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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  September 10, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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>>a controversial vote tonight on the first homeless navigation center in the city of fremont thanks for joining us and age, i'm ken wayne and i'm catherine hainan in for pam moore, the city council is deciding between the city hall parking lot. >>and aside off dakota road in the northern part of the city kron four's michelle kingston she is live in fremont where hundreds of people showed up to make their voices heard some of them behind you michelle what's happening.
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children there brothers
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sisters, and we need to take care of >>we want to build a city hall. we believe that that is the best location we have from a lot of research in 2 looking at foot programs. jobs. transportation. >>obviously if anybody hears about something going up in their neighborhood they're going to say we we we we we give me a minute i need to think about.
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>>all right michelle be washing and all night long thanks for that report meantime a pilot program offering safe parking to the homeless is undergoing some scrutiny by city leaders in san jose as kron four's rob fladeboe reports motel vouchers could be offered to families with children. >>staying at one of 3 sites out of concern for their safety. >>driving last horrible was street across from the 7 trees community center. he's in an area that has been played often on my crime and gang issues in recent years. the location is just not a good fit for homeless families with children, jose mayor sam liccardo finance clear that we need to move the families that are there 7 trees into motel rooms that's much safer place for them to be. >>and much better for the families and and frankly. this was the wrong model for that. >>problem opened in november at 7 trees and also at roosevelt and southside
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community centers, the safe parking lots are available from 07:00pm to 07:00am point out the crime problems predate the safe parking program despite worries about the 7 trees side safe parking works says the mayor that is working for me the singles and couples that we have for example, roosevelt. >>and in west side where we know this providing a safer spite for folks. just need somewhere to stay we hope that was some supportive services. hopefully the help in getting jobs again back on their feet folks are able to move to something much more permanent. >>it's not clear how many homeless people are living in our v's and other vehicles in parking on city streets, somewhat puzzling is the fact that all 3 of the safe parking sites have so far been under utilized. the city council though is considering a recommendation from staff to expand the city's motel voucher program to include eligible families who have been spending nights at 7 trees in the near term or moving the families out of
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this location in the motel rooms, they'll be better off there. and will continue operating this location. i believe until we can find another location. >>in san jose rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >>meantime president trump is pushing for a crack down on homeless encampments according to white house spokesperson. president has a team developing policies to deal with the homeless crisis in california saying certain cities have caused an increase in poverty leading to public health risks. a white house official has confirmed a team is in the state saying they're gathering facts and learning more about the crisis. it's not clear yet how tough to crack down on homeless camps would be we'll continue to monitor this story. >>and happening now we're taking a live look at sfo are more than 300 delayed flights have made for another very frustrating day for travelers. it was day 4 of a 20 day construction project on one of
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the major runways from fresno biello joins us live from the airport to 300 flights as a lot know well how long of the airline's known about this. >>that's actually the exact question i was getting from a lot of passengers today and airport officials tell me that the airline and we're notified about this 6 months ago, they said that several of the airlines canceled flights to prepare for all of this. but as the days go on and this construction continues. many more flights are needing to be canceled or delayed significantly and. passengers i spoke with say they really don't think they were notified proper. >>3 hours. >>308 delays and more than 100 cancellations still the boards at san francisco international airport tuesday. travelers say they did what they could to
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get where they needed to go. >>the message came across a park. it's too late. downtown. look the same time that our flight was supposed to leave. >>flights like riches that are rising at sfo are seeing the biggest issues that's because runway to 8 lead. main runway for landing aircraft is undergoing construction through the end of the month. >>although this project is focus on runway 2, 8, left the work is actually happening where it intersects with other runway so at any given point during this project there's always going to be runways at our airport that are shut down. >>they knew that it was calm and i don't know for how long. >>as a foe says they alerted airlines back in march about the planned construction. they chose september because it wouldn't disrupt busy summer travel. but even with notifications on their website and social media posts, some passengers feel they got the message a little too late we made our reservation about 6 weeks ago.
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>>i would assume the airlines on them. >>and flying into a different airport is one of the options that passengers definitely have of the year the report is urging them to go ahead and contact their airline if they're flexible and they can potentially get sent to a different bay area airport i do know that united is waiving change fees and today, delta announced they would be doing a onetime wave for change fees as well. the next 3 days though are actually going to be the test here catherine in cash and they say that wednesdays through fridays are their busiest travel days. so they're going to have to buckle in and see just how many delays and cancellations they accrue then all of this construction is expected to be wrapped up. friday september 27th live at at san francisco
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international airport and well below par. >>thank you know well not soon enough from their saw a lot of travelers and taking a live look outside a beautiful september night alex crystal clear out there, let's get the word from chief meteorologist lawrence karnow what's happening out there, especially at the airport to i mean the problems they're usually with weather causing delays for this just adds to that oh my gosh this is really bad. i mean boy in a 3 week, the weather got bad and the worse but. >>looking out toward the sfo right now you can see we've got a mostly cloudy that begets what's happening out there can at least do not way do not land and that is causing some problems out there tonight and look at the delays a 215 minutes that's right over 3 hour delays at sfo oakland, no delays there are no delays we reporters san jose and to that construction and those delays will continue winds kind of the big story today kicking up this afternoon, some of the winds up 30 miles per hour along the coastline in the sfo but now beginning to weaken somewhat
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still 20 miles per hour there sfo 10 in the pacific 10 into san francisco 12 in of the nation also the concord 18 in the byron. but wake up tomorrow morning. we'll see maybe just a couple of patches, a coastal fog and that's it and then it's going to be gone sunny skies temperatures going to be warmer by noontime and then the afternoon 80's and 90's inland 70's 80's around the bay. temperatures getting closer to 70 degrees near the coastline. >>thank you lawrence and now to some a troubling news regarding former raiders receiver. >>antonio brown has been in the news a lot the last few weeks with this is completely different the controversial nfl walked away from oakland and is now a member of the new england patriots, he's been accused of sexual-assault sports director mark carpenter joins us now with the details is just broke a few hours ago, yes, right and this goes far beyond training camp antics right here. this is a very serious legal matter very disturbing allegations that surfaced of this evening. the lawsuit was filed in brown's home state of florida by a woman he met in college and later became his trainer. she
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accuses him of sexually assaulting her on 3 separate occasions, the woman's name is brittany taylor, she and brown met all of our both attending central michigan university. she says the incidents first happened in june of 2017 when during a training session. he exposed himself kissed her without her permission. later that month they were watching television at his home win. he started masturbating any jackie waited on her back the suit features text messages from brown in which he's bragging about that particular incident. taylor says the 3rd assault happened in may of 2018 when brown pushed her onto a bed and quote forcibly raped her while she screamed for him to stop and repeatedly said no to a statement from his attorney brown has denied all allegations claiming any sexually contact was consensual. his attorney said quote, mr. brown's accuser has continually posted photographs of mr. brown on her social media in an effort to financially benefit from his celebrity mr. brown whose heart work and dedication to his craft has allowed him to rise to the top of his
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preferred profession, refuses to be the victim of what he believes to be a money grab. it is not clear if the accusations were reported to the police also worth noting these incidents allegedly happened when brown was a member of the pittsburgh steelers. it is unknown what kind of information was made available to them. the raiders for the patriots as of now no comment from the nfl back to come in catherine all right mark we'll keep an eye on it
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>>is your home earthquake ready that's a big question for a lot of people it was built before the year 1980. it might be susceptible to a major damage if the big one hits and kron four's michelle kingston she talked with the retrofitting expert about. >>what you need to do to keep your home safe. >>and i i do want to worry about it anymore. >>john, but you know, he's oakland hills home was built in 1950 i didn't want to blame myself for being say cheap. >>and not doing the right thing. if later an earthquake hit. and the damage would have been maybe in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. >>earlier this year he hired tay when to read trusted his home so when the earthquake to happen. there's a big chance that the lakes could fold and house to collapse his hope to keep his home from falling off its concrete foundation during an earthquake. >>all the old equipment in the old bolts. >>the materials and the size of the bulls. insufficient tay
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when is underneath that you know he's home in the crawl space showing us how we retrofitted this 2500 square foot ranch. >>making the home safer and hopefully eliminating major damage should an earthquake happened. >>these type the homes are usually the most susceptible to earthquake damage the heavy weight on top and a very fragile small wall that's holding it up when says holmes on hills like action nellie's and once built before 1980 or won't he retrofits the most. >>it's because of the anchor bolts. use. income boats in 1980 were non calvin eyes. >>so they resting now homes built on slabs are built. >>after 1980 normally don't require retrofit when says if you're in an older home are fearful of possible earthquake damage to check out the state's brace in bold program which reimburses you for straightening your home up to
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$3,000. in oakland, michelle kingston and for news. >>and be sure to join us this saturday night at 7 o'clock for a one hour special on surviving the big want everything you need to know from understanding how early warning systems work, deciding what to put in your earthquake kit again that's saturday night at 7. 4 zone forecast as we give you a live look outside at the embarcadero in the city and lawrence karnow is here and you're talking mid to late summer heat wave here we go i mean this is what we get. >>at this time are really get that here on in you get those offshore winds that air sinks is approaching the coastline. and we skies look at this and i shot over city of san francisco right now nice and clear as we've got a high pressure beginning to build in that ridge will settle in over the next few days bringing some offshore winds. and yeah it is going to crank up the heat outside today, temperatures kind of took a hit a bit remember we had a cold front that moved through today and as it moved on by brought in that nice see breeze cool temperatures down around much of the bay area several parts of the north bay
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so numbers coming down across the board running below the average but not bad in the san francisco, breezy though 6, 7 degrees there 73 and oakland 77 degrees in san jose 76 in livermore 83 in concord and 85 degrees today in santa rosa. another cold front begin to develop in the gulf of alaska that is pretty impressive looking and there is a systems having started to put themselves together now sign of things change in the atmosphere, numerous thunderstorms in the sierra and a lot of wind along the coastline now we're still seems a breeze out there the temperatures not bad mid 60's in the san jose 65 in redwood city 58 cool and breezy in the pacific a 66 in oakland now 64 in dublin, 71 still warm in concord 66 in the napa valley and 64 degrees in petaluma but tonight we are going to see a mostly starry skies just a couple of patches of fog moving along the immediate coast line tomorrow, mostly sunny and warmer that heat wave on the way watches high pressure building in that is going to send the jet stream to the north of storms tracking to the north as well
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we're going to see some offshore winds getting hot public some 90's, maybe triple digits as we head into friday. >>all right. thank you. lawrence may have some breaking news richmond police chief all when brown he is out the embattled chief resigned today, according to the interim city manager and the announcement comes less than one week after the richmond police officers association found that 86% of the department's rank and file officers, disapproved of brown's leadership. in other news dive teams today they continued searching for the last victim in the dive boat fire 34 people were trapped on the boat conception when it burst into flames and. >>sank to the bottom of the ocean off the coast of santa barbara kron 4 grant lodes joins us live now with the latest on the investigation where things are going back a couple things of tender them namely the whether they were unable to. >>get under the water the past couple days because of high winds and as of now just 33 of the victims have been found the search was halted this
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weekend and yesterday because of the rough seas and high winds but authorities have stayed on the scene to enforce the safety zone around this site so it has not been compromised. and now the fbi is looking for pictures and videos related to the fatal boat fire as part of its criminal investigation. the fbi. the coast guard and us attorney in los angeles are all involved in this investigation trying to figure out if the captain and boat owners followed all of the safety requirements and protocols. salvage operations to raise the conception out of the water. also resumed today. the sheriff says the preliminary examinations indicate that all the victims died of smoke inhalation before they were burned and but they were burned and so badly everyone on that scuba diving boat that they could only be identified through dna. now 27 of those people have been identified and authorities are working to
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release the remains to their families. 18 of them. we're from the bay area and surrounding areas in northern california. catherine can now back to you all right, thank you grant. >>the california assembly has passed legislation to let college athletes make money this sets up a confrontation with the and cia could jeopardize the athletic futures programs at usc ucl a stanford the bill would let college athletes hire be paid for the use of their name or likeness. it would stop universities and the nca from banning athletes who take the money universities, they oppose this. the nca has warned it could mean that california universities would be ineligible for national championships. the california senate must take a final vote by friday. >>former oakland raiders marshawn lynch is bringing a new professional team to oakland's lynch is now the co-owner of an indoor football team called the oakland
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panthers the team is likely to begin its first season in oakland in march. lynch and the indoor football league say they hope the panthers will fill the gap and oakland left by the raiders and the warriors. >>there's opportunity gives us something to rally around and as a as a community. >>family friendly entertainment, a affordable price for the family to enjoy that's what we pride ourselves on here at the indoor football league. >>the next step for the pastors is to build a team they plan to hold 5 tryouts including one of them in oakland. >>san francisco bitten again by a homeless man a violent trend and one city neighborhood with the business owner now threatening to close down. >>oakland police officer is being credited with saving a raiders fans life at the game. the game. monday night we speak w ...6, 7, 8 the game. monday night we speak w ♪ ♪ ♪ big dreams start with small steps...
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>>the raiders were inside the coliseum monday night last night winning on the field first responders were outside the stadium trying to save the life of a football fan in the parking lot. >>kron four's haaziq madyun talk to an open to police officer played a key role in saving that man's life. it's a story you'll see only on kron 4. >>so now you just push no s those times for a minute and just keep going to that person it's a >>oakland police officer daniel motives is demonstrating the cpr technique he used to help
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revive a bed suffering from a medical emergency here in the parking lot of the oakland coliseum during monday night's raiders game i was assigned as a bicycle officer. >>we patrol around the lot and make sure everyone is safe and there are a lot of raider fans out home opener. a lot of people i'll tell you they crossed out. >>he says it was around 05:30pm when the call came over the radio of an adult male in need of assistance, he picks it up from there. >>when i arrived on scene. i saw and i started doing cpr on this settlement i was down on the ground. at that point checked for a pulse had no polls there clinically dead at that moment officer mullen says for the next 15 minutes, a group of first responders continued taking turns applying cpr until miraculously. >>the victims. paul's return. he says it was the result of a joint effort to save a man's life. >>because of chest compressions and because of the quick cpr by bystanders and quick cpr bias in the quick response from actually the paramedic units. that this
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point is still alive the 5 year oakland police veteran also happens to be one of the lead instructor is a first date at opd that is one of the reasons why says he's thankful. he was nearby. >>with this medical emergency occurred. >>air out people and then. every opportunity to do that. i'll take every single one of them in oakland has he met you kron 4 news. >>coming up governor, newsome signs a bill banning suspensions for children who display quote willful willful defiance. well expla at aetna, we find that inspiring.ot game. but to stay on top of your game takes a plan. that's why aetna takes a total approach to health and wellness. with medicare solutions designed to help you age actively. aetna medicare solutions.
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>>it's gotten really now. the violence associated with what's going on in the soma neighborhood. >>a san francisco, a business owr who says he was bitten by a homeless person for the second time in 4 months that his south of market shop. the victim says that homelessness and drug addiction in that area are fueling an increase in violence and crime. >>and now that shop owner says he might closes doors for good kron four's maureen kelly reports. >>the teeth marks and bruises on the 67 year-old arm would have been much worse had he not been wearing long sleeves when he tried to subdue a man who allegedly pushed his sister she come out from behind the register at harvest urban market to inject the homeless man for the second time that day. >>and i was holding onto him and he twisted his head and he bit my arm.
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>>police arrested 29 year-old adam ashe brock for aggravated assault and battery shopkeeper gillis to song a says he was bitten once before while trying to stop a shoplifter back in june to some of has taken pictures of encampments near his business. he says his back door will soon aeed to be replaced because it's out after being urinated on so many times and they create a lot of garbage. >>this piece is on the sidewalk people is on our back door. it smells you know it's a public health you sense, the public health department is warning to keep everything nice but you walk outside the door and it's just. it's like to play all over again. it's really really bad. >>he says he often finds people selling and doing drugs inside his restroom sun every half hour to hour. we have some kind of incident >>they should be facilities where people can do drugs there's needles everywhere
8:32 pm
people have threatened me with a fair breeze deputy communications director responded in part by saying everyone deserves to feel safe. >>where they live and work in the status quo on some of our streets is unacceptable and pointed to efforts the mayor is making to expand conservatorship laws reform the mental health system, an increased police foot patrols. >>this is not the first time it to sony a has had problems with homelessness that ended up negatively affecting his business. last year he closed his market street location. 28 years in business because of similar problems. >>and now after this latest incident the small business owner is considering closing his south of market location as well because he says the crime. his neighborhood, his driving business away maureen kelly kron 4 news. >>me nofor our 4 zone forecast as we show you a live picture of a clear golden gate bridge and chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here in lawrence you're saying that we got lots of lightning today,
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dozens of lightning strikes and across the northern sierra nevada nothing here in the bay area but yeah, cold front actually swing in through the state and help to kick up the winds for us we saw a few clouds but storms really lighting things up in northern california see the lightning strikes coming down there and certainly throughout the evening hours look at a lightning around susan bill head in toward reno numerous thunderstorms towers. a lingering across the sierra nevada than dying down as the sun set losing a lot of energy there. but tomorrow we're off and running i think some warmer temperatures upper 60's in the san francisco, mostly sunny skies, upper 70's and oakland. they were in the 80's in the san jose overnight lows. yeah, it will be a little cool little bite in the air as you head in the north bay down low 50's maybe some upper 40's by a some of the valley's overnight tonight, otherwise we're going to see some nice temperatures by day effect tomorrow. we begin that heat up as these numbers going to be moving in the 60's and the 70's in the san francisco, 64 and 7 to 16 nona inside the bay were up in the 70's in millbrae beautiful sunny day
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there 75 in burlingame 79 carlos 83. redwood city the south bay europe in the 80's in most spots getting warm and then the east bay this where we start to crank up the temperatures 80's some low 90's by tomorrow afternoon about 80 in hayward 77 in san leandro 79 in oakland, 81 hercules, 91 get hot in concord into the delta 80's going to be calm and they're 90 in fairfield about 84 in the napa valley while the coastline, maybe it's i 70 degrees kind of a hint of things to come in each and 85 degrees in petaluma so the next couple of days, the temperatures there comes a little heat wave is with the numbers soaring in the 90's maybe some triple digits as we get into friday cooling down slightly on saturday much cooler a few more clouds coming on sunday. and now to our continuing coverage of bills being sacramento, just commenced reports on a new bill signed by governor newsome banning suspensions for students who displayed quote. >>willful defiance.
8:35 pm
>>students who act out in school will be staying put in their classrooms. thanks to a new bill signed into law by governor gavin newsome monday. 10 till 4.19 band elementary and middle schools from suspending students for willful defiance students who are being resistant. >>in a nonviolent way perhaps verbal leave talking back to the teacher for not responding to a command. >>troy flint with the california school boards association says they backed the bill because of growing evidence that students of color and those with disabilities are being punished more often practicality it's really important because when kids aren't in school. they're not learning data from the california department of education shows while black students make up just under 6% of the school population, they account for nearly 16% of all willful defiance suspensions. worry instituting a band without requiring more training for teachers, it simply won't work. you don't leave it with early academic intervention. >>should be done with an. >>rivers school with some mental health services were
8:36 pm
stains. school nurses to have early intervention programs in and then train. >>taking a left rice president of the sacramento city, teachers association says school staff to its cultural and implicit bias training to make this successful as well as training on de-escalation techniques other than suspension now. >>need our school districts to prioritize the funding and resources to our school sites to support our students. >>as districts discuss the details of putting this new law into practice. parents are also split on the decision if they do something wrong that they should get in trouble for it the suspended me is something that's a good thing you know it's >>so child learns how to right their children. >>growing they're learning the suspended from school isn't helping him at all. the coast guard rescued 24 crew members from a capsized ship off the coast of georgia. now the problem is the ship.
8:37 pm
>>itself could calm what it could do to the economy and the environment. also we've been seeing so much of damage and destruction from dorian but coming up the story of a woman in the bahamas who says an angel. >>helped her and her autistic the wait is finally over.
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the new samsung galaxy note 10 with the powerful s pen has arrived at sprint. and you get it for 50% off when you switch. yup. that means less than $20 per month. so what are you waiting for? for people with hearing loss, visit for your health tonight, another death from lung disease related to vaping it was announced today in kansas. >>and that brings the total number of us deaths to 6 and
8:40 pm
that is prompting authorities around the country to put out warnings regarding e cigarette use camila bernal has the story. >>for more than 2 years piper johnson vaped regularly but everything changed when a sudden and severe lung illness all the stuff that i've been doing like past 2 years that i thought was completely harmless has. >>silently been killing me johnson is alive to tell her story but according to health officials 6 others around the country are not. >>tragically e cigarettes are comprised of chemicals that are being inhaled into the they've always had chemicals in them. but we do not yet know what is causing this outbreak and the diseases that have been reported as part of this epidemic there are at least 450 cases of severe lung disease potentially linked to vaping some of these cases are still under investigation. it's really important that people. understand that these are unregulated the new products on the market and
8:41 pm
there's a lot that we just don't know about them yet. the deaths were reported in kansas california, illinois, indiana, minnesota and oregon. officials in other states also raising concerns vaping is not cool smoking is not cool. i have personally seen the use of e cigarettes among my adolescent patients skyrocket johnson says for her. it wasn't worth it and is thankful for an early diagnosis and treatment i try and you know educate other people because i don't want the same thing that happened that i'm camila bernal reporting. stand 8 stories of survival are emerging in the wake of hurricane dorian how one woman says a man she describes. >>as an angel helped her to get out of harm's way in sports. the a's bounce back big time after getting blown out by the astros last week mark has the highligh
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>>hurricane dorian deliver destruction in darkness to the sunny paradise of the bahamas taking lives homes. and a sense of security from people all over the country but in the wake of that devastation human kindness is shining through. >>not romero she has the story of a woman who escaped rising flood waters with her 12 year-old autistic son. they were left with nothing they have nowhere to go until they met an american stranger who offered a helping hand. >>the video shows hurricane dorian hovering over all the co on top of lifelong resident sandra sweeting is home it was shot. sandra's home flooding
8:45 pm
in crumbling all the windows just got a briefing. >>and then the scene and stop whining. >>including her 2 sons. out yes to see that. then a breef moment to escape it. >>it wasn't for the eyes. stall. just getting going there for a minute. >>they fled to a clinic turned makeshift shelter for days andrews says her artistic told son a j didn't have the things they need it so they made the dangerous trek back to their house together more belongings. we took like 2 staff. >>trying to walk through the water. she told me to be careful. i was free. i was a brief boy. >>that's sandra and her sons realized they couldn't stay on the abaco islands so they fled to the airport just like this one in freeport bahamas. they
8:46 pm
were met with so many other people trying to get off the island and then they ran into trouble how can we pay. >>if we just lost everything. >>that's when she says she let her angel and american tourists named david well when it came to me. sandra and asia are now in nassau david webb e-mailed her that he's safe in florida. >>paid me mentally that day because i was. >>her 18 year-old son stay back in abaco he says he helped the us coast guard evacuate the elderly and people who back. >>my voices, hey. >>in nassau bahamas. i'm not here on their own. >>another dramatic story here
8:47 pm
24 people rescued off a 656 foot long cargo shifted capsized in saint simons sound that's right on the coast of georgia. but that cargo ship is now causing a new problem and kron four's grant lotus joins us with that part of the story ran to catholic and an enormous vessel and you worry now about the oil and gas not only that the ship is leaking, but they're all these cars on board. >>they could be leaking as well. he said here on its side close to the navigation channel which poses some risks to passing ships and could have economic impacts as well so the operation now turns to writing that ship in getting it out of the sound which is no small task considering it's a 71,000 ton cargo vessel vessel that was carrying some 4,000 automobiles at the time and complicating matters is what officials have described as a minor oil leak that may pose a danger to wildlife including manatees and turtles the coast guard cautions the
8:48 pm
salvage operation will not be quick. it could take weeks possibly months. >>working on salvage plans in and i would say each step of the way we're continuing to refine those plans as we learn more about the condition of the ship trying to make sure that our processes are our is safe that effective as as possible. this is definitely something that we want to get right the first time. >>pretty incredible video as the coast guard he rescued the final crew members rescuers had get their fire proof glass and navigate passageways that had become vertical drop so again because the boat was on its side. the ship was on its side. they had to save for men, the final 4 men who were aboard a cargo ship today, we're trapped in the last crew member i've been trapped in the engine room without food or water for some 40 hours by the time rescuers were able to reach him. intense heat in that room and in this video you can see him with a blanket
8:49 pm
around him. he said he was just glad to see the sun again and you can imagine why. >>and starting tonight with a's baseball after being on the wrong end of a 15 run shut out oakland return the favor tonight in houston get a look at the ryan express the training center field named after nolan ryan. making much noise tonight top first already for nothing nays. robbie grossman slaps on opposite field chris davis and jurickson profar score. they put up 7 or funds in the first innings top of the seconds davis crushes one to left field that one is gone for a 2 run, jack, the 9 nothing ace. it's already ugly to the 4 oakland up 11 to sean murphy last one way back to last almost hits it out of the ballpark. it's all the buildings. one of his 2 homers in a game, 13 2 ways and they worked on still in the 4th matt olson. his second home run of the game off the second
8:50 pm
deck in right, 17 to 2 oakland scored a season-high 21 runs they had 25 hits final score, 21 7 the a's are now a game up on cleveland for the second wild-card spot indians. big right now against the angels giant when the pirates right now with johnny cueto making his return. highlights later on now to the nfl the raiders get to enjoy some positive headlines. after a disaster of an off-season the silver and black want to know impressive 24 to 16 victory over the denver broncos. here's what stood out derek carr untouched wasn't sacked or her and once he went for 22 for 26. 259 yards passing with a touchdown. a magnificent debut for rookie running back josh jacobs who jointead damien tomlinson is the only back to put up more than a 100 all-purpose yards and scored twice in their debut also want to mention gary and cali was taken off the field on a stretcher with a neck injury. he's expected to be okay. he's angling to play this weekend that from now on jon gruden is john with the antonio brown
8:51 pm
questions tonight. it's not just people talk about it, i mean my god. >>man i feel like someone's smashing my temple on the side of the head get over it man it's over you know we were good the pre season without him. you know, be fine without we wish him the best. we gave a shot and i'm not going to get their turn good luck to them, but i just i can't i can't deal with it anymore really sorry. >>pursuit of perfection highlight. >>in our lexus ultimate highlight even being away from the bay area does not stop the 40 niners from giving back to the community. the team staying in youngstown ohio this week for sunday's game against the bengals. but today they are out and about the day started with players, surprising kids at an elementary school and then they went over to visit the children at the akron children's hospital so very cool to see from the 40 niners on stone ohio, the home of ntd ntd that's right in the york's also have the most i still i was absolutely right might get. the way one farmer is
8:52 pm
honoring a fallen officer in the death toll in his field. the death toll in his field. >>we'll explain. this fall, book two, separate qualifying stays at ...and earn a free night. because when your business is rewarding yourself, our business is you. book direct at
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8:54 pm
farm is honoring a fallen police officer. >>and dutch farms in modesto they commissioned a 10 acre corn maze. >>with the face of ronald cent take a look. >>i'm a awesome the owner. so we are basically in and tourism far the spring we do
8:55 pm
far. it is called baby animal days. >>obviously our big push is a. >>6 or 7 years now you can see here how things are coming in right now this year's theme is run elsie incorporate. saying. he passed away are ready the day after christmas. we've had officers died before, but this one. >>seem to run really hit the community hard. really good sense. how much she meant to the community and to s wife, one of the stipulations of mrs saying to have have this corn maze here was that her son is the first want to walk into the corn maze. >>and it that makes you tear up it's going to be a very special moment. several law
8:56 pm
enforcement people here as well and we're excited to have them and it said. >>it's a time and moment for them and then we can have fun with it and then and then people can read about ron l. >>and enjoy a corn maze in time with the family because he loves spending time with his new son and his wife. the place is about is people put away their phones and they just enjoy being with their family have i just think it's going to be a very special time and moment and a we're excited. amazing. that's impressive is again how do you make that to look so good when you're on the ground when they tend to get hard wouldn't expected him to be that. >>nice job done by the way the newman police corporal of which is outside of modesto was shot and killed in 2018. after he pulled over a drunk driver and in his widow, his one year-old son, but you heard this, but they want the little boy to be the first to walk through that maze. >>during a ceremony september
8:57 pm
28. and that wraps up kron 4 news at 8 on our primetime coverage just getting started on this tuesday night grant lotus n j r stone the are here with kron 4 news at night can catherine thanks very much coming up next. >>at 9 we're standing by for a controversial vote on a new homeless navigation center in a bay area community hundreds of people showed up on both sides of this thing as the freeman city council will decide where that new center will be built in that city we're live there with the very latest. >>and the first true test for san francisco's chase center. 2 events taking place in the mission bay area find out to fans at a tough time getting there. >>and breaking news richmond's police chief just stepping down just days after a vote of no confide-ce by the police
8:58 pm
8:59 pm
9:00 pm
>>9 antonio brown and they have forced his way out of oakland, but the one-time raiders superstar now finds himself facing serious accusations. the day the new england patriots officially welcomed him to that fresh eyes. it is now defending himself good evening, everybody thanks for being with us and 9. i'm grant lotus. >>and i'm j r stone in for vicki liviakis tonight, the wide receivers been accused of rape. and also sex-assault


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