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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  September 27, 2019 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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>>and it's finally friday. a great weekend. i'm darya folsom at on jayme's fletcher let's find out how the roads are doing and then we'll get to that forecast hopefully no hot spots, no hot spots but i do have a slow spot, i'll check in on one oh one because i have a new crash in san jose okay and we've got a great weekend of weather coming up we do yeah long sleeves back out full force and no more shorts and t-shirts 60's for some the time highs even for him spots later on this weekend. today certainly a cool enough start we are looking at fog drizzle can't see much from berkeley that fog is so dense. >>if you are traveling along the coastline watch out for a few spots where roadways will be wet even out along the east bay are going to roads too. now foggy kind of dreary start to the day sunshine is going make its return later on and it will give him a good opportunity to enjoy some
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really comfortable temperatures overall we're in the 60's from most of the bay this morning with 64 degrees for your current temperatures in hayward dublin in concord with 60 in berkeley and san francisco right now inland areas will rise into the 70's right alongside the bay you'll see some 70's to ot the coast we're gonna hold on to the 60's for the rest of your day, i'm talking the cooler rest of the weekend. still ahead your forecast. robin. >>for those of you who need to roll into san francisco, it's pretty packed at the bay bridge toll plaza, the backup here now goes beyond the into the lot be on to the over crossing and the on west grand so it's just about to the bottom of the maze. it's a little foggy and there's a little bit of drizzle heading across to you'll notice that the roads look really slippery in glossy. >>so you may need the wipers take it easy coming in overall, it's a quiet trip on the upper deck, here's a new crash in san jose this just popped up north down one on one lio we have crews heading over to check that out it is blocking a
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couple of lanes with the backing up quickly of course it's add to your drive time you're at 31 minutes and growing to make it from san jose to menlo park, we'll check some more slowdowns in just a bit starting change. thanks a lot robin 6 oh 02:00am and breaking news, a home was shot in mountain view at least one person was rushed to the hospital for more on the story let's go to kron 4 sarah stinson she's at the scene now with the very latest leave. >>that's right they left the scene they had been here for hours investigating the shooting that happened behind me quite dark, but we do a video for you when the scene was quite active. you can see someone being rushed to the hospital with a gunshot wound. it's unclear if this person was shot one or multiple times, but you can tell that someone was treated in the driveway of this house and then taken to a nearby hospital. again right now we're standing on san carlos carlos avenue in mountain view. and this happened just before 10 o'clock last night.
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and it is weren't very unclear about why the shooting happened if mountain view police have a shooter in mind are in custody year. how this all unfolded. we have reached out to mount the police to get more information more of an understanding about what happened they said they're going to release more details to assume that you can see in that scene there's a heavy police presence here and as i said for fun for over 5 hours there are here investigating some of them inside the home looking around gathering evidence the as you saw in that video there's a huge of. bullet hole in the garage doors glass parts of the garage door there's a bullet hole they're quite a big hole. >>so we're waiting to hear more. stay tuned right here to the kron 00:04am morning news will bring you the latest as soon as we hear more for now live in mountain view sarah stinson kron 4 news kate, thank you sarah. >>a story that we're covering this morning. it hit doordash a lot of people use doordash to get the food delivered. yes, yes, that's handy for you in that. yes million people
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had some sensitive information stolen and there's no place your data safe anymore. crawford's christina tetreault live in front of doordash headquarters. >>in san francisco with more christina. >>yes, so if you use doordash within the past year or if you're actually also a doordash delivery and your information was most likely take it it has did people who downloaded the app april 5th. last year and before that to anyone who has this happened almost 5 million people information was take it now the data breach collected information like names email addresses delivery addresses order history. numbers encrypted versions of passwords and also unfortunately in some cases at least the last 4 digits of payment cards and bank account. also the breach took information from 100,000 and
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the delivery people as information stored in their phones. now doordash put out a blog saying the company notice some type of unusual activity from some 3rd party company earlier in the month. they did an investigation and they found out that the company was able to get doordash user information one day back in may which they collected those 5 of those almost 5 million people's information. now the block was also note that full payment in big account information was not taken. now according to doordash is blog anyone who signed up for the 2 food delivery app. april 5th of 2018 should be safe and should be good but they do recommend to all people regardless of when you download the app to go ahead and make sure change your password just in case. they also say they are reaching out to everyone whose information has been caught. reporting live here in san francisco christina tetreault kron 4 news. >>ok, thank you christina. 6 oh 5. >>spate, tonight's football game between 2 high schools has been called off because of
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safety concerns. the game was supposed to happen between oakland's may climb is high and san leandro high i instead they're going to reschedule it and not let anybody come basically. police say that there is a threat and that's why they canceled the game they will say what the threat is but students tell us it's gang related. >>a lot of people that go from my friends on the island. sure i up to game. >>the way they're going to work around this is rescheduling the game and not making it open to the public that will let the teams play and not have to forfeit any games. a fleet of play. stolen from a nonprofit in the east bay and now the group is scrambling to try to replace them. the oakland-based nonprofit cycles of change uses bicycles to teach school children about bike safety and on wednesday. they had a uhaul truck with 50 bikes and a 150
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helmets. all inside and that was at mylan elementary school in alameda. well the next morning. the truck was gone. he had locked all the doors and. >>club on the the steering wheel had put a you lock on the back and part of that or. >>and it was just hauled off i guess maybe buy something else. are investigating meantime all those lessons that they give kit that on the bikes got to be on hold and know bicycles the city of alameda has started a collection drive though, so if you'd like to help you can drop off your donations of bikes to the oakland by curry the oakland public library, the main branch or mail in elementary school. >>on the more news now one of the big stories today president trump calling on the person who told the whistleblower about his call with ukrainians president called a traitor he was even captured on cell phone video at a private event saying quote, you know how we used to
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handle traders. house democrats have issued a warning to the president demanding that he stop his quote reprehensible witness intimidation of the whistleblower. unclear what the president's trying to do. >>was trying to deter people from following the courageous example, and this whistleblower there's a lot of people out there. that are taking their agenda and running while with it the whistleblower complaint lays out essentially that the president sought to use. >>our taxpayer dollars to benefit himself in a presidential election. >>it was revealed thursday that justice department's national security lawyers were first made aware about the whistleblower's complaint. more than a week before the official referral. well number of california lawmakers are reacting to the new details that have been revealed in this on classified whistleblower complaint, including presidential candidate kamala harris with kron four's taylor per second now with that part of the story. >>many california lawmakers reacting to new details revealed in the on classified whistleblower complaint. it
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indicates very clearly. >>that yet again donald trump is lawless that he if he believes he is above the law and that he can engage in in blatant misconduct in the name ofithe united states of america for personal gain. >>like us senator and presidential candidate kamala harris. speaker of the house nancy pelosi says president trump is out of line is not the role of the president to shake down foreign leaders for his own political purpose, using tech was holding taxpayer money. other california representatives echoing similar concerns on twitter representative john garamendi of walnut grove writes this is an egregious abuse of power and the house will conduct a thorough and robust impeachment inquiry into the president representative mike believe a on the first page i have received information from multiple us government officials that the president of the united states is using
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the power of his office to solicit interference from a foreign country and that complaint the whistleblower claims president trump pressed ukraine's president to dig up dirt on former vice president joe biden and his son. the whistleblower also says they learned from multiple us officials that senior white house officials had intervened to lock down all records of the phone call. there is calling the move a cover up on twitter pelosi, a green. meanwhile president trump stands from calling it witch hunt for the democrats watched. >>a bit of this on television. it's a disgrace to our country. it's another witch on here we go again. >>taylor bus aqi kron 4 news. on the kron 00:04am morning news, a man steals woman's purse in the east bay and then breaks into her home. how did he know where she lives and the south a man is attacked while visiting his wife's grave site. we have a sketch
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weather and it's a lot cooler today and. >>and this weekend. big cool down really 2 extremes from triple digits breaking day time highs. now to daytime highs are even going to be in the 70's by the finish of the weekend. yeah, so today, cool enough, but not even going to be the coolest day of the forecast. we are seeing some cloud cover to start the forecast look observatory sitting above the clouds which you can see below as we get our first look at the light of day from of the higher elevations of the east bay, a dose of fog cloud cover and even some drizzle along the coast gh this morning to watc
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pressure that's what helped to result in a record breaking highs in the past few days now really not a part of the picture anymore being replaced by this dip in the jet stream ushered in by an area of low pressure that is scooting through as we make our way through these next few days. this dip in the jet stream it's only going to deepen as we work our way into the start of next week that is going to help temperatures to remain just as cool as we're about to see them. today already you may be considering taking those jackets back out leaving them on for a little bit longer even as we move into the afternoon. highs in san francisco will peak in a range of 60's and 60's right up and down the pacific shore too. it's not going to be much warmer than that really anywhere else across the bay. daytime highs are going to max out in a range of 70's at their warmest was 74 in redwood city and mountain view south bexar range of mid to upper 70's in san jose. st an in san jose, 60's and 70's for the east bay union city berkeley richmond in orinda all in the 60's
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while mid 70's and danville and walnut creek at 75 each north bay temperatures in the 70's as well no big difference appearance is going to be nice and cool and really comfortable overall today, the warmest day of the weekend kind of weird to say that son are only talking 70's and we're in the triple digits days ago. but look how much cooler we're going to be tomorrow and then especially on sunday when daytime highs all across the board whether you're out the coast or inland valleys will only be in the 60's monday we're going to keep with that cool trend before temperatures do gradually warm for much of the rest of the week after that point still only into the 70's though, so no heat in sight. robin. >>all right it's getting busy out there. but i have not found any major alerts just a lot of slow traffic we're checking out the richmond sandra fell bridge. so if you have to use west bound 5.80 the back of starts at richmond parkway that continues through the pay gates and then it gets better foyo the bottom of the maze 13 minutes to make it in that's completel friday
6:17 am
morning. checking the nimitz because we have a crash and its soutou as you enter hayward right around a street or just before you hit a street you see that back up. it's spilling beyond to 38 in san leandro and and it's spilling over to the 2.38 fly over as you emerge on to the nimitz a little hiccup in your way but the rest of the trip on a to the south looks pretty good you just have that brief slowdown so putting it at 28 minutes, but that's going to go up from 2.38 out to 2.37. we're checking the shorts find 17 minutes from crockett to the maze and 24 looks great friday light so far 12 minutes wanted creek over to oakland look at some more numbers for you coming up in just a bit. thanks alot sic 17 high winds helped fuel several fires on mare island. these. >>where the video and pictusmok there and the forward movement has been stopped at this point with copper seeds sparked a fire earlier in the week. the fees have not been caught. restaurant and san
6:18 am
francisco closes its doors saying and they just can't do it anymore can't make ends meet dosa is a south indian restaurant opened in 2005 and now the owner is shutting it down blaming high i rent and a rising minimum wage says it just can't do it. the owner is now calling on the city and the state to do something to help keep small businesses in business. >>the mission neighborhood but it's it's became very expensive. the legislators. you know the city state and federal level need to understand that this is a problem that needs to be solved by that. >>i am isis you figure out although the owner is going to shift his focus to the other restaurants that he has in san francisco. and in oakland. >>for robbers who broke into a marijuana dispensary are now in jail, the burglary happened at the bloom dispensary in san leandro the thieves apparently ripped open the back door. detectives say they used a license plate from one of the cars involved actually tracked them down to a home in east
6:19 am
oakland in that home officers say they also found early $40,000 in cash, some guns and over 1000 rounds of ammunition. the state bill is pushing to give seriously ill patients access to pot for free. senator scott wiener rally with supporters yesterday in san francisco. the legislation would allow companies to get their product to people with serious illnesses at no charge. >>we left to raise left wing democrats are right wing republicans supporting this legislation this is not controversial and we are today calling on governor newsom the sinus 34 and the law. >>this new push comes after voters approved a tax change on potter tax change on potty up the bill is now on the governor's desk. and coming up kron 4 morning news new gates coming to bart stations, we told you about the designs that they were looking at will show you the one they picked coming up and how california is stepping up the fight
6:20 am
against vaping as there are now even more vaping-related deaths and illnesses across the nation. >>first time in over 100 years george gas tone. >>has decided that he's not going to seek another term, the race for san francisco does. 4 challengers step forward justice system in san francisco is broke. to shake up the system, san francisco should be safe for everybody to bring order. we've got a better term. and enforce the law. ways in which the system is broken personally. the san francisco. today at 3 only on kro
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good afternoon board members.
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>>well the ok symbol and the bowl cut haircut have been added now to the anti-defamation league's list of recognized hate symbols.
6:24 am
they are now how listed right next to white hoods burning crosses and swastikas and they say the okay hand gestures now widely used among fringe white supremacy groups to stand for white power. and they say the bowl cut was adopted by white supremacist because of charleston church mass shooter. dylan roof. has always adapting to. >>we need to we need to be on top of it and that's what we update the database regularly as more extremists are using it. it's important for law enforcement it's important for the public to know that it's now been adopted. >>the anti-defamation league uses this list educate local police departments as you just heard in the system in solving crimes. >>for millions of fathers across the country today is officially their father's day.
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friday morning how we roll in pretty good for friday that doesn't mean it's all clear but folks are behaving so not tracking any major issues in the backups aren't that bad. >>and the weather snap and back to fall yet you know we started fall in a really hot know, but now we actually get to feel like it a little bit more. from triple digits to 60's we go for daytime highs and really just a matter of a few days that's a big change of time to get the wardrobe adjusted, i know that you probably have the cooler weather clothes still stocked up in the back of the closet will get him back out and ready to go for the weekend ahead of us. we do have a lot of fog and low lying cloud cover across the bay area today and not to make for some we've had drizzle and some light showers especially out along the coastline. even though this morning a starting off a bit on the gloomy side. it's not going to stay that way by the time we work towards noon most of us of return to sunshine and will enjoy a some comfortable temperatures under
6:29 am
the sunny skies, 60's is where we're sitting right now with our temperatures oakland at 65 dublin conquered hayward at 64, while berkeley and san francisco both at 60 degrees. later on today temperatures really not going to be changing too terribly much for most areas, we're sticking with the 60's out at the coast. well alongside the bay and for inland valleys, only 70's for high temperatures and getting cooler from here for the rest of the weekend. i'll talk more about that still to come. robin, thank you john still a lot of slow traffic at the bay bridge toll plaza your backup officially spilling. >>into the maze. so if you come from 5.80 going to be stuck in it if you come from the shore freeway. you have to sit in traffic there too gh the maze and up to the bay epha in mind. yes, there's a crowd. yes, it's low. 13 minutes and growing but a very quiet commute. they've push this off to the shoulder, so it's out of your way but look at that backup leaving san leandro it is beyond to 38 it spilling out to mand
6:30 am
it's backed up on to the 2.38 fly over as well so lots of residual slowing but after that it's wide open so 25 minutes, san leandro to milpitas will check more slow downs coming up back to you. >>thanks a lot at 6.30 right now in the east bay, an elderly woman is recovering after being attacked and robbed while she was shopping kron 4 says he do now with the story and reporting on what police are concerned about this seems to be a growing trend. >>an elderly woman is recovering after being the victim of a violent purse snatching the parking lot of this raw store in the south shore shopping center in alameda. alameda police looked at smug or >>the victim who 73 years wad l to her car. and at that point a person runs out craps rip her. and does turns into really big violent struggle where she's dragged for a little bit and the person then subsequently gets away it happened around 07:30pm
6:31 am
wednesday police have a limited description of the bill purse snatching suspect who was last seen driving out of this parking lot. >>in a newer model white american made today investigators say the suspect apparently found the victim's personal information inside her purse and headed straight to the victim's home in oakland, while she was still in alameda. >>and attempted enter inside the house and there was some type struggle and not away before police arrived. >>this incident comes on the heels of another bay area elderly woman whose wallet was stolen out of her purse while she was grocery shopping in walnut creek, the elderly community there a lot of times our >>whether it's some type of fraud or sometime of island top a robbery where they're easier victims compared to a younger person who could fight back and resist that make you feel back actually see it could mother or grandmother some i was so scary because that's not something you hear. >>arafat in alameda. >>police are asking for the community's help in identifying purse snatching
6:32 am
suspect if you have any information out be the police would like to hear from you. in alameda haaziq madyun kron 4, 2, so that forward. >>and it was attacked was 73 years old in the south bay and 91 year-old man who was visiting his wife's grave site he was attacked and he goes there every day spends all of this time to see her eats lunch. you know in the graveyard and somebody who looks like this is a sketch of the attacker. hit the 91 year-old man in the back the head with a rock. so now police are looking for this man, he attacked the a elderly man in mission park cemetery s the cemetery are horrified by this. >>this is a victim who. >>wife's grave site on daily basis takes a lawn chair because he spends quite a lot of it hours out there. with this deceased spouse and to
6:33 am
have this happen to him in such a manner that it happened to him is just completely unacceptable. >>other visitors who are mourning at the grave site today called the cops and he was taken to the hospital and that elderly man is doing much better this morning. >>worries are a problem in san francisco. so far more than 16,000 has been reported this year alone. the burglars they worked fast. here's video. some of the smash and grabs handed over handed over smash and then they take off and they pull right up to the other car get away real quickly. this happens again and again and the best way to stop them is for you not to leave valuables in your car. one woman in break in area she lives in that area. she thinks a lot of the cars are from tourists. >>he says they've taken their past for safety or your airline tickets. they've taken all the contents of the car and it happens in 20 or 30 seconds and it's all over. so
6:34 am
it's really been very depressing. >>and then when you go into your trust and now you don't have a visa or passport and you're supposed to leave, but you have nor to put it right because it's a check to your hotel. this is a real problem, the police at this point the only thing they can do is up their patrols and that's what they're doing. this is an issue that the 4 main candidates, running for san francisco district attorney are going to be talking about one of the issues that is facing the city the d a a debate is happening right here in our kron studios, it's moderated by catherine heenan and it will be on kron on which is the kron on app you got to get that to see it it's at 3 o'clock today. >>ok drum roll please. hart has decided which of the new gates they're going to start installing and the winner is we've got the video for you right here, it's those swinging doors that have that plexiglas the see through there you have it so that's what this is all to try and curb spike that we've seen in fare evaders which first jump that it would be and point
6:35 am
list to a real small new use clip through key to this is this is the problem right. >>all right overnight dive through it to be very thin very thin can explore this is going to cut down things quite a bit i think bart managers say these doors other taller obviously tdyear. they're really hard to piters s these new doors. >>i think in making a little bit more difficult to to jump over with the with the was on that on the site it's not like this were. what's your way through a urges you to hands and. i think was stopped the field too. >>and then then they would be better because the night i'm paying don't feel like i'm the only one. >>that they go the new gates. it will be expensive to install about a 150 million total to get him in all the stations and is the man over time yeah in fact they say maybe in the next 6 months to see if you can start to pop up in the richmond station and then though, and solemn throughout the system after that. well speaking of art
6:36 am
expect delays around the lafayette park station this weekend crews will be back out there once again as they continue that to rebuilding project it got like 50 year-old track out there that they have to replace and this is time lapse video some of the work they've done already in the past kind of fun to see it in fast forward any but they're still be that bus bridge between iran and the walnut creek station so just make sure you give yourself enough time to use that and the 2 lanes of highway 24 the left lanes they're also have to be shut down again as they make a run for some of the cranes and other construction equipment that they're going to need for the work. >>6.36 and today, children across the bay are going to be walking to school with their dad and it's part of the annual national million father march that's right. it shows a course parents commitments to their children's education, but his story pointed out both myself somebody's got to put food on the u n. and that's one of my excuse well we got 2 parents working these days mostly typically, but it's just like a baton thing. well.
6:37 am
absolutely mothers have always done the heavy lifting so credit to all you moms out there and now dads are being encouraged in a lot of dads have stepped up and. >>apparently across the country close to about 250,000 parents have already said dads i've already said yes, i will be dropping off my son or daughter, we're at longwood elementary in about an hour and a half from now we will see the father's show up i know this i was here 3 years ago. i have proof, here's video. the research shows that when i fall. actively involved in their child's life that child is better emotionally mentally and. tends to do better in school so it's not just a feel-good story there is research behind that and a lot of fathers last time we did there was so joyful some fathers so their employers all show up work out to work a little bit later than usual some fathers havis if it's
6:38 am
anything that we saw a co see fathers, smiling dropping off the kids walking their kids into the classroom, so today even though father's day is back in june today. it's father's day. so let's rejoice back to us. >>all right, thank you very much well. 6.30 right now. >>bay area senator is pushing for. flavored tobacco products from being sold across california. a 13th person has now died as a result of a vaping related illness. and that's across the country 13 people have now died. and hundreds over 800 and gotten sick, san mateo democrat jerry hill is going to introduce a ban on vaping products during the next legislative session. and it includes an urgency clause meeting as soon as governor newsom signs it will go into effect. so far the cdc reports again that's 13 deaths nationwide more than 800
6:39 am
vaping-related illnesses nationwide we've seen deaths and illnesses in california as well a california state department is urging everyone to stop vaping no matter this substance or the source. california and the trump administration is heating up after threat from the epa. over homelessness the epa. they're administrators andrew wheeler sent this letter to governor newsome saying that the state was violating the clean water act. although this coming a week after president trump came to the bay area and said he said that needles and other ways from the homeless was winding up in storm drains and ending up in the ocean california officials immediately came out said that's not really happening. the epa. however says the city is not acting with urgency to improve. the environment, the natural resources. defense council says that the biggest threat to america's waterways is actually the trump
6:40 am
administration. >>since president trump's first day in office. he has been determined to roll back federal environmental protections. he's a talk that. safe drinking water act, he's rolled back our environmental rules that protect drinking water and our waterways from pollution. >>governor newsom dismissed to the epa is letter as purely political california now has 30 days to respond to the letter. >>it is 6.40 coming up here on the kron 4 morning news of blind still high schooler is getting a chance to live out his dream on the gridiron. and then hundreds of thousands of dollars goes missing from a delta flight and the next day employees out sick. tell you who police think made off with the cash. plus the cdc is urging everyone to get their flu shots sooner rather than later is flu season is right around the corner. and we are looking at a comfortable weekend ahead of us with temperatures in the 60's for
6:41 am
some of our daytime highs later today, that's where we're sitting right now for a lot of the same spots. >>i've got your forecast to come. and a lot of heavy traffic heading into san francisco. it's a little bit heavier than normal. because normally a dozen backup all all the way through the maze all the way through the maze but that's welcome to the carnival 30 minute tour. hey, shaq. it's a 30 second tour. no man it's like... now it's 26. welcome aboard. ocean! skyride. mini golf. relax! relax! relax! you take this man to be your husband? i do. married. no time for basketball. pool. carnival. choose fun.
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>>well welcome back 6.44 on the friday how can i forget that looking out there at a really nice start to the day some low clouds sitting out of of the lick observatory right now that's what a lot of us are in the midst of this morning, sitting in some low clouds steven some drizzle out along the coastline so watch out for just a few wet spots on roadways made to get a few extra minutes to get to work if you're traveling through some of those spots that are wet. low pressure and a nice dip in the jet stream making its way into the bay area and only deepening as we push our way through the weekend what this means for us as
6:45 am
temperatures are going to continue their downward slide over the next few days may be hard to believe when you look out there what already is going to be some rather cool conditions today, not even the coolest of our forecast, 60's and,san francisco as well as coastal areas right along the pacific today. our warmest will only be in the 70's that includes our inland valleys and areas on the peninsula like palo alto at 72 and then the south bay with san jose. an eye 77 today beat 87 from yesterday and 99 the day before that dublin pleasanton livermore each at 74 for highs, a range of 60's and 70's for much of the east bay as far as temperatures go mid 70's for youngsville napa on down through valais how at 71 as for santa rosa petaluma and sandra fell 74 degrees for each eye let's break down your next 7 days temperatures will continue to cool into tomorrow and then especially noteworthy into sunday and monday. some of our first days of the season, we're highs won't even peak in the 70's. most of us
6:46 am
will only be in the 60's to close out the weekend and start your work monday, you know what that means breaking out the sweaters breaking out the jackets get ready for some cozy fall conditions by wednesday of next week we're nearing the 80's for inland spots, but hey still a lot cooler than we were just a couple of days ago. robin. >>thank you john traffic is much slower a couple of minutes ago the backup is growing here at the richmond sandra fell spelling bee on richmond parkway so be prepared for a lot of heavy traffic. it is going to be a good ride across the span just really really slow in congestion here behind the toll plaza so 1e minutes to make it to the north bay. the drive into san francisco is getting heavier and heavier early are you know john spoke about the drizzle and i don't see any big crashes or anything going on and you're back up spills all the way through the maze so i'm thinking because of the wet roads and some folks are using their wipers often on that that's leading to some heavier traffic. it's normally doesn't back up all the way through the maze like this on a friday
6:47 am
morning without any issues so 16 to 20 minutes to make it off to fremont street just be prepared. we're checking in on 6.80 we can go ahead and call that commute friday light. it is wide open a 5th the minutes dublin to fremont busy on the nimitz recovering from her crew bash but not bad under 30 minutes off to to 37 and then highway 17 that ripped through the santa cruz mountains, it's looking good and wide open on into los gatos heading north darya james. 6.47 run. >>football into the and stone is a challenge and shred insane. as you try to do when you can't see the obstacles in your way out that's a whole nother level of difficulty well one. >>modesto teen who is blind isn't letting that stop him from playing the game that he loves and he just scored his first touchdown we have mark dempsey now with the story. >>at age 13 jason bracey isn't afraid of much less a little playing football with his teammates any hit.
6:48 am
>>as a blindside hit to him you know, i mean fact. >>jason is totally blind as a result of retinal cancer at the age of 7. and while his site was taken away his love and desire to play football. only groom. >>call 5 different teams. and know and love now all 5 said i can't wait to on my part workers said rader's youth football coach david nicholls didn't want to tell jason know so we invited father and son to come give it a try. jason senior directs his son on the field using a microphone and a speaker inside his son's helmet what's the play starts. for you know straight straight to your right and he picks up most of that just listening. you can tell which way the play's going but this as saturday with his team 5 yards away from a touchdown. the play they call was for jason event i knew. so now how to get in the end zone for ever. you yes, the ball, stays
6:49 am
tight. they for like a wall and you just you can hide right behind their ages. and it worked. >>first time we use beautiful and when my teammates said just like them all sala i did that and the feeling i was like great because. >>because i my shouting at first at first in the first year playing football. >>it was 1, by one of the greatest feeling i've had in my life. >>it was great man die explain >>that's an 86 fantastic. we are just talking about. >>that kid is amazing well out all right, let's wish him luck as it continues to enjoy the game of football about that. it's 6.51. >>and for your health this morning. the cdc want everybody to start thinking about getting a flu shot right now fewer than half. >>of all american adults got
6:50 am
the flu shot last year use cohen i do you do. 2 people in the bay area actually died from complications from the flu this year. and those most at risk are pregnant women, chronically ill seniors and children under the age of 5. >>a chinese airline who decided that the air in the cabin was too stuffy so she said she just pop open the emergency door just from take off just a london she's on the tarmac yeah they were actually get to the runway at the shoes just so hot in here can you do you back up in the door just why we're here and obviously the hardwood not happy about that the plane was stopped. it was actually taxiing towards the end of the runway about ready to take off as a matter of fact when she decided just a little fresher but you have loving intention to shut up before they actually left the ground with sla they say like tray tables up yes at the door
6:51 am
yes, so in any event airline. the airline police have released any information yet on what punishment she might face, but should be punished for that. speaking of airlines and delta employees been arrested charged with stealing the son of this $250,000 in cash from someone's bag. it was arrested thursday jfk in new york. police say he was supposed to scan 8 bags of cash through security and put them on the plane was headed for miami, but only 7 banks actually made it on to the plane. what happened. well turns out he called out sick the very next day. and didn't come to work. they did eventually catch him and he admitted he took the money after he was arrested and questioned by side a shell patriot on amazon it happened some the protection of the bones. here's a quick check of the big 4 speaking of money looks like a son is being made right now with the dow up about 66 points positive on the day there was some late word early word this morning that a date has been set for when negotiators from china and the us will get back together again and trying to hash out a trade deals so. traders on wall street
6:52 am
optimistic on that news. >>this is coming up at 7 o'clock you want to stay tuned for this an argument broke out over a bathroom and it forced the plane actually heading to california to make an emergency landing. we'll explain exactly what happened.
6:53 am
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>>we're back at 6.55, the first person to breed a lab or doolittle says it's his biggest regret. and even o frankenstein's monster. he first bred a lever doodle and to put our laboratory to do to back it and a push opec in p op allergies but now he says created a trend of designer dogs and the people gone way too far with crossbreeding and they don't think about the consequences. labrador tozer said that about. i will take a
6:56 am
quick break coming up in,the next hour of the kron 00:04am morning news police investigating an overnight shooting in mountain view. >>we have a reporter on the scene we'll have a live report in just a moment, plus. coverage on today's million father's march as man and groups across the bay area show their commitment to children's education. and continuing coverage of the delivery food service at doordash and its data breach have millions of customers affected stay tuned. so that early retirement we planned. it's going ok? great. now i'm spending more time with the kids. i'm introducing them to crab. crab!? they love it. so, you mentioned that that money we set aside. yeah. the kids and i want to build our own crab shack. ♪ ♪ ahhh, you're finally building that outdoor kitchen. r the whole gang. ♪ ♪ see how investing with a j.p. morgan advisor can help you. visit your local chase branch.
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7:00 am
there's a lot of drizzle on the bay bridge and the backup us through the maze that doesn't normally have. >>we can blame it on and you ot everyone just wants to work on to >>you know the drizzle could actually be slowed you down a decent amount cervix the roadways a little bit on the wetter side and it's a good idea for commuters to take it a little bit slower when roadways are a little bit wetter so yeah we'll go and leave it on the bird result because it's a definitely something that could potentially slow you down just


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