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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  December 11, 2019 4:30am-5:01am PST

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>>welcome back to the kron 4 morning news, the time 4.30 and thank you for waking up with us we love the company checking in on forecasts now because it is wet a soggy. so how long is this what weather going to stick around we'vgot the rest of the but and pay its ttle bit of off lighter stuff then what you miss when you're on vacation mode is working a little we dhave cloud cover and still a couple lingering sprinkles out there this morning. >>th is your view from berkeley, there's definitely clouds overhead but hey look at overall pretty clear so no visibility issues at least from berkeley you could see a couple of spots inland, especially where there's been some low fog forming and that
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can result in isolated patches were visibility becomes an issue a lot quieter on the radar than what we saw last night that's for sure we had overnight showers as you rember and we're going to see more those tonight but things overall calm down into the afternoon today we're going to stay pretty cloudy this afternoon but you see tonight rainfall pushes right on back in now this is well after sunset really even later than the rain that we saw last night so by the time most of us are settled back into our homes taking it easy that's when we'll start to see those showers really pusng back in and becoming more widespread this evening lasting through the evening and into tomorrow morning a few light sprinkles to be seen as well isolated rainfall most likely in the north bay through the day tomorrow and then a few light showers on into friday to so very active in really quie unsettled week continues ahead of us as for your current temperatures right now we're in the 50's for mosof the bay nevado petaluma 52 berkeley at 53. alameda oakland ihayward each of 54
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degrees right now working our way on into the afrnoon day time highs back into the low 60's even without much sunshine. we are going to be seeing daytime highs stil just as warm as yesterday. i'm rest of the weekend what to he expect for the weekend too. all still to ce. back to robin all right, thank you john we have some trouble spots that you need to know about before you hit the road. traveling through the e of you south bay. crews just cleared a big rig that crash action to the guard will this is northbound one oh one toorth 8 80 in san jose. they issued a traffic alert for this accident just dropped off my screen. so usually that means it's out of yo way which is excellent news for those of you aveling on one on because now you're back at the limit from san jose or south san jose through downtown and continuing up the peninsula, you're looking a26 minutes for now heading north from san jose to menlo park. the other problem that i'm tracking appened early this morning at around one 18. a fatal crash still under investigation in
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cupertino the south to 80. right before you get to the wolf road exit they are picking up the cones right now so by the time you make it out there that should be out of the way but happen blocking just one lane for the ongoing investigation, but just as the morning commute is picking up their clearing this crash ash which is excellent news. all right over to the bay brid or bridges, our side, the check out the bay bridge a little bit of a backup in the cash lanes on the right hand side we have 3 opened on each side for you right now so there's a minor ait only if you're paying tax a super fast tracking. if you're carpooling you're going to be fined 8 minutes into san francisco. he's 92 our second busiest bridge of the morning and. crowd leaving hayward heading over to the peninsula, not bad and just crowded 13 minutes off to one on one. here's what i want to cross the golden gate and it looks like bridge crs have finally picked up that bride work. we started off this rock cast. they were blocking one of he the nortound lanes trying to get out of san francisco you only have to and now you have to
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once again. i mean you only have 2 lanes but they had one blocked is what i'm trying to say allanes are open you're looking good 19 minutes here for both directions, nevada to the toll plaza. a quick peek at some more numbers we have the east shore freeway that's only 14 minutesheading west from crockett down to the maze, you're fine on 24, so if you're traveling on want to creep rough it's a great trip on over to the oakland side, it's only 11 minutes, 5 80's wide open and the net it's wide open as well sorom 2.38 to downtown oakland. it's going to be a quick 10 minute trip, we'l check more coming up in just a bit. story that we're following for you this morning cities and law enforcement agencies are stepping up efforts to stop car thef and burglaries private security firms are also pretty busy dealing with thiissue. so one of them, it's called strategic threat management. it employees you know. so are they put officers at malls and shopping centers, business parks and they work with police to solve car burglaries
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winters with strategic threat management. she says that the become we're desperate during the holidays and that they target specific cars. unfortunately, it's the older honda's an older toyota's which are so common right now. >>and a lot of young kids are common in easy to get into. >>winter also says that you know the are times of opportunity. she says the thieves live to work. so just make sure you be extra cautious at night. well to the north bay now t novato police department is now the 9th bay area law enforcement agency to link up with a surveillance net work that's organized by the makers of ring security cameras. so the partnership is meant to help make communities of course safer t as kron four's national trend has some privacy right advocates very concerned. video from security cameras are often used by law enforcement to t and apprehend pple caught on video. >>committing any number of
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alleged crimes from porch piracy to assault and worse. now the nevada lice department is jning a network created by the makers of the ring security cameras which are implanted in your bill. >>t the department says they're gning up with ring a company owned by amazon is not part of some big broer conspiracy. >>we have no access to any cameras within the community. we don't know their locations we don't know their owners. >>the tenant mike howard says ring is simply providihem with a law enforcement portal to their neighbors apwhich acts as a virtual neighborhood watch where ople who have opted to join can post information about crimes in their area. poce can use it as a way to get the message out when they need help from the community tracking down surveillance video that can help them investigate crimes. >>we can only reach out to you through the social media app and hope that those who have video that will help investigate a crime will respond to us provide us with some information. >>hundreds of police agencies across the nation now partnered up with ring 9 of which are in the bay area. but
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ts growing network has some concerned dave maass with the electronic frontier foundation worries the police departments are giving little thought to possible threatto civil berties and are being listed into promoting a product sayinquote public safety should serve the public, not amazon's profit margin. >>a nevada police department maintains they joined up th this network to help make their communities safer. the neighbors app is free to download and does norequire owning a ring device or any other security camera system to join maureen kelly kron 4 news. anher big story that we're following for you this morning, a major event that attracts 10's of thousands of people everyear. >>and generates lots of money is leaving san francisco. kron four's dan kerman explains why. for years an estimated 60,000 pele have come to san francisco for the annual
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oracle openworld event now that's over with oracle announcing they're moving the conference to las vegas. >>this cou be the tipping point or the beginning signs of other businesses and conventions leaving san francisco. i don't think it's any secret that our streets need help them. that's a cost of living in search is going st of workers in maintaining workers a centrist going retention is really chalnging the san francisco chamber of commerce says this is not the first convention to move out of san francisco and they say. >>it's a blow to small business that is significant. hotel taxi rides restaurts, od etcetera. >>so we're hoping there at some point is a cnge of heart but that's disappointing. >>it's believed thai hel costs contributed to the decision. >>don't want to see san francisco continue to be a ace where only those who can afford to have a convention here arehe ones who are holding a coention here. >>issues related to homelessness and overa cleanliness of e city are also believed to be parof
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the decision but the mayor says she doesn't believe it's the first of many more to come. >>is going to discourage people. choosing san francisco as a destinaon. but wt my hope is is that they see a real change as th continue to come and visit. >>for its part s of travel says it is sorrto see oracle but it will be booking ears, other eves over time to fill that space. in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news. >>city leaders in san francisco. they're considering requiring businesses to get per free for trying out new high tech ideas and public. so it will be the first of its kind in the united states and this comes after hundreds of dockless electronic scoors appred overnight across the country last syrian see them the an francisco in throughout bay area. the office of emerging technology. at
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serve as a one-stop shop for entrepreneurs who want to test out their products in san francisco's public space. so companies would not be allowed to last the office declares the ch in question. a net the blic good. so it's not clear yet what the city's criteria are would be we'll see at happens. well a lawsuit is trying the california universities to stop using s a t in a seat he scores in the admissions process. the suit wafiled on behalf of 4 students and several nonprofits against th university of california in the entire system so in claims that standardized tests are discriminatory to people with disabilities low income students and also minorities. doou see system said in a statement that it is disappointed by the lawsuit since its officials are already making efforts to address thatoncern. well happening today debate will officially begin on the articleof impeachment laid out against president trump tonight, the house judiciary committee will begin discussing and amending the
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articles of impeachment that meeting will be held on. the 2 impeachment articles othe table are abuse of power and obstruction of cgress. so there's no word on how long this debate will actlly last what will keep you posted and then after that the committee will take a final vote. now if approved thfull house will also needo vote on the impeachment articles before it would move over to the senate for trial. president trump is accused of abusing his path our by pressuring ukraine to investigate former vice president joe biden. ll developing news that we're following for you this moing in new jersey's in new jersey an hr's long standoff between 2 people and police ended with several killed including one officer, andy rose has details. >>a chaotic scene unfolding in jersey city tuesday following reports of an active shooter standoff inside a local bodega heavily armed officers blocked f streets schools were
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pced on lockdown my with my daughter tually told me that there was a a a shooting in the area so they you guess is as an ctive ooter scenario they actually the trails for poli say the situation began with the killing of detective joseph seals and involved a stolen vehicle one stolen u haul be a vehicle. >>that may contain an inndiary device that has since been tak from the location and is being examined by a bomb squad members the standoff at the bodega reportedly started around noon officers were under fire for hours. i >>gunshots 3 other officers re wounded in the gunfire but are expected people were found dead inside the bodega police believe 2 suspects were among those who died there are days that reque us to stop. >>and think about what it means to put on a uniform. eve day that god knows this is one of those days, i'm andy ro reporting. >>coming up next on the kron
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00:04am morning news, north a businessman is looking to give away hundreds of. we'll tell you where he got them a who he wants to give them too after the break. and welce back
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to the kron 4 morning news a time for 45 good morning. if you're just waking up. >>and dnot put the umbrellas or the rain boots away because we have more rain on the y john trimble explains he had not yet run it's still need
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those rain but the rain jackets, a very tive week ahead of us but the good news is the rain that we are saying nothing torrential light to modere stuff so at least we have that is a comfort looking outside at berkeley here skies, pretty clear you do have some spots with fog and then definitely some cloud coveoverhead. that cloud cover something you're going to see well throhout the course of the day today it's going to be more of an overcast one than anything else. just a couple light sprinkles this morning you really do have a pretty smooth drive into work watch out for spots that are still slick from last night's rainfall definity went on roadways but not a whole lot of rain actively falling as we speak, wel get some dry weather this afternoon before tonight another dose of ening showers if we're seeing the rainfall might as well see that night whemost of are sleeping. so'd recommend just getting to bed fairly early and let that rain sue the to sleep. i instead of stepping outside and getting all wet as for 08:00am this morning still seeing just a couple light sprinkles out there. a couple light rinkles into the afternoon for the north bay that turns
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until light to moderate rainfall during our overnight hours tonight should be well after you hit the hay tonight. we will be looking at that rainfall pushing on and into tomrow morning rainfall stays with us for part of the morning commute starts to die down for your drive into work and then we'll continue to lookt off and on showers through the day on your thursday friday, a few more sprinkles to be seen and saturday could see a few more of them as well so it's a pretty unsettled week ahead of us. but you notice on future cast how rainfall all sys to be i'm pretty light to moderate none of that heavy stuff like what we saw on saturday upper 50'so low 60's for your daytime highs today, even though weill remain overcast today temperatures will still be pretty comfortable. foster city, san carlos each at2 for your temperatures milpitas san jose campbell and cupertino so some other spots in the south bay also still holding on to thoslow 60's at 62 degrees each as for berkeley and oaklandight around the 60 degree mark if
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not just below it in berkeley, sonoma and napa like berkeley, 59 drees, pittsburgh you'll be at 60 today with petaluma center fell and ll valley also each at 60 degrees for daytime highs. tomorrow and friday bringing continuous showers after tonit's moderate rainfall sunday morning we start to s conditions really drying out and looks like sund monday and tuesday of next week should be the drier side of things then this week his bed. robin all right, thankyou john. now we want to check in on traffic which loo much much better we started off with some hot spots in san jose. >>we had a fatal cupertino side sout to 88 wolf that cleared north one wanted 8 80 in san jose cleared so i'm back to tracking the bridges busy but not bad at all just keep in mind that the roads driving at a reduced speed really at 8 minutes here and still looking good on 80 into san francisco, t spot free on 92, this is your trip across the san mateo bridge. a little busy but not bad at all
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it's a great me to use it if you can roll out of bed and ju get on out there now now is the time to o it. and the 5 o'clock hour. it's definitely gonna ck up so 13 minutes to the peninsula. we're over to the richmond sandra fell that we can definitely see the puddles here west bod 5.80 wide open at the pay gates, nothing to worry about as you head across the span into the north bay and the traffic tracker shows you more frways were drive times and they all look good right. you have livermore to duin on 5 any west that's only 10 minutes. no problems so far rolling south on 6 ad dublin son all fremont on out to milpitas in san jose is st wide open that that's looking good. it's about a 19 minute trip from san leandro to milpitas that's heading south or may you have to head west, you're looking good on 80 over to one oh one ers from in sunnyvale it's a very quick 6 minu trip will check more coming up a little bit later. she's for one businessman in petaluma this holiday season. he's looking to give away 1500 coats for people in need kron four's michelle kingston has
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that story. >>or try to save agriculture. we grow th faena think i'll make the cheese he's a well known businessman at sonoma county. >>we'rtrying to save the the next generations odairy farmers, h cheese is distributed all over the country. but larry peter is much more than a dairy farmer, the best part of my job is given back. more each years i get older. >>this room insi the creamery may look like an old warehouse full of boxes that those boxesre full of something so many people in the bay area are in need of this te of year. just like thone larry is wary. >>i bought them for. somebody a warm jacket for the winter months and somebody that needs a gift christmas me. they were in boxes they boxed open for christmas. so that's why bottom. >>larry says there are about 50 teen 100 coats folded inside these boxes. anyone in
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search of war. this holiday >>to see it everywhere you even see it were. in yo backyard, you see it in petaluma you see it in marin county. you see it. in the big cities. and you see people that are really struggling. the codes were purchased by larry at an auction in june because even on the hottest days of sumr. larry is thinking about christmas and what he can do for those in the bay area. >>in his community might just brought of here and put him here and i'd like to just hand them out to whoev leads the jackets ithomeless. >>now in order to give away thescoats larry needs your help head to the kron 4 facebook page and let us know about organizations that you think larry can get touch with in order to give these coats to people who are homeless and in eed larry will then contact those organizations and give these
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1500 coats away by christmas the petaluma creamery michelle kingston kron 4 news cool to mild outside your door right now with temperatures mainly in the 50's we're taking a live look out at sfo being that we have these storms have been rolling through the bay area. before you head over right now in san francisco. it is 54 degrees 52 and concord 53 right now in the city of fremont 51 in vallejo and 51 in santa rosa. so grab that jacket leave a little early because roads are soggy and wet and john tribal our meteorologists. he says more rain is on your specifics coming up after the break stay with us we'll be right back.
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>>welcome back for 55 on this wednesday morning we saw some overnight showers last night and there goes your view of san francisco, ok, it's kind of back what we are seeing today is definitely a ltle bit a low lying cloud cover kind of calm down overnight though so what we're lookig at right now is dry conditions for those of you getting outside just a few light showers today. highs in the 50's and 60's tonight, some mo overnight showers and then mostly cloudy conditions come tomorrow as we as for your temperatures daytime highs will be in the low 60's. well right w we're hanging out in the low to mid 50's. bin. >>all right, thank you john checking in on those soggy roads around the bay area this morning. 5 free yes, we started off with some trouble sps in san jose earlier this
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morning, everything's gone and out of the way so we're back to checking the bridges are a little soggy. bad here. we have the bay bridge, there's a minor weights and some of the cash lanes but it's been a great trip so far into san francisco to sleep a little early and make sure you reduce your speed we're checkinin on 92. this is your trip across the san mateo bridge definitely crowded but no big problems here making it over to foster city or san matteo here's a peek at want to want to cross the golden gate, your bridge work wrapped up we had one lane blocked heading out of san francisco's all lanes are open. it's looking good now you're back at the limit with only 19 minutes to make your way fronevada to san francisco. so that's pretty quick and right on time. all right coming up in the next hour wy news at 5 i have one bay area city is now considering of fine for people who vape in public. we'll have the details on this coming up in a live report. and one dog is found. but another is still missing after a vanull of dogs was stolen from an east bay hotel. and we're also
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learning more details about a series of home invasions all across the bay area. lice have made several arrests, but they say they're still looking for nother burglar. get to kohl's...
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>>and i'm james fletcher on this wednesday. we're midway through the weekend where happened back. >>alter rios montt eagle bay. so we are made. you can any of that you back to the wet weather. sure you still no accidents we had 2 majorot. but reduce your speed out she's on the job. mother nature is just trying to get robin backn the christmas spirit. a little on the cool rainy so this morning we ha seen conditions, calming down though so your drive to work not going to be interrupted by


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