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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  December 19, 2019 7:30pm-8:00pm PST

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♪ tonight, is sofia vergara joining agt? what we just learned. plus, harry and meghan's holiday in hiding. >> complicated. >> details on their location and their plans to settle down in the u.s.? then, marc anthony's $7 million yacht in flames. thor the fizzing pictures. plus, savannah guthrie, blinded. >> i still can't see out of that right eye. >> forced to spend the christmas season face down. now, speakinging on the struggles to regain her sight. and two very special guests, sasha and emma are here. >> get ready to watch two incredibly inexperienced cohosts. >> and lopts and lots of dancing. >> wow.
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>> come on, kev. >> sasha, back up, please. >> bang. welcome to the london west hollywood. great to have you guys here. we want to hear all about your "dancing with the stars" tour, but first, let's start with an "america's got talent" shocker. >> we knew that julianne hough and gabriel union are out. >> but sofia vergara could be in. >> great news. >> multiple shourss say sofia met with execs this week to join agt as a judge. >> why are you not returning to the show? >> my option was not picked up. >> it's been 26 days broke that julianne and gabriel were fired amid allegations of a toxic culture, including complains about simon cowell. >> if you want someone to like you, you need to make them want your approval. >> sofia is a simon fan, saying she'd love him to costar on
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"modern family." >> if he ever wanted. >> agt doesn't start airing until next may. her rep couldn't comment, but we're told, no deal is set. a source close to production says they're talking to a number of people about the open judge seats. also making news, where in the world are harry and meghan? last public appearance, nearly six weeks ago, november 9th. places harry and meghan could be hiding out? l.a., where her mom lives, or canada, where meghan shot "chutes." >> what are you talking about? >> possible celebrity accomplices keeping the couple on the d.l.? first suspect, oprah. >> i'm proud of her, for what is the truth for them, how they want to raise their baby. >> there's no way prying eyes could infiltrate the $90 million montecito mansion. >> look at that. and a cabbage just picked.
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>> next up, george and amal. the clooneys have a home in l.a. >> she's a really kind and smart and intelligent young woman and there are really wonderful, loving couple. >> amal has reportedly given advice in how to settle into london life, and rumors archie has had playdates with the twins. there's many people that could be entertaining the royals for the holidays. serena, the beckhams, lots of celebs that attended the wedding. and new headlines claim meghan was smart to invite a-listers, even ones she didn't know well like oprah and the clooneys, because now the they're team meghan. >> just someone who is very confident about brand meghan. meghan has a network. >> so, how does the royal family feel? well, if they are upset, no one is showing it. today, the queen and charles opened parliament in london. harry and meghan's official break is around the new year and
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they could return with a big surprise. >> they may be using this trip as an opportunity to look at some houses, a second home in the states. >> okay, let's move onto a scary moment for marc anthony. a yacht owned by him caught fire with passengers onboard. >> code one vessel fire. it's a big one. >> 40 firefighters, a two-hour battle with the blaze and a total loss. investigators are still trying to figure out what sparked this scene on marc anthony's yacht in miami last night. the fire started at around 7:30. the 120-foot vessel is believed to have been worth around $7 million. marc's reps tells "e.t." the star wasn't onboard, but two crew members were. quote, everyone is safe. and there's news today in the college admissions scandal. lori laughlin's next court date is four weeks from tomorrow. until then, a source tells us the 55-year-old plans to spend the holidays with her family.
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>> i know i've been gone for awhile, but i feel like i haven't done a sitdown or the or the y'all in so long. is it bore? >> olivia jade, lori's daughter, just posted her second video on youtube. this one, a makeup or the or the y'all. >> easing back into it. so, thank you for being patient. >> and it's officially over for channing tatum and jesse j. the relationship hit with a bang last year. ♪ bang bang >> back in october, a source told us the two, quote, truly just hit it off. he was coming off his split from jenna dewan and many joked about how much the two ladies looked alike. we're told there was no drama in the split and they're still good friends. now, to savannah guthrie and the freak accident that left her blind in one eye. >> the truth is, i still can't see out of that right eye. and also, it looks a little weird. i looked like i got punched in the face. now, it looks pretty normal. >> the 47-year-old told her
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colleagues she has to sit with her face in a pillow. as she recovers from the surgery that reattached her retina. >> the hardest thing about it is sitting still, having your head down and you kind of get a back and a neck ache. i only have to do a day or two more of that. >> so, how did this happen? her son, charlie, threw a train that struck her in the eye. >> how old are you? >> while she's away, this is the note on her dressing room. savannah is not expected back on the air until after the holidays. >> everything is just as it should be. i don't have my vision back yet, but i'm going to, and everything is on track. >> savannah, get better and we'll see you soon. now to big tv news. you guys eddie murphy fans? >> huge! >> i love that. in two days, he will make his return to 30 rock to host "saturday night live." >> what does it feel like? you know, walking back into this studio? >> it was kind of surreal. a good feeling. >> last night, eddie signed autographs outside 30 rock. fellow comic chris rock and seth myers were onhand, and the
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58-year-old's ten kids will be flying in to watch their dad host for the first time in 35 years. >> when you feel like you've done everything, like you have, was that the reason why you said, now is the time to go back? >> people know me for being funny. i wanted to do something funny. i'm sure there will be buckwheat. the ♪ all the wrong places you can still be funny without stepping on people's taupes, but now you step on people's toes and they're outside, picketing. he stepped on our toes! >> eddie murphy's an icon, he has ten kids. how many do you have? >> i have five. >> you were revealed as the rottweiler on "the masked singer." the run upper last night. so close. >> there he is. chris daughtry. >> not only did the judges never suspect it was you, your own
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children did not know. we have this adorable clip, let's look at when they found out. >> it's daddy! how? >> i knew it! it was daddy! >> he goes, i knew it! your son did not actually know it was you? >> they suspected it. noah was like, okay, i -- it sounds like you, but i know when you're home and when you're not, it doesn't add up. >> so, when you first got to talk to them, what did they say? >> i saw the video this morning and made me very emotional. >> it did? >> so sweet. >> why? >> just seeing how much it meant to them to see me do well on it and they were -- you could see they were so proud. it was sweet. >> how do you stay so stonefaced with the fans who know -- >> that was the hard park, because i was doing shows and doing meet and greets during the time that this was on and people were bringing me swag with dogs on it and i was like, what is this? why does everyone keep thinking?
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i had to really -- that was hard. >> and how were you reacting when you learn who else was in the competition? >> well, the first time i saw -- because i see it when everyone else does. >> right. >> and i saw the leopard and i heard the voice, i'm like, that's seal. ♪ can anybody find me >> i know that voice anywhere. that was the only one that i guessed. everybody else was a surprise and shock to me. >> i do have to bring up, reality competition shows are not your friend. >> you know what, winning things are something i'm not particularly good at. >> chris, you are going home tonight. >> i make a solid runner up. >> tell us about the new music. >> well, just -- rereeleased ou version of "alive." ♪ i'm alive >> we're in the studio now working on new stuff. got four dates coming up, 2020, it's going to be a big year. >> thank you for stopping by and we have more singing on a daytime show, though, that's known for talking.
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♪ jingle bells ♪ >> you've never seen "the talk" ladies like this. >> i'm having a really bad hot flash. then, hannah b's next move. her new gig after winning "dancing." >> why are we still doing this? >> and our exclusive with her ex, pilot pete, giving a bachelor mansion tour to his very puppor pif parents. >> the girls are do
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minutes away on "e.t." cohost mean and sasha, behind the scenes of their "dancing" tour. >> who is the
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spotlight. and a drumroll, please. [ hisses and snarls ] [ bell chimes ] let's dance!
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kerrygold has a taste so rich it can take you to ireland's lush, green pastures. where grass-fed cows produce rich, creamy milk for a truly delicious taste. kerrygold. the taste that takes you there. ♪ it's time we >> only on "e.t." the sneak peek of edina menzel hosting "a home for the holidays" with performances by kelly rowland, neyo and adam lambert. >> i thought i was a good mom. i only got my one 10-year-old son, you know. these people are filling their home with beautiful, beautiful children that need love. >> "a home for the holidays" says sunday on cbs. do not miss it.
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>> meanwhile, the ladies of "the talk" are starting a new holiday tradition. >> we went behind the scenes for their new special. >> we see you on the show all the time but we don't always see you do these musical numbers like we're in vegas now. ♪ under the tree ♪ was a letter from santa and it was for me ♪ >> we. >> reporter: abre able to do so many thing. >> carrie ann, the fly girl. >> yeah, the o.g. fly girl. you got eve on the lyrics and then, you know, i'm the d.j., so -- >> and what were you doing on the ones and twos? >> setting up that chicken. it was delicious. ♪ wish you a merry christmas ♪ and a happy new year >> the ladies are getting musical on friday's show, welcoming guest carney and wendy wilson and vanessa williams. ♪ jingle bells ♪ jingle bells >> marie osmond was super extra, adding sparkle as she sang "jingle bell rock." the 60-year-old kept it real
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after delivering that hot performance. >> give me a second. i can't -- i'm having a really bad hot flash. hold on one second. when you have one of these, you get all sweaty, you just start sweating profusely and your brain gets all stupid. i feel just like jodonnie. >> marie, i know how she fells because when i dance with the boys, i get a hot flash. >> just this one boy. >> hot and heavy. and especially when we are preparing for the tour, which we are doing right now. >> "e.t.'s" behind the scenes of the "dancing with the stars" tour. why life on the road isn't sexy for the show's married couples. >> i don't want to talk to you. >> then, thinking of get back in the dating game in 2020? or do you know someone who is? you'll want to see tonight's thurs-date. >> wait to take the pressure off you. >> plus, a big bachelor exclusive. we're with pilot pete and his over the top parents. closed captioning provided
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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welcome back to "e.t." at the london west hollywood. the "dancing with the stars" gang, you are bachelor fans. how hard core? >> i'm beyond hard core. >> we're marriemarried, so, she me watch it. >> good husband. we are big fans and january 6th cannot come soon enough. we're all waiting to see if pilot pete finds his co-pilot, but maybe the most excited of all, pete's parents. ♪ how do you bring girls home if you live at home? what happens? >> my -- i'll be honest, no, i am very lucky. >> we're very supportive parents. >> nay arthey are. i've brought girls home.
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it's not weird. i'll wake up and the next morning they're making breakfast. >> does that mean if you get engaged, is the lady moving in? >> no, no. i will set the record straight, that's not happening. >> we've seen first-hand how supportive pete's parents are. remember how they cheered during the infamous windmill confession? >> it was actually four times. >> yep, that happened and now only we were with pilot pete as he gave his parents a tour of the bachelor mansion, just hours before the limos full of ladies rolled up. >> woo! >> hi. >> i'm in love! >> are you nervous? >> yeah. yeah. there's definitely nerves. but they're good nerves, you know? >> fun fact, pete grew up just five minutes from the mansion and as a senior in high school back in 2009, he used to try to sneak in during filming. and his parents have tried, too. >> last season, when he was out on bachelorette, we tried to
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sneak in, too. >> we tried to. so much security -- >> we couldn't get in. >> this family has strong traditioning to mark their cuban and german heritage. >> that's tradition. you never break tradition. >> that's german. >> pete's dad is also a pilot. his mom, barbara, was a flight attendant. that's how they met. >> number one turnon? >> kissing my ear. >> red flag? >> someone just too loud. yeah. >> woe would not have worked out. well, in true bachelor tradition, expect plenty of drama. for one thing, we know hanna b shows up. >> you know, i was with chris harrison and he said that your appearance on pete's season, he said, is big. >> there is some serious chemistry between the two, it's just undeniable, and that's why we wanted her back on the show. >> what does he mean about this, hannah? >> i don't know? i guess we'll have to see. >> in the meantime, this year's mirror ball winner is gearing up for the "dancing with the stars"
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live tour, kicking off in january. she'll be performing in the show at radio city music hall. only one stop? why only one stop? >> you know, my life has drastically changed, so, i'm just trying to sort out what time i have, when i'm busy, when i'm not, what's coming up in this next year, so, we'll see. ♪ >> there are three married couples on this tour, but life on the road isn't all that romantic. especially when it comes to the bunk beds on the tour bus. >> oh, yeah, i mean, when i tell you that they're, like, this big, it's really hard and it's sweaty. >> imagine we're -- you know, we have arguments sometimes and we, like -- >> go toe your bunk bed! get out of mine! >> i don't want to talk to you. >> so, how do these dance pros unwind in between shows? >> the boys are really into ping-pong. >> we are into ping-pong. we play for money. >> who is the best ping-pong player? >> gleb. >> you did not say your husband. >> yeah, but you knew that.
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>> i did. i thought i was a great -- i ordered a table tennis -- a tennis table that's coming in two days. lucky we're married. >> see, we can't even sleep in the sam bunk. i have the dog. >> she does. >> a little rough for you, sasha, on that bus. but you guys are also headed to paradise. >> yes. >> we are. may 29th to june 1st, come join us at the atlantis paradise island in the bahamas, the "dancing with the stars" journey to paradise. >> g to for more information. >> and maybe you guys will find a love connection just like sasha and emma, but if you are hesitant to get back into the dating world, our thurs-date with matthew is back. >> all right, so, you want to get back out onto the dating scene, what can you do right now? >> help me help you. >> first, do the more socialable version of the things you do
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already. if you like running, go join a running club club. >> ten minute mile, right? >> put yourself in an environment many you could meet more people and even if they're not people you're attracted to, they're just new friends, those friends can invite you to new places and into new circles. and that brings me to point number two. say yes to those invites. >> yes! >> when you say yes to the invite of someone new, you are also saying yes to their network. and their network contains new people you may be attracted to. >> interesting. >> perhaps. >> number three, when you're out in those places, flirt. you don't need to focus on dating, you need to focus on flirting, because if you flirt, the dating part will take care of itself. >> okay, fine, i'll go out with you. >> what's one of the ways to flirt? just compliment people. >> you are very good at decorating that tree. >> and lastly, go on short dates. go out for 20 minutes for coffee
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with that person in the middle of the day. all of this is about taking the pressure out of dating. >> okay, i'm going to leave now. >> see, now that is great advice. i love that guy. >> coming from you, a happily married couple. are kidding coming up soon? >> maybe. >> we're practicing. >> oh. well, no pressure on this. but can you practice handling tonight's "e.t." birthdays? >> let's do it. which oscar nominee got his start playing billy crystal's son in "city slickers?" it is joaquin phoenix, adam next on kron-4 news at eight: it has happened again. an east bay student makes an offensive slur --- the latest in a series of racist incidents at the same high school. what the principal says is being done to combat the issue. another flu death ---and a surge in cases the urgent action doctors are pushing pepole to take.. plus -- the final democratic debate is over --we have the fiery exchanges between candidates. i'm ken wayne i'm pam moore. the
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news -- at eight -- is next.
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travel consideration provided by -- in tonight's "e.t." birthdays, which oscar nominee got his start playing billy crystal's son in "city slickers?" that is jake gillen hall, who turns 39. he was just 10 years old when he made his movie debut. >> such a cutie, still today. >> you're standing next to your husband. >> i was looking at you. >> thank you for joining us. hey, do not miss "dancing with the stars" live tour 2020, it kicks off on january the 9th. >> all right, guys, time is up, okay. the next cohosts are here, so -- >> it's our turn now. >> you guys are cohosting tomorrow's show. tomorrow. >> yeah, we know that. we know that.
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>> we just don't want to wait, so, we're going to start now. >> okay, join us tomorrow for more "dancing" fun. oc :04 "so public"
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racism in the san ramon valley unified school district ... for the second time this month -- the monte vista high school principal has sent letters home to parents alerting them about racist incidents at the school. good evening im ken wayne.. and i'm pam moore.. most recently -- a video on social media... where a student calls an african american man a racial slur. kron4's michelle kingston is live at the high school tonight... with more on what's being done to stop this behavior.


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