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tv   KRON 4 News at 630  KRON  September 30, 2019 6:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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>>well your money tonight forever, 21 store say they plan to close up hundreds of their stores, this teenage clothing chain announced yesterday, filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy prime forster sarah stinson has more from walnut creek. >>the bankruptcy will be impacting 178 forever, 21 8 100 stores and i'm here for the one in walnut creek. we'll have to see if this location is one of those that's going to be impacted. there are almost 2 dozen forever, 21 locations across the bay area ranging from walnut creek to daly city, san francisco and center fell just to name a few. the store did say they will not be exiting any major market in the countries will be staying in cities like san francisco that may can generate a lot of money. the company's executive vice president said that filing for chapter 11 bankruptcies is an
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important and necessary step to secure the future. well, the company and now they'll be reorganizing the business forever, 21 isn't the only retailer who has run into trouble of the increase online shopping which has cut foot traffic to malls and local stores, 8200 stores in fact to close their doors for good this year that compared to about 5,000 the year before experts say this is due to high debt levels and run costs increasing forever. 21 was created by a couple in los angeles back in 1984 and now it's one of the biggest clothing stores in the country. expense of clothing that's very popular, targeting young woman in men, according to forbes, the company has over 30,000 employees makes an average of billion a year. we'll have to continue to fall as bankruptcy and see which stores in the bay area it's going to impact in close for good. the one here in walnut creek has a sign in the window that says it's hiring so
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assume they're not going to hire more people if they're going to close their doors so off to see if that's true in walnut creek sarah stinson kron 4 news. let's get a check on them. >>either with chief meteorologist right lawrence karnow standing by with the 4 zone forecast and and news on a tropical storm to the south yeah and will be quite a weather maker to a lot of flooding going to be associated with this storm system you see it moving along the coastline, a part of my art all right there near muslim lawn and then spreading to the north but the still sustained winds 50 miles per hour right around the core of the system so we've got tropical warnings in effect all along the coastal regions here moving to northwest at 20 miles per hour. so it's moving fairly quickly that's a good thing, but still along this area we're talking 3 maybe 6 inches of rain isolated place maybe 10 maybe 15 inches of rain. awesome the coastal mountain ranges so certainly going to be an issue if you're traveling in that direction here goes over the next couple days. the is move on shore begins to weaken somewhat but still a lot of moisture wrapped in around those
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tropical system so if you're traveling anywhere in and around that area make sure your extra careful likely going to see some flooding there along the coastline in mexico. a good news, a looking great out toward sfo you're traveling around here a great conditions, no delays at sfo oakland or san jose things are open and clear now and you see the beautiful skies out there. it will be chilly out there overnight tonight though clear out over the golden gate and out toward alcatraz right now and back toward the city of san francisco's we've got high pressure start to build am tomorrow it will make for a chilly morning early on but some of the overnight lows going to be down in the 30's but as we head toward the middle of the day in the afternoon were up in the 60's and also the 70's literature skies overnight tonight going to clear out very nicely in fact, no fog speak of all around the bay area tomorrow morning. a clear over the sierra nevada as well going to see some very cold temperatures probably down the 20's and 30's there, then things may start to get a little late today on wednesday into thursday, a weak cold front going to approach the bay area before falls apart leaving behind a couple clouds maybe a little cool down on
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thursday. temperatures begin cool overnight lows. it's going to be chilly in parts of the north bay get ready, but love this cold numbers on the way just a taste of things to come by day it will be dyson comfortable though a 60's in the san francisco, little breezy. along the coast like cool out toward the beaches, the 50's and 60's there about 63 degrees in burlingame looking to 66 foster city, pleasant 70 degrees in redwood city 72 cupertino about 71 in san jose. tomorrow inland you'll see mid 70's in the warmer spots, 71 in hayward about 72 august 74 danville about 76 in conquer nice through the delta a warm temperatures into fairfield at 77 degrees and about 60 degrees and cool with the breezy conditns at stinson beach. that's today's those temperatures going to warm up just nicely as we begin. the new month of october looks like a little breezy and we'll see those winds turning off shore into friday. this next weekend looks fantastic. even some 70's out along the coast. a lawrence in san francisco today, a world war one veteran was laid to rest in the presidio after his remains
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were forgotten for almost 3 decades. >>kron four's charles clifford has the details. >>well here in san francisco on monday, the remains of world war one veteran edward adams were buried here at the national cemetery. in the presidio. mr. adams actually died in 19 91 at 100 years of age down in monterrey at the time his remains went to an attorney attorney subsequently passed away and mister adams remains are literally forgotten in a closet about 2 years ago 2017. attorney working in the same office under for an ownership discovered the box holding mister adams remains attorneys were able to track down we was they were also able determine that he was in fact a world war one veteran and his wife, served in the military was buried here in san cisco so on monday a motorcade brought the remains from moderate. >>here in san francisco and he was. up next to his wife and we also had a chance to speak with the of the woman, the attorney found the remains of the laws tht she says long
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journey, traveling this mystery, but she's happy with the outcome. >>now it makes me feel great, i mean you know i don't think anybody's remains should be you know just left on the shelf and i'm really glad that we were able to solve the mystery and get in. you know together here with his wife. >>and finally mister adams and his wife did not have any they were able to locate a distant relative who is here today says that the family which is from the east coast originally has a long history of service in this country. and san francisco charles clifford kron 4 news. >>coming up a 6th grader who made headlines for a story she told about classmates cutting her dreadlocks turns out to have told a lie, what the family has to say now. >>summer is over which means 's time to start thinking about the flu season m m e on the steps you can take to stay healthy coming up. into
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october. we are approaching flu season today's health
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minute meredith wood tells us what to look out for and how to stay healthy. >>of year when the sniffling coughing just feeling under the weather pandemic starts to hit people hard. >>it's time once again to talk about the single most important thing we need each we need to do all of . each year. annual flu vaccination. >>is a respiratory illness that infects the nose throat and sometimes belongs. symptoms can be similar to a cold but come rapidly include fever muscle or body aches, sore throat and coughing. infections can be mild to severe and in some cases, fatal young children pregnant women, those with chronic medical conditions and people over 65 are most at risk of developing flu-related complications. the us centers for disease control and prevention recommends everyone 6 months and older get vaccinated each year and preferably by the end of october for this flu season, a
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few changes have been made to the vaccine is being updated to better match viruses that are expected to be strong this year. most notably it will be formulated to attack 4 different viruses. for today's health minute. i'm meredith wood. 2 more cases of the measles were reported last week the centers for disease control and prevention confirming. >>1243 cases for the year. the number of states reporting sick individual stands at 31. the majority of those were among people who were not vaccinated more than 75% of cases were linked to outbreaks in new york. >>a new drug treatment for advanced prostate cancer is showing promise the experimental treatment involves a drug already used to treat other cancers. it appears to be improving survival rates for men with advanced prostate cancer. it's the second most common cancer among american men, a leper it is sold under the brand name limp to prince prescription medicine that's already used to treat women who have ovarian cancer fallopian to cancer in some certain types
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of breast cancer. it works on prostate cancer that is spreading and resistant to hormone levels. >>the manufacturer hopes to get the drug approved for prostate cancer as soon as possible. >>coming up next from ashes to stone we show you a startup that is turning cream aims into memorial stones on kron on the news continues during the commercial
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>>from time to time most of us have to allow strangers into our homes will now in one case an elderly woman is allegedly beaten to death and burned by a delivery man who was subcontracted by best buy the family is now suing say best buy does not do proper background checks on its delivery people carried effete reports. >>the family of evelyn you dell were called the phone call nobody should ever be
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forced to indoor. >>we learned that our loved grandmother wife mother mother-in-law and sister had been savagely beaten and burned within the sanctity of her beautiful, peaceful a quiet suburban home. >>police say 21 year-old jorge which also brutally attacked a 75 year-old last month. he was delivering a washer and dryer to her boca raton home. >>and he chose to buy from best buy. but best buy subcontracted the delivery tj be hot who then subcontracted the delivery 2 ek sem services inc. except nobody told heavy. >>attorneys with morgan and morgan and announce the lawsuit friday which included all 3 of those companies as well as the 2 best buy employees who sold you tell the appliances. the delivery driver and suspect the family is now pushing for laws that would require extensive and ongoing background checks for
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in-home service workers are required as a bare minimum to get the same kind of daily traffic report that we get in my own law firm and we're not in the delivery business and we're not in the retail business. so that they know immediately as we do every single day. >>if somebody gets a ticket. and your ticket to do your job by not having a valid license and to get daily arrests reports. >>that was kara duffy reporting from florida. >>sites when 3 boys came up to me like sir artery and they put me on the ground one of i hear that my hands on that on the hand over my mouth and one minute. >>we're now learning that the 12 year-old girl lied about her accusations of classmates putting her down and cutting off or dreadlocks the story of a maryellen a 6th grader at emanuel christian school in springfield, virginia made headlines last week. in a statement today allen's family
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said quote to those young boys and their parents, we sincerely apologize for the pain and anxiety these allegations have caused. statement later went on to say that the family understands there will be consequences but maintains that the 6th grader was bullied in entertainment news tonight. beyonce and adele fans might not be getting what they're hoping for the 2 icons did not collaborate on a song despite what you may have read on the internet. the rumors began when ryan tedder from one republic told a radio station that beyonce and adele would be featured on a cold place song but apparently that was all a big joke. but we're told not to give up hope adele is a big fan of beyonce so is she got the chance to collaborate there's a possibility it might happened. in 2017 adele famously honored beyonce inner grammys awards speech. >>a special gift from a country music star before his concert in pittsburgh on friday toby keith gave a retired marine corporal who lost both his legs in afghanistan and all-terrain
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wheelchair. brandon was carrying a fellow marine to safety when he stepped on an improvised explosive device. he was able to walk and is able to walk with prosthetic legs now but he says he wanted this type of will chair because it will allow him to be more active outdoors and to play with a 6 month old daughter. the independents fund which is a nonprofit that helps wounded veterans with toby keith to give ron paul the $16,000 wheelchair along with backstage passes and a meet and greet with the singer. enjoy the concert from the side of the stage and then join keys onstage during the performance of american soldier. a santa fe, new mexico start-up company has partner with los alamos national lab. a new way to remember and to honor loved ones who have died. the company turns remains were ashes into memorial stones. jamie see more shows us how it's done. >>when faced with the loss of his grandfather, justin crowe
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looked others went through the grieving process after he died. i started to look. >>at how other people around me were dealing with loss and i found that everyone was keeping cremated remains in their closet, their basement garage, an artist crow started thinking of a way to create new form of human remains that you can easily touch and hold and share among loved ones. >>solidified remains i can with a stone concept because i realized. >>the ashes were really gross and messy and uncomfortable and they start to feel kind of meaningless in people's lives. >>rowe worked with scientists at los alamos national lab here in new mexico to create the technology needed and start to lead process of transforming ashes and just owns filter out contaminants like staples crews and medical implants. >>and then we turned that ash into a clay like material, the whole process looks a lot like ceramics. >>the stones are then crafted fired and polished before
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returned to loved ones the only service of its kind at the moment it's already becoming an option in funeral homes across the country for those choosing cremation one customer says it's more meaningful to have his father's remains in his daily life. >>i travel a lot for work and so it is. nice to have small things going here with bro hopes parting stone will serve as a source of healing for those greeting from with solidified remains. >>cremation and receiving the remains of your loved one really becomes this platform for stealing and growth and engagement and community. >>that was jamie seymour reporting was the lab received the ashes, the entire process of turning them into memorial stones takes about 3 weeks the cream means of a 100 pound person produces about 2 dozen stone, so it's a heavier person, you can more stones company also offers a service for deceased pets. the service costs $595 for human remains 395 for dog remains to 95. for cats. in sports. it's almost
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time for basketball warriors checked in for media day to day mark and grant will have all the latest headlines heading into the new season. >>for bay area sports night. and bundle up it is going to be a clear and cold night and the bay area will talk about that that's a warm d
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>>a lot to talk about in the sports world, let's get right to it was graham lotus mark carpenter from the set of bay area sports night. >>that's right bay area sports night 7 o'clock. tonight's episode we're going full court press on warriors media day grant basketball season is already here this is a note warriors team. so many story lines with the one that fascinates you most in d angelo russell. >>changes game can he buy in and become a team defender and can he buy in and move the
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ball selflessly and not be exclusively a pick and roll offensive player if he can do that when klay thompson gets back. they're going to be a great teams get if you have steph and klay and draymond and another also the angelo russell who buys in they'll be great of d angelo russell is the same guy we saw in new york. >>roster know kevin, duran know andrea dollar klay thompson recovering from the acl injury on draymond green he got an extension we're going to break it down you can be hearing from all the big names on tonight show steve kerr stellar. and the san francisco chronicle he covers the warriors very closely all we're going to be showing the show on. on facebook live so you can watch it live there send us your questions will try to give our opinion give our take sunshine answered as best we can, we'll also be opening up the phone lines so that's going to be a lot of fun. bay area sports night crazy. i mean worldwide platform we have to go full court press for tonight all right bay area sports night at 7 o'clock on kron on so back
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to you get that on the kron 4 facebook page that would be on the kron 4 facebook page yes, double checking all right, thanks guys look forward to >>well as we mentioned to you earlier in the newscast. the snow is already coming down in the sierra and in some spots in places like montana people are already experiencing a winter wonderland check out this video from the town of east glacier park, montana, the woman you see the video says snowdrifts are as high as 6 fe piled up outside her home. don't worry she says she packed all the essentials already food water and she has electricity. the snow storm has already closed most of the town though she says she usually does not have to start digging her car of several feet of snow until december but before tackling the snow this past weekend. she decided to have a little fun and took a big jump into the white powder first. there should a hoax alright planning a wedding of course can be very stressful for some couples and something like a change in the forecast of weather can change the entire outcome, but for a
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couple a snowstorm was a perfect backdrop for their wedding pictures the kind of winning picture usually see the bride brittany to e she booked a venue for 11 for her wedding pictures 11 months in advance because she thought the forecast would be. >>75 and sunny and spokane washington and in turn out that way the rain turned to snow week before the wedding and the national weather service says the storm that hit was record breaking pretty pictures though. leave was to us now that's great. >>i mean you saw last year people from like the tornadoes of the fires. they did in the snow what a snowstorm that was they had an epic snowstorm about 3 feet of snowfall across parts of montana too. we have some snow showing up in the sierra nevada as oell this beginning taper off a certainly if you're driving on the sierra nevada in a really check the weather before him will certainly we're surprised to see some of the snow their cars and some delays both 8050 getting over some of the mountain passes the system, those moving on now we've got
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some cold air behind in the winds kind of kicking up outside little blustery in spots right now, especially near the coastline and just inside the bay clear skies you can see out toward the golden gate bridge. it is going to be one of those cool chris knights temperatures already in the 50's and the 60's really going to fall off you got that cold air in place already and these numbers are going to come away down chilly start your morning. overnight lows going to be very cold probably down the 30 in some sps them by 08:00am we're looking at 40's in some 50 so on a cool start the day and really nice as we head toward the middle the day 50's 60's by noontime and then in the afternoon that we got a lot of sunshine coming way and some very nice weather. but yeah looks like a change is coming our way see high pressure builwing in will start to warm things back up about the middle week cooling down slightly on thursday by friday and this weekend tell you what we've got an offshore wind come in. you know that means increased fire danger, but certainly some nice weather some 70's 80's around the bay area even 70's. >>for the coast. all right lawrence, thank you thank you for being with us tonight is 6 see tonight at 8 o'clock
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the subway singer touching america. >> who is she? and how did she end up here, homeless and alone? then, anger boils over. >> this guy is like a gangster. >> i'm afraid it will cause a civil war-like fracture in this nation. and a, awkward! >> you probably don't remember me. >> why the commissioner trashed this deputy at the awards ceremony. >> you don't deserve to be here. plus, black and blue christie brinkley. proof she really did break her arm. and would we've learned about the accused drunk school bus driver. >> i


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