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tv   KRON 4 News at 8am  KRON  September 11, 2019 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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>>good morning and thanks for joining us. so i think we're on the air. yes, we are and we do have our live rage continuing of the 9.11 memorials that are happening around the country at this hour you can see they are still reading the names of the victims who died i'd in new york city. we've also taken live what's happening here in the bay area with ceremonies to commemorate the day and honor those who lost their lives 18 years ago today on september 11th. >>back here in the studio, thank you for joining us on this wednesday, september 11th, i'm james fletcher i'm and i'm darya folsom and we'll have more. >>news 4 in a minute first want to start with weather and traffic on this hour because we are in for a little bit of a heat wave john yh, we're
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definitely. >>coming up in the days to come guys today, the warmer one than yesterday was an tomorrow going to be even hotter yet now we're going to plenty of sunshine out there. golden gate bridge will tell you that you know and it's a clear day at the golden gate bridge you're going to have a clear day about everywhere else. your current temperatures are very comfortable 50's and 60's is where we're at right now. now as we work our way through the day these cold temperatures are going to last for long so enjoy it while we've got it hayward in valais how each at 60 degrees oakland and concord in the low 60's as well well upper 50's for much of the rest of the bay. later on today temperatures will rise into the 70's for oakland and san francisco not bad at all know san jose will be warmer than yesterday up to 83 much warmer temperatures are just around the corner though and talking 90's in triple digits to close out the week. ahead near forecast robin well, the traffic is still quite slow right now heading into san francisco you're back up not only stretches through the maze. >>but now it's on to 5.85 80's now backed up to highway 24.
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coming in from the e sure that's going to be slowing a lot of hercules from high highway 4. so it's going to be packed here, but it does loosen up west of treasure island, here's the richmond sandra fell and it's crawling west 5.80 from between harbor marina leading up to the pay gates and the san mateo bridge a slow into its path. i thought of hayward but still hot spot free 31 minutes off to the peninsula. james started. thank you very much robert. >>at 8 oh 2 this morning, our breaking news overnight. the city of fremont unanimously approved its first homeless shelter took hours to come to that decision is going to go right behind city hall conference christina tape cho has been following this live from fremont with the latest on the decision christine. >>yeah that decision took hours last night and it definitely came with a lot of drama and a lot of opposition going take a look at this area behind me you see dozens if not honestly, hundreds of chairs because a lot of people were out here yesterday and actually they waited.
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throughout the entire day just to get their chance to go ahead and speak at last night's meeting also a lot of people protesting this navigation center coming they were right here in front of city hall, hundreds of residents showed up for the special city council meeting and it was meant to decide the location of the first navigation center coming to the city. the parking lot filled with many of those people carrying signs and chanting out front in opposition. now inside of camp will chambers hundreds of speaking in front of city council members voicing their opinions on where the center should go if anywhere. now the choice was between a property on dakota road near aiken nursery and the parking lot behind city hall which is where was ultimately approved in voted for the navigation center will provide temporary housing to help the homeless transition into permanent housing, i've been speaking with people here in the surrounding area, enjoying their mornings kind of talking to them about all of the opposition as well as the drama that was going on last night throughout this meeting and here's what some people had to say.
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>>i was glad that they were putting something homeless persons could if they wanted to at least. some shelter in that night. seems like it might be a good location as far as them being able to get to city offices, no social workers that sort of thing. probably did that it's not the crime. president's lawyer. >>last night's meeting did have that same opinion saying if it is going to go summer they would like to see it close to a city building. so that the city government could watch out over the area and so that the people who are using the navigation center would be close to city resources. now just as of last month there were a 178 homeless encampments right here in the city of fremont city council hopes to have this navigation center up and running sometime next year. reporting live in fremont christina tetreault kron 4 news, thanks christina.
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>>well new this mornin , the san francisco board of supervisors passed a plan establishing a place for people that are living in their cars to stay overnight. and here's a map showing where it will be it's a parking lot right near the balboa park station on san jose avenue. they'll be a long-term parking lot there for up to 33 cars at a time. the space will offer bathrooms and showers a place to do laundry even a kitchen and eating spaces well that lot will be there and available to people live in their cars until construction begins on an affordable housing complex on that very lot but that won't happen until sometime next year. >>and expect another day of delays and frustration at sfo we're already seeing more cancellations and delays because of this runway construction it is yeah and if you ask a civil, they'll tell you only want do came to be soothing anybody after dealing with delays that for some will crawford's will trend out there by the way this is a lot longer delays and
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cancellations and they were thinking. >>yes, they warned people but they didn't saying i cover this when they announced and about 5 months ago they told us about this, but they didn't say the number. possibly each day and how long the delays are because he was such a fluid situation this is 2 travelers. the most important board for them, i looked right behind me and it is clean because they just simply took off the canceled and delayed flights but i did talk to the ty manager and the numbers keep changing but as of last update that he gave me at 7.20. check this out jeans and area. so so far this morning and we're starting to climb up as far as the morning flight commute, 72 delayed and 68 canceled flights in each day for the past 4 or 5 days when this started on saturday. it's been hovering at around 300 delayed and canceled flights each day and that's a combined
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number so it could be a little bit more could be a little bit less, but it's going to be this way up until september 27th that's how long it's going to take for them to make the repairs million worth of repairs to one of the runways the problem with that runway is it intersects with another runway so it basically impacts 2 out of the 4 runways and we all know sfo a little bit of fog. kinds of headaches. much less problems with the runways i talked to a travel it this morning. i broke the bad news to her. here's her reaction. very unsettling and even calling ahead to get here and find out that things are still being canceled. >>and i'm supposed to be delivering a training program in manhattan tomorrow morning. so i would have flown out of san jose had i known that this is. and then even if you take off okay to date is always coming back. i'm here to give
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you that is that that's even more concerning. so i think the airlines or the sfo needs to communicate. sfo says it tries to communicate, but the bottom line is the runway. repairs will happen and it out to the airlines to inform their passengers and that basically means. >>you need to call ahead even if a flight seems ok you might want to keep your fingers crossed because it is such a fluid situation. they cannot predict what will happen as far as the flights because flights are very fluid and then daria you love this if you throw in fog. i i i so far foggy sunny outside. but all eyes are fixed on the sport. back to you all right. >>and the key for you is if you know you're going to be flying out of there just try to call the airport to see are the airline and see if the way that change fee changer for last somewhere else. oakland, san jose create options, you know we are right now
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happening today. >>2 events putting traffic to the test at the chase center in san francisco could you get the chase center. the generic a concert. eric clapton concert there and then there's another home game and oracle for the giants this was the situation yesterday. there was a concert and chase and a game at oracle and you can see all all the peoples and wait in line and all the traffic is the cars are trying to get through that mass or take public transit that's probably your best bet because you need is the free ride thing on event days. all you have to do is show your event ticket and that is your muni fare. hospital after he was hit by a car in san francisco, it happened around 4 30 yesterday afternoon at golden gate avenue and leavenworth street. he suffered life threatening injuries and the driver remained at the scene and is cooperating with investigators. well police in oakland. >>released a picture of a person of interest in a deadly shooting that happened last week a mother of 5 died after being hit by a stray bullet
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and we have surveillance images showing the person that police are looking for this image shows him standing outside of a car near the 2100 block of east 22th street. this picture was taken just moments after the victim was killed police are also offering a $15,000 reward for any information leading to an arrest. in the north bay police are looking for to call cars in the nation take a good look they were involved in recent car break-ins and thefts the first one there the larger one is a 2016 silver camera you can see it's got somebody damage on one side and the other is described only as a black sedan the thieves have been targeting cars parked in shopping centers and the downtown area of the nation. >>new this morning in ohio all cargo plane crash asked this morning near toledo. all that to wreckage. that's because it wasn't just the plane that exploded into view play i up plane hit a semi truck that
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was parked. we don't know about the injured this is something that just a broke 2 this morning. so we're waiting for more details to come in to kron 4. as we continue here on the crowd. who owns a shop in the bay area has been bitten look at the bite marks twice by a homeless person we're going to tell you where his story is and why he's considering closing all together now. and california lawmakers approve a bill. the rising cost of rent what does that mean if you are a tenant or landlord in the state and next week week and next we continue our weeklong look at the next big one we're going to take a look and when we might be able to see a warning system for bay area quakes. >>is what we're worried about collapsed. warning system is
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>>right japan, mexico they already have earthquake warning systems in place but early warning system here in the us has been in the works for more than 13 years kron four's charles clifford shows us where things stand now with that system. >>like the bay area the public would receive no warning but that could be changing. the us geological survey and its partners, including the berkeley seismology lab had been working for years to develop shake alert. an earthquake early warning system that could one day send
8:16 am
alerts to people cellphones berkeley seismologist angela chong explains how the system works. >>so think early warning is not prediction. we're not telling that an earthquake is going to happen we need in an earthquake has started and that you're about to feel shake. so it's an earthquake happened further south on the hayward fault. now what happens is we detect the earthquake using our sensors with an estimate where it is and how big it is and from then we can create an alert to say how far we predict the shaking to go. >>but right now shake alert is operating in a very limited capacity only researchers and a handful of agencies have access to the system. even so the recent ridgecrest earthquakes in southern california gave seismologist like joan, a chance to see how the sensor network in alerts would work during a big quake. >>so we've learned some things that are them some of the limitations and now we're trying to figure oui how to adapt and how to improve them so that we can do a better job in the future. >>now at this point it's unclear when shake alert will be available to the general public. there's still a lot of work that needs to be done
8:17 am
they also need to secure funding to not only build up the sensor network but keep the system running indefinitely they also need to finish work on algorithms and software that make it all happen. but one day soon we may all be able to receive alerts on our phones when an earthquake is about to hit. in berkeley charles clifford kron 4 news. >>and don't forget to join us this coming saturday, 07:00pm that's when will air are what our special surviving the big one. we'll have everything you need to know from what to do in the event of an earthquake or resulting tsunami or what to have in your earthquake kit so will answer a lot of questions for you. so join us again that's 07:00pm this saturday for surviving the big one. >>and we're all going to be talking about the heat these next few days as temperatures are on the run highs today already going to be a warmer day than yesterday we're off to a clear stier the golden gate bridge looking really nice and clear we did have a little bit of fog and in fact you still do just a touch of it right under the golden gate
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right now as for san jose, plenty of sunshine for you as well, and that's the same case for the east bay which will see the greatest difference in temperatures as compared to where we have been. now skies, nice and clear across the bay that's going to remain the same into the afternoon that low pressure area you see on screen making its way out of the region and high pressure now working its way back in and we're all too familiar with what that means that means temperatures to be rising 60's and 70's for san francisco's highs today, not a far cry from yesterday's but mission district and financial district both working their way back into the 70's were 30 yesterday, half moon bay up to 70 degrees wall 70's also felt in millbrae san bruno south san francisco and brisbane burlingame south for much of the rest of the peninsula in the 80's woodside notably at 87 getting close to the 90's south bay very much so tolerable but it is getting warmer, san jose milpitss in santa clara, each 83 degrees while the east bay 70's to 80's. pleasanton one of your
8:19 am
warmer spots, 87 even warmer yet though danville walnut creek in concord nearing 90 degrees. not quite getting there today though mid 70's for oakland berkeley and richmond while 80's solidly in the north bay again not getting quite 2.90 degrees. are expecting those 90's come tomorrow and not just 90's either, but some triple digits mixed in with high 90's come thursday friday and saturday. many inland valleys will see numbers hovering right around the century mark on these days with the offshore winds you're going to see these hot dry inland conditions being drawn out further towards the bay in coast and that means it's not just our inland spots that are going to see this warm up but bayside areas will also be flirting with the 90's come thursday and friday and even out along the coast, some upper 70's in places so get ready for the heat and the days to come. >>robin all right, thank you john get ready for some heavy traffic to the trip around the bay is pretty pass act, especially on our bridges
8:20 am
we're checking the bay bridge, 80 west and of course it has not improved not yet it's going to stay like this for several more hours you are backed up through the mail it is right now you're an 11 minutes. that's going to go back up as we continue through the morning commute but at least it's quiet. the drive here to the richmond sandra fell it backs up off and on parkway so that's where it's going to start and it will continue right through the pay gates, but overall it's been a nice trip to the north bay. so we have a crash wrapping up in the east shore freeway right here on the albany side, 80 west near central lots of activity may be one lane still blocked, but it was already solid from hercules leaving highway 4 through the scene and that pretty much continues all the way down through berkeley reveal so it was already slow but no the crash is not helping the usual drive times for 4 west and also southbound 6.80 and then if you're traveling through the south bay 85, you know, that's always a tough commute. 51 minutes for north 85 san jose to mountain view james r robin thank you.
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>>20 is the time california lawmakers are one step closer to capping read increases across the state. the state senate approved a measure that same to tackling the housing affordability problem. this measure as i mention would cap rent increases for the next 15 years it would also require landlords to prove just cause before evicting a tenant republicans opposed the bill arguing that it discourages housing development and it hurts smaller landlords. >>ab 1482 also create major housing market instability, which will only perpetuate our state's housing crisis even more senate took a major step and standing up firm millions of californians who are struggling. was a california who are vulnerable. 2 a rent increase that could push them out on the street. >>the cap would not apply to housing bill within the last 15 years and also single family homes that are not owned by corporations or trusts governor gavin newsom's already said that he will sign that measure once it lands on his desk. a 21 and still ahead.
8:22 am
>>it's how a police officer saved a raiders fan of the life. and oakland just over the weekend and the focus on gun control on capitol hill democrats are pushing a new law but it could be an uphill battle.
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>>a 25 in national news, a gun control bill was approved by the house judiciary committee. it would ban high capacity magazines and set up a program to help state and local governments established red flag laws. they prevent people in a crisis from having access to guns. the it's these to vote on this bill before it can advance. president trump meantime is mulling over a number of options, including universal gun background checks. >>i believe that expanding background checks in some fashion is still on the table i do believe that to be true of all the white house gives us some indication of what the president's going to sign. >>to see what it looks like.
8:26 am
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>>from this morning, san francisco firefighters assembling to remember the victims of 9.11. you saw mayor london breed there. she was also in attendance, joining the fire chief and other members of the community. we spoke to the deputy fire chief, he was among the san francisco firefighters that first went to new york after the attacks and he describes what he saw when he arrived at ground 0. >>a complete means. like i was talking with that, abc
8:30 am
cochran. every time we we climb down into a hole sometimes you go down 3 stories down into a ground 0. every time you stick your head out it was a breathtaking somebody hit you in the stomach with that this was about as hard to comprehend of all the pictures i've seen. the way it felt when you're actually there seeing the devastation. >>firefighters lowered the flag to half staff as you can see there they also read the names of first responders who died at ground 0. >>time has a 30 want to get a look at weather and traffic for you on this wednesday morning. we are in for a heat. spy consider the way like 3 days maybe. >>yeah about a 3 heat spice yet over the next 2 tomorrow friday and saturday, those are your 3 days where it's going to get really hot. now today, warmer, but i wouldn't really call it part of the heat wave still very tolerable and actually fairly close to
8:31 am
seasonal averages. you've got clear skies overhead timber on looking really nice to kick off this morning and current temperatures are still in the 50's 60's so war definitely off to some enjoyable whether to kick things off in a get out there and enjoy it while this cool weather lasts oakland fairfield each at 60 to concord and pittsburgh comfortable at 6364 degrees later today we're keeping with the comfortable conditions in san francisco and oakland. well for san jose warmer than yesterday at 83 yesterday year only 70 so you'll notice it i'm talking 90's in triple digits just around the corner in your forecast, rob. >>and a lot of heavy traffic on the san mateo bridge that drive time is up to 36 minutes now little bit high a lot of folks are just now getting out there and heading to work so it's going to be a commute over to the peninsula but a cool i won i saw some activity earlier on the shoulder but nothing's blocking so that's good the bay bridge traffic holding steady still backed up through the maze completely normal for this time of
8:32 am
morning and your drive times look okay if you come from the shorefi talked about the crash in albany. so 30 minutes from crockett to the maze of that wrapping up near the central exit and a quick peek at 8723 minutes from 85 to one o one art thank you robert. >>news we need to share with you right now at 8.32 just getting word that several people have been stabbed at a business in tallahassee florida. the victims are being rushed to the hospital as we speak the number of victims hasn't been released yet all police will say is they have multiple victims that they're treating. authorities have confirmed that the attacker is in custody, so they're not searching for anybody at this point. but again we'll update you want to find out more. >>and oakland police officers saved a raiders fans life at the game on monday night, the man collapsed in the parking lot kron 4 says he do and has the story. >>so now you just push know center test those times for a minute and just keep going to that person supposed act.
8:33 am
>>oakland police officer daniel motives is demonstrating the cpr technique he used to help revive a bed suffering from a medical emergency here in the parking lot of the oakland coliseum during monday night's raiders game i was assigned as a bicycle officer. >>we patrol around the lot and make sure everyone is safe and there are a lot of raider fans out home opener. a lot of people i'll tell you they crossed out. >>he says it was around 05:30pm with the call came over the radio of an adult male in need of assistance. he picks it up from there. >>when i arrived on scene. i saw i started doing cpr on this settlement i was down on the ground. at that point checked for a pulse had no polls there clinically dead at that moment officer mullen says for the next 15 minutes, a group of first responders continued taking turns applying cpr until miraculously. >>the victims. paul's return. he says it was the result of a joint effort to save a man's life. >>because of chest compressions and because of
8:34 am
the quick cpr by bystanders and quick cpr by a son. the quick response from actually the paramedic units. that this point is still alive the 5 year oakland police veteran also happens to be one of the lead instructor is a first date at opd that is one of the reasons why says he's thankful. he was nearby. >>with this medical emergency occurred. >>air out people every opportunity to do that. i'll take every single one of them oakland has he met you kron 4 news. >>at 8.34 san francisco, business owner says he was attacked by a homeless man for the second time in 4 months that homeless man biting him. the owner, the man who owns the harvest urban market in the soma district says this homeless person and the drug problems that prevail and persist throughout that entire area is adding to the violence and police and now have arrested 29 year-old adam ashe brock for aggravated assault and battery after the owner says he was again bitten. he
8:35 am
says the homelessness problem is getting worse and at often he finds people doing drugs inside his restrooms but every half hour to hour. >>we have some kind of incident staff. they should be facilities where people can do drugs there's needles everywhere people have threatened me with a needle. >>the store owner says the crime in the south of market neighborhood is in fact it got so bad thinking about closing up shop. in the south bay, a parking lot safe space for homeless people is raising safety concerns now among members of the community. the lot is available from 7 at night till 7 in the morning is located at the loss are bola street area right across from the 7 trees community center. it's an area that's been long plagued by crime and gang violence and san jose mayor sam liccardo says it's also there has also been vocal about the flaws with that program saying it really doesn't address the situation that families face when they have children. the city council right now is considering a recommendation
8:36 am
from staff to expand the city's motel voucher program to include eligible families who have been spending nights at 7 trees. >>is a 35 and a big story this morning after leaving the oakland raiders on his very first day with the patriots. antonio brown was also hit with a civil lawsuit, he's accused of raping a woman when he was with the pittsburgh steelers. the civil lawsuit the former trainer brittany taylor's or name says that brown sexually assaulted her on 3 separate occasions in 2017 18. she says that he raped her. he says through his attorney denies all the allegations and says that their relationship was consensual brown's new team, the patriots has released a statement saying they take the allegations seriously the nfl hasn't said what it's going to do beyond investigate. lyft has a new feature to protect riders from sexual-harassment and they have this new smart
8:37 am
trip check in feature that will predict when austomer needs help by sending a notification when a ride has unexplained delays the notification asks if the rider or driver needs help and allows the customer to request emergency assistance. the new feature comes after 14 women filed a lawsuit in san francisco alleging sexual-assault by lyft drivers. >>news health officials continue to warn people to stop using e cigarettes after a 6th person now has died from vaping-related lung disease. and after the break we're going hear from former raider marshawn lynch about the new indoor football team that he's bringing to oakland. we'll find out more about that and we'll also show you how a california corn farms is honoring the fallen officer. the next big quake the tools you need for surviving the big one saturday night at 7 on cross.
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starting at $4.99. >>users you can now get kron on download the kron on app available on roku today. >>written in the corn and his widow and one year-old son will be the first to walk through that maze during a ceremony on september 20. >>as we head to break here at 8.41 we'll take you back to new york live pictures here from ground 0. has people are gathering to honor the victims who died in the september 11th terror attacks, 18 years ago today.
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>>welcome back to the kron 4 morning news checking in on a hot spot in the oakland maze, this is the 5.80 west connector to 80 west that's the wrap that brings you into san francisco as you transition out the plan we have about 3 or 4 lanes close right now and see a tree running traffic breaks as well so if you need to get into san francisco. it's going to be a tight squeeze and a sig alert issued by chp traffic on 5.80 west was already tough before the crash popped up you're looking at roughly 33 to baby 40 minutes now from castro valley to downtown oakland and then more heavy traffic in the maze that also impacting the east shore freeway which was already solid a hercules and recovering from a crash in albany. so now we're at 30 minutes now 28 to 30 minutes from crockett to the maze that's going to hold you back if you're trying to get into san francisco. already heavy at the pay gates now occur and the backup here. just out of
8:46 am
the view of the camera but just prepare for that leave extra early smoke from the shore 5.80 and also at the bay bridge toll plaza as we head into san francisco. don martin bridge calming down a little bit 30 minutes to make it to the peninsula and then if you take 6.80 normal 23 minutes from but out to dan dill chopped. >>well robin skies, nicend clear and temperatures nice and comfortable right now good morning to be outside if you do have some free time, plenty of sunshine over san francisco as well as across the rest of the bay area with san jose looking really good under those blue skies as well as the east bay now it's the east bay though thats going to feel a big difference today on into the afternoon things may be really comfortable right now, but temperatures are on the rise. low pressure is working its way out so a fall like feel that we had experienced out with it. high pressure now building in it's going to feel like the return of summer as we work our way especially on into tomorrow friday and saturday today the
8:47 am
warm up starts but we're still actually pretty comfortable and not that far away from seasonal averages, 60's and 70's for the peninsula from san francisco down to half moon bay and on over to millbrae up to san bruno at 7772 degrees. burlingame south we're seeing mostly 80's at this point with the 80's now for much of the rest of the bay area today like the south bay where san jose santa clara milpitas. we'll see daytime highs today, 83 degrees 70's 80's for the east bay and our inland valleys will see the greatest difference in temperatures as compared to yesterday in some spots a 10 degree difference danville walnut creek in concord getting very close to 90 today as well much of the north bay vacaville in pittsburgh at 89 while the out of the 70's and up to 80 degrees. novato in sandra fell each 84 today. now as i mentioned today is just the start of a warm-up that really kicks into gear come tomorrow friday and saturday on these days, you're inland
8:48 am
temperatures will peak in the upper 90's on average and triple digit heat is expected for many areas, especially friday. and with an offshore wind you will see temperatures not just rising inland but out towards the coast with upper 80's to be expected for highs right along the bay thursday and friday and on those same days, some mid to upper 70's along the coastline. daria thanks live johnny 48 for your health this morning, a 6th us death related to vaping. >>the death is in kansas. we've already had one in california prompting authorities around the country to put out warnings about the cigarettes camila bernal has more. >>for more than 2 years piper johnson vaped regularly but everything changed when a visitor urging care revealed a sudden and severe lung illness all the stuff that i've been doing like the past 2 years that i thought was completely harmless has silently been killing me don't son is alive to tell her story but according to health officials 6 others around the country
8:49 am
are not tragically e cigarettes are comprised of chemicals. >>that are being inhaled into the lungs. the boys had chemicals in them. but we do not yet know what is causing this outbreak and the diseases that have been reported as part of this epidemic there are at least 450 cases of severe lung disease potentially linked to vaping some of these cases are still under investigation. it's really important that people understand that these are unregulated the new products on the market and there's a lot that we just don't know about them yet. the deaths were reported in kansas california, illinois, indiana, minnesota and oregon. officials in other states also raising concerns vaping is not cool cigarette smoking is not cool. i have personally seen the use of e cigarettes among my adolescent patients skyrocket johnson says for her. >>it wasn't worth it and is thankful for an early diagnosis and treatment i try and you know educate other people because i don't want
8:50 am
the same thing that happened that i'm camila bernal reporting. >>we're learning more about new professional indoor football team coming to oakland. we've got former raider marshawn lynch now the co-owner of an indoor football team that will be called the oakland panthers and here you see a press conference held yesterday to make the announcement. the team is likely to begin its first season in oakland in march. lynch and the indoor football league say that they're hopeful the panthers will fill that gap in left by the raiders and the warriors leaving that out. >>this opportunity gives us something that to rally around as a as a community. >>family friendly entertainment, a affordable price for the family to enjoy. that's what we pride ourselves on here at the indoor football league. >>the next step for the panthers is of course to build the team they plan on holding 5 tryouts including one in oakland, so if you think you've got what it takes. give it a shot.
8:51 am
>>below out against the houston after the a's back that's where unstoppable 7 runs the first inning. by the second inning they were 9 runs up. and again open finally bbcafrica 21 to 7. these will play the asters again today. the giants hosting of the pie. johnny cueto back on the mound. for the giants for that the first time since he had tommy john surgery morning year ago. actually more than 5 minutes. he gave up no runs and and only one hit and then after he left the mound. the pirates rally but the giants close out the game with a 5 5 to 4. coming up on the kron 00:04am morning news in the 9 o'clock hour. and a woman is in a semi comatose state now. >>after using a face cream from mexico, what was in it. a
8:52 am
live look here at 5. it's just disappearing into it as they try to head either up are in or coming out of it in the san francisco.
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>>and welcome back to the kron 4 morning news check out this big mess and the oakland maze, major injury crash. ashley ding up to the bay bridge toll plaza bc chp an ac transit bus i can see several tow trucks on scene and we have at least 4 lanes close. this is just as he emerged from 5.80 west out of oakland to the 80 west connector leading up to the bay bridge toll plaza and you see all of the lanes blocked all of that activity and that's making for a tough commute into san francisco, 5.80 backed up on 2, 9 8024 and it's jammed all the way up to the bay bridge toll plaza i keep my eyes on this and check more trouble spots coming up. james saw all right. thank you robin. >>if you live. >>still ahead on the kron
8:56 am
00:04am morning news hours long hours long city council meeting in fremont and in the end. they unanimously approved a new homeless center that's been the center of the often contentious debate they're going to very latest developments on that story coming up and delays expected to continue at sfo today and the next day and the next day the next day we'll tell you how much longer we'll expect hours long delays for flights coming in. and here's a quick live look. >>from new york this morning as we can to leave for causing all watched the events unfold there has met thousands come together to remember the victims of the september elections terror attacks 15 years ago today. camille.
8:57 am
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>>and the gift of stacy well nba mama. >>memorial and new york as they do every year they released the names of all of those who were killed first they're doing right there, but we just joined in as they were talking about the scores more especially emergency responders who have died a result of what they did. on 9 1-18 years ago and responding to that disaster. >>we saw number of ceremonies tingling this taking place this morning. vice president mike pence who has a spoke out so vain. you. ceremony here the


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