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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  December 11, 2019 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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>>rt tonight after a woman is accused of driving into her son's bar for because she was unhappy with a hair cut. he hajust given her son. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm 10 way and i'm pam moore, this is really stunning d violent incident had. >>and just last week in antioch and it badly injured that barbour. our grant lotus is here with what whave just learned. >>grant. thank andrew be dug a deal is the woman who has been arrest police say she turned herself in really just a sad story all the way around here according to police the 28 year-old from brentwood. drover toyota prius right into the baer causing him to through the glass store ont that trauma causing his leg to
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break compound fracture required surgery had to inserted a metal rod. this is a poce looking at pictures of the day of the barber, 63 year-old brianartiis a shop on a street there in antioch and he says the suspect was furious about. that was on her son's ne that he had gotten during the haircut. martisays their son had been moving a lot and at's why you got a little cut on his neck and he says that this woman the mom was so mad. front of his store as they he were arguing and the next thing you know. he says she got into her car in gunned it. we talked to the barber martin on the phone last week writer this after this happened from his hospitaled. >>the excnge will be sure we tried ma believe that she was trying to ll you i she get that seller you're not itish are there. it hand on the wheel. the other often and i can streaming have u.
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>>right after the incident police say they'll get took off with her son. she has since been booked into the county jail in martinez again after turning herself in today. she is being held night on nearly $6,000 bail we'll keep you posted thank pam and ken back to you you grant. >>the desperate search to find stolen puies intensifies tonight and now there is a cash reward being offered we've been covering this stor of the animal transport van which was still in fremont that was later found in oakland with dozens of dogs inside. >>even wh 2 of them still missing there some good news tonight, one of the dogs has been found. kronour's justine waldman has saw the latest she's live in our newsroom after talking wh the driver of that man juine. >>when the owner of the van so upset about what happened and she takes responsibility that the van vanished unr her wah. and tonight there is a plea to the person or people who havthe 2 dogs. we're stl missing to return them for a reward. no questions asked.
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>>afr being missing for days fabled, the white english bulldog inow with her new owners bu2 dogs are still missing and there is a $1000 reward each f their return, someone stole their transport van with dozs of dogs inside while was parked outside of a hotel in fremont sunday night. it was then found in oakland monday moing. the drer and e ner of the transport company jie bingham tells kron 4 news. she is devastated. thing do every bank and the a. >>jane made from phoenix the breeder of ique she sent the bulldog puppy to her son in maryland as a president in the transport van and his heart broken the puppy still missing are target for this have not heard that your heart. and not knowing where shares are grg jane has nothing bad to say about the
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transport service compy. i don't blame. nearly all. i blame the persohair. oakland animal services has cited bingham who has now hired attoeys to clear her name and stop josh of dea threats. latwednesday, fremont police told kron 4 news the brown dog was seen with 4 men in berkeley monday night. and as more time passes the pressure is on to find the stolen puppies. the other dogs who were in e van. >>all went to oakland animal services and many of them have already been reunited with their owners after those owners provided proof in the newsroom. i'justine waldman kron 4 news. >>thank you just a mistak a live look outside tonight looking out over san francisco
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ou can see very much of of the fog and i guess missed out there tonight for a low of cloud that they're out there. >>yeah we got a whave some of that rain out there right noand certainly it has not been very windy at all so we're not seeing much mixing of the atmosphere so you get me fog out there a well and very damout there on the roadways and the golden gate bridge. is a cloudy. it is a bit wet out there is probably to stay that w you got the atmosere pretty much just saturated and so really no wait evaporate to all that moisture. so torrow morning when you get up in the head on the commute likely going to be plenty of plenty of fall puddles still out there on the roads see the cold front moving through right now beginning to fall apart as it things went out there and it's been very moist in thiflow coming right off the pacific. almost a very westerly flow and that keeps things ve moist in the atmosphere so even in places we didn't see the rain. he had me heavy drizzle today so showers out there right now that will continue into early tomorrow morning, the heaviest amounts now moving toward parts of the east bay, but you can see not real heavy rain but certainly if you're outside you're getting plenty wet.
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ovnight tonight and expected to see a few more rain drops maybe another 10 or so as you head to parts of the north bay, maybe a little bit more in some spots but not a gigantic storm, but there's still plty more to come in facte're going to see some showers in the morning by the afternoon things begito break up a little bit temperatures going to be comfortable put on some 50's and so mid 60's in the warmer spots but we're still lining up out there we've got anhechance of rain on friday. another chce as we head in towards turday afternoon. the next week more showers on the way. san fraisco police say they arrested 11 people in the tendloin for dealing drugs, the 4 people you see here were all arrested. >>on golden gate avenue yesterday in jst these 4 arrests alone poce say they found a 188 bags of cocne, a 101 bags of heroin and 26 bags of methamphetami narcotics opations also sa that hundreds of dollars and pills wee found and seized as well. now federal prosecutors are leaking san francisco's tenderloin district with a
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fentanyl overdose of a 13 monthld santa rosa baby that announcement came today during a news conference federal precutors said they arrested 3 suspects in connection with the septber 14 death of the baby and her father and as kronfour's dan kean tells us they also tk the opportunity to attack. >>san francisco's sanctuary >>federal prosecutors say the fentanyl that killed a 13 montold santa rosa boynd hifather back in september ha been traced back to san francisco's tenderloin district over the air drug markets. and as this case demonstrates. a news conference wedneay. prosecutors say the front nolen question passed from the honduran drudealer in the tenderloin to 3 others and then to the father telling me those 3 lyanna zamora lindsey williams and shane cratty have now been charged with distribution of fentanyl resuing in death which carries a maximum penalty of 20 years in federal prison
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$125 drug transaction let the untimely of a he was back in august when federal prosecutors announced a new drugs in e to crack down on the tenderloin and wednesday, they said so far they've made more than a 100 arrests. yet they say th city's satuary policy and its withdrawal from the jnt terrorism task force is hampering cooperation between federal and lol law enforceme which ultimately is comproming safety away those policies are being applied in san francisco. there's also result sanctuary is on rap for those who. >>our this kind of crime. >>happens no matter what and so to attribud to a policy is i think unfair. >>san francisco mayor london breed sayshe's open to discussing the issue with the us attorney ernie, but wants to make sure any changes to policy don't ld to other problems. we want to make sure. >>at filing people violating people's civil liberti and i
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think the biggest challenge their sometimes around racial prfiling in a number of other issues are of serious concern to me. >>in the complaint prosecutors also make it clear that the father who died was looking to buy nton all it was not that he was looking to buy another drug that happened to be laced with 4 news. t now dan kerman kron >>homelessness is a this is an issue that we all see through our county we truly beeve that relationships are really what it's about fame and made su i think youuch. >>for larry peter, it's all about giving back to his community and tonight he's doing just that the petaluma creamery owr contacted us yesterday wanting some help finding an organization where he uld donate 1500 brand new coats and help people who are homeless so we asked you our viewers to tell us about some organizations you thought may benefit from those codes. >>well 4 michelle kingston connected one of them with ster peter today. redwood solution. >>we've bn around for since
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1963 we provide a rio services for the poor needy in our community n the heart downtown santa rosa homelessness is a this is an issue that we all see through our county the redwood gospel mission provides food and clothes to the homeless, but in october they were targeted by thieves. >>about 2 months ago are sort container was broken into a we d thousands of coats so kron 4 decid to help replenish what was taken from them withhe help of larry peter, the owner of petaluma creamery. >>who we first told youbout on tuesday who was looking to donate hureds of coats to those in need. i do not think that the redwood spel mission has any idea just how manyodes. >>they're bout to receive from larrpeter, so this is veryxciting. with the help of many staff members including larry himself.
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>>thank you. but've read with the last missi loaded up their ucks with the just can't believe the overwhelming jacks are gone. with the >>ready. and um i wish i had 20,00 jack is to hand out because there's so many people in need theacket that is cold warm jacket annow for christmas. loks like people areoing to get open a box for christmas. that's what i wanted to do so thank you s much. >>the colts are now in santa rosa at a shelter and will soon be given to the homeless for the holidays. >>oh it's a blessing that that anotr to another 1000 coats is st another a nother1000 people in our county that e to be blsed with warm in and comfort and so it's just it fels great in petaluma michelle kingston kron. >>and for news. and coming up tonighat 8 a safe short-term place to park for people who shelr in their vehicles, the new location opening so in san francio. >lso not of cruise-ship vacaon, but a cruise ship home, the unusual idea the
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pih to help stem the bay a's mounting homeless crisis and is next to a huge move in big surprise coming from san jose sharks. >>tails ahea ♪ a cat cafe sounded better in myead. ♪
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>>forcetwill tonight surrounding the sharks. >>the franchise has made a big changen and said coach peter de boer is gone fired mark arbiter here with more. yeah, you ow kind ofa surprise you know given the fact that he has done well in this position now to board took over as coach in 20 and has led the franchise to the playoffs in each year of s 10 year. the san jose front offi is moving in a different directionow dip or was in the middle of his 5th season with the sharks. he had a retively successful time here leading the team to the playoffs for the last 4 year a run that includes a ip to the stanley cup final. his ason. sharks have played below near the bottom of the conference in points a are cuently in the middle of a
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five-game losing streak so hence the change ends coach. bob is expected to take ove in the interim the sharks are back on the ic tomrow night against the new york rangers so ken pam, you last season of the st. louis blues the team that went on to win the stanley cup pade, they fired their coach in the middle of the season, tn you got craig chief for ruby, taking over he leaves them all thway so i think the thinking here is like a right. a change things up and see how the season delops from here and the blues beat up on the search pretty good. let's right all right. i bernie later, thanks mark. popution continues to grow across the bay area, a unique. >>ideas being floated about literal beingfloated oakland city council president rebecca klanants to use a cruise ship. >>to house up to a 1000 the city's homeless at the port of oakland kron fr's nobel noel.for us tonight with more >>and that i can and can't even g to see a cruise ship there be kind to me at first you kind of question this idea because it is pretty
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non-traditional but i spoke wit mayor r ag nose and he says it's actualy something they tried back during the 1989 loma prieta earthquake during that emergency and he says he doesn't fee like there's any reason we shouldn't be able to do something like this for this emergency, however, the port of oakland isn't so sure. >>those everythg there it's an offbeat ea to tackle the homeless crisis. tradi housing on land for c. there's a lot cheaper did they've beeout there. >>joel brown has been living on the streets of oakland for the last 6 ears. he says heing an idea like this give some confidence a city mars anthat it is hard. of
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oakland council presidnt rebecca kaplan floated the idea at tuesday's meeting and now i've been reached out to by someone who actually does this. possibility of actually getting a cruise ship so just want to get that heads up create a 1000 housing to units overnight. >>with the cruise ship but it's something port officials say is it possible in a statement they say tugh they respect her desire to address homelessness theris an birth tructure at the port to cruise ships and that security issues ao federally regulated facilities would make residential uses untenable. former san francisco mayor art ag knows inroduced this idea 4 years ago. says with all the water at our disposal. it coulbe just the solution in the bay area needs.
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>>a pretty interesting idea to think about here we did reach out 2 council presidt rebecca kaplan is she did not return our calls for commt who army questions of for a regardg logistics and or costs she is expected though to present a more well of formd idea to the council in january for now live in san francisco. noel bellokron 4 news sakes noel. dozens of people living out of their vehicles will soonave a safe new place to park next week, the city of san francisco is launching e vehicle tr center, a mitlion-dollapilot program for people who are homeless livingut of our these cars and trucks, 30 vehicl will be able to park at a lot near the bell boulevard station, t spots have electrical outlets batooms on-site their will around the clock security and cameras. it's a much needed safety move one that mayor london breed says is only
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available for residents who ve been screened by the department of homelessness we have a long waiting list of people who we have identified and they will be our priority. i don't feel safe living in rv has ben broken into over 5 times. >>and i'm scared every night when i trieto sleep. >>this move comes as the nuer of occupy vehicles parked along cy streets in san francisco has spiked with city officials estimating there are roughly 1500 people occupy some 700 vehicles, those moving into this new tree i center will be allowed to live ut there live out in there. these are trks or their carsor 90 days. case workers try to find them a ple to live indoors. let's step outside for a lot. >>i've look in our 4 zone focast as we show you the embarcadero in the bay bridge and some wet streets in san francis, still raining over much of the bay area tonight lawrences here to fill us very damp in fact it's going to be hard i think to find dry spots in between the storms
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really a very moist flow. coming right off the pacific right now to get results like only get e rain will get some fog out there the atmosphere so moist and saturated reallyot much of its going to be able operate so just to be hanging around and ther you go, here's you cold frontoving on through beginning to fall apart,s it makes its way we're right thugh thcenter of a and start to spread a little further to the east, but you see the showers moving on through some bands of monitoring and i'm moving on through as well, but then this fall apart and early rt to tomorrow morning and then leave behind me a lot of the moisture out there as we so not bad we had to almost a a 3 course an inch in santrosa over the past 24 hours napa 1600 mill valley over half an inch there in t san francisco just about a 3rd oakland, almost a quarter of an inch in san joe, look for. hundreds as they're waiting for some more rain to come their waoutside right now we've got some 50's and me 60's outside tonight and that's going very milar to highs by tomorrow afternoon. high pressure nowhere to be found as well to the sou that's allowing all all the moisturrole in mostly cloudy skies light
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showers to continuinto tomorrow moing. and you may see some lingering showers specially near the coastline without unsettled pattern really continuing on and off into the first part of the weekend. all right, here's the moist flow you can see the jet stream almost moving west t directly east. it's hung up north of the bay area but all that moisture just flowing right offhe pacific and into these little ripples. these areas of low pressure that comelong fm time to time you see the rain falling in the bay area and that's what wee going to see over the next 2 days. temperatures for tomorrow, i'm going to be a cool in the north bay you'll find 50's some low 60 there ybe some mid 60's in parts of the south bay. thank >>wild pigs are causing mor oblems the east mike bloomberg's never been afraid of tough fights,
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the eshat ma a te difference in people's lives.
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>>in the east bay, wild pigs in lafayette have been destroying public and private feels look at th. now the city is woing with state fish andildlife offials to try and do something about t. a temporaryfence as been
8:26 pm
installed to kp the wild pigs out around some of the affected areas. the fiel will be ready for use by spring. but that's after $75,000 in repairs. one neighbor described how the pace come in and destroy the trails we haven't had that. >>problems with them n the shanks said they've just move into the area and we're trying to figure out had. >>that minor property damage here thers property damage in the neiborhoods. i said we want to help control the population and make sure everybody's safe on the trails. >>trapper hired by the city and the state department official while live will determine wt too with the big so they have been around for years, a lack of rain has led to their presence in the lower grounds looking for food. they're mostly seen roaming at dawn and dusk signs are posted by the city reminding people not to approach the picksand to keep their pets and small children away. house democratsalk for hours on the articles of
8:27 pm
impeachment ainst prident trump. >>now they are poised to vote. >>also san leandro police officer being honored after pulling survivors from a burning car and this isn't his fit time in
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>>the state police officer in a group of good samaritans are being called heroes for teaming uto save the fe of someone who was trapped in a burng vehicle kron four's haaziq madyun has their story. >>the car had actually overturned and there and tha a bo hanging up on top th see was partially ejected in the trying to get out of the passengedoor. >>said leandro police officer kati shed is describing recent life or death situation. he was cing the ride tohe seat of a. >>2 vehicle collision near the corner of the little of davis street. >>this red pickup uck with 2 passenrs inside vers a big ri and i would reach down there and i grabbed him. officers said was able to get the passenger out, however,
8:31 pm
the driver was still stuck inside th. one of the other people tizens that meant a shoulder deported to the hood i look athis le like gray smoke coming up. >>smoke circuit and the vehicle we were all having thinking that the exploded. the top of thehoulder. from this group of employees for thhow collid steals we noticed the smoke ming from judgeit's from that action with these fire extinguishers, the officer and to my guys they're pretty much gen up their nd to try to save that person that was i believe and we're tryingto contain. you know the fire. the together. good samaritans we're able get the driver safely out of the vehicle. >>he hopped up on toof this truck. and we tried to lift this guy out it's thkind of athletic maneuver one would expect from a year vetan officer who happens to be. >>a former oakla raiders wide reiver a save person's life is is is this sething on a wle nother level of justice. >>redemption. thes a police
8:32 pm
officer in san leandro. kron 4 news. >>a fiery debate and the nation's capital tonight over whther or not president tru should be impeached for 3 and a half hours a divided house judiciary committee share their paion believes for or ainst ousting the president kron fo's ellis of the morning here th a look at both sides l a now as an historic and emotional night. in washington that the session was clearly divided between red versus blue each member of the house. >>either tried to appeal to the other se or breed them for eir stance. in looking at this we just rough week or some roll some video every member of the house, they're 41 member pan had 5 mites to voice their opinion before announcing their vote. republians calling the impeachment proceengs, a slap in the face to american ters for discrediting their chce for president while democrats say that this moment in times politically perilous that no president not this one or the nexsuld be allowed to use their seat and
8:33 pm
another foreign power for their own gain. >>and i know that nobody is above the law but the law means nothing if the accused whether the man who breaks in your house. are the president can stroy evidence. witnesses from testifying and laly refuse to cooperate in the investigation. did not nt to get emotional. but and i've sat through trials. they were hard to sit through but nothing like sitting this week in this committee heang. >>likejefferson not trimble that god is just inis justice won't sleep forever. but the abuses, the obstruction of congressave come from congress. >>told you a lot of passion in that room and this was just a first step toward voting on articles of impeachment against present trump. a
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final vote is expected on thursday can can. thank you l a. michael bloomberg made a stop in san francisco today, bloomberg and former governor jerry brown participated in an on stage conversaon about climate change. >>an issue they have both been passionate about nationally and internatiolly they reiterated their support of america's pledge which brings together private and public sectoreaders to ensure. >>the us remains a global eader in reducing emissions and delivering the climate goals outlined in the paris accord. president trump has pued the us out of the paris them brown launched america's plans together back in 2017. bloomberg's visit comes just a day after san jose mayor, sam mohawk, ricardo endorsed him for president. the cargo wil be co chair of bloomberg's california campaign ansan francisco businessman and philanthropist tom stier also hit the campai trail in the bay area today for his run for
8:35 pm
the white house making a stop in walnutreek. the democratic candidate held a town hall event with ross mo democrats he is slated to hold a another town hall he was earlier in the napa as well with democrats there stier is best known as a political finance air on a number of ises, including his push for the impeachment of president trump. he has donated more than a million to democratic candidates in past election cycles. both steyer and bloomberg arbillionaires. >>now 4 zone forecast with a live view of thgolden gate bridge on this hump day evening and slow traffic heing out of the city, but you can see the soutbound side of the street is empty and wet and we need toheck because pam, some might be going on there's traffic check on that ok well we check on that 'll check in on the weather with our chief meteologist he's looking at the rain as well as the snow yeah, weet the rain you get some of that snow up in the sierra nevada lot of folks headed up there to avoid a littletough go though getting up there tonight again your
8:36 pm
chain up. >>on i 80 no change required right now on 50, but that may change so good i country yet be prepared you're ing to see some delays up there and that snow is coming do once again state your prom for ski report is we're going to see a lot of snow on and off over the next few days you got packed wder48 inches on the ground at heavenly and 15 lifts now open all would 44 of new powder, there's more s falling there tonight. storms if you're right up there make sure you stay tuned to kron look for the very last on the road conditions as the stor are going to be with a to brieferiods of snow and that means mo addition this year tahoe. ey're looking to 50 inches on the ground and more to ce right into e weekend about that you can see e snow up tre right now in the kirkwood you see that up a snow the but she most that hiher passes. there's a bit warmer storm system that rolling in off the coastline showers continuing into the bay area. mainly just light showers but it's going to go on and off throughout the night tonight and through tomrow morning
8:37 pm
to as we've got a very moist flow. almost a west to east mall right now that is brinall at me of the pacic so r nothing to op it to see that rain on and off of for some time toome. here you go overnight tonight, the cold front moves through. we've go showers into tomorrow morning. and probably some thick fog early on tomorrow morning for the commute to watch out that chance of showers on and off tomorrow but tapering off by tomorrow evening. and we're going to keep those temperatures mainly in the 50's and the 60's outside or tomorrow. next couple chance of showers into the weekend. univerty of california davis is opening a new research project on an ual type of cancer will explain. >>the new warning california leader want to put on marijuana produc. >>and terrifying moments for a dog owner water dog doesn't make it into an elevator. w good samaritan is able to save
8:38 pm
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8:41 pm
>>a houston man says he was thright placethe right time after his neighbor's dog leash was caught in an elevator door checking out the incident was recorded on a security camera at their apartment building on monday. shws a woman walng into the elevator with her dog. but the dr closes before the dog ts in and then the elevator goes down pulling on the leash with it, but the n who just got off the elevator. thompson action and gets the least off from the dog, just in te that good samaritan his name is johnny mathis, not that johnny mathis says e woman was overjoyed when she found out that her ltle pop was not >>alright next today, u c davis trying to cure cancer in our 4egged friends. the new research projects starting for dogs in sports, the san jose sharks are in t marketor a new head coach. >>mark is back with the
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8:43 pm
8:44 pm
>>the u c davis school of veterinary medicine is takin part in a huge canine cancer
8:45 pm
vaccine sties will test the effectiveness of the vaccine th over to dogs immune system to several dierent kinds of cancer lonnie wong reports. the death rate among do due to cancer is as high as 30% nearly half of canine over 10 yars old. there have the disease or will die from it. that's wh7 year-old mia and her owner johnarrington are visiting the u c vet centers cancer clinic. she doesn't ha cancer. instead she's one of the dogs taking part in a huge clinical study to see the new cancer vaccine works mia and other dogs involved in the study periodically get an injection of either the vaccine or placebo. finding an effective cancer vaccine would be huge r dog owners that saves the heartbreak of the owners i saves. >>significant financial costs of diagnosing and treating cancer and their pe. the vaccine follows up on promising results in mice. >>whoseimmune systems were activated by the presence of some markers common in different kinds of cancers for trying to prevent a number of
8:46 pm
different tumor types with a single vaccine. most dog owners have their personal reasons for getting their dogs into this cancer study. dog before givi me a she died of ncer in them a way early they gladly make the drive frodanville to make exam appointments and we're big believers in research. anything we can do for you know me future generations, a dog 're all for it. susan to see if she qualifies for n the study susan last 3 dogsto 3 different kinds of canr, i saw that there might be vaccine study or a hope of a vaccne i thought great. >>the terms of the science aspect oft and the hunity side of it the humanity side because the study is a step toward formulating human cancer vaccine. >>that uld be affected for multiple types of cancers. i missork they c rry on. >>humans which would be a big bonus. >>was it enough for to endure
8:47 pm
some poking and prodding several times a year for the 5 ar length of the study. >>california's flu season started early and it's been spreading state officials with the department of health say flu activitis higher than expeted this time of year commercial an clinical labs have seenhe most flu reted ses since the swine flu outbreak back in 2009 there ha been 16 flu rated deaths since the end of september and 5 outbreaks. the influenza b virus has en the most common form movin to california. flu activity is especiallhigh in the northern and central parts of the state. a state panel is the clary marijuana. irene warnings on cannabis products, the move comes after a new study says a growing nber of moms toe are turning to majuana products for ally for morning sickness and adaches. but cannabis industry groups sathere is t enough research on the health effects of the tsc thc in cannabis add those
8:48 pm
warningsand they warned that the rule could pave the way for a fod of lawsuits. the us surgeon general has already rned smoking marijuana is dangerous for pregnant women and a developg baby's. open to the sportsster recapping near the top of the show, ou peter deport dismied as head coach of the san jose sharks. heas in the middle of his 5th season with san jose. >>a relatively successful tenure leadinthteam tthe playoffs for the last 4 years a run that includes a trip to the stanley cup final but this season. the shks after 4 below expectations near th bottom of the conference in points d are currently on a five-game losing streak an coach bob here expected to ake over the answer. now let's talk some niners, a couple of mor story lines going in sunday the niners have a chance to clinch a playoff spot. >>and this is another reunion for kyle shanahan shanahan has bumped to his formeteam's many times this year blame the browns and redskins already
8:49 pm
now it's an atlanta squad where heexperienced a ton of success before taking the top jobith e 49 ers spent 2 seasons as the falcons oc under dan quinn who led the defense in setle before and the 2016 campaign, quite memorable or shanahan, he coach matt ryan to an p season guided the falcs to the super bowl. shanahan eaking down the atlanta. >>was the day after the super bowl. when seattle lost in new england. i was arson they're in office and on monday a person. saudis to me great gu on the phone and after being well spent 2 years in there with them learn a lot from him that's going to be enough a good place like that and rely enjoy the players too. >>shanahan worki dan quinn out of the raiders we know what the big talking pot is for this week in the last time we'll see the silver ack at the ciseum oakland's final home me after story tenure inhe bay area lasted nearly 50easons. we've been hearing about the team's greatest stadium memories from the players and coaches on this
8:50 pm
current staff but after seeing his raiders get booed this st sunday in a 21 point loss against the titans jon gruden wants to make sure to leave on a high note. >>the last time this season is one thing last time never really you know it's a tone with me and i'm sure lot of people. a great job of providing the best effort that we can get make what we want to try to give a memorable effort to our fa will be emotional for sure. >>plane the jaguars on sunday and finallall week long we're looking back on the team's greatest moments in oakland. let's take it back to the 1980 pyoffs and a remarkable performance from lester hayes. 1980 afc
8:51 pm
judge picks off ken stabler. the former raider lend playing for the houstonoiler house to put the final nail in e 27 when the silver black went onbeateveland in the divisional playoff and san diego in thafc championship ppose on the road before been beating the eagles sup bowl 15 the second super bowl and the first with tom flores as headoach jim plunkett burning the show. so ken pam, another great oakland raiders memory right there, good sff all right. thank you very mu coming. >>now we're now hearing from them and you sein this video slapping a reporter on live television. >>a man is savannah georgia is
8:52 pm
8:53 pm
8:54 pm
apologizing for groping a live telision it backside on happened while tv the tv station was
8:55 pm
covering the savannah bridge run on saturday you saw there the footage shows one of the runners flapping rert alex bozarjian is back side during her live shot he it comes again the runner thomas callaway is a youth minister and father later he gave an inrview to the station to say he was sorry. >>i'm thankful for this to share my apology. what you heard. to her family and her friends her co-workers. waan awful act it was an nd it awful mistake. i'm not that person that that people are poraying me s make mistes. i'm for forgiveness and to accept my apology. >>despite the apology callaway bad and from any future events organized by savannah's the sports council. he will also face possible charges after the reporter filed a police report. kron 4 news at 8. grant lotus he nows kron 4 news at night grant.
8:56 pm
>>i can pam thanks very much jane jail on morehan half a million dollars bond. a mother surrenders to police she accused of ram air car into the barber remember the story because she was apparently infuriated with the ir cut at her son edges guide a w that barbour is doing tonight plus a teenager's lif cut short by gun violence. it's the same problem the 15 year-d was fighting against months afer his death the youth group he was a part of his workng to get guns off the streets. plus some of those lingering showers yet more rain made for a wet day around the bay kron 4 news at 9 is tracking this sto and what's to come next lawrence karnow work in that we'll see you right after the break for kron 4 ne at night.
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>>now 9 in the statement, it's bind bars after turning herself in to authoritie poli say and this comes less than a week after she's accused of slamming into her son's barber with her car. after a disagreement about her n's haircut. good evening, everybody thanks for being with us tonight at 9'm grant lotus and i'm pam moore in for vicki liakis tonight, stone isollowing the story he joins us live from antioch with more. >>o j r you talked with the barber, so how'se doing tonight. >>well pam he says he is stil in a lot of pain after what happened. he was lying in bed when i spoke with him phone this evening. i do want to go to some of the videos


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