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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  December 9, 2019 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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>>some 2 dozen dogs jobs. found in a stolen van. but now e search is on because some of them are still missing. in a live report we hear from police about the confusion and what they say the thieves plan to do with all those animals heavy rain in floed roadways. this storm may have passed does, but the damage was done and now the bay area's gearing up for another round. >>the wet weather. our chief tells us when to pack thernow umbrella this week and the details emerging about pga these billion settlement with
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wildfire victims but will it be enough to cover all the damage. some 2 dozen dogs rescued from a stolen van in oakland police say the owner of the n was transporting the dogs across the country and left it runni outside of fremont hotel last nig with the keys in the ignion. it was stolen and recovered hours later in an oakland neighborhood. >>good evening. everybody, i'm pam moore and i'm grant lus in tonight for ken wayne, we know atleast one dog is still missing tonight, but there could be others kron four's michee kingston is live tonight in fremont right outside the hotel where the van was stolen the show. >>and this is where that van was stolen we spoke to a few people today who had dogs inside that the and one person runs a rescue in fresno and she uses was the first time transportati
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company and at the driver seemed exhausted in. i just hated that van was very dirty. but another person told us they've used this company many times before and has never had a problem at all until now. think i can't believe it. >>this is fable she's one of confirmed to have been inside this van stolen out of the fremont hotel paing lot early monday morning fable was on or way to ourorever the the owner of d-nj transport went inside this hotel nday night, leaving the dogs in the van with the key in the nition fremont police say the van was stolen sometime between 10:00pm sunday night and 5 am monday morning oakland police tracked it down hours later on 81th in all it but fable was not there.
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>>thank >>police detained 2 people in connection with the stolen van, but we have reason believe that maybe they were traveling on selling the dog, so it looks like at was a plant. >>at this time police are unsure how many dogs are missing or have been sold because t owner of the van was unale to tell them how many dogs she was transporting in the first place claims paperwork was stolen wh the van was stolen the oakland animal shelter confirms they have 24ogs from the van in their possession and ile they wereble to confirm they don't have fable one rescue at a esno says the shelter has not been able to confirm if th're 6 dogs are safe. they were being transported to an ohio rescue and they're only able to confirm one of their 6 gs is okay because of this picture taken by oakland police they say the driver has not called them and they guilt or concern. remorse no now the big
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question tonight is of course whether or not the owner of this transportation company who was driving the vanill be charged with negligence or animal cruelty police say they are still investigating. we do kn that she did get her van back today. but that she was an able to see any of the gs at the animal shelter in fremont michelle kingston kron 4 news. >>thank you. michelle, another big story tonight house democrats are poised unveil 2 articles of impeacent against president trump that's according to 2 sources tonigh. democrats are expted to put forward a presidential abuse of power charg and obstruction of congress charge democratic leaders also debated about including another article of the destruction the deals with allegations related to the mueller repor but one source says getting votes to pass that could be more difficult as moderate democrats have resisted moving beyond the scope of the president's call
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to ukraine the house is expected to nounce next steps tomorrow morning. when that happens we will carry thatannouncement live on kron 4. berkeley policeave arrested cal football player, joseph. come banjo after he allegedly attempted to carjack a police vehicle and take an officer's guand happened sunday night nearthe berkeley campus while walking in the center median come bajo flagged down an officer according o police and ked him if yu could drive the officers vehicle when the officer corps said no. police say on the then started to forcibly open the driver's side door the officer got out of the car tried to detain gun banjo according to police at one point in the scuffle ago banjo allegedly knock the officerto the ground and then got in the police car, the officer. th say was able to call for backup then was able to get a gun bajo out of the vehicle. welcome back joe was arrested for carjackinand battery to an officer. >>francisco dealt with for her
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100 calls about flooding over the weekend because of e major rainfall. the storm has left a major mess in parts of the city too. >>too much water too quickly cause to major problems where rain water flooded, several homes. one homeowner flooding is really the result of the failure of the city's infrastructure. >>my concern is that the city isot allocating enough resources to make sure that our sewer systems are functional in preparation for the rainy season. >>the couple came home to find sto water coming up through their b saying can drenching the floor of this 15 month-old son's nursery water we mediation company has already ripped up the carpets the throw rugs are drenched industrial-grade dehumidifiers a running and he and his wife are addressing that damage which they fear contaminated their ho with sewage. all right, let's take a live look outside toght this a beautiful picture and it
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doesn't seem to show any sign of rain no not a president and it wasn't ining. this morning. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us but there was plenty of moisture in the air. >>foggy out there that something now you leave behind all the rain drops and all that moisture up in the atmosphere you get some of that fog outside we're looking at some of that dense tohe fog developing around the bay area tonight ght now just a low cloud deck but overnight we're going to see that dense fog moving in delays at sfo, a hour and that is because of n the low clouds moved in cold front sets off the coastline this year next chance of seeing some showers in the y area that look like it's going to be much in fact maybe just a chance. a w light scattered showers will take you through time here low clouds and fog filtering in the bay ernight and then by tomorrowfternoon. the system comes and then tomorrow night you see right about 45. certainly a chance of some light showers mainly in the north bay that's gon spend a little further the south as we get into wednesday morning but not much tthis one is really in a ridge of high pressure then kindf weakens as it moves on thugh so that being said we are going to see those clou on the way tonight,
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some dense valley fog early tomorrow morning when you wake up mostly dry day, althought will be cloudy for the better part of the day and then a slight chance of showers by tuesday night and to wednesday and then a chance of showers moves little further north on trsday. >>aqrecently announced 13 and a half billion dollar settlement with wildfire victims resolving all major claims related to the deadly fis dating back to 20 15 tonight kron four's dan kerman is learninmore about the details of at stlement and the question some are asking will this be enough. >>the genie with billion to cover claims from th2015 butte fire. the camp fire and 2017 nohern california fires, including t fire. the fund will also cover clai from the ghost ship warehouse fire. the funding will come fm billion in cash contributed one the plan takes effect $650 million in cash
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contributed in nuary of 2021. an additional million in cash in january of 2022. the final portion will be 6.7 $5 billion in common stock fro the reorganized question is will this be enough to cover all the wildfire claims as f as whether it's going to be enough. >>it's impossible to say in part because the claims that have been made so far against pg need haven't been analyzed oruantified but we don't have any reason to believe right now that the money is not turning mike danko represents thousands of >>he says part of the reason for that is that all of tse entitled to file clai have yet to do so and the deadline is approaching deceer 31th, we believe there's basically about a 100,000 pple roughly who. claims agains pg me and
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entitled to file those claims so far we've seen about 70,000 of those claims it's hard to tell a one percentage of the 30,000ho have 5 the claims are tubs victims. a more likely camvictims. regardless how manclaims end up being filed danko hopes a procedure will be set up to offer settlements within months of the plan being approved not years. we have people who are basically still living in tents on their burned out lots in harvey's and trailers, some of these people are essentially homeless wneed to get money to them. that's what they want. so that's kind of one of thewthingthat we're really working on very hard. in addition to a federal bankruptcy judge california governor gavin newsome must also sign off on this wildfire plan and the overall bankruptcy plan. >>dan kermakron 4 news.
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>>video tonight of a home invasion in valais home police say this happened november 26 on skyline drive. the suspect can be heard in the video talking with an accomplice. the video shows t home's backyard, the suspect walks up and down the length of the home before using what police call a window punch to break the sliding glasdoor once the suspect was inside the home. he was confronted bthe homeowner, and eventually fled the scene he is currently still at lge. if you recognize him you are asked to contact the late hopefully. >>san ramon police are investigating a school shooting threat mated windham, iran's middle school the district says it found the message quote school shooting friday the 13thn the campus, the district is not determined whether that threat is actually credible but in a statement the district says due to an upsurge in incidents like this parents are being urged to talk to their kids about the seriousness of these threats and they should t be
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taken lightly. they are also counting on the community to come forward and sharing the info they have about the intity of the people responsible for the threat. police will be present on caus friday, the 13th. >> walnut creek to theft suspects arrested after a police officers to officer n% just happeto be patrolling tharea this happened about noon time today in the area of broadway plaza darrell bauer and frank mcaslan were arrested for shoplifting and conspiracy. bauer was also arrested for possession of burglary tools. >>coming up another longtime small business with deep roots in the community forced to close we'll tell you whre and wh the cause was this time. >>and you might not believe it or rent prices in san frncisco and some other local cities have dropped according to a new udy we hear from an expert about the trend and
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>>a bay area institution
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popular dut shop here is closing its doors. iis an all too familiar story a recent mosque, this time, the owner of the donut shop tells kron four's haaziq madyun why she just can not any longer afford to stay in business. >>list is done it's like these ve ben available for nearly 30 years here at chuck's coffee and doughnuts in san carlos that is until now you have to close us out. yes. day's the last day yes. tea and pull e and doughnuts week who says she is closing down because she could no longer afford the but clear it was a little over $1900hich he took over the business back in 1991. the writ is higher now. selling coffee d doughnuts at this location was once profitable, but she says thatit did years ago with the installation of this overpass a major construction project that she
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says basically shut down the shop for months at a time. and you still have to y the price. long time customers say ey are sorry to see her go. >>yes i've been coming to this town place for at least 20 years maybmore. you know i just come in get a glazed only once in a while. >>anbeing in a while and i just came in today and she told me and i wavery sad about. >>how does she feel about the outpouring of love from her loyal customers. >>ray to die when she did. >>it said carlos has led you on the kron 4 news. >>and while businesses may not really feel it rental prices in the bay area actually coming down a bit compared last year that's according to a report by the rental website lled some for but it also reports the bay area is sti saying some of the most expensive rental prices in the nation. earlier today on kron on we talked to some persie o
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oh mccutcheon about his recent dip in >>so you know what's what's overall is kind of also happeng here is they're just going to some degree of the overall organization. of our population and so that leads to no pressure rent prices. across the contry. service is going face in little bit of a changend that trend over the last year. >>definitely bay area's actually kind of riddled in that top 10 list that you guys put out san jose at number 5 oakland sitting at the number 4 highest whereas of course like you sad san francisco leading the nation when it comes to those median nt our bay ar cities that are on here what type of decline did we see here. >>so you know use a single digit places like san francisco, los is a cisco in san jose in a slight bump in oakland. which i mean and when it
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coes to folks who are looking toive hereot right. >>yet remain super challenging here in the very across the bay area and so you know even with that modest decline and so just go in san jose on basis as you mentioned the beginning of the segment. pres are still among the highest in the nation. i think it's you know the growth and oakl nd's pric on e rhaps represents what's happing. the job market. as the tech jobs over the last 10 years and kind of migred up the peninsula towards the city. it has the appeal kind of increase you know a place like on which as easy public transportation. in december cisco's was frankly a buncof job growth in oakland as well. >>and the trend of businesses close in the bay area is growing the director of the center for continuing study of the california economy says. multiple market forces at play here forcing someongtime business owners to shut down. >>rent is a piece of it. but a
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lot of that is people that had 10 year. says very good rants in w the leases expired in the rate is what the market >>seemingly there says rent is only one piece of the puzzle labor costs, labor supply lack of customers all factors as well. also construction around the city shutting down businesses for a time is not helpng anyone and as we've reported here on kron 4 surge in break ins has also led to busine owners considering closing up for goodr in some cases actually doing so. not of the 4 zone forecast as we take a peek outside right now looking here at the embarcero all lit up in san francisco, yeah. >r 2 rolling in tonight, a meteorologist lawrence karnow is here with details on that. >>very rare that you live in a place where you get 2 diffent types of fog but we just happen to be lucky ones right you get the infection fog during the summer he has so to leave august this time of year but is set to that is that really thick fog that
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settles in next to the grou outside right now we've got some low clouds hanging out over the y at this hour, but we'll see more that to fog on the way frontal system off the coastline. u see righthere not much energy to it can run a ridge of high pressure kind of falling apart a little bit were going to keep track of that but in the meantime tonight. i'm not much in the way of wink so are seeing all that moisture sitting down near the surface, you know not much in the way when and that usually leads to a good chance are going to see some of that fog forming a fact likely going to see that form in the central valley. watch what happened when they begin that are more of an offshore there they go more of an easterly direction ofthese winds that's going to carry with it some that patchy tohaw right back through into the bay. tomorrow morning a plan on that fact a forecast shows you the kind of get thick early tomorrow morning you see some of that fog visibilities down next to nthing in concord d in the napa valley even less than a mile in the san francisco. so yeah be careful tomorrow morning specially that are in the morning commute to see some of that thick fog outside and then a store slight chancof showers
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as we head toward the north bay by tomorrow night, the cool temperatures kind of on and off allweek and that for all system just going to be a couple week once that head towd the bay area but the jet stream up just a little bit to the north so slit chance we could see a showers moving up through but the temperatures are going stay ool planet highs tomorrow, generally in the0's all around the bay area once that cool fog breaks up we've got more clouds on the way. thanks laence up to 13 are feared dead as a volcano explodes. >>we talk live with an expert in studio about the eruption in new zealand. >>ana new study says athletes have lesbrain static then not athletes what this means for rea
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so that early retirement we planned. it's going ok? great.
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>>the cdc says been infected with the coal lie and 3 of them have been a popular brand of lettuce you see here. the cdc says fresh sunflower crisp salad kits are
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likely the source of this outbreak, the investigations ongoing to determine. but actual ingredient in the salad icontaminated. romaine lettuce is one of the ingredients in the salad cape but it is unclear. if this outbreak is related to a separate outbreak that was linked to romaine lettuce from salinas that start about a week or so ago. we have on kron s on this story posted 4 dot com. >>a new study suggesting that playing spt actually helps quiet the background noise in your brain. researchers say electricity which they can s listen to for insight into brain health. there is a good eltric energy and there is interfering energy which researchers call static. they static in their brains less than non-athletes researchers believe that this allows the at least a better proces external sounds such as coaches calls. scientists eventually hope to use this information to assist athletes
8:27 pm
concussions. ng with >>100 inches already that's some parts of this year, we'll talk about what areas are now open for business as people are thinking about hitting the slopes. >>plus mess left behind and this past weekend's rain storm caused flooded streets homes and munich stations now what
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>>all right so it says a problem major back up and main sewer line city main sewer had either keylogger had reverse flow a do or felt. >>yes from a major and now the clean-up begins asrews were called out to deal with 400 calls a flooding in san francisco alone over the weekend. workers were busy clearing catch basins to t to prevent clogged storm drains but the heavy rain brought too much water too fast and that cause major problems at 15 that will won't and west portal in particular
8:31 pm
well, rain water flooded, the garages of several homes as well other locations that area is flood prone. the city is in the design phase of a capital improvement proje that will help that particular area de with the heavy rains.ot our 4 zone forecast as we take a live look here at feels like all or nothing is certain no rain for. >>5, 6 mohs or all the sudden the spigot is turned on and uh boy that the rain at least stop for now for now. >>because another storm is headed our way we're joined by our chief meteorologist lawrence karn yeah guys but nothing like the one we just had no we have some rain rates we're talking over 2 inches per hour. i mean that is some pret serious rain this next storm system we're going to maybe see few hundreds an inch of rain for the entire system. that's coming through so here you go you can see off the coastline right now a few high clouds begin to moven those clouds will drift on by as we head throu the day tomorrow and then by tomorrow evening. there's a chance we could begin to pick up a few that will be mainly northf
8:32 pm
he gden gate brge. so the door still open to some rain but the jet stream moving a little further to the north at's going to take some of the energy in this direction still a chance of a few showers by tomorrow evening, mainly to the north and a few scattered showers lee and across the rest the bay area as we head into wednesday on thursdayhe focus again turns little bit to the nor maybe a chancenorth of the golden gate bridge and then we'll try and dry out for fridaybut over the weekend yet another weak system kind of drop through so keeping things a little bit on settle for now the looks like it going to stay open. anoer chance for rain as we get a lot of part of next week. so certainly things staying active now and the jet stream moving little further north but it's going to come back planet chance light showers by tomorrow evening in the north bay elsewhere aroundthe bay area see that fog that to leave fog early in the morning to start out your day then toward the afternoon squeeze a sunshine may be doi thclouds least in the south bay europe in the 50's and the 60's and the rest the bay area stay mostly cloudy all day long and then we've got that cold front that starts to drift into bring some more clouds watch out for
8:33 pm
that gray fog, developing room right into the parts of the delta that is going to pretty gre early on the morning. temperatures in the afternoon only in the 50's in the north bay toeep you cool all around the bay area. >>hartwell ski season snowboarding season well under way at this point in the sier and there's more snow expected this week. the slopes, some of them have already gotten about 100 inches of snow imagine what kind of snowman mecca may. >>alex we'lsee from squaw valley alpie medals talked with us earlr today on kron on about how theesorts are preparing for it heavier than normal seas of snow. >>so it's a great day for us snow. speaking after all that >>paint theicture for us as far as the conditions are concerned how many lives to have open. let's hear your snow pack. >>yeah, so we have 12 pulse open its spotyou have 6 over at open our summit chair are some 6 lift over it out. and that takes you all at the top. so that was really great we get up. check out some of the
8:34 pm
snow hasn't been tohed yet from what was opened up for the weekend on the conditions are great the stuff that was in touch today. and then once he got into the stuff thas been it's kind eased out and a littleit but it's a grea base still holding up really well. the sno are meaningful to and >>by the way this full interview ran on kron on that's a 24 ho local news streaming service you can download kron-on today to hear how squall valley controls avalanches in the snow conditions and for other exclusive content. >>still health services took center stage at the state capitotoday, california lawmakers ld hearing to considetaking a new approach on hothe state spends money collective for imental health servic. californians who make more thon a million dollars a year get taxed an additiona one percent and
8:35 pm
that money goes toward the state's mental health services, this program generates about billion a year sacramento mayor darrell steinberg told lawmakers today that he wants that money to be more focus on homelessness. >>there are 90,000 unsheltered homeless people in california serious mental but a lot of he people are. and if we can fresh this to make sure that even more of the money goes towards bringing people under i think that can be a big part i've actually bringing jority of people the side. >>assemblyman jim frazier representing east contra costa county was frustrated during today's hearing beuse panelists did not provide the lawmars with specific ideas on how to use the money or give any dollar amount lawmakers will take the eas they did get today and possibly turn them into legislation for 2020. >> was on alleges president
8:36 pm
trump abused his position to apply quote improper pressure on pentagon decision makers to stop amazon from wning a military contract was worth billions. a formal protest was unsealed athe court of federallaims on monday. alleges trump quote lauhed repeated public and behind the scenes attacks against amazon to try tundermine its bid and hurt ceo jeff basis. the complaint calls for the defse department to revisit its decision toward the billion cloud computing contract to microsoft. a pentan spokeswoman said an expert team decided whh company to select for the contract and there were no external influences. there's a new rning from disney about the latest star wars movie the reason the movie could be dangerous to watch in theaters. >>as santa inappropriate love of snow. the reason walmaris apologizing for this christmas sweater.
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>>college izy for selling santa with lines here shell of cocaine, the sweater says let it snow and includes 3 whitlies. part of the description said quote the best snow come straight om south america. and that santa really likes to savor the moment when he gets his hands on some quality great a colombian snow. wal-mart said the sweater was sold online in canada by a 3rd party vendor and has nce been removed. the company says walmart's values. t represent next today to a deadly volcanic eruption, several people dead several others still missing tonight, the latest ahead including a live in studio interview with an expert. >>and coming up in sports the niners notch their biggest win of the season yesterday over the saints in orlean. but it came at a high cost ma
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>>no no no at least 5 people are dead frhm thrs volcanic eruption in new zealand and now new zeald police say they are opening a criminal investigion into the deaths of the tourists who were on that volcanic island, 11 people are still missing 13 others were rusd to the hospital. the prime minister of new zealand says about 50 tourists were on white island when the volcano erupted, most of the people on the island were from a royal caribbean cruise ship. they range in age from 17 to 72 courses story is still unfolding. now of course the search is still on for those who are missing on the island they were joined by one of the experts in this field professor ken bin who works happens to be in town here for a fortunate for us try to explain this a little bit is
8:45 pm
this a shock to you to hear that. >>this eruion occurred is this an active part of the world. this is a very active volcano. >>and it has had known to was smaller options that had one in 2016 1 in 2013. it had a 10 year period of unest from 2000 from about 1995 to 2001. so it's not unexpected that there would have been activi there's monitoring equipment on the volcano and there was no indication that there was going to be interruptio coming. so that's a little bit of a surprise. but the type of eruption that happens at this volcanofrequently occurs very very shallow and the superheated water steam firm in essence that iraq's d blasts out rock and these are very difficult this to predict it can be very dangerous near bad place to be as a tourist but on their hard to predict. >>dficult to predict, but nonetheless it has been an acti area should should those tourists not have been
8:46 pm
there. you know this is a very diicult question. >>and involves lots of different parameters. >>it's like saying should tourists come to san francisco knowing that an earthquake hazard. so there's there's always. you know i trade off between how big t hazard might be how frequent it might occur and my own personal opinion, it's dangerous to take tourists to an active volcano, even when it's quiet, you know, it's been a cple years since the last eruption, but you know the decision makers there in new zeand who we're evaluating the status of of the island felt comfortable with having touristshere i read somewhere they have a. >>danger scale you will 5 being the most dangerous 0 this morning. it was reading it too which didn't und off any alarms obviously for the people in charge of the tour groups. unlike earthquakes are you able to predict. when a iraq. >>yes, and no so there are me signs of volcanoes gear
8:47 pm
whercha ged dramatically in their character lots of small earthquas, gas emissions that sometimes indicate that an eruption is imminent, although we can't predict exactly when it will occuin this case, this is a place where there's alwaysome level low level of activity. a possible to distinguish sort of typical low level activity from this surge activity that caused the eruption and so thus this makes it difficult to predict so you're in hawaii, you know about active volcanoes that of course around the country th united states are number of. >>consider dormant volcanoes what kind of concern should we have year about the same kind of thing happen. well so the ty of volcano table rock corruption. that happened a white island is i'm not common and there are couple places in the united states where something like this could hapn mammoth lakes area is one of them are volcanoes are alsoonitored very well by the us geological survey and you know it's of money
8:48 pm
situations were you know i would never say never. but we tend to be very conservative with our acte volcanoes having exclusion zones where tourists are not allowed to enter and so i think the likelihood isn't this sort of a situation probably wouldn't happen in the u s but again you know you just don't ow so for people who might be picturing the. >>lava sort of cing to you and you're running away. at what were the actual conditions like they're hearing about a lot of t steam that actually. how did people get injured how did people likely die and if you're ever near one as a tourists what are you to do should something like this happen. >>so i'm like lava which flows into speed. i'm usuallyhat you could probably out run, i'm the type of hot. gas and ash another couple list it with rock fragments and this eruption, we're moving way too fast for meone to out run. and so. moments of searing hot gas. being pelted with a high
8:49 pm
velocity rocks almost feeling like bullet. it was probably you know pretty painful and but probably fast. there are stories of people surviving these kinds of interruptions by being shielded be hiding around a rock or something like that. aoverhang but this is not probably not the kind of eruption a person run away from professor rubin. ank you so uch for yo expertise we appreciate you coming to you welcome to san francisco during a visit here thank you. >>all right, let's opewith the 49 ers they leave new orleans with a win that as them in the top seed, but it's not without a few setbacks a significt injury news today as starting center weston richburg is out for the year with a torn patellar tendon and also richard sherman and dee ford are both expected to miss at least 2 weeks with hamstring injuries just underscores that sunday's outing at the superdome both emotionally and physically taxing for this team. >>ted's minute in the 4th quarter saints took a one-point lead with 53 seconds
8:50 pm
left. for that to jimmy garoppolo george kittle in the superstar tightened takes the entire new orleans secondary down to field goal range. despite all face masks probably gold knocks in the game winner, 4846iners, your final and as of now. to the super bowl goes to santa clara, but shanahan knows it's gointo be tough the kp this run going with the anchor of his offensive line there he talking about. sale to throughout the year unl this point happened on the differently also it's very unrtunate. what happened. he got them back in there's no way to avoiding a conroe bad position where we were. >>the shoe impression share hopefully there will be other stuff in there, but i don't know yet but it's definitely starting come back there's no >>that garland expecteto fill in for it's burning up next the falcs on sunday back in santa clara to the raiders ev a return to the coliseucould not stop the team's struggles and again that all but put in and he says any ploff hopes the raiderwere completely picked
8:51 pm
apart, they dropped 3 in a row, the oakland offense shut down in the 2nd half an especially bad dafor the defense along the titans are and 52 yards 4th most allowed in team history. >>pretty good job this year offensive leave us a ance along atr drives but. you know sometimes you know when the game field position yet t force a 3 and out. we wre able to do that yesterday from the jump. very very concerned were to get make some changes it right. >>and they only have one more chance to get it right in oaand raiders host, the jaguars sunday in what is the team final game ever at the coliseum ths week we're looking back on the team's best moments in oakland. we'll take you back to the 1974 playoffs and the sea of hands.
8:52 pm
1974 dolphins. raiders the finns lookingo get back to the super bowl for the 4th year in a row, but ken stabler enneer to buty just escapes the pressure flips the ball declares davis. >>merges from a crowded field of defenders. raiders history and that here's a look at sports. >>coming up the warning you need to know before booking your tickets to seehe newest star wars
8:53 pm
ue leader.
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>>warning tonight for people who might be planning to see the upcoming star wars film walt disney studios says star wars the rise of skywalker could trigger seizures people with photo sentivities there's an issued a statement with the upper lip se foundation warning viewers that several scenes include imagery. and sustain flashing lights. the foundation says certain flashing lights can trigger seizures and aut. >>3% of pople to live with epilepsy. the rise of skywalker it's the big screen december. >>so kron 4 news tonight at 8 in here now with a look at what we're working on for kron 4 news at night. >>thank you brand thank your famy are coming up tonight at 9 o'clock trying to grab an officer's gun and then t into a patrol car, the strange encounter that landed a 19 year-old cal football player
8:57 pm
in handcuffs and off the team and the storm unleashes downpours triered floing and homes and businesses streets so the subway. now upset neighbors are calling out the city of san francisco over what they say h been an oning problem. also san jose mayor sam liccardo throwing his support behind a 2020 candidate, who he's endorsing r president. ernest hemingway wrote the old maand the sea at 52
8:58 pm
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satchel paige was still dominating batters a59. celia cruz was still winning grammys at 77 john wheeler illuminated our ideas of the universe at 70 and roger crouch was 56 when he first went into space ur best is yet to come
9:00 pm
>>football players been kicked off the team and is facing charges after police say he attacked an officer berkeley police say 19 year-old joseph logan banjo is accused of getting into a fight with an officer good evening, everybody, thanks for being with us tonight at 9 'm grant lotus and i'm catherineen


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