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tv   KRON 4 News at 6  KRON  September 25, 2019 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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>>at 6 it is the 3rd day of a fall, a heat wave and today we have record breaking heat, triple digit. temperatures in some sections of the bay area today and it is still in the 90's at this hour in other places. thank you for joining us, i'm pam moore and i'm ken wayne, the hot dry and windy conditions prompted pg need to turn off the power for some in the north bay because of the fire danger. >>chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us now was your 4 zone forecast and when we get some relief. >>that's what people want to know now is fun for about a day or so ready to get some cooler air coming back in today. an amazing day record breaking temperatures all around look at the numbers that are broken today into san francisco 94 degrees that is impressive to get that hot in san francisco. redwood city 99 also record look at half moon bay right out of the water's edge 92 degrees. this nice downslope winds there and you can certainly see some
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impressive heat as you get those offshore winds and we did that today 98 a record in oakland 99 in san jose. san francisco international airport, this is the second day of records there today a high of 96 that was also record but all around the bay area oppressive heat heat advisories that's why they're issued a 100 to one today in hayward that was the hottest temperature inside the bay. he had a 98 in oakland, the at a 103 in nevada on look at santa rosa that was the hot spot. a 105 degrees today just some scorching heat of course have those offshore winds in the concern for fire danger. that's all all about to change in the next 24 hours that sea breeze really be is to kick in these the forecast highs for tomorrow afternoon. maybe some upper 80's and that's it inside the bay are looking at 70's and some 80's along the coastline, you're back in the 60's and you think that's cool. let's take into friday will then we're looking at numbers in the 60's and only 70's for highs. so there's a big change in the weather coming our way over the next couple of days. it looks like things will begin really increase with that moisture off the coastline. and that
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will bring an end to the fire danger but outside it is still blazing hot out there, you're looking at 94 degrees in santa rosa 94 in san jose, still 80 degrees guys right here in san francisco. >>lawrence thank you well within the last couple of hours power in sonoma county has been restored. that's after pg any cut our to reduce the risk of wildfires earlier today. the utility switched off the power to more than 1400 customers in sonoma and napa counties, the conducts these power shut off in order to reduce the threat of gusty winds. >>knocking down live power lines and sparking wildfires. >>the power was cut off early this morning in effect of scores of residents and local businesses. however, one man who lives in calistoga told us that he doesn't mind if the power is off for a while in order to keep his family say. >>i have animals i have a 3 cats 2 dogs and i want them to be safe. my daughter comes to visit me i wanted to be safe. so i'd rather my power shut up
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to my power than than the possible have a possibility of in sonoma county. at about 4 o'clock this afternoon. the officials say that they will restore the power in napa county sometime tonight. the time the fire crews will remain in those areas looking for anything tensile problems. >>you can track the weather in your neighborhood anytime with the kron 4 app there you'll find full forecast interactive radar. and you can get weather alerts sent straight to your device. download the kron 4 app tonight. >>president trump says he wants full. and see on the whistleblower's report at the center of an impeachment inquiry, the written complaint is now watch room in the halls of congress hand delivered to capitol hill for lawmakers to review. mary maloney has the latest in this developing story from washington. >>of an impeachment inquiry centered around president trump. >>the president sat down with his ukrainian counterpart for the first time. but the 2
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leaders have spoken before the white house released a transcript of a call from july in it. president trump asked president zelinsky for quote a favor among other things investigate former vice president joe biden and his son must hunters what we're looking for is corruption. the president wanted the ukrainian leader to work with rudy giuliani. his personal lawyer and us attorney general bill barr the conversation came after the united states temporarily with held aid to ukraine nominee push it. bush me. yes, and no democrats say the discussion is damning what those notes reflect is a classic i feel like shakedown of a foreign leader. president trump is adamant insisting he did nothing wrong. it's the single greatest witch hunt. in american history. the call at the center of a complaint filed by a whistleblower concerned about the administration's actions that whistleblower needs to be given the complete freedom to
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report any allegation of wrongdoing. that have come to that whistleblowers attention i fully support transparency. >>on the so-called whistleblower information. >>the president says the call controversy and an impeachment inquiry or simply democrats playing politics so hoax. >>folks is all a big hoax. >>in washington, i'm mary moloney. >>of course you now know that a house speaker nancy pelosi did announce that the house is launching a formal impeachment inquiry into president trump. >>kron four's grant lotus is here now to give us an update on that inquiry and the next steps involved in all of this grant point pan and can you think big picture. it's like the mueller investigation just wrapped up in here we are launching another major investigation regarding this president and the next steps in this impeachment inquiry are still kind of coming into focus just one day after house speaker from san francisco nancy pelosi announced that probe would begin moderate democrats including some from districts where trump remains popular urged the speaker to
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keep this inquiry, specific to ukraine and not expand it in 2 other issues that congress has already been investigating and this all comes after months of resistance from pelosi. she said impeachment could divide the country and it could be risky for her party. and right after the dems of course took control of the house that is something she's concerned about in a news conference with ukrainian president today. mister trump fired back saying pelosi has lost her way and she is abandoning issues like gun control and infrastructure and is now only thinking of impeachment. >>he's lost your she may be radical left yourself but she really has lost your way yesterday she gave an but she's noand a not interested guns in got protection and safety. she's thinking about is he's been taken over by the radical left. you take a look
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at what's happening in the media today. >>republicans in congress are largely standing by the president and dismissing the notion that the summary of the phone call to mister trump had with ukraine's president revealed any wrongdoing on the part of trump this impeaihment inquiry is projected to drag on for months likely into 2020, which of course is a presidential election here ken and pam we'll keep you posted now back to you all right grant, thank you well democratic presidential candidate julian castro believes the president should be impeached and he made those comments during a campaign stop today in oakland, they also discussed police brutality and homelessness kron four's dan kerman live in the newsroom with more on his visit. >>dan. let's write faster supports impeachment as well as more affordable housing and a national standard for the use of force. democratic presidential candidate julian castro made a campaign stop in oakland wednesday.
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impeachment investigation of the president this president used his power abuse his office and the resources of our federal government. >>to try and get a political opponent. with or without a quid pro quo. that is an abuse of power and it deserves >>castro came to oakland at the invitation of city councilman noel touring the transit village at the fruitvale bart station he saw the memorial to oscar grant. the unarmed black man shot and killed by a bart police officer as part of his platform castro is calling for a national standard for the use of force and for d militarizing police. >>it's clear in our country too often times the color of your skin determines how you're treated by police. i know that we have some great police officers out there i work with some of them is mayor of san antonio, but i also know americans know that we've seen far too many of these videos. one after
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another after another of especially young black man. are subjected to excessive force and some time. >>later castro toward the homeless encampment near the home depot in east oakland. castro says the next president must work with federal state and local partners as well as nonprofits and the private sector to create more affordable housing in the country. we haven't heard see out there for. and listen cameron is one example. we can't wait longer. permanent housing for people and this sort of services they need so they can get on behalf that they want to be on. >>castor says the president wants to criminalize and scapegoat the homeless will he wants to house them. he says he has a housing plan that would invest enough to create 3 million more affordable housing units. he also wants to make sure runners can
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afford rent by putting in place a refundable runners tax credit live in the newsroom. dan kerman kron 4 news stand. thank you dozens of protesters gathered in san francisco's financial district this morning after last friday's climate strike. >>protesters blocked montgomery street creating a traffic nightmare for the downtown area. they also drew some murals on the street protesters are demanding the san francisco business is immediately divest from fossil fuels and other climate damaging activities on friday, 10's of thousands of young people skip school to march through downtown san francisco to demand that federal leaders take action on the issue of climate change. >>today's may now playgrounds are designed for children to romp in play and have fun but at one elementary school playground in oakland children are being told to watch their steps at least one child has been injured there and now some parents are calling on the district to make the playground save kron four's haaziq madyun has the story.
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>>these 2 parents are putting out what they say are hazardous potholes cracks and uneven pavement on the children's playground here at franklin elementary school in oakland, just take a look at this video so really it's an ongoing problem, you know a scratch is bruises could. >>it's very and should not be as describing some of the injuries. she says she found out her 8 year-old son after the school called her about him being heard on the playground. >>they told me i have to be because he was bleeding so bad to have to be a mix minister ahsan says another problem the rubber padding underneath the play structure is no longer providing cushion when kids fall on the ground we have kindergartners here up to 5th grade. >>so those young kids really need the protection. both parents say the problem has gotten progressively worse in the last 3 years as you can see by the 285 signatures on this change dot org petition to renovate franklins elementary playground. >>these 2 parents are not alone officials at the oakland unified school district sent kron 4 this statement which reads quote the district's
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building and grounds death has visited franklin elementary school and examine the pavement problems on the playground. all of our students need a clean safe and nurturing environment in which to play and grow and with that in mind our staff will be working to fix it starting tomorrow thursday september 26 the pavement will be patched up and the students will be able to play on it in the coming days, unquote. in oakland haaziq madyun kron 4 news. >>residents of san francisco under siege, due to the latent drug use and drug dealing. we take an in-depth look at what's being done to solve the problem 62 lawsuits and counting why california's attorney general is adding to the already long list of lawsuits a day after nancy pelosi's impeachment inquiry and the total number of deaths related to vaping increases now lawmakers are tackling the now lawmakers are tackling the idea of a nationwide they
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>>now another big story. we're following tonight 2 more people have died from vaping-related illnesses in the us bring the nationwide total. >>to 11 and this is the bay area's e cigarette company juul announced that it's a c e o is going to step dou s our capitol bureau reporter kill martin has the latest from the sea as lawmakers tackle with the idea of a nationwide ban in
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disguise. >>as the health crisis weeks, the nation doctor lee norman, the head of the kansas public health department says the vaping industry is being put on notice there's going to be a lot of changes in their industry wednesday, as jewel the leading east cigarette company announced the resignation of their seo and plans to pull all ads in the us doctor norman joined a panel of experts urging congress to pass more regulations to ensure no other vaping company can market their highly addictive products to kids vaping is effectively showing them the way to nicotine use and addiction. >>it's been heartbreaking to speak to families of young people who are otherwise healthy and are now barely clinging to life. >>today called in heads michigan's public health department she says even though states like hers are temporarily banning flavored vaping products. a national ban would be more effective we need strong regulatory oversight over cigarettes at the hearing lawmakers pressed the head of the food and drug administration to take firmer
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action. but the commissioner says it's important not to harm adult smokers depended on flavored products. >>some small off-ramp to allow addicted adult smokers off of transition from combustible cigarettes to another product is a public health value. he says the agency is working to strike a balance. >>but to expect the nationwide flavored vaping product ban to go into effect in the coming weeks in washington recall martin. >>a new warning from authorities tonight about a growing phone scam and this scam. the caller claims to be from the social security administration and says that your benefits will be suspended. course s alarming call of impromptu to press one on your keypad if you feel that this is a mistake. if you do get this call officials are urging you not to press want just hang up the phone. the federal trade mission administration says that social security will never call you and ask you to send a wire money nor threatened to take away your benefits. well
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people living in certain areas of san francisco are complaining of feeling under siege because of blatant drug use and drug dealing to it's an issue we will break bringing up with the 4 main candidates who are running for san francisco district attorney. >>kron 4 is hosting a live debate this friday kron four's maureen kelly gives us an in-depth look at the drug problem. >>drug users have turned places like alleys and transit hub core doors into shooting galleries people walking on the streets can see people injecting drugs in broad daylight uses a lot of dirty needles. >>a lot of foreigners smoke in department public health estimates there are nearly 25,000 addicts in this city who inject drugs and they're dangerous debris can be found under foot in many places you can be walking on the street and truly in any neighborhood it's kind of like herniated all over the city. >>and you'll see a used needle and that's so dangerous. my constituents have fed up they're furious. the
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residents, the small businesses they feel like they're under siege. many of our businesses are closing because they're just everyday people outside selling and using drugs in front of there business. i mean this is unacceptable situation. >>supervisor matt haney represents district 6 which includes the tenderloin and south of market where open air drug trafficking is rampant in some spots we have drugs deadly drugs that are being doubt openly with impunity 24 hours a day this week his ordinance to create a street level drug dealing pass course. >>passed unanimously what we've seen is that a strategy of just relying on law enforcement and just arresting low level guys on the street is not enough. wednesday city hall staffers got a lesson in how to save someone from an opioid overdose by using our can last year the nonprofit doe project gave out 30,000 doses of the lifesaving opioid blocker saving nearly 1700
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lives during that time, but still 259 people died d's last year which is nearly 4 times the number of homicides and fatal car crashes combined maureen kelly kron 4 news. san francisco de a debate will be held right here in our kron 4 studios catherine heenan is our moderator. >>it will start at 3 o'clock this friday and will air on kron on the kron on app. >>this take a live look outside right now where it's still really warm around the bay area this is looking out over san francisco's embarcadero not a breeze there when it's in the 90's in the city, you know it's wrong really i i i >>they're very get a cool down sooner than later yeah, in fact we may not see heat like this again until maybe march or april next year so this could be it will see some warm days, but this was exceptional temperatures all around the bay area it is still hot outside right now 98 degrees in redwood city. let the coastal areas are still in the 80's in pacifica 82 right now in half moon bay 87 degrees
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still in san francisco 90 in san mateo and hot 88 degrees in berkeley 90 into brought 88 in san anselmo 94 in santa rosa 90 degrees in petaluma and 93 degrees in the napa valley so a scorching temperatures all around the bay area but begin see some changes now see the winds moving on the west at 10 miles per hour as that sea breeze beginning to develop now and we have these normally wins over the past couple days that offshore wind things changing now the atmosphere. i think by tomorrow or no seeing a big time change you may even need a jacket along the coastline, red flag warnings are still up until 7 o'clock tonight as we're still seeing some gusty winds into the delta cross on the mountaintops and northern ap an order sonoma counties also toward clear lake and the central valley though should be coming down that nice see breeze going usher in the cool air and a lot of moisture in the atmosphere to tie it mostly clear skies. we will see a couple of patches of fog will begin to develop along the coastline. tomorrow, mostly sunny but noticeably cooler and that fog is really going to fill in along the coast throughout the day. and the weekend what a big change
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to get your jackets out it is going to be a little cool out there, partly cloudy skies and even a slight chance of a couple scattered showers high pressure has been in control we've seen those nice offshore winds the last couple days bringing us the record heat. well that all changed this ridge begins to weaken that our low pressure we're down to the south that is going to kick eastward and all of a sudden we start to see that suddenly surge of low clouds and fog moving along the coastline and that is a sign of some much cooler temperatures on the way you see here overnight beginning to see a couple patches of fog starting develop along the coastline, creeping up and here they come. it's tomorrow morning. you're likely going to see that as we head to the day. it's just going to fill in and along the coastline throughout the day and then beginning to surge inside the golden gate into the bay as we head toward tomorrow evening. so looks like the way coming to an end now is we're going to see much cooler temperatures on the way by tomorrow afternoon. some 80's warmer spots in the mob 70's and 80's as you make your way around the bay of 60's along the coastline much cooler weather more clouds on the way temperatures likely to get near 70 as we get into saturday and sunday and then warming up toward the middle of next week.
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>>the teacher called me and she said you need to have to tell when nathan about boundaries, i was sick to my stomach. >>with autism is punished over a coming up tonight 6 45 why the boy school says it took action. >>up next yet another new report raising the alarm about the world's oceans, a sea levels rising faster than originally thought. and that's putting some communities at the world's
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oceans are at risk and more than initially thought that is according to a landmark un climate report on human caused global warming those released today. >>finding show sea levels will likely rise more than previously projected by the end of the century, threatening coastal areas, some of the damage is nearing on irreversible and could lead to yearly flooding that would typically happen once in a century cities from new york to shanghai could see regular flooding. and a frightening situation for that little girl what happened next when she came face to face with a coyote. >>the new joker movie isn't even out yet and it's already causing controversy. what shooting victims are demanding warner brothers do ahead of its release next month and a half cup with a nice pay
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police cruiser allows the suspect get away. >>what happened to the high-tech car. that's next 6.30. >>and the sea breeze is going to make return the heat wave coming due and how much colder again we
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turning now to our 4 zone forecast 80's and 90's triple digits record breaking heat hit the bay area today, here's a picture of what it looks like. >>right now outside still
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pretty high. >>look at the 97 lawrence, what's ahead. >>yeah much cooler weather we're going to end this heat wave in probably just in time enough for the people and say that was just too hot to you see the clear skies out there right now how long the golden gate bridge by tomorrow this time we'll see some that fog i think entering right to the golden gate in some much cooler weather so enjoy it while you have it the evening still very very warm hot spots around the bay area right now look at the numbers 98 degrees in concord we've got 95 still amount you 94 in san jose 93 in redwood city just a coastal temperatures very very impressive in the 80's right now so you know the water's edge. it is still very hot. so heat advisories still in effect for at least another hour here and watch as temperatures begin to come down. and overnight tonight, we'll see that sea breeze starting to pick up and really ramping up as we head in toward tomorrow afternoon that being said temperatures will want to come down we have hot 90's some mid 90's in the san francisco today. you see about a 24 or 20 degree drop by tomorrow afternoon. as just a bill that highs mainly in the 70's oakland check in in the 80's. you'll be in this 80's as you make your way into


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