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tv   KRON 4 News at 6  KRON  September 19, 2019 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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>>being homeless for several years, jeff lawrence now has a permanent albeit tiny home to call his own measuring only 250 square feet, it's a small space for that whole navy vet, but as someone who came here with only the clothes on his back lawrence as it suits him just find the love it. yeah absolutely love it at his home is what's part of a veterans village made up of 14 tiny homes, located on county land in santa rosa, each took a $190,000 a piece to build by a construct. >>obviously that is the wrong piece that we're talking about anyway. the centers for disease control gave an update today about this again they said 530 cases that's an increase of a 150 cases. there is not tied to any specific product or to specific ingredients at this point. but they are warning that especially for young people. they should reconsider if they're thinking about vaping
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until more studies done in the meantime the federal drug administration is launching a parallel investigation looking at the supply chain. they're also trying to find exactly what is causing people to get sick live in the newsroom. dan kerman kron 4 news. >>thank you president trump is taking aim at california and the bay area this time over the homeless crisis even asserting the problem is so bad that used needles are making their way into the bay, however, officials at the san francisco, public utilities commission explain why a drug needle reaching the bay. it's highly unlikely kron four's haaziq madyun has the story. >>used drug needles flowing in tof san francisco's. >>grades and >>that's what president donald trump says is happening in connection to the city's ongoing homeless crisis that the president called did tremendous pollution and warned that the us environmental protection agency will be giving san
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francisco, a notice for being what he says in total violation the spokesperson for the san francisco public utilities commission kerry being we're very proud of a system that does a great job. >>separating out so it's organic or otherwise, including needles and there are multiple lines of defense before we reach the day and yours. >>just last 2 water treatment facilities, the largest is here at the south east water treatment patrol plant here that the 3 million gallons of water is processed every day talked about how this is to prevent. primary treatment it captures did. >>and so it's and separates them discharges no debris leaves the city says it is more likely that any drug needles would be collected in the city's 23,000 catch basins before reaching the 2 water treatment plants. >>as for the epa.
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>>we're very comfortable. keeping our doors open to >>san francisco mayor london breed his the president's got it as another swipe at the city's homeless population. ultimately. how about starting 8,000 section 8 vouchers to like it. >>warned that san francisco. well epa is going to be issuing some violations for polluting the stemming from the city's homeless problem. capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains the latest development to the clash between california and the federal government. >>president trump's recent visit to california boosted more back and forth between the republican president and democratic lead state governor
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gavin newsome staying quiet thursday after the president's latest threat to issue an environmental citation to san francisco, the city knew someone slipped as mayor the warning which the president says comes from pollution caused by homelessness coming just a day after the trump administration rejected governor newsom's request for more federal housing vouchers. the rejection piling on to more problems between the 2 especially when it comes to the environment, california leaders announced earlier this week they will sue the trump administration after it pulled california's waiver that gives the state the power to set vehicle emissions standards governor newsome was asked about his jekyll and hyde relationship with the president i just don't wake up the clinch specially every morning. i don't. >>i want to work with the president want to work with emerging declarations debris removal on disaster recovery. want to work with them on resiliency broadly defined i want to work with them on getting rid of flavored. i want to work with them on a myriad issues getting prescription drugs down. his alleged commitment to infrastructure. but in the absence of that we're going to
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push back newsome hinted he's making an announcement friday relating to california's vehicle emissions path. >>packed with for companies who picked california standards over the federal government's reporting in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>new england patriots wide receiver antonio brown, a former oakland raiders back in the headlines again this time stemming from the previous assault allegations against him now the former oakland raiders drop from nike are grant joins us with more details grant boy this guy was a headache for the raiders when they have at him you have to believe that the raiders organization is glad that they released him when they did right after. >>they released him of course, the patriots signed him and then these bombshell allegations of rape in just today, nike dropped the star player canceling its endorsement deal with brown the company made the announcement saying quote, antonio brown is not a nike athlete. last week brown was accused of rape and sexual-assault she denies the allegations for the first time
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he's responded to how he's dealing with the current allegations while on his new team. >>the has been to kind of get used to everything as everything is going work. >>was so blind, you know great play football. every time you walk in the doors here, you know. best for the team, so walking here, i just make sure it out with got my bed. >>the nfl is investigating the allegations in the meantime brown is playing he played his first game for the patriots. last week catching a touchdown. nike's decision today come says something of a surprise because in the past. the company has continue to sponsor certain athletes too have been involved in litigation in negative publicity. while other brands chose to withdraw their support for those folks. you think about though people like kobe bryant tiger woods, michael vick they had to deals either during or after they dealt with scandal in their personal life. so we'll see if
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nike and antonio brown resume a relationship in the future. in february of 2019 90 did release a $100 seeker was called in a key tech trainer, antonio brown, as of this morning, the speaker is no longer available on nike's website. the sexual-assault lawsuit was filed after brown signed a one year $15 million contract with the patriots that of course right after the raiders released him can theresa back to you fran thank you's step outside to be a live view on this thursday or as we like to say friday eve of the golden gate bridge, i like. >>did not know rack i noticed that it was a lot warmer today. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow with us to tell us little bit more that is a good observation to and we're going to see even warmer weather. the next couple days head into friday. and the weekend looking good this friday, though yeah it looks pretty nice outside right now clear skies all the way the coastline you see the golden gate bridge there in the distance and we'll keep that clear all night long as high
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pressure builds overhead and these temperatures are going to soar look the numbers outside right now so comfortable along the coastline, mid 60's in the pacific and half moon bay, you' inside the bay. so a nice evening, developing around the bay area now 79 still in concord 81 in pittsburgh, 81 in fairfield and 72 degrees in san anselmo so looks like a some great weather ahead and in fact probably the nicest weather to round out the in the summers we're going to see that big dome of high pressure build overhead for tomorrow. if you have plans for tomorrow looks like a great day to take your lunch outside and enjoy all that beautiful sunshine and warm temperatures. i think these offshore winds really settle in as we get into sunday. these temperatures are going to soar ice i should say saturday these temperatures going to soar on saturday. we're probably back in the 90's inland. but where really nice is numbers in the 70's right out near the coast guys back to you. >>they are to us coast guard commanders been charged with illegal in of illegally importing a controlled substance into the us from other countries. james a word silcox from alameda is accused
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of illegally importing you importing rather tramadol into the country from singapore and germany through 3 overseas shipments this year that's according to the us attorney's office. so cox was arrested tuesday and released yesterday on bail. richmond police have charged a man with the alleged kidnapping and attempted murder of a lyft driver prosecutors charged marcus dean with the crimes. tuesday and holding a gun to the back of the driver's head and telling him to follow instructions police say dean that directed the driver to stop at a gas station. so we can get some snacks and that is when the lyft driver took off. dean allegedly came out running out of the store shooting at the driver, the driver was not hurt. >>the latest man sentenced to 2 years in prison for an assault on a teen in 2018. lewis could ers pleaded guilty to felony assault with a gang and had. strike convictions for attempted murder and assault with a semiautomatic.
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the victim in this case was a 14 year-old who was sitting on his bike. when goody heiress and another defendant attack. >>most big increases the biggest in more than 2 years in august coming up we're going to get a chance to hear from experts what's going on. >>runway repair details coming up. celebrity cruises takes you to the world's greatest places. while sailing on one of the world's greatest places. proving that a place this extraordinary doesn't need a zip code. celebrity edge is more than a ship. it's a destination in itself. and because you can never get enough of a great thing. we're building another revolutionary ship.
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>>this is a growing crisis in many cities and counties here in the bay area we're trying use different ideas to tackle that problem that's right. >>the force morning. kelly went up to sonoma county to check out some the village of time many homes constructed to have house homeless veterans. after being homeless for several years, jeff lawrence now has a permanent al be it. >>tiny home to call his own measuring only 250 square feet, it's a small space for that whole navy vet, but as someone who came here with only the clothes on his back lawrence as it suits him just find the love it. yeah absolutely love it at his home is what's part of a veterans village made up of 14 tiny homes, located on county land in santa rosa, each took a $190,000 a piece to build by a construction company owned by an iraq war vet, all the residents have vouchers from hud and veterans administration supportive housing. so they pay no more than a 3rd of their low income
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on rent. lawrence is now a peer support specialist here after getting help with his ptsd and meth addiction which is how he ended up homeless after a divorce, this is more than i need right now. >>i've lived in a lot smaller 16 months ago i was literally a living on the river play with threats. so to have this is just you know blessing. >>sonoma county supervisor surely zain says it took a lot of political will to get this village built but helping house homeless veterans is a cause close to her heart. her father was a marine who fought in world war 2. so i have my father's a metals in my office it just smacks of so much injustice people give up their lives and are willing to risk their lives. >>when they go into military service. so the they need that support. obligated to kick them that support. >>i talked to one woman who lives right next door to the
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veterans village. she didn't want to appear on camera but says she has had no problems since they've moved in in fact she finds her new neighbors, very helpful to recently broke her arm and some of them have been helping her by giving arrives maureen kelly kron 4 news. >>canadian prime minister justin trudeau is apologizing for wearing brown and black face makeup at parties 3 images of surface recently of the liberal leader in costume on at least 2 different occasions trudeau is excuse me calling them absolutely unacceptable. and quote really embarrassing. he addressed the controversy during a live event in winnipeg today. live with the kind of discrimination. far too many people do because of the color of their skin. >>or their history or their origins or their language or their religion. case of a regular basis and. the layers of privilege that i have and
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for that i am deeply sorry. >>trudeau's liberal party reelection campaign is trying to deal with the fallout his conservative rivals have criticized him for the incidents. canadians head to the polls in just about a month. >>now let's go outside and show you a beautiful thursday. afternoon ish unfortunately that's a traffic shot, so sorry if you're see it sitting in traffic but the blue sky gorgeous. >>sitting in traffic watching on your phone our newscast. they're watching we want you to watch. please don't do it in car you drive that could be a passenger very that's right can join nato and we've got some great weather out there we saw the turn of course for the showers yesterday. but now we're done with that we're get back to summer again so yeah on the dock there all right in the delta bethel island, it's gorgeous out there right now clear skies. just a nice evening out there not much in the way a win there, but we do have some breezes along the coastline temperatures jumped a bit today. we're head in the right direction as high pressure builds in these numbers, one to 5 degrees
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warmer. that just 24 hours ago in some numbers, yeah they start to heat up today actually a little bit above the average in san francisco, 71 oakland checking in at 76 degrees today, a beautiful day in san jose 70 almost of the average they're back in the 80's in livermore and concord 81 degrees in concord 81 also in santa rosa navy degrees officially in livermore we have seen a storm system though that brought us the showers slowly winding out of the state is actually cool the core lows now over nevada, but a spin around showers you can see over the sierra nevada couple thunderstorms up there and guess what he means more snow showing up there you can see that the blue or across the sierra nevada so this is the middle wind down but a sign of things to come as we get ready for fall right now nice and clear around the bay area that's what's going to stay all night long to clear skies. the next couple days as high pressure builds overhead. boy beautiful night to get out there and check out the stars if you want to do that tomorrow, sunny and warm all the way to the coastline and some beautiful weather out there we are really heat things up tomorrow and into saturday. this big dalai pressure building in that will
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bring with it some of the offshore winds as we get the weekend that means these temperatures are going to cook in some parts -f the bay area but boy really nice weather along the coastline think you're back in the 70's right out toward the beaches. the san jose tomorrow you're spike in those numbers into the afternoon if you want to hang out for lunch look at that by lunchtime about 80 degrees says you head towards san francisco. yeah beautiful day as well, plenty of sunshine all day long and the temperatures heating up a really going to top out about 3 o'clock in the afternoon in the 70's and then and oakland beautiful sunshine and warm numbers to generally in the 80's, their soul all around the bay area get the idea some nice weather beginning to set up as we head into the last weekend of summer. and it's going to be good want temperatures going to be warming up some 70's along the coastline on saturday. think we're going to see a significant cool dallas, more clouds by sunday. fantastic well. >>home prices they are all the rise na
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>>so this cool down we have for about the last year now it last summer and fall that we noticed a inventory was really starting to rise in the bay area and as a result homes are sitting not getting sold and sales started to climb that was largely coming off rising mortgage rates and so buyers took a step back as really saw there. affordability be hit and so that's been happening for most of the last 12 months. and now i think the worst is mostly behind in terms of some of the early indicators of demand. there are some reasons to be optimistic that the market is stable and strong. so even though prices have come down a little bit. we are still seeing competition and people waves contingencies when they're making their offers on a home and we're hearing from agents that there are still a lot interests and in terms of buying arms and and i think the long run is pretty optimistic for the bay area.
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>>coming up tonight at 6.45 some terrifying moments for passengers on a delta airline drops 30,000 feet in just a few minutes. >>and lawmakers are trying to make some progress in a long way the gun debate.
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>>over gun control continues on capitol hill attorney general william barr met with
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lawmakers yesterday including with west virginia senator joe mansion. mansion and pennsylvania republican pat toomey r co sponsoring a background check bill. the senators say their discussion with barr went well but it all comes down to what the president will support. >>he has developed some ideas that i think are constructive stand arm. solve problems and it's a very constructive dialogue that we're having. con see some positive so it's up to the president now. trouble with them what he decides go forward with. >>the senators say the next step is for the attorney general to take those ideas that he heard on the hill and take them to the white house to president trump. one of our >>cites is back open for business today. molony a trump was there for the special moment. the washington monument is again welcoming visitors this after a multimillion dollar renovation the monument closed in 2011 that. then reopened in 2014
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only to close again in 2016. when the ev >>the first lady just treated all of them individually and asked their names and then got a couple high fives hugs, i was a little nervous about going up with her but she talked me into it and. >>i loved it. >>it is beautiful though 558 foot monument stands as one. the washington area's most i connick sites park service officials expect. the re open monument to bring in about. 1000 visitors each year. in the diversity of hispanic cuisine. >>the woman is now being praised for turning her son in to authorities when she found a planned attack not only on herself but also on a school.
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>>and next up at 6.30 san francisco district attorney's office al along with the city college of san francisco. they hold a special training session for professionals, dealing with sexual-assault survivors details when we come back. >>and could change your plans cooper! did you eat all of your treats? ♪ help! i need somebody ♪ help! not just anybody ♪ help! you know i need someone
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6 months, 6 push-ups. ready,up.. down. down. uh-uh. that's one. up. that's two. inhale. down. get down. get down. >>in san francisco, the district attorney's office is working with college students
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and faculty to prevent sexual-assault send help victim kron four's charles clifford attended the department's seminar and has more for us. well here on the campus of city college in san francisco, the san francisco district attorney's office along with the victim services division. >>held a seminar for faculty and staff and also students who may be dealing with a sexual-assault victims. victim services division says the during the first 4 months of any school year is what about half of all sexual-assault occur. and that's when they hold the seminars, different campuses around the city trying to work with faculty and staff and students to talk about a sexual-assault help them with training and also raise awareness about the problem. we spoke to someone from these victims services division, this afternoon who says they really want to reach out to new students students who may not be from san francisco or faculty who are not aware of how of this issue is dealt within the city. >>helpful for them to be aware that this is a time when a lot
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of sexual-assault happen and they can think about their behavior and how they support other students on campus, but also said that they know what to do if they need assistance whether it's to prevent a sexual-assault or to get advice or to seek treatment. you know in san francisco, we only have one hospital that does rape kits for survivors in that san francisco general many of our students are not from san francisco. they don't know or city system our hospitals and so this gives them a lot of information about where they can go in who they can reach out to him. seminar has 2 parts the first section is how to talk to. >>survivors of sexual-assault how to read their body language how to help them through it. and the second part part is about law enforcement how the city of san francisco deals with sexual-assault from a legal standpoint in san francisco charles clifford kron 4 news. >>let's check in now our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow and maurice you're talking some problems for people might want to be visiting baja. yeah, major that's that's a big for the bay area a lot of folks from california love to go down. >>in the baja when they can.
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and certainly this time of year is nice but also have to worry about some of the storms got a hurricane out there. this is lorraine a that has been hurricane that back to a tropical storm and hurricane. back to a tropical storm again, but it's likely going to intensify right now it is still sitting in a very strong tropical storm 70 miles an hour. a movie in the northwest at 12 miles per hour. but the track has changed since just last night and it doesn't look very positive for kabul specially that area watch what happens here. we put into motion and there you go possibly making landfall near kabul as we get into friday morning and that could be a big issues see some of those strong possibly hurricane force winds right near the coastline. there and some big time waves and flooding that's going to be major problem i think with the storm system flooding rains along behind you can see just kind of the hugs, the coastline, seoul a long ball if you're traveling that way be prepared likely flo the next couple of days before things wind down on monday. all right good to back out into the atlantic here's


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