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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  December 17, 2019 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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>>watching kron 4 ns at 9, but we did a good and we're happy able to. >>tonight people in the south bay are praising the efforts of bill petersolice the police department there used what they ll bait box one of those items ey're using to try to catch these porch pirates apparently and work this all happened last week but police are just announcing that developmenttonight it happened near the great mall, thanks for being with us tonight at 9 o'clock everybody i'mgrant lotus and i'm vicki liviakis a dare stone is following the ory for us. >>he joins us now live from a the south bay whe the suspect is from a j r what have you learne >>well vicki i spent the evening trying to make contact with that suspect she is from here in san jose i wasn't able to t her side of the story.
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the police say that she was caught red-hand. >>we place package out in the afternoon at about one 48 pm it within about 8 minutes of the team putting the package out there are suspect driven up to the streets stop near their housgot out took the package from a porch and went back in your car. now this is 37 year-old flores stella heandez of san appear as though she was it crying when the picture wa taken. you can see what appears to be tears, you heard there. minutes after police set out this bait box that's when this went down basically a packagwith a gps tracker side. hernandez drove up to that packaging left she was busted a few minutes later, in fact this next it looked like afr she was t pulled over neighbors watch some of this go down this area near the great ll has been
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played by package that's everyone i talked with has either been a victim or known a number of thats afr black e friday and cyber monday neighbors, happy to hear he news but amazed by how quick these crimes happen. >>play reading well the and we are happy able to od everything was we needto g the president and on r the christmas if it gets to my wife the its people to chistmas presents gifts and then some people has a. >>a pretty goal of medical supplies and it's coming myso it's a good time d i think have done so quickly. a to
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>>and now police telle hernandez is out of jail tonight. she does face feloy charges of grand theft and drivinghile unlicensed, she stole box that had more than $950 worth of contts inside that box that is what makes it a grand eft, felony charge at that. many of the neighbors far as having video of some of the other crimes that have happened in that neighborhood within thelast 2 months much more on this story tonight at 10 o'clk live in san jose j r stone kron 4 newairports piracy kind of an epidemic, especially this time of year so to the east bay now hercules police. >>ey're still looking for this man who stole a package from a front porch of their home surveillan recorded the whole crime in realtime on december 7th th's when meowners were vacation. in fact in that case a gentleman actually tch the theft on his phone while he was in disneyland.
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>>policeay they have a limited description of the person in this video other than what you see right here. investigators say that he was last seen driving a white toyota camry. and no turning take a livelook right now we over the beautiful city of san francisco dry for now but not for long meteorologist ve spahr joining us now and dave. >>guests getting the kids ready for school tomorrow getting ready r work yourself going need all the gear right after lee, you have the rain gear ready to go the umella know that keeping the car khushal needed this weekend to why not just be alwaysprepared that's what we're looking at. >>the rain is just knocking on our doorstep right now we can see itout to see here just a tt bit. couple little flashes. we're also getting of ightning with all of that too. and that means we may hear some of that for tonight tracking on storm tracker 4. here's the mass of rain we're talking about still yet outto sea. give us a couple of hours in which to play out again back into motion there you see a couple lightning trikes at work. the heavier stuff though developing tonit. you know
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we have these clear shots that we had ever where we've been looking. but the city of san francisco that's not to be the case tomorrow. there you have the fog developing with this heavy rain by tomorrow morning now back to the clear shot we have for you, rain showers developing some heavy at times tonight flashes of lightning too. tomorrow morning rain scattered evening shers in the afternoon which will see some sun even potentially. and this week variable clouds and spoy showers rain returns by saturday when that is we're still working on so for tonight, mid 40's showers developing te. rain, sometimes heavy at times to look out for is ing ruts futurecast for the witching hour we're looking for heavy rain just about all over the bay imbedded in there by the way not constant in total, however it will eak there we see it by 06:00am 6.30. there you see the heaviest rain up to the north bay strus stretchinga little bit on the east bay as well and then it does subside into the afternoon hours do want to note some nds coupled with this but the good news is this will be before your commute
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overnight noce, the wind direction out of the southeast this is mild air. so we look for snow levels to be fairly high. but really kind of apon a little bit there on the peninsula and out of the soutbay as ll concentration of winds off to central valley lookslike as we get into tomorrow as far as how much rain we get somemost of it will be up in the north bay, it's pretty typical. however, amid they look for about almost a half of an inch of rain and relatively modest amounts to be found down south again we're looking to see how much rain when this time is ing to be for rain ming on your saturday, some of the models telling us so you might go to get some sunshine on your saturday befo the rain develops this weekend determine back to you. your reaction is the president's letter >>really for the bread we can >>san fncisco's own the house. speaker nancy pelosi slamming psident trump's six-pa letter today ey
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criticize her leadership on impeachment. is coming of course the day before the house is expected to vote on those 2 articles of impeachment the president is accusing her of trying to orestrate a coup. >>and as cn's jim acosta reports for us tonight, trump sa in the oval officcity takes quote 0 responsibility for what will likely go down as a stain on his legacy. >>one day aw from impeachment president trump is coming out swinging ripping into democrats and refusing to take any responsibility for his storic predicament as he told cnn in the oval office do you take any responsibility for the fact that you're about to be impeached. >>no i don'take any 0 to put it mildly. took a peect phone callthat i d with the president of ukraine and absolutely perfect call you know they all nothing was said roman that call to impeach the president of the united states it's cannot country the
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president fired off a lette to house speaker nancy pelosi that's dripping withdraw anger and placing the blame on democrats writing this is nothing more than an ilgal partisan attempted coup at ll based on reason sentiment badly feel at the voting booth. >>history will judge you harshly as you proceed with his impeachment charade. adding voters will not on forget your perversion of justicand abuse of power and i still pray for the present and pray to the president all the time. the president also dismisd close his recent comment that she prays for mister trump remarking your offending americans of faith by continually sing i pray for the president when you know the statement is not true unless it is meant in a negative sense. trump writes in the letter adding it is a terrible thing you're doing, but you will have to live with it not i the president sounded just as diusted in the oval office about the impeachment vote that's i've not seen it look it's a hoax the whole impeachment thngis a hoax. we look forwardto getting on to the senate.
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>>we're not entitled to lawyers were not entitled to witnesses were noentitled to anything in the house while the president is venting his frustratis. he appears to be backing off of his demand th republicans call witnesses like hunter biden once the impeachment fight moves from the house to the senate. >>mister trump ld reporters he will leave the issue of witnesses to senate majority leader mitcmcconnell i believe the senate is equally as well united i watch mitch mcconnl this moining. i watched in numerous people last night sators. and i think we're equally what united they know it's a hoax it's a whichi mcconnell is channeling the conventional wisdom taking ho in the unpredictable trial could backfire against the president if this tur up here in the senate we certainly do not need just start brainstorming. >>witnesses she went to for the prosecution. and a man in even heard opening arguments but despite all of the president's fury, he allowed
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saides to shout over our follow-up question is what do you say tamericans who use the power of your >>that was jim acosta reporting for us tonight. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell has said that he is coordinating with the whit house regarding. >>the xpected senate impeachment trial that coordination is awing the ire ofemocrats, including minority leader, chuck schumer and we will have continuing coverage on tomrow's vo. we will carry the debateon kron on and have a live political analysis other nationwide took to the streets tonight inheld impeachment rallies for and against >>whether or not to impeach the esident called for sailors the psac ii was at the pro imachment rally in san ancisco. she joins us now with more taylor. how is >>hundrmds gathered at the san francisco federal building and that'swhere the march and rally begin this evening, many people were angry upset and frustrated and demonstrators say their message is clear no
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one is above the law not you that i and certainly not the president now the rallies across the country today were a part of anational movement caught and not above the law. demonrators in san francisco say they're here to show congress how many voters supporthe impeachment of presidentrump and the rally at the federal building hundreds of people eventually de their way up market street to the offices of senator kala harris and senatodianne feinstein mart street was temporarily shutdown as marchers spewed over into the street now marchers like elizabeth kim say they're fed up and one change now. >>i think people are tired. and it keeps running us over. and people to really come march for the first time this is my first time maring, i've never i'mnot a political activists, i'm just a but not anymore. everyone needs to do what i do to be as angry as he and as me and one that make a statement.
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>>there were more than 20 pro impeaching rallies held acros the bay area today, others were hld in oakland napa and san mateo to name a few. reporting live in san francisco taylor but sackey kron 4 news. >>thank you taylor, another person in the bay area has died from the flu arin county the death of a person nfirming hospitaled the last week of november. this is the first flu related death in marine this season, ealth officials say it isnot too late to get vaccinated and ey enourage everyone to do so before spending time with frnds and family over the holidays. well across the untry the cdc's estimating tonight that at least 13 people ha died from the flu. this season and there have been re than 2 and a half million flu illnesses and 23,000 fl related hospitalizations so far this season, the cdc's
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received reports of 10 children who have died fro the flu. experts havewarned that the flu is hitting us earlthis year and there are concerns this early season could mean and especially severe overall flu season fo the big story. we're covering for you 5 bay area school districts announce a sweeping lawsuit against ju labat a san francisco based coany that manufactures. >>and sells e cigarette.the lsuit slamming the company claims that it targeted mino. school districts are seeking damages fomarketing efforts to specifically targeted youth under the age of 18 with advertising and messaging designed to appeal to minors. those school districts included in the suit or san francisco unified livermore valley joint unified schl district in 3 school districts in san mateo county. a cumbria unied school district san mateo foster city and jefferson union high school they're joining others all across the country as well as a nuer of parents and used to challenge jules practices.
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>>the controversial new embarcadero navigation center in san francisco is close to opening its doors and accepting homeless residents first worried key was there as yor london breed toward the new facility. >>and address neighbors, safety concerns. >>we're standing before the new embarcadero navigation nter mayor london breed for the yankees state and cit officials flanng her for helping make this facili a reality she also thanked south beach eighbors, even thou some had pushed back hard against the project, even filing lawsuitsin an attempt to stop it from going forward. i know this hasn't beeneasy. but i will say that we are still committed now that this place is open anavailable. >>to working with this community to making sure at we fulfill the promises around safety and the number of other challenges that people were so concerned about those concerns were amplified after an augus attack of a female resident
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entering the lobby of the termark condo building right next door the frenzied encounter was captured a surveillae camera the victim says her alleged attacker told her he s trying to save her from robots. >>austin vincent seen here in his mug shot shortly after his arrest, 's being held without bail for being a public safety risk the mayor got a guided tour of the 200 bed facility which will start off with a 130 temporary residents gradually adding more over 6 monthuntil reaching full capacity she was joid by a deputy police chief who talked about how they're boosting patrols to the area we prided for additional poce officers to the station here. >>that polices the area they will have those officers workg 7 days a week in a in a safety zone around here it extends about 2, 4, blocks and they will out herehighly visible unable to respond. concerns from the neighborhood one neighbor who did not want to apar on camera says there are still oncerns among
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residents i think wee very aware that it's the biggest navigation center the ciy has ever. opened and it's in a very dense residential area. so we just have some concerns about what the impact is going to be for us the first homeless ients of the new navigation center are eected to move in at the end of the month. maureen kelly kron 4 news. >>supervisor matt haney says he wants navigation centers every district in san francisco. 's not the first city leader to make such a declaration but in his tweet today, he sa he and other city leaders are now introducing legislation that would make that a requirement. haiti noted he and his allies want to strengthen the model by requiring intensive services, one on one case management and care plans for every client within 72 hours of enteri the facility. in san carlos duties have arrested a man foassaulting a city employee and kicking a dog happened this morning deputies say they found the
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suspect 35 year-old brent bickell at the scene when th arrived they say the cull became combative when deputs tried to take him into cuody. bickell was eventually arrested, but it took several deputies to place him der arrest. they say they t hurt in the process. the injured deputies were taken to the hospital for minor injuries. they ere released later in the day bickell s taken to the mcguire correctional facility and is facing chges of resisting a peace officer resultinin injury obstructing an executive officer animal cruelty and battery. 30 years of music history, tossed into a dumpster in alameda ma and so high school graduates who played in a ba are outraged learning th years and years of trophies and awards were just thrown away to make space in the band room tonight on four's michelle kingston xplains what they are doin to put history back on the shelves of t high school. >>i don't and got into a in there's just there's so much that goes into. th 6 it
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it's really disheartening 300 trophies tossed in the trash outside and high school years and years of awards won by hardworking band students. >>the district says th decision to throw them out s who wanted to make more space in the classroom and it was beginning to impinge on clasoom space and it is also posing somethinof a saety hazard in in the event of an earthquake if they fell on someone they could really hurt someone when word spread that the trophies were tosed some alumni took it upon themselves to go to the dumpster anpick up as many of them as they could stopping the awards in the back of their cars trying save history. we put on inventory started go fund me accountso you can turn that over to lock the gate faith in the >>get back know this is this is thousands ofman hours and a lot of pride re. >>we can't just like that get
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thrown inthe garbage while the alumni work to save the trophies the district had this to say to those hurt by their decision to toss the awards were certainly very sorry that it happened this way the intention was all good. >>but we definitely understand that having tphies put into a dumpter would could feel very very bad to people high school memories are precious and we we would not ever want to bea part of harming those high school memori we asked the district if they've ever thrown trophies away before ether it be for music or for athletics an they said they were unsure but th in the future. they will always reach out to alumni first in alameda, michelle kingston kron 4 news, san jose police have arrested a man for arranging to meet a minor lewd act at police say a week ago 50 year-old kevin donovan snyder contacted an undercover officer. >>through the app grindr yder allegedly continued to communicate wi the officer posing as 11 year-old boy explicitly statg he wanted to engage in activities.
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>>yesterday snyder who was also a lyft driver told the alleged boy to needhim in the city of campbell according to officers. and that's when investigtors took snyder into custody, he has been booked into the santa claracounty jail. pleasanton police are asking for your help in identifying a ma accused spending. >>more than $200 at a local safey using stolen credit cards police say that he stole them from nearby parked cars and meth mushrooms annex. and $20,000 in cash it happened last month. and tonight we are getti a look at just how significant this opation was police arrested on person. coming up finally some answers nearly 40 years later a bay area fami hears from lice about the cold case deaths of 2 of eir
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loved ones and next e new technology. pg e is testing out the cld predict power problems that. >>can cause fires when we
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the gene is hoping to follow through with his billion settlement with wdfire victims without thgoverns approval to the settlement is part of the utilities ire reoanization pl governo newsome rejected the plan last week saying he wants a complete overhaul, a pg e's board of directors and wants more oversight of the company in today. the genie asked the judge in bankrtcy court to consider removing t requirement for the governor's approvaljust go sub. the tility is hoping to meet its bankruptcy by ju 30th. we reached out directly to the governor's office today for mment but thus far he not heard back. >>resechers at texas anm are introducing new technology that could be a wayto predict
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power failures that n spark sometimes months before they ever happed. it's a device called distribution fault anticipation or dfa pge and uthern california edison havenstalled the technology and are ing to tested. the trial period through july dfa hooks to power systems to identify faures and worth the powercompany according to texas, anm university researcherare preparing to test the technology in australia and new zealand as well. >>up next to wedding crashers are accused of killing a broome outside s own reception. details ahead. >>plus iconsidered one of the nicest safey's in the city the shocking situation disgust over the city's man waste prob
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back everybody will seeing someone deaf okay on a san francisco streeit is sad
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disgusting you name it right, but watching that happen in a marina safeway store takes the hoeless crisis. >>to a whole neleft kron four's noel bello has more on how shoppers atthis particular stre are actin >>i have never seen like this in a loss for words, i've never seen anye in 40 years if a cave in the safeway on the isle it's the cleanup on aisle 10 ll that no one wants to hear sunday morning around 7.45. a n was spotted using i'll 10 inside the marine, a safe way. >>as his n personal bathroom, leing his fes next the cleaning supplies mean there's just a lot ofen, people not having a place. >>i guess office lead to >>the of my ability to rely that behavior must be like gornmental component it. so we ne to look yond the actual action and e the sour offered there are 3 pit
9:38 pm
op restrooms in san francisco now open hours a day. soma district. but this image illustrates what longtime residents like joel rosman say as very real problem, not only in thosareas but all over the city i don't know the answer. >>but it's inappropriate a it's really hurtg people people in the neighborhood to outside their door similar events happened. >>absolutely i've seen it grow n this side of town and now i'm seeing it more and more in chestnut street and i'm reading about t in thmarina where those folks arhaving people. news there. thyards for a thom this year alon the city has received more than 25,000 coop complaints. >>and they now have a coup patrol crew on call to clean up the waste across the city. but marina safeway shoppers feel all of that is clearly t fixing the root of the problem i guess is park up to the politicians. i know people say that we have to take care our community. >>how how we knew that's how. if theycan you know if they
9:39 pm
can't how can we. >>we did reach out to safeay to see if whether or t this man tried use the bathroom inside the store. we dinot hear ck from safeway now there are 24 of those pubc pit stop restrooms across the city. however the marina district does not have any of them. the closest is in north beach in san ancisco. noel bellow kron 4 news. >>time now >>well it's clear the 40 niners have their eyes set on reaching the super bowl bu until then some players could celebrate the achievement of making the pro bowl for 49 ers have beenselected to the roster, including nick bosa kyle hughes check grge bosa is the first 9 s rookie to make the cut since 2014 there are also 8 alternates a field that features jimmy garoppolo derek armsad and deforest buckner. >>this team thinking about
9:40 pm
at all star game instead county one going ck to work after slipping against atlanta sherman at practice today, we'll see f he plays. a short week for the team as they st the rams saturday how shahan a freaking out. well one that again. >>the neat thg about today is. go through for 24 hours talk to the team is the to say the team of guys and lastweek before we played on we control are going to get it done. we e still control our own destiny so. too long made correct mistakes but what abt the play ball saturday. >>trent brown as rodney huds of the raiders prbowlers now in llege hoops tonight in all bay area mahup todd golden in the doll's head to t rm visiting the cardinals and the 2nd half defense into offense jamari fully steal to te rack usf takean11 pointlead but stanford would come l the way back 4 minutes ago tied at 46 david stays on davis the drive and finished. arnold
9:41 pm
take the lead chair, a taskhe loves it. and stanford to want look back spencer joes knocks down the ball that ends up being the gger 6456 10 from your final. >>they improved to 10 in one of the season and remain coming up okron 4 sport to 10 madison bumgarner reflects on his time in san francisco. >>as he finalizes his nedeal bum's message to the bay ea fans grant vicki back to you. >>appreciate it mark thank you for that news are searching for 3 suspects after an atm was stolen from a stay sacramento. says it happened early this morning about 04:00am the suspects were masked than they used to. >>device to enter the building reporter lonnie wong has the >>hundreds of state emloyees who work at the base and building night and p streets were grted by flashg lights and uniforms when they got to work at ound 4 30 this morning, thieves use tools to pry open
9:42 pm
the front door passed another door to get on a golden one atm machines similar to this one. >>basically drugged out to atm machine to the streets ere what appeared to be in early 2000 chevy astro van took off ith it isstill surprise way there's a golden one atm in this building this area surrounded by state buildings, thousandsof state workers the golden one credit union cars to state employees about 800 rk in the basin building n on your way out the door or window waikiki isn't the only one who thinkit's a safe place for an atm it's inside a he can it be. >>grave and arstupid the jury's still out on that one theooks knew that the atm was freestanding not bolted to the floor. many atms are embedded into walls like this one acss from the state capitol just one block away. a larger atm sides at the twin towers state building mplex they passed on this bulkier one on the other hand ittook 3 of them to maandle the at out the front doors and down
9:43 pm
the stairs. scrape marks all the way to the curb show that the atm was too heavy forthem left behind or broke off s during the wrestling match the basin building has security guards men were on duty in th lob at the time and they might have known the were security cameras in the lobby 2 blocks away. i don't ow p's whathey're thinking. state workerget paid on the first of the month how much money was left after severaweeks a criminal mastermind. well th good luck prevent the gang who codn't shoot straight from getting caught. you can decide. you can decide and that was lonnie wong reporting. >>right now are 4 zone. >>and take a live look outside right now and to san for the time being yes, but don't hold yourbreath, you law change and real quick i'll tell you at it's like brushing up against the coast. it's taunting us righnow because this oveight is going to be very unsettled. >>you know rain will be heavy at times the good news is that the heavy stuff going to happen overnight your morning commute as good as bad and the
9:44 pm
winds that we get anything that's going to be basically overnight o there's the shot at stormtracker 4 looks like a start to fill up in the north bay, they're feelng of san francisco as well, but when these events start remember sometimes it fights to some drier before it hits the ground so whe roads probably just starting to gewet here some heavier rain out tosea. there's a general ack yes, you see lightning bolts. there's we might havesome of that action flashinfor tonight, waking up tomorrow rain showersand rain 40's by territory. scattered showers mostly cloudy with a few showers by 03:00pm we'll see some skieopen up a ltle bit r thafternoonthen fillback up again with that puppy cumulus future cast f kind of spells it out for us here it overnighwith t heaviertuff again tth north and then a toast out of the peninsula, you'll notice about 7.15 still some isleft over for your morning commute. so we nt to be done with the rain even at that point does continue. throughout the afternoon just checking things out of th4 zone forecast will do about 55 san francisco, 56 daly city
9:45 pm
peninsula side san bruno 56 down south. foster city 57 along with mountain view in san jose, a morgahill 56, he's bay sholine mid-fifties neared for the tri valley livermore 5555 also for concord and walnut creek with richmond, 53 for sonoma napa 5152 santa rosand lower 50's up the coast. 7 day forecast again we're dealing with the rain tonight tomorrow little bit of a breather but then aga this weekend questi mark how much sun we're going to get for yo saturday, the key. all right stay a wedding crashers beat a southern california man to death. >>just hours after he said i do 30 yearld joseph mel was murdered dung a fight at his wedding reception in chino happened on sunday 2 other party voters north just had minor injuries. the suspects were identified as brothers rory and st you kasten 8 ramirez theyare being held without bail and it's not clear just wh the relationship is between the
9:46 pm
brothers and mel to know police are still investigating what led up to e fight a go fund me page dcribesmel goes as a loving son brother cousin partner and dna evidence has solved another cod case homicide investigation this time in fremont kron four's rob fladeboe details. how police solved the 37 year-old deaths 2 teenagers who were killed as ey walked home from work. >>n december 20th 1980 to 16 year-ojeffrey p and his 16year-old cousin mary jane mallott egg re murdered here in fremont 37 years later, this man the late ifton hudspeth has been identified as their killer says fremont police detecve jay comes it's ways been on our radar something that's always been kind of stuck in the community is there's a big deal with to 6 year-old ki being killed on the night of their murder of the 2 teenagers left their jobs at the sarah theater in milpis and were last seen walking home here on north
9:47 pm
able road. jeffrey a touch body was und near the intersection of green valley road in sco creeroad. >>well mary jane mallott eggs body was fod athe corner hunter wrote in ssion boulevard after all leads were exhausted. the case went cold investigator worked every single ad talkinall the family talking all the friends at the time and >>looking at all the evidence and back thethere is no dna that was then and this is now last year eeman's co case unit began to take other look. >>they initiated dna testg on evidence utilizing investigative genetic genealo and that led them to the 2 teens who was livingin. >>milpitas at the time where these kids were abducted because it's especially were started and then we start going down that path and kind of doina radius around who had similar kinds most you now where they are us actually assaulting people or are having hocides it turns out has spent who ied in 1999 including atmpted murder.
9:48 pm
dna extracted from his santa clara grave confirmed hias the killer of 8 up and mallott tag ch to the relief of their families who w live out of state right now they're looking for their their their peace and just trying tdeal with what they got to deal with at this point time and asking for privacy but thy're thankful for e case and we just felt the investigation coinues as police suspect dspeth may havebeen involved in other crimes around the time of those murders. >>the dna testing that helps all this case is similar that used in identifying the suspec in the golden state killer case in fremont rob fladeboe kron 4 news that the big story. we're following tonigh 11 people are recovering from injuries tonight after a van. >>crasd into a store near seattle. authorities say the van was being used as getaway vehicle, a woman was shoplifting side the ste but then hopped into this van d the guy driving the van tried to seed away but ended up crashing right through the window and into the store
9:49 pm
among those hurt. 3 people including a toddler. all have crical injuries. both e driver of the van and the woman were taken into custody. for your help tonht us south officials today endorsed a type cigarette that could help ease the addictive grip of smoking blivering very low levels of nicotine the food and drug administration will allow 22th centurygroup to begin sellingthe first low nicotine cigarettes reviewed by federal health regulators. contain about 95% less ts nicotine. then do aard cigarettes low nicotine products have beenthe market bere but didn't sell well in the past regulat stress that the ruling does not mean the new pducts are safer than regular cigarettes the agency noted there are no safe tobacco products. another study says opioid use and suicide ar t as strongly linked as previously thought.
9:50 pm
expes had said that upo 30% of opioid overdoses were suicides but a new study by columbia university researchers found it's actually only about 4%. though the overall proportion of suicides by opioi is down the rate ofsuicides involving ooids actually increased researers say more studies are needed to properly unrstand the link between suicide in opioiuse that study was published the journal of american medical association joe biden's mpaign is releasg a summary of the democratic presidential caidates medical history. >>in the summary biden's doctor says the former vice esident is physically fit enough to handle the presidency. the physician called biden a healthy vigorous 77 year-old male he noted biden is being treated for non valve uhler atrial fibrillation also known as a said that's an irregular hetbeat that the doctor says biden shows no symptoms of it biden released his medial history. today as 2020 contenders. face questions
9:51 pm
about their own health. up next a 5 year-old is getting in e holiday spirit by helping her classmates and their famili how it all started mike bloomberg's never bn afraid of tough figh, the ones that ma a te difference in people's lives.
9:52 pm
and mike won them, which is important right this minute, cause if he could beat americs biggest gun lobby, heing pass background eck laws and defeat nra backed politicians across this country, beat big coal, helping shut down ndreds o polluting plants and beat big tacco, helping pass laws to se the next generation from addiction. all agait big odds you can beat him. i'm mike bloomberg and i approve thissage.
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>>a 5 year-old girl in southern california has a heart filled with compassion for her classmates and a real willingness to roll up her sleeves anhelp a little girl sold their cookies and hot cocoa to raise ney to pay off negative lunch, balances at her school this is for other kids. her ame is kalyn hardy she got the idea after she overheard another student's mom saying that she was having hard time. >>paying for something. >>was that we do a hot oc and cookies stand and i sa les do it she sat out there for probably about 3 hours. and sort through all. >>all the cookiesn a hot cocoa and tea is snow >>knew
9:55 pm
>>very sweet. her mom says that she sent a note to the school sang that her daughter helda hot cocoa fundraiser the weekend would love to donate the money to any of the negative accounts andhe school agreed the money caiin raise paid off lunchbalances for 123 students and right on time for e christs season. so they it that's amazing sant5 years old and. >>but a flight no one to 5 years 5 year olds and they'r not i mean they're into like unicorns and legos and frozen yet to the thinking of other people like tt that's really impressive your chicken soup for the soul, it's a hot cocoa for this all blows out that wraps up kron 4 news at 00:09ptonight. >>but our primetime coverage continues at the top of the hour, pam moore and can wait are here with kron 4 news at 10 baking in grant we love that last story d next at 10 o'clock tomorrow will bea historic day as the houses, especially vote on e impeachment of president trump will tell ou about the
9:56 pm
current tally that shows be impeached tomorow. ely to >>and look at the various rallies held today here and across the counry plus tired of people stealing packages from homes in your neighborhood te them to be operation use their to catch an over eager crook right in the act and the latest from our ather department on when the rainy weather over time very soon don't go away our 3 kron 4 news in prime time starts right after the break.
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>>watching kron 4 news at 10. presidenof the united states for that is a disgrace and cannot country tell you why. >>happening tomorrow, the house will face a historic vote to impeach the president of the unit states good evening, i'm ken way ani'm pam moore president trump would be just the 3rd president to be impeached ever he sent a scathing letter to house speaker nancy pelosi today crawfo's grant lotus is here with more


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