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tv   KRON 4 News at 6  KRON  December 18, 2019 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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>>local news >>now at 6 a historic day in america, the house of representatives has voted on 2 articles to impeach president donald trump, it is only the 3rd me to ever happen in this country, tha you for joing us tonighteverybody, i'm m moore and i'm grant lotus president ump arriving in michigan this ening on the night that he was impeached in the house of representatives abuse of power and obstruction of congress the 2 articles members of the house spent all day debating the vote they just cast their votes in joining us now on this historic night. >>as the host of inside barrier polics. catherine heenn not a surprise at l, but in washington things don't
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have to be a surprise to the historic know and they certainly stripped of any real suspense, but it was still dramatic it was still a sight to behold and it is offial. >>about 3 from unching an impeachment inquiry, members of the house of voted to impeach president trump members on the floor they debated for many hours today, bating table thumping as someby put itthe president facing 2 ticles of impeachment, one alleng abuse by the bypower of the resident when he ask ukraine to inveigate his political rival head of the 2020 election. and then obstruction of congress and yes, both of tho past president trump now becoming again just the 3rd president ever to be impeached by e house. democrats of course argue that they have defended the constitution and we'll continue to dothat republicans say the is still no evidence that the president did anything wrong. back to
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ant thank you catheri and during the 5 o'clock hour as was michael yockey a lot of people providing insight tonight. >>one of our correspondents in washington dc is standing by right now just eaten or. >>she has the lest on this historic vote from capitol hill just see house has adjourned now until tomorrow morning what was the mood like in that room all day during this vote. >>yeah, the mood was still very solemn. speaker pelosi gave marching orders this morning to not gloat no matter what happens ually during bi votes on the house floor chairs abrupt d sometimes things of that nature she didn't want to see any of that and that didn't end up happening tonight, either it as interesting the way that the vote roke down it was mud of majority majorly down party we even heard reports from the president's rally that he was watching to see that
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unification on publican side no no republican voted yes for e impeachment articles, but we did see some democrats trade there one president vote on both articles that was tulsa gabbert who happens also to be running for presiden she did say in a statement that she wanted to beat the center this vote and she wanted to introduce a resotion to censure the president instead of impeach him she's trying appeato kind of the thmiddle of the country to the center of her base that she knows supports we did see 2 democrats we expected to vote no on both articleand then we saw a 3rd democrat kind of shake up the second article vote he's a mocrat from maine and he voted yes for the first article of these of power and no for the second article obtruction of congress d so we still saw little movement there but for the most part very predictable night and the house closing after hours of debate on a pretty somber note. >>jesse what's next we're
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about to eer the christmas and new year's holidays nd that the senate is expected to pick up the matter but i guess thas not a 100% certainty, what is your expectation in terms of what happens next. >>shuri a ly the only certainty that e know right now is that it goes to the senate for a trial the process is still largely up in the air mostly due in part to the fact that therepublican and democrat leadership in the senate can't agree on the process to the potentlly bring in as witnesses and how you know long the process could ta we do know that it's a six-y a week trial. where every senator has to sit in his or her seat to e entire time so it is a growing process so that's why a lot want to get it wrapped up sooner rather than later, but a lot of those details will be hashed t over that recess period members of the house a part of that discussions. the speaker ofthe house involved,
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how's thatorked out. >>shares of there's a lot going on behind the scenes but i definitely all the leadership in on this including with the white house. i'm kind of in constant communication a lot of times they'll be sending. >>each other these officia letters to like we saw over the weekend with senator schumer sending an official and the mcconnell saying u know he wished that they would have been ab to have an in rson so yeah, there's a lot of a political jockeying back and forth to kind of discredited. the other side, we should see some developments soon and even other members ofongress who havebeen a major trump allies that have kind of emerge from this impeachmt process. >>certainly if this is a lengthy process in the senate there are some democrats who are trying to campaign for the pridency who what not be wanting to have to sit in there senate chair, so that
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complicates it forthe jessie thanyou for your time we have to go because we're ing to go right now to house spear nancy peloi who is speaking >>ey're great for a period of time. before to the chairman uld not be prouder on more inspired tomorrow them. how they were going to f we this clo we saw the well you saw the public statements that me up in may. we saw the resut when everyone statements on the floor that the dairy to should he got vision of our founders. and so i do this. and something that we did to either the vision of founers to establish of the public. the sacrifice of our
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men and women in uniform to defend our democcy and that the public. and the aspirations of black children that they will a lot to say and that we have tried to do everything we can and make sure what that is their rlity. and we also hear from my them or take. questin now. distinguished chair of the of impeachment. >>greatest defenses against our cotituon against our trump used the powers of his office for his own personal political gain. to the detriment of the national security interests of the united ates that is the ve definition of an impeacble
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offense. when congress began trump's wrongdoing. he engaged in unprecented pattern of obstruction that too is why the impeachment power exists. the president who should both our elections and our constitutional system of checks d balances puts himself above the law and that is kind is dueto hold the president any president pleasure, no pleasure to stand here today the president trump's conduct is put on next election t risk. preside trump's behavior puts the integrity of our constitutional order at risk and esident trump's continued actions. but the rule of law risk. the framers gave the wer of impeachment for exactly this reon and then for obligation to the american people. toay we took action to hold president trump accountable with a serious and undisputed risky poses to have free and fair eleions. to
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separation of powers at safeguards liberty. a president must not be allowed to become a dictator. speake pelosi chairman schiff, my fellow investigate cirs and all of my colleagues with today defended the principles of time which our nation was established. representatives that is cotitutional duty. to our responsibility to the amerin people by taking action to defend our national curity. preserve our democratic elections and to show that no one, not even the president is above the law and now he's me. to introduce the chairman of thintelligence committeeadam schiff. the president united states has been impeached. 3rd time in history. the president i stay question is now whether
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senator mcconnell. a fair trial. in the senate. whether the majority leader will allow witnesses and testimony and documents. a trial that should be fair to the president yes. what should be fair also to the american people. the american people want to hear from people like john bolto the american people want to malaney. the american people want to see what's in those documents that the president has been hidi. state department and e office of management and budget in the whit house itself. we have done our duty here in the house we have a por the constitution we have done as the frars would have us do when a president abuses his office and of structures the co-equal branch of government. the question now is with the senate. hold its duty when the senators uphold their oath.
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senators wanto hear from the witnesses that th want a al trial. they do. the reason we undertook this extraordinary step this because the president, not only abused his office but threatens to abuse it again. presence to interferagain. that by inviting foign interference in our elections. thremedy is complete as long as the presidentis free to continue to invite foreign interference in our affairs. i just want to close by. thank you. speaker for guiding the congressthrough this tumultuous time. there's no one i think you could have. the guide to the congress so with a steadiehand or more insight and intellect than the speaker of the house. i also want to thank my colleagues in particular so many new members of the house. we have this shown that they truly have the courage of their conviction thank you. heidi listening
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live to members of the democratic leadership nancy pelosi, the speaker of the house all ofthem refencing. >>the impeachment oday, the historic impeachment of president tmp should be listened to more maybe to house speaker elosi. >>oversightcommittee chair, our north star eliza he said when the history books are written about this era. i want them to show that i was among those in the house of representatives this should not too long and tyranny. the also said. i passionately. we're dancg with the angels, the question will be did you do to ma sure we kept our democracy and tax. we alit couldto live shot. has the 2 president isn't achment. the the more fair
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trials and they're contemplating because we had a very fair press in the house of representatives i would you go to our. >>house speaker nancy pelosi again and with other members of the democratic leadership in the house addressing the vote today impeach historic president trump that president trump is spking right now this is live at a rallyin michigan we have take a quick break right now, but when e
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>>welcome back to our continuing brking news coverage of this historic day president trump has been impeached on 2 articles abuse of power and obstruction of congress. he is speaking li
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right now in battle creek michigan th is near kalamazoo obviously a battleground state let's listen in live. that >>e greatest country we've turnedaround a ship. we need 4 more years if we that you wantto drive them crazy. we had one group. in pennlvana. some guys started screaming 60 more years. they went crazy. and you know what they don't derstand when i do get out. they're all going go out of this is to makeit more money than they've ever been. that crazy new york times one of the worst newspapers one of the most dishonest newspapers in the history of the totally phony. they came out with a story that was where was a great hdline for me and the people that read it. the super radical left th called the complaint so much of a change line and took it from positive
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to negative on a good story most dishonest people. and he never forget before i took that great escalator ride down with our first lady or first has said. first lady. he is so lucky. i took you on this journey. this is wonderful beautiful journey and it is you know was a wonderful beautiful journeybecause look at where accompli what we're accomplishing is a believer. president. ucky i say my people. i have great people in the back. so you lks are so had to peel an this you could and you're listening live to president donald trump. he is speaking before a cwd of supporters in battle creek michigan, this follows his impeachment in washington dc by the house of representatives on 2 articles, ontheabuse of power and
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too. >>the obstruction of congress nancy pelosi is sti speaking along with jerrynadler of the judiciary the president obviously is going to be speaking for a while if we can we'll geback to them momentarily. >>when get a lite perspective though on this historic day certainly not the first time the president has been impeached by the hou. president trump is th3rd president in us history to have that faith d kron four's ella so the monae and jons unow live from our newsroom with a look back at past presidents who faced the same fate l a. >>this happened twice before and now president trump has been added to the list of america's impch president, but there's next step in this process. so he's not out of thjob tonight already vote by the house on article one leto the impeachment but there is a final stage before he can be ousted fully foard there will be a senate trial that will determine whether president trp is guilty of treason bribery or other high crimes and misdemeanors before he can be removed from office,
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although 2 other presidents were impeached only one came close toemoval take a look in the mid 1800, the 7th president andrew jacks came awfully close to a guilty verdicbut got away by just one vote and in 1998 the 42th president bill clinton was impeached, but was acquitted well richard nixon is not on that list because he resigned before he could be peached. so we'll just have to watch and wait for what wilhappen from here to the 41th president of the united states. why the newsroom million kron 4 news. thank low, we will have more on today's impeachment proceedings later in the newscast as we mentioned. >>the president ump and speaker pelosi are still addressing people and we let you know abt the historic news today with a push alert you ca always stay connected with breaking news when it happens by downloading the kro4 app today. live look outside right now a see how thweather is shaping up around the bay area this is the golden gate isthat want to get rich, ou can you can
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see the tower there almos couldn't see it little fall rolling theagain sheer on the roadway with those headlights and that's part of the problem these days been just kind of a gross day out there cold rainy. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow welcome back to very but you didn't bring another rain is rolling back in as the mayor let's take a little break all the ball to a political talk but now we can talk a little weather outside yeah. we've got that rain out there right now sfo all kinds of delays and that is because the low cloud cover look at 93 minute >>in oakland or san jose, but yeah we're tracking the storm system and pretty impressive to me that we've got another one the spending you see right around the gulf of alka. another one off the coastline that will be a ile before it gets here but we've had plenty today, e core low kindof spinning through the bay area ght now and bringing the rainfl here more that ju some light stuff in beginning to settle down a little bit the boy was coming down pretty hard in the afternoon least along the coastline and some some the mountaintops over 2 inches of rain and we've go
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more storms on the wawe'll keep you updated with that warmer throughout the nig. >>all right coming up tonht at 6.45 healhcare take center stage at the state pitol the progress governor wsom is making and the latest on open win in court first pga as a judge approves at billion settlement with wildfire
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y3nyay y1ncy >>the story tonight a judge
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has approved to pg any settments involvg more than $24billion the money is to help pay for sses ffered by homeowners business and insurersn the afteath of the norther california wildfires to let the genie in a financial uandary the decision supports pg e's path for getting out of bankruptcybya june 30th deadline. the judge also handed the utility another victory by rejeing attempts from a competing grp to
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offer an alternative proposal to guy p genie out of bankruptcy instd of the company's preferred plan, however, even with the settlements pg and e still faces huge obstacles the most signicant as governor gavin newsom's recent conclusion that p plan to emergefrom bankruptcy does not comply with state law. the company must comply in der to qualify for coverage in a wildfire money fun approved by the state legislature and speaking of the embattled utility company we've all seen these devastating images of wildfires destring lives destroyg homes, businesses. but there could be a way predict power failures that can spark these fires. >>days weeks, mae even months before they actually happen west poport now introduces us to thetexas researcher behind it. think of this technology has the cutting edge tool in the tool box developed not far from austin texas. sync with power systems and it
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will soon be tested in some of the area's most prone. >>2 ldfir like the west coast. >>when conditions e t for fles, some utility companies pulled the plug on entire communities to avoid power lines sparkingand torching towns it white still a bad thing happenthen th go. >>cut off the power nd it fix it turn thpower back all that could change this device has the potential of saving lives and proper. in a very big way doctor don russell and his research team atexas andevelop what's called distribuon fault anticipation or dfa before a catastrophic failure on the utility syem. there is a precursor dfa hooks up to power systems to identify failures and alert the por company it looks continually at the circuit and says to you want to see the very earliest stages of a failure. so that i can tell an operator you ne to go find and fix this. so that you avoid a downeline or someone getting
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electrocuted later because there's a lot on the ground or a fire started russell started working on th in t 19 70's after the res in bastrop texas 8 years ago e most destructivfiresn texas history, the state approved funding for this wildfire preventi research now to major california companies are testing the tech souther california edin anpacific gas and electric if we ca >>stop just one. major while far you're talkinghundreds of millions of dollars in some cases. >>spokesperson for pg e's tells me the company has installed the technology and plans to run it in a trial period through july meanwhile, a spokesperson for southern california edison tes me they plan to strt testing dfa next month d according to texas and univsity researchers plan to test the chnology in austria and new zealand soon porting in austin i'm was rapoport kron 4 news. after much antipation
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california is earthquake app sends out its first preemptive alert will tell you how work coming out. >>and next at 60 we continue our impeachment coverage bringing you the last from washington and our political analyst michael jockey will join us here in the studio withis take
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