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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  September 13, 2019 9:00am-9:59am PDT

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turning up that temperature too high on this friday, but the good news is this warm up that we do have is going to be short lived so get through today get through tomorrow and then we're in the clear and looking outside this morning it has actually been a really comfortable morning up to this point golden gate bridge has been crystal clear a sign that that marine layer that kind of skewed someone brings us the fog and the cool weather is not present dry inland air that has been pushed out to the bay and one of the reasons most of us this morning and on through the day will be end of this heat advisories, stretching to 07:00pm tonight. and when you see daytime highs later on i'll show you in just a second it's easy to understand why 60's and 70's for your current temperatures and now we're starting to feel things warming on up san jose san francisco among areas at 73 degrees oakland right now at 74. just a few degrees warmer than moments ago. but as we make our way towards noon will already be
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spots with in most spots in san jose up to 96 and even oakland and berkeley in the low 90's for your daytime highs, i've got more on your forecast ahead. rob all right. thank you john checking in on the bay bridge traffic not much it has thinned out and nicely. >>like 1520 minutes ago we had a back up that spill to the bottom of the maze and that's longer the a great trip into san francisco right now delay free trouble free at 60 minutes off to fremont street here's 92 another improving bridge, the san mateo bridge. 18 minutes just a little crowded, but pretty a good commute here off to the peninsula and the richmond sandra fell this commutes over to 10 minutes right on time that's quick from the pay gates, 2, 1, o one daria thanks a lot robin, but the s. >>and this morning while you were sleeping, it was terrible to drivers died. in a wrong-way crash on 85 in mountain view and math. the wreckage from one of the cars, it's hard to make out. police are still investigating what
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had happened and why a driver of an suv was traveling southbound in the nortd lanes and crashed into an oncoming car. there were no passengers in either current highway 85 was closed for hours while they investigated, but it's back open now. >>well with the high temperatures expected all across the bay area today people are going to have to find ways to stay cool, especially if they don't have air conditioning at home, yes so they set up some cooling centers that will be there for a 2 day conference christie that hatred isn't one of them. the senior center in santa clara. >>yeah there were a full line of people this morning just before 07:00am waiting to get in through the stores and you know it does turn into a cooling center because of how warm it is going to be today and that means that you can go ahead and get in for free and that doesn't matter how old you are normally it's 15 above. but a anyone can come in for free to make sure that they see cool and out of the heat now many of them in the south they are extending their
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hours today because of the elongated heat and here are a few of them we actually have some we're going to put up on the screen for you. of course a senior center right here in santa clara it opened up at 07:00am closes at 5. then we got the valley health center in downtown san jose opens at 9 and it goes until about 8 o'clock tonight and then i'm over at mountain view community center that opened up at 8.30 and that's not closing until 10:00pm tonight, there's free entrance activities and air conditioning and water at each one of these for people of all ages water is a big one right there. reminders for staying safe in the warm temperatures make sure drink, plenty of water. try to stay out of the direct sunlight and always wear sunscreen and sunglasses health experts say seniors young kids and pets are the most susceptible to heat stress and heat sickness. now i spoke with a few people inside the senior center this morning asking them how they beat the heat. answer. >>i drink of mudslides. the
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shot of aka shot of glue and there's a lot irish cream and ice and i thought of milk. >>now staying cool, nice temperatures is a very you know serious things to make sure that you stay hydrated, but let me tell you i've reported on a lot of heat related stories about the first time i've heard. as an option and so on actually the dominant side said that that is something he does very seriously so if you run out of water. there's a good answer for you there. but also just so everyone knows at home. we do have a full list of all the cooling centers across the bay area. online right now actually over at kron 4 dot com. for now reporting live here in santa clara christina teatro kron 4 news. thank you christina. >>and it's for we have some breaking news news on the inner tube and the front singer-songwriter any money has died. known for songs like 2 tickets to paradise take me home tonight to his big hits. he died this morning at the age of 70 from what we've
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learned it was a soft cancer he was suffering from and lost his battle to. >>wow this is really a >>also in the news we have pge reaching at billion settlement with 2 of the 3 insurance companies over the 2017 wine country fires and then of course last november's camp fire. so the settlement marks a big turning point now for the company as it navigates through chapter 11 bankruptcy a tentative settlement will cover 85% of the insurance claims from those fires. the one group though that won't be benefiting from any of this money are the victims who are uninsured or underinsured lawyers and lobbyists rejected pg e's early offer this week of a billion saying at that amount was just not enough. fl and cancellations now sfo could be cleared up a little sooner than they thought we'll
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take it even if it's just a day or 2 earlier. >>crawford's will trend at the airport this morning with the very latest on this and that's what it is right today's they're ahead of schedule now. >>days ahead of schedule and sfo said they want to get this all all wrapped up by september 27th. the way it's going now maybe even sooner september 25th 2425th fingers crossed the great weather is helping out and it is not as busy because come holiday season, they got to make sure all all of this is done with no snags at all because that's when they will really rely on the runways as of this morning. so far 67 delayed 37 canceled. let's look at the board right now this is a great i look at this mostly on time on time, here's a canceled so if you're watching at home, you're phoenix flight has been canceled and then a lot of now is now means that it's been changed of course seattle's been changed. i see philadelphia's been canceled
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so that's pretty much the norm ever since this started on saturday. get this they're talking about the numbers i gave you they believe that it's a slow morning compared to previous mornings. so looks like the airlines are starting to adjust a little bit as far as their flights in and out sfo. passengers they've also adjusted. how they behave making sure that they look ahead before they arrived. the schedule make sure that was going so take off on time, especially since we're here early get here early don't have to how does it work. set to go so we're happy. we thought about when you come back we've heard of the horror stories predominantly for the arriving flights. check the schedule an. >>see i mean we're going to new york. so we have to stay an extra day or something not a problem.
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>>if you are staying an extra day make sure that you work with your airline because some airlines might put youp their di everything is such a fluid situation and if you're coming down here right now you over the morning company ways look at the checkpoint line it's almost nonexistent. cannot emphasis emphasize this enough you get a call ahead because you saw some of the flights they've been taken off the board so if you're like me and i. i never check ahead the show up and you realize that your flight has been canceled so stay with sfo work with them is going to be a fluid situation at least until september 27th. hopefully sooner james back to you. >>yeah, no kidding thank you very much well. >>i'm livingston is retiring, actually you know back in july. they waived him so he was looking for another team here at 5 seasons with the warriors in 3 rings of course and now he's just announced
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that today he's going to hate. >>yeah, i it making that announcement on instagram you see the post there on your screen, the first line of a lengthy a caption reads after 15 years in the nba, i'm excited said fortunate and grateful. >>and he shows himself as a kid, you know back in 2004 he was illinois mister basketball. he grew up in peoria. and once donated $1 million to his own entry school white only 34 years old i believe so more that's early age to retire, but not mascot ball. right now and in the south man. how did he get away with an atm from the children's discovery museum in san jose it's a busy place and the atm is right there. he just walked in. here's what he did he dressed as a technician. he had a clipboard and a pen and i guess that's all he needed to you know what this need servicing and he took his little dolly. just a
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deserted off i want to want and they can. was removed. how the museum even found out it was missing. we have your atm you do. so it turns out when he went in there he even talked to various visitors, you know kids and parents who are there. he said me get this in the back of the truck. you know, i'm just a lowly worker night and a little help. >>he looked official he walked in with a dolly and a clipboard and went over to the atm probably no more than 10 minutes and i walked out with the suspect got out to his truck and it was really heavy he couldn't do it on his own so he has some people who are coming to the discovery museum with their family. if they wouldn't mind helping him. low this atm on to on to the truck. >>you rarely if ever i don't think ever of somebody actually in a way they try different things for the 8 hands. got away with it. the real atm technicians had actually been there.
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>>and some the people that have helped president trying to be a good person help somebody in need and that he know you're unwittingly helping to commit a crime. all right time now is we're going to take a break but still ahead an in-depth look at the 3rd democratic debate, we'll analyze who came out on top and after the break we're going to take a look at how the federal government is ready to respond to the next big earthquake. >>the more you'll increase your love from rent to a 15 year high wall is what we're worried about collapsed. warning system a quick has started you're about to shape and the theory is most dangerous of all. f surviving t saturday night at 7. it's on.
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when they do the federal government will be ready to step in and help you know we've got kron four's washington correspondent alexander limo onto plant. >>when it has offer birth quake hits the federal emergency management agency says their primary role will be to help save lives. there will be a large number of people that will be displaced. >>that will need shelter. that will be food the water. >>alex amparo the assistant administrator for national preparedness with fema says the agency tries to plan ahead to provide support. >>paying quake is especially tricky because when it comes to natural disasters like hurricanes or tornadoes. there are seasons when they tend to be more prevalent but as they say here at fema. every day can be earthquake season. fema can fund some of the recovery costs after a disaster declaration than that. >>road bridge are building would be eligible for reimbursement repairs but not everyone will qualify for fema
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help. >>alex contreras says that's where the us small business administration's office of disaster assistance comes in. >>we pr homeowners renters businesses and private nonprofit organizations after declared disaster disaster loans are low interests, even though they're likely high risk and now you're trying to get a loan against your home. that's you could be completely destroyed federal agencies say aid is meant to cover uninsured losses but that. >>having private insurance is still the best protection. in washington. alexandra leigh mt. >>and be sure to join us tomorrow night 7 o'clock for that one hour special surviving the big one. and we'll have more on what you need to know terms of being ready should the next >>i we were surviving the big won by getting through this today. big it's a big one just in a different way we've got the heat today and this is going to be the hottest one. >>yesterday we've all talked about it was hot enough. th
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now we're looking at triple digits for some of the same spots and 90's for even more areas. the east bay berkeley you are in the 80's yesterday today you're going to be one of the spots in the 90's low 90's for berkeley and oakland which is well warmer than average and warmer than you're used to for sure many of us don't even have a ciso find yourself a cool spot later today. sunshine has been around since the sun came up and it's going to stay around through the day and with this offshore flow set up yet again very much so repeat of yesterday all that air that's usually stored up in the central valley in our interior valleys here in the bay area will be drawn out to coastal areas that means daytime highs going to be hot enough for heat advisories on the peninsula. even out along the in the north bay in the east bay and all through the south bay too just how hot is it going to get today well for mission district will be near p the 80's daly city, half moon
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bay in the 80's with 70's mixed in there along highway, one and some 90's right along the bay shore in millbrae burlingame down through redwood city mountain view well woodside up to 100 in 2 degrees south bay temperatures very close to 100 in morgan hill los gatos on the up towards cupertino while san jose at 96 tri valley you're in the 90's yesterday today, it's above 100 degrees livermore notably up to one oh 3. well 3 months hayward up through oakland and berkeley as i mentioned all in the 90's triple digits stretch through walnut creek up to concord eventually up to pittsburgh in antioch while upper 90's for much of the rest of the north bay and 90's clear out towards santa rosa and down to mill valley just hop on over mount hammond over to stinson beach an you've got some upper 70's which is still warm but it sure beats the 90's today and tomorrow, some of our hottest of days before a big cool down wasting no time cooling down either by sunday were barely in the low 80's inland with low 70's by the bay and by
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monday a chance of a few light showers possible across the ck for inland areas. with traffic it's definitely feeling like a fraud. >>because we're getting some early clearing on our bridges they look or a checkout 92, this is a trip across the 70 oh bridge, a member early this morning. it was a mess just crawling from hayward over to the peninsula now it's just about back at the limit we'll put it at 15 minutes over to one o one which is good. the bay bridge trip into san francisco, 80 west that is looking good too. no crashes know stalls delay free 15 minutes to make the drive into san francisco. we're checking in on some more numbers and freeways and check out 5.80 livermore to dublin. that's only 13 minutes that roughly 40 minutes. a little busy through hayward union city in fremont that's normal. so 37 minutes from to 38 to 37 and pretty quiet on to 37 just 15 minutes milpitas to sonny bill james. thank you robin.
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>>police arrested 2 men after a string of car burglaries and thefts in san mateo in fact it was a tip that led police to arrest these 2 men that you see on the screen christopher joh john jan is one of them and then frank malinowski is the other. they were arrested at the lauria meadows shopping center right near georgia avenue and police found them with stolen property, including items from a nearby car that was unlocked. both men are now in san mateo county jail on sept related charges. >>a developing story. this morning. authorities investigating the boat fire that killed 34 people off of the coast of southern california say if there had been a night watchman awake, that could have held in it is protocol protocol. ntsb says protocol was not followed by that boat. one crew member was supposed to be awake and keeping watch over night. but instead the crew was actually caught off guard caught off guard they were asleep, but they were above deck. so they got off and you can see what's left of the shells there
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everybody else all 34 sleeping underneath, died in the fire when the conception caught fire. >>3 of those victims have been positively identified to dna comparisons. and the remaining victim has been identified through fingerprints or if the certificate for this national required. >>that there be constantly a roving watch person. e epmonths or even years. >>and coming up after the break. people are expected to protest a newly passed vaccine law in sacramento will tell you why they're so upset.
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>>24 and today, hundreds of demonstrators are expected to take over the state capitol on ive session to speak out against a new vaccine law a group against the new law has filed a referendum because they want the voters to overturn it. the law allows
9:25 am
the department of health to investigate doctors in schools with higher vaccine exemption rates. supporters of the referendum want to get it on the 2020 ballot. the law intended to reduce law enforcement's use of force the law will make it mandatory for officers to get training designed to minimize the use of force and this meant to work with another new law that allows california police to use deadly force only when absolutely necessary instead of the previous standard which was when reasonable. civil rights lawsuit against bay area police department over the deadly use of force. we'll tell you what is going on in that case and then also weather and traffic for you the big story today is the heat. how hot will it be in your neighborhood traffic bill looks really like there's the san mate
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>>9.20 the big story today. >>half of the weekend at least right it's going to be a round when going to talk triple digits for inland spots today yesterday was 90's for these areas which was already the hot enough we can all agree on that areas like a pleasant hill on all around mount diablo solidly into those triple digits for your friday ahead of us so this friday, but i'll be the best one to get outside too terribly much in the afternoon but rather just find yourself some a c and take it easy. here look outside as far as advisories go were lit up in pink these are heat advisories, stretching from the peninsula in san francisco down through the south bay up to the east bay where you'll be in the 90's from fremont up their berkeley and oakland. our interior valleys as i mentioned in the triple digits than the north bay also affected by those heat advisories with upper 90's. that means you got to get outside the sooner than later enjoy the east cooler temperatures this morning while they last mid 70's,
9:30 am
right now in san mateo in oakland at 74 berkeley you're getting 2.80 degrees already at 78 right now later on today san francisco will peak in the mid 80's to upper 80's even and a mission district oakland in the low 90's while san jose back into the mid 90's, not to mention those triple digits. inland which i've got more details about still to come. robin. >>all right, thank you john the north bay commute is pretty much over so if you have to travel on south went on to san francisco looks great across the golden gate, no major slowing no problems pretty shot right 21 minutes here from highway 37 to the toll plaza on the san francisco side even the bay bridge traffic 80 stand out earlier this morning. it was just solid from the bottom of the maze. so that is the longer the case a great trip. it 15 minutes and a really quick peak at some of our freeways highway for winding down 18 minutes antioch to concord and then one oh one from san jose to menlo park. you know that usually takes
9:31 am
like an hour or longer not this morning only 45 minutes to make it to menlo park james darya. >>much robin 9 30's, a time in the east bay, the family of a man fatally shot by walnut creek police is now filing a civil rights lawsuit against the city and the 5 officers involved. so 23 year-old miles hall was fatally shot by police back in june. he was running towards them with a metal bar in his hand there's a picture of it and his family suing saying that he was having a mental episode. the police knew about infected been out there multiplies before to deal with his a the mental issues. he didn't have t argument and yesterday they came outside the wannacry city hall to voice her concerns of the call for justice. >>to lose a child this toose it is supposed to protect you
9:32 am
and has given you the confidence in the past that they can do that is heartbreaking. >>police say in fact since 2015 they've responded 8 times to deal with hall most we're mental health related the city has not yet commented on this lawsuit. >>aerial of real estate areas has been delayed tiffany lie is charged with the 2016 murder of the father of her children 27 year-old keith grain. she previously posted $35 million bail. a san mateo county superior court judge didn't give a reason for the delay. but now opening statements are set for next tuesday. have a is also charged with greens murder and he remains in jail right now. >>in fact the national headlines this morning, the 3rd democratic presidential debate now in the books 10. >>and candidates faced off in texas helping to get the edge
9:33 am
athena jones has more. >>from an original biden started thursday night's debate wi she's for bernie will i'm for barack i think the obamacare work legit week senators elizabeth warren and bernie sanders, the former vice president took the 2 progressive head on over the cost of medicare for all my plan for health care costs a lot of money because 712 billion. it doesn't cost 30 trillion dollars. 3.4 trillion a year how we going to pay for it. how do we pay for it, we pay for it. those at the very top the richest individuals and the biggest corporations. >>are going to pay more. and middle class families are going to pay less. >>every study done shows that medicare for all is the most cost effective approach to providing health care every man woman and child in this country. i who wrote the dam built if i may say so.
9:34 am
>>but biden not relenting jumping on the opportunity to pain sanders has to left. >>for social she got a lot more confidence in corporate american. i do. more moderate candidates like senator amy klobuchar joining in front and while bernie wrote the bill i read nce as we know it and that means that 149 million americans will no longer be able to have their current insurance medicare for all is comprehensible health care call basic 2 morning to medicare for all is a way to go. former housing secretary julian castro. washing with his fellow obama administration cali will you support vice president biden is that you require them to opt in. >>and i would not require them to opt in they would automatically be enrolled, they wouldn't have to buy in. that's a big difference because barack obama's vision was not to leave 10 million people uncovered katie wan ed every single person in this
9:35 am
country covered my plan would do that your plan do not have to buy i have to buy you just said that it just said that 2 minutes ago. you just said 2 minutes ago that they would have to buy you said they would have add to buy forgetting what you said i'm fulfilling fulfilling the legacy of barack obama and you're not be surprised to him. >>after that heated exchange the other democrats on stage quickly jumping in. >>this is lights are becoming on watchable everybody of what they cannot stand about washington morning points against each other. looking at each other and telling each other that that you're my plan your plan look we all that's called the democratic primary election >>many candidates praising
9:36 am
response to the el paso mass shooting. the former texas congressman laying out his plan that goes further than his rivals vowing to confiscate weapons of war. >>yes, we're going to take your a r 15 a 40. senator kamala harris catcher attacks aimed at president trump, the bottom line is this. >>donald trump. in office on trade policy, you know he reminds me of that guy in the wizard of oz you know when you pull back the curtain, it's a really small dude. something senator cory booker said should be a focus for 2020. we've got one shot. >>to make donald trump a one term president. about each other or demonize and degrade each other. >>well the next democratic debate is set for the middle of october as it stands 11 candidates have qualified so far. afterwards a woman who
9:37 am
served on the jury for the go ship trial says she's disappointed with how the verdict pointed out. >>and here's a quick live look outside the san mateo bridge, nice and sunny traffic's moving well so far so good on a friday. it is going to get a little hot though today dangerously hot for some john travel have another look at forecast in just a minute. when the next big quake the tools you need for surviving the big one saturday night at 7 on cross.
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>>well this morning we're hearing from one of the jurors of the ghost ship fire trial who was dismissed for the verdict was actually reached megan the serie is her name she listened to months of testimony from witnesses and both the defendants, max harris and eric m a both men were charged with involuntary manslaughter for the beating her in the 2016 fire. after
9:41 am
10 days of deliberating on the jury though siri and 2 others were dismissed by the judge for talking about the case outside of the courtroom. >>and we spoke to the judge and i decided i'm going to be 100% truthful with the judge and again i said quite a few choice cuss words because i knew this is like i was being released and i also was terrified. would be acquitted. >>after a new jury was put into place and deliberations resumed max harris was in fact acquitted and released from jail the jury though, was hung on elmen up he returns back to court next month. >>9.41 coming up on the bus. baseball player shaved his mustache in the middle of game. and what's worse cam newton's performance on the fi
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it's on.
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the ross fall fashion event has all the looks for way less... your new outfit... whoa! ...can just keep getting better. yes! oh, yeah, you're getting that. or you can find that one dress... - yes! - yesss. ...that's perfect for you... ...or that jacket that says, "check me out," at a price that makes you say... check this out! that's yes for less. get the brands you love and save 20 to 60% off department store prices. at the ross fall fashion event. on now. >>9.45 on this friday morning temperatures are already climbing still comfortable out there, though ahead of what
9:45 am
will be and excessively hot afternoon ahead of us berkeley among areas that will be in the 90's today for your daytime highs under these crystal clear skies peak on the map shows he watches heat advisories that should say that are in effect until 07:00pm tonight for the vast majority of the bay area and taking one look at our daytime highs today and you'll see why mission district near 90 degrees up to 87 while even towards the coast golden gate park will be in the 80's. our coastal areas will still be our cooler spots but for these areas, these temperatures are pretty warm now hot conditions elsewhere with millbrae and burlingame well into the 90's woodside at one o 2 while mountain view at 96 today saying carlos even warmer than that at 97 for the high south bay nearing triple digits in campbell los gatos saratoga in morgan hill, san jose at 96 today. inland valleys solid triple digits, while right alongside the bay from fremont through hayward on up through berkeley and oakland highs will peak in the 90's today.
9:46 am
danville walnut creek each at one of 3 wall san ramon in concord also about the 100 degree mark 90's for most of the north bay with vacaville at 99 vallejo right at 90 degrees. santa rosa down to mill valley all in the 90's along one o one. now here's the good news if you're not a fan of this heat is not going to last for long a maximum temperature comparison from today's triple digits to monday's maximum temperatures even for inland areas only in the 70's a change of seasons in just a matter of days it feels like and not to mention month. they will also come along with a slight chance of showers or training in that sunshine for some weather that isn't going to feel like your typical september conditions from triple digits in 90's today, those same numbers tomorrow to what will be highs only in the 80's and 70's come sunday, you're most comfortable day of the weekend. and then even more comfortable come monday and tuesday. robin. >>well your morning commute is pretty much over in some spots like the return center fell
9:47 am
bridge. if you've been waiting for traffic to thin out and clear out. well there you go no delays here at the pay gates 7 minutes, it's looking great right right through the tolls and across the span you're also looking get into san francisco this morning. earlier you are backed up all. to the bottom of the maze now it's going to be a great trip. so you it happens on fridays if you don't have any problems or crashes that will keep traffic slow 16 minutes for the commute to fremont street. taking a look at some more freeways. we are back in the green for 5.80 livermore to dublin, looking good dublin to fremont even then is improving just under 30 minutes from 2.38 to 37. >>the season is young but already thursday night football is living up to its reputation for being tracked fashion cam newton says last night is on him. cannes panthers lost to james winston and the buccaneers 20 to 14 newt. get the fee sailing over the head or this. you know
9:48 am
it's hard to look. >>defensive guys in take a office and we hold a final bargaining. but are all figures just pointing back to me specifically office. >>cam is a fashion trend center. i know i get it i get that it's a look at it. it works on the sidelines. you know right curry looks adorable when he plays little red riding hood. under a scarf he has a new secluded home in the most expensive zip code in america, we just found out the he's the mysterious buyer of this mansion. don't bother trying to drive by it to the end a cul de sac in behind a gate setback on more than an acre of land and the currys paid $31 million for it that's the high this price paid for
9:49 am
maybe that move is why staff didn't play for team usa. but what is everybody else's excuse. jerry kill. angela says. for those who didn't show up for the world cup when he starts assembly me. tokyo olympic roster. team usa is doomed to now for its worst finish in a big tournament with nba players the since placing 6 at the 2002 championships, they lost to france in the world cup sorry quarter finals, that's what you're seeing there. the 12 us players are all-stars everybody else had some reason that they couldn't make it. says we have to get our act together for the but you know somehow i don't think that step for lebron are afraid that he's going to say no. if they say they can play in tokyo. i guess we're all supposed to be afraid because today is friday the 13th plus a full moon which i don't know if it's on these are where
9:50 am
this something and i know one guy in the major leagues is probably believing so superstitious. then when he was having a bad game with the mets yesterday. he actually shave the mustache. he did this and a game. he was hitting so bad lee that he said this is the answer either we need to shave then he goes out there he went over 5 so didn't help at all. saying well it did help ease the team won the mets beat the diamondbacks 11 to one. you know we're just the way you wear a shirt, you think somebody else is playing well because he's a super says that me now he has to be clean shaven going 4 for everyone else to do well. yes can shave for the team. >>i'm just writing maybe that would help the giants somehow everybody needs to shave. with jimmy g is a little scruffy get rid of that the 2 of them shows you some do something before this that device.
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>>today's box office report brought to you by the new nter. lounges at century san ce >>well a horror movie it chapter 2 will see some competition from 2 new movies this weekend we've got david daniel now with a look ahead. >>$5,000 at a strip club send help jennifer lopez and constance wu leave the cast of hustlers the caper flick about exotic dancers who fleeced their upscale clients. >>is forecast to debut with $25 million or more and uh for strong second place behind it chapter 2. the dramatic thriller the goldfinch is based on donna tartt's best-selling novel, the film doesn't figure to fare quite g an opening weekend worth 7 to
9:55 am
million in hollywood. i'm david daniel. cars because they have to service them it's going to take 10 days for them to replace the gearboxes so instead of running the cable cars. tourists are going to have to take the shuttles which is no fun you can h offici all part of a project to fix the cars that started 2 years ago because this system is old it's been around since the 1870's. >>going to be fifi and at the same that the is going look at your seven-day around forecast. >>the big story on the weather front that we've been preparing for a week is the fact that today will be the hottest day of the week and you can see that illustrated with the 100 degrees for the inland valleys this afternoon 90's for the bay shoreline communities in fact maybe even mid 90's for some she's going want to be really careful today. it starts to back off
9:56 am
tomorrow and then by sunday we're going to see temperatures noticeably cooler but look at monday. fall-like weather right mid 70's, inland with cloudy conditions and it's good to know that i'm complaining today. >>and now complained monday as well is going on for monday at a guarantee that lying about something. i don't forget to watch a big special which road running about the big one earthquakes. 07:00pm tomorrow surviving the big one that going to talk about a lot of different things including earthquake hit what they have in their how to make sure home is safe. >>and we'll hear from experts on how close we are actually having an early warning system so a lot of good information ok, but for now she is. >>surviving friday and the stick with kron 4 we've got everything you need kron 4 dot. website also get our mobile app. so we commercial free coverage going on t v to sign up. >>john dory myself have a great weekend guys will see on monday.
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