint i feel part of the community part of the neighborhood but right now i feel like i am being punished for a crime i did not even commit">(ken) thousands of dollars taken from a family owned restaurant.... the money stolen during an early morning break-in..(pam) kron 4's justine waldman talked with the restaurant owner about the crime at his business .. and another ... in the same san francisco neighborhood. it is a story you will only see on kron 4. nats sizzle
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(ken) east bay police are releasing video of a violent robbery in pinole. it happened monday night at a pizza hut on tara hills drive. two robbers wearing masks stormed in - jumped the counter...then pointed a gun in an employee's face. at one point the suspects punched and kicked the victim... before getting away with cash. but as the call was being sent out to police... the suspects' car was spotted and pulled over. officers arrested three men. two of whom were identified as the suspects in this video. all three are in jail -- on various charges including robbery. (ken) a big scare at a south bay school.. after two mountain lions were spotted nearby.the first sighting
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happened around 8-30 this morning near the chaboya middle schoola shelter in place was ordered for both chaboya and nearby tom matsumota elementary school. san jose police and fish and wildlife searched the area, but the big cat was gone. police say a neighbor saw a mountain lion in the same area yesterday morning.the shelter in place was lifted...but a "limited shelter in place" remains in effect..which will keep students indoors during p-e. (pam) in the east bay... the brentwood unified school district has a new app this year .... aimed at keeping kids safe. it's called - "say something"... and it allows students and parents to submit safety concerns at school... "anonymously".. the app encourages them to report any threats, dangerous behaviors, actions, or harassment. the crisis center behind the app will then review and send all submissions to law enforcement... or school administration. turning now to weather
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with lawrence karnow. lawrence karnow: sunshine returned after patchy fog this morning. it was mild to warm with highs slightly cooler then normal. hurricane dorian looks even more dangerous now as it
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(pam) a health alert is in effect across california tonight because of lung injuries related to vaping cannabis, cannabis oils or nicotine products. the state department of public health reports -- since june -- it has identified 38- potential cases of acute lung disease ... among people with a recent history of vaping. the u-s centers for disease
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control and prevention... and the federal drug administration ... are investigating 193 -potential cases of severe lung illnesses linked with e-cigaratte products in 22- states. one death was confirmed in illinois. (ken) east bay health officials are working to get control of the opioid epidemic. contra costa health services says state data show 52 reported deaths in 20-17 were opioid related. that number jumped to 81 in 20-18. now the county is announcing it's prevention efforts... including urging people to learn about narcan.... which can help save people who overdosed... and finding out where to diose of prescriptions.
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people --- narcan is available over the counter at many pharmacies. (pam) a school district in bakersfield.... is investigating an incident involving the school's gay straight alliance. emma lockhart reports. a meeting aimed at
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(pam) the school district released a statement saying in part -- the kern high school district and frontier high school .... recognize that students have varying viewpoints and opinions. one of the goals of the educational process .... is to teach students how to communicate respectfully. (ken) in national news -- president trump is continuing his push for a sixth branch of the military .. the united states space force. reid binion has the latest. pres. donald trump: "those
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the project to extend bart
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into santa clara county is getting 125-million dollars from the federal government. the second phase is a six - point -six mile project which adds four stations in san jose and santa clara. stations already finished in milpitas and san jose's berryessa neighborhood ..... are already set to open this december the v-t-a got the federal money after putting up 75- percent of funding locally. the agency plans to ask for a total of 1-point-4 billion in the coming years. (ken) the on-demand deliry mpany ádoordashá is joining uber and lyft in threatening to put a measure on the state balllot about how it treats its workers. the 90-million dollar campaign announced today aims to force a deal with lawmakers and unions on legislation around the rights of workers in so- called gig jobs. it comes as lawmakers consider a bill that would make it harder for those companies to classify their workers as independent contractors. drivers for uber and lyft were in sacramento yesterday -- urging lawmakers to pass the measure. (ken) a movie shot in and around the north bay hits the
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big screen tomorrow night. hear from the movie's producer about how he is turning petaluma into hollywood north. (pam) in sports... the 49ers and raiders play their final pre-season games ... and the battle for backup quarterback for both teams was front and center... mark has the highlights... cming up
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geico. it's easy to manage your policy whenever, wherever. can i trouble you for another marshmallow? (pam) hollywood is coming to the north bay tomorrow night.. with a big movie premiere. it is the story of a motorcycle racer.. who gives up his career for the army.(ken) the new film was shot in and around petaluma... and is the latest project from a movie producer who grew up there.
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(pam) the movie is opening in a thousand theaters across the country tomorrow night. (ken) the red carpet premiere will take place tomorrow night at the boulevard cinemas in downtown petaluma.
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toss to sportssports toss to toss to sports much has much has changed over the last few weeks. the giants go from being in the wildcard hunt to now having a 0.1-chance to make the playoffs... --tonight, san francisco hosting the padres at oracle. --beautiful eary evening in mccovey cove... unfortunately that was as good is it got for giants fans --top 3rd.. scoreless... manuel margot... takes dereck rodriguez deep to left-centerfield... it is out for a 2-run home run... 2-0 padres --top 4th... 3-zip san diego... austin hedges... goes right at rodriguez... another 2-run longball, leads to a 5-run padres lead. the giants rallied for a
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couple of runs in the 9th but it wasn't enogh... 5-3 padres is your final... san ancisco is now 7 games back for the final playoff spot --a's and royals in their season finale. --top 4th... 2-1 kc... jurickson profar tees off on glenn sparkman... deep to rght- centerfield and gone for a 2-run home run... his 17th of the season... 3-2 a's --to the 5th... seth brown... he's had a great start since being called up... lines one to centerfield... mark canha scores...5-2 a's... brown with 4 hits and a couple of rbi top 9th... 8-7 a's... corban joseph pops one into foul territoy... cheslor cuthbert comes over to make a nice catch falling intthe dugout... but... by rule... because he was out of play the runner from 3rd advances and scores... a valuable insurance run for oakland --and they would need it... as liam hendricks gave up a run in the bottom of the frame... but finished the 5-out save. --a's win 9-8... tampa bay also won so oakland maintains a 1-game lead for the 2nd wild card spot
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now to the nfl-- the regular season begins a week from tonight, but first, the 49ers and raiders... putting an end to the exhibition schedule. --kyle shanahan... will have some big decisions to make this weekend to get that roster down to 53 --here is the play of the game... jeff wilson jr... reverses field and check out c.j. beathard... great job blocking down field... wilson is all the way in the end zone... a 41-yard tochodown run... beathard was also 6-of-9 passing for 58 yards and a touchdown -- final score... chargers win 27-24... the 49ers open the regular season a week from sunday in tampa bay --meanwhile... jon gruden has a decision of his own regarding who will be derek carr's backup --mike glennon... hits marcell ateman for the 22-yard catch and run to set up a field goal... glennon was 9-of-13 for 78 yards --his competition... nathan peterman... finds keelan doss on the crossing
10:51 pm
route for 14 yards to set up another field goal... peterman's numbers... 20-of-27 for 158 yards... doss... the undrafted rookie from alameda... led the team with 6 catches for 63 yards --final score..17-15 black open their season two monday night's from now... at home versus the broncos fnally... from today's u- s open festivities. --colin kaepernick and kobe bryant in attendance to watch top-seed naomi osaka against magda linette. --and the defending tourney champion...unstoppable...cruisi ng in straight sets. -up next, what a showdown...she'll meet 15-year-old coco gauff, who is the youngest player to reach the 3rd round since 1996 --also worth noting, wimbledon champ simona halep upset by 116th-ranked taylor townsend. thank sports. weather tease.
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news continues on our 24/7 streaming service called "kron-on."... it's commercial free. (ken) sanaz tahernia is standing by in the newsroom with what we're working on......sanaz? thanks pam and ken... we're continuing to track hurricane dorian as it gets stronger.... the national hurricane center upgraded the storm this evening to a category two.....with winds increasing up to 105 mph. dorian is expected to make landfall in florida as a category 4 storm on monday. every county in florida is under a state of emergency as the state prepares for what may be the strongest hurricane to hit its east coast in nearly three decades. officials say the heavy rains from dorian can cause life- threatening flash floods in that area. we'll have
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that story and more on kron on at 11... back to you... (pam) thanks catherine - make sure and download the kron on app -- to get 24/7 commercial free local news coverage. lawrence karnow: sunshine patchy fog this was mild to highs slightly normal. dorian looks dangerous now as it open waters to strengthen. forecast to category 4 hurricane with landfall in labor day. on the pacific you system coast. high pressure will build to bring warmer this holiday tomorrow will be mostly patchy highs will be in inland with 70s aroudn the bay coast. the weather stays middle of next just when you thought you were done painting...
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