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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  September 25, 2019 10:00pm-10:59pm PDT

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what i read to me was that political equivalent of that defying the constitution. committing a criminal act and thank you all i can get away with it. >>representative mike quigley of illinois is one of several lawmakers who read the whistleblower complaint about president trump's communication with ukraine tonight. he's calling the document deeply disturbing. thanks for joining us at 10, i'm ken one and i'm pam moore today, the house of representatives voted to approve measure demanding the release of the whistleblowers full complaint to congress. >>lawmakers also expect to hear directly from that whistleblower kron 4 grant lodes joins us now live in the studio with the latest developments coming out of washington dc tonight grant campaign feels like a new era, a busyncouple days tomorrow doesn't figure to slow down whatsoever in the nation's capital today's house vote. >>was unanimous 1 421 to 0 yesterday the senate unanimously adopted its own resolution urging the
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administration to provide the full whistleblower complaint to congress and today the whistleblower who filed a complaint against president trump has agreed to testify before congress. the whistleblower will only meet with legislators if the acting director of national intelligence approve security clearances for the whistleblower's lawyer. president trump today slammed the complaint and the impeachment inquiry against him. >>and our people are being heard in our country is being heard when a nancy pelosi allows her position to be taken over by. radical far-left. that's pretty bad that's pretty bad, especially when the. senators and all of these other people have actually done what they're accusing me of doing which i didn't do. >>president trump insists he did nothing wrong. he says he did nothing wrong during that phone call the infamous one with ukraine's president and
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as of tonight at least 215 house democrats say they want the impeachment inquiry to start now that's a number that has been rising the past couple days ken pam back to hugh grant. thank you all of this coming after the white house released the rough transcript of that phone call between. >>president trump and the president of ukraine sara murray breaks down what the 2 later leaders talked about in that call. >>president trump urged the ukrainian president over and over to investigate former vice president joe biden and his son and he volunteered the help of the us justice department to do it. there's a lot of talk about biden's son biden stopped the prosecution and a lot of people want to find out about that. so whatever you can do with the attorney general would be great trump says in a july 25th call with ukrainian president volodymyr zelenskiy according to the rough transcript released wednesday by the white house biden went around bragging that he stopped the prosecution so if you can look into it it sounds horrible to me. trump says
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responds the next prosecutor general will be 100% my person, he or she will look into the situation specifically to the company you trump insists there's nothing wrong with his request that call was perfect it couldn't have been nicer. >>there was no pressure the way you had that built up that color was going to be the call from help from those storms hit. >>but the rough transcript provides the clearest evidence yet to trump tried to use his position in the oval office and the weighted the justice department to go after his top political rival. trump's call was lewinsky came as he and rudy giuliani were fixated on biden's push to have ukrainian prosecutor who is widely seen as corrupt, ousted in 2016 when biden was vice president trump and giuliani claimed biden was protecting his son hunter who served on the board of an energy company, the ukrainian prosecutor had previously investigated when. >>biden's son walked away with millions of dollars from ukrainian as and that millions
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of dollars that direction, there's no evidence though that joe or hunter biden did anything wrong. >>roughly a week before trump's call with alinsky trump order to hold on hundreds of millions of dollars of military aid to ukraine on the call trump doesn't explicitly threatened to continue withholding the money in exchange for an investigation into the bidens there was never any quid pro quo, but the president does suggest the us is getting a raw deal. the united states has been very very good to ukraine trump says i wouldn't say that it's reciprocal necessarily because things are happening that are not good. but the united states has been very very good to ukraine soon after zelinsky brings up america's a great support in the area of defense. that's when trump tells alinsky i would like you to do us our cou been through a lot and ukraine knows a lot about it i would like you to find out what happened with this whole situation with ukraine trump then references crowdstrike the cybersecurity firm the democratic national committee hired to investigate after it
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was have in 2016. crowdstrike publicly blamed the russian government as was confirmed by robert mueller's investigation. but both trump and giuliani have floated another conspiracy theory ukraine invented the idea that russia was meddling in the 2016 election, several people in ukraine new about a tremendous amount of collusion between ukrainian officials and hillary clinton and the democratic national committee on the july calls alinsky says the issue is an important one interim 1000 have bar and giuliani follow up with the lewinsky. the justice department says trump never asked barr to contact ukraine in bars not communicated with ukraine on this or any other subject. giuliani meanwhile has already been in contact with ukrainian officials. >>that was sara murray reporting houseimpeachment inqu president trump yesterday. >>but this little congresswoman jackie spear is speaking out on today's events tonight. she said she was in disbelief after reading the whistleblower complaint.
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>>i describe it as explosive and john dropping. could not believe what i was reading and while i can't refer to whether or not the phone call was included in this whistleblower complaint. i can tell you the totality of that complaint is. so disconcerting that a president the united states. conduct himself in a matter that was so illegal. >>democratic presidential candidate, julian castro says he also supports impeachment inquiry. he made a campaign stop in oakland today, he toured the transit village at the fruitvale bart station and the homeless encampment near the home depot in east oakland. castro didn't hesitate to president trump. >>this president used his power abuse his office and the resources of our federal government to try and get a political opponent. with or
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without a quid pro quo. that is an abuse of power. that deserves >>city councilman all invited castro to oakland. the impeachment inquiry into president trump is not slowing the flow of lawsuits, california is filing against the federal government our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala details yet another legal action announced today as well as how the state attorney general is responding to the impeachment inquiry. >>62 lawsuits and counting california attorney general javier baez adding another to the pile wednesday. this latest lawsuit over the trump administration's rollback on regulations of the endangered species ac the time to iversity not to destroy it of the 62 lawsuits, california has filed against the trump administration about half of them are related to the environment. >>their recent action simply show that they're continuing their lawless behavior.
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>>miss it also weighing in on the impeachment inquiry into the president the set of criticizing the department of justice for interfering in the release of the whistleblower report now at the center of the inquiry. >>the administration was trying and is trying to withhold information as i said is chilling it's too reminiscent. fact is it is beyond watergate. it's beyond nixonian. >>happens with all the lawsuits california has filed that the president is impeached messina's says he's not sure but says theie's a good chance, those lawsuits will get resolved faster if a new administration is quote willing to respect the law in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>time now to take a look outside 4 zone forecast on this wednesday night with the embarcadero in the bay bridge. >>our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here with a look at what's ahead and you better have your sweaters ready anything you know this time of year you can see those big changes in the weather boy today we had record breaking heat around the bay area
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temperatures soaring even the mid-nineties into san francisco and that is a very hot day for san francisco, 99 redwood city check in half moon bay, all the way to 92 with some downslope winds 98. >>in oakland 99 in san jose and 96 record at san francisco international airport. all around these numbers simply amazing even a 101 today and hayward these places that usually don't get those hot the temperatures. there's plenty of that all the way to the coastline. we saw the heat 105 degrees in santa rosa that was the hot spot, a 103 in the bottle but things are changing you couldn't tell though outside across much of the bay area. it is still 82 degrees right now in san jose 79 redwood city and also in hayward but start to see those numbers cooling down along the coastline. all of a sudden. some of the sea breeze is beginning to pick up along the coast were down in the 60's there still 74 very pleasant in san francisco, 80 degree still berkeley 78 in oakland, and 81 degrees in flail but big changes are coming our way that sea breeze has beginning to pick up nicely some resistance though little bit
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of a northerly component some of the in the north bay, but the sea breeze now starting in the san francisco also and i th the afternoon tomorrow, pretty blustery especially along the coastline and a right to the delta, mostly clear overnight tonight we will see a couple of patches of fog right along the immediate coastline and then tomorrow morning mostly sunny temperatures going to be quite a bit cooler maybe 5 maybe 15 degrees cooler, maybe as much as 20 degrees cooler along the coastline as that fog begins to fill in and then much cooler over the weekend. that's where i think you need your jacket. winds says we head through the night tonight, it's tomorrow you know if the colors begin to fill in here, some yellow begin to show up along the coastline as we head in toward noon tomorrow. as those winds begin the whip 18 miles per hour up of the the pacific and that's that sout therhen working its way all the way through the delta in the afternoon. even wrap it up for that you see some callers in the orange and the red there though some gusts i expect by the models up to about 30 miles per hour. and then on shore breeze really want to drop those temperatures. we're going for
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the offshore wind today than yesterday and some record heat to an onshore breeze that southwesterly wind is going to kick in that is going to return the fog and some much cooler temperatures around the bay area back overnighonight, m patches of fog beginning develop along the coastline and i think that will start to ramp up as we head in toward the evening. in fact we may even see a little drizzle by tomorrow night around the bay area but not only do we have a little drizzle in the forecast. we may have little rain. no one in the forecast. i leader tenant an exclusive coming up it thank you to our site. thanks lauren so good news for people in the north bay, the past. >>power is back on tonight. it was restored more than 12 hours after pg any cut the lights off earlier today because of the high fire danger, the powers started to come back on around 5 o'clock this afternoon 4,000 homes and businesses in napa and sonoma counties kron four's went to the outskirts of calistoga to talk to people who spent much of the day without power in the sweltering heat. the
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lights might be back on and the store is open now, but this arco gas station was a pretty good point of frustration for a lot of folks coming through the west side of calistoga as they dealt with the hot temperatures and the power being shut off. >>i didn't know he was going to be isn't it a is low. >>the last time i looked it 89 in my house, the car is cooler that my house sweat dripping down their backs and frustration on their faces. >>usual customers of this calistoga arco on foothill blvd we're pleased to find the doors locked and pumps not working wednesday that he had to fill up on gas and have a little respite in my car. get gas was of reason barbara and her papa live across the way in a mobile home park. >>the came around right all the bells told us it was going to be off. i just feel bad for the people that don't that really need electricity. >>she spent her dacounting the
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hours until power was restored you know i really wanted to sit in front of the bridge but then everything would now so. >>a significant number path through smart a public safety police fired into wellness checks, a cooling in charging center was set up at the fairgrounds near by but folks like lori bakker. >>set up their own. pg e crews could be seen driving up and down foothill boulevard as they work to inspect lines and return power to the area though dealing with more than 12 hours of no powers inconvenient folks like laurie say it's much better than the alternative. a lot of people. >>are feeling about it i would say, but i'd rather have the power shut off and go for a firestorm again. >>in calistoga noel below kron 4 news. this epidemic is going. more people you pretty much any that they often san francisco. items is the hiv.
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>>san francisco supervisor matt haney is referring to the drug an overdose crisis in the city today, he and other staffers learn how to use nor can to help save lives. the training comes a day after haney introduced a resolution declaring a public health crisis temperatures haney is citing the rampant drug use on the streets and the increasing opioid over debt overdose deaths in the city. >>for state of the sacking talks with haney about his plan she joins us in our newsroom tonight with more taylor. >>well san francisco's drug problem is nothing new but the number of overdose deaths are increasing supervisor haney is now calling for an emergency response to the overdoses and deaths in the city. his resolution urges the department of health to present a comprehensive plan on how to address this crisis. >>comes is sky ross in san francisco is now is responsible for 5 times as many deaths it crashes i'm a scientist. it's going up again
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this year san francisco supervisor matt haney says. >>the city needs to do more in addressing drug use and overdose deaths, especially in his district in the tenderloin and south of market neighborhoods, you know people walking using drugs ultimately people or psychos it you know lack of and urgency from the city you know this is >>people are using drugs to act in fact north tired you are. >>last year. there are 259 overdose deaths in san francisco. resolution introduced on tuesday cause for an emergency response from the city and urges the department of health to come up with a comprehensive plan on how to address this crisis, including but not limited to improving the street level drug crisis, providing regular reports of overdoses and overdose deaths, additional support for frontline emergency responders identifying existing models of detox and drop-in centers and stopping the flow of deadly drugs in san francisco people are in silence.
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>>quiet these alleyways in the tenderloin and it is a scary situation out there in neighborhood and so there's a lot of him down the index right now. >>supervisor haney says the city also needs to address the sentinel supply we have a certain thing but that's that is literally killing people. >>i would identifies where that's coming from and also as rest. the supply side well. >>fennell is the leading cause of overdose deaths in the city because 39 deaths in the city just within the 1st quarter of this year. he says the hearing will be scheduled for the department of health to unveil an extensive plan to tackle this drug crisis back to you. >>thank you taylor. the san francisco department of public health estimates there are nearly 25,000 addicts in this city who inject drugs in. >>the 21 year-old arrested in connection to a shooting at san jose state university is now charged with attempted murder a court documents show this man joseph asensio faces
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up to life in prison on 13 different felony counts. prosecutors say the sense. he'll entered a parking garage connected to city hall last week aimed a semiautomatic pistol at the doctor martin luther king junior library and fired 10 rounds one nearby almost hit a student inside the library. asensio is currently being held without bail at santa clara county main jail. >>a man from southern california faces bank robbery charges in daly city police say they responded to the us bank it 3 to 9 gellert boulevard about 11 o'clock this morning they say 49 year-old jodi chisholm from tarzan a passed a note at the bank stating it was a robbery and then drove away with money. police arrested chisholm at a nearby intersection and police in coma say this man from san jose still personal property and identifying information of more than 20 people using the items to make several purchases. officers say they arrested 42 year-old elias who
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any twice over the past 2 months. police say the first case involved 23 victims when he is currently out on bail. >>a professor is out of a job tonight at the university of california santa cruz, one of his students came forward and said he tried to rape her times reporter megan meier found out the student isn't stopping there. >>member of me to ucsc bob mee's lawyer says yesterday's announcement was a relief gopal balakrishnan is no longer employed by you see santa cruz i was expecting the struggle to continue. >>so there was a little bit out like oh wow okay. >>the region's made the right decision here. it's been a year's long battle back in $2017 christian was accused of sexually assaulting a student and placed on leave a report from the university says ballot christians behavior deeply harm the victim and that the school does not tolerate faculty who attempt to rape people, you know there's a lot of community healing that has to go on both within the department and the
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division and more broadly is a campus. >>you know we want to respond effectively to allegations of sexual-harassment central islands. but we also want to prevent them. a freshman student who wanted to remain anonymous can attest to the school's effort to reduce actual violence on campus she tells me the schools, providing support for those who have been victimized during orientation they just gave us all these options to say like oh if you want to tell someone. >>you can tell these people harland or who has been vocal about her own experience with fellow christian posted to facebook about the news saying she will now move forward with the lawsuit against him we can when we can. >>take positive steps forward. >>that was megan meier reporting there has been no comment from the accused professor about his firing. take a look at this picture shows a woman holding another woman hostage and you can see right there above her head is a meat cleaver this happened in the lobby of the salinas
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police department a post on the department's facebook page says the woman walked into the lobby with a meat cleaver and just randomly apparently grabbed on to another woman employees and officers quickly jumped in action. they freed the victim and arrested the suspect. >>electric scooters are coming to san francisco. the sfmta approved the next phase of the powered scooter share permit program over the last year that program permitted to operators and up to 2100 scooters for shared use mostly in the eastern sections of the city. the new round of permits will be issued to 4 additional operators and up to 4,000 scooters with more than double the service area. >>pavement making an east bay playground dangerous place for children what's being done to fix it plus a man wanted for homicide in new york city in custody in the bay area and the charges. he faces here and another action against vaping why one bay area counties
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going for an all out ban on vape products. >>say the san francisco district attorney debate this friday catherine hainan has a preview from the debate stage. >>the race for san francisco da it is particularly interesting right now there's no incumbent it is wide open first time that's happened in a century. there are 4 a visionary candidates with very strong opinions. the debate is this friday at 03:00pm only on the kron on app.
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>>cigarette maker juul is changing leadership amid the baby in crisis the san francisco based company announced today, ceo kevin burns you saw his picture there will be replaced by casey cross wade who works with tobacco company altria. >>jewel also said it will stop % all tv print and digital ads and stop some of its lobbying efforts this is happening as there's been an outbreak of lung injuries associate with vaping the cdc is so far reported 530 cases of lung injury and 11 deaths and now another bay area county plans to ban all vaping product concourse justine waltman walks us through santa clara county's decision to stop bake sales. >>the thing is not only harmful and you know, but the results are long-term outcomes could be fatal. >>an all out ban vaping
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products in santa clara county is one step closer to reality has been ordered up the borders act in the board said we want this done. supervisor dave cortez he tells me the ban is a no-brainer to him that should have started sooner. the ordinance would prohibit all vaping products in the county of santa clara. and some people are not on board very concerning. >>just find it interesting that have a bigger problem cigarette and tobacco products, a minority problem. being. but yet we're so quick to abandon why don't we take same type of action. >>la decision, the board of supervisors to use information from a recent california student tobacco survey, which showed one in 3 santa clara county youth. limiting the sales was not going to work according to court se wayne. >>people's individual liberties with the fact that this is so harmful that you might as well be. so we consider to be that serious
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and a white requires drastic action. >>county would joint san francisco and livermore which of mortar koreans on the sales of east cigarettes and flavored tobacco. the board will vote on the issue on november 5th. in santa clara county. justine waltman kron 4 news. >>i mean q border report dot com where i'm standing right now outside dallas, arizona is a pivotal point where the border fence changes. i'll have that story for you coming up. >>you can pick game season possible changes at a popular local pumpkin patch to keep everybody safe. and it's going feel like fall again here in the bay area, the heat wave coming to an end plus got a
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>>hundreds of thousands of visitors every fall is a big family event. in light of the deadly shooting at the gilroy garlic festival. the batch, organizers say they have asked for extra security but getting that extra security was an easy kron four's gayle ong reports. >>their requests year with have extra deputies patrolling the upcoming event any uniform and today, an agreement was made. >>clara county sheriff's office says they will provide increased security at the upcoming eu suki farm's pumpkin patch at organizers say they were from told no cast. we spoke to the general
10:30 pm
manager off camera they tell kron 4 the request for more law enforcement comes in the wake of the gillray mass shooting the gilroy based organizers say about 150,000 people are expected to descend on this annual pumpkin park. the event kicks off this weekend. organizers say they have been negotiating with the county's sheriff's office sergeant michael lowe says . but it does have challenge is we'll logistic. in the end the general manager of the city farms is grateful for the change of heart if there's something all parties can
10:31 pm
agree on is public safety for the community. >>the sheriff's office is still working out the details on providing it's your security. >>we have new video tonight of deadly shooting in the riverside county city of corona, this is surveillance video from june it shows costco shoppers, running for safety after an off-duty police officer shot and killed a man. the skaters say the officer was holding his child one. they claim the man assaulted him riverside county's district attorney announced today he will not to file criminal charges against the officer playgrounds are supposed to be fun and safe for children but one playground in the east bay is full of hazardous potholes pavement cracks and uneven pavement. parents are pointing out a problem children's playground at franklin elementary school in oakland. school officials say at least one child has been injured on that playground. another parent says one problem is the rubber padding underneath the play structure. no longer
10:32 pm
produces cushion when children fall on the ground. >>of kindergartners here up to 5th grade. so those young kids really need. >>the protection. >>almost 300 signatures have been collected on a petition to renovate franklin elementary schools, playground the oakland unified school district sent kron 4 this statement which reads in part the district's building and ground staff has visited franklin elementary school and examines the pavement problems on the playground. all of our students need a clean safe and nurturing environment in which to play and grow and with that in mind. our staff will be working to fix it, starting tomorrow. >>now to our weather forecast with our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow and he's talking about a bit of a cool down born on the set time of year we get a lot of things going on in the atmosphere is a kind of transition into the fall season. so yeah, we have the heat now, but now we watch the temperatures going the other way outside right now you've got clear skies all the way toward the golden gate, the temperature still very very warm outside we're looking at 70's 80's out
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there, 72 degrees in san francisco. but we have started to see the numbers cooling down along the from the sea breeze now numbers down the 60's there a lady amount you 80 in fremont 82 degrees in san jose nothing's changing and the big picture here as you watch she'll see this ridge started to clap somewhat can see that suddenly surged low clouds and fog begin to move in for tomorrow that will cool down temperature big time morsels a weak system kind of rotates to see start to drop in toward the bay area as we head toward the afternoon on friday and here comes and that's where think we might have a slight chance of a few pop-up showers mainly over the mountain tops but you got nhat rain pushing up in the sierra nevada, some snow up there as well and maybe some scattered mountain tops as we head in towards sunday. and some much much cooler temperatures. i think we're going to struggle to get near 70 degrees a warm spots on both days of the weekend. now behind that things begin to change again as high pressure starts to build in. we'll bring some warmer weather toward the middle of next week. but then the cold front start to line up again and there's one that's going to finally begin
10:34 pm
to dive in toward the bay area. i think this next one could possibly bring some more rain as we head in toward late next week. so here's your 10 we're going to see a big time change and a cool down coming so not feel that cool ocean breeze coming your way much cooler you may need a jacket over the weekend and then warming back up this next week with those temperatures soaring and moving well into the 70's before chance of showers by next saturday. thanks lawrence. a man who is wanted for a high. and tonight police arrested him in samut hail in a car burglary case kron four's michelle kingston reports. it's an interesting case. >>men are from new york city san mateo police say they are unsure why they're here in are still investigating there were. >>or suspects that were lawyering in the parking lot extended period of time. actor vehicle into the park into a parking stall was just pretty typical it's it's great for a typical tax. burglary
10:35 pm
suspects. >>san mateo police sny the marina plaza shopping center is an auto burglary hotspot in the city officers say they were patrolling the area on tuesday afternoon in spotted suspects checking car door handles and rummaging through a car. they moved in and stop the suspects arresting these 3 men. just in the already has also wanted for a napa county robbery and steven marinas is wanted in an east coast homicide. and why pd posted this tweet with this photo over the summer they tell kron 4 marinas is wanted for june 8th murder in new york city after a man was shot in the head and killed the suspects were all booked into jail and in possession of an and reported stolen vehicle fraudulent documents and auto burglary tools. >>yes, i'm looking can break into your car and steal something within 5 seconds and. >>a u probably aren't even in the door yet and they've already stolen your your purse
10:36 pm
wallet and so it is so important to make sure that your car's empty that. >>and nothing is visible. >>police say this plaza is a hot spot because of its easy access to the freeway. they say to make sure nothing is visible in your car. in san mateo michelle kingston. >>police in pleasanton are looking for a man who fled from a stolen vehicle this morning about 9 o'clock police say they spotted a white bmw x 5 which had been reported stolen out of the santa cruz area officers say 28 year-old jeremy castleberry did not yield to a traffic stop and sped away. they say castleberry then drove the wrong way on the northbound interstate 6.80 off-ramp officers pulled the bmw over to the shoulder of the highway near the west los. the fetus boulevard over crossing in saw him caught over the guardrail if you know where he is you are asked to contact pleasanton police, san francisco firefighters are mopping up after a 2 alarm
10:37 pm
fire it broke out just after 6 o'clock this evening on thorton street in the bayview we're told a portion of the roof collapsed forcing the fire crews to evacuate the building in all 3 hall and all all 3 homes suffered damage from this fire. there are no reports of injuries. no word yet sn what caused the blaze. >>this wildfire on mare island in vallejo didn't start because of an accident firefighters say it's because thieves cut down power poles to get to some copper wiring. the thieves targeted and abandon part of the island that used to be a naval base as kron 4 sleep juggle tells us is part of a growing problem in that area. >>the vallejo fire departments as a power saw was used to cut down to utility poles on the southern end of mare island wednesday morning. so thieves could steal the copper wire attached and eventually sell it for profit. this is the. >>was second incident in the months where we intentional. cutting down of a power pole.
10:38 pm
>>except this time a fire sparked as a result burning about 10 acres of land near abandon navy barracks in area the vallejo fire department says is off limits to the public it was extremely difficult to access certain parts of the fire due to this steep terrain inmate firefighters and crews from other agencies were called in to fight the fire. it was fully contained within 5 hours. the damage circuit powers up the us coast guard telecommunications center. and the ship traffic radar installation. generators helped keep both operational had a similar incident approximately a month ago that did not lead to a fire, but they did have. winds that were affected by some kind of some were trying to. >>a potentially. line we've experienced so a lot of on the island. >>over the years, but this appears to be the first time a theft has caused a fire. pittsburgh power company island energy says copper thefts here are reported on average twice a month, though usually at abandoned
10:39 pm
buildings, not utility poles in valais hopefully chagall kron 4 news we want to check in now with our team from border report dot com. >>on the team is now 4 days into the 10 day traveling, showing us the entire length of the u s mexican border tonight, the teen is near nogales arizona border ranchers showed us the barbed wire fence that separates their land from mexico. they tell reporter and a war nikki. but not anymore. >>i'm standing in the outskirts of nogales arizona where local ranchers say they're being tasked with maintaining the international boundary with mexico. >>literally on the other side of that mueller style fence is. >>mexico several miles up the mountains in nogales arizona dembele says the his ranch mita mexico, we've been neighbors with the with our fellow ranchers in mexico for 3 for 3 generations, but bell says the only way he knows his property versus his neighbor's property in mexico is this
10:40 pm
barbed wire fence where i'm standing right now is literally where the border fence changes from steel 2 barbed wire and local ranchers say they're having to maintain it by themselves. >>we've gotten together with them to rebuild sections of the fence but brand new fence and that was over 70 years old bell says the fence is there to keep his cattle from going into mexico. >>but it doesn't stop people from trying to cross over into the us the borders, south. clear across bills, a neighbor down the road robert nunes says he sees people on his ranch all the time, but he considers himself lucky because there's a buffer between his ranch and the border, the thing about. >>my location is it's. i'm close a highway. so it's much easier access for the border patrol to 2. >>patrol at santa cruz county sheriff tony estrada says about 1000 border patrol agents, patrol the 50 mile stretch gallus and mexico doubl
10:41 pm
>>president here along the small estrada's says border patrol focuses on the rural areas like the acres of ranch is right outside the city. >>because that's where he says more people trying to illegally cross the fence is out here are a lot different from what we saw inside the city of nogales. >>where they were a lot more rugged and not as easily approachable for border port dot com tour and a warning keep. >>also on the border tour today reporter sandra sanchez visited sections of southwest, arizona, one truck. considers that area there are a sacred spiritual land. but soon a border wall will go up there. it was a report dot com you can read why members of that tribe say they have evidence of how construction is damaging >>happening tomorrow the bart board of directors a meeting at 00:30am in the morning to approve a new fare gate. the board is considering these swing style fare gates, it's one of 3 options. the board was looking at the other 2 are retractable barriers and floor to ceiling turnstiles. ford
10:42 pm
says of the 3 the swing style gates are most reliable and easiest to maintain replacement project is estimated to cost a million. tonight's find tale small grapes and big flavors a tour of one of the premier pino know are growing regions on earth and it's right in our own backyard and. >>ahead in sports. trying to hold on on to the top spot in the test wild card race will have highlights
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>>almost as mine is opening a new bottle and is one of the favorite times of year for one fan in this edition of fine tales we head to the russian river valley. >>the plane is still in the shop waiting for a new propeller and we can fly to healdsburg or santa rosa airports. >>so are hitting the road to one of the most famous speech on the war areas on >>sonoma counties, russian first stop the small winery outside of sebastopol called carter graft. this is exactly what we're looking for these nice tight little teeny clusters these little t various you've got good skin to jews ratio and that style alan baker and his wife serena lori are living there wind making a dream with their own small vineyard. it's off the beaten path where you can watch and listen and hear almost nothing part of this year's grapes are looking pretty good flavors
10:46 pm
coming from the skins not not the juice so you that's why want anchorage tend to be teeny like this because you get more skin and more. >>we're character out of out of the out of the grave into the wind. and if you come. >>serena puts out her tasty goodies including homegrown all of oil all of this is found in their tasting room in downtown healdsburg way. the harvest were crushed as winemakers call it is the busiest time of year. >>we're starting to pick at 02:00am we're done with picked by 7 we're on the crash pad and then i have to be at that he threw by noon to get things open. >>our next stop is at one of the premier wineries in all of russian river gary farrell recently named one of the top 100 wineries by wine and spirits >>young interns from italy and australia are helping move the grapes from the bins to the press. >>it's a highly synchronized dance moving grades from bind a barrel within hours. >>my name is teresa heredia and the winemaker for gary for
10:47 pm
a winery. >>farrell and the russian river are especially known for peeing on the war. gary farrow grows its own grapes but also purchases some from other vineyards including rocchi only just 5 miles a west side road along the russian river. john rocchi only is continuing the family wine legacy started by his grandfather. my 35th year of actual making wine. and start to get the hang of some of the vines are especially thick and gnarled these were planted 60 years ago and they're still producing. tom also says this year's grapes are better than usual. watch earn a or all the bright and beautiful so i'm very happy with this year. >>the >>wrote only family story is best heard on the patio a place to stretch out and enjoy the views and see step by step how those grades and up in your glass.
10:48 pm
>>there it is all enjoying >>and by the way a lot of those vineyards are still up still got a lot of grapes that they still got pick so you still have time to get up there and see how they do all that and if you can bring your dog call ahead because there are different rules in different places may have seen his dog in the video of angle let's check out to finnerty making it easy >>access all your favorite entertainment. and this was quite a game. >>we're going down to the wire basically how it's shaping our right now is that the rest of baseball is waiting to see how the wild card race shapes out in the american league here we go now tampa winning tonight, the rays were tied with oakland for the top wild-card spot and after dropping 2 straight. the pressure is on for the a's frankie montauk making his return after serving an 80 game suspension to it cannot in the postseason
10:49 pm
but solid tonight, one run allowed 6 bottom of the 7th on on that one. >>at their rallies caleb power. rip torn down the first base line run will come in to score coward into second with an rbi double angels take the lead now top of the 9th. angels up to watch trying to close runner at second for matt chapman. pitch he sees it i hear no doubter for his 35th home. go up 3 to liam hendriks was shut down oakland gets a big win. their magic number to clinch a playoff berth is down to 3. they start a four-game set with the matter. tomorrow. 5 games left in the storied career bruce bocce giants and rockies. last night's meeting lasted 16 innings tonight more drama. top 7 giants up one 2 on for color. right now topping up the middle brandon crawford feel that it off brandon belt can haul it in run scored. hathen to the botto of the 9th. jaylin davis gets
10:50 pm
a hold of one deep and true to center we got walk off his first career. now to the nfl the 49 ers get to enjoy the bye week. >>the raiders have a completely different focus stop this year from slipping away just a month in the silver and black of practice in alameda the team's last few days in the bay area before leaving for indianapolis this weekend. and it's straight to long did for their meeting with the bears rough stretch for the raiders part of it due to an offense that's failed to get into a rhythm 24 points combined in the last 2 weeks in sacked, of a 3 game losing streak. here's card on discovering. an offensive identity. >>our communications me better on the road. when it's noisy are nonverbal communication was definitely some other go 8. and then and it may just trying do too much. make sure i stay with him. brown now
10:51 pm
trying to do too much. but the size that will be art. i don't i don't overreact. one or 2 games to be know some good things i'm not going to sit here. >>say that we're finished product we've gone through a lot of change. the first 3 weeks and we played 2 really good teams. actually 3 really and the fences. >>moving over different kind of football quakes in their final matches of the year trying to stay in the playoff hunt. star player chris wondolowski suspended. so he's sitting in the stands with the fans how about this 34th minute. no score. jackson you to the back of the net and there's one go. this comes off the mls all time a leading score. just losing it with the crowd. amazing with a joy and there would at last filly tied in the 70th minute 6 minutes later, casper, should bill cau with a hthe lead. weeks was a tough one to one. 2 matches remaining to seal a spot in the postseason
10:52 pm
and finally steph curry showing once again how much of the brilliant all around athlete. he is the warriors superstar teeing off with phil mickelson the safeway open program at silverado. >>curry such a smooth swing, making excellent contact lefty gave him some hype racing curry was hitting it deep very accurate, staying on the fairway most of the day so we're talking about 2 sport athlete right here that he could probably do that or if you on us and as you get to focus on go absolutely one is done tournaments so really something else. thank you mark, yeah. >>i love this check in with mark. going to come down was too hot for you today to worry much cooler weather on
10:53 pm
so that early retirement we planned. it's going ok? great. now i'm spending more time with the kids. i'm introducing them to crab. crab!? they love it. so, you mentioned that that money we set aside. yeah. the kids and i want to build our own crab shack. ♪ ♪ ahhh, you're finally building that outdoor kitchen.
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yup - with room for the whole gang. ♪ ♪ see how investing with a j.p. morgan advisor can help you. visit your local chase branch. the juul record. they took $12.8 billion from big tobacco. juul marketed mango, mint, and menthol flavors, addicting kids to nicotine. five million kids now using e-cigarettes. the fda said juul ignored the law with misleading health claims. now juul is pushing prop c, to overturn
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san francisco's e-cigarette protections. say no to juul, no to big tobacco, no to prop c. >>well the some in some kind of the way the temperatures record levels out there today even 94 degrees downtown san francisco 90's in half moon bay that of some kind of heat wave. tonight start to see a little more of a sea breeze developing will see that kind of wrapping up throughout the day tomorrow and that will really knows those cooler temperatures by tomorrow afternoon. outside though still it is very very reminiscent of a a warm summer night as we've got numbers in the 70's and he still almost 11 o'clock we're still at 80 degrees in fremont just ticked down to 77 in san jose 79 degrees in concord 80 degrees still in laos to 72 degrees in san francisco. but changes are on the way tomorrow morning. it will be a sunny start your day temperatures generally in the 60's and then by the middle of day sunny but cooler
10:56 pm
some 80's in the hot spots inland 70's inside the bay and then the afternoon the set of triple digit heat much more comfortable numbers in the 80's in the valleys you'll see 70's navies around the bay and some 60's with some patchy fog along the coastline of fact that's going to be big story tomorrow you're going to see that patchy fog return to the coastline. cooler temperatures there toward the beaches mid 60's in the sunset about 65 degrees in pacifica 68 in half moon bay. inside the bay, you'll still find some 70's there so i think we'll see a lot of these temperatures actually spike in the morning and then begin to cool as we head toward the ahe coastline and inside the bay just the more that influence that onshore breeze and the cooler temperatures kicking into gear, 85 degrees still walnut creek should be about 81 in oakland 77 in san leandro you feel that delta breeze tomorrow, but the should 79 82 in pittsburgh, the sea levels numbers up in the 60's along the coastline, but that patchy fog really going to start filling in along the coastline and that will help bring a change over the next couple days and i think just in time. temperatures will continue to cool down not only tomorrow even more so on friday. i
10:57 pm
think we might see a little drizzle on friday. there's a slight chance we could see a couple pop-up showers over the weekend. and thos temperatures hovering in the 60's and then as we look toward the end the there's a slight chance we could see some showers by the extent. >>amazing to have a good night everybody tonight.
10:58 pm
10:59 pm
i'm natalie morales. and i'm craig melvin. and this is dateline on mynetworktv.
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